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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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camp for palestinian refugees. food news. on counting the cost how to get ahead in digital advertising why the new mad men dislike regulation but like harvesting everything they can about the french president big. oil i mean you were in focus this week counting the cost. in the next episode of techno the team looks into the environmental impact of waste management trash is a big. smelly business to the complexities of recycling with different plastics and blended together the recycling becomes difficult to impossible and the science that often solution is very easy for us to have one hundred percent recycled material techno on al-jazeera.
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these are not the actions of a man. they are crimes of a monster instead. the u.s. britain and france launch air strikes saying syria has used chemical weapons and needs to be held accountable. launching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm daddy navigator also a heads. the targets of three syrian facilities near damascus and the city of homs the u.s. calls these strikes a success in night the at that the last time i tell you jane she wiping what the most and we stress that this kind of aggression will not stop our army but the syrian government says it won't be intimidated and its russian allies claim to have
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shot down most of the incoming missiles. also ahead in the program saying goodbye to the mother of the nation south africans on her winnie mad because mandela at her funeral and so a. fellow the u.s. britain and france say their decision to unleash airstrikes on syrian government targets was necessary to stop the government from using chemical weapons well the u.s. president donald trump is proposing all involved tweeting mission accomplished president bashar assad though has the scribe the attacks as brutal western aggression and his allies are standing firmly by his side so the. coordinated action saw more than one hundred missiles fired from warships and fighter jets at what the western allies
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described as chemical weapons sites now russia has called for another emergency meeting of the un security council to discuss what it says is an unjustified attack on a sovereign states while the syrian opposition meanwhile says the strikes won't change the course of the seven year war which has been going assad's way since rush i began to assist his government in two thousand and fifteen so let's take a closer look at where the missiles were dropped the target near damascus according to the pentagon it was a center that had been researching and producing chemical as well as biological weapons the other two targets were in homs one a chemical weapons stored sites in the other a facility where equipment was kept it also housed a command post syria's government says all the buildings hit had been evacuated in advance. taking you live to russia now that is the foreign minister sergei lavrov speaking on the events let's listen in. for.
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bashar al assad himself. because i think. i want to remind. you wish we had here. they wipe their helmets also reported that energy to an. area that is eileen was used gas up so. that it was beyond any doubt and west maybe seized it outputs. which is something you said at some pretty near some very disputable media and if they can they start to take it as an indisputable last call for you. and this specialist when they're with us this. is a process. we still wish that it was established year ago.
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but we should follow what that information was received. that they got the samples from. us and the samples or it is examined in the laboratory and u.k. and france. and that was our e-mail system. we are serious people you know we turn to the french to english asking them it's about us to how they obtained the samples. but we have a racial issue that london and paris and then. those people did function in this security conditions which existed with those. why we set. up a little bit was. so we wanted to get there all the more to get all the information according to the press
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a convention to on their chemical weapons and we could assess it. and they avoided to do this to involve us that is not necessary which you know because in any case is indisputable what you do but you ask how can you share the fags so that we get convinced that everything's clean here that we were told. and then you know. what you do we're. still the same and they say they're indisputable facts. it's just. recently and then oh yes they justify their their strikes. you see this is ridiculous my specialist. my mccrone publicly stated if you know that they have about me and israel facts. famine the use of the chemical weapons by ray should they regime of assad will go you.
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know. i know he spoke with putin. and you have this talk of all present refer to the english. but you. so that's the scene from moscow that is the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and he is speaking to a group at the council of foreign and defense policy that it is in moscow itself and we're keeping an eye out on what he's saying obviously he's talking about the u.s. britain and france along those minutes military strikes on syria and so far what he said is he's questioning in fact how the u.k. and france have gotten any sort of samples from the attack sites and when he talks about the attack site he's referring to that chemical attack that took place in duma last week so we'll monitor that and we will bring you all the latest lines
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from the survey and we'll let you know what he has to say meanwhile that's happening right now but just a few moments ago the u.s. military held a briefing at the pentagon and the joint staff director of kenneth f. mackenzie jr described the strikes as precise overwhelming and effective he also rejected russia's claim that the syrian defense force had shot down dozens off the missiles listen none of our aircraft are missiles involved in the software ration were successfully gauged by the syrian air defenses and we have no indication that russian air defense systems were employed we are confident that all of our missiles reach their targets at the end of the strike mission all our aircraft safely return to their bases. we assessed that over forty surface to air missiles were employed by the syrian regime most of these launches occur after the last impact of our short was over chalons standing by for us in moscow but first we'll cross over to
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our u.s. defense correspondent particle hain who's joining us from the pentagon and you were listening in to that briefing patty that officials in the pentagon were giving and what struck me really was they were questions and number of times about what evidence they have that assad's government was behind that chemical attack that took place and not many answers were given there. exactly i mean they're really trying to spin this here at the pentagon as an unqualified success but there is that issue of evidence let's keep this in mind the o.p.c. w. has investigators they were supposed to go in right now to gather evidence now the u.s. problem with that was that they weren't going to assign blame but this is a group that everyone trusts they could have said exactly what chemicals weapons were used if they were in fact used but the u.s. and their allies didn't wait for that they went in intentionally before they could hear from the o.p.c. before the o.p.c. w. investigators could find any evidence on the ground asked about that dana white the
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chief spokesperson here said that they are confident the u.s. intelligence and confident so why are they so confident well they didn't give any information didn't share any intelligence and it was we've seen in the past even though these are classified methods they do have a way of say giving some detail as to why they're so confident that they can launch one hundred five missiles into a country but again they didn't give any of that evidence i think one of the focus is going to be is president donald trump once again took to twitter and he said mission accomplished of course that heralds back to george w. bush in iraq and it turned out that mission obviously not accomplished so how are they going to square that well here at the pentagon they're saying he's talking about what this specific mission was they are not claiming that assad's chemical weapons facilities are gone completely these are just three facilities they said they picked these because they could hit them without basically spreading that chemical into the air the least possible collateral damage but they admit that there are still facilities out there so what is the percentage of facilities left i
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thought it was interesting reporters tried several different ways and they wouldn't give us a percentage so we really have no idea was a ten percent fact no idea all they would say is it goes to the heart of the program and that it will take them a while to reconstitute their abilities in that area ok a critical hand giving us the update from the pentagon thank you for a challenge joining us now from moscow as we were listening to. right now in fact the speaking in moscow we're looking ahead to in less than an hour's time there will be a meeting at the u.n. security council that's been called at the request of russia what do we expect there. yeah well russia has this extraordinary meeting where we've had so many of them in recent days and weeks haven't we and they all seem to follow very similar templates which is because the united states and its western partners its allies france the u.k.
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have one take on things and russia has a very different take on things and often they lock horns they veto each other's draft resolutions and nothing much changes so we can probably expect something very similar to that happen later on the russians have called for this u.n. security council meeting because they say that what the united states the u.k. and france has just done was done without the blessing of the un s.c. and therefore it is in contravention of international rules and norms they also pointed to the fact that these attacks happened without the united states france and the u.k. bothering to wait for the o.p.c. w. to actually do its investigation on the ground patty was just talking about this from the united states we're hearing the usual rhetoric from russia at the moment
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the expected rhetoric that you would think would come after an event like this but interestingly apart from calling from calling for a u.n. security council resolution we're not getting any talk from russia serious pushback retaliation escalation that sort of thing and that is because i think the russians are looking at what's happened they're looking at the limited nature of this strike they're looking at what they were fearing might happen earlier on in the week when we were getting some explosive talk being thrown back and forwards between moscow and washington it didn't transpire did it what we actually saw was three sites being hit no russian assets being targets. no iranian assets being targeted a limited strike against a certain number of facilities directly links with what the the west believes is bashar al assad's chemical weapons program this was not the escalation from the united states that russia was perhaps there it would happen and therefore why is
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there any need to push back particularly hard ok giving us the update from moscow thank you now the war in syria has been going on for seven years and. reports limited strikes have not been able to stop the chemical weapons attacks just a warning that if he were is may find some of the images in his report disturbing. another batch of syrians forced to leave their homes. these are nearly four thousand people displaced from doumani of the syrian capital damascus with the latest suspected chemical attack happened. we lived in bad days in history especially in the last three days with the original creation in juba which used resulting in suffocation cases among the civilians i was forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in chemical attacks were unthinkable for these protesters in two thousand
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and twelve in the beginning really mobile videos used to capture a peaceful syrian uprising against bashar al assad. then the syrian government began its brutal crackdown with the arrests torture and killings the opposition also picked up weapons and radical groups such as ice and took advantage that was the first event for the assad government which insisted it was fighting what it called terrorists. a major syrian chemical attack in who to change things in two thousand and thirteen and the threat of u.s. action inside syria remains that a threat to the international community is credibility is on the line and. america and congress his credibility is on the line because we give lip service to the notion that these international norms are important we have to act because if we don't we are effectively saying that even though we may
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condemn it and issue resolutions and so forth and so on. somebody who is not shamed by resolutions can continue to act with impunity. and that impunity continue despite the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog destroying the syrian government stick to. the trumpet ministration responded in two thousand and seventeen the missile strikes inside syria but also warning to russia president assad. as with previous incidents there's been international outrage failed un resolutions and u.s. missile strikes in syria a seven year war the international community has been outraged multiple times and at times the limited action but all that has failed to stop attacks on civilians who oppose president assad. hundreds of thousands have been subjected to the tactic of stars and then there are die thousands try to escape in many died in the raid on
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the boat is effectively shut down the borders around syria so people can be. some of the job made out of there are needed to work still heads on al-jazeera red carpet rolls out for leaders of the americas in peru but some aren't invited details coming up. significant reason may have caused the inevitable crop damage in some parts of southern china but i think the spring rains are stuttering up and none chang shows a significant hundred ninety eight million beaches that may rain will develop for the sas and across the border in vietnam we include hong kong in this as well so she would feel under whitfield the start of spring rains i would think we've seen significant showers in northeastern india last few days in the northwest and or
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pakistan but the biggest regular showers are in the science now as you might expect in sri lanka the fos out of india fifty to sixty millimeters daily is not atypical but between these two areas it's just getting increasingly hot and humid with no chance of any significant rainfall for a couple of months yet. there were some interesting thunderstorms which were preceded by a dust storm going through in the last twenty four hours or so the sunday picture looks fine unsettled that doesn't mean it's over the cloud is rebuilding the winds fairly light but in time see a forecast of cloud like this suspect rising dust and sand or thunderstorms so this could well be the case the entocort for saudi more importantly the qatar bahrain possibly briefly the u.a.e. as well. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an
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attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about the context of hugely important we have a right to publish if you have a duty to be offensive will provoke it's all about eyes people to setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching our ongoing coverage of the u.s. led military strikes in syria just a reminder of the top points the u.s. has carried out strikes in
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a coordinated mission with british and french forces against targets they say are part of the syrian government's chemical weapons program now the pentagon says all the missiles fired hit their intended target contradicting a russian assertion that more than seventy rockets were intercepted and the u.s. president donald trump has praised all involved tweeting earlier mission accomplished mike hanna joining us from the united nations that's where the security council is meeting in the next hour and we know mike that the united nations did not to give the all forty or did not approve of these strikes that were conducted on syrian soil so one wonders how this meeting is going to play out in the next hour. well indeed the meeting has been called by russia and its ally on the council bolivia russia likely to launch an urgent and very vehement attack against the strike by the u.s.
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and its allies britain and france the secretary general may actually be there to brief the security council as well he was jus to leave for real in the course of the evening back around but nine his office announced that he was delaying his trip and he did release a statement late last night as well asking all member states to show restraint and repeating what has been a major issue in the security council in recent weeks that there has to be some mechanism to show accountability for chemical weapons strikes this has been a refrain that he has been repeating but within the security council itself any such move has been blocked by a total of six russian vetoes at this particular point so once again security council expected to be no list divided in the coming hour than it has been over the past few weeks ok mike we'll speak to you as and when that meeting takes place thank you for the time being. now the biggest gathering of heads of state
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in the western hemisphere is taking place in peru heads of states from across the americas are looking to tackle corruption and overcome differences on trade the political crisis in venezuela is also expected to be a main focus of the meeting but there are several notable absentees including the us president donald trump who pulled out at the last moment john heilemann joining us from lima to tell us what more we expect at that summit. yes the summit has now got underway the meeting of today the plenary is now in action but there's a lot of things to discuss today at this summit the official main theme is corruption and that's certainly very relevant here in latin america the host country peru actually lost its president a couple of weeks ago to a bribery scandal that's really rocked the entire region the question is whether
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they can really clear the opera provide any concrete solutions over just two days of talks of course another issue here is going to be syria vice president pence who's come in place of president trump is going to address the other leaders on what the u.s. is doing in the u.s. actions in syria it's going to be interesting to see what the other leaders say in response that everyone gets a chance to speak at this summit and if they come out and who comes out in support of one of the issue that's going to be playing on everyone's minds is going to be trade deals nafta the free trade pact between the united states mexico and canada is on the table for renegotiation and president trump has said that he might want to reenter the trans-pacific partnership so as well as the main plenary there's going to be lots of bilateral multinational and smaller conversations taking place outside of this that will help to define where the future of that is possible and as we were saying there have been a few notable no shows john so how is that affecting things.
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yes and as you mention the most notable of those is president trump the first u.s. president not to attend the summit of the americas now that's going to have an effect possibly upon one of the of the big issues here which is venezuela the countries in a humanitarian and economic crisis there is also a political problems in that country and the u.s. is pushing hard for sanctions and trying to use this summit to do that the question is how much force we got pushed have without president trump leading it personally one other person that hasn't shown up is around castro the outgoing president of cuba he's due to step down in just a few days' time and he was widely expected to turn out for the summit of the ecuadorian president has also had to go home after a hostage crisis so all of those absences really take away a little bit from the prestige of this summit in lower its profile all right john home and reporting from lima thank you. ecuador's president has confirmed the death
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of two journalists and their driver who were kidnapped last month they were taken by a faction of colombia's former farquhar rebel group the journalists were on assignment for the crito based newspaper on the border between ecuador and colombia when they were taken on march the twenty six. with deep sorrow i regret to inform you that the twelve hour deadline is over we have not received proof of life and regrettably we have information that confirms the death of a compadre at the funeral of anti-apartheid activist winnie mandela has been held in south africa thousands of people gathered in her hometown of sweats hope to pay tribute to the woman known to many as the mother of the nation she died nearly two weeks ago in johannesburg at the age of eighty one after a long illness south africa's new president cyril ramaphosa honor her memory at that event. the mother of five nation. was grand children.
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affectionately referred to her as big mama. she has been know up big mama throughout her life. just as we have burdened by this photo of her death. so too are we comforted by the richness and profound meaning of her life katherine sawyer has been at that service at orlando stadium and so so at. all right if you move across the world you will see how own rag i mean everything yellow policies are presenting a different political parties the most dominating is on the on the national congress. when amanda was a pot of and then economic you don't fight it tooth ideals she supported and we have in the last few moments a very scathing woods from the judas money memo. i think he used the leadership of
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the african national congress thing that they said john ha they called how do we know and they sold how things better rapturous applause but every other speaker who came out to speak just talked about what she had done for the kind you know how she kept this hot tide movement i live when most of the ivy league does why they exiled or like how then husband nelson mandela in prison i must have been said about we need there's been a raging debate on how she should be remembered high leg of the show the very front of us all we got got a note of people i'm not also the african who speaks to you would tell you that yes you know she was a human being she was not a saint she had a weaknesses she made mistakes but those mistakes really should not be used to overshadow what they believe is how great her legacy and that of the country
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beeston she made in the struggle for liberation well it's an uneasy time for firms that depend on trade between china and the united states both countries are threatening tariffs on a wide range of goods raising the prospects of a trade war and such a conflict would be costly for major trading hubs like shanghai from where our china correspondent adrian brown reports. it's freezing inside this storage room it has to be the boxes contain a prime u.s. beef fresh from the nebraska prairie's a. seventeen ton shipment recently arrived at this shanghai meat importer that was before the escalation in trade tensions between china and the united states and the threat of new tariffs on u.s. beef the firm's boss initially feared the worst being left with a lot of expensive meat on which he'd make little or no profit. when we heard there might be a twenty five percent tariff we thought oh no we can't do business anymore. his
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concerns have subsided but he still faces another problem uncertainty. when we can only make plans when trade relations between china and the united states are stable that's why we're not totally sure how often and how much we should buy so far we've bought seventeen tons and sold two tons and if it really does come to a trade war it's going to be several more weeks before the new tariff on beef is applied and more young says he feels uneasy he will continue to import u.s. beef because he says they'll always be demand for what he regards as a quality product he just won't import so much of it instead he'll buy more from australia new zealand and canada young says that after president xi jinping speech on tuesday he's less worried about a trade war happening now she promised to deepen economic reform and to improve the
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business environment for foreign investors. the appetite for beef in china is being driven by the country's growing middle class consumption has risen more than ten percent in the past five years so when china lifted a thirteen year ban on u.s. imports a year ago it was welcome news here for many chinese consumers though u.s. beef remains an on affordable luxury symbol of the american beef really doesn't have that much to do its chinese people how many chinese people eat american beef not even ten percent not least the police if they wanted american beef that may become much more expensive i probably will go for something else after all we also have good beef in china and from other countries the american beach is not irreplaceable not words the u.s. beef industry wants to hear amid declining beef consumption at home it's relying on global demand a demand that is increasingly being led by china adrian brown al jazeera shanghai.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour the u.s. has carried out strikes in a coordinated mission with british and french forces against targets they say are part of the syrian government's chemical weapons program the pentagon says all the missiles fired hit their intended target contradicting a russian assertion that more than seventy rockets were intercepted meanwhile the us president donald trump has praised all involved tweeting earlier mission accomplished while the u.s. military held a briefing a short time ago at the pentagon joint staff director kenneth asked mackenzie jr described the strikes as precise overwhelming and effective and he rejected russia's claim that the syrian defense forces had shot down dozens of the missiles . none of our aircraft or missiles involved in the software ration were
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successfully gauged by syrian air defenses and we have no indication that russian air defense systems were employed we are confident that all of our missiles reach their targets at the end of the strike mission all our aircraft safely return to their bases we assess that over forty surface to air missiles were employed by the syrian regime most of these launches occur after the last impact of our strike was over while russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says the actions of western countries in syria is unacceptable and it's lawless who you could use the solution they don't want to share the sources of their information with us and they want to make his nose striking and happened to day a week before the suspect this was supposed to start their war to stablished investigate the accident was to get convinced it is right here that the evidence or no evidence of the use of the chemical weapons the funeral of the apartheid
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activist to winnie mandela has been held in south africa thousands of people gathered in her hometown a select so to pay tribute to the woman known as to many as the mother of the nation she died nearly two weeks ago in johannesburg at the age of eighty one after a long illness the biggest gathering of heads of states in the western hemisphere taking place in peru heads of state from across the americas are looking to tackle corruption and overcome differences on trade but there are several notable absent absentees including the u.s. president's donald trump those are the headlines on al-jazeera up front is coming up next they with us. fifty three member states. one iconic figurehead as leaders of the commonwealth descend on london for its biennial meeting al-jazeera asks how much does the commonwealth matter in today's world and where does it go after queen elizabeth follow the commonwealth heads of government meeting on al-jazeera. in syria can u.s.
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rockets stop bashar al assad's killing machine or will they be.


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