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tv   Golden Dawn Girls  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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al jazeera where ever you are. a story fourteen hundred years in the making. a story of succession and leadership. and josie a tells the story of a decline of the innocent and the end of an empire. the kind of assault three on a. hello
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melting down is in doha and these are the top stories here it is there cuba has a new president ending nearly six decades of castro rule miguel diaz canel was sworn in on thursday succeeding eighty six year old raul castro a latin america editor lucien human reports from the cuban capital of ana thank historic moment without a story shift chapter but with a similar script and thunderous applause president raul castro passed on the baton to his chosen successor scan is clearly not the governing alone. all going to the generation of adele and raul remains intact comment army general role castro will remain the first secretary of the communist party and as such will lead the major decisions of our country now and in the future.
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dia's canel is a communist party cato cording to castro has passed all the tests of loyalty to the cuban revolution. but the real end of the castro era will take another three years from. when the eight party congress and the gradual and orderly transfer of our main responsibilities are made to the new generations is then if my health allows that i will become just one more soldier along with the cuban people defending this revolution. on the streets there was no commotion and little excitement. i magine there won't be any drastic change anytime soon but something will change for better or worse. but i'm not watching this i hope there is a change for the better and that's what we're all hoping for. with an israel and subsidies almost gone. needs to transform cuba's ailing soviet style economy
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it's a why were we generally means that he knows how the world loses. knows the mechanics of the system but is taking over added difficult time of renewed tensions with washington under president donald trump and while the us can and does represent a generational shift here in terms of the crucial relationship of cuba's powerful northern neighbor it's back to the old cold war days you see in human al-jazeera how the. south korea's president says the north claims it will give up his nuclear program without a precondition of removing u.s. troops from the south the comments from in the follow a warning from president trump that he'll walk away from talks with north korea's leader if they're not fruit for the missing to take place next month or in early june. russia has denied accusations from the us it is trying to delay international inspectors getting to the site of a suspected gas attack the still waiting for access to the area in duma almost
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a week after they arrived in syria over forty people were reportedly killed in the alleged attack almost two weeks ago i was going to speak truth it's absolute rubbish a lie that russia prevents inspectors from entering duma we don't know what made them think that from the beginning we were sincerely interested in sending o.p.c. w. inspectors there we made public statements and that moreover we contacted the syrian side so that all documents including visas were provided to the inspectors as soon as possible thousands of arabs israel is a valid in protests on the seventieth anniversary of the creation of israel known by palestinians as nakba all the catastrophe was. those races gathered in the small coastal village which has become one of the symbols of the palestinian struggle. south africa's new president has cut short his trip to the u.k.
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to deal with the violent protests back home several run a poser is calling for calm in northwest province where demonstrators are demanding the region's leaders step down thousands of students of march in the chilean capital of santiago demanding an end to profit making in higher education riot police used pepper spray and water cannons to disperse demonstrators is the first mass student rally under the new government of president sebastian pinera fragile to date those are the latest headlines witness is next.
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he said if people. act on else it cannot be unmet or demas than honesty. they're not going to i'm not hung up on a shelf tall. order maggie called them out for the many f.a.p. . most in a good deal of my meal is not any good in the lab or. more singing in the air maria is. it's just the line it's no matter means national news things are. what happened to greece. for me it used to be blue skies and beaches windsurfing and friendly people a summer paradise for a guy from the cold north. but there is trouble in paradise.
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what you must you patronize meet me. there my supine almost forget this i thought but what if i thought i might care to see i . i. i. i met jenny first she has a master's degree in international relations and politics. and janet is married to this is the central committee a former black metal bassist from big ticket.
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when i met janet her husband was impressed. try to explain later. i don't know why they let us into golden dawn she never asked anything about me much less my political position. i was left to this little bit to get caught up was going to get my feel good. that he wasn't on the side of the only of the media when i think small pieces they are going to be. they call him mr levison mr meo and no i don't she bought them of your fairy a modest plot a sugar glider sure but not to get a bigamist off to the value of these and let us live with. them honest they had a public sentiment i want to be if you could to me scott that's going to.
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jenny introduced me to duff me the mother of. another high ranking gold medal member but he was also in jail stuff me a lot to tell me about but she was a submarine engineer and when she was a hospital director and when she was an active socialist and. doctor to get her i was surprised when she showed me a picture of herself with the daughter of a shake about. your political.
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get the away bit. to keep. in mind to believe the key. to. the christianity. he will. tend to go to out on the daughter of the chief. just for you to be the daughter of the chief. if you're in a pause yemen and if you have a bunch from. sunup another kid then asked you in that set up is this one of the guest book by this let's go to your students. how would you put on a four hour door break to go call mark the subservient one and start the odds are good what we then have the support they've accumulated secured ahead of the common good that he had a very young as the b. steps again if you can get better you know mr dobbs movie or be so in the good but
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you want to preserve isn't a fist is removed but i'm honest movie. you'll be at the hearing i'm a man called the surveys. because she's also sitting. there she. was there as usual for a while because it was a good dog you know. with all the months of him asking my kids to near there but at the same give it all before i start there what are the numbers to strike in a message that i don't list a skill i care. a particular pair that say because i'm on it all that's nice you should spoil there's much more than a b. c. in the bin trial year can the comments not. this.
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the only child of the founder and chief of golden dawn was studying psychology. in there the but. he then uses these names where whole. problem is in the loki this mythical i know. that he had a gun but of course i am going to bust. out the devil. you know what i feel. yeah so this is there's more. and then no one photography up of if someone has to get out of the blue get on one of the be longing for the lost ones i'm out that are. young. and the whole me so but the ghost did they have one of our. guest the same name we have values and one of them use one up off it and therefore by the.
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little me a small pot of gold and all as a newspaper can be. literal he developed it into a small movement on the fringes of the extreme right. but in the wake of the financial crisis in two thousand and twelve the party went from a few thousand to four hundred thousand votes. thinking that's all right thank you very much thank you thank you. i. one day told low tide there's the next eighteen members in parliament. i think golden dawn like the sudden attention. for tennis has spent featured in some controversial clips she never talked to me about it. so i'm going to give you.
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i am. planning. on going to the getting out is what i was wonderful. i. was the. god it was. kind of what i was saying at the door he was just the start i feel i must remember this we're going to get pretty thin in the kind of going to do that i see you have to out of what i would only see the one he was by you and everybody because now there was he was going i'm going to write this is like i thought so i got this thing to give you think about something of course it will be the gaze of god like i'm going to listen to bigger posting your views about it i'll look silly i like going together so many opportunities i was looking for a way to get janet to talk about the more difficult stuff. but she changed the subject to the founding of the last month. he was elected to the can
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now k. what do you want and how was for you for me yes he was and there is much. to . i was getting my tongue has a lot on the on no i always say the end. of the quarter oh rama this monday got a bit of my stage i am better. and bottom up or. let's just. some company fun making a decision for my liking your little horn of and i must all. be a potential. mortal man and i. got this right of him about what all mike sigman i must enough when he was just talking of all you have to do the labor for others like it is a snare or licks take it back the other several hundred feet there go with anybody
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got menard's will lift the lips of the can see are you now for i don't know that you don't let's go over so began. pouring out even i got there said a suitable growing up the medical fields i was trying to understand their political platform. it looked like the try to get the broken class and their sorry speaking against the establishment he did everything for your own make about me. getting a lover that got out just out anymore me up the more you. called describes itself a social nationalist. which to me sounds pretty close to national socialist. ideology and also germany. if you give me i will miss the good but we're going to tell you jack you're going to be a young guy who will only be merely listen i've got my peeps on me now only see an
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obvious way of you might be good now when you see it as you do make. it unique will probably much. not warm up with a lot of me happy you get through. oh my god look there's a body. this is a vitamin e. a d. and. it's. just these are the children of softness on company a priest. jury. and accept a. different.
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you know. her other son on the guilt is a just marriage but entering parliament and both expecting his first child you see him wouldn't you agree viewers are going to these you know with. an attorney. or similarly who they're going to be able to. look somebody be you you know what you mean here years old was a no no mean we do we just miss some of the guilt this was a well known figure but things became complicated when media started asking questions. but i'm still a mother who was prepared to make you make those the car you want to go and i'm just going to lead of course thinking mom you think i've been talking about that i'm going to make some architecture fredricka promoted to get my me out there. and
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they were about massage so i'm out of the operative scared me out guy at r.p. metro mexico mc you may be a little bit of all your money cargo that ups are pretty good but i'm going to try to go about this there are. some. open me the ball. the most the pieces start this business have you seen the guy that got all is a macbook so if the up with da so the guy. but they. this is some of us then his name a geek that. could lead by men. made by deuce drop the big b. not that the vice is the. man oughtn't to sistema saying the city f.i.d. i still believe this blast in the mess and medal says this isn't really a simple recent incident in the city. streets and review.
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what of that i have the latest wires off here either side i mean you've got to use . your common i was not one of the marquis i just got to put on a course got ya off the bat i could honestly arsenal beyond the game is kind of off the ball but i'm not going to see. it be bought up only after time i get these f.e.n.'s eight hundred feet off the thing now all you have to. get a garden and the found. on me met my mood that. then you got. a hit that the sack may not lead to that. he might see the deceased on the back. and ask congress you know please. every time i confronted them with new reports of violence their answers remain the
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same it was a misunderstanding the media was off to them. i was sworn in but it. takes journalists. i started to worry about the safety of my crew. even more so when i learned that the golden dawn supporters had killed an anti-fascist. two years to get. here i never hard not to know by the distances are used.
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to get out. almost. got me up for the spot i see all of us like a. human needing more things to. do they are. the less. actually there was some the question was do you want to see. if you think any of the book we would leave those why you make of that was certainly useful for the first time. you remember for the day. you. would live on the day because would we wish we didn't even pay attention to that oh
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the mother not the thing you ought to say at least from the music that if they did act it we all think it was certain he did it for he added. that so listen to me this is the last time we talk about the past ok we don't. talk about the past let's see if the next one no one. wanted you. to me they could deny their assaults name a prince or their anti-democratic going to taste even the killing but the prosecutors where it's always to convince the charge the leaders. threatening a criminal organization. yeah. or. at least i.
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or i. or. so. they've been there for the rest so you can give something away so. ok. it's safe to say days yeah it's gone in my head because. of the memories. so if the fed and i mean all of them up they don't all of them done enough sky himself. he will not see for them to put on the ground and he had to let him believe the most intimate of it was. and what it was up. to the book. that.
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was how i was. really. rude. and if it is about standing in a baby boy he got. this a. i still am the gay male blah. oh see that next just no mickey alley dennis to speak to more than a bong no i leave that up although i've been a bookie he said game last and not. least game was done. yet to figure skate theory alluvial will face this pretty soon but out of the water to go to the altie yard was good when he's good but i got to see the office open up to many of the media for the rest of so many years that artistic just kicks in and does dallas economics at our studios it is good the other talking but if you like to see you look at every political struggle to give him all you down maybe he's
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released. everything i feel i just thank you become that's the idea you got here in this country that you can but is. growing up according to the good guys were the good it's the really good ol mobile . and messiaen the. law. to see them as they came out on. the bottle some in a devolved issue may make you like his manager but at this get the nod just get in on last this you know what i see the ad is it then again you feel it is men from what is. with the men expected to be held in custody for a year or more before trial i wonder how this would change the women. did this make
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them reflect on the actions of golden dawn. but there are just peoples no me me me or locally organised estate over. any one time limit very peculiar but merely just this is i'm used to running with the local economy giving me miss patterson i was going to use the gun i. wanted to be able to get and i think it was very you know. if it were. me. also. i had hoped they would separate themselves from golden dome after the imprisonment how much. obviously they had.
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soon new events would make them even more devoted to their course. a month after the murder of. two members of golden dawn were killed in their adventure take on the street outside their office. but i'm not a veil of the doubt it's brought this because this is worse than a doctor all over this kind of bubble surely i'm just missing mother. after the shock people who are able to hear me well you might see. yes miss summers. night after the killings. the priest gave a sermon in the streets commemorated at the golden dawn members.
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to. pat. pat. the scene for us whether online what is a parent sending him and that piece is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe challenge your perception but i was hearing sounded so far fetched that i thought there were guys
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long behold it was true groundbreaking documentary. fearless journalism their life their reality. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. everything we do is being and it's being weak and it's being measured for intelligence agencies all . to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. be. i could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera.
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hello again that is in doha and these are the top stories here it out as they are keep his new president says he'll continue with the socialist revolution after nearly six decades of castro rule miguel diaz kinetics was sworn in on thursday he succeeds eighty six year old raul castro diaz canal is the first given needed not to have pulled in the one hundred fifty nine revolution south korea's president says the north claims it'll give up its nuclear program without a precondition of removing u.s. troops from the south the comments from me in the follow a warning from president trump that he's prepared to walk away from talks with north korea's leader if they're not truthful the meeting is expected let's month or in early june. russia has denied accusations from the us that is trying to delay international inspectors from getting to the site of a suspected gas attack in syria they say waiting for access to the area in duma
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almost a week after they arrived all of the forty people were reportedly killed in the alleged attack she. was going to use to sleep. it's absolute rubbish a lie that russia prevents inspectors from entering duma we don't know what made them think that from the beginning we were sincerely interested in sending o.p.c. w. inspectors there we made public statements and that moreover we contacted the syrian side so that all documents including visas were provided to the inspectors as soon as possible thousands of arab israelis have rallied to him protests on the seventieth anniversary of the creation of israel known by palestinians as nakba all the catastrophe. was. there is rated gathered at a small coastal village which has become one of the symbols of the palestinian struggle south africa's new president has cut short his trip to the u.k.
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to deal with violent protests back home cyril ramaphosa is calling for calm in northwest province where demonstrators are demanding the region's lead to step down they accuse supra. of corruption thousands of students of march in chile's capital santiago demanding an end to profit making in the higher education police used pepper spray and mortar cannon to this first demonstrators is the first mass student rally into the new government of president sebastian pinera let's go back to it. for. some of. them that.
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was the only thing the police came to say was. this money to give up on the phone also meant. dan something the president. of. the family rights is. my. hope. was. in the election of two thousand and fifteen every minute golden dome got to be the stars. the men priests weakness stuff now tonight on the come to life and. they were not the victim of cinema and. get close oh me i love love love.
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i. i. i. i. i. i i i . a bottom of all the men these cannot i love. the man fast be born of all the maggots we see so yes but i want to. marry the girl to the draft all a sundays because you feel miserable to a lot of people who only say. if you have any fish they want to watch you.
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they were being a poet in the direction that was frightening. and then i can have a piece you can see i've given anything but enough about it and was mostly morning president bush you know going to get some of those movies where the road. was on the outside. of the by going it was you know. most of us rumors of a given time and time and. that begin to go up what does lead must at that get it been a hit is looming. a stadium aisa may ask about was able to stand up enough to
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benefit as many. election campaign sort of falls pastes to remember for everybody to promote. i don't think most of the political issues really fueled. their million macos knowledge see physics on that got back on the douglas yeah those. dumbass. eking say but i've been. at the little man enough to some level of. violence we have does must be. dishonest to set mr morsi stepanek up to going but he had his moment. with the women in the lead. golden dawn came out to the shuttle. like it
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was something that. would go something like but i realized that i actually could go into a place i still had set up to do. especially in a go when noel could have been a flake is my most awful bad but it would have all the bugs it off in a out of the golf course and the money would come up that was over and above we not that was about motive though not power of a couple to see like kill all the nasty stuff we get as we see it as it was yesterday that ministry like it that my school bus that popped up i had to sign on must think that it actually felt good. but it also i was reminded to see like this little boy what are you all. about that old or older than i said you've been up to the civil must that you're not sent out here as a whole crowd to jessica hook them with that i was like i'm
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a human what are you going to get when you stand a lot about the women also what are known it will be washed up to be got. who disappeared on the loose i must find out somebody's been immersed in this want to know you must. still say look you know you haven't got the squirrels waterless must have one was my dear you're lucky enough to be asking if i have to do most of the time it. to block them in the school to get to the fifty s. in a room not it's the sound of the sixth sense not the one but i begin to prove my love . that i do still have some little thing to say it's to me i mean there's no mix in the service but when you see i'm a standing there's one i make sense of so you see i'm so funny i can that it's true i must have a menu and. i know he's must see that decision. no you don't want to. come on now i know.
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you know the building test you have this is on. the next day they denied me access to their offices. but regard celebrating their massive win in pulling voters to the left in greece the sun is rising for the right golden dawn the extreme nationalist party golden dawn used to be the fifth largest in parliament it's now the third biggest party in greece after sunday's election is going to leave. me the next that they see.
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it as must see that. it is you know there are still you know and that the leadership of course it goes to show that it's like a stick of it she said look at the actual solution to everyone else first they should make sure who it was because i got the we have one that's you know that's one of us just like sometimes i can't take that hearing so. i.
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will celebrate. just waiting for the men to be released from custody. but instead the prosecutor announced the charges against. the most important thing yet to make out people think he's going to see sam got those clothes the audience to see ma'am execute me to give you simply because the able for me of the set may go to that no mo i was invited back to the headquarters again you want to come inside the walls of the other goes out to the people who don't get. what you want but the front of the room ok so you're going to have a static filming not the going inside and stuff like that. and you're good. but no i mean you had me.
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going in there is a ole miss universe because there are no one should save their lives here so that would have been a cent. and maybe legislated till the b.s.a. . got to go to my notion is your orders get him a nice duffy to see in oregon or st on a little steam yacht r.c. had to be the navy to see me out of. the net but on and off she got an advantage from the other hand i phone with us. good economy. and now there's a democratic. vision of us to do unless you know those agreements because that as if the fish is no more no more not given enough it can have to do to many you can actually. push it you could minister to boredom or not we are going to the fullest best examples there is of course the list never again for you have they found a useful to the focus here to talk at all when you go to no end now you're still
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here for me i got told that you go to bed if its difficult to go home and i think you've already gotten to make i don't believe they might have just got to go to your house. one of them. i did he says he made a point you could have been thinking this criticism is up with you know be a couple see as heard he was the sort of honest isn't it golden color yeah it was good mike at least that was i was most likely to go to my no would have done this. if this gets up with to let us not do this i looked as if they had a modicum much miles. this c.s. . should. be going to just. as much as will be in the money going to face immediately ask if she can proceed exist and they can go to school post office have to fill the need to make full
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decent and honest money is what i'm asking so to give you the company if you would be so if you want to be just refused to. let you in it would i'm texting. if you supposedly have a that i don't have. much then i've had the next one all of them i
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love. it i'm in the us come in there's a little coming up on just as this and this i'm a oh my gosh that would have been a million bucks when me and upset a lot of them i don't. take on the government the way they got to the actual. copy i got i got a panic i got get i going to get pissed on this. kind and all of the go. go go i will leave because you have either joined on and on or goes on and i know he'll see the ball and i know there's no way what is going to get i get i don't know whether. they've been going to what it. thought. this then all the other dead people their money i'm going to this and it's a little bit of his and it was a little bit of his mistake after a while and i thought i would so we're going to be going to you when you do. it will be riddled actually getting
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a bit of what america doesn't. mean. the . more you know. me and others think you know that most. of the. scene on the got us. at the end of the pool. morpheme when i get. behind him as he. denies he is a nice. guy but then. at the half a day. in greece and convicted people cannot be held in custody for more than eighteen months. so just a trial was beginning to accused her of being released from prison.
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inmate. oh no. thank you but is there any of. this. me was that view. indeed not bottom of the job i get this stuff though i get but i get good at. this because i'm
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a. bit. you see you say that's not me but it's not easy to find out what that was there and they're coming along with it. as you rightly. say but the bottom line. is that it's really. fun to hang me if i have to do it. properly but one of the goodness if that's the best ever get it is your big day. and i may get bored but i need to put up what you. putting out.
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and then came out the custody. for the payment which he's been. nothing but treated changed. most of the matter. is. you know. my thinking. is that that i would speculate but on the front of the movie of all this in the us. i doubt it was that i simply was not. part of the. reason. why. yes.
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thank. you. you. you you you. meet her
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going to ruin my memory and her record. her family her very broken are we looking at. her. verdict for the trial not reached for years. but the leaders of golden dawn are but i can also. i know thank. you. for all of you think this documentary will be in the. i have to admit that there is a very complicated film to make because you have like a mosque it's very difficult to come behind in the film with any new yes because
4:53 am
you are it when you talk i'm in the interviews who are so like into and it's very hard to get under the gear mosque scene of the mosque just everything is a part of me when we talk politics this is me but the one where relaxed this is no soul. this is your father. he's adorable. i think he should like this part of his story but don't think now in his sixty's that his a nazi you know this is your this you know good god sagal yeah and the second leader will know they're going to know who's wrongly that there's no second third of the people he's close to your father and this is his son he's doing this for us so what do you want to do. so that's why i
4:54 am
wonder when you say your father is not the master do you really believe it yourself yes sources this is the self the peter you lie to yourself i didn't know to myself and i'm not. even part of the nazis so. it's hard to get broken and take your time to believe it's ok you don't have to believe that. you can love him but you can say that i don't support you. i supports everything about my father yes. i support every single fight of what he does he thinks he believes and adds and that's my job. do you support the masses. i will put some sort of question you're just trying to
4:55 am
put things in my mouth and that's not to gay with me in office that's because it isn't in my way not to understand to answer something. do i have to because you feel weird about it. no i will not say something just because you feel weird about it. i hope this was something. you know. just me. i hope that you can say i don't support. that why should i say that because the most is good so many cool but why do you need me to say that i am human and i would like to see some people think it .
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is a form of choices. but it. doesn't like your bicycle going to get busted if i think it is a. little . thing here.
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within the buddhism exclusion zone a toxic nuclear wasteland touching any vegetation is far better than. the writing system. defining the surviving on the home they'd planned to ghana and land contaminated vines postie conservation fine unshakable sense of belonging to witness. on al-jazeera.
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the weather not so far away from pots of north america we should see temperatures stopping to recover a little not really feeling that spring like that into the northeastern corner so that eastern side of town is also getting up to around six celsius on friday hopefully as we go through the weekend we may even get up towards double figures new york at eleven degrees just about into double figures at least it is dry across that eastern side of north america central areas still seeing some rain some snow
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there spilling off the rockies only twelve celsius for denver and that cool west the weather starting to dig in as we go on into sassy eventually it will move across the deep south some useful rainfall making its way through here still a little bit of snow on the back it's cold enough and also close to double figures not decrease just to wrong to just about getting there but a well we've got to dry weather into the caribbean but some wet weather to say particularly around the gray. this little line of clout here that'll stretch its way right down and soon the regular costa rica into panama by possible in jamaica southern parts of cuba the right to these as we go through sas deiced in the south has some showers looking further northwards into guatemala but lost the fine for the lesser antilles. to one predictable deja's i've been working on north korea policy for almost thirty years i can't tell you what the u.s.
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policy is towards north korea finding first what they want to deter an attack from the united states as the us struggles to define its foreign policy lines examines the potential fallout so we don't see really is a strategy designed to get those talks started because if they expect to surrender fire in fury trumps north korea crisis on al-jazeera he ruled for nearly half a century. a controversial political figure in the cold in the middle east and one who was never far from crisis at home or abroad. in a two part series. tells the story of king hussein of jordan episode to. face. at this time on al-jazeera.


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