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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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bats and balls are several years old the really good players to end up trading at cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. within the borders of chernobyl's exclusion zone a toxic nuclear wasteland touching any vegetation is for a bit. grows to the right of insistent. defining the surviving on the homeland they banded together in a land contaminated violence postie cultivated unshakeable sense of belonging to witness the bush because of chernobyl on al jazeera. al jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.
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sixty three people are dead and more than one hundred are injured after a bomb attacks on voting centers in afghanistan. one of them to be with all of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up protests and opposition leader arrests in armenia as the new prime minister walks out of the t.v. discussion and rejects demands that he quit. the french president calls on president trump to stick with the iran nuclear deal. and the recourse to relations between north korea and the u.s. an exclusive report how much is known by the people of pyongyang. we begin in afghanistan where a bomb or a sub attacked
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a voter registration center killing sixty three people and injuring more than one hundred others a number of centers have been targeted since they opened last week ahead of parliamentary and district elections later this year in the latest attacks fifty seven people were killed in kabul when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of a center there and north of the city in baghdad and province an explosive place near another voting center killed six people from the same family well on friday gunmen hit a voter registration center in bad hits province killing a police officer there and then a day earlier armed men killed two police officers as in jalalabad city as they guarded a voter registration center i want to say attackers kidnapped three employees into policeman from a voting center and core province mariana honda reports on the latest attacks. police say a suicide bomb addition aged explosives at the doorway of a voter registration seem to in kabul where afghans received identification cards
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for elections in october. the morning arrived at the scene we helped many wounded. people to carry them to the hospital all the victims were women and children who were here to get their identity cards and registration for election. the blast happened in whist in kabul when many of the minority shia has a community live it's the latest in a series of attacks on voter registration seemed is they opened just last week part of the long process to get afghans properly registered allegations of fraud have long plagued elections in afghanistan registration process is designed to guard against that the independent election commission says it hopes as many as fifteen million people will register for the parliamentary and district council elections but the election commissioner admits turnout so far is already low a senior member of the afghan army had told afghans they would be safe that afghan
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forces would be there to maintain security at voter registration st is this latest blast will do little to reassure afghans it's worth the risk made in holland zero a shuffle it has more now from kabul. now the death toll could rise because there are a number of people who are critically wounded number of women and children were among these casualties there were couple of other attacks in the past week on these water just ration centers throughout afghanistan you have heard attacks in northern afghanistan in western afghanistan. also the election commission. members are concerned about the turnout in october the election they were expecting more people to come and turnout for the water registration they're not such as fired with the numbers that they're receiving the concern is the security at the
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afghan government is. telling the afghans that they will be able to secure these polling stations and they have promised to secure these polling station now we spoke to one official in southern afghanistan in helmand province where he says just just in helmand province five of the districts or not. going to witness any elections because the taliban have full control of those districts. this in armenia had detained the opposition politician nicole partially now and to this colleagues has been leading them to government protests a passion man was arrested shortly after an unsuccessful meeting with the newly appointed prime minister sergei sergei c.m. he's demanding the lead to step down accusing him of a power grab a former military officer who back small school sarkis sound was elected president
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in two thousand and eight and served two five year terms under his watch the constitution was changed in twenty fifteen shifting most state powers to the prime minister and making the presidents the a largely ceremonial post on tuesday parliament approved this charge to some as prime minister under the new parliamentary system opponents say this effectively makes him armenia's leader for life robin for a walk or has more from yet of one. boy a risky opposition leaders police appealed to detroit to actualize dissent but instead of the government protests of growth in so it's here rallied outside the police station there about opposition leader because i said yeah the organizers are going to be held. to a. bit. earlier on sunday the televised meeting lasted
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just two minutes you use or lose from within a fraction the seven or eight percent of the parliamentary vote has no rights to speak on behalf of the people. if you do not accept the legitimate requirements of the state the good buy. the main opposition the moment was the prime minister's resignation cuse him of a power grab. shortly after those talks please we did and seized because question. said she ruled our media as president for ten years and said he didn't want to be prime minister but last week parliament appointed him to the more powerful position but now he's in no mood to compromise while he is adamant he will quit his new role as prime minister is to start his yards legacy as president poses challenges the media has struggled economically for
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twenty years this for those she dependent on russia unemployment stands at twenty percent with a third of the population living below the poverty line industries are in the hands of the oligarch business elite including the prime minister and the media's borders with azerbaijan and turkey remain closed robin first iraq i'll just give out. france's president has are still not chump to stand by the iran nuclear deal on a visit to the us a man well mcconnell said abandoning the agreement could lead to a north korea style standoff yes president has threatened to walk away from the twenty fifteen agreement ahead of talks with other western leaders next month. you have at the bit there are options i don't see it what is the what if scenario or your plan b. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear against iran so that's a question we will discuss but that's why i just want to see on nuclear let's preserve this framework because it's better than
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a sort of north korean type of situation so i'm not satisfied with the situation with iran i want to fight against palestinian authority i want to contain their influence in the region so my point is to see don't leave now as a g.c. purely as long as you have not a bit of option for nuclear and let's complete it with benedict myside and original containment well i'm sure she joins us from washington d.c. hi there alan so we'll take any notice of my call. well certainly mccraw is closer to him than any other european leader the two seem to have a special chemistry something that was acknowledged by president not cold during that interview but donald trump has been against the iran deal for a very long time his critics will say it's just a reflexive impulse they hasn't actually read the deal but while he was on the campaign trail as soon as he got into the white house he made it clear that he wasn't keen on renewing the deal as he's got to do under u.s.
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law and the last time he did he said this was absolutely the last time he was doing it he wanted to make sure that the others would come up with a plan that would deal with the issues he had and president mccraw mentioned them particularly the testing of ballistic missiles and iran's growing influence in the middle east but the iranians aren't just sitting back watching this all happen they have been on american television over the last few hours as well with the foreign minister giving an interview to one of the main t.v. networks and he said look to use a phrase that the americans have been using a lot in the last couple of weeks if they decide to pull out of the deal then all options are on the table and he suggested that if america pulled out of the deal that essentially the deal is broken and he said that the iranians could restart could restart their nuclear program at a much faster pace than was seen in the past we have put
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a number of options for ourselves and those options are ready including options that would involve. resuming at a much greater speed. nuclear activities. and those are all. envisage within the dea and those options ready to be implemented and we would make the necessary decision. when we see fit. well you got to remember the donald trump's new national security adviser john bolton has in the past are the catered for regime change in iran and also might pompey or the man that donald trump would like to be the next u.s. secretary of state has come to cia director has also said that he thinks the around deal is a bad deal but there will be another voice in donald trump's ear over the coming days and that is angle americal the german chancellor she is going to be in tone
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one of the things she will almost certainly raise is the fact that she believes that iran is still complying with the nuclear deal and the united states at this stage should not be walking away alan fischer there live from washington d.c. allan thank you. now donald trump says the north korean crisis is far from resolved he's striking a cautious no the day after welcoming a place by pyongyang to end nuclear and missile tests the leaders of north korea and south korea due to meet on friday and historic talks between kim jong un and trump could happen by june i did come out to get us a james bays was given rare access to the capital pyongyang where he asked north koreans what they think of trying. this is one way north koreans relax at the weekend. the last few days have been a diplomatic roller coaster because people enjoy the fun fair in pyongyang they're
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unaware of much of what's happened ordinary people have not been told the cia director came his secretly that their leader is negotiating with the u.s. all that he's planning a face to face meeting with the country's sworn enemy donald trump so when you ask people here about trump they tell you what they've been told repeatedly in the past by the state controlled media. i don't pull my mantle every korean gets furious when we hear what trump says he threatens to dilate the entire korean ship is even a human he is a wolf. down by the river they were playing volleyball. this is where i met a young medical student. i don't have a. five year old american people but the american government i hate america imperial. imperial. why.
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all the korean people. at the prison. no date venue has yet been set for the meeting between supreme leader kim jong il and president trump one report says the u.s. leader would like to meet him alone with only interpreters diplomats here have told me that would give kim who knows the nuclear issue intimately a big advantage kim jong un is half the age of donald trump but he's already run this country for more than six years and while the trumpet administration's policy on north korea has evolved during more the one year in office the north korean leader has built on the nuclear strategy he inherited from his father and previous grandpa james by al-jazeera pyongyang. still to come here on al-jazeera syrian rebels finally arrive in northern aleppo a spot of
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a government evacuation deal. and how this fishing village is hoping to meet hong kong to in clean air rights to teach. hello the real warmth the wave walk that moves towards northern europe has been brushed slowly out of the way it's still going to what is a warm day for the mountains you know in london but the change in wind direction and the increasing number of clouds and thunderstorms has changed things such that monday was the only sixteen in london and that's a cold front not seeing there that's one a cross through switzerland middle of germany and up through western poland will bring rain possibly thunderstorms ahead of it we should note most likely western side of austria your mass is still nice and warm and there's a funky it's moving in things do work quite nicely behind it but it's way down to
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teens now out of the middle twenty's is a good recovery in france and look at the weather in spain and portugal given that the weather of the last four days has been more like our early winter in the algarve and particularly in madeira it's an improvement now i said we didn't die madeira of course just off the coast of africa. the canary house and they're going to get a northerly gale in the next couple of days we've given chile i think will we noticed on the shores of morocco itself robots forecast for tuesday to me it's seventeen degrees not as windy but disappointed because probably wet it's much better for the east two days here we're up to thirty degrees again. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world the chinese are not
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that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china talked one on a just. a quick reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera sixty three people have died and more than one hundred have been injured in bomb attacks on voter registration centers in afghanistan. peace in armenia have detained the leaders of protests against the former president who they accuse of orchestrating a power grab. france's president manuel mak kong has or says u.s.
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counterpart donald trump to stand by the iran nuclear deal says abandoning the agreement could lead to a north korean style standoff. syria's government has continued to pummel of suburb of damascus with artillery and aerial bombardments of foresight eisel fighters have said they'll leave the enclave in the capital south but i get to surrender to pro-government forces the area is the last still under rebel control near the syrian capital and it includes the palestinian refugee camp well further north in syria rebel fighters from the district a column on have arrived in northern aleppo as part of one of the evacuation deals negotiated by regime russia any of the fighters belong to the armed group. explains. it's been a long journey for these syrians rebel fighters and their families were forced from their homes in eastern. and sent on buses to northern syria the rebels
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had no choice they were taught to surrender or face seeds and bombardment. color moon in mountainous area near the capital damascus was once a rebel stronghold but government troops have recently managed to recapture most of the area following a military offensive. we have lost the war will remain strong we will return to our homes we have been oppressed for fifty years when we rose against the government we did it in a peaceful way what we wanted was political reforms. we agreed to the evacuation deal to protect civilians so we headed over control of our town to the government in exchange rebel fighters were forced to leave behind their heavy weapons armored vehicles and tanks. it's seven years since the syrian opposition was gaining territory and advancing to worse the capital. now the syrian
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army backed by a russia is on the offensive. tat tree under rebel control is shrinking and government troops have the upper hand thousands of fighters from islam survive and . and what evacuated along with their families to the north. jason islam was one of the most armed groups in syria it was tasked with securing the capital for the opposition to defeat president bashar assad and his forces. well than twenty people including a journalist have been killed in anti-government protests in nicaragua over the past week and johor our scene here in the blue shirt was shot dead whilst he was reporting about the protests live on facebook the process broke out after controversial plans by president daniel ortega and his government to overhaul workers' pensions while pope francis has called for an end to violence.
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dear brothers and sisters on very worried about what happened in the last few days you know we could argue we're following a social protest clashes took place which also of course several victims expressed my closeness employer to the country and i'm joining the bishops in asking that every violence should cease the senseless bloodshed is avoided in the open issues resolved peacefully and with a sense of responsibility people in paraguayan voting in presidential elections on sunday in a poll that's likely to return the ruling colorado party to power party candidate mario abdul binny teds a forty six year old former senator is the favorite to win its pledge to support the pro-business policies of president horacio contests but forecasts suggest the party could lose seats palestinian protesters in gaza have been shot by israeli soldiers have suffered what doctors without borders calls devastating injuries of
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unusual severity of these thirty nine palestinians have been killed and hundreds wounded in four weeks of protest protests against israel's blockade now the medical charity says it's treated more patients than in this month than in the whole of twenty fourteen when israel launched its gaza its last war in gaza from there bernard smith reports do this after injury therefore become younger that's it if you have several scheme that is called. attala fire you may run out of luck last week he says he's been a regular protester at the border fence between gaza and israel before an israeli sniper shot him. njt the feet six hours after injury can be. an excellent result after six hours. it's very hard for you. to save his leg within that short time eighteen year old attala needed specialist
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treatment in the occupied west bank israel said no because he'd been protesting in a neighboring ward use of all crowns a nineteen year old freelance photographer waited two weeks for permission to leave for surgery only an order from israel supremes court open the gates from gaza the health ministry says there have been seventeen amputations so far and most of those could have been avoided if the victims have been allowed to travel to the occupied west bank but only three patients have been allowed to leave gaza. for all of them including use of it was too late to avoid amputation now in ramallah use of other wounded leg will likely be saved. i was wearing a bulletproof vest with a press logo i was seven hundred fifty metres from the fence taking pictures as i headed away i got shot i tried to stand using the tripod and then another bullet hit me doctors in the occupied west bank say they've been shocked by the severity
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of the gunshot wounds. nor it seems the snipers deliberately shot to paralyze most of the injuries or under the knees or is difficult to reconnect destroyed nerves. when we go back to seattle after his amputation he seems perhaps surprisingly on phased when my wounds heal i will go back to the border and become from where i ended. if he does you knows the risks israel says anyone closer than three hundred meters to the fence is a security threat and risks being short but it's myth al-jazeera gaza turkey's election body has given the go ahead to the newly formed e.g. a party to stand in snap elections party was formed by the interior minister minister to challenge the dominance of current president rigid type her doing it secular and nationalist and wants to improve relations with the european union. egypt has extended the detention of al jazeera journalist lockwood hussein by
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another forty five days egyptian national was arrested whilst on holiday in twenty sixteen he spent nearly five hundred days in jail and has yet to be even charged isn't is accused of broadcasting false news with the aim of spreading chaos obviously were strongly denies the allegations and calls on egypt to on conditionally release. thousands of people from pakistan's pashtun community have been rallying in the hordes a man doing justice what they see as decades of oppression protests began in february after the police killing of an aspiring model will officers said had ties to the taliban an investigation found no evidence to back up that claim but the group says thousands of pashtun have disappeared over the years or been the target of unjustified police killings. hi there was at that rally in lahore. thousands of people from bugger songs federally administered tribal area along where their supporters from human rights organizations women's action board on my
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hat to support the projects does this isn't this basically you want to write a big stand to every pot every citizen in this country there are areas that have been on the balcony the truth and truth actually since the seventy's directly controlled but they have been in the crossfire of an interstate violence this movement is an antiwar movement that is has risen against the injustices against a trust that is measured out to older people to the push. and pull stunts in the so-called war against terror as you can see carrying two flags. up. the black of course said the protests no these people are demanding a judicial commission to probe the extrajudicial killing of drivers in this video
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got out of here nice red arrows are demanding unfair about thousands of their people who have been arrested there one guy hanging over all one was a police officer for the extra judicial killings in the city of karachi and they also say that they warned all day because they did their constitutional rights the people that you can. get a lot number and the provincial capital one job which is also the country's most ballboy province our ever job. as a government in islamabad as an organization that can be done don't require and don't go to. the projects is likely to continue. they're not all blonde a very good broader throughout the. korean airlines chairman chil young who was apologize for the behavior of his daughters and the ones that they've left their
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positions at the company a former senior vice president chill he and min is still in the police investigation for allegedly throwing water at someone in a business meeting earlier this month her older sister heather was jailed for ordering a plane to return to its gate at new york's j.f.k. airport in twenty four teams because she was served macadamia nuts in a bag and also ball in first class hong kong's government says the region lags behind the rest of china in bray in embracing new bill energy that barely any of the city's power comes from green sources but it's hoping to catch up with a pilot project him into harness the power of the sun the vehicle palming reports. target is hong kong's oldest surviving fishing village but it's becoming a new frontier in the territory when it comes to energy you hope but i also have all this second point to farm i set up needs i'm a true city to run the water pumping system i chose solar panels as it would generate just enough energy as the pump doesn't need too much power. timmie says
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his family have lived here for generations he says the villagers called sunlight god's blessing for centuries they use the sun to make the dried seafood products this village has become famous for last year they discovered another benefit when the world wildlife fund set up solar panels in the village cheap clean energy problem if they can't afford to install anymore not without government funds they don't will have to financial support and then they also don't have to you know extract a policy to motivate them to have almost a system the hong kong government is looking at investing in green energy this pilot project is successful this could be one solution clover cove is one of seventeen reservoirs in hong kong the solar panels power the nearby water works facilities the water supplies department has been very hard to integrate is the green technology in the operation to mitigate the impact of the climate change. other than harvesting this solar energy from the sun there are lots of benefits
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from in soaring to solar p.v. system currently only zero point one percent of hong kong's energy comes from renewables compare that to seventeen percent in china seventy eight percent of electricity comes from fossil fuels it's the city's biggest pollutant but environmentalist say hong kong has the potential to turn that around a recent university study found that a quarter of the city's three hundred nine thousand buildings are suitable for solar panel installation if used effectively the buildings could provide ten percent of hong kong's energy consumption cutting carbon emissions by three million tons a year companies that invest in green buildings get tax breaks at the moment though there are no clear incentives for small businesses or households the praties from tommy's aquaponics farm good to see cafe nearby his next project is the solar eyes the entire operation but he says he can't afford to go all green until there's a change in government policy. hong kong. you can find them much more about the
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stories we are following head to our website that algis they were dot com. our mind of our top stories here on out is iraq sixty three people have died and more than one hundred have been injured in attacks on voter registration centers in afghanistan fifty seven people were killed after a suicide bomber detonated explosives outside of registration sent in the capital kabul the area targeted has a population that's mostly made up of shia has r us it was another attack just north of the city in baghlan province where an explosion killed six people from the same. place in armenia have detained the opposition politician nicole. and two of his colleagues have been leading them to government protests passion nam was arrested shortly after an unsuccessful meeting with the newly appointed prime minister sergey c.m.
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he's demanding really to step down accusing him of a power grab. france's president has urged donald trump to stand by the iran nuclear deal on a visit to the u.s. about well my colleague said abandoning the agreement could lead to a north korea style standoff. what do you have at the bit there are options i don't see it what is a what if scenario all your plan b. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear against against iran so that's a question we will discuss but that's why i just want to see on nuclear let's preserve the framework because it's better than the sort of north korean type of situation so i'm i'm not satisfied with the situation was that iran i want to fight against ballastic may find i want to contain their influence in the region so my point is to see don't leave now as a g.c. pewee as long as you have not a bitter regime for nuclear and let's complete it with benefit me sign and original
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containment syria's government has continued to pummel a suburb of damascus with artillery and aerial bombardment foresight eisel the fighters have said they'll leave the enclave in the capital south but i've yet to surrender to pro-government forces more than twenty people including a journalist have been killed in anti-government protests in nicaragua over the past week angel goal now seen here in the blue shirt was shot dead whilst he was reporting live on facebook the protests broke out over a planned overhaul insurance. those are your current headlines talk to al-jazeera is next and we'll be back in just under half an hour's time with more of my. only. with you.


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