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tv   Mohamad At Eton  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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unless there is a nuclear threat or qualification against. the president of iran says its atomic energy body is ready with expected and unexpected actions if the u.s. withdraws from the iran nuclear deal has some real hard he didn't elaborate on what that meant or what it may mean but donald trump has hinted at withdrawing from the nuclear deal next month fighters in a rebel held area near syria's capital are leaving under an evacuation deal brokered by russia syrian state television is showing buses with fighters and their families travelling to northern syria palestine's un ambassador is calling for an independent investigation into israel's use of force on protesters for palestinians including a fifteen year old boy who were killed by israeli gunfire in another day of demonstrations on gaza's border. the family of the palestinian engineer living in malaysia says he's been killed by the israeli intelligence agency mossad palestinian media's reporting that fed the batch will was ambushed and shot near
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a mosque to motorcyclists fled the scene the university of kuala lumpur tweeted condolences for the senior lecturer and must says he was a party member. the funeral for former first u.s. lady barbara bush is about to begin but these are pictures taken just a short time ago of some of the arrivals barton's a church in houston texas among the brocken michelle obama bill and hillary clinton and trump those were the headlines. next it's rewarding to stay with us. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome to this week's rewind i'm elizabeth purana and if you've seen the show before you know that we're taking another look at some of the very best documentaries we've made over the past decade here. this week we rewinding back to two thousand and eleven when al-jazeera is witness series follow the remarkable story of a young palestinian boys emotional journey from sharing a bed with his grandmother and two brothers in a rundown lebanese refugee camp to a place at eton college one of the most exclusive private schools in the u.k.
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founded more than five hundred years ago by the endless king henry the sixth it's the rich and famous friends as william and harry were both educated there as when mine nine hundred former u.k. prime ministers were later we're finding out what's become of mohamed. since he graduated from eton college but first let's take a look at muhammad that asian from the witness series back in two thousand and eleven. just. this out of policy this is a looks almost. this is the only victory the ballasting as you know is that famous for its only victory this is that it presents a policy being a student policy of this policy and mohammed farhad is a sixteen year old student at the luxor school it's funded by the u.n. because palestinian refugees cannot attend lebanese schools these are the scores of mohammad is the first one there is
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a cause and if you look to see if this is for example which john pointed out of one hundred. and one hundred seventy years oh one hundred one. beneficiary out. of the mohammed may be bright but as a refugee his opportunities for further education and jobs a severely limited. the conditions here out of his that i've been to the people here here have suffered from money from the money but conditions as you see this old. need to have. mohammed's grandparents fled palestine from lebanon in one nine hundred forty eight the family now lives in jim jim village with other palestinians this is my uncle's house. of our houses of stairs this is my mother my grandmother the last been. genuine how we should but the if
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i wish it i wish you. luck learn from nothing that gareth your more than ever there are just. one no another level and none. this is. my bedroom. with my brothers and my grandmother. also my grandmother here my brothers here here on ground here. are younger when he go we can sleep in there but i love him too much i miss him when he caught. mohammed has never left lebanon but he's about to embark on a life changing journey a fully funded sixth form scholarship to eton college in england this is a letter by the headmaster of it on good loads the details of the horizon a scholarship given to him but he said we were very happy it will come home out to
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eat on last march and wear it and by the way in which he embraced all aspects of his visit by there they make buttons i was very proud. because by this letter. almost all of. i mean no five hundred. when we are near. the sea i'm going to lose that. if you didn't. the horizon foundation will fund my hammett for two years of study this is an amazing opportunity for leaving home is a huge step for both him and his family. he said is one of the world's most prestigious schools and is famous for its high achieving students tradition plays a large role here from the former uniform of black tails to eccentric annual events it costs nearly fifty thousand dollars a year to attend each and one in five of the people received assistance and for the
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scholarship boys like mohammed expectations are high. the school is divided into twenty five boarding houses with about fifty boys in each mohammed's new home will be waynflete run by housemaster richard pratt and jane stephens known as the dame answer. to that the state against yeah well thank you very much and f.a.q. . question top yeah back. to venice in uniform in the pocket change here at. the door and then there's the. she's going to have time for a new voice so get your nightly overt things so it is just a routine day with no option to some person present there.
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was is ethical whether you should use them or lot with issues levels and how how you should hellish be used and mohammed is studying for a levels a two year exam course which will determine which university he gets into. i'm doing physics chemistry and biology and i'm doing our bit also over there bill when the boys in the house told me that doing the inverter for recess is maybe. in. their sleep until he returns a little silly you don't think. flip the floggings small this very small place. with the word on the floor in the front rooms does really with. a lot of pressure is interesting but of the same but i found it very difficult yes it was the first for me thing was the microscope i was really confused i don't know what to do. oh
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it wants to go home one just tickled by the end of this first year mohammed will be sitting his a s. exams fifty percent of his final grades. we need to clear away. so there's something for time that. he didn't give me. i often think it's really different sometimes it's really cool sometimes i don't like it because let's be honest the best suited love is in your reading goal what is it that you love was exactly yeah that's the best you got that out of the city. mohammed isn't just adapting to new school becoming an etonian means getting to grips with a whole host of traditions that even british boys might find curious like the school celebration of st andrew's day. they would have
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said the person likes said they were much bigger do you know very intimate. this is the fourth of july full it's called will be almost always a very intimate yes a very diverse ninety's day holiday it is going to learn. the same way that the colonies usually receive it here three this is a very nice way of looking at the world just like your friends are here for you ok thank you so they feel it's. today mohammed is watching the war game one of the strangest bullets that is only played each time. this is one of the feeling no and you can see the boys sitting on the ward they have to take the boy and raise it from the ground and this is like a go in football game the arrow this is the first official suppression and even i. know i watched the whole game and i have to understand its rules.
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when i first arrived at my house i was a bit homesick coming to a boarding school is much more different we have rules for sleeping. living with a newborn is sleeping alone in my room is really different. and it's difficult for mohammed during each the first time he's been away from home for this festival by the muscles so they then course yeah they. take over the roof. yeah i was a bit said and this is homesick because being far from my family from my problem as . it's
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a big. this was the first snow experience for me during which a big snow man. not to mention it as pure and soft as i follow that. experience. it's been a testing term but already mamet has come a long way. he's i'm very willing to it is math and physics so please perform it on a very high level there has been some things are two times that he's doing a course that assumed a certain amount of background knowledge that he didn't have to do his work very hard to to fill those gaps. which i don't quite like him to get away from the desk a little bit and to maybe tries hundred a few other things and it's a strange thing for teachers to be saying but actually not work on its own right.
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this is the schoolyard of it and call is this is this. henry the six the person who is who he is our father or people here here are very proud of him. this is the chapel of eternal. eason's gothic chapel is central to school life there's a service almost every day and those of all faiths attend going to temple is was one of them in the for us is it's in them as a muslim i haven't been to a church. but i was excited to go to discover well you know other people from different cultures. and the boys in the school truth and me as one of them but nevertheless many people think that islam is a violent religion at all and i guess this idea so i think to try to change these ideas mohammed is not the only muslim in the school and on some days they meet
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together with an. i think what will happen is that the islamic world will actually find its own sense of self confidence through the role prosy do think this will lead to what it did between arabs and muslims i mean like. why don't. i just think it's just an amazing moment if so how does. he support this very musical and he loves playing many instruments. and he told me that i can reach my school through music and this is something you knew that i hear from him. today is the school concert and i'm thinking and it was thought that the best the sink at the beginning of this and other really enjoyed it is the first singing experience for me. and that piece of
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music is called the queen am above a day. it's been a formative temperament he's heading home for easter and the requiem is a fitting end he's been busy in flower st and is having an impact on his academic work as well which is always strong and is getting stronger i'm very fortunate to have a house filled with musicians he's taking part in. this extraordinary occasion and i think he's coming around to my way of thinking. that actually it is part of what
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makes his wheel. if you will. this is my exam i have fourteen exams this year which is massive i think for many other boys in my year this is the first public exams for me in the conferee i want to do preparing i think what. this term is dominated by exams but the boys do get a morning off to watch the wedding of the year. watching what the front the culprit
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that's being in is very exciting. for you. was a great quote being a very moist. but it was very long. generally not really he came. to his legs there were other people in the. mohammad has had a busy few weeks but finally it's his last exam today no i'm not there in their first look this is the last min through vision when i was in labor i was the top of the class and. i'm like you and the other student so i have to do.
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well this week was very tiring for me i had exams from monday. to friday today so i had to do it also for a vision special in the last two days i think that they felt pity with. with exams over mohammed can enjoy the english summer. when you get out and that's why you want the ball to go right. i went eyeball and he bets and someone catches the ball so he would be ok if you. don't have a go. at it and i can't see very well here.
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morning why i think i have gotten the hand. each his most famous annual event is called the fourth and commemorates the birthday of george the third. it's a reminder of the privilege education that the boys receive there's a slight danger that they may pass through reason with the notion that they are more special really than they are because it is an unusual place which has a lot of cultural baggage historical baggage so actually probably more important is that while they appreciate and recognize the opportunity they have they don't go away thinking they're to specialists. i met many boys who were really friendly with me and i discovered that they are from very early families and the contrary really . backing crawls so it's one of the things that makes me more confident in the
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sport. even has a long tradition of rowing and the day's highlight is watching the time honored possession of. the fishing. it is to. be sure that. they are really nice i like them well i've seen boys. drawing before but it's a special thing today because they already during the especially with the for the house with the flow was sweden always. with his first year nearing an end mohammed visits the family that has funded his scholarship and. he's just one of forty international students that they have helped you sort of lose
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a little bit of faith in a little bit of hope in terms of the whole political process ever reaching any sort of positive resolution at least in our lifetime and so you do what you can and i mean you you try in empowering young people and you hope that they will then improve the lives of people in their community in terms of the long term i mean you see yourself going back to love the law or you see yourself thing around here or it's my. liver yeah i want to study here and then try to help my people i mean palestinians who live in they really suffer from very bad conditions so i think it's the duty of people who had chances like me to go bourke and changing these but and this is for people. mohammed's applying to study engineering at university but it's one of the professions that he can't practice in lebanon because he's a palestinian refugee every farm i think about my future so i following that
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situation is obstacle in front of me. i have to work cog even if i find obstacles in my way. it's the end of term and waynflete is packing up nothing i have to go by mohammed has been invited on a trip to europe with some of the boys before he heads home to lebanon i think he's more excited actually i think because i know you are but we are two for you. yeah it could be very. good reception was. thank you it's a good job all right you. have a great summer. but. i think one experience here in prague in my mind i became more confident more
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thoughtful and more aware of all what's happening and i were. a boy in between my old cult and this cult. but. i'm still a. palestinian and i think my experience made me more conscious about helping other people and. that was more than six years ago and i'm sure you're wondering what's happened to muhammad well i'm pleased to say that he is joining us now from london studio great to see you muhammad so as we've mentioned you graduated from eton in two thousand and twelve what's happened since i was very fortunate to be awarded another scholarship by the arisan foundation to continue my studies at u.c.l.a. and london i was awarded a job offer in london at
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a global engineering consultancy called macdonald where i've been working for more than a year now what sort of projects are you working on there i've been mainly working on two projects the first one is a a road expansion in the u.s. actually after that i just started going working on a. you just scheme in london called crossrail and the aim is to build and you railway that connects south west london with north east london do you have any plans of going back to the lead the norm or even go into palestine the reality at the moment is that as a palestinian i am deprived from the right of return and to palestine because of the israeli occupation there united nation has it offend our right as palestinians to go to back to our home countries every single year we have since
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nineteen forty eight since my grandparents were kicked out the united nations resolution one thousand for a fair and our right to go back we've never been allowed to go my grandmother who was featured in this documentary passed away two years ago without achieving her dream of going back so in terms of going to lebanon i love lebanon because my parents are i miss them and they miss me but the problem is that as palestinians in lebanon we deprived from many civil rights we are not allowed to work in more than twenty professions me as a civil engineer i wouldn't be able to practice lebanon many of my friends who have graduated from university have actually gone back to lebanon and at the moment they are still unemployed and so where is home for you now and how does your family feel that this has so far been a one way journey for you my dream is to be back in palestine and the
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ultimate goal of a home is actually palestine but at the same time i still have my childhood memories of lebanon i love lebanon because i grew up there my family is there the u.k. on the other hand has provided me with life changing opportunities. i spent their formative years of. i made many friends i was made connections so i would always have that connection but home will continue to be in the back of my mind. thank you very much my home for joining us and telling us about your life now well that's it for this week you can find lots of other specially selected films on the rewind page of the website for now until next time good bye. rewind returns with
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a new series that can bring your people back to life i'm sorry i'm brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in place since the prior gram was film rewind continues with darkness we were following orders we sing young people to fight these wars put them in the most complex situations you can imagine and have them make life and death decisions rewind on al-jazeera i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place we're two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can sit on juries in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america needs us to teach it's a very important place for all to do it's a big. in
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the first century. the scene for us where online once is a very nice time in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist who's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.


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