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natures news as it breaks this was a great election about privilege that could set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals vegetation has led to staggering results even in prison for fifteen years is all recent but they were secretly. teaching empowerment kenya part of the rebel education series at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martine denis coming up in the next sixty minutes north korea says it will suspend new clear and
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missile tests and shut down a nuclear test site. new calls for an investigation into the israeli use of force on palestinian protesters after four people were killed in friday demonstrations. the syrian government moves on the remaining rebel held area near the capital. of south african president returns home after a violent protests in northwestern province. we're going to start to this news hour with breaking news coming from north korea because the official news agency is reporting that the country has now decided to stop own new clear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests now this is an announcement that comes ahead of the meeting between the north and south korean
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leaders which is settled for april the twenty seventh let's talk to our correspondent now in the south korean capital seoul kathy novak and kathy this statement came as something of a surprise. absolutely it's a major shift in policy it seems from north korea would take many people here on the korean peninsula and indeed around the world by surprise i was certainly surprised to hear this is not what you would expect to hear coming out of north korea the news from its state news agency saying that the leader kim jong un personally chaired a meeting of the central committee of the workers' party a government body there is in north korea where major policy decisions are made and announcing as you say that north korea will stop testing missiles also stop nuclear tests and shut down a major test site for its nuclear program in the north of the country to guarantee those promises that it is stopping its missile and nuclear tests the reason it says
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is because its nuclear weapons program is complete you'll recall just last year just months ago we saw a series of regular missile tests we saw the most powerful ever nuclear bomb test coming out of north korea and in the course of those tests north korea had actually declared to the world that its nuclear weapons program was a complete that it had the capacity it said to attack the united states with a nuclear weapon on the tip of an intercontinental ballistic missile and now it seems to be saying that it is satisfied that its weapons program is complete and it can shift now to its economic policy this is the signature jule policy that kim jong un the leader announced five years ago that he was pursuing a jewel policy of developing the nuclear weapons program and developing the economy and see seems to now be putting most of the focus into that economic development making shifts at the government level to focus on economic strategy because he says
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the nuclear weapons program is complete and he can make that shift towards economic development martin and cathy this. week in fact less of the week before that meeting between the leader of north korea and that is the south denuclearization being the aim the objective of that summit. absolutely and there had been questions leading up to that summit as to what could really begin to be achieved just this week president had been saying that he believes that north korea is committed to denuclearize ation and that had been an open question really among experts and analysts who had long said that north korea will never give up its nuclear weapons that it had always said that it needs that nuclear weapons regime to guarantee the security of the country which it always said was under threat from the united states and interesting lee in this statement coming up from casey in a the state news agency it talks about the global nuclear threat and it said that
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north korea will never use nuclear weapons as long as there are no nuclear threats and nuclear provocations towards our country so the broad question of denuclearization when it came to north korea have been how does it define denuclearization and how does it define the threat against it it always said that it was protecting against hostile u.s. policy for example had wanted the removal of u.s. troops from here in south korea so that there were no u.s. presence on the korean peninsula under the the broader u.s. nuclear umbrella but now it seems to be saying that it is satisfied enough to stop its nuclear and missile testing and it is making that announcement to its own people because this was always going to be a difficult thing to sell inside north korea because of course they are close to the outside world any news the north korean get or north koreans get comes from the government itself so if kim jong un were to make any concessions going in to this
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meeting with and indeed with into the expected meeting with the u.s. president donald trump the question had been how would it sell those concessions to the north korean people while it seems to be announcing internally now that it has made this decision unilaterally because it feels so secure and can now move on as i say to developing its economy all right cassie. thank you very much kathy novak our correspondent live in seoul now we can speak to ambassador christopher hill who's joining us via skype from denver in the u.s. he of course is head of the u.s. delegation to the six party talks on north korea and its nuclear issue thank you for joining us first of all is there any doubts then as to the sincerity of this statement. well you know i don't want to sound like a curmudgeon about this and certainly we're better off with a statement that would out and say well i would. issue a few cautions here first of all the way he's selling it that is to say we have
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already completed our uclear program or all set to go have it for the well where he don't he just did it more that's not the first time he said that he could certainly be playing a role in a process of even if he was a shit but it could also simply be boring the sense of power we don't he tells us it's nothing anyone can do about it so i mean look saussure secondly with respect to the shutting down of the test side to where it had some six years there has there been widespread reports in the media and elsewhere about the fact that you know he may be entering its final phase of a shelf life here. this would cause a collapse of the wound there are a lot of concern about just the ecology there so i'm going to be a little cautious but all that said it is pretty clear that we're positioned today that we were before right but let me let me let me jump in that and introduce the
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donald trump tweet because the president somewhere at the north korean statement and he has responded saying that. he says that north korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close up to a major test site this is very good news for north korea and the world big progress exclamation mark look forward to a summit is that is there any. any credibility to the theory that perhaps this is this is a pose if you like a ruse on the part of north korean the there in order to to placate the american president before they eventually meet if indeed that is the case. well as your order suggests that even north korea has politics and he needs to enjoy really shows people why he's doing things but certainly this is i think more who music
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as we get forward to go forward to the to do these two summits with the south korean president that was with you would be interested to hear from the national security advisor who's made an entire career of the notion that you cannot believe anything the north koreans say about anything so i'd be curious to hear whether john bolton has it he use and whether his views are are with like those of the pair apparently president trump with the slate is weak. we are going to get to a summit i think that's pretty clear the question is in the process of denuclearization will north korea give us a verification regime after all that was the issue that broke up a series of talks we have own ating in two thousand and eight we had no irritation and therefore we couldn't continue so we have there's been no talk about verification and so i think we need to be
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a little cautious until we start looking at the details all right and what do you think about i mean no doubt this is going to be presented as something of a of a success a triumph even on the part of the top administration do you think that it has been this huge slee provocative rhetoric that we heard between both sides run into the running up to the end of last year said the general assembly at the u.n. when the insults were flying back and forth do you think that it might have made that mad might have actually made a difference in terms of north korea's position. it's hard to say but if it is a success if it does mean that they really are here to denuclearize then our success always has been a popular said i'm sure president trump would be the first in line to play that his policy of what he calls maximum pressure has been successful in dissuading north
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korea i would suggest that we might hold off on share pay until we see what the details are are the very real desperation of their nuclear programs for example when they did just last in the summer of two thousand and eight they're able to salute any reference to any of the highly rich radio purchases there and they also are very very good about verification the greed that were the name at the time it is not and that's why the talks and didn't failure so you have to see but certainly are going to say this is the best they could have a baby paul is that we're awesome all right ambassador chris they have to thank you very much indeed all right let's take a look at that statement a little bit more closely then so we can get to the key points now it's said that north korea will hold nuclear tests it'll stop ballistic missile test launches
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and it will shut down a new of a nuclear test site north korea also pledges to join international efforts to stop all nuclear tests and it will never use nuclear weapons as long as there are no new clear threats towards the country. so anyway so that's the statement the breaking news is just being released on korean state media notice when state media within the past hour also circles will keep you right up to date with reaction to what could be a significant development on the korean peninsula in the meantime though let's look at other news and palestine's ambassador to the u.n. has called for an independent investigation into israel's use of force on protesters and this comes after four palestinians including a fifteen year old boy but killed by israeli gunfire in another day of demonstrations on gaza's border i think funerals for the latest casualties thirty five people have died so far in full weeks of protests calling for the palestinians
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right to return to ancestral lands i had a discussion with my colleague in geneva today after out of the. results of what happened today on the ground and he will be beginning the consultations with members of the human rights council so that the council to shoulder its responsibility with the possibility of moving in the direction of the independent and transparent. investigation more now from al jazeera has been a smithy has been at the girl's a border with israel during friday's protests he sent us this report. they've become a feature of the weekly palestinian confrontations with israel's military this friday the wind was with the protesters as clouds of smoke from burning tires drifted over israeli positions. but it's not enough to stop israel
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snipers and volleys of tear gas. others who you might think would be put off after previous experiences have instead come back for more muscle to show i don't care about the injury even if i lose my legs this will not stop me coming back. what happened here what people often reminded them about how calls we've come here to get our right of return on a lot of people states. but. i ask. this with giving something under the. i'm here to show my enthusiasm and to inspire the young guys to continue their struggle. the. the as he does every week hamas is leading gaza yassin was visited the protests the prime target for israeli snipers he'd have been easily spotted by the drones above but was protected by the crowds be love. this friday the count was moved three
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hundred meters closer to israel the ambition is that when these protests climax on may the fifteenth these towns will be the border between gaza and israel but after four weeks no demonstrations there's been nothing in the way of concessions from the israelis that would improve the daily life of palestinians living in gaza. burnitz with al-jazeera scars. and meanwhile israel's defense minister says hamas is wasting its time trying to gain the upper hand in the conflict and. we have all the support from the army from the chief of staff and everybody that something the other side must understand there is determined and trained army behind which are determined people support the army and he had to their residents of communities adjacent to gaza who are determined and ready to give all their bridge to the army this combination can't be beaten and it is a waste of time
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a waste of their if it i expect gaza residents to take their destiny into their own hands and not be led by hamas who are misleading them. syrian rebels have reportedly agreed to withdraw from the last area near the capital that's not in government hands the surrender of the own klav in south damascus which includes the yarmouk palestinian refugee camp what the entire region around the capital back in government control the army is continuing to bombard the area pending a full surrender it now means president assad is in his strongest position since the early stages of the seven year war. where the us is again warned syria's president about the use of chemical weapons the defense secretary jim mattis made the comments whilst pleasing his japanese counterpart and it comes a week after u.s. led strikes on weapons facilities in syria they were in response to a suspected chemical attack in damer on april the seventh syria and its ally russia
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deny it even happened. the whole support for that regrettable but necessary attack on here is his research engineering part of his. weapons program weapons of mass destruction right he will be all advised to ignore the international community statement and we stand ready to address anything in the future and the un special envoy for syria stefan de mistura says chemical weapons inspectors in duma should be allowed to do their job as quickly as possible and without interference seven de mistura has held talks with the russian foreign minister in moscow as he tries to renew diplomatic efforts to end the conflict where we challenge reports from moscow. following last week's anger over syria moscow seems in a restrained mood in an interview with the russian state information agency foreign minister sergey lavrov suggested last week's u.s.
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air strikes have been within limits acceptable for russia with us and. they were informed about where our red lines are including geographical red lines on the ground in any case the results show that they have not crossed these red lines. and he said neither side's generals would be drawn into open conflict in syria if they were. stupid i'm sure the need to president putin nor president trump will allow this to happen they are after all leaders who have been elected by the people and they are responsible to these people for peace and calm. is focused. diplomatically russia can afford to attempt to pause in hostilities with the us is on the ground much is going its allies way following the fall of eastern ghouta the syrian government forces damascus is moving against the remaining besieged anglaise of rebel activity one by one their fall in. the un has envoy to syria who was in
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saudi arabia and turkey earlier in the week has now come to moscow next will be iran de mistura is assessing whether the foreign powers involved in syria's war are ready to restart the un facilitated political process he acknowledged that recent days have been rough we had a very dangerous and very difficult and very tense week and. priority for the u.n. secretary is for a secure general and therefore the coming here and doing this tour doherty's all in various capitals and very much in moscow is to play early fish to lower the temperature seven to mr a maybe doing the different matter grounds with the intention of get. the geneva peace process back on track but there are those who question just how much life there is actually left in this particular u.n. sponsored format. people like analyst dimitri from love ski he thinks de mistura is
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rights to still be pushing for dialogue but feels that the scramble for syrian territory by russia turkey iran and the u.s. has changed the game beside. them. the most decisive argument. less real forces and troops on the ground. and with bashar al assad feeling that perhaps a total defeat of the rebellion is within his reach there's no obvious reason for syria's president to return to the negotiating table right now. al-jazeera. lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including. the two words love. students lead another call for action on gun violence on the nineteenth anniversary of the columbine massacre and in sport we look at affan bang his reign as he prepares to leave the football club after more than two decades in charge of public
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schools also. now the u.s. is releases annual report on the state of human rights around the world several countries are singled out for criticism russia is accused of stifling dissent at home and using brutal security tactics including torture the report also highlights abuses in chechnya the annexation of crimea and interference in the internal affairs of western countries china comes under fire for suppressing freedom of expression and restricting civil society the syrian government's accused of atrocities against its own citizens included the repeated use of chemical weapons in me a mile the focus is on the treatment of its range of minority more than seven hundred thousand of them have been forced to flee a military crackdown but rights groups have criticised the report saying the latest
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edition has fall less attention to sexual and reproductive rights than previous report let's speak to our correspondent in jordan she's joining us live from washington so this is an annual affair that is released by the state department and they they give a list pretty much of those they considered to be the worst villains. that's right martin and in fact it pretty much covers every country except the united states itself and certainly our reporters made note of that fact during friday's briefing it is important that russia is one of the countries that is criticized especially given that the trumpet ministration has been trying to build relations with russia and the president has not been willing to give much quarter to allegations that russia may have interfered in the twenty six thousand election john sullivan is the acting secretary of state the russian government
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continues to quash dissent in civil society even while it invades its neighbors and undermines the sovereignty of western nations we once again urge russia to end its brutal occupation of ukraine's crimean peninsula to halt the abuses perpetrated by russian led forces in ukraine's donbass region and to address impunity for the human rights violations and abuses in the republic of chechnya all right so quite a bit on russia them are also quite often it's as interesting out of those who are left off the list. well that's right tell you also have a countries as you noted such as me in mar with where the members of the road community have largely fled across the border west into does even though a few are trying to be repatriated as we speak there's also the case of saudi
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arabia even though it was pointed out that under the crown prince mohammed bin solomon that some efforts at trying to liberalize saudi society are moving apace the report also still says that there's much per crackdown on dissent and on opposition political activity china also came under much of the same criticism for trying to crush political dissent for essentially monitoring people's private communications and for censoring not just journalists work but also censoring the internet and roughened jordan that live in washington thanks for us now the u.s. democratic party is suing the donald trump campaign and russia over alleged collusion in the twenty sixteen presidential election they accuse russia of coming to acting trump advises informing them of a cyber attack that leaked negative information about his democratic rival hillary clinton and also a lawsuit also involves wiki leaks and its founder julian assange the democrats
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accuse him of ruining the trump team in advance before publishing the information on mrs clinton has eco haney's following events from washington. it's an unusual move but not an unprecedented one democrats have sued over the watergate break in and they did get some money on the day that richard nixon left office in disgrace now the lawsuit is against russia russia's intelligence service and some russian citizens it is difficult to sue a sovereign nation in the united states but it is possible difficult but possible it also sues wiki leaks and its founder julian assange and it really targets people very close to the president president donald trump not named in this lawsuit because it's really hard to sue a sitting president but his campaign is named along with his son don jr son in law jerry cushion or his former campaign chairman paul mann afford his advisor roger stone and former campaign aides george papadopoulos and richard gates now the
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complaint alleges that the trump campaign colluded with russia to steal and publish e-mails from the democratic campaign workers in an attempt to help trump win the presidency much of what is in this lawsuit was already known but there are a couple of things that we didn't know for example it says it alleges that in late twenty fifteen that far back that european intelligence services said that they were witnessing some suspicious communications between russian operatives and members of the trump campaign that they notified the u.s. about that again at late two thousand and fifteen it also goes on to say that the hack was earlier than we previously thought that it happened again in twenty fifteen and it wasn't just the computer system it was the phone system that was compromised so some new details in this lawsuit this could be seen as a dangerous move if people perceive that it is in any way going to interfere with special counsel robert mueller who is investigating potential collusion between. the term campaign and russia but it also could serve the purpose of putting just
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another venue to get the information out there there's growing concern that the special counsel will be tampered with or could possibly be like go if this lawsuit is allowed to proceed this basically puts before court before jury all on the record. actually what happened in that twenty sixteen campaign and it also serves as putting even more pressure on people in trump's orbit they're already facing pretty high legal bills and legal issues and this will only add to that. still to come here on the al-jazeera news in sports find out how to change the women's asian cup. hello again a look at the weather across the americas this time in north america we've got an area of rain across parts of the west extending into the south africa some snow
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associated with this feature across more eastern areas is looking bursa be quiet at the moment dry and fine fourteen in the sunshine in new york city and then as i move the forecast on into sunday that area of rain develops across the south could be some severe storms associated with it still fine for the eastern seaboard well across the west where the condition is jira looking good seattle should be largely dry and bright with highs of fourteen degrees down into central america we've got heavy showers across guatemala nicaragua honduras and own towards panama and costa rica otherwise across much of the reach of looking fine yucatan peninsula lots of sunshine mexico city bright and twenty seven degrees across the owners of the caribbean we have got a fair few showers quite of cloud at times but it should still be quite pleasant temperatures into low thirty's but just prepared for the odd shower in say kingston jamaica but a general improvement likely on sunday all this weather front likely give more in the way of cloud and the threat of rain for parts of the bahamas down into south america showers much she expect certainly some heavy showers of parts of peru and
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up into ecuador further south looking largely dry and fine though it could be a cloud or a northeastern parts of argentina twenty six and when it's aires. see that are over seven million lives in this world. each one a story. that one of the see. that's who needs to be heard that demands to be told. it is time to be a witness. witness document. on. discover football or when in programming from around the globe challenge your perception of what i was hearing sounded so far fetched that i thought there were five or behold it was groundbreaking documentary.
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fearless journalism a life that. seaver work from a different perspective on al-jazeera. filled with al-jazeera news hour in mind over main stories north korea's official news agency has within the past hour reported that the country will stop all new clear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests the move would also include the shutdown of the north's main nuclear testing site japan's defense minister says the
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announcement should be calls for international pressure on pyongyang to be reduced . the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. has called for an independent investigation into israel's use of force on protests is comes after full palestinians including a fifteen year old boy were killed by israeli gunfire in another day of demonstrations on garza's border. syrian rebels have reportedly agreed to withdraw from the last area near the capital that's not in government hands the army is continuing to bombard the until a full surrender deal is reached. out to the united states because students across the country have been taking action about gun violence on the nineteenth anniversary of the columbine school massacre well the movement has picked up momentum since seventeen people were killed in a florida shooting in february and a gallagher report from parkland florida. once again the students of marjorie
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stoneman douglas high school left the classrooms to call for gun reform in february the students lost fourteen of their classmates and three teachers. that. they've been campaigning for a change in gun laws ever since we're joined by students from across the country from coast to coast there were more than two thousand demonstrations in all our school art teacher was shot and killed at the beginning of the year so this is something that we take very personally. looking to advocate it for rescue people all the students that have just been freed by police from inside the building the day marks nineteen years since thirteen people were killed at columbine high school in colorado in the years since gun laws of largely remained unchanged and school shootings have got worse it happened at sandy hook it happened at great mills and it happened at my school like we shouldn't be letting this happen we shouldn't be letting people die without trying to change something and stop something even
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a students marched in parkland another school shooting was reported in central florida the alleged shooter is now in custody and no one was killed but it's a reminder of what children here face every day the walk out here and the thousands of others across the country demonstrate the resolve of this generation more than any other they've been affected by the plague of gun violence they hope to be the ones that finally bring change and the darker al-jazeera park in florida now let's speak to lonnie and sandy phillips who are the parents of jessica garley who was murdered in twenty twelve in the aurora colorado theater massacre and they're founders of survivors empowered that's a national advocacy organization for victims of gun violence thank you very much indeed for talking to us here at al-jazeera there for our listeners would you first tell us what happened to your daughter jessica jesse
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went to a movie in denver colorado with her best friend. and never came home actually she did come home in a box with ashes. and remind us of the second sentences under which you lost your daughter shirt. she was hit six times with bullets that come out of a r fifteen they're two to three days and they do they're designed to do the most damage to the human body they were designed by the military to do the most damage she was struck six times in the last shot hit her in the head. and blew our brains out on to the g eight or floor causing a five inch hole in the left side of her face that's about the size of your hand and it hit her here and took her top of the head off and that's what we live with every day that's the the image that we wake up with every morning and go to bed
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with every night. jesse was at the start of what would have been a fulfilling life yes in fact the studio we're in she did her sports internship here and. a lot of memories right here for everyone everyone associated with her from the studio has nothing but love for her and good memories. why do you think that the victims of gun violence are increasing exponentially in the united states since jess's death and those of others in that incident in twenty twelve to the florida shooting that we've just heard about in february of this year why is the number of people killed or injured by gun fathers in the united states on the rise.
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it's on the rise because our congress has refused to pass any comprehensive gun legislation whatsoever in the time that our daughter was killed and two thousand and twelve which was a little over five years ago there has been eight shootings that my wife and i have been to the aftermath in and out of these eight shootings. seven of them used in a ar fifteen because it's the most awful law it's the most awful weapon ever designed by our military this is the weapon of war that we must get off our streets if we can just do that one thing it will go a long ways we also have to do other things we need comprehensive background checks on every single gun sale in this country and that's the reason we put up these billboards seventeen of them actually were having thirty of them put thirteen of them up or up now we have seventeen mortgages going to go up in the near future i'm
2:37 am
not showing up with a i was going to say with a congressman with those billboards. you are you're identifying that is congressman incumbents who you believe to be in the pocket of the n.r.a. that's the national rifle association they effectively a controlling in your in your estimation controlling the issue of gun control legislation in the united states. the marketing focus of this billboards is to let the public know how much the n.r.a. is affecting our lawmakers and how it's being done openly and it's been done secretly so the people have no idea how much beyond is contributing to these gun dish and how inciting we're doing it to support the parkland students right ok thank you i get that i was going to you how you would assess this
2:38 am
particular moment in terms of the gun control debate many people are saying that the participation of these vast numbers of young people in particular are changing the nature of the debate even suggesting that this might be a critical moment do you agree with that oh my gosh yes these students. these students have demanded the same thing that lonnie and myself have been talking to senators and congressmen about for almost six years now but they're doing it in a way that has empowered the entire gun violence prevention movement where happy to have them speaking out and speaking up and taking the lead and we will support them and follow them anywhere they want us to go because they will become voters and they will absolutely affect change in this country and we're very very happy to have them join this movement they have the they are the spark that's going to start the fire that's going to burn the n.r.a.
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to the ground can i thank you lonnie and sandy phillips can i thank you very much indeed a fish sharing your personal pain your loss and then for contributing to this important debate in your country thank you very much. thank you martine thank you for having us thank you. now thousands of armenians are protesting and what they see is a bit by their former president to cling on to power one hundred eighty people have been arrested so far as protesters block roads leading to the capital the demonstrations started eight days ago when palm agrees to appoint former president serge sarkozy and as prime minister to get sian had ruled since two thousand and eight and stepped down as president this month term limits prevented him from running again but a twenty fifteen referendum had shifted executive powers to the prime minister's
2:40 am
office. demonstrators in south africa's northwest province are demanding jobs better housing roads and hospitals are also calling for the resignation of the regional leader who they accuse of being corrupt police fired rubber bullets at demonstrators who staged protests for a third consecutive day president cyril ramaphosa cut short his trip to the u.k. to deal with the rest catherine so is our correspondent in mari caring where president obama poser has been holding urgent talks with leaders of his party. so we're right outside the heritage house where the president has been meeting with the provincial leadership of the governing party and see he wants this issue resolved as quickly as possible so right here we have most of the people who are businessmen who says that the buildings their shops were destroyed and looted during the protests we also have people who have grievances the process started on
2:41 am
wednesday and with you know people say that they are very frustrated they're angry by the state of service delivery they want good housing jobs and they're also angry about corruption that his has been leveled against the top leadership and particularly against the premier who has been accused with some in his administration of having this corrupt dealings with the infamous brad is in a particularly a case involving medical supplies so the people want him to step down and that's why the president is here in this meeting i think he's going to be trying to be pushing for a consensus by the result lot of pressure for the premier to resign and many of these people are saying that he needs to resign that he has not done his job as he should. and he was new leader has vowed to defend the freshness revolution as well
2:42 am
as to modernize the economy and many doubt they'll be any significant improvement under president miguel diaz can now a latin america editor lucien human reports. getting their daily bread cuban style with your ration card in hand one roll per day per person and a minute state subsidized price a system that dates back to the soviet union. in recent years the government has been forced to cut back on ration card items but there's still rice beans. sugar salt and occasionally meat aid with cuba's national currency that. if we didn't have this option those on a worker's wages could not afford to buy almost anything. you can also use pesos to buy fruits and vegetables. but for almost everything else from shampoo to shoes you need a c. you see the cuban government's version of hard currency on an average monthly wage
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you can purchase thirty c. you see not enough to fill a car with petrol cuba's dual currency is a monetary abnormality that stunting economic growth and scaring off investment. and like the ration card doing away with it is a must if cuba's new president to me. is going to make good on his promise to update cuban communism what is the government hasn't already done it it's because merging these two currencies into one is much more complex than it sounds in a country where the state is supposed to always provide it's going to make life much more difficult for cubans who are already struggling. and eliminating the dual currency system will devalue the pace or but it's a necessary change concedes medium leyva a longtime opponent of the cuban government. in fact after watching thursday's presidential handover of power from broadcast rule to dia's can nail the only
2:44 am
changes she expects are on the economic front almost on the emotional level i don't feel any change i hope i'll feel it some day when our society really opens up and i have the right to participate in no matter my opinions. the transition to a post castro era does not contemplate political change but reforming the state run economy to make it more rational and effective could be almost as revolutionary to see in human. than. indian fisherman gives me indonesia and fishermen have rescued a boat load of ranger refugees thousands of kilometers from their homeland the group of around one hundred was brought ashore in a cheap province it's not clear how long they'd been at sea but they were reportedly weaker man hours around seven hundred thousand ranger had fled me and miles are a kind state mainly by land since the military crackdown started in north just.
2:45 am
there's been a dramatic twist in the trial of to miramar journalists who've been covering the range of prices for the policeman telling the court that they were set up while learning and also accused of violating a state secrets law by acquiring official documents now if they're found guilty they could face fourteen years in jail but a policeman who was appearing as a prosecution witness told the court that one of his senior officers gave the documents to the journalists in order to entrap them and the only you know were very surprised the truth has been revealed in this way we thought from the beginning was kerry it was a set up but we didn't expect the police would testify like we have this testimony will be a very strong support for the defendants case. nurses in zimbabwe have protested against the sacking of sixteen thousand of their colleagues have gone on strike hundreds of workers took part in the peaceful demonstration in the capital harare earlier this week thousands of nurses walked out of
2:46 am
a poor conditions and paid allowances many were later sacked it's led to the shutdown of major public hospitals weakening an already struggling health sector. still to come here it's. made from. a story of life in new york one of the films about women starring at a festival. on a roll of. coming up. soon.
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right it's time for the schools use that. thank you very much one of the most well known figures in international football has announced to hell be quitting as the end of the english season us and then go will exit london club arsenal after almost twenty two years in touch and the solomon has. he's the longest serving manager in english premier league history but after more than two decades in charge a statement on arsenal's website confirmed the news after careful consideration and following discussions with the club i feel it is the right time for me to step down right awesome vanka i am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club the so many memorable use when banker arrived at arsenal from japanese football in one thousand nine hundred sixty fans were asking aston who but he leaves as one of the most influential manages in football history also changed the game he set
2:49 am
a totally new standard a new ambition and ambition not just to win but to win. while achieving perfection to make art out of football vanga won the english premier league on three occasions most famously in two thousand and four when his team went through the season unbeaten they were dumped the invincibles he lifted the f.a. cup on seven occasions but the frenchman was also viewed as a revolutionary for his early use of sports science and the tradition. basically moved the goalposts for everybody else was still doing the same thing still prepare and in the same way he came in with different ideas while he was still an influencer though in football he made. has a fantastic career outstanding personality despite success in england also failed
2:50 am
to win the champions league during his tenure was that we were going to have fans began to lose faith in recent seasons and attempt to humiliation by by munich last year was marked by protests hit often ponded his own future on the street i would love to be here forever because that would mean i would be mortar but. i'm not naive enough to believe that views were mixed outside of arsenal's harm ground on friday i was quite disappointed when they're leaving because it was such a great manager and holds a legacy in the club and so like aussie aussie when so. is so overleaf as well because he hasn't had the best of great seasons ultimately bangas managerial rain will be remembered fondly after twenty two years he's time at arsenal has just one month left to run elease homan al-jazeera. venders list of achievements is certainly impressive his three premier league titles came
2:51 am
in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight two thousand and two and two thousand and four the last after his team went through the season unbeaten it was first time in more than a century that had been done in english football the f.a. cup headed vendors away on the wreck or the seven ok she was the first in one thousand and ninety eight and the last secured in two thousand and seventeen of anger as current longest serving manager has taken charge of all recalled eight hundred twenty three games in the e.p.l. racking up for the seventy three victories well you know we spoke with goal dotcoms arsenal correspondent chris that weekly and asked him about the legacy van gogh will leave at the club. well still legendary already said he has an untouchable legacy and i think that's difficult to argue with once so many things for all snow he's revolutionized english football but now all the managers who come in we've
2:52 am
seen the likes of pep guardiola that sonia come say they have revolutionized english football with the new methods then you tactics and methodology and i think it's also in the can go on to win and that will be the time tested legacy for austin bengal that would be the first european trophy and you know ten major trophies and twenty eight hundred premier league games at these guys and also the legends there's no mistake about that but like all good things they do come soon and behind the scenes we know that the chief executive obviously this is been planning for this departure for a long time and he's brought in a new head of recruitment a new contract negotiates a and you had a football relations all of these new arrivals of basically signaling the end of all something is running all snow the club a modernizing the club are going forwards the only thing left really to change was the manager. and i think you'll see in the next few weeks that the tributes are
2:53 am
going to be pouring in for us and. i think his legacy is going to be tarnished i think what he's done for the club thing additional ball will never be repeated. alex ferguson is kind of on the pall of awesome that your terms of what he's achieved and trophies and silverware and everything like that but also and then go basically in the legend of the english game and awsome. and japan have won the women's asian cup title after beating australia one nil in the final and jordan. scored the only goal of the match in the eighty fourth minute to fire the holders to the second title they become the first nation to successfully defend the asian women's cup since korea in two thousand and. ten it's now well number one rafael nadal has edged closer to record the extending eleventh title at the monte carlo masters the spaniard thrashed wald number seven dominique tam to reach the semifinals dropping just two games to the austrian this is just an adult second
2:54 am
tournament to all but two thousand and eighteen after he injured his january's australian open. i think i played fantastic match this afternoon. difficult to imagine much playing better than what they did this afternoon on. skipping court of when i was running the court taking the ball early with with the back and so in general terms i i think i played great so very happy to be in the semifinals again sorry for dominic you're going to get a good friend. but i'm going to make a lot of like oregon he's one of the real candidates to win everything that he's going. next out for in the dollars wald number five grigor dimitrov the ball gary and belgium's david go five straight sets to advance to the last four and monte carlo for the first time. in the other half of the draw was a birthday to remember for world number four alexander's there as he reached the
2:55 am
samis for the first time the german who turned twenty one on friday fought back from a set down to be to the shock ask for the fourth straight time. and instead will play japan's gain isha cory in the last fall the former world number four winning a three set battle with waldo number three mar in chile she corey is continuing his that comeback from a wrist injury prevailing in just short of three hours to reach his biggest semifinal since two thousand and sixteen. and that's always full for me will have more later on. it's late is night at this year's tribeca film festival taking center stage at the annual event in new york that's christen salumi reports. films by women and about women have the starring role in the seventeen tribeca film festival which opened with love guild a time when i thought that all i wanted to do was work a tribute to comedienne and saturday night live star gilda radner directed by lisa
2:56 am
dop aledo. but one of the things interesting about the festival this year is that we really try to have fifty fifty parity so forty six percent of our narrative films are directed by women and you get a different perspective with strong women characters which is something i take facial muscles and his body posture like zoe this year's centerpiece film aside if i romanticize about finding love in a world of technological artifice that also has an of the moment feel different. with nearly one hundred feature films plus shorts t.v. and online works not to mention the live music an artist talks there's a little something for everyone i try back out this is an international festival but it gets its name from its new york neighborhood as well as a spirit of activism. i don't know what kind of tipping point we're at the work of the new york times grappling with how to cover an adversarial
2:57 am
president is featured in the closing night documentary called the fourth the state while two shorts surviving theater nine and notes from dunblane give voice to the survivors of mass shootings in the country's gun control debate continuing the festival's tradition of socially relevant selections new york itself is going to have a tradition of filmmaking creative people here is certainly gritty and so i think you could see some of that character in the programming in some of the kinds of people that the first war tracks. even international issues come with new york perspective like the short film salaam about a syrian palestinian woman who drives the city streets for a living while awaiting life or death news from home it's a story about an immigrant made by an immigrant. back how was the absolute power affects premier venue for my film because this is a new york film that's you know celebrating all of the different cultures that we
2:58 am
have in new york. it celebrates saying the fact that this is a liberal city or festival goers try back up provides a window on the world and the cutting edge of culture with plenty of new york attitude christian salumi al-jazeera new york well as over the al-jazeera news don't go away because i'll be back in just a moment with more things. going
2:59 am
. the streets is quiet the signal is given. out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty meters in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes a court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take the violence i lost myself looking wayland go i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the
3:00 am
volunteers forced to act as security guards inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that could set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals vegetation has led to stagger ing results you've been in prison for fifteen years is all but there was. teaching empowerment kenya part of the rebel education series at this time on al-jazeera.


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