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tv   Fire Fury Trumps North Korea Crisis  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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country countryman and we can open the normalization of diplomatic talks with the other countries. in order for us to see north korea move in this direction the big assumption is the complete abandonment of missiles and through the talks that we've had with the u.s. we. hope that. north korea will move into this direction. in terms of the economy. u.s. and japan will lead the economic growth in the in the pacific region and we would look at free and fair trade we've been able to have candid discussions with president trop in this area first of all. we must strengthen the ties between the two countries in terms of economy.
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there is an increase in terms of energy and aircraft export from the us. and also. with the. tax reforms there has been some increase in investments. and this has been. shown to result in the growth spurt of the economy. and we would like to support this the further growth and based on this foundation. we would like to look and drive the economic growth of the indo pacific regions and we have many countries have committed to going into discussions about trade. in that region
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for a fair and free trade. and we had to survey that there will be some fruitful discussion between ambassador. and the minister of state for economy fiscal policy mr bogey we have been. able to enjoy the time that we spent here in a relaxed atmosphere but also bringing fruition in our discussions. i believe that the past two days i have been able to deepen our friend friendship lastly i would like to thank the hostility that you have shown us through your first lady and president trump i would like to offer my thanks for this
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questions walk landler work. thank you very much mr president mr prime minister nice to see you again. mr president. you sent your cia director to pyongyang a couple of weeks ago and he returned without three americans who are being detained there. and also without any other visible signs of concessions the north koreans had made to the united states in advance of your meeting with mr kim. my question is do you intend or are you willing to sit down with kim jong un if americans are still meal being held in north korea and will you insist on other tangible concessions from the north koreans in return for gestures like sending a potential future secretary of state to north korea and for the prime minister if
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i may you're a moment ago alluded to new trade talks between your minister and mr light hisor. should we interpret that to mean that you are now open to negotiating a bilateral trade deal between the united states and japan and then a second question japan is the only major american ally that was not exempted from the steel tariffs did you ask the president to exempt japan and if so how did he reply thank you more very much the fact is that they do have three prisoners we have been talking about them we're negotiating now we're doing our very best as you know they've been there a long time and it's harsh treatment we fought very hard to get auto or beer back and when we came back he was in very. very bad condition was a very sad event we are likewise fighting very diligently to get the three
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american citizens back i think there's a good chance of doing it we're having very good dialogue we will keep you informed but we are in there and we are working very hard on that. we have come a long way with north korea we were as you know and when i say we for many years they've been talking to north korea and nothing's happened this should have been taken care of by past administrations when they were not nearly so far along but we put unbelievably powerful sanctions on and many other things i want to thank publicly president xi of china who has done more for us than he's done for any other administration or than any leader of china has done for any president or ministration he is clogged up the border as you know and he's done it very very powerfully he would tell you himself that he never thought he would go to this extent and i appreciate that very much but it's put
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a lot of pressure on as you know ninety three percent of the goods coming into north korea come in from china and president she understands that this is a very important set of months that are lying ahead he doesn't want to see a korea north korea or any korea that has nuclear weapons either so he's also fighting for china when it comes to this but he has been terrific can he be better i always say yes he can be better i said president you've been great can you be better yes but he's been very good and it's had a big impact and what we've done has had a big impact so. we've never been in a position like this with that regime whether it's father grandfather or son and i hope to have a very successful meeting if we don't think it's going to be successful mark we
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won't have it we want to have it. if i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful we're not going to go if the meeting when i'm there is not fruitful i will respectfully leave the meeting and we'll continue what we're doing or whatever it is that will continue but something will happen so. i like always remaining flexible and will remain flexible here i've gotten it to this point president moon of south korea was very generous when he said if it weren't for donald trump the olympics would have been a total failure it was my involvement and the involvement of our great country that made the olympics a very successful olympics if you look at ticket sales prior to what took place with respect to north korea it was going to be a big problem and it turned out to be a very successful olympics so. we've got no seer and i think we're going to be
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successful but if for any reason i feel we're not we end ok thank you much. more than that. the discussion. with president trump was about reciprocal trade and investment and we talked about expanding these areas and based on that foundation what we want. free and fair trade which will lead to the economic growth of the in the pacific region. so fair three reciprocal trade discussions will be started so this is the agreements that we've had in these talks. and in terms of exemption of tire if imports of steel. the conditions are that there are no implication the
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ramifications to our national security based on the alliance. the exports that we have made has contributed greatly to the economy of the u.s. so these are the points that we will bear and consider in our discussions the trade to having to do with aluminum and steel tariffs thirty percent in one case twenty five percent and ten percent that it's got us to the bargaining table with many nations and in other cases they're paying and it's billions of dollars coming into the coffers of the united states so they've been actually very important if you look at what we did with solar panels we put thirty percent tariffs on we had thirty two companies opened with pretty new plants because it's a relatively new industry of the thirty two plants thirty were closed and two were
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not doing well since putting the tariffs on the two are doing very well seven or eight are going to be opening and a lot more will open same thing with washing machines we were believe it or not having washing machines dumped all over the country we put tariffs on and we're now opening up and expanding companies that create and make which is actually a very big business washing machines and dryers so. the workers of our country know what's happening we have companies moving up from mexico automobile companies and they're building new plants in michigan and ohio and pennsylvania and kentucky and expanding their plants lot of things happening our country is doing very very well so it's going to continue going to continue a lot of great momentum if you look at any chart the enthusiasm for business in our country as an all time high and unemployment for african-american workers
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for hispanic workers unemployment is at an all time low in history in the history of our country it's at the lowest point if you look at unemployment for women it's at an eighteen year low so we're very proud of our achievements and starting now as you see over the last few weeks the tax cuts are kicking in and it's a beautiful thing to see and people are spending money where they didn't have the money to spend previously so we're very happy with that. please and it will then it's in it's going on at the once not a minute. that they would like to ask about measures against north korea to the prime minister. and they will be into christen it and the u.s.
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korea summit. there has been concern that japan will be left behind. promises about how would you progress on the discussions the president trump you talked about dealing with the abduction issue. we'll be following that imperiled with the about abandonment of nuclear weapons and also u. s. korea summit do you have the. leaving of the u.s. armed forces from from korea india's incident i will tell you that we were having dinner last night and he started talking about abduction and how horrible it was and his level of enthusiasm was unbelievable and i said to him right then and there last night at the table i said we will work very hard on that issue and we will try and bring those folks back very very hard.
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so it will go next is japan being left behind that was a concern i don't think. this needed to be a point to worry because in the past two days we've been discussing about north korea issues and there is plan for into korea summit and then after that they'll be us korea summit we have been able to have extensive talks on this area. where we've also talked about policies and ideas measures are looking going forward so we've had many ideas there. us korea summit. we will be looking. for. the abandonment of mass missiles and weapons of mass destruction weapons of mass destruction and also we would be looking for a resolution in the abduction issue and this is going to be
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a historic meeting and in terms of the abduction issue donald has. explained already. that we've been able to talk extensively between us too and also in other forums last year the president was able to talk and meet with some of the families of the abducted and i believe that their feelings were. understood by the president and he has since made a very powerful commitment to deal with abduction issue and i feel really happy that that is giving us encouragement and also the families of the abducted am sure that they were also encouraged by the president's statement. so we will work closely between us japan and korea so that we may come to
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a swift resolution on the abduction issue. very loyal to japan thank you jennifer jacobs. thank you mr president on the muller probe have you concluded that it's not worth the political fallout to remove either special counsel or or deputy attorney general rosenstein and prime minister. did the president ask you to provide more funding for u.s. troops in japan and what agreement did you reach here in florida and buying more military equipment from the u.s. . jeff i can say this that there was no collusion and that's been so found as you know by the house intelligence committee there's no collusion there was no collusion with russia other than by the democrats or as i call them the
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obstructionist because they truly are obstructionist so we are giving tremendous amounts of paper this was a. really a hoax created largely by the democrats as a way of. softening the blow of a loss which is a loss that frankly they shouldn't have had from the standpoint that it's very easy for them to have a tremendous advantage in the electoral college and this is what it is and this is where it came from you look at the kind of money that was paid probably some went to russia you look at pedestrian having a company in russia where nothing happened and people don't talk about it you look at the fact that their server the d.n.c. server was never gotten by the f.b.i. why did the f.b.i. take it the f.b.i. takes what they want they go in they wouldn't get the server this is a hoax as far as the investigation nobody has ever been more transparent then i have instructed our lawyers be totally transparent i believe we've given
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them one point four million pages of documents if you can believe this and haven't used that i know of or for the most part presidential powers are a privilege so we are hopefully coming to the end of it it is a bad thing for a country very very bad thing for a country but there has been no collusion they won't find any collusion it doesn't exist as far as the two gentlemen you told me about they've been saying i'm going to get rid of them for the last three months four months five months and they're still here so we want to get the investigation over with done with put it behind us and we have to get back to business with negotiating with this gentleman and plenty of others but this gentleman is a very tough negotiator and we have to focus on that thank you very much.
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very big in terms of funding for our forces in this process in japan. the forces. deterrent. in the asian region and also offering security in japan. and there is a significance of the u.s. forces being there for the presence in the asia pacific region and in japan. we have a large proportion of expenses for the funding all of the u.s. forces in japan and this is something that the president is is well aware. i'm talking about and so this one can use that to president trump. followup question from two three two. so japan is not exempt from tariffs is that right.
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and i'd like to ask prison trump and from minister. there is a new discussion for framework through the trade are you going in the direction of f t a or are you going in the direction of t p p. what are your. ideas for four measures that you could take from from here on with so as the president has said we are looking to have free fair and reciprocal trade we've agreed that we will start on the discussions of the trade and this will be done between a ministry of state and ambassador light hisor from us t r and we will also. but this. it is reportable to the discussions that vice president pence and the deputy prime minister also is having. so we would be
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looking into. a train which is free and fair which will also drive the economic growth of the end up as if it region. and in terms of. the trade agreements that we have so far t p p we believe it is the best option for us is japan and that would lead to this economic growth that's . that is what we think it says a massive trade deficit with japan it's anywhere from sixty s. anywhere from sixty nine billion dollars to one hundred billion dollars a year that's massive by the stand alone we are doing to thirty two on steel and aluminum and if we can come to an arrangement on a new deal between the united states and japan that would certainly be something we would discuss aluminum tariffs and steel tariffs and i would look forward to being
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able to at some point in the future take them all but right now we have a deficit that's a minimum of sixty nine billion dollars a year japan sends us millions and millions of cars and we tax them virtually not at all and we don't send so much product because we have trade barriers and lots of other things so these are the things that the prime minister and i are going to be discussing over the next short period of time the media has not covered the t p p correctly. i don't want to go back into d.p.p. but if they offered us a deal. that i can't refuse on behalf of the united states i would do it but i like bilateral better i think it's better for our country i think it's better for our workers and i much would prefer a bilateral deal a deal directly with japan we already have a deal with six of the eleven nations in the t p p so we already have trade deals
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and the others we can make very easily they're all calling wanted to make a deal but we think that's much better for us so unless they offer us a deal that we cannot refuse i would not go back into t p p we'll see what happens but in the meantime we're negotiating a what i really prefer is to go shaping a one on one deal with japan and that's where we are right now and i will say that the representatives who are sitting right here are extraordinarily competent and very tough. those representing japan and we will hopefully in the not too distant future have a very good deal good for japan and good for the united states. thank you all very much we appreciate it thank you thank you very much. you're watching a news conference there with the president. saying that he'll be doing everything possible to make the meeting with north korean leader kim
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a worldwide success and he paid tribute to japan's role in reaching that point that was to talk about both of them about the issue of trade and the return of people has been abducted from north korea let's bring in committee house kit briefly who's in palm beach say what do you think the most important thing was from the news conference. to headlines one on security in terms of north korea the other on trade let's start with security think the bet big headline there is the sort of acknowledgement for donald trump that he's going into these talks likely in about four to six weeks with the north korean leader kim jong un but if he feels they are not fruitful he says he's going to leave so that's important because certainly. a they're feeling a little nervous you can get that from some of the comments he made just moments ago where he was imploring the united states and also the international community to be very firm in their position going into these talks. suggesting that north
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korea cannot just be rewarded for showing up but essentially house to put forward substantial steps in terms of abandoning nuclear weapons so i think that's a key headline when it comes to trade another key headline is the fact that it doesn't appear that japan was able to secure those very key exemptions from tariffs when it comes to the foreign imports into the united states of aluminum and steel they have to remember this is important because donald trump even said just moments ago about reaffirming the close cooperation win it. comes to japan the underscoring the strong friendship but when there were two reporters asking whether or not those exemptions had also been extended to japan it appears that's not the case so certainly a little bit of an uncomfortable moment there i think a couple of other note here is another key issue for japan was the issue of the united states working within those talks with north korea to try and secure the
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return of japanese abductees that were taken to north korea in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's this is a very very important issue for japan and one that he certainly put a lot of detail an emphasis on but that the united states and donald trump sort of just kind of acknowledge was important but not with the same passion or intensity and then of course i think the other thing we need to note from all of this is that even as donald trump tries to talk about north korea to talk about trade talk about security that russia investigation constantly hangs like a cloud you heard one of the american reporters there asking about that saying you know will you fire the man at the justice department rod rosenstein who is currently overseeing that investigation donald trump denying that he would do that despite the rumors of that circulating for two to three months now and then once again his denials that we've heard on twitter we've heard a person no collusion with russia calling this a hoax this whole investigation by the special counsel robert muller in terms of
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any sort of ties between russia and its presidential campaign showing some eagerness there in the hope that that investigation will soon wrap up. to thank you very much indeed. and you can get more on this on our website details for that. and we will also be bringing you more analysis in about half an hour at the top of the hour should say of that news conference with president trump president saying that he would do everything he could to make the meeting with a north korean leader kim jong il in a world wide success and paying tribute to japan's role in achieving that but also attention more on that in just a minute from our colleagues. for a moment. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new charis on imports of steel and
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