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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 105  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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said to be storing chemical weapons and reaction to a suspected gas attack on touma china's most popular social media site is reversing a decision to ban gay content online so in a way both got backlash when it blocked videos and comics related to homosexuality company said it was trying to comply with cybersecurity laws pro independence leaders in spain's catalonia region are about to appear before supreme court judge for their role in last year's secession referendum spain wants to charge them with sedition and rebellion on sunday thousands of people protested in barcelona calling for the release of what they call political prisoners hundreds of hundreds of firefighters are battling a bushfire threatening parts of australia's largest city sydney police are investigating whether the fire was deliberately set two and a half thousand hectares of bushland around sydney had been destroyed since saturday unusually hot weather has made it difficult to fight that fire.
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venezuela's president nicolas maduro has attacked south american leaders as website the us imperialism which i was barred from attending the summit of the americas and peru that ended on saturday he's almost certain to win next month's presidential election which many regional leaders have called former u.s. first lady barbara bush is refusing further medical treatment for ailing health the office of her husband said the ninety two year old will spend time in what it calls comfort care with their family. there are the headlines news continues keep it here on al-jazeera inside story is next. fifty three member states. in one night comic figurehead as leaders of the commonwealth descend on london for its biennial meeting al-jazeera asks how much does the commonwealth motto in today's world where does it go to queen elizabeth of the commonwealth heads of government on al-jazeera. can arabs solve their problems their leaders meet for yet another summit and millions of arabs are being caught up in
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wars and conflicts from syria to palestine and yemen what can these leaders offer and do they summit serve any purpose at all this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey leaders of the arab world are in saudi arabia for the annual arab league summit of state are discussing a wide range of issues from the wars in yemen and syria israel's role in the un security council but they're also clear about what they will not be talking about airstrikes by the u.s. u.k. and france and syria are not on the agenda north the g.c.c. crisis and the saudi led blockade on qatar saudi arabia open the summit with these words. are you sure you're. going to go either for the
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palestinian cause remains our paramount issue and it will remain as such until our palestinian brothers in chief or their lawful rights chiefly the establishment of an independent states with east jerusalem as its capital we renew our rejection and announce a decision made by the us administration on jerusalem and we further reiterate that all the states rejects such decisions emphasizing that east jerusalem is an integral part of the palestinian territories first off it up for discussion at the arab summit was us president on all fronts plan to move the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and made the controversial announcement at the end of last year a call in jerusalem the capital of israel yemen is also on the table with the u.a.e. and saudi arabia heavily involved in the war and the humanitarian crisis there there will be mention of the war in syria but not the recent airstrikes several member states including iraq of call for quick solutions to the conflict there is no representative from syria at the meeting though syria has been suspended from
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the league since the war began and two thousand and eleven let's bring in our guests now joining us from gaza are abu sada crestor professor that is a political science at all ga university in gaza and sana came almost mari editor in chief and publisher of the yemen post gentlemen thank you very much for joining me so let's start with something that is technically not supposed to be on the agenda but that's actually my question the recent airstrikes in syria the leaders of the arab summit of already said that's not something that is going to be on their agenda or how does that strike you that something like that is not technically going to be discussed here what does that say to you about the role that these leaders see in helping develop some sort of future for syria. well i believe that our two accept the missions for this one is that the arab summit has been scheduled from
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a long time ago and it was supposed to be held at the end of march and it has been postponed for the mid april now and the attack against syria just took this just yesterday so yes maybe that is one of the reasons for for not putting this issue on the agent on the agenda and second there is definitely a very deep. differences among arab leaders and out of governments with regard to these attacks by the u.s. administration against syria i believe we've viewed from some of the audibly there's some of them who have supported these attacks against syria and some of the arab leaders who were. cautious with regard to these attacks and they were calling for restraint and for the unity of the syrian territory and they were saying that these attacks will probably these two belies the region and cause more
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tension and frank fiction in the middle east region ok what do you make of the fact they and the reports are that leaders of many of these countries at the arab summit weren't given any type of heads up that these airstrikes are going to happen in syria. it's an embarrassment the rachele never before in the last hundred years have the arabs been so divided like they are today in the past they had somewhat of a unified agenda today they cannot do that because their enemy their threat is from within the arab league is because the nations are fighting themselves of the war in syria the war in yemen the political tension in egypt and libya in somalia are all involved with arab nations so the enemy is now from within in the past forget the arab league the g.c.c. itself was a united front even though the arab league was weak today that's
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a different case there are nations like that out of who are not attending. the arab summit so for now the arab league but also the g.c.c. and the list goes on. the division does not end with a political tension or rather war that is being raised the air strikes on syria the other day two days ago over one hundred airstrikes just two days before the summit this is a clear embarrassment of they have no influential no. involvement in trying to end this so the meeting is. it said that there it's being held today and with their heads raised as if the arab nations are living years of prosperity for getting the humanitarian crisis that's pouring on many nations of the airstrikes that are bombarding countries like yemen and syria the attacks from within the political tensions and they're still meeting as if nothing happened and
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threatening putting the blame or scapegoat iran and instead of trying to solve their problems yemen is right next door to saudi arabia ok the blame is to iran and not to yemen because iran is a powerful nation ok and i think nations so saudis attack yemen and not iran ok let me jump in for just a minute cause you actually brought in a lot of issues that we are going to address but i want to bring in now who is going to join the converse conversation sammy not our director of the levant institute for strategic affairs and sami thank you so much for joining us i want to bring you into the discussion that we're having about syria and to the point that he made i asked him you know the reports are that the leaders at this summit most of them were not really none of them actually we're told were given a heads up about this airstrike in syria something that clearly on some level affects them what does that say to you that they weren't and what role do the leaders here play in the future of syria when
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a lot of them are not even on the same page about. first of all of the let's keep in mind league has suspended. their ship in two thousand and twelve so why because most of the countries are at odds with the syrian regime and better heem of assad in particular and when it comes to the strike it's not the first strike i mean this is a sanction ad that has been done one year ago and the process was put in place one the agreement with each between the russian and american so this act is mostly came as a response to an agreement that was not on there and this is. western version they need that americans version of it and that president trump
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said very clearly blaming brushoff for not putting enough pressure on assad or to respect the non use of chemical weapon and he named rush are responsible for this secondly they'd be behind this chemical attack that is said definitely a message that the west want to send to russia so it's more russian westerton affair than something that the this was a political settlement in syria now yes mr trump hinted to the. geneva process today france or yesterday france called for a more active role of the united nations a leading role in or do to push for a settlement in syria and i expect that of the cpe today to push into the same direction and this case yes definitely. the top countries should be
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consulted as it was put by the egyptian president today during the summit the art of the main the concerned with what's happening in syria and it's off to be for old and not up a fair so or what about that i mean to sammy's point syria has been isolated and suspended from the league for years now and the past few years at least the opposition was in fact brought in invited to the summit there not this year and there's so much division among the countries there about what they even think about syria having said all of that. isolating syria has not worked what what role do these countries play in some sort of solution to syria. well definitely it's a very important issue which has been brought by sami that syria's membership in
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the end of the it was suspended in there you have two thousand and twelve after the eruption of the syrian civil war which of up to of modish if the end of two thousand and eleven when the arab spring erupted in a number of arab countries and yes syria has been isolated and has been boycotted by many out of. countries and many on a big teams but i believe that there are a number of other countries who are insisting in bringing back seat again to the membership of the oblique i believe there are about ten out of countries a lot of calling for the for bringing syria back. because syria has managed to survive the past. seven years. of civil war on also syrians ability to to defeat of the
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so-called terrorists of isis and in a number of areas in the syrian territory and with the support of the russians and the iranians for the. assad regime it seems to me that it doesn't make in a sense to neglect these military facts or these political facts in syria and that's why there are calls for bringing c.v. about to the audibly now whether that is going to happen and future a lot of summits of not but at least there is still a big division among the audibly those with regard to the syrian civil war and with regard to also to the u.s. airstrikes against syria we all have had from a number of out of countries who supported the u.s. airstrikes against syrian army and that are out of countries like egypt who were hesitant. to support such strikes and calling for restraint. that such
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strikes will would cause a further destabilization in syria and in the middle east but but overall overall i believe i believe that this is one of the most contentious issues that is facing the other believe that is and this summit and definitely maybe maybe this sort of summit will cause it will even deepen the division among got to be those of government ok let's pivot to the issue that is apparently going to be the leading issue at the summit king someone already referenced it obviously that being. the palestinians and specifically he spoke of us donald trump the clarion jerusalem the capital of israel and. but this is something that the saudis had not done before there's been not a lot of pushback against the council at the donald trump made. me bring you into
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that why why is that that there hasn't been more pushback and what does that say to the palestinians. sadly the palestinian. civil war or occupation is now sidelined because of the arab nations dividing between themselves israel says that it's the best time to act as if pleases. and i don't blame them i don't blame the smart for being smart i blame the dumb for being dumb or that if someone is not doing his job as a political leader then i can't blame the enemy of for being smarter than him. palestine today is is a lost case whatever happens in the summit won't even help the palestinians there even sides who work for governments within the arab league who are coordinating with israel before the summit itself. is an embarrassment if i was an arab leader i would and i would be forced to come maybe but i would the least cover my face while
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attending the meeting for yemen for example three years we're entering we entered a fourth year of war all of this because to return president hadi back to power and and till today he still living in saudi arabia after three plus years he still living in saudi yes yes easy trip to the summit but it's an embarrassment that all these prices are not being solved whether it's in yemen and palestine and syria all of these countries will face last pieces division from within so i don't have no idea why the arabs are even meeting just to ensure to the world that we are more divided that you than anything that's the message that's ok and i hope they let me that we are divided we're very much divided ok let me put that to sami sami do you agree with. pretty gloomy picture that came this painting of. the lack of unity at the arab summit and the fact that he says that the palestinian
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cause is a lost cause. the lack of unity is not a new scene really. got a unified position on some issue maybe with the exception of the palestinian issue they have unified position though they don't have a unified strategy but most of our up countries agreed and are supporting this strategy of what we call initiative in two thousand and two which is. a piece of that consist into that peace in return of the land or the land in the return of peace more exactly however to what we call the axis of resistance the syria and. iran is having a different this that the g. is that the g. of confronting is that i and. even. at
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one country level or two country level you're not seeking a unified position and this has weakened position today for for most of the arab countries these g.c.c. countries and even egypt when we hear that speech of presidents you see today the main concern is iran they see iran as a major threat. at the expense definitely of other important issue like the palestinian issue like the syrian people right sami let me ask you today the number one photo that point so are you and how to confront iran are you saying that you think that putting that much attention on iran i mean you can walk into chew gum at the same time but it seems like you're saying that you think that too much energy is being put into iran at the expense of other things that we usually. does.
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and definitely today that that is that it should be a new dynamic more effort to two words pushing this initiative because in my view this is the best way to counter america decision to word genocide them because the united states what they have done unfair to me if you can put it in this way they have to give to the palestinian what they gave today is a day they gave only on the one hand and they kept the other hand a close one that should have given something to the palestinians and the best way to push america to words more. opening to the palestinian is once again to push forward this out initiative and i won't be surprised that this will be the number one issue today. at the arab summit but i mean if you
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put yourself in the shoes of saudi arabia for instance when saudi soil is like. targeted by who see the side and are accusing direct iran of equipping those who see with this me side it's no them and the number one concern. most of that effort are deployed in order to fend off iranian influence and that region that took a great advantage for the last during the obama years and yes good took advantage of obama's decision to go to uni that early withdrawal from iraq look i'm or hold until they fill the void look i mean who do you who is to blame for this lingering conflict and yemen and the humanitarian crisis and the fact that saudi is hosting the summit do you think there's going to be any real brutal honesty. in the
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discussions about what's going on there considering their role in bombing yemen. well if you if you could just allow me to respond to what was mentioned by hacky i'm in the about the palestinian cause as a lost cause i think it's too in the end of premature to say that the palestinian cause is a lost cause yes that is a palestinian and demand division which has been going on for more than in the u.s now but that doesn't justify at all and to say that the palestinian cause is a lost jewels is a lost cause i believe that the palestinian people have paid heavy. casualties over the past seventy years and especially since the israeli occupation of west bank gaza is you will see them in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and the palestinian people are willing to do whatever it takes to put them into this is waiting occupation and settlement expansion at a store of their national unity and establish a palestinian independent over the. occupied territories now going back to
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a question on who is responsible for this lynn getting in the end on now unfortunately what is happening in yemen is part of the out of the antenna division it's part of the art of ivan it is and especially. that pearcey of threat from the iranians in the region is i think the major cause for this i think that in position and yemen and now it's no secret that so did it be on you not to the image it's leading a war in the yemen to try to quintin the iranian shia it if it in the in yemen and also in the gulf region and also to stop. both these from making sure that advances in yemen now as soon as i mean that kind of is going for yes isn't it though i do want to bring i came into this because it is his area of expertise and i want to i want to bring him into this and i want i want to put that question to
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you that saudi arabia is hosting this summit saudi arabia is bombing yemen it is creating one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world is there going to be any real brutal honesty there about what is happening and what to do about it. there will be a lot of blaming and finger pointing again when i said that palestine is a lost case i'm not saying it's from happiness it's sad back but i'm too big realistic that this is what their countries are witnessing to the and living today yemen for example before in the previous summits elise the arabs were trying to solve their problems in the last couple of years if not solve the game or are just trying to find a scapegoat or fingers to blame the who is the reason for for example iran they are being blamed for yemen i have no doubt that they're involved in supporting the who the some way or the other but again what three years of war three plus years of war and there has been no advancements over the last nineteen to twenty months they
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hasn't the president himself is still living in reality there is no success story in any of the cities that. i have been controlled by the coalition so people were hopeful that the coalition might come and help yemen but there hasn't been that in yemen and that's why people are losing hope that this war is supposed to take long the international community or the international powers including nation with the gulf countries mainly saudi and the u.a.e. are purposely trying to make yemen work continue longer longer the him anyway right he doesn't care it doesn't say that again about continuing to go ahead. yes it's not trying to end the war as i said earlier twenty months of war and then there has been very very little five to ten kilometers of success for any side so it's been a complete stalemate there has been no development major development in the m.
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and a war both sides are doing and still made so many now believe that this war is supposed to take long agenda is for the yemen war to continue and not to be solved there is no success story for any city that has been taken over or controlled by the. saudi the coalition support the government there's no success story there's clashes everywhere there's a. human rights violations every day assassinations happening in those cities so this war is supposed to take long as yemenis are convinced that it's not and in saudi's hands anymore saudi is just a reason to have this work continue longer longer for other side interest for. that are involved by the task so there is no hope for yemenis to end this war not because peaceful peace is not. there's no place for peace because there's no real willingness to end this war because of the major international drugs that are
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developing and will be continued develop over the next couple of years and yemen has continued to be divided in order for the interest to continue ok so we will have to see how all of these really important issues are actually addressed at the summit gentlemen thank you all for joining me sami notter welcome air and came the smart gentleman thank you and thank you for watching you can watch the program again any time if you go to our website al-jazeera dot com and for the discussion go to our facebook pages facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from your show kerry and the entire team now. in this case. each one is still. to be seen.
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to be. added to the. document the children continue to. receive we here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we covered this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that dip in and out of the story the house president's all the time apart from being a charmer and it's also very important to get to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. paint the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always
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possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts to meet more and find professionals a top priority is to model a way in your generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities local education inspiring science timeline at this time.


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