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and to say he could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for a mouse surveillance digital dissidence at this time on al-jazeera. i mean this is different not just whether someone's going for someone's favorite this but if we think it's how you approach an individual enough that it is a certain way of doing a conscious. story and die out. rewind returns with a new series that can bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in place since the program was filmed rewind begins with mohammed at the time when i was. i was the both of us and. like any other student i was very fortunate to be awarded another scholarship rewind on al jazeera.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes syria's u.n. ambassador says international chemical weapons inspectors are jews or travel to the duma on wednesday to investigate a suspected chemical attack. tens of thousands continue to protest in armenia opposed to the former president becoming prime minister to stay in power. the u.s. president meets japan's prime minister i just floated a resort with north korea and trade on the top subject. alasania and smog prisoners' day a show of solidarity with the thousands including children behind bars in israel.
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syria's u.n. ambassador says international chemical weapons inspectors a jew to travel to duma on white in the state to investigate a suspected chemical attack by shell just told a u.n. security council meeting that a u.n. security. the team has entered the area and will decide if it's safe enough for o.p.c. w inspectors the team from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons will examine what happened on april the seventh but won't assign blame the u.s. has accused moscow of tampering with the site russia says delays in accessing the site have been due to security concerns western powers accuse syrian forces of using nerve gas to kill dozens of people but damascus and its ally russia deny this the u.n.
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ambassador bashar al jaafari says the decision for access will be an independent one when you. i mean today the un security team and duma around three pm in order to assess the security situation on the ground if the security team to you and security team decides on the situation is sound in duma than a fact finding mission will begin its work in duma wednesday the decision for the arrival of the fact finding mission is the decision of the un on the old p.c. w. alone. more from beirut. the o.p.c. w chemical weapons inspectors have been given access to do my the town in which that alleged chemical weapons attack happened on april the seventh now the russian government and the syrian government have been criticized for what they called preventing the team from entering western nations said that the team was not given access now the team arrived in the syrian capital damascus on saturday both the
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russian and syrian government cited security concerns and that's why there has been a delay now the o.p.c. w.'s mission is to determine whether or not a chemical weapons attack actually happened its mandate does not a portion any blame now the united states and other western countries like france for example believe that the proof or the evidence could have been tampered with because when this alleged chemical weapons attack happened the opposition was in control of they then surrendered russian military police entered duma and they carried out their own inspection and declared that they did not find any traces of chemical weapons that were used now the o.p.c. w. it's still not clear when they're going to release the findings but we have to make clear that western nations are not waiting for the results because they already carried out retaliation they carried out attacks on saturday targeting syria's chemical weapons facilities so the findings are not going to trigger another
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response but definitely if the o.p.c. w. finds that indeed a chemical weapons attack. happened it will be damning for the russian and syrian government but the russian military says it's found a chemical weapons stockpile belonging to rebels in duma a russian state media outlet put out this video which apparently shows chlorine and components for producing mustard gas moscow has repeatedly accused rebels of involvement in chemical attacks so idea rabia says it's in talks with the us about sending forces into syria president donald trump has said he wants to end washington's involvement in the conflict and is encouraging other arab nations to commit their troops and money instead political hand reports from washington d.c. . for weeks u.s. president donald trump has made it clear he's growing impatient over syria this will become another syria like very soon. he made the how a bit clearer when he announced limited u.s.
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strikes in syria last friday we have asked our partners to take greater responsibility for securing their home region now the wall street journal is identifying the country's trump is apparently asking to give money and soldiers as egypt cutter the united arab emirates and saudi arabia but the u.s. military won't confirm that it will leave that to individual nations to first make that announcement and if they want to then we will be able to echo that egypt qatar in the u.a.e. have not publicly commented yet that saudi arabia's foreign minister acknowledged the ongoing discussion we are in discussions with us in that have been for since the beginning of the syrian crisis about sending forces into syria. it's not clear if other countries will make similar offers but if they do they're likely to agree only if some of the two thousand troops and american air power stays in the region that may not be something trump will be willing to do he's already put a hold on two hundred million dollars that the u.s. had pledged to spend rebuilding syria with his words and deeds sending the message
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that he wants out of syria and soon he believes it should be someone else's responsibility to deal with what's left. al-jazeera washington a new plan for talks to end the war in yemen will be presented to the un security council within the next two months that's the assurance of the new u.n. special envoy in yemen martin griffiths he's also briefed the council for the first time about the humanitarian crisis in the country where eight million people face famine like reports. the message from the special envoy that a resumption of political dialogue is essential and he maintains that all parties in the conflict that he's spoken to in the past four weeks agreeing but the poultry to of a nation on my third one in which a single violent event could consume attempts at conciliation and our concern is simple that these that any of these developments would at
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a single stroke take peace off the table the us ambassador picked up on her recurrent theme that iran is waging a proxy war in the region through the opposition in december she displayed the fragments of missiles fired at saudi targets that she maintained were supplied by iran and this year escorted the entire security council to view what she described as evidence that who things didn't just figure out on their own how to build and fire ballistic missiles more than a thousand kilometers to hit the saudi capital iran is supporting them this council taking action to stop the flow of arms to the who these would be a step forward helping to resolve this war. in his response the russian ambassador pointed out that civilians on both sides of the saudi yemen border under threat would shoot missiles the frantically condemns indiscriminate strikes his victims of
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civilians we also categorically reject ballistic missile strikes against populated areas on saudi arabia soil all security council members though united on the need for dialogue and welcoming the special representatives pledge to deliver a framework within two months there's one cause for optimism the opposition boycotted talks with the previous special representative accusing him of bias but it appears willing to engage with the man who's just been appointed the un's humanitarian chief warned that the coming rains could herald a massive cholera outbreak and asked all parties inside and outside yemen to allow greater access for food and medical supplies the stark fact facing the council that while the political resolution remains in limbo more than eight million people in here men are facing famine. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. and
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a bill corey was deputy chief of the u.s. mission in yemen he's joining us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time sir we've got a new u.n. special envoy but it's still a bleak message for yemen isn't it how likely is it do you think the talks can take place while the fighting continues. well martin griffith brings his considerable diplomatic skills to the table and i'm encouraged by the fact that both sides so far have a trust in his neutrality and in his diplomacy. he brings a fresh approach so we need a fresh start now i mean also encouraged by the fact that his first words to the u.n. security council he laid blame on both sides for escalate tory steps the host is for lobbing missiles at riyadh and riyadh for bombing the whole
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his capital in the north saddam i'm also encouraged by the fact that he did not mention iran. and the iranian role minuscule as it is in this fight has been used as an excuse by the arab coalition as well as by the united states. for continuing more than three years of daily bombing of yemen which have resulted in nothing but the spread of starvation and disease so i think he will try to treat both sides equally and suggest new ideas the problem of course is as long as the fighting goes on it's very hard for talks to move to a serious phase. the two principal parties here are saudi arabia and the united states. i think as long as yeah go ahead sorry i was just
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going to bring you up on one point as you did refer to the fact that the iranian you describe runs role in this conflict as minuscule but that is not the view clearly held by the us because as my kind of reports said nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has picked up again on her theme that the iran is essentially waging a proxy war in yemen how possible is it to have negotiations on the future of yemen and not talk about iran's role in this well i'm well familiar with the current u.s. position as well as that of the previous administration the obama administration lent logistical intelligence and naval support to the arab coalition essentially believing their story that iran is the one that's really fighting them i was in yemen for several years i also followed yemen faires from the state
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department and i can tell you that intelligence does not justify this conclusion iran has played a role and has increased its assistance to the whole thesis since twenty fifteen the start of the saudi bombing of yemen but until today iran does not manage to bring in much support to the who is so blaming iran for the whole thing is bogus the real issue is internal dynamics in yemen and the u.s. and saudi arabia need to use the loma sea to help the reconcile with one another the other thing is saudi arabia's paranoia about iran and their fear of the who these and that needs to be managed. saudi arabia needs to talk directly to the who is resolve the problem agree on steps forward and then move on to reconcile and
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then reconstruct yemen put diplomacy first and then that happens martin griffiths will find a very hard time in bringing peace to yemen just very briefly serve you don't mind all of the players that you're talking about in the yemeni conflict who do you regard as the strongest one who do you think would be best positioned to put some sort of impetus if you like to move talks forward and move to situate yemen out of the situation that it currently finds itself. well inside yemen i think the. strongest force on the ground. the territory they control the population they control justify their playing a central role whether in fighting or in peace and i think they should take the initiative and present some new ideas in the past they did not like the ideas
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presented by the previous u.n. envoy so they should present their own peace plan but in terms of regional powers saudi arabia saudi arabia is the richest country in the region certainly one of the wealthiest in the world it has all the latest technology and equipment that it buys from the u.s. and from europe they could put their diplomats ahead of their soldiers ahead of their pilots who fly these planes and reconcile in previous previous administrations in saudi arabia the kings used to play a benevolent role in mediating conflict but saudi arabia has a new defacto ruler who wants to be the strong man in the region and frankly the step see is they king are a bit reckless i think somebody should counsel him to put diplomacy ahead of war
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very interesting to get your views in this the bill curry formerly deputy chief of the u.s. mission in yemen thank you very much indeed sure thing. thank you more ahead on the news people power forces yet another high profile resignation following the killing of an investigative journalist in slovakia plus. spent too many years using technology to take advantage of people's openness and get well the confession of a former cambridge analytical worker how it could have affected the braggs it vote . and in sports why this win by china's champions has put a big smile on the face of an italian legend. donald trump says u.s. officials have been conducting direct high level talks with north korea to try to
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arrange a summit with north korean leader kim jong un trying spoke during a meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo abi who was visiting the president as his model lago resort in florida north korea's weapons program has dominated talks between the two leaders we've also started talking to the north korean directly we have had direct talks at very high levels greenly i levels with north korea. and i really believe there's a lot of goodwill a lot of good things are happening see what happens as i always say we'll see what happens because ultimately it's the end result that counts not the fact that we're thinking about having a meeting or having. as a matter of fact the united states has the overwhelming military power in the world and by using this strength you have effectively applied an overwhelming amount of pressure against north korea and also at the u.s. to north korea have
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a summit meeting which will be held for the first time my hope is that there will be a tangible progress towards resolving the outstanding issues of concern this includes nuclear issues as well as the abduction issue which is a top priority for the japanese. well our white house correspondent kimberly holocausts monitoring that meeting at times model lago resort from west palm beach and she's joining us live from there kimberly despite the fact that we've heard those the two pieces of audio there from both leaders who seem to be on the same page as far as north korea is concerned that's not really the reality is it because to some extent japan feels that it's being signed and in these negotiations what's the atmosphere been like and what are they been talking about in this meeting. i think that when you listen to that sound from the japanese prime minister shinzo of a he's being very very polite because certainly it wasn't the kind of sound bite we were expecting from him given the fact that there are some deep concerns even fears
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that jeff japan has coming to this bilateral summit certainly it's come here seeking assurances from the united states not just on security but also on trade certainly there have been some concerns by sions a he was been very hawkish and caution and donald trump on the half dozen times he has met with him more than any other foreign leader that there shouldn't be this warming of relations between north korea and the united states having said that as you point out donald trump has said that there have been very high level talks that have been going on between the top level officials in those two nations the also the other thing that i think is important to point out here is not only is there anticipation about the possible meeting between donald trump and kim jong un that could take place late may early june but also there's another summit to take place in april we believe between the two koreas north and south and in that donald trump says that he has been urging the two to end officially their decades old war that has been in place giving some sort of strange language about that saying that he's
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given his blessing on that certainly there have been some comfortable and thorny issues that have come up are expected continue to come up the two leaders are having dinner in the next hour and then will continue these talks later on on thursday and you can bet he will have to leave it as my case mixed up it's hard to keep track sometimes i understand. the thorny issues that you're talking about of course also cover trade as well because there's the trans-pacific partnership and also the trade tubs as well are those subjects that they've been dealing with even on the sidelines in these talks. yeah and i think that's going to dominate the wednesday discussions that are set to take place including as well i think there's a game called game of golf that's going to be woven in there will continue to kind of work as they play but right trade big issue and here is why you remember we talked a lot about on al jazeera the tariffs that have been slapped on steel aluminum
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imports from foreign nations into the united states bunch of countries got exempted on that from the trumpet ministration but not japan and this is a country that the administration says is a great friend and ally but certainly not showing a lot of friendship there so that needs to be worked out the other big issue is the trans-pacific partnership agreement which of course the united states donald trump very famously said i'm not going to be a part of that japan went on to negotiate that without the united states and certainly has taken a strong leadership role but now donald trump is indicating you know we might have an interest in that down the road if it was in the interest of the united states japan certainly not wanting to give up any of that leadership in terms of the united states now wanted to kind of put its big and heavy foot in there so these are some of the thorny issues that are still to be worked out and of course the details when it comes to north korea that is what is really dominating this bilateral summit the two day summit that will wrap up on wednesday kimberly thanks very much indeed u.s. investigators will examine the engine of
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a socialist airlines plane after it exploded mid-flight smashing a window and killing a passenger the seven three seven jet was traveling from new york to dulles with one hundred forty nine people on board it made an emergency landing in philadelphia a female passenger was partially sucked out of the broken window before all those poles her back in officials haven't confirmed if she's the person who died it's the first time a passenger has been killed in the u.s. airline accident since two thousand and nine. anti-government rallies have intensified in armenia after a vote to promote the former president to prime minister tens of thousands of people protested in the capital yet of on and other cities accusing sour so i guess the end of a power grab he was president for the decade and step down because of a term limit i mean is new constitution strengthens the office of prime minister allowing surrogacy and to maintain his influence maria today and is an editor in
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chief of evie and report it's an online magazine in armenia and she says the arrests of protests houses as only serve to increase the size of anti-government rallies the constitutional referendum to place in twenty fifteen a year before that there's a promise that he would not seek the chair of the prime minister many in the country thought that this was a ruse for power grab and in fact only pull my when his second and final term as president and did his part of the republican party. nomination his candidacy and today and of the vote in parliament he was elected as prime minister fact at least giving him a thirty year to date the armenian police issued a statement saying that about eighty people have been team from what we know most of them were young people and students some have been released some already joined the church the big rally today in republics where i think it just fueled more anger and we had crowds that we have been seeing tragically since two thousand and eight
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june the presidential election. still in a story and is director of a media studies at the university of barclays joining us on skype from the city of concord in california thanks very much for being with us on al-jazeera are these protests focused on the accusations that sec is seen as simply holding on to power or other wider issues as well. well they are focusing on. former president sarkozy prime minister sorry son. but you know since. gentlemen's symbolizes the whole system. kind of semi you're going. on the somewhat clipped talk about dick. and that's why. they focused on him you know. the fact
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that basically we had to change the constitution was changed. the issue was transparent already too you know he's a growth three years ago for me once just not them that staying in power and what that means for the people the most great thing about the system is going to continue for another five years maybe another ten yeah i was in so on and that seems to be an acceptable to going to where does that leave those opposed to the current regime that what can they do other than protest given what you're saying that it looks as though there's another five years of raising staying in place. well unfortunately. the opposition. quite weak and. also some luck. that.
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its presence in parliament is really minimal. and your question is very important because up to now even though you have followed the events i don't see a kind of broad political program being articulated. the focus seems to be on the. young but now let's assume starkey young leader changes his mind. the parliament dominated by the spog and collaborate. the republican. the agenda i mean how do you change the. essentially not clarified and articulated give us some context if you would say about the strategic importance of armenia given the fact that it's surrounded by
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countries like russia by john georgia turkey and iran how are they going to react to this. well. indeed. also i mean both in question but i think the key issue is not the country i think if there is a. park that mean you know. you know azerbaijan might think these read. not be enough i mean you know. but the key issue is how we as a russian are going to react to these developments because og the main drive that you know in the south caucasus. so we'll see how. the ox openly or behind the scenes the all the
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countries are not. not crucial to i said look around. you go up months you know. stand a serious director of media studies at the university of botany thank you very much for your time you're welcome so back as police chief has quite the latest resignation after the murder of an anti-corruption journalist and its feel say the departure of the prime minister and interior minister has failed to ease public anger over the shooting of young could check on his failed say in february force. another big head rolls in slovakia this time the national chief of police. will step down at the end of may the latest gesture aimed at easing tensions following the february murder of a journalist investigating political corruption weekly protests in the capital bratislava of piled pressure on the governing coalition forcing the resignation of
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prime minister robert feet last month and on monday the interior minister. if i think that the firing of the police chief is not right it would create polarization of the public instead of sieving the situation on our country i think that under these circumstances i have no further right to be the interior minister that's why i have decided to put my resignation in the hands of the president but this is already a country polarized on the weekend slovaks in their tens of thousands turned their anger on police chief for what they say is the failure of his force to investigate the journalist's killing. and his fiance died in execution style shootings at their home at the time the twenty seven year old was looking into state corruption and alleged links between the government and the mafia in the theft of european aid phones one of the companies that was investigating is owned by a relative of the police chief despite the offer of a one and
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a quarter million dollar reward for information on those responsible no one has been prosecuted for the murders as long as that remains the case the protests will likely go on. france's president has warned that the e.u. could descend into what he calls civil war because of increasing divisions between liberal democracies and euro skeptic nationalists emanuel rome was setting out his vision for the future of the e.u. in a speech to the european parliament here urged members not to sleep walk towards nationalism at the expense of european unity speech comes in the wake of election victories by right wing euro skeptic parties in hungary and italy david chaytor has more from powers. so some fine rhetorical flourishes the eloquent phrases were used to from the manual macro it his first address to the parliament in strasburg but
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essentially it was policy light but he did use some very strong phrases against what he called a cul de sacs of nationalisms he was very keen to try and keep the vision of the sovereignty of europe together he was obviously referring to the rise of populism in italy and in hungary and also of course the events in poland but he was saying essentially that europe had to keep its act together that it had to make sure that it kept this vision let's hear what he said context. informed guess if you don't look there in a context where a form of european civil war reappears where our differences sometimes are national selfishness seem more important what unites us with the rest of the world a concept with a fascination with the liberal grows every day i do not want to allow this deadly illusion but which has precipitated our continent towards the abyss the illusion of strong power nationalism the abandonment of freedom is faced with your thoughts
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here it is and that surrounds us everywhere the answer is not authoritarian democracy but the or thirty of democracy so find phrases of as as i've said but essentially policy lite now what he didn't mention was anything about the reforms that he wants to the euro zone he doesn't say anything at all about those very important reforms the european stabilisation mechanism and also the idea of a european monetary fund and that's because he's about to meet angela merkel on thursday jus for four hours of talks with her and some people in her conservative wing of the grand coalition very much afraid that these reforms that are being pushed by a man your macro will mean that it's the german taxpayer that's going to have to pay the budget and that's why he remains silent on that topic until he meets anglo american. a former employee of cambridge analytics has been testifying about its role in the brags that vote the company is under scrutiny for harvesting personal
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data from millions of facebook users britney kaiser told a u.k. parliamentary committee that a major backer of the live campaign used information for political purposes long sleeve ports but humans as well personally kaiser was asked to testify as a woman who had worked on the political campaigns of both barack obama and donald trump in the united states working for cambridge analytical on the trump campaign she made it clear her role was to target small groups of people harvest their personal information and attempt to change their political opinions a practice she did without compunction then but have now decided it was disgraceful illiad spent too many years using technology to take advantage of people's openness and get well and i won't stand by any longer to observe this privileged abuse of power intentionally or unintentionally i want to help shed light in the stark places and to help people be more responsible in their actions cambridge analytical
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then moved in on the leave dot edu campaign during the breaks at referendum the company she said told our own banks the millionaire backer of leave so that they could do for the bricks and camp what they had done for donald trump in the end she said they leave campaign haven't taken their services but in a major allegation she claims that mr banks had taken their idea and harvested lists of his own commercial customers and targeted them for political messaging a practice is illegal in britain mr banks denies the claim when i did visit and the elgin insurance and leave you had quarters which was the same building with the same staff that when a senior scientist and myself spent time with their phone bank i was told by the people using the phone that. the individuals that they were calling out of the insurance database it will clearly be wrong for people's personal data maybe help
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one insurance company to be used in a political campaign without their consent and so on the question is was consent sort of a given and if not then it's not quite that's potentially quite a serious data breach that i think should be investigated fully by the information commissioner like a former colleague christopher wiley she painted a picture of cambridge analytical as an organization which was a moral and which was happy to destabilise any political campaign on behalf of any wealthy back as it all adds to a body of evidence being gathered by the u.k. government which is increasingly worried about how the use of data is potentially undermining basic democratic principles al-jazeera london british prime minister theresa may has led carabine leaders after her government apologized for a scandal affecting immigrants as many as fifty thousand people who moved as children after the second world war feared they could be at risk of deportation because of stricter policies some were told to prove their right to stay in the u.k. despite
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a lack of official paperwork from the time they arrived as children maize apologized for the anxiety that's caused. to more cattle and politicians have appeared before a judge in madrid to be formally charged with sedition and rebellion the former interior chief of the catalan regional government tracking phone and x. for the most of our room ever seen here on the left are the latest process session leaders to appear in the supreme court trial proceedings have begun against a number of other politicians and police chiefs for their roles in the referendum on secession in catalonia last year that vote was declared illegal by madrid. all starbucks stores in the u.s. will close for an afternoon at the end of next month for what it's calling racial bias education nearly one hundred seventy five thousand stuff will be trained on how to combat racial discrimination as the company reels from a racism scandal footage released last week showed two black men being arrested in
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a philadelphia store while they prepared for a business meeting still ahead and al jazeera. we travel deep inside the democratic republic of congo to track the fate of thousands of people displaced by ethnic violence and. one of the top seeds is given a real test of the monte carlo masters fight is going to have all the details in the sports. hello a lot of the vicious and long seasonal weather in the us encounters gone away but not all of it not by a long where this here was still effectively wintry in nature but we've seen big contrast in temperatures disappear so we haven't got a storm problem at the moment we've still got the remains of snow to blow through
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eastern canada and another liquor snow is running through the midwest if you want to be in chicago yes yourself do i want to stay here for the rest of the month because this is looking disappointing four degrees snow quite possible in northern illinois it's a woman for a time in the east coast so nice and warm day in new york after the dismal last twenty four hours and the pacific coast is increasingly cloudy with rain or even some snow inland tejano says all the way down south look at from san francisco up into the hills you might see in white once more at the same time there's more white spreading across to new england chicago even the sunshine can manage no more than five degrees so we haven't exactly turned the corner to summer yet just quietened down a bit in fact active weather could be seen now and recently in the caribbean the last the big shots disappearing through cuba caught a few decent downpours in the restaurant tilly's and they could be repeated i think in the next day or two.
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a story fourteen hundred years in the make. a story of succession and the leadership. as just tells the story of dispute and division at the heart. of the caliph episodes to just. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and knives on al-jazeera i got to commend you on hearing is
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good journalism. and. you're watching all of us here a reminder of our top stories this hour syria's ambassador to the u.n. says chemical weapons inspectors will enter duma on wednesday if it's safe enough to do so he says a u.n. security team is at the site that will make a decision on access for the team investigators will look into allegations of a chemical attack on april the seventh but it won't assign blame. u.n. xnu special envoy for yemen is working on a plan for talks to end the three years civil war watching bertha's present the
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plan to the security council within two months he says all sides are prepared to go . sheet an end to the fighting. donald trump says u.s. officials have been conducting direct high level talks with north korea to try to arrange a summit with kim jong un trump spoke during a meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo up at his florida resort north korea's weapons program has dominated talks between the two leaders. palestinians have been marking prisoners day in a show of solidarity with thousands held in israeli jails or than six and a half thousand palestinians including three hundred fifty children and more than sixty women are in israeli prisons more than four hundred are being held without charge or trial under so-called administrative detention according to rights groups eighteen hundred prisoners are in need of medical care seven hundred of them suffer from serious and chronic conditions since israel began its military occupation of the west bank and gaza in one thousand nine hundred seventy it's imprisoned more
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than eight hundred thousand palestinians are a force that reports from ramallah is the day designated a palestinian prisoners began the numbers swelled by another thirteen in the early hours of tuesday israeli soldiers made arrests across the occupied west bank including this one in a refugee camp near ramallah. brother was detained the house ransacked in a hunt for weapons. prisoners' day he spent twenty years in jail and he got married less than a year ago haven't got any evidence against him israel says such raids are integrity to its security but for palestinians they represent the unchecked power of an occupying force six and a half thousand palestinians are currently in israeli jails. of those a little over a thousand a serving terms from twenty years to life which usually signifies a conviction for killing or injuring an israeli that leaves five and a half thousand jailed on lesser charges all none at all and most of these cases
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are talking about either political affiliation or public disorder like any demonstration is he could on writing the slogan writing in your face book bait is considered and incitement palestinians in the occupied west bank are subject to israel's military court system and its conviction rate of ninety nine point seven percent it also holds the power to imprison without charge known as administrative detention israel says the system under which it's holding five hundred palestinians prevents attacks and protects the identities of informants salim data so we spent ten years in administrative detention but not all at once that he says is its power you're never sure that you're free. when you leave you think of the next time you'll be administratively detained no one leaves administrative detention before the intelligence officer gives him the talk threatening him and making sure he thinks the next time there's been plenty of next times for muhammad and his family
2:44 am
in the early hours of monday morning his twenty one year old son was arrested for a third time. with there they could have knocked but they've broken by force they want to intimidate us mohammed's wife nida says it's the thirteenth raid since last june when three men from their village killed an israeli security forces member in occupied east jerusalem she says she's taken to sleeping in her clothes in the expectation of the next one are a force at al-jazeera in the occupied west bank and bernard smith has being to one of the protest sites where families or hundreds of gaza residents this very jails have gathered. there are three hundred forty five palestinians from gaza are in israeli jails and this is how the marking it here all of these issues you can see are somebody's somebody is relative who's been in israeli jail and relatives have not been able to go and see and i'm joined by ramsey a cashier who is one of the organizers of those event ramsey how does this affect family psychological and when they count get to go and see their relatives yeah
2:45 am
actually today. the national day for the person in prison aids and that i legit is and it was approved in one thousand nine hundred seventy four by a set off our. press imbues this actually we committed this. for a lot of that prisoners and because they'll give you all send them a message that we all was stand with you we all was supposed to we all was we do what you have on we can what we can to get them to get you know you. get to have freedom back so a lot of to your families and your daughters and sons and how does it affect the families when they come going to see those relatives in prison actually when we talk about this that i just as we talk about medical. and legal actions we talk about how to prisoners. and how they don't abide to the fullest union though so there's a boat. then we call it the president is somewhat on the bottom when we talk about
2:46 am
the family as actually the family as we start it we try to help them and it's right to get them released right to. to reduce the psychological effect that motion in effect on their family if you are shunned by them i'm just stunned by them ramsey thank you very much for john was just one of a series of events here in gaza leading up to the knock what the palestinians call a catastrophe the seventy thousand of us or the founding of the state of israel. but he's in nigeria have fired tear gas at hundreds of shia muslim protesters in a boozer it's the second day of rallies in the capital demonstrators want the release of their religious leader ibrahim's exactly who's been jailed without charge since december twenty fifth in the head of the islamic movement of nigeria is believed to have three million followers the u.n.
2:47 am
says fighting in the democratic republic of congo has forced more than seventy thousand people to flee to neighboring uganda al-jazeera as malcolm webb is retracing their journey traveling from uganda's capital kampala to the chair in refugee camp he then heads towards the civil go to landing site where many of the refugees arrive by boat he sent us this report from the town of bunia where he accompanied a governor to areas affected by the violence. homes made of plastic sheet don't help much in the rain. it's all people have in this camp for displaced people in the town of poignance in the democratic republic of congo they were attacked by militia who cut and killed people with machetes and burned houses the government says the situation is now under control. we joined the provincial governor on a visit to the conflict area. it's remote and with barely
2:48 am
roads. he found small towns full of people who fled the countryside came to hear what the governor had to say. the governor sayings there must be peace encouraging people to go home and saying the government will do all it can to provide security for the people here a skeptical about his method. in each town we visit more displaced people who say it's not safe to go home. the attackers are all from the lendu ethnic group the victims are ethnic hemas and some lenders to two groups have been rivals in the past but most people here say there is no ethnic conflict right now mundra see priscus a hammer with many lendu friends. there telling us the government is responsible for what's going on that this is a war of the government they're saying this to us every day. many people here told us they share the same suspicion of the government's role. u.n.
2:49 am
doesn't have the world's second largest peacekeeping force here we met the mission's chief visiting one of the camps people are insisting that it's a. conflict but nobody. behind i didn't know. that the government i did not that. the government in kinshasa denies involvement as did the provincial governor. i want to assure everyone that the government has done nothing even the provincial government has done nothing we don't have any interest destabilizing our own territories or killing our own population whoever is behind the violence convincing the population to return won't be easy most homes remain deserted behind them fresh graves of those killed some hacked to death others burned in their homes it will take a lot to convince people it's safe here malcolm webb al jazeera it truly province in the democratic republic of congo ok let me bring you some breaking news out of
2:50 am
the u.s. we're getting reports that the former u.s. first lady barbara bush the only woman to see her husband and her son sworn in as u.s. president has died on tuesday the bush family has made the statement she was ninety two years old both had been suffering for some time and have been in and out of hospital suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or c. or p. d. and congestive heart failure more recently she was admitted to western methodist hospital on good friday suffering from shortness of breath we'll bring you more on that story as we have it. now me and maz president has granted amnesty to more than eight thousand prisoners when signed a presidential pardon which includes the release of photos and political prisoners and drug offenders along with the sick and elderly will also be freed from prisons nationwide the mosque pardon only covers those who've been convicted the two jailed
2:51 am
white jungle is facing trial for investigating memos will hinge of prices have not been released still ahead on all jazeera. in sports how a four time olympic champion is feeling about running his second london marathon.
2:52 am
start of the sport here is far thanks very much barcelona have extended their unbeaten streak in the spanish league as of forty games they did so despite a late scare from celta vigo living to one the catalans conceded
2:53 am
a late goal and had to hang on with just ten men to secure a two two draw the single point does mean however that they extend their lead at the top of the table so they're now twelve points clear it still mathematically possible for them to be caught at let it go in second still have eighteen points to play for them overtaking bar so would take a major collapse by the catalans fabio cannavaro show ever grand have booked their place in the knockout stage of the asian champions league the italian a world cup winner watched his side thrashed in zero three one or grant are the chinese champions their china's most successful club in the competition and they're looking to win it for a record going forward. so one blue wings had to beat the sheema antlers to go through and that's exactly what they did the south korean side winning one nil the antlers so also went through despite the loss oh only of saudi
2:54 am
arabia beat al-jazeera the u.a.e. in group a both sides are heading to the next round captors do hail beat the u.a.e. a wideout but were already through anyway they progress alongside zaba hunt from group b. who drew against lokomotiv tashkent and barium united go through with from group g. after their win. australia have booked their place in the final of the women's asian cup but they were put through a real task by thailand down to one in stoppage time the aussies were on the brink of elimination by allana kennedy got an equaliser forcing extra time the game eventually had to go to penalties australia holding their nerve to secure a three one shooter when. will face defending champions japan for the title the japanese even find out three
2:55 am
want progress japan beat australia one in twenty four to find. the vending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors have taken control of their playoff series with the san antonio spurs and the absence of staff curry thirty two points from kevin durant's led the way for the warriors and game two andy richardson reports. with the golden state warriors style man steph curry missing through injury the san antonio spurs months have been hoping to exploit some previously unexplored flaws the worry is that i do still have time all star kevin durant's a call on. the warriors with big winners in game one of the spurs lead a tough time fifty three forty seven three loss of excuse me for the top of that was the cue for durant's and clay thompson as a further step up their game three of. the warriors made fifty three point shots
2:56 am
compared to the spurs who hit just four old knights. this game the second time that thompson and durant each school thirty or more and again for the warriors the other occasion was a game three of the twenty seventeen finals a series which saw the warriors beating the cleveland cavaliers four one to claim their second championship in three years the worry is finishing this game as win as one sixty one i want to make it allowed thirty two. i really want to i guess. take a lot of energy. is trying to. be simple and easy. because. we're not going to roll over. the mentality there we. go. and also.
2:57 am
to work in the series with the action now moving to san antonio to gain three d. richardson al-jazeera. in monday's other game dwayne wade scored twenty eight points to end the seventy six or seventeen game winning streak wade also moved into tenth in the all time playoff scores list miami heat take the game to one hundred thirteen to one hundred three to level the series for a time olympic champion mo far as preparing to run his second london marathon on sunday the thirty five year old who last ran it in two thousand and fourteen and finished eighth says he's training harder this time the briton retired from the track last year and is ranked twenty seventh in the world but says that might actually work in his favor. you know not having as much pressure you know on the track you know when you do it and i do track. twenty seven of them there's a lot of guys you can run not fall off the me. who is good for you but you know for
2:58 am
me when i turn up i'm going to give one hundred ten percent and see work under my name used to do the marfan and to learn as much as i can and mixing with the guys. dennis now on third seed alexander's of revis through to the third round of the monte carlo masters the german who had received a first round bye struggled early on in this match against shields miller so what he set down to win the match four six six three six two in a more than two hour. it was a similar story for foresee grigor dimitrov in his first round match the ball garion had to come from a set down to beat his unseated opponent here there after losing the first set demitra found this game and won the next two to close up of each. and i'll tell you sport for now more later. and i'll be back in a couple of minutes by phone. getting
2:59 am
to the heart of the matter if well stuff i can see the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al jazeera the street is quiet the signal is given. out it's oh it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty meters in this community in one month the police say this area is
3:00 am
a red zone one of several in some townships in capetown children sometimes it caught in a crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking us to try to take them to gang violence i lost my son you looking wayland doing years ago i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships one mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and go around the world college chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a just.


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