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law this. we cannot allow a trench of grass and by to damascus of the norms which are under international law let us put an end to this thank you or other but i thank the representative of france for his statements and i'll give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom thank you very much indeed mr president and thank you to the secretary general secretary general you gave us a catalogue of danger in the middle east including yemen and it is no disrespect to daisy hughes that today like other speakers i will concentrate on syria the united kingdom will be ready to put a shoulder to the wheel on those other issues when the time comes mr president situation we face today and the reason we are in this council today arise wholly and solely from the use of chemical weapons on the syrian people most probably by
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the syrian regime not just once mr president but consistently per system only over the past five years the highest degree of responsibility to quote the russian ambassador is indeed what this council and in particular the p five four does is our duty to up hold mr president the british cabinet met recently and they concluded eighteen hundred hours g.m.t. you're watching a news grid on al-jazeera and what we're seeing right now is the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting on the situation in syria that is the u.k. ambassador to the u.n. speaking karen purists let's listen in relation to the use of chemical weapons as my french and american colleagues have set out and it is deeply concerning but more importantly than that mr president the use of chemical weapons cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. the british cabinet has agreed on the need to take action to
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alleviate humanitarian distress and to and to deter the further use of chemical weapons by the assad regime and we will continue to work with our friends and allies to coordinate an international response to that and mr president the secretary general mentioned the cold war the cold war of course was bracketed by east west cooperation we have been on the same signed as russia in april one thousand nine hundred forty fine russia liberated vienna as part of our joint efforts to bring peace to europe in one thousand nine hundred ninety five and they passed the dayton accords as part of our joint efforts to bring peace and stability to bosnia but in twenty eighteen they refused to work with us to bring peace to syria. instead mr president since the first attack on kuta and c.w.
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use in twenty thirteen the joint investigative mechanism has ascribed to uses of mass that gas to die a three uses of chlorine to the syrian regime and one use of sarin to the syrian regime before the latest attack as my french colleague has set out u.k. u.s. and france are members in good standing of the chemical weapons convention we are members and supporters of the a p c w and its fact finding mission we would have dispatched an investigative mission in the debates in this council earlier this week but only russia and bolivia blocked that mr president syria it's latest in a pin issue as chronology of disregard for international law and disrespect for the international institutions that we have built together to keep us collectively say by russia. this is revealed mr president in actions over
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georgia ten years ago over m h seventeen over the attack insults b. which we will return to next week let me repeat what i said in this council last week my government the british people are not rest so for we have no quarrel with the russian people we respect russia as a country we prefer a productive relationship with russia but it is russia's own actions that have led to this situation mr president what has taken place in syria to date is in itself a violation of the un charter no principle or purpose of the charter is up held also by the use of c.w. on innocent civilians on the country to stand by to ignore the requirements of justice accountability and the preservation of the nonproliferation regime is to
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place all our security not just that of the syrian people at the mercy of a russian veto we will not sacrifice the international order we have collectively built to the russian desire to protect its ally at all costs. mr president the russian ambassador set out what syria what russia is doing on the ground in syria he thought this might be inconvenient for me to hear. mr president it's not inconvenient for me to point out that russia has given five point five million dollars to the un appeal the united kingdom has given one hundred sixty million mr president and this is part of a contribution totaling three point five billion in all it's not inconvenient to me to say that it may be inconvenient for the russian ambassador to hear it the
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russian ambassador also us why we were not joining in in trying to stabilize actions in syria and bring about peace we have trying to mr president we have tried very hard to support staff and different story in getting the geneva political process underway and we shall continue to do so but we do not join russia sadly because russia's efforts have not been to try and restart the geneva process instead they have been to support syria in the use of c.w. and the bombardment of the syrian people in the area known as t four they helped the regime liberate this area but they took their eye off the ball and diet took it back they took it again but sadly foreign fighters have been able to reestablish themselves that this is not the escalation this is not political progress this is a gross distortion by russia of what is actually happening on the ground. mr
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president these are truly exceptional circumstances that we face today my u.s. and french colleagues have set out in great detail the catarrh love the awful things that are happening to the syrian people this catalog goes to the heart of what the geneva conventions the nonproliferation regime the united nations and this council for it is not only dangerous what russia is doing mr president in vetoing our resolutions and in supporting the syrian regime's actions against the same people it is ultimately prejudicial to our security it will let diane reestablish it so it is something mr president that we believe we need to take action to defend thank you. thank the representative of the united kingdom for
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a statement and so that was the united kingdom ambassador to the united nations karen here she was speaking at that emergency meeting going on right now on syria as you can see live on al-jazeera. t.v. screen so this time the meeting was at russia's request to discuss what it describes as the threat posed to international peace from possible u.s. military action against the syrian government russia says that any intervention by the u.s. will plunge the middle east into a deeper crisis it also says no proof has been found that a chemical substance was used in doing mom well meanwhile the u.s. directly blames the syrian government for using chemical weapons and says russia continues to block the united nations from investigating this. but it looked at the what the pretext is of the alleged use of chemical substances in the syrian city of duma on seven april there is no credible confirmation of this our specialists found
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no traces of talks of substance use. there that the residents of the duma know about no such attack all information about the alleged attack have been provided by the anti-government forces forces who have an interest in such a development of events. we have waited justification to believe and we have even information to believe that what took place as a provocation with participation of certain countries intelligence services we warned about this long ago assad's most recent use of poison gas against the people of duma was not his first second third or even forty night use of chemical weapons the united states estimates that assad has used chemical weapons in the syrian war at least fifty times public estimates are
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as high as two hundred in the weeks after assad sarin gas attack last april that that killed nearly one hundred people including many children the regime used chlorine gas at least once and possibly as many as three times in the same area so that was the scene at the united nations then mike hanna is joining us from there for anyone catching up with what's going on right now why can you just talk us through what we've seen over the past thirty minutes or so at the u.n. . well we've seen what we've seen repeatedly in the course of this week and that is argument a debate a discussion in contention between the united states and russia in particular russia continuing to maintain its position that it has done since said alleged chemical attack in duma that this was a fake that it was possibly created by the u.s.
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and its allies to found some pretext to take a military strike against the syrian government the u.s. continued to insist that russia had failed to meet its international guarantees one of which was that there were no chemical weapons within syria russia was a guarantor to that particular statement the u.s. arguing too that russia is continuing to protect the assad government regardless of what the u.s. says is these ongoing chemical attack atrocities but earlier the u.n. secretary general antonio the terrorists spoke to the security council and a very bleak speech indeed he said the cold war is back with a vengeance but with a difference he added the mechanisms and the safeguards to manage the risks of escalation that existed in the past no longer seem to be present now that's the view of the secretary general be called once again for some form of council unity and insisted that some kind of mechanism must be created by the security council
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that would allow for accountability to be established in any further a chemical attack so if there is no resolution like that is going to take place after this meeting is over what happens next. well there will be no votes there is no resolution as such before the council this meeting was called by russia simply to discuss what it called the threats to international peace and stability so it's essentially a discussion session all the members of the security council venting but most importantly russia had requested the secretary general to address the council the secretary general did so that was with a different in previous meetings we've seen on syria and certainly as i mentioned the secretary general deeply concerned about what is happening hopefully he would
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hope that the his call for unity his call for the rhetoric between nations to diminish will be listened to but what we've heard subsequently to the secretary general's call is exactly the opposite ongoing argument between russia and the u.s. in particular the council clearly split between the u.s. and its allies france and the u.k. among others and russia and its allies bolivia among others so we're looking at a scenario where there is likely and unlikely to be any progress within the security council no resolution on the table as i said just discussion at this particular point but discussion that continues to be fractures and fractious no side apparently willing to meet or go half way to meet the other ok and mike hanna reporting from the united nations thank you will cross over to can really help that she's joining us from washington they seem to really to just draw down a little bit more on what nikki haley had to say and she said that the president
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trump has not yet made a decision about possible actions in syria because all week really we've been getting very mixed messages from the white house about what trump plans to do or what he plans not to do in syria. right and you know that has a lot to do with the sort of twitter diplomacy that we've seen going on back and forth between the united states and russia really should be called social media diplomacy because i think facebook was involved in there at some point to the again you remember at the beginning of the week we're talking about a decision on syria by the united states within forty eight hours that was the president's self-imposed deadline that came and went then we had you know sort of this the sort of argument that there is a deliberative process that's going on and that's where we continue to be we heard nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations there saying that she has been in washington for meetings at the white house she apparently in her words is coming back on friday for more meetings at the white house i can tell you this is been
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a continual process that has been going on where we've had the principals of the national security council meeting as well as the defense secretary james mattis also at the white house i think what's happening here is that the president as we often see kind of speaks a little bit too quickly and then the apparatus kind of helps him catch up and and this is now a little bit of what we're seeing where the u.s. is kind of making excuses for the president sort of speaking a little too soon in terms of the action there's very much finger pointing going on by the united states towards russia towards the syrian government for being responsible for this is specter chemical attack russia in terms of the fact the united states says it was to restrain syria from using chemical weapons further and you heard there nikki haley in fact saying that there is. the reason there is no rush on a decision of military action is because there is a moral obligation to go through this investigative process and certainly that was
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what we heard from the defense secretary as well there is a need to make sure that this evidence of this attack that has occurred and who may be behind it is something the united states wants to make sure it's very thorough and doing ok can really help thanks for the. update from washington d.c. now across the river worried chalons who is joining us from moscow will give us the viewpoint from there warry and just tell us what the takeaway message was from the russian ambassador to the u.n. at that security council meeting going on right now well look this is how the russians see things and we got an articulation of this view from us in a benz or who is the russian ambassador to the united nations just a short while ago it's essentially that the united states is used its position as the remaining superpower following the collapse of the soviet union to invade country after country particularly in the middle east sowing chaos and discord
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wherever it goes why e.u. seeking to plunge the middle east into such chaos again and again and again the bones eros. the united states according to russia is on the wrong side in the syrian conflict is russia that is bringing peace to the country by protecting the legitimate government of syria as russia sees it of bashar assad in . establishing ceasefires in the country in bringing the combat's to terrorism to an almost victorious conclusion and it's the united states and its allies that are seeking to prevent this so russia's perspective is that events like duma are essentially fabrications by the west to try and stop me russia's initiatives in syria to try to justify military
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action against damascus and basically. defends the rebels there or terrorists as russia sees it that are seeking to overthrow bashar assad but russia are always cuts a rather lonely figure in the united nations security council at the moment when we hear. the united states stand against russia we hear the u.k. we hear france those are the ones that i was listening to i think there are going to be more as this session goes on it is the perspective of the united states and its western allies that russia in the backing bashar assad's backing someone who they say has been proven sort of use chemical weapons again and again and again is essentially trampling over. obstacles of an architecture of the post world war two rules based order like the chemical
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weapons convention that essentially have made the world a better place and that russia is therefore seeking and effectively achieving week in those architectures week of those conventions and take the worlds back to a darker time ok we're a challenge giving us the update from moscow rory thank you let's ask me tomorrow he's the head of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies and he's with us here in the studio thanks for a speaking to us on al-jazeera so what the russian ambassador to the united nations had to say before that security council meeting is that the top priority is to avert war in syria and that he doesn't rule out the possibility of a u.s. or russian conflict was he able to do that now that i think is over when you think to me it seems this is the more serious international crisis since the end of the cold war and maybe since the cuban missile crisis one thousand nine hundred sixty two the c.d.n. war is fifteen to two to one from
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a war by proxy into and risking actually moving into a confrontation between the two great powers the two. countries actually the russians and the russians and the united states seems to be entend on taking this start action and i know a lot of people saying that the united states now seems to be backtracking somewhat seems to be taking a pause because we also heard the ambassador saying that trump hasn't made a decision on any of those through i think this is the position of the entire going in particular it's not the position of the president as far as i know the been to go and wants to have hard evidence that chemical weapons have been used in ghouta and that the regime has has in fact used them it needs this legal ground for any military action i think the going is intent on having him having that before taking any decision the president for domestic reasons might be and is like more rushing in to having this sort of military action because on the one hand there is this
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consensus within the within that there was some allies the u.s. the u.k. and the france that deal with it we don't want to make the use of chemical weapons something normal in a war politics this is number one number two is that for domestic reasons as i was seeing the president from is in fact now trying to use the syrian crisis as somehow in order to divert the attention from very difficult position that he's finding himself right now after the raid on his a taught me by the f.b.i. agents last week i think there is there is some sort of a link between this and he wants to also sure that he's unlike president obama he's a man of words he will actually execute the promises that he's he's giving like for example that he will strike against a syrian regime if he was of he crossed the red line you were mentioning france just a moment ago and what the u.s. ambassador said just a just a couple of minutes ago in fact is that the syrian government has reached the point of no return but at the same time france also saying that it wants to intensify
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a dialogue now with russia so. it also seems to be lowering the the temperature somewhat on syria and absolutely this is in my been a real opportunity for the western allies to push for some sort of a political solution for russians that are risking their investment in syria the united states britain and france are willing to use military action maybe for the fierce fire in a massive. way against a city on the sea in the regime sort of the russians take that seriously i think they are risking to lose their investment in syria the only we actually to avert some sort of military action massive military action by the allies against the syrian regime in my opinion is for the russians to give something for that there were some allies in order to avert a military action is that that something would be moving the political process in the direction that the americans the french and the british actually want they want
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actually the russians to come to the point that the cannot win this war by military means that there was to allies of there and they will not allow the russians to do that so let's move forward and let's have the sort of political solution we have been seeking for the past a few years let's go to geneva and listed the sort of political transition in syria in order to with an end to this to this conflict which has been actually going on for the past four or five years but the iranians the turks and the russians have in fact said that they are behind the geneva process which in fact you were mentioning just the reality that when it comes to politics yes but in fact of the of the geneva process has not been actually supported fully by the russians over the past few years they were trying actually to establish a different proc that is that as a process and that's done a process actually in might be has collapsed because that the escalation zones they don't there are no longer exists especially after what has been and both are so now that the americans this is what the americans are trying to do in my opinion that
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this is why they are putting so much pressure of now on the on the russians on the iranians all saw in order to restart that the peace process in syria but in geneva not as at the end of this. thank you very much for giving us your input. anderson is our social media producer and we've seen the back and forth debate over the evidence and what is the discussion that you're seeing online weltering there's been a very active debate on social media which is often very nasty i must say with. voices along with antiwar liberals pushing back on the assertions that are being made by western governments and they're criticizing much of the footage that we've seen over the past few days of those orange canisters in several locations in dumas many investigative journalists and intelligence services are poring over images like these this video shared by the white helmets and they're looking for proof that chemical weapons were used what type and by whom and on thursday french president mccrone said his government has proof forces were responsible but we're
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still waiting to see that proof and the u.s. defense chief he also said that the pentagon is looking at quote social media indicators to determine exactly what happened so beyond the doubt that's being exploited by certain parties against any military strike syria and russian media have targeted the white helmets who shared that clip you just saw because they've received funding from western governments both russian ministries of foreign affairs and defense spent much of the week saying that the images they shared were fake and that the white helmet are quote unquote working hand in hand having glove rather with the terrorists now that's something that the russian ambassador to the u.n. in the bezan he has latched onto this week especially on monday at the u.n. security council. in istanbul and the opposition journalist assad hama to be. put on his twitter page or a video allegedly from the area of the incident and this has probably from the white helmet and unknown individual is next to a handmade bomb with
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a chemical form which allegedly which allegedly struck the bedroom of a building in duma. all of this is accompanied by comments about another attack by the regime against civilians and these is the nature of this action is something of which there is no doubt so i asked the syrians are in a list about this accusation that was made by the russian ambassador at the u.n. and how it falls into a broader discussion about the do not attack. i was surprised by listening to my name being mentioned in the station. russian invisible to the un so he just was denying it in news which is really news and he was the nine years without knowing what he's denying and or talking about he wasn't just talking about different videos from different people maybe he did you know if you use which he doesn't know torture he watches it after the chemical exactly it was offered and started to be
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active just to deny that it really was. published fake news most of the second counts are syria russia or from the people who are brutal assad and pool. so they are just denying the real new supreme being that the feet can use so there is a lot of that going around i must say which is muddying the waters further and even though russia says there was no evidence of toxic substances in duma earlier today russia's ambassador also added credence to the idea that it was a false flag attack and if you don't know that term it's that's an attack that's meant to give the appearance that another group or party was responsible in lots of consonance social media is pushing that narrative for example this user's video of quote unquote u.s. and u.k. backed terrorists teaching children how to act for a false flag attack problem is this video is five years old and it shows children from eastern guta taking part in a play which ironically highlights the dangers of chemical weapons and how the
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international community has failed to respond to other attacks in syria but these aren't friends arguments this narrative is very successfully getting out on social media pushed by kremlin linked media and figures especially since there is a big elephant in the room here which is also frequently cited on social media americans will often refer to it as a iraq war hangover many liberals including jill stein here say that america has gotten into too many wars based on lies certainly a sense a myth. summer sharing over the past twenty seven minutes or so on our facebook live feed and there's still widespread mistrust of american and british intelligence intelligence services after iraq finally before i go there are just so many tweets and statements by president trump saying that the u.s. should stay out of syria these tweets were sent after that major chemical attack in eastern twenty thirteen which killed fourteen hundred people so with those comments
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by the president all the fake news floating around and all the speculation it seems that no one is one hundred percent sure what to expect next but until then let us know what you think about all of this you can share your views with us on twitter using the hash tag news grid or message me directly. while there are people sharing their views with us andrew just to pick up on what you were saying many people in our facebook life questioning if they can trust the u.s. and they say that they think that it was a stage attack and a reference to that chemical attack in duma also rashid saying russia needs to make up its mind whether there was or wasn't a chemical attack in syria first that denies there was such an attack now it says it was a false flag operation by the west which is which so do keep your comments coming to us here on the news grid and just always use the hash tag a.j. news grid well the u.n. security in general and to integrate it as has called for an independent investigation into the deaths of palestinians by israeli forces in gaza thousands of palestinians came out for
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a third friday of protests along the gaza israel border friends several hundred were injured palestinians were seen hurling stones towards the border as you can see right there they were pulling at the barbed wire fence and they were setting tires on fire well since the protests began in march thirty four palestinians have been killed by israeli forces and more than two thousand have been injured harry faso joining us live from the gaza israel border area and it was all about burning the israelis. flag today and hoisting the palestinian flag instead so clearly palestinians trying to send a message to the girl to the world we'll talk about that in a moment but first can you just update us on the latest casualty figures you are getting from today. well yes the gazan health ministry is now saying that more than seven hundred people have been injured in total up and down the border with israel during the course of today's process so far they're saying that more
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than two hundred of those have been injured with live fire shot by israeli soldiers across the border and that tallies with what we've been seeing here in this particular location one of five up and down the border this is just east of gaza city and we have seen a lot of tear gas being used to try to disrupt in some cases where protesters were trying to rip away a secondary fence three hundred meters inside gazan territory which the israelis have erected since the last protest trying to enforce a unilaterally declared buffer zone up until the border line itself and as well as that as the afternoon progressed we saw a more. bullet wound injuries most of them in the lower leg that tallies with what's been happening in previous weeks as well it does seem those so far to be assessed fairly significant less a bigger than what we saw in the previous two weeks when you consider that the gazan health ministry says sixteen hundred people were injured by live fire and as
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you say more than thirty killed over the course of the first two protests this figure of more than two hundred so far and this one does seem a bit down the spike that live fire and live ammunition we can still see behind you that palestinians continue to come out and what are they telling you about how long they're going to demonstrate for and what they're hoping to achieve and what is the message that they're trying to send out. well we've been speaking both to a spokesperson for the organizers of this protest and to. some of the protesters themselves the persons protesters themselves often these are young teenagers young men who are fully aware of the risks that they're taking because of what they've seen over the last couple of weeks where unarmed protestors have been targeted in shot by israeli snipers one week one young man we spoke to said that this was his land and that he had the right to protest another one who had severe injuries up
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and down his right leg from the demonstrations which took place after the donald trump declaration recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital he was saying simply that he wanted to meet send his message the world that he wanted to live in peace and stability as people do in other countries around the world as far as the organizers are concerned they're trying to hit back at israeli accusations that this is some sort of hamas led instigation of violent confrontations along the border telling us that no these were protests which had been called by civil society by professors by all sorts of n.g.o.s that hamas of course is in charge here in gaza and so therefore will be present at these events but that it is not a hamas instigated cover as the israelis charge for breaches of the security fence we have seen the israelis release images of people that it says are up against the security that what it calls the security fence burning tires and so on one still released by the israeli army suggesting that somebody is trying to throw an
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explosive device of some kind but that really doesn't counteract what has been for the last three weeks largely a peaceful protest with hundreds and thousands of people a lot of them children and families who've been gathering here to try to make their voices heard as you say they were burning the israeli flag they were hosting a large palestinian flag here this protest is about what the palestinians hold to their right of return to their historic homelands in palestine from which they were ejected during the. the state of israel one hundred forty eight ok a hairy faucet reporting from gaza thank you well it's been one hundred years since the ball for a declaration that's when arthur ball for pledge palestine to the jews in this op ed the writer adams about who the examines how both were is that close race and all those years ago altered his identity he also says that one hundred years later the british government is yet to possess the moral courage to take responsibility for
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what's their government has done to the palestinian people so you can read about items about who did what he has to say on al-jazeera dot com. so just to remind you of what's going on at the united nations in new york of the security council holding an emergency meeting right now to discuss syria that meeting was called on by the request off russia and that is the kuwaiti ambassador speaking right now ambassador. named we are monitoring what is going on at the u.n. security council and will bring you all of the latest lines from that well you're with a news great so if you're watching us live on facebook we've got a story coming up for you about six volunteers who are serving fresh hot meals to world refugee and then coming up in just a few moments tens of thousands of people have fled the democratic republic of congo to uganda to get away from the fighting will be retracing their journey that's coming up.
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the weather still remains unusually disturbed across parts of the middle east areas of plath spilling outs of syria iran pushing across iran and that's producing some rather live fish i was from time to time fifty to seventy millimeters of rain coming out of some of these actually thirty celsius there in baghdad eastern parts of iraq will see some cloud in the right has some very heavy rains to western areas of iran is nothing a little further north was up towards the caspian to see if you show us just around maybe a georgia azerbaijan over the next to die also that cloud extends all the way over towards took my the ston is back a few showers there making their way into afghanistan as well for us the skies do come back a behind still not just some showers sent west inside of iran so if you shall was recently into the arabian peninsula. just on this little by and of cloud this
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lies right down is that western side if you have it or suppose. i wanted to light shows as we go through the next few days but it is brightening up dry weather coming in behind temps is in doubt how to around thirty three degrees how to fish aspiration into central pa so south africa this area cloud that again is also in the process of a single way with bright skies coming back into the eastern cape. stories of life. and spiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects hunted. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of suppose you're in a job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera.
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headlines on the news grid and this is what's trending right now on our web site al jazeera dot com the top story anger and sorrow over kashmir girls rape and murder which we'll be looking out in more detail in just a moment before we do that let me draw your attention to the second story also a big story for us here on the newsgroup the u.s. sends mixed signals over the military action in syria while an emergency meeting takes place right now at the security council in new york.
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so over to india and a retired government official and four policeman are among the eight men charged in connection with the gang rape and the murder of an eight year old girl that happened in indian administered kashmir they accused are all local hindu men who reportedly targeted the grow because she was muslim while there been mass protests in india over allegations members of the ruling b j p party had been trying to protect the men because of their religion. the rape and murder of a spot widespread outrage. and anger at the brutal attack of an eight year old groom angered that hendry right wing groups had much to defeats of the eight hundred mean a key. devitt if the slogan city is in the name of the hindu why j. sheet amen in the name of the country india being the east for the accused i'm not
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the victim then i don't know what kind of mind reveal growing up in and what kind of country we are in this country in which direction the went missing in january in a hindu dominated area in indian administered kashmir. you could bet it body was found days later she had been strangled and repeatedly gang right. the killers of my daughter should be killed they should be hanged they should be punished that's it eight men are accused of abducting her and holding her at a temple they include a retired government official and full police offices all of them reportedly to be local hindu mean who were connected to a land dispute with the girl's muslim community. mania angry that this rally in support of the accused included members of the b j p the party of prime minister and that interim already doing body of the same to egypt is also a body here in the us do they support to lose you know the support if it's illegal
6:42 pm
to support sue i mean i don't think there will be actually. opposition leader raul gandhi little gathering to remember in new delhi at the same place with thousands of people demonstrated in two thousand and twelve against a brutal gang rape in the capital. aciphex case has ignited religious tensions in the disputed kashmir region but protesters say her rape and murder is a reminder of just how much more needs to be done right across india to protect women and grooms medium the hunt. for muslims in india make up a for the third largest muslim population in the world and since two thousand and fourteen that's when the prime minister narendra modi came into power tensions between muslims and hindus have increased so. to offer. on his book an ordinary man's guide to radicalism growing up muslim in india and here argues
6:43 pm
that anti muslim bigotry has been normalized in the country under modi so you can read his take on al-jazeera dot com that article is on the home page if you have any comments you can send them to us here at the news grid we're on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera our twitter twitter handle is at aging list just use the hash tag a.j. news great and you can send us a whatsapp or telegram at plus one seven four five zero triple one one four nine while the democratic republic of congo is not attending its own donor conference in geneva on friday saying the u.n. has exaggerated the number of people who need aids escalating violence has displaced more than four million people within the d r c and since december seventy thousand people have fled fighting in the east to camps in neighboring uganda so malcolm webb has retraced the refugees journey he's travelled from uganda's capital
6:44 pm
kampala to the chiang while the camp that's where most of the refugees are resettled he then headed to landing site that's on the shore of lake albert in that c.r.c. and this is where many refugees take boats to escape to uganda and finally he visits bunia as you can see in a camp for people who have fled the fighting here's his reports. it's taken days for cooma corinne and her children to get from have a village in the democratic republic of congo to the safety of this refugee camp in uganda with two year old patrice yes. and he septic sprays just too much. life in the camp begins with frank scenes in a medical check who misled her village after her brother in law was killed by a militia with machetes. husband his father was left behind. when the fighting started we were very scared other people ran away but my husband
6:45 pm
wasn't around so i waited after everyone left i was alone so then i decided to run . coom is among thousands who fled to uganda since the beginning of this year most of them arrive here by boat on the shores of lake albert that borders the two countries the un registers them before taking them to the camps. to retrace their journey across the lake. in a wooden boat. on the lake carrying injured already. very often. the only people in the boat think it was a. long way. round going to. the u.n. says the people who took this journey are among millions of congolese in urgent need of help displaced by multiple conflicts across the country he says the crisis
6:46 pm
is neglected and he wants government meeting at a conference in geneva to donate around one and a half million dollars when we reach the congolese side of the lake we found more people who fled their homes many here couldn't afford the boat unlike those in uganda they receive almost no assistance that the government says the u.n. has greatly exaggerated the number of people affected by the crisis and so it's not attending the conference. back. we are not trying to deny that there is a humanitarian problem but we don't consider it's at that level we have to avoid making a business and of the humanitarian situation which discourages investors you can bring economic development. it's clear that many congolese desperately need help chronic poverty makes a crisis much worse malcolm web al-jazeera is tourie province in the democratic republic of congo. just to let you know what we're hearing out
6:47 pm
of lebanon that is the hezbollah chief. he is speaking live right now on local television and what he's saying is that the israeli air strike on syria on the syrian air base that killed seven iranians was quote a historic mistake and just a reminder that airstrike took place earlier this week so in a sort of low right now saying that the iranians will decide on how to retaliate to the israeli strike on c four airport which led to the death of seven off the iranian revolutionary guards and he's also said this the israelis have put themselves in direct conflict with iran and this will be a historical turning point it's. well it was a unanimous decision pakistan's supreme court has ruled that former prime minister nawaz sharif was banned from politics for life the three time prime minister was
6:48 pm
dismissed from office in july last year he was found guilty of not disclosing that he received money from his son's company that investigation was prompted by the so-called panama papers which leaked information about world leaders improperly hiding their assets serif political opponents have long accused him of laundering money from pakistan and using it to buy high end properties in london he's always denied this sharif three of his children continue to face trial for corruption and the verdict will be delivered in the coming weeks has more from islamabad. in a landmark word day by bulger stone supremes called now why sheriff stands disqualified for life from becoming member of parliament from contesting the elections or heading his faction of the pakistan muslim league now was not the word it comes at a time when the parliamentarians had questions as to whether this particular ban.
6:49 pm
for their time frame or beyond the supreme court making it clear that anyone found guilty of violating this constitutional clause which pertains to honesty and integrity of thought standish qualified for life story huge disappointment for the pakistan muslim league now was richard the ruling party but across bloggers on people who would believe that a prime minister who is already facing serious allegations and already an accountability court much done disqualified for life wanting more and now as this is a columnist at daily jang that's pockets the largest or do newspaper he says that it's unlikely that sharif will be able to overturn that verdict. well sure if options are very limited at the moment he can appeal he can ask for a review of the judgment but it would be within the supreme court and given that a five member bench has just given that judgment the chances of any review are very
6:50 pm
slim his other options are he could go for a presidential pardon on the advice of the prime minister but in the risk of that is that the supreme court can just step in and overrule that and say that's not allowed he can still not be part of he can be part of the government or hold any political office is a third option could be that he could. change the law but for that he needs a majority in both the senate and the parliament and to change the constitution the article sixty two he needed two thirds majority which he doesn't have so the options seem very limited and this isn't the end of mr sharif's worries at the moment because his case on the panama papers is still ongoing and the accountability court. correspondent in pakistan assad has updating this story regularly online so head to the home page to find this article and you can follow
6:51 pm
this tweets at assad's house. we will take a quick break. but for our facebook live you got a story about efforts to save some of the world's most. sports draw for the final four has got fans excited. but first let's get a check on the world weather. thank
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
you thank you i don't people are talking about in sports today which oh thank you very much for we have had a dramatic few days in european football that culminated in a drawer early it's a find out which teams would play each other in the champions league semifinals and that itself was a worldwide trend the draw took place in kiev where the final will be held at the end of my through the mouth watering tie between defending champions rael the trades and five time when is by in munich in the other tie limp will take home roma in the first game on the twenty fourth of april. and here is proof behind it being
6:54 pm
a world wide trend just take a look at the heat map of people using that hash tag you see draw and the arabic version is also why trend one liverpool fun in the poll also got in touch me to say his country has a huge fan base of top european clubs especially premier league in the league of clubs and they also have an official support a group of buy in munich will as i mention five time champions buy and will take on cup holders real madrid and here's how one buy unfun in kuwait felt about that. power up of what the draw liverpool were crowded around a t.v. at their melwood training facility you can just about see taking a seat at the very back now full of pools top player mohamed salah the drill will mark a return to the club he came from roma keen to have him back on my twitter page they posted this will be opponents for one hundred ninety minutes but whatever happens
6:55 pm
will remain friends for life looking forward to see you again most cell and if we scroll down a little bit you'll see that she responded to that with one hundred percent i wasn't sure what to make of this one of first but it's been doing the rounds and romas account picked it up p.c. ever wanted to. roma but in the end it was liverpool who went home with the prize i think i actually prefer the arabic version more whereby in munich buy in and munich madrid and liverpool all playing cards with love with barcelona there watching on of course the not in those semifinals something else people are talking about the exploits of japanese baseball sensation show haye otani who can do no wrong in his start to his major league baseball career he's been compared to babe ruth for his rare ability to both bat and pitch and on thursday his team the los angeles angels with three nothing up against the kansas city royals before tony stepped up to the plate he rubbed salt into the royals rooms with
6:56 pm
a three run triple final score seven to one to the angels all the angels fans were celebrating new york yankees and boston red sox supporters were engaging the latest chapter in the heated rivalry the yankees and red sox actually have one of the faces rivalries in sports the latest three game series has been won by boast in but there are also battles on the field of play to be one some not even baseball related as peeta stem reports. obviously had a very different view fenway park was hoping to see v.a. heroes the boston red sox put one over they better rivals the new york yankees in the first part of the three game series the red sox destroyed the yankees fourteen one then new york hit back with a ten seven win in a hot tempered game that saw a scuffle break out between the two sets of players not once but twice got his first win of the season on saturday but who would win the actual baseball contest
6:57 pm
this time around the heat was on early with hanley ramirez hit by a sudden great pitch regimes driven in seven years by frank and ben the men from massachusetts really got going star of the big win in the first game oki betts was on form again as boston took control of the scheme was. there were no home runs but a steady accumulation of r.b.i. singles put the red sox into a commanding lead of six nothing was. while all that was going on rick poole sello was doing his chances of additional shirt sales no harm whatsoever he pitched seven straight scoreless innings to leave the yankees in an almost impossible position. was. the right to life. but they're not the most successful team in major league
6:58 pm
baseball for nothing new york would come back to reduce the school to six three but that is how it would end in boston on thursday night the yankees still leave the overall head to head but for now bragging rights after the latest episode in this age old rivalry belong to the boston red sox. i peed a stem at al-jazeera. saying. get in touch in the at school or use the hash tag a.j. news great i'll be back one thousand nine hundred g.m.t. for now and you back to daryn joe thank you for that we'll see you later on just a reminder that is the scene right now at the u.n. security council in new york holding an emergency meeting on syria more coming up on that in a moment thanks for watching the news see you back here tomorrow. what
6:59 pm
makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on its truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important to have a right to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke it's all about otherwise people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. also one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know
7:00 pm
whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. two hours we can sit on juries in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america beats us to teach it's a very important place for all to the roots of the water an essential results for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public. and is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very bad to water privatization on anybody if they only kill. those people who see every two years something to invest a profit of the one dollar up to the last drop on al-jazeera.


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