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this. fast furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child jockeys are risking their young lives riding to win are they being exploited in the name of tradition one on one east investigates on al-jazeera . to one predictable deja's i've been working on north korea policy for almost thirty years i can't tell you what the u.s. policy is towards north korea the fine folks to know what they want to deter an attack on the united states as the u.s. struggles to define its foreign policy sunk lines examines the potential fallout so we don't see really is a strategy designed to get those talks started because if they expect to surrender fire and fury trumps north korea crisis on al-jazeera.
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zero. tell them to limit donald this is the news hour live from london coming up president confirms his spine top level secret talks with north korea's kim jong il in pyongyang. castro's successive miguel diaz that can eliz name just the sole candidate to take over as cuba's president. turkey's president called surprise early elections for stronger powers for his office. some bob way celebrates its first independence day without charge but how much it's really changed. and in sport manny pacquiao insists that his time isn't over as a boxer the filipino fight legend confirms plans for his first contact in more than
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a year. a very warm welcome to the news hour u.s. president has confirmed that a spy chief made a secret visit to north korea and met its leader kim jong un from tweeted that the meeting with cia head might pale went very smoothly and a good relationship was formed it comes as the groundwork is being laid for a possible summit between the two leaders i'll just say was diplomatic had to sit james bases in pyongyang with the latest. north korean officials are not commenting on all confirming the visit. to this city all of the information at this stage is coming from the u.s. side but this is the highest level visit for a serving u.s. official since secretary of state madeline albright came to pyongyang in the year
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two thousand the us doesn't have diplomatic relations with north korea there is no embassy here members of the diplomatic community have told me though they are aware that there is a channel of communication of negotiation ongoing between the u.s. and north korea between the cia and the north korean intelligence service they clearly are looking at the possibility of a meeting between the supreme leader kim yong and president trump the possible things that could be discussed possible things that could happen at the end of that meeting for example three american citizens who are held in jail here in north korea the americans want them to be released but also have been talking about the possible venues for a meeting could it be in europe could it be here in pyongyang could it be down in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea are there other places that we mentioned mongolia for example you can believe how the joins us now live from west palm beach in florida hi there kimberly so the white house said yesterday that they
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don't comment on cia math says but how significant is this secret meeting. it's very significant and presumably that's why the president decided to really kind of break protocol and talk about it on social media the white house has just wrapped up a briefing with reporters audio only briefing with one of the presidential advisors kellyanne conway where she talked about why mike pump aoe was the one to go as cia director given the fact he's not yet the nation's top diplomat he hasn't yet been confirmed and there's some controversy in all of those but. really the argument from the white house is that he was the natural choice because he is set to be the top diplomat something they're confident will happen eventually and as well if they believe that it underscores just how much trust donald trump has in mike pompei o but it certainly is an unconventional choice certainly stunned the international community but many also are speculating that maybe this was the right choice after
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all given the fact that this meeting has been shrouded in mystery the fact that this meeting between kim jong un and donald trump is set to take place likely late may early june the other thing is that many respects this was likely an intelligence gathering effort as well so when you combine all of these factors and if you will say that it does seem to make a little bit of sense and kimberly how is this then going to impact the talks today with the japanese prime minister. well it certainly isn't helping an already nervous japanese sort of contingency that here are. the sort of diplomats that are gathered here given the fact that they've been feeling that they have been sidelined by the united states you have to remember that japan has always been america's recent history top ally they've typically the united states has consulted japan in advance of these type of meetings and what's happened this time
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is that wasn't the case so certainly the actions of the united states seem to matter a little bit more to the japanese right. now than the words the president yesterday at mar a lago saying that the relationship has never been stronger but at the same time it's hard to see how that is the case given that the united states continually is acting independent of japan so there's obviously some concern with the upcoming summit between the north korean leader and the president of the united states that as they discuss denuclearization there isn't that sort of thought that's going into their own terms mind about keeping the u.s. japanese relationship strong kimberly how could they live in west palm beach kimberly thank you seoul says it could pursue a formal resolution to end the war with north korea when the two countries meet next week for talks the queen conflict ended sixty five years ago with the truce even the country still technically at war kathy novak has more from seoul. one of
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the reasons that this upcoming meeting between the south korean president and the north korean leader kim jong un is so notable is because these two been are leaders of two countries that remain technically at war an armistice not a peace treaty marked the end of hostilities in the korean war in one nine hundred fifty three so going into the summit the south korean government is keen to discuss denuclearization and also how to promote peace on the korean peninsula so now the suggestion is that one of the items that could come up for discussion between wingy and kim jong un could be how to transition from that armistice to a more long lasting peace agreement and the us president donald trump has suggested he has given his blessing for the two koreas to discuss this but it may not alternately be a decision that can be made at the into korean summit that is because south korea was not actually a signatory to the armistice that was signed in one nine hundred fifty three it was the united states that ledley allies in the united nations command that signed the
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armistice with north korea and china so the suggestion may be that if you and kim jong un do discuss this it may lay the groundwork for the summit that is expected between kim jong un and donald trump who may be more in a position to make a concrete agreement to move on from that armistice it's the end of an e.u. and cuba the cuban national assembly has nominated miguel diaz kell as the sole candidate to take over the presidency from raul castro fifty nine years on from when fidel castro led the successful revolution in cuba it's the first time the castros will be leading the country and all the nation will be voted on later on same. latin america edison the same human joins us now. so let's say a significant moment. yes it is a minute from a symbolic historical point of view it is very very significant and but things are
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going exactly as per script they get in the us kind of a little while so and is still technically the first secretary of the christmas president rather of the cuba he you know will be voted in and there's no question about that he was in fact the only candidate for the top job those votes are being counted we understand right now and it will be made the formal announcement will be made on thursday then presumably both he and ronald castree will make a speech to the nation no surprises there but it is a new moment for cuba and joining me now to talk about that is also our journalist and expert on all things cuban mark tranqs who's been living in this country for many years mark i'd like to start by asking you how in order to it is it that or why rather was miguel the a scandal chosen to be the successor of raul and castro what is it about him well it's it's very difficult to say there's a number of reasons i would say the first reason is that he's tried true and i just
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think he's moved up in the system since a very young age without any kind of problems all the way up to ma becoming president of the party and to care for and. for provinces. have a higher education first vice president so he's somebody who's very steady very loyal. very intelligent according to everybody and really not with a lot of personal ambition which is very important which in this particular system . they're very very rich they worry a lot about personal ambition and so i think all these reasons. they chose him and we'll see how he does but you know he has a lot on his plate he's going to need more than this question and little personal ambition at this particular moment to cuba. yes but he is hardly alone you have to remember that raul castro so going to be head of. most of the older generation left
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today from the council of state they'll still be in the party who's not just by himself they are holding up the planet. right here so i have a great deal of the system itself as well. to do ordinary cubans know about d.s. can and they didn't grow not point generation some grown up with the only role in castro they don't know a lot they really don't if you go to his home province and be your cloud everybody knows about him you've got a whole again and a lot of the old timers know about him but most of the population even though he's now been kind of in the limelight for five years really don't know much about him in part because he's been very cautious in what he says and what he does and nobody is really sure now what he's going to do he's going to be able to you know be a little bit more open and spontaneous he's been very he's known historically
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caribbean somebody very spontaneous and very much on the street but since you grew up in the system he's become less and less open and less in the spontaneous in his public appearances so people are kind of wondering what is he going to do is you going to really do anything different whatsoever and nobody really you know. very quickly though that in the main story the main line here is continuity continuity continuity that's what i would class i was trying to get across before he steps down isn't it exactly it's continuity it's very important stuff belittling. to kind of together and for them what they mean by cutting over the human vision part of the chain your process now since you've got sick of moving away from the jail is moving away from that original generation trying to do it without the whole place blowing up and that's what they're trying to thank you very much we're going to be out of time unfortunately very fast but we will of course be keeping you up
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to date on all the developments as they happen back to you doing the scene newman there and our guest live from tamanna lucy a thank you turkish president has called surprise early elections for june rage at the time bordeaux and announced that elections originally should tilson of them but twenty nineteen will now be held on june the twenty fourth turkey switching from a parliamentary system to a presidential one in the new paris for the president could not take effect a year earlier than originally planned or funny had coup or manages the turkey project a chance and that's a think tank here in the u.k. and he says calling an early election could be a sign of comic. this is the first time that the ruling party since assuming power in two thousand and two if it's the first time that they have gone for voluntarily and actively for an early election usually they they prefer they were against any early elections as a sign of weakness so given the worsening state of the turkish economy at the
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government twenty with the present heir to one of the ruling party want for an organ actions i think that the accused at this stage the likelihood is that the ruling party will maintain its majority in the parliament and. should will probably win the presidential elections however the key question is how will the voters perceive this early election will it will be perceive it as a sign of weakness as a sign of panic and therefore try to hurt to the ruling party or will the rally to be to present the one as a known quantity in turkish politics well there's much more to come here on the al-jazeera news hour forced to become brides after feeling war and bloodshed the syrian refugees who are married off as children to avoid call for say. torture rape and executions human rights activists raise an alarm over the appalling conditions facing refugees in yemen. one of the most famous photos in the history of sport fifty years ago that athletes defied
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a nation. chemical weapons inspectors waiting to enter the site of a suspected gas attack in syria have been delayed due to security concerns the chief of the o.p.c. w. mission says it's now unclear when they'll be able to enter the team arrived in the capital damascus on saturday the un security group entered the city on tuesday to assess the situation but had to withdraw after gunfire and protests the u.s. and its allies accuse the syrian government and russia of delaying the inspectors entry and tampering with the site moscow denies this santa honda has the latest from beirut. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons confirming what a u.n. official told us earlier and that is the u.n. security team that entered tomb on tuesday came under small arms fire the o.p.c. w.
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also confirming that during their visit to one of the sites an explosive device was detonated now there were no injuries but the security team left duma and right now the o.p.c. w. does not know when they can deploy their chemical weapons inspectors to do more the site says that alleged chemical weapons attack will be c.w. saying any deployment will have to follow a security clearance from the united nations so it really raises a lot of question about the fate of of this mission now neither the u.n. nor the o.p.c. w. blamed any particular side for that shooting incident but tomorrow is under the control of the russian military as well as the syrian government both both of them confirming a few days ago that they quote fully liberated the area from terrorists now both moscow and damascus have been accused by western powers of trying to prevent the inspectors from reaching the site and to delay and hamper their work accusations that both both moscow and damascus have denied but there really concerns about
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whether or not there is still hard evidence because it's been what twelve days now since that suspected chemical weapons attack will be evidence be still there some western nations even accusing russia of tempering with the evidence and another question is will the witnesses and survivors or doctors that the o.p.c. w. inspectors speak to will they be speaking freely or will they feel intimidated by the new authority on the ground so right now we do not know if and when the o.p.c. w. inspectors will reach the duma. which would guthrie's a chemical weapons expert and he joins the lifeboat from bristol at which you have a warm welcome to the program thanks for being with us i guess the question everybody has now what chad is that given the time that elapsed when the o.p.c. deadly team had not been able to get to the site will there be any traces of anything left if in fact there was a chemical attack. well clearly that's a particular challenge the longer the gap there is between an incident happening in the investigation the harder it is to come to
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a clear conclusion any investigation of the allegation of use of chemical weapons is a much of a range of political issues with technical issues and the less clear the technical issues can be than the easier it is for political issues to cloud a lot of the aspects of the case. if it's not necessarily chemicals that they're looking for what what other sorts of factors will they take into can in air into consideration on the site well i think your correspondent was very clear about some of those issues in terms of they'll be looking for witnesses that will be munition residues potentially emission munitions components but the problem is can you verify whether any witnesses were actually there at the time just as with any law enforcement issue there is this difficulty of of checking the details of were the people there at the time physical samples are going to be more and more difficult the more time goes on and returned if any evidence is found what's the
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next part of the due process well anything that. moved us a sample will be tested and actually there's some very interesting developments that have happened in parallel to this over the last few days just like the the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson got into a bit of controversy a few weeks ago when he misstated the information he had from porton down well his russian counterpart sergei lavrov has found himself in a little bit of controversy foreign minister lavrov made a speech at the weekend suggesting that the samples being tested in relation to the script old poisoning in salzburg had resulted in the identification of another chemical warfare agent said and a number of allegations followed from that suggesting that be said was. in fact the constituent part of the poison that was important in the screwball case to cut a long story short to day in the o.p.c. w.
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the director general made a very clear statement that the identification of was from control samples that is samples that are sent alongside the samples from salisbury to check the lab work is being done effectively. and that there was no sign or no suggestion that ever been in salzburg. now the russian technical people within their government must have known this so there is a question about whether. probably whether perhaps for mr lavrov had not been briefed properly or maybe the foreign ministry people who briefed him didn't know the technical issues but it's rather difficult for the russians at this point because if they were to question any detail of any sample testing from the do more investigation they've put themselves on the back foot at this point and would so obviously the syrian regime and the russians included deny this attack just how strong and reliable would the evidence you know need to be in order to sort of
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progress this whole investigation while the evidence for a chemical attack is very strong there is very clear video evidence and over dence from still photographs the problem with that sort of evidence is you you can't always be absolutely certain that the video was taken at that location or at that time or that people have faked the videos but the material that certainly the i've seen is consistent it looks very similar to other chemical attacks it doesn't show any of the signs of being force that one might look for so the evidence is very strong but that will not never satisfy the international community without other evidence such as samples whether from human beings that have been exposed to the material or maybe samples of the agent that have been found in the environment or aspects of the of the munitions being discovered that sort of evidence is much more compelling and will help bridge that divide between the technical and political
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issues which of guthrie their chemical weapons expert joining me from britain richard thank you. after seven years of conflict in syria life for many refugees is getting tougher many of fled to neighboring jordan where poverty is pushing some parents to marry off their duffs as soon as they can begin to reports from the capital along with child marriage is on the rise among syrian refugees. but mob was almost fifteen and living in a syrian refugee camp when her parents told her she was engaged she fought with them for days before she agreed to marry she's now sixteen has a five month old daughter and another baby on the way she says she loves her husband but their lives are hard they work ten hours a day every day at a factory people say to me when you are still young you have a baby and you are married at this age. this is the normal life for my situation
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and i'm ok with that more than seven years into the syrian war life is becoming increasingly difficult for refugees forced to flee to countries such as jordan poverty is the primary reason driving families to marry off their girls. according to statistics from jordan's court system child marriage among syrian refugees primarily girls is on the rise in twenty fourteen fifteen percent of all syrian marriages included a child bride now it's thirty six percent last year jordan's chief justice issued new stipulations allowing girls the right to demand a marriage contract with conditions including completing their education and working but the united nations children's agency unicef says girls need even greater protection and what we would like to do more is the prevention as really work with courts work with religious leaders and really promoting that
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goes to education that we need to break the cycle of poverty and prevent them from dropping out of school and calling into our lives but most says her biggest regret is dropping out of school at the age of ten she hopes early marriage and her family stops with her generation. i wish i could have continued my studies this is my destiny i want to let my daughter get to married young she needs to be twenty five or so it's too much responsibility. when asked about her dreams for the future fatma says she just wants to live in one room independently from her in-laws natasha in aim al-jazeera a man. the chief of staff of a powerful armed group in eastern libya has survived upon that time said his convoy outside benghazi of the classic on the dories motorcade was also struck by gunfire
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in that attack is the leader of the armed forces the renegade general kayani for half that is recuperating in a french hospital after a recent illness after has rejected a u.n. backed government in the capital tripoli and is aligned with the rival parliament here mark went on go ahead has more for us on this story from tripoli. the assassination attempt by a car bomb that targeted the chief of staff of operation dignity that is the military campaign led by only good general safer after. today at the chief of staff of operation dignity general abdul razak in the early escaped a summation by a car bomb on the way from one of hers to a city where his residence is half way between but her gentle marriage in city district a car bomb targeted the convoy of general abdul aziz another he escaped assassination but one civilian a passer by was killed and another wanted according to our hospital that is the
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main hospital and that's an indication of the power vacuum following the absence of any good general hurley for health did the commander of the operation dignity and also an indication of the curious dissent and divisions among the operation dignity camp we know that as you know the region that all of that has a good not only is one of two contenders who are competing to replace it in a good general. have to. the u.n. refugee agency says it's a law and by the horrific conditions faced by newly arrived refugees in yemen the agency says migrants of asylum seekers fleeing places like similar so walia and if the o.p.'s face abuse physical and sexual violence some of them are being kidnapped for ransom whilst others have been forced back into the sea the un special envoy in yemen has also warned about the humanitarian crisis in the country william spindler
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is the spokesman for the un refugee agency and he says many refugees are falling victim to yemen's aand groups yemen has been a trance it country and a country of this nation for people fleeing the horn of africa for for many years. many somalis but also people from european and other countries in africa have been going to yemen looking for protection and some of them have also gone there with the hope of moving on to other countries in the gulf for instance or in saudi arabia or even to move on to europe but many of them are finding now that because of the conflict they are stuck in yemen also because of the conflict many of them are being abused and exploited by different groups including smugglers and armed groups that are holding them captive in some cases.
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extorting money out of them told to bring them raping them and we have seen horrific cases of this in detention in southern yemen specifically in the tension center in the garden and that's why we are so concerned that because of the. conflict in yemen many people are falling into the hands of criminals who are exploiting them. you're watching al-jazeera still ahead. worries over the fate of e.u. migrants in the u.k. after the government will fully deports caribbean residents. senegal pioneers early detection technology to combat africa's biggest killer. and sport the team making playoff history and their first season in the national pokey.
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welcome back we'll look at the weather around the levant and western parts of asia still some snow over the mountains you can see and optically warm there for all mati in kazakhstan just eleven degrees tashkent news becky stan not a great deal better fifteen degrees celsius fine conditions around the caspian sea generally and further towards the west we've got warm weather for bank thirty three flicking finer on the eastern side of the mediterranean and germany staying that way as we head through friday there we have got some showers affecting more eastern parts of turkey heading down in theory be impinged where we've got a bit of a breeze was a little bit lifted dust there from mecca but certainly very hot there forty degrees. here in doha very pleasant thirty three degrees celsius and it remains fine as a head on through into friday abu dhabi there twenty nine so as we head into southern
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portions of africa we've got largely fine weather conditions across namibia down through to south africa clothes around the eastern cape and that's likely still to be there during the course of thursday but largely dry for durban fine sunny in johannesburg and across mozambique through zambian zimbabwe we're looking at pretty good conditions there lusaka in some be a highs of twenty eight and respecting a high of twenty eight degrees also in winter in the maybe. to one predictable leaders i've been working on north korea policy for almost thirty years i can't tell you what the u.s. policy is towards north korea vine photo what they want to deter an attack from the united states as the u.s. struggles to define its foreign policy think lines examines the potential fallout we don't see it really is a strategy designed to get those talks started because if they expect to surrender
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fire in fury trumps north korea crisis on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to the forest so it would just be all when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and live on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online. on my end of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. president has confirmed that his spy chief had
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a secret meeting with north korea's president in a tweet donald trump said cia head mike on pale met kim jong un last week. cuban vice president miguel diaz ken ellis set to become the first person i would cite the castro family silly cuba after being formally nominated to take over from raul castro as president. turkey's president has called surprise elections for june projectile birdo and i'm stuck the vote to originally shed jilt for november twenty one thousand that we held eighteen months early. so bob wins of celebrated their first independence day with their. leader the economy and upcoming elections a big test for a new president emerson when ghagra it took over when the real issue forced gobby to resign. from celebrations in harare. it's the first independence day celebrations would be former president in charge the military forced him to resign in november. the new leader
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a missile when i got one lice independence flame which was first lit thirty eight years ago with the bobby gained independence from britain in one nine hundred eighty. after years of government corruption and mismanagement and demagogue his role when i go is under pressure to in crippling foreign currency shortages and create jobs around. the world. series. when i go is pushing for more direct foreign investment to revive the economy some people warn that will not necessarily create jobs we need to have you know a targeted approach towards it because it's not just going to trickle down once the economy starts growing it's lost already defected to everything that happens in the country and of course then it's not only the government's responsibility for job
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creation flow to bring in the private sector you've got to bring in workers i think another challenge when a guy goes administration is organizing three day and credible elections later this year the main opposition leader nelson chamisa attended the independence elaborations when mugabe was in charge opposition parties boycotted the event in protest some political analysts say this is a positive development the election would test the country's electoral system after complaints of rigging in previous years if the polls are credible subunits national committee said they'll consider investing in zimbabwe again. the president's more immediate concern is managing people's expectations and frustrations teachers are threatening to strike if their pay and working conditions don't improve civil servants say they may do the same messes in public hospitals have been stretching for days when the goggles response was to file all the nurses who. to report for
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duty a move that puts more people out of work in a country with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world al-jazeera. the united arab emirates has suspended operations at a hospital it in somalia's capital mogadishu comes amid growing bilateral tensions that have seen businesses that m.r. r.t. diplomats searched in somalia explains. the u.a.e. iran ship zite hospital in mogadishu and now close to the public staff there say they received orders to stop operations in definit. we met the u.s. ambassador at his residence and we asked him about the hospital status and if it had been closed he told us that funding for the first stage of operating the hospital had run out and that they were forced to shut the hospital until second stage funding were available he said reopening the hospital could happen at any time without preconditions the facility offered treatment mainly to poor on this please people in the somali capital medical workers also performed lifesaving
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surgery on those injured in mogadishu as frequent car bomb attacks can follow how they are this is basically a punishment for the people of somalia for simply defending their sovereignty if the u.a.e. had opened a hospital for humanitarian purposes they would not have close to residents of mogadishu have been reacting to the news all of the bill of the powerful and humanitarian aid should never be politicized where the u.a.e. has done a shameful they can't afford malia somalia is a free country we might be weak today but we don't want the aid that comes with strings attached relations between mogadishu and abu dhabi have been frosty since june last year when mogadishu resist the pressure from the u.a.e. and so did abia to cut ties with qatar and during the blockade the impost on it. in march somalia band u e's dubai ports world from doing business in the country after the naldo magnum and the company had entered into with ethiopia and some other land for the management of better but up port in the breakaway enclave last
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week somali intercepted a plane chartered by u.s. diplomats and confiscated almost ten million dollars in cash saying it would investigate the intended purpose of the funds. on monday security forces in north somalia's puntland prevented them of the u.a.e. plane from living port after. the military trainers refused two hundred of their luggage to be such that it really looks like a dispute that nobody can win so much here is it is a very. poor country it's you know i was called it really struck in face it needs to focus on rebuilding and developing internally and not to be bogged down in these kinds of disputes. and in the latest sign of a fall the breakdown in relations both countries of and of the military called petition program that began in two thousand and fourteen in which the u.s. trained equipped and paid the sun it is of hundreds of somali troops mohammed atta
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walsh is it an. electricity blackout has hit the entire island of puerto rico nearly seven months after hurricane maria devastated the u.s. territory officials predict it could take up to thirty six hours to restore power to the island puerto rico has been struggling with an unstable power grid since the category four storm hit in september last year it's still unclear what calls with the state's massive outage european politicians are demanding an emergency meeting with the british government over renewed fears that you citizens will be forced to leave the u.k. after brics it is almost the wrongful deportation from the u.k. of members of the so-called windrush generation or to citizens whose parents immigrated from the commonwealth after the second world war europeans living in the u.k. fear the same could happen to them lawrence lee reports. it is the most extraordinary of coincidences that what's become known as the windrush generation scandal erupted
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at exactly the same time as the commonwealth heads of government conference is underway in london it piled on the embarrassment for the british government which has had to explain to these countries leaders why u.k. citizens have been sent to places their parents came from two generations ago. having already accepted that the policy was indefensible the prime minister took the opportunity to grovel in her own parliament as well these people are british they are part of us and for those who have mistakenly received letters charlie sheen. i want to say to apologize to them and i want to say sorry to anyone who is being called as confusion for non-scientists south africa. having already proved it's possible to deport british citizens from britain the government is now having to explain to these people europeans living in the u.k.
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why the same won't happen to them of the brics it is already sent a shiver through european politicians implacably opposed to brics it have called an emergency meeting for the coming days certainly off to do when trish scandal in britain we want to be sure that the same is not happening to our european citizens and that there is no bureaucratic nightmare that faced with all this the home office which organizes things like visas and residency permits is trying to prove its competence it wants to create an app to simplify the process for people who should have the right to be here but who fear they will be unfairly dealt with. by how you think the campaign group called the three million the number of european union citizens in the u.k. mess a government minister on tuesday and say they're a bit more hopeful than they were we are be toward it because you. no i think circa happen and we still don't care for any. we still don't care for
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all the details of how the process is going to be without having to worry if they can make mistakes with british citizens they can make mistakes with europeans as well yeah exactly one source of the home office told me much of the problems affecting the windrush generation came down to staff cuts among civil servants the other question is whether a hard breck's it will distinguish between either skin color or nationality perhaps the most extraordinary thing about all this is the politicians who support the u.k.'s exit from the european union before and of saying that britain would be far better off doing business with the commonwealth because that's prince natural friends and so on one level this does look pretty embarrassing for supporters of brecht's it but it has also raised the question if this is how the u.k. treats its friends the more does it mean for everybody else lawrence lee al-jazeera or the home office in london several people have been arrested in the armenian
9:42 pm
capital yet over a thousands march for a third day of demonstrations against the new prime minister's bid to stay in power i mean he has parliament voted on tuesday to appoint the country's former president sir beefy am as prime minister the anti government demonstrators accuse him of switching balls in a blatant power grab u.k.'s media regulators opened seven new investigations into the russian news channel r.t.e. channel formerly known as russia today broadcasts us of the u.k. but is financed by the kremlin british regulator ofcom is looking at whether r.t. book impartiality will in its coverage of last month's suspected nerve agent attack on former russian spy service cripple it's also been monitoring artie's coverage of the syrian war. around the world every two minutes a child dies of malaria and for the first time in ten years global malaria cases are no longer falling here in london the disease is receiving some high profile
9:43 pm
attention the global summit barnaby phillips was there. the theme of this conference in central london has been very much that malaria is back having been a disease that was in abeyance the fight against malaria appeared to have been going in the right direction in twenty sixteen we saw a very worrying trend more than two hundred and sixteen million cases of malaria worldwide an increase for the first time in many years and the reasons for that increase of various and they are complex drug resistance is spreading climate change meaning more areas are vulnerable to the malaria mosquito war and conflict making treatment extremely difficult in some particular places especially in africa it is africa that is at the forefront of the fight against malaria more than ninety percent of cases of malaria worldwide are in sub-saharan africa earlier i spoke
9:44 pm
to chimamanda ngozi adichie the celebrated nigerian writer and i asked her whether she thought that malaria does not get the attention it deserves because it is above all a disease of the developing world. where i grew up with malaria malaria was very familiar to me we had malaria all the time actually if you went to a hospital when i was growing up everybody just assumed you had malaria. and malaria was the reason you didn't go to school was the reason people didn't get. it was very much a part of our lives really i think it's a question of power it's a question of resources thoughts to think that there is some progress and that there are some people. seem to be trying making an effort chimamanda ngozi adichie talking to me here at the malaria conference where the big drug companies as you've been hearing african governments and western governments have been
9:45 pm
expressing their determination to combat this terrible disease. seneca. one of the few african countries that reduces case that reduced cases of malaria by twenty percent last year and that's because scientists there develop new technology to detect the disease at its more treatable stage it was. a small lifesaving effort to combat africa's biggest killer in the year barely visible are mosquitoes carrying that deadly belayer parasite last september record just as fourteen year old niece woke up in this bed suffering from pains in her stomach they took her to the doctor who center back home saying she contract had malaria then followed an intense fever aches and nausea i mean i never recovered. the doctors diagnosed her too late she was a child just fourteen years old full of life she was just days away from graduating from middle school when she suddenly died. every two minutes
9:46 pm
a child dies of malaria worldwide the fight against the parasite starts here in this hospital lab indycar. is called. the parasite sent to professor and in a coma as a child now he's doing everything he can to save other children from suffering his team developed an early detection kit in just an hour the machine can recognize even the tiniest amount of parasite in the blood he says this is key to stopping malaria saying the parasite often goes undetected. and if you live off the minute an infected this the life. humans can not only act as a reservoir to the parasite but also spread it when bitten by mosquitoes during a malaria outbreak although senegal and five other african countries have reduced malaria according to the u.n.
9:47 pm
two thousand and sixteen saw five million more cases most were in sub-saharan africa the this is coming back then coming back normal. human a lot of people indycar researchers and health policy makers gathered to discuss ways to eradicate the parasite altogether. some discuss the use of traditional plants others wait to beat a parasite that has become resistant to drugs and so there is a sense of urgency with scientists gathered here sharing new techniques and research in order to help african countries come closer to eliminating malaria at stake is protecting the hundreds of millions of people across the world for who fighting malaria is a daily battle. still ahead.
9:48 pm
and sport.
9:49 pm
now it costs three hundred thirty seven million dollars and it's the size of a refrigerator and it's a bad swim back on a quest for planets that might harbor life transiting exoplanet survey satellite or tess is poised for a launch in a few hours time from cape canaveral in florida tess is flying out on a space x. walk it which aims to slingshots it into
9:50 pm
a white elliptical orbit that encompasses both the earth the moon it will spend two years in space and will scan eighty five percent of the sky that surround two hundred thousand nearby stars but it's mainly on the hunt for planets that are around the size of our old test itself will be able to tell us if we're alone in the universe it's only equipped to detect the size and orbital paths of all the world's thought it charts the stars for future telescopes which could detect life or life like conditions in the near cold small larder i spoke to stephen ryan harness nasa scientists working on the project at cape canaveral and he told me exactly what tess is looking out for. one of the big goals of the mission is to find small planets rocky planets like the earth in the habitable zone or who stars if a planet is too close to its star that all the water boils off if the planet is too far away from us are all the water turns into ice it's only in
9:51 pm
a small range where you can have liquid water on the surface of the planet and two things that pretty much everybody agrees on is that if you want to why you need to have a rock for them to stand on and you need to have water liquid water so we're going to find some small rocky planets like earth in the habitable zones there who stars so we're going to know that there are no answers not. with follow observations and because these are going to be around bright stars we can do these kinds of off we're going to be able to further explore these planets the bigger out if they truly are how good or not it may take us a long time because really proving the planet is how who is an extremely challenging proposition but this is the star this is the first step we're trying to find or let's get all the days with far right in doha. julie thank you so much tennis world number one rafa del is through to the last sixteen of the monte carlo masters the spaniard is chasing
9:52 pm
a record extending eleventh title in monaco the defending champion with barely bothered by his opponent he swept aside al-jazeera. in straight sets six one six three in a down need to win this tournament in order to stay top of the world rankings and not be replaced by roger federer helping russia's caring catching up in the next round. it wasn't so easy for former world number one novak jock rich to serve needed more than two hours to see are born a corot shit was a tight match but the two time champion came through seven six seven five to reach the third round jockey which has been fighting an elbow injury will face the team next. year. manny pacquiao insists his time isn't over as a boxer and that he can still fight at the very highest level paki i was getting ready for his first brought in more than a year the thirty nine year old will take on argentina's lucas mathias in july from
9:53 pm
the welterweight title the filipino is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time but he's lost four of his last nine fights the last his last contest against australia as geoff warne also ended in defeat. early response to the filipino boxing writer rick all of areas he says is desperate to leave the sport as a winner. i think at thirty nine years of age he knows that he doesn't have a lot of time in some ways it's a gamble he's fighting for in his last nine fights and to many people it's a loss to jeff or in a unanimous decision really sticks in the minds of a lot of people i think manny moving on to a bigger stage which is national politics full time national politics he wants. i think like any other big name athlete it's history knowing when to have you know there's always just one more fight one more game one more season deflating and i think he can regrets not getting out of the game
9:54 pm
a little earlier you know when you're still in the thick of it people tend to look also that bad when you're far removed from the game there's a better appreciation for all athletes and i think we can look even at for example michael jordan lantern the basketball his last two seasons with the washington wizards and to well when people still talk about him to the east and the three best of all time so even with mohammed ali and there's no reason why the same talking up like men like you know you know he's fought a lot of fights easily the fight of the decade the first decade of the new millennium so i think his legacy is secure but he went from being sure for one of perhaps the greatest fireball and to be merely one of the greatest. the boston celtics have beaten in the locky box to take an even nothing seriously down there and the playoffs terry last year scored twenty three points for boston star the night was jane and brown who had a playoff career high three going to help the celtics out for the past one hundred
9:55 pm
twenty two one hundred six. these are in conference top seats the toronto raptors are two up in their series with the washington wizards holiday had a career playoff thirty three points at the new orleans pelicans took a two nothing seriously to get the portland trailblazers. there's said to be a chinese darby and the first knockout round of the asian champions league ever grand will face challenge and quench young who booked their spot earlier on wednesday they did so by beating because she will result three two the result means they qualify as runners up from group challenge and have never won the competition but they're one of three chinese teams to make it out of the pretty much. young book one but had already advance they face a united next in group after top side shanghai lost but are going through as group winners and will play kachina at letters also drew but go through as well they'll
9:56 pm
take on c one blue wings. one of european football's most controversial characters is set for his first job in management joey barton will take over as boss of england thirty or side fleetwood town ahead of next season barton who has one england cap will assume the role straight after his gambling ban and he made more than twelve hundred bets on games over ten years martin has in the past been suspended for punching an opponent warned by the f.a. for homophobic comments and he's even spent six months in jail for assault. the dream debut season of the las vegas golden knights has continued in the n.h.l. playoffs the golden knights beat the l.a. kings one nothing to win their first round series the knights became the first expansion team in the one hundred year history of the n.h.l. of the national hockey league to sweep of playoff series in its first season.
9:57 pm
shohei otani has also been enjoying a great rocky season in major league baseball but the japanese player suffered a setback on choose day the l.a. angels star lasted just two endings before departing the game against the boston red sox because of a lister on his pitching hand prior to this outing otani had impressed as both the pitcher and header angels lost the game ten minutes to watch. a libyans tommy smith and john carlos has been on or to on the fiftieth anniversary of their famous protest at the nine hundred sixty eight mexico games the american sprinters raise their fits and supports of civil rights during the two hundred meter medal ceremony the international olympic committee forced from the u.s. team and banned them from future competitions the pair say current sports stars still have a responsibility to promote equality is their own would you not
9:58 pm
. what would your number of all argue is why are you doing the right thing and got what you. know what is your turn to your local important one. because they deserve. forgiveness offer to. and that's all your support for now it's now back to julie in london. fara frankie well you can find out much more about the stories we're following on our website hates to head straight to. algiers they are at dot com that's it for me jim it's all for the. detail it will be with you in just the sec but by.
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a. list to use. cars own it was going places together. whether online what is a very nice time in yemen peace is possible but. not because the situation is. because no one cares or if you join us on sat. there to choose between buying medication and eating. is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who has posted a story joining the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.


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