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tv   Inspiring Science - Thailand  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2018 7:32pm-7:40pm +03

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and we'll continue what we're doing or whatever it is that will continue but something will happen cuba's new president has vowed to continue the socialist revolution as the nation turns the page on nearly six decades of castro rule again and then has been sworn in by m.p.'s in havana as role castro stepped down after ten years as president yes commends the first cuban leader born after fidel castro's nine hundred fifty nine revolution and also the first not to fulton it. in syria rebels in a town near damascus have agreed to hand in their weapons under a deal negotiated by russia the fighters in demand are being evacuated to rebel held areas in northern syria hundreds of rebels are leaving along with their families. iraq has launched airstrikes against eisel targets in syria on mr hyder and about his office says iraqi fattah jets carried out a deadly raid against arsenal fighters in a border area syrian and iraqi forces have driven arsal nearly all of its previous
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territory iraq has stepped up its campaign to clear remaining are still held areas this week france's president is facing another day of nationwide protests it's the latest in weeks of demonstrations by railway employees public sector workers and students it gives in money and because planned reforms for public services and universities earlier this week rail workers resumed their rolling strike adding two weeks of train delays across the country there's headlines rebel education is next more news for you after that thanks for watching xena but by fire. education matters the universal rights to expand arise and offer better prospects
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the passport to a better life yet around the globe schools an institution at breaking point systems been deemed to be no longer vet. schools of all and how they want identifying the sale of the knowledge needed in the twentieth century but now a new wave of rebel education is sweeping. the educate and a radically changing the way. challenging the old way and back on the create same opportunities which will impact in the bench more often and then tie a community.
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for. the next few. days.
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a lot hotter in your mind only in detail how you do if you don't know how to get some of the. effect. on the world and. so. inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that can set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals vegetation has led to staggering results even in prison with these old ricin that they was. teaching empowerment kenya part of the rebel education series at this time on al
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jazeera. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession leadership. and josie a pose the story of a decline of the innocent and the and the remember. the conduct of the sold three on a jersey or. the nature's news as it breaks this was a great a lecture about it was going to win but it was about by how much with detailed
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cover each the syrian civil war the lives and tutsi but what is new or different is that each the some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players could end up trading a cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. fast furious and sometimes fatal mongolia's child jockeys are risking their young lives riding to win are they being exploited in the name of tradition one on one east investigates on al-jazeera.


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