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spinny morris finest professionals i top parity is to why do you wait in your generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities local education inspiring science timeline at this time on old. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and if you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on things seem pinned to realize even witness history in the making.
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i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful we're not going to go donald trump steps up pressure on north korea's leader to end his nuclear program ahead of much anticipated talks. i'm jane doesn't this is live from coming up. syrian rebel fighters agree to an evacuation deal with the government in the town of. cuba after the castro is miguel diaz canel is named as the only candidate to become the next president and. pockets of poverty more than a million nigerians are living in mud houses around what almost modernize cities in africa.
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the u.s. ambassador in geneva says he will hold meetings next week to decide how to pressure north korea into nuclear disarmament u.s. president donald trump is leaving himself plenty of wriggle room ahead of planned talks with north korea's leader kim jong says he'll walk away if the discussions on to fruitful his latest comments came during a meeting with japan's leader as white house correspondent reports. as japanese prime minister shinzo ave wrapped up two days of meetings with u.s. president donald trump the parish reporters their relationship has never been closer. yet their summit held it trumps florida mara lago resort was largely overshadowed by news that trump it once again sidelined america's top asian ally confirming he'd sent his cia director mike pump ale to secretly lay groundwork for a meeting with the north korean leader kim jong il and in a matter of weeks he just left north korea and the great meeting with him in.
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hand got along with him really well really really it's an unorthodox move for a nation that's traditionally consulted with japan on both matters involving north korea still as abbay saw security assurances truck made clear there's still the possibility talks with north korea's leader may not happen at all if the meeting when i'm there is not fruitful i will respectfully leave the meeting ave implored the international community and the united states not to reward kim just for showing up to direct talks but to demand concrete commitments to denuclearize. just because north korea is responding to dialogue the should be no reward maximum pressure should be maintained it's a promise trump says he'll keep and will work for the release of three americans currently being held by north korea there's a good chance of doing it to having very good dialogue we will keep you informed
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but we are in there and we are working very hard on that. we have come a long way. with north korea during their summit the two leaders enjoyed a game of golf still trump did not extend exemptions he's granted to other nations on the foreign imports of steel and aluminum but even as trump was highlighting what he believed to be a summit success overshadowing that headline was the news the confirmation of trump's pick for secretary of state was in doubt a growing list of u.s. senators say they will not vote in favor of the confirmation of mike pompei o to be the next u.s. secretary of state it is a concern for the trumpet ministration given it is preparing for historic talks with north korean leader kim jong un in a matter of weeks kimberly held at al-jazeera west palm beach florida in north korea state media say the ruling party will meet on friday to decide on policies
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for the spirit al-jazeera as diplomatic as the james bays has more from pyongyang. the state controlled media here in north korea do not work at the pace of donald trump and his pronouncements on twitter and these news conferences so there's still no response to the secret visit secret until a few hours ago it might pompei zero to pyongyang all the latest statements that have come from the u.s. president from the north korean side the state media and the state news agency reporting that the central committee of the ruling korean workers party will be having a meeting on friday to discuss important historical developments now i don't think they are in anywhere going to change the course put in place by kim jong un the supreme leader for these negotiations with the united states what i think is happening is they're preparing the korean people for a change of course remember that for many years for decades the media here have
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talked about the u.s. as an imperialist stick power as an evil power now they're preparing their people for a possible meeting between their leader and the president of the united states a hotline between north and south korea will be set up on friday allowing the leaders of the two countries to speak by phone and head of a meeting next week south korea's mean jane says the countries which remain technically at war must move from the armistice that was signed in one nine hundred fifty three in pursuit of a peace agreement kathy novak has more from seoul. south korean president is continuing preparations for his summit with north korean leader kim jong un next friday he has been speaking with executives of local media outlets at the presidential blue house it's part of a series of meetings designed to canvass the views of south korean community leaders and he told the group that the intercalary and summit must set the scene for a successful summit between the united states and north korea and that it must pave
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the way for denuclearization of the korean peninsula but many analysts have pointed out that historically north korea has taken a different view of what denuclearization might mean when compared to the interpretation in the united states or in south korea north korea for example might want it to can include the complete removal of u.s. troops from the korean peninsula but president moon has said he does not believe there is a difference in the definition he told the group that north korea has expressed a willingness to completely denuclearize and he said that it has not proposed any conditions that the u.s. would find it difficult to accept but he did seem to play down any hopes of major concrete agreements being reached at the summit next week instead seeming to suggest it may be the first step in a bigger process fighters in the rebel held area near syria's capital of agree to lay down arms in a evacuation deal brokered by russia members of the group known as the army of
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islam and demand will begin leaving in the coming days but to the north groups in kalamunda are still holding out despite government strikes they've been given a deadline for the next twenty four hours to surrender or face attack i still fighters in a pocket near the capital have also been given an ultimatum while talks between rebels and the government are continuing in homs is and how to is following the story from neighboring lebanon. rebels in the town of to marry have surrendered without a fight accepting an offer from the syrian government and the russian military for safe passage to rebel controlled areas in the north of the country by agreeing to this deal they have really staved off the possibility of an all out military offensive according to rebel faction the rebel faction there they agreed to lay down their arms in order to save the lives of civilians and to prevent a repeat of eastern for weeks pro-government alliance you know but heavily
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bombarded what was the rebel enclave of eastern hundreds of civilians were killed and at the end rebel factions had no other choice but to leave up to five thousand people will be evacuated in the next few days among them one thousand five hundred fighters now there are other towns in this column or an enclave northeast of damascus under the control of the rebels but rebel factions there have so far refused to surrender and the syrian government has stepped up airstrikes on these towns piling yet more military pressure to bring about some sort of a deal so the government really in a much better comfortable position exerting military pressure on a number of rebel enclaves including the rebel enclave of homs that's in the northern countryside of homs right now a cease fire is in effect until today until negotiations resume they are discussing some sort of a deal to hand over the area to to the syrian government to retain to return state control in that region so the government pushing ahead with the with the with
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military pressure but at the same time trying to bring about the deals because at the end of the day if the government can avert some sort of a military offensive it's it ensures that it doesn't lose men in battle international inspectors are waiting for approval to enter the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria on choose day a u.n. team came under fire in the area they were checking to see if it's safe to investigate the scene of that. jack more than forty people were killed in the town of duma almost two weeks ago syrian government media kucing health and emergency workers are providing aid to rebel groups but doctors and says they focus on injured civilians in areas where hospitals are regularly bombed by the government some of binge of aid reports. as the buses full of people forced from their homes left parts of eastern after five years of siege and bombings government forces and allied militia moved in through assad government t.v.
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crews rushed to show how the enclave was run by rebel fighters they call terrorists the relentless bombardment force people in the ground into basements such as this one job or frequent attacks on hospitals meant even frequent was being provided below ground level the nation says only fighters were allowed in and civilians were prohibited ferrety supporting health institutions like this denied those claims all of them out of a but we don't know what according to syrian media every organization helping the besieged population of almost four hundred thousand people was supporting terrorists but doctors say their oath demands that they treat people who need medical assistance irrespective of political or ideological affiliations the government says there was no medicine shortage in the sea to the medics say the boxes of medical supplies brandished in regime propaganda are misleading the situation. was extremely dramatic. the needs were absolutely unique he was in and seeing the situation their medical colleagues
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that we were supporting in that they were clearly showing me as we passed the concern of not having enough medical supplies. the influx of tens of thousands to live in aleppo is making things difficult for an already stretched health infrastructure doctors at one hospital in collateral money say five thousand people were dropped off on the first day of the evacuation most of the injured were hit by bombings and some had gunshot wounds to be treated in the hospitals only operation theatre in addition to the hundreds of cases the trauma and injuries they had to deal with pregnant women giving birth in cases of malnutrition it is dire it is definitely acute and once the arrival of the displaced becomes more of a stable situation still the health system existing in the northwest or concrete when they do the government aid is not enough you don't have a specialist you don't have in every in every health facility enough medical supplies back and medical workers are calling on un agencies to use the proximity
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to the capital damascus to rebuild and support the devastated health infrastructure now that the bombs are not falling there's no media attention on the health needs citing previous examples of neglect in aleppo in homs if workers are warning of a looming health crisis for the tens of thousands of people left behind in feast with the whole population is viewed with suspicion of supporting the opposition some of the. at the turkey syria border yemen has ordered the arrest of a commander who is running a refugee camp in the u.a.e. base in the port city of aden the un refugee agency says it's a lawn by the horrific conditions there it says migrants and asylum seekers have fled african countries are being tortured and raped some of them have been kidnapped for ransom others have been forced back into the sea. still ahead on al-jazeera the commonwealth heads of government meeting for me open questions linger about its modern day relevance we're looking at live picture there prince
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charles will tell you why a manhunt is underway in the colombia ecuador border for the farmer former fox rebel as. welcome back across southeastern parts of asia the shower activity is pretty much as you'd expect a few showers across southern parts the philippines northern areas of dry and find another should see unbroken sunshine and highs into the mid thirty's elsewhere formulates important a few showers are likely but weather conditions general looking to bow through plenty of sunshine here thirty three inches carter and then a scattering of showers up through them a pinch of that for much of the time by singapore and kuala lumpur should be dry for a few showers around the gulf of thailand region although indications are that for bangkok it should stay largely dry there with temperatures into the mid thirty's so
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let's head down into a straight answer relatively quiet here at the moment we've got one to two the trough of low pressure give you your shower across parts of new south wales but generally weather conditions not looking too bad for sydney and brisbane though temperatures in the mid twenty's and late looking pretty warm but across western australia fine here personal particularly warm june friday but again little bit better as we head into the start of the weekend and that is we head across into new zealand we're looking at fine weather conditions across the north on in for the most part the south on it seeing more in the way of client pushing it and that cloud is light of a sister in the course of saturday to the chance of one or two showers coming with it but again to find a north island with highs of twenty in oakland. two hundred eighty two leaders i've been working on north korea policy for almost thirty years i can't tell you what the u.s. policy is towards north korea zein first to know what they want to deter an attack
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from the united states as the u.s. struggles to define its foreign policy examines the potential fallout we don't see really is a strategy designed to get those talks started they expect to surrender siren fury trumps north korea crisis on al-jazeera. are you watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has warned to walk away from planned talks with north korea's leader if they are not fruitful at a meeting with japanese prime minister. jumpers confirmed cia director mike secretly went to pyongyang to meet kim jong un. rebel fighters and to met northeast
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of syria's capital damascus have agreed to lay down weapons under a deal brokered by russia but to the north groups are still holding out despite government strikes yemen is sort of the wrist of a commando who was running a refugee camp in the u.a.e. based in the port city of aden you know if you agency says it's alarmed by the here if it conditions that says migrants and asylum seekers if it african countries are being tortured and raped. the british queen has opened the commonwealth heads of government meeting at buckingham palace leaders from fifty three mainly former british colonies representing one third of the world's population at the summit it's the first time in more than two decades the u.k. is hosting the event london is looking for new trade deals with the commonwealth nations as it prepares to leave the european union general hold joins me live from london so i'm just wondering john how important this meeting is.
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hi jane well yes a lot of commonwealth observers say that this is a pivotal moment for the commonwealth nearly seventy years since it was founded now struggling to find a sense of purpose and direction and relevance really in the modern world this grouping of fifty three countries all the way from industrialized developing giant india through to industrialized countries like canada australia the united kingdom of course many much smaller countries besides some of them extremely poor linked as you said there by many of them having been former colonies of britain many of them being the speaking many of them indeed having an abiding love of the queen who has headed the commonwealth for sixty six years now supporters will tell you that this sort of largely friendly network of countries based on common and shared values is a tremendous force for good in the world in spreading cultural and economic educational rather ties among younger generations across the world and and tackling
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diseases like polio in the past malaria and now other things like the environment and climate change and that all of that is very important in an increasingly fractious world but critics will say that it is an anachronistic clubber grouping of of of the remnants really of empire largely in the interests of the former colonial overlord britain and that there is a deep need now for the current of the commonwealth to reform itself and find new direction will they look for new trade ties perhaps at this meeting will they find better ways to coordinate their foreign policy perhaps as the queen's reign her head ship of the commonwealth inevitably comes to a close there are many who say that is all vitally important if it is to survive and continue to be relevant and if it can find purpose in their post breaks of world lead. well i think that's something that pro breaks of ministers in the government here the prime minister's world are certainly looking towards and talking a lot about there's
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a great deal of pomp and ceremony on display here trying to woo perhaps would be starts now it appears these commonwealth leaders they'll have dinner at buckingham palace tonight spend the day at windsor castle tomorrow the young royals are very much on the show and i think the hope would be that there is the possibility post brings it in the sort of global britain vision of the world that the government touts that they will be able to replace what is lost in the single market membership of the european union with great great new trade ties with the likes of canada india australia and so on experts say that isn't likely to be the case there's also the possibility of a sort of soft power projection via the commonwealth virus i said a more coordinated foreign policy between britain and these fifty two countries all of that is possible but there are a lot of issues to overcome there are deep democratic deficits in many of these countries abuses of human rights as well antigay laws in no less than thirty of these commonwealth countries and also a deep legacy of empire that many countries have struggled to overcome as witnessed
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this very week in the so-called wind russia scandal the discrimination aimed at the children of migrants from the caribbean who were invited here in the fifty's and sixty's that's been all over the papers theresa may has had to apologize to caribbean leaders this week during the commonwealth meeting all of these problems that britain has to has to overcome if indeed it has any hope of using the commonwealth as a springboard towards a global britain future post briggs. thank you for that live in london. britain's house of lords has rebuffed prime minister to resign is government over its plans to leave the european union they voted to amend the withdrawal bill urging the u.k. to remain in the e.u. as customs union which allows trading with our tariffs the government's expressed disappointment at the vote the bill now goes back to m.p.'s in the house of commons will have to pass legislation to take butt out of the e.u. by march next year. cuba's parliament has nominated the first presidential
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candidate outside the castro family in nearly sixty years miguel diaz kell will succeed outgoing leader raul castro deserves latin america editor alysia newman reports from havana. tall serious efficient and above all discreet rising up the communist party's ranks from the bottom fifty seven year old. is making history he's done it in part by never ever having tried to outshine or question fidel or raul castro as others once earmarked as their successes learned the hard way and i think he also feels it's true. that he actually genuinely believes in her cuban revolution. as the communist party secretary of his home province of viet latta the earned a reputation for being open minded. the maine coon here is a hangout for young people including gays lesbians transsexuals and punks d.s.
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was by their side in the one nine hundred ninety s. when alternative lifestyles were severely frowned on. even after he rose to the top every time he came to santa clara one of the first things to do is come see us of the men who he's the same i'm assuming humble person. maybe so but in most of cuba people know very little about the first man in six decades who will rule the silent whose name is not castro in fact he was the only candidate in the vote by the national assembly on wednesday. we asked this man what he thought of the selection process. let my silence speak for itself it's the silence of many cubans . those who may be expecting a major shift will clearly be disappointed. that we are encouraging reaffirming and consolidating continuity which is very important. the defense of the revolution which today is being threatened and attacked by relationship with the us
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deteriorated the truth is that the s. candidate has been chosen not to reform but to improve cuban socialism if he can and does represent a generation younger than that of the castros he will have to answer to a power much higher than his own cuban communist party. than security forces are hunting for fighters to kill two journalists and their driver near the colombia ecuador border two people were taken hostage as. reports. hunting rebels in the jungle colombia had hopes these days were over. colombian and during forces are searching for. five hundred fighters to his group a spinoff from the revolutionary armed forces of colombia. seen here refused to get behind the twenty sixteen peace deal with colombia that ended
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nearly fifty years of fighting the middle rank commander is one of twelve hundred roubles still waging war with the government. this is an effort of persistence we may not find out who today but it could be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in a week or two we're not going to rest or stop this offensive. the manhunt began last friday after gotchas group kidnapped civilians the government released this proof of life video of the husband and wife on tuesday. last month to acquit dorrian journalists and their tribe the world so kidnapped their families appealed to garcetti for their release unsuccessfully the it could oring government says they did the military are trying to recover their bodies. we have our armed forces and also colombian armed forces on the other side of the border this generates greater security and each time the area of influence of big alto is being
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reduced. but on the political level the violence has become too much for ecuador beside funk dissidents like this the lane columbia's last rebel army in ecuador has been hosting pace talks to get them to follow fark into disarmament after fourteen months of negotiations it hasn't worked rebels continue to stage attacks. because i have asked the foreign minister of ecuador to put the brakes on the conversations and put the brakes on our role as guarantor of the peace process well that does not commit to ending terrorist actions on wednesday colombia wristed one of got choice commanders the same type. the mission to find his boss on the colombia ecuador border is proving more difficult both governments say they want negotiations and a peace deal but for now it's guns that are doing the talking charlotte.
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president has sacked the government after a vote of no confidence in parliament the cabinets performance and twenty seventeen was described as un satisfactory the coalition put forward the vote citing put execution of the state's budget and delay of several projects. three men of strong nigeria's parliament and stir in the ceremonial mess. was fighting the senators m.p.'s and security staff attempted to stop the men taking it away the ornamental staff is a symbol of parliament's authority and decisions cannot be approved without it the fifth is being blamed on a politician who was suspended last week following a disagreement nigeria's capital is one of the most highly modernized cities in africa but the original residents of the federal district of abuse are continued to live in homes built of mud and they complain that fundamental rights are being ignored by my vote reports from
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a bush point why showing up well and good discussions never ceased in the village of pico outside the nigerian capital since it was chosen to build a new capital forty years ago they say their social and economic status has continued to deteriorate they still live in humble mud homes without basic amenities no doesn't have no medical care here and we have new functioning schools the teachers refuse to stay here and don't have electricity but water is our most urgent problem we had a bullhorn that soon broke down we almost never used it. and two other villages are around this place have up to three thousand people living in them the only source of drinking water they have is this might depend more than it or generously gave it to them for survival but they say the government isn't even considering sanitizing it and pumping it to their homes this spring is only a stream it takes time for the point to the field supplying the village with what
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to me is hard work by these women throughout the day there are more than eight hundred villages such as because surrounding of water the area is called federal capital territory. more than one million nigerians live in b.f. city pockets of property side by side with posh new residential districts owned mostly by people who came from other regions to government resentment geria that if it is virgin so you would and i live in if you treat people from all that are deceased it that's where they are calling the eight hundred i lived in villages settler towns yet did villages existed before even and you know what i'm going to now to fourteen does it as a request for comment from the government was declined the novelty and his community continue to demand reform but they say their force is hardly head because they don't have any meaningful representation at the high level
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a constitution says the president is also a government f. city villagers doubt mohammed will heidi has time to fix the problems we have. in our own country do what of the matter that is nurses so far can't ability for the government entity police for justice and equity and democrats to do what they are this no where in the world or the head of state will become the governor of the territorial again it's all done in a way that it was a police with up with it and let people have their own governors did not have a governor did not have a meal so it is like they are deprived and they believe that it is only by instinct in the people putting them in this position of authority that they will be able to make any meaningful impact. without an elected mayor governor the local council or minister of city people say they feel powerless which means you cannot make the provision for them. are just.
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the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. disarmament ambassador in geneva says he will hold meetings next week to decide how to pressure north korea to end its nuclear program u.s. president don trump has warned to walk away from planned talks with north korea's leader if they're not quote fruitful rebel fighters in demand north east of syria's capital damascus have agreed to lay down weapons under a deal brokered by russia but to the north groups are still holding out despite government strikes so hard is following the story from neighboring lebanon. the rebels in the have surrendered without a fight agreeing to an offer by the russian military and the syrian military for safe passage through rebel controlled areas in northern syria basically preventing an all out military offensive because what the government is telling them is that if you do not surrender then we will launch an all out military offensive similar
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to what happened in eastern huta that rebel controlled enclave which really saw ferocious barmen for weeks hundreds of civilians killed so these rebels agreeing to surrender up to one thousand five hundred fighters will leave along with some three thousand five hundred members of their families international inspectors are waiting for approval to enter the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria on choose day un team came under fire in the area they were checking if it's safe to investigate the scene of the attack more than forty people were killed near the town of duma almost two weeks ago. yemen has ordered the arrest of a commander who is running a refugee camp in the u.a.e. base in the port city of aden the un refugee agency says it's alarmed by the horrific conditions there it says migrants and asylum seekers who fled african countries are being tortured and raped cuba's parliament has nominated the first presidential candidate outside the cast of family in nearly sixty years miguel diaz
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canel will succeed outgoing lead to rule castro who will remain the communist party leader the british queen has opened the commonwealth heads of government meeting in buckingham palace leaders from fifty three mainly former british colonies representing one third of the world's population of it's a first time in more than two decades the u.k. is hosting the event london is looking for new trade deals with the commonwealth nations as a prepares to leave the european union. those are the headlines faultlines is coming up next. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera.


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