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to be considered freedom of the soldiers going to be. men and women to the resources that are available it's a story we need is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants you to know the government is not willing to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for. the questions you get closer to the truth. stories generate thousands of headlines. with different angles from different to. russia was responsible for this separate from the facts that's why on. the misinformation from the journalism. one data mining company and one election with the listening post on.
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al-jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm sorry i'm going to be for the first time in nearly sixty years cubans have a president whose name is not astro. has been sworn in as the communist nations a new leader but he faces a challenge in reviving the economy and improving increasingly tense relations with donald trump's washington will be live in. the south korean president roh moo hyun says north korea was committed to complete denuclearization without preconditions just weeks ahead of his rare meeting with kim jong il we'll bring you the latest from pyongyang on the diplomatic efforts to get the reclusive state to give up its nuclear weapons and another. opposition held area is being evacuated in syria
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that's as rebels agreed to lay down their weapons and leave the town of the mayor here the capital damascus it's part of a deal brokered by russia but the airstrikes continue in funks along with an ultimatum for the rebels to surrender or die inside a fight at the latest on the power cuts in full take the second largest blackout ever recorded. my. new year with a new light on our we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and that al-jazeera dot com well it's the beginning off a new era in cuba for the first time in almost sixty years the communist country has a leader outside the castro family miguel diaz can now has been sworn in as the new president. a communist party loyalist and a former vice president is replacing role. so castro why not be at the helm of the
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country but he'll still leave cuba as all powerful communist party until twenty twenty one but the country's new leader has many challenges ahead of him his priority will likely be improving the economy and mending fragile ties with the united states well the outgoing cuban president raul castro is addressing the national assembly right now let's listen in. the delegate the first congress of that organization later on. he took part in the building. of the united party of the socialist revolution of cuba in several different regions of comic way. but he had the positions of at the municipal level executive positions and also in the party. where. he worked in the. areas moved through the ranks.
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to become second secretary. cuban workers in general the secretary general of the forestry farming workers and nine hundred ninety six. he was appointed minister of labor and sources secured him four years later. he was permitted. to become a first secretary. in the congress two thousand and six he was elected secretary. general. into two thousand and thirteen when he became vice president of the council of state. never stopped working and he graduated. so that is the outgoing cuban president raul castro he's addressing the national assembly right now in havana will see
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a new man is there that is where she is joining us from the cia and this is really a historic change in cuba as well as a generational change farai i think you're right in the certainly in generational change and although i'd least on the surface it's a major major historic change a landmark what we're seeing here which is fascinating is a new chapter with the same text what you're hearing there raul castro now he's actually giving a biography the c.v. of the second person in charge and now the new vice president taking over from again the scandal but right before that he spoke at length about the a scandal and he said that the fact that he is now the new president is not something that happened by chance he has been groomed carefully he says for the last fifteen years and that he expects this is what i will cast for speaking that the us can and will take. in nine. i wasn't twenty one as the head of the communist
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party over and over what they're emphasizing is clinton knew it not a transition albeit there isn't a generational one which will take all with will happen very slowly but it won't castro is going to remain not only as the head of the communist party but as the us canada said in his acceptance speech that he will be in charge of all the major decisions taken in cuba from now on at least in the foreseeable future so he will be called governing clearly with the good the as his substitute and i know you've been out and about gauging reaction from cubans how do they feel about this continue with the that you're describing. i think some people are frustrated many would have liked to have thought that their new president would be more hands on woodward would bring about more change the kind of changes the cubans want particularly in the economy and certain freedoms and better access to internet for example this is the country with the the worst if you like
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a one of the worst internet access is in the world but you know on the other hand most people say we knew this was going to happen they've been told this is a continuity story of continuity ford told most children observers also know that with. i would cast a stepping aside there wasn't going to be a major change that the man who's replacing him is a party caterer that is there to continue on with the the socialist revolution and of course with the supremacy of the communist party of which he too is a member ok lucien newman giving us the update from havana thank you now we will cross to writing and speak and so many capture he's a professor of latin american history at the university of nottingham joining us via skype thanks for talking to us on al-jazeera so it is being cold and if an arab but do you share the same views as some of the cubans that lucio has been talking to on the streets of havana when they say they don't really expect much to change.
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i think they're probably right i think one of the reasons why i was an obvious candidate was because he is respected he is clearly ideologically sound he is a reformer in the same way the home customer was and to that same limit and so i don't think that anything significantly will change in the short term and york the reporter in havana made the point that the cause at all customer will still be head of the party now that doesn't actually mean that the party or he will determine everything because for the last few years he has actually been trying to take the party out of direct involvement to government so in a sense there is a real challenge which is how will the role play the party for those three years how much will he get involved my guess is relatively little but at the same time he of course will be consulted and the government is unlikely to do anything which is
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significantly against what they know how custer to want having said that the government probably knows exactly what he wants and what they want and they probably share the same views by and large and speaking of a cap on your point of the challenges but if we just turn to the economic challenges for a moment because we know that the economy has not been doing very well in and cuba so is he the man to kickstart cuba's economy. i think not at the moment for the simple reason that the biggest element in economic performance is still the economic embargo of the united states that hasn't gone in spite of obama it simply has not changed very much at all it's still in force and actually the under trumpets actually got slightly worse from the cubans point of view and nothing stay i think for at least another three years and that's not just to the end of trump's presidency but also to the end of customers period in charge of the party
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and the legislation the u.s. legislation does especially fight that there cannot be a change to the embargo as long as there is a customer in power so my guess is for three more years at least the embargoes in place and still very effective and so i don't see that changing in the coming three years at all well how do you see the new president himself then reacting to the united states here in you've told us how you can you see the u.s. reacting but what about him well i think that the the deterioration in relations has entirely come from the united states point of view the cubans very clearly want opera proper relations with the united states they welcomed obama they also knew the limits of the obama detente and they're cautious but at the same time it's in their interest to have some kind of end to the embargo to to have normal relations and to avoid the hostility so i think they are welcoming any trade and
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the change i suspect will not come from the united states not at least in the coming few years not least of course because it depends very much on whether trump wants a second term because anybody who is wants to win the election needs to keep the cuban american population and voters in florida on side so that's going to be a significant factor all right we thank you very much for speaking to us in the u k . thank you let's bring in sara horowitz for some of the social media reaction now well as soon as keep this new president was announced the name as can all start to trending and it's moving slowly up that it's not the moment on six trending worldwide online chats on castree pizza the last twenty four hours too and this clip which was taken from yahoo article has been widely shared or fester will cast her as a mentor who implemented economic reforms and many do believe but not everyone does in fact the u.s.
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podcast host andrew mayer who looks like i've lost my connection but let me try and bring that up is that coming up doesn't look like it but there's a lot of people that have actually agreed with that yahoo article one of those is his andrew my he replies how about mentioning all the cubans he murdered and in prison and up and running now seltzer is the monkey vinci say they want real change in cuba where they get to elect their president al gore says the solution isn't just a name change it's in the same totalitarian dictator so it's a structure of a mouthful but while keeping protests christian crespo says the transition of power is more of a show because castro will continue to give orders from behind the scenes and at least one u.s. politician from florida agrees with that as well. today many around the world might herald what they call a transition of power in my native homeland of cuba but that couldn't be further
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from the truce this sham transition is more smoke and mirrors another ploy out of the castro playbook the reality is that role castro will continue to maintain his grip on power the reality is that the cuban people will be no closer to freedom today than they were yesterday no closer to democracy today than they were yesterday well people in cuba and beyond to find this very closely and so we and we'd love to hear your thoughts you can live comment on facebook also on twitter throughout the show. it's use almost see a new minimum and to go and she's been keeping us right up to speed with all the latest out of cuba so here she looks back at royal castro's report card had to al-jazeera dot com click on more than reporter's notebook and if you have any comments or questions you can send them to us here at the news grid we're on
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facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera we're also on twitter our handle is aging and just use the hash tag a.j. news grid you can also send a whatsapp or a telegram plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine. now south korean leader the south korean leader when julian says pyongyang has committed to complete denuclearization without any conditions his comments come ahead of a rare summit between the north and south korean leaders next week north korean officials are expected to meet on friday to discuss possible changes in its policies meanwhile the u.s. president donald trump is threatening to walk away from the much anticipated talks with the north korean leader kim jong il and that rare meeting the first for a sitting u.s. president is expected in the coming weeks and trump who's been exerting what he calls a campaign of maximum pressure it's a force pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons has warned the meeting could be
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called off if it's not fruitful i hope to have a very successful meeting if we don't think it's going to be successful mark we won't have it we want to have it. if i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful we're not going to go if the meeting when i'm there is not fruitful i will respectfully leave the meeting while so far there has been no official reaction from the north korean side as james bays reports from pyongyang. there's clearly plenty for both sides to continue to discuss one of the things they must work out is the venue for this historic summit where are they going to meet could it be here in pyongyang and some diplomats i've spoken to say that might be giving too much to the north korean side for a u.s. president to actually step foot in this country could it be in the de mint tries
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zone where that intra korean summit is taking place in one week's time could it perhaps be in china in beijing again diplomats saying that that would effectively give china a seat at the table something the u.s. may not like there are other countries neutral countries that are offering to be a venue for the talks we have norway we have sweden one in the region that's been mentioned is the capital of mongolia battle then you get to what they might get out of the first summit most observers hope that there would be after a big meeting a process an ongoing process to deal with all the details but both sides would probably want something out of a meeting of this level and certainly the u.s. will be concerned about the three u.s. citizens of korean descent who are being held prisoner here in north korea
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president trump has already mentioned them and the fact that he's working to get their release was let's now hear what the reactions have been from the south korean side with al-jazeera as kathy novak from seoul. south korean president is continuing preparations for his summit with north korean leader kim jong un next friday he has been speaking with executives of local media outlets at the presidential blue house it's part of a series of meetings designed to canvass the views of south korean community leaders and he told the group that the intercalary and summit must set the scene for a successful summit between the united states and north korea and that it must pave the way for denuclearization of the korean peninsula but many analysts have pointed out that historically north korea has taken a different view of what denuclearization might mean when compared to the interpretation in the united states or in south korea north korea for example might want it to can include the complete removal of u.s.
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troops from the korean peninsula but president moon has said he does not believe there is a difference in the definition he told the group that north korea has expressed a willingness to completely denuclearize and he said that it has not proposed any conditions that the u.s. would find it difficult to accept but he did seem to play down any hopes of major concrete agreements being reached at the summit next week instead seeming to suggest it may be the first step in a bigger process cross over to sara with a round up of all our reaction to the story sara while thousands of people are talking about donald trump's new conference on news corp's on north korea and it seems that most common sense sports of his speech like this one by commentator jack murphy calling it real leadership but it fear americans detained in north korea of people its people's interests and what trump plans to do about it can be minced in her report earlier but here's more of what we are as president had to say. the fact
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is that they do have three prisoners we have been is that they do have three prisoners we have been talking about them we are negotiating now we are doing our very best as you know they've been there a long time and it's harsh treatment. cost treatment that we know very little about the americans being held have been there for a while but who are they now kim jong chal was sentenced in twenty six seemed to ten years of hard labor for alleged spying born in south korea the businessman is accused of working with south korea's intelligence agencies kim hock so was arrested last may well working at pyongyang university of science and technology and he's accused of hostile acts untiringly kim he was arrested almost exactly a year ago almost also four from the same university and accused of the same crime and his son released this plea in february during the incident picks in south korea my father just finished a semester has
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a professor in north korea when he was arrested at the airport on april twenty second last year no explanation was given my family and i have had no contact with him since he has not been charged with any crime and we don't know what is happening to him the only come for him to report if anyone seen my father tony since his arrest was over seven months ago some officials from the u.s. state department saw him briefly on the same fees it when they prado when we're back in a coma we were told that my father looked ok but when our family was mentioned my father looked distressed my mom my brother and i decided that so much we're so worried about him and his health. if you can help my dad and the other american space printing the word on social media and contacting congress please make your own appeal to get these three americans home. so ken mentioned also one day he was an american university student held in north korea to seventeen months for trying
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to steal a propaganda sign from a pyongyang hotel when there was released last june one in a coma and died just a few days after arriving in the united states now many especially the families of those detained hope to some good news this time around for all of the detained americans what do you think do you think trying to negotiate for their release that's us now using the hash tag a.j. nice good sara thank you well our team at four lines spoke with a range of washington insiders in an effort to understand trump's north korea strategy so they include former u.s. government officials policymakers and intelligence analysts who combined have spent more than one hundred years working on north korea so in this film faultlines examines what donald trump's impulsive leadership style could mean for north korea and the world's zero dot com then head to documentaries and there you'll find the fault lines page two syria that's where fighters in
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a rebel held area near the capital have agreed to lay down their arms in an evacuation deal negotiated by russia so members of a rebel group known as the army of islam in demand will begin leaving within days but to the north opposition fighters in column one are still holding out despite government airstrikes from beirut's here's in a hoarder. they surrendered without a fight rebels in to mayor have agreed to leave accepting an offer from the syrian and russian military for safe passage to rebel areas in northern syria hundreds of fighters are to be evacuated along with a few thousand of their family members they didn't want to repeat of the pro-government alliances military assault against what was once the rebel enclave of eastern. but. after the brutal regime displaced people often used it now wants to do the same here sold to prevent prevent further destruction we
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accept the surrender this will save the lives of civilians. as part of the deal the rebels handed over their medium sized and heavy weapons the town in the region northeast of damascus has been under siege for years more than one hundred thousand people live there half of them internally displaced the deal avoided a military offensive. the army and its allies are now giving the rebel factions that control the other towns in the enclave twenty four hours to surrender or face a stepped up bombing campaign the pro-government alliance has been using the threat of military action to force their opponents to lay down their weapons without a fight it has given i so forty eight hours to leave the districts the armed group controls in southern to ask us or face an all out military offensive those districts are under siege and the army has sent reinforcements to the front lines
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and in the past seventy two hours and after months of a relative lull in the fighting the opposition controlled northern countryside of homs was heavily bombarded. they started a military assault on northern homs and neighboring southern hama to pressure the negotiating committee that represents the opposition to surrender. these areas are supposed to be deescalation zones agreed in a star no we're looking for a solution that doesn't involve the military option the opposition is in talks with the russian military a cease fire is now in place until negotiations resume on sunday the pro-government alliance wants the enclave returned to state who rule the opposition however is hoping for a long term ceasefire agreement a lot of people in the northern countryside of homes don't want their town to be destroyed we don't want war we want peace and we don't want to be displaced that is what we want but if the regime and the russians launch a military assault rebel commanders have said they will fight back rebels are
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increasingly under pressure their territories are under siege the syrian government and its allies are in a strong position and are clearly pushing ahead with a military solution to crush the rebellion that occurred there beirut well on another front the syrian military has given ice all fighters forty eight hours to leave a pocket they control in the capital south primarily around the palestinian refugee camp that's according to pro-government media which also says that the day window is an attempt to avoid a military assault you can head to al-jazeera dot com to read more about that story . hundreds of palestinians in israel have marched on the streets demanding the right of return to their ancestral lands they protest is one off several events leading up to may the fifteenth that's when millions of palestinians across the world mark what's known as or the catastrophe it's a solemn commemoration of the mass expulsion of some seven hundred fifty thousand
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palestinians from their land by zionist forces between one nine hundred forty seven and one nine hundred forty nine which led to the creation of the state of israel today there are around six million palestinian refugees who were forced from their homes in one nine hundred forty eight they mostly live in jordan lebanon syria egypt iraq and an occupied palestinian territories while in israel there are over three hundred forty five thousand palestinians who are in truly displaced since that time some have israeli citizenship but cannot return to their original villages or homes harry fossett was at one of the rallies south of haifa. of thousands of people arriving here in this field near the town of athlete this is designed to symbolize the right of return by palestinians to the original
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homes their original villages which they lost so many of them hundreds of thousands of them in the creation of the state of israel in one nine hundred forty eight it is a moment known by palestinians as the nakba the catastrophe that using this day the day that israel celebrates its seventh anniversary to make this point a mormon might be here in solidarity with all these people demonstrating for their right to return to their independence is a catastrophe so this is about for we're here to remember and to teach our children so they will keep the memory alive that there. was more than five hundred villages little they want to. be pretty weird displaced and people who were killed this catastrophe. humanitarian political heritage historic admission that. the message this year is every year is that the
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independence of israel equals the catastrophe for the palestinians but this year it's being answered with an extra feeling because this is the seventieth anniversary of nine hundred forty eight it's also the year it was donald trump intends to move the u.s. embassy to what he calls israel's capital jerusalem tonight a movie. still the jewel in the sudan we all praise the historic decision by president trump to recognize jerusalem as our capital and to move the embassy there the world's biggest power thank you mr president thank you america good to see that was the israeli prime minister kicking off national celebrations after sunset on wednesday their celebrations which have continued throughout thursday with a ceremony at the president's residence also military fly past over jerusalem and indeed millions of israelis taking to the parks and the beaches to celebrate a national holiday a very different picture here of course where that same historical legacy is viewed through an entirely different prism a prism of pain and catastrophe seventy years on. born in forty eight is
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a film that's part of our al-jazeera world series so the five characters in this film there are two israeli and three palestinian women were all born in the year of the knockabout but irreconcilably divided by history and events so this film explores how decades on starkly contrasting narratives persist with very little if any common ground between the woman. do send us any comments or questions you have for us at the news grid we're on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera our twitter handle is. the hash tag a.j. news grid you can also send us a whatsapp or telegram plus line seven four five one four nine while you're at the news grid and if you're joining us on facebook live you're about to get an extra story about drones that are helping identify uncontrolled burning and then coming up later in the program. starts
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a new warning that australia's great barrier reef will never fully recover from coral bleaching. welcome back a look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia we're going to see some rain developing across the eastern side of the mediterranean as we head from friday into saturday so some heavy rain likely across parts of turkey maybe into northern parts of syria further south she cloud around iraq but generate should be dry meanwhile further towards the east we've got a fair amount of code still around the caspian sea and the chance of one or two showers in the southern side the snow over becky stan and also because it sounded so should clear way during saturday and weather conditions not looking too bad
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a state here in the arabian peninsula not a great deal happening thirty four degrees expected in doha variable amounts of seymour and where clover is a couple of days we were a little bit cooler on the other side the potential mecca has been up to forty degrees and in fact the way back up close that again the weekend wears on we were down in southern portions of africa we've got largely fine conditions for south africa itself going to ferment a cloud towards eastern cape but want to move northward across much of mozambique through into zimbabwe zambia and across into i got a weather condition looking fine fine for the south across much of namibia highs of twenty nine when took some of your highs of twenty one degrees in capetown. i societies progress is dependent on the quality of its exports more fine professionals i thought parenting eastern why do you wait in your generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of
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change taking them to the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science timeline at this time on all disease. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession. tells the story. of the. account of.
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the headlines on al-jazeera this is what's trending right now on al-jazeera dot com the top story iraq launching quote deadly strikes against i saw it in syria and you look at the second story alabama is set to execute. eighty three years old if this execution goes ahead he would be the oldest man in modern u.s.
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history to be executed you can read more about that story and all the other top stories on. the french president at money one might cause facing another day of nationwide protests against his labor reform so there have been clashes i. as you can see between anti-government protesters and the police thousands of rail workers public sector employees and students have been marching against mccall sweeping labor laws which makes it easier to hire and fire employees earlier this week rail workers resumed their rolling strike adding two weeks of train delays across the country and joining us from paris from the scene of one such protests that are what are people saying. well this is the second time actually in less than a month that we have seen workers from across the public sector joining students and coming all together uniting in the strike in
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a protest now they want this to be the beginning of what they say will be a mass social movement against the government they are angry with the government's reforms that is planning in the public sector but also in education that's why you university students are here because the government wants to put in place a selection process where university students. are at the forefront of this march they are particularly angry with the government the police to the national rail company who has since then because the government is saying that it's going to scrap some of the special benefits and privileges such as early retirement which you know a necessary isn't opposed to just relate if you like who will be people here is saying to us is that they feel that the government isn't moving will be full and they're going to take away the benefits of the free attention to these jobs in the public sector that have traditionally really protected french work because the government there says things need to change fronts needs to reform because the public services cost so much money and also if they make these reforms they would
6:36 pm
be able to help reduce very high unemployment in france and create opportunities for other people so as you're saying these protests have been going on for a while how much of a task is this being seen to the president himself mike hall in the way that he and . there's they're down to that for the french presence in these protests ongoing as they are huge a test for emanuel michael you know he came to power promising to reform and transform and fronts promising to modernize it he says companies like the national rail company this and so must be reforms because it has for example fifty million dollars of debt not simply not sustainable in a modern age not metal michael also knows that he's not just missy going forward is going to be on the line if he wants to push ahead with this reform agenda he needs to win this battle with the trade unions in the streets and he's standing firm he's saying he's going to continue pressing ahead with his reforms are going back down
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and in fact what we've seen from him over the past few days is he's really been something of a charm offensive he has a done several television interviews which are very rare for him he's been going up to look as the strike is in the streets not actually to keep trying to explain his position because he believes that the only way to try to make to be working because the most recent opinion poll in fact shows that more people are starting to side with the government than with the strikers survivor thank you for that update let's take a look at this scene at the national assembly in havana cuba that is the outgoing cuban president raul castro there he has so he's speaking at the national assembly and what's happened today is that cuba now has a new president and that president also spoke just a short time ago well will cross over to lauren taylor who's joining us out of london will be international news hi laura. thanks so much terrain queen
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elizabeth has urged commonwealth heads of state to appoint her son prince charles as the next leader of the block the queen has been the official head of the group of britain's former colonies since nine hundred fifty two although the title is not hereditary u.k. has been hosting more than fifty commonwealth leaders to try to strengthen trade ties as the country prepares to leave the european union it is my sincere wish that the commonwealth will continue to offer stability and continuity for future generations and we'll decide that one day the prince of wales should carry on the important work started by my father in one nine hundred forty nine by continuing to treasure and reinvigorate our satiation and activities i believe we will secure a safer more prosperous and sustainable world those who follow us that's
6:39 pm
going to barnaby phillips is following developments for us at that meeting so bonamy how likely are the commonwealth leaders to decide to have prince charles as the head. we'll find out tomorrow or in the british government says they'll be an announcement then my own hunch is that it's going to happen within the caffre coded language that the queen uses i don't think she would have been standing up and saying it was her sincere wish that her son would succeed in less it was going to happen if you follow me of course it leaves the commonwealth open to the accusation that it is no more than the british empire to go but i think that the queen can count on a fair amount of goodwill at this meeting and her wish and the wish of the british government is likely to prevail at this stage and how important is the commonwealth as an institution at this juncture feet the u.k. . i think it it's fair to say that in the
6:40 pm
light of the brics it referendum the commonwealth could potentially be a lot more important in terms of trade then it is but we're a long long way from there and if you look even you know that the biggest commonwealth economies countries like india and australia and you compare the amount of trade that britain has with those countries compared to let's say relatively small e.u. countries like like belgium it's quite a sobering comparison how much more trade britain does with the with with the e.u. at the moment in terms of the commonwealth overall purpose if you like i think things have changed since the eighty's those of us who can remember you know the struggle against apartheid the struggle for radio to turn into zimbabwe in those days commonwealth summits had a real edge and i think that has gone and you still sense that this is an organization that is looking for
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a role that it casts itself around it looks at worthy and important issues like ocean conservation like promoting young people's rights around this this body around the world that feels a little bit more for us a little bit vague at the moment i want to be philip thank you very much indeed. security forces have fired tear gas at protesters outside the senegalese parliament demonstrators angry about potential changes to electoral rules fearing it will block many candidates from running in next year's presidential election ikhlas haq has more from senegalese capital dhaka inside the national assembly are lawmakers debating a law that has brought parts of the city center of the capital to a standstill schools are closed roads are shut down i can smell tear gas that was fired moments ago to disperse an angry crowd of protesters members of the opposition the police have also arrested some of them now what's this law being
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debated inside well it requires for anyone running for office to have at least sixty seven thousand signatures to be illegible to run a political campaign why is this important well there are three hundred political parties in senegal if this law is through the national assembly and that will be the end of it for most of them and some members of the opposition accuse the president of tweaking the constitution ahead of the presidential campaign this would bring more support to his political party human rights organizations accuse the government of heavy handedness of using the security forces to clamp down on the opposition arresting some of them firing tear gas unnecessarily and making protests illegal in a democracy at stake for many this isn't just a law being passed it's about protecting democracy and the reputation senegal has as a long standing democracy in africa. that's it for me for
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a moment that teetering into foreign thank you all india supreme court has decided there will be no further investigations into the death of a lower court judge in two thousand and five the current president of india's ruling party the b j p ahmed shah was accused of ordering extra judicial killings a case that gained national attention of the judge who was hearing the case died in two thousand and fourteen under mysterious circumstances and shah was discharged by the next judge who took over the case however rights activists have questioned the circumstances behind judge harsh and lawyers death alleging he was facing political pressure in the case pressure on is a lawyer who filed the petition to investigate judge lawyers death he says the supreme court's decision does not add up. the. party had blood stains on the shirt we shouldn't have been there if he had died of
6:44 pm
a heart attack. and then after further facts came out which sure that the she also pointed out that the he was not done. and then when he did a portside in the game one of the dead is was purportedly staying with him also said that the city was not done because the machine was not working but then the city was produced and that the city even charged two cardiologists they said that this doesn't show any evidence or architect the government as a lang exclusively on the statements of these dead is who have been produced as witnesses though they have not come on over. and two of the dead is in this bench what hitting this man red from bombay got from that ashtray and who knew he is that this person to be so i said would it be proper. for because the law on this is that no judge should here. involving somebody that he
6:45 pm
knows many well and therefore amount to a conflict of interest the same holds true if a crucial witness in the case of the also known to the judge so i was then given that it would be a problem but for you to hear in this matter then they have taken a friend even on that they have said that danny attempt to raise questions and ask questions to those that is for example bush and that where it said that he wants to cross-examine the judges let them come on in the witness box because all kinds of questions need to be asked as to why did three that just stay in when in a room with two beds and so on many many quest sense and needed to be asked but the dead just say that any attempt to even question the did is amounts to contempt of court it's an arts astounding proposition a flaw. well the entire island of puerto rico has lost power again.
6:46 pm
here with fish off the grid story so as a tell us why. puerto rico was plunged into darkness on wednesday in the biggest krakow on the island since hard hit last year but to make matters worse it's barely been a week since a tree fell on a power line cutting electricity to eight hundred forty thousand people the island's lectures to authority three said it would take up to thirty six hours for power to be restored the outage interrupted crosses and forced dozens of businesses to temporary closed now quite unfortunate because that morning puerto rico's authorities have been boasting that less than three percent of the island's residents were without power and this video was posted on twitter because of the power outage a train in san juan came to a stop between stations and you can see there some passengers had no choice but to get off and walk along the tracks to safety now some people to have been using
6:47 pm
generates is to work around the blackouts and it certainly didn't stop a baseball game in san juan between the minnesota twins and cleveland indians but puerto rican say they have run out of patience and reporter and t.v. hosts are also rivera called preppers the audience and edgy authority he called them incompetent in net and corrupt and the puerto rican gov tweeted as well his he said he's committed to push what he called trail blazing reforms to the energy sector but he did receive a load of messages and responses including from this person who says i'm so ashamed of puerto rico's government you know the system is weak and it has been for years to stop the lies and that seems to be something we keep hearing and seeing online as well and in the us has also tweeted the governor as well saying you've had test and evil must reach out to you even it costs too much money the people of puerto rico. now he's referring of course to the american auto make an energy company
6:48 pm
tesla which has come to the rescue before in several places around the world including puerto rico itself and that happens off the hard maria it provided hundreds of battery packs and solar panels to the caribbean islands and it seems it has done it again this time but test let's say it's it has over a thousand batteries that delivering power to six hundred and sixty two locations and it's always updating its many follows that way that we received lots of responses hundreds and fax from people praising the sea you know musk for his efforts in puerto rico and this one simply says in musk we trust so. find me on social media sort of find out you can always get in touch with us any time sarah thank you australia's great barrier reef is unlikely to recover from the marine heat waves that have killed much of its coral in recent years that's the
6:49 pm
stark assessment of researchers the james cook university in townsville so they say a furred of the reef was cooked to death that's as water temperatures rose as one degree above average in two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen that's due to a combination of climate change and the el nino weather cycle so this coral bleaching they say has caused radical changes in the mix of life within the reef as only the toughest species have survived scientists say the focus now needs to be on protecting the remaining corals by curbing climate change and water pollution terry hughes is the head of the center of excellence for coral reef studies at australia's james cook university he says much of the damage done is repairable. the two things can happen when a coral breaches it can either regain its color at the temperatures drop in the following winter or if the bleaching is extreme which it was in the northern seven
6:50 pm
hundred kilometer stretch of the great barrier reef in significant numbers of the corals of the guy so this study involves revisiting the same reefs where we documented the bleaching in march nine months later and on average across the entire length of the great barrier reef we found that one in three corals died from the twenty sixteen bleaching event i wouldn't describe the reef as dying by any means so we refer to different species of corals as being relative winners versus losers the losers are the heat sensitive species that bleach more readily and that have much higher levels of mortality those are typically branching corals but we also have winners so we have now have a fool looking at the great barrier reef system where half the corals are still alive thats about it billion corals a lot of species and a lot of genetic diversity. we'll take
6:51 pm
a break but once again for our facebook viewers here is a bonus story about russia. was brought into a soccer match. in just a moment in sport le bron james makes another performance in the n.b.a. playoffs but it's an awkward question after the match that really has people talking so i will be here in a minute. thank
6:52 pm
you but i can't get out of sports today here's joe barry in thank you the name le
6:53 pm
bron james was treated out some fifty thousand times across the united states earlier today after a stop performance in the n.b.a. playoffs he had forty six points and seventeen rebounds as his cleveland cavaliers tied their best of seven series with the indiana pacers one one but that wasn't the only reason why he was trending and i had to do with a post much interview earlier in the day it was announced the wife of san antonio spurs coach gregg popovich died off an illness aaron pup of which was just as much as a part of the n.b.a. family as her famous husband and the braun was also about straight off that he's going. the first account of that hearing touch not make it like i think is the way i know you're listening to any words or thoughts you'd like to share with him live . in atlanta really really. feelin libya. to me i was from a huge common man. down
6:54 pm
a long time i mean i. was a such a tragedy and you know my best wishes goes out to paul but his family. and all the devastating bills and. all the. there's a lot i mean to me a family we all sit together and i know we could be there but i. think something like this happens it really puts everything in perspective so hey i'm not you know upset. about the well wishes my prayers up to the heavens above an automatic never makes a mistake even when you sometimes actually actually live but. that's just terrible you know. that's a lot about it and everybody inside its own little hole stirs family. that's all i can say oh yeah well of course it was uncomfortable to watch le bron in such an emotional and difficult moment but many of you felt the reporter on the force was out of line for also him by the strongest responses were actually from other sports
6:55 pm
journalists like michael grange who says real life is not a reality show my kids cringed any adult betta let him learn about it in private and respond when if he chooses shameful and jordan's i'm a hero seemed to produce a must have pushed the force to all psych questions says if eels grice because twenty one network wanted to make me a while i roll clip alcibiades but then they studio came to light of the fall speaking to le bron moments before the interview on the network said she given him the news and also if he wanted to respond before he went live something the liberal later confirmed when he had a chance to compose his thoughts. and a lot of people felt like i was blindsided and that is absolutely false. alan the force told me that she was going to ask me the question and if it was ok. and once i started talking about it once we were on air. actually my emotions just kind
6:56 pm
of took over and that was just my emotions coming straight from our heart. about the lady here and you know public events. this unfortunate you know. you know this tragic loss. my thoughts my prayers i once again goes out to the public this family to greg to the spurs family you know the whole spurs fan base and. and also guys that you know plays get off the force back because she followed the proper protocol and she wore me so. get off our back man she's very professional and she does a great job at her work when i heard early a hell of a call that an n.b.a. family many of them have been reacting to the death of aaron popovich eleven time n.b.a. champion bill russell tweeted this they were married for decades my whole goes out
6:57 pm
to him and his family a time n.b.a. all star steve nash said knowing paul it's fettucine aaron popovich was an absolute legend my deepest sympathies to pope and his daughter and now brooklyn nets point go to jeremy lin write this forty years of marriage it's bigger than basketball the n.b.a. family mourning this loss the news is also sprung on golden state warriors style kevin durant. only going to go against the now. that it's going to. hurt don't. write was something like it's a finish on a are you a penny stick a book collector b. whether because what you're getting may not be the real thing
6:58 pm
a counterfeit operation has been cracked by proven officials the book allows football fans to stick his of each competing player at the world cup and it goes back to nine hundred seventy more than twenty thousand fakes was seized in peru with three hundred fifty thousand dollars a sticky situation for the two people arrested. well you can get in touch with me on twitter i'm at jack i'll be back with more eight hundred gnc of an hour hand you back to during the thank you that will do it for this newsgroup remember to keep in touch with us on social media just use the hash tag a.j. news grid all the other ways to connect our right there we're on twitter we're on facebook and not as our what's up number we will see you back here in studio fourteen a fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. on friday thanks for watching see you about.
6:59 pm
the scene for us where there online what is a very new sign in yemen that peace is almost possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that is choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist in his close to the story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
7:00 pm
al-jazeera. with every. fast furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child jockeys are risking their young lives writing to women are they being exploited in the name of tradition one on one east investigates on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations was that the so many nationalities. it is just that we all come to different places but it's one that gives us that gives us the ability to identify with. the side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera.


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