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issue one when east investigates and al jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was often the. bin laden was very nervous about meeting has not met a western reporter before in part one of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin ladin he never showed the hostility towards me of the west i knew bin laden on all dizzy.
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this is al jazeera. alone hasn't this is the news hour live from doc coming up in the next sixty minutes. the french president heads to washington hoping to save the iran nuclear deal. after days of violent protests nicaragua's president says he'll drop controversial plans to reform the country's pension system. by the bombings that voter registration centers kill sixty three people in afghanistan . and the u.s. and north korean leaders are preparing for an historic summit but most north koreans know nothing about it.
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france's president is due to arrive in the u.s. on monday for talks with president donald trump with the fate of the iran nuclear deal front and center emanuel mccrone says abandoning the deal could lead to a north korea star standoff the us president has threatened to walk away from the twenty fifteen agreement he could do that as soon as next month when he has to recertify it for the u.s. congress what do you have as a bit there option i don't see it. what is a what if scenario or your plan b. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear against against iran so that's a question we will discuss but that's why i just want to see a nuclear let's preserve the framework because it's better than a sort of north korean type of situation so i'm not satisfied with the situation was iran i want to fight against palestinians signs i want to contain their
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influence in the region so my point is to see don't leave now. as long as you have not a bitter regime for nuclear and let's complete it with ballastic misalign and original containment. our white house correspondent kimberly haokip has more now on that. no european leader enjoys a better bond with u.s. president donald trump than french president emmanuelle. mccraw has carefully culture their relationship inviting trump to paris for bastille day celebrations playing to transend well known admiration for the military the result troubles consulted with matters on the telephone with an any other world leader that cross says he even managed to convince trump to prolong u.s. involvement in syria. president trump was saying the united states of america had a duty to disengage from syria i assure you we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay for the long term the white house denies
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a shift at syria position iterating trump hopes to soon withdraw u.s. forces. arrives in washington on monday for a three day visit which includes truck his first state dinner as president. his influence over the u.s. president will be tested on issues ranging from syria to the future of the iran nuclear deal with iran maintains it's in compliance with the twenty fifteen agreement which the u.s. signed with iran and european allies makarov favors keeping the deal as does german chancellor angela merkel who also visits the white house this week the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into but troubles vowed to withdraw by mid may unless european allies fix certain aspects of the agreement including improving inspections of iran's nuclear
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programs so far that hasn't happened trumps recent appointment of john bolton to national security advisor and his nomination of mike pompei oh to be secretary of state both of whom have criticized the agreement. have caused even more concern about the deal's future in less than a month donald trump must decide whether to allow iran sanctions to be put back in place effectively killing the deal that makes the influence of emanuel mccraw and angle of merkel pivotal. whether or not the iran agreement remains intact kimberly health at al-jazeera at the white house or saying we're sorry and was the spokesman for iran during the nuclear negotiations with the international community from two thousand and three to two thousand and five he spoke about the importance of a menu arm across approach towards trump see i believe president macron has not . yet to write
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a lesson from the nuclear the nuclear crisis between iran and the us iran and the war continued for twelve years when they decided specifically president obama decided to engage constructively to have peaceful negotiation to have mutual respect then they could settle on one of the most important and critical issues between iran and the west practically after lucian one hundred seventy nine now president macaroni saying we should keep the deal and we should fight with iran in the region the lesson from disappearing there is if you were in gauge constructively with iran you would be able also to help to resolve the regional crisis you would cooperate for peaceful management of the regional crisis but if you are going to fight with iran in the region in detention
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the animosity between on and the rest would increase and definitely sooner or later we will witness the death of nuclear these. in nicaragua president daniel ortega says he will withdraw the proposed pension reforms that sparked a wave of protests killing twenty six people dozens of shops in the capital managua were looted as the protests and to their fifth day police have been criticized for their heavy handed response to demonstrations that included the use of live ammunition a journalist is among those killed in clashes and helga hohner was shot dead while reporting live on facebook one of his colleagues blames a government sniper. john how many is monitoring developments from mexico city. it was a surprise announcement president daniel ortega coming out to say that he was canceling changes to the social security system in nicaragua and the payments that people and
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companies would have to make into the system it comes after five days of protest which have spread not just to the capital but other cities now why did president take a make that announcement well he's come under pressure not just from the united states and the european union but also from the u.n. and the pope they've all expressed concern about events in the country there's been concern also within the country about the heavy handed tactics that people have said the police have used against the protesters there have been multiple deaths including police officers and there are also been many injuries now the question will be if president takers climbdown is going to be enough to stop the protests they've become about more than just the issue of the social security payments but about the legitimacy of the president himself n.g.o.s and analysts have been saying for quite some time that the president's been seeking to undermine democratic
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institutions to hold on for the power not just for himself but also for his family his vice president is also his wife and this student led movement they really driving this that's been going out into the streets have been calling into question this government president allègre along with the sort of carrot that he offered in terms of the social security payment also offered a sort of stick saying that if the protests do continue that the police and the authorities will be acting within the law he said to stop these protests he said such things happening in our country this can't carry on. well the ruling party candidate has won paraguayan presidential election mario abdul benito's from the colorado party took more than forty six percent of the vote but the result was closer than expected with his main rival a-frame l.a. winning close to forty three percent has pledged to support the pro-business
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policies of outgoing president bracieux carters. in afghanistan bombers have attacked a voter registered voter registration centers killing sixty three people and injuring more than one hundred others a number of senses have been targeted since they opened last week before parliamentary and district elections later this year in the latest attacks fifty seven people were killed in kabul when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of a center there and north of the city in battle and province an explosive place near another voting center killed six people from the same family on friday a gunman hit a voter registration center in baghdad this province killing a police officer a day earlier armed men killed two police officers in jalalabad city as they guarded a voter registration center and on tuesday attackers kidnapped three employees and two policemen from a voting center in whole province lopez whole diane reports now on the latest
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attacks. police say a suicide bomber set off explosives at the doorway of a buddha registration center in kabul for afghans receive identification cards for the elections in october. when i arrived at the scene we helped many wounded people to carry them to the hospital all the victims were women and children who were here to get their identity cards and registration for election. the blast happened in an area of western kabul where many of the minority shia has summer community lives it's the latest in a series of attacks on voter registration centers a senior member of the afghan army had told afghans they would be safe and afghan forces would be there to maintain sick. he added voter registration sites there's a consistent push into making sure that people are unable to notice that. if they attempt to register. there will be attacks on them but i think the issue of democratic process is compounded you know dick i mean competency of the afghan
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government itself being able to protect the the voter registration center the voting centers opened just last week it's part of the long process to get afghans properly registered allegations of fraud have long plagued elections in afghanistan the registration process is designed to guard against that the independent election commission says it hopes as many as fifteen million people will register for the parliamentary and district council elections but the election commissioner at mit's turnout so far is already low this latest blast will do little to reassure afghans it's worth the risk. this with a yawn al-jazeera syria's government has continued to pummel a suburb of the capital damascus to force out i saw fighters they've agreed to leave but still haven't surrounded the area they occupy which includes the yarmouk palestinian refugee camp is one of the last near the capital that has not fallen to
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pro-government forces or fighters from one of the districts back in government control have arrived in aleppo in northern syria the rebels from column only left under one of several evacuation deals brokered by syria's ally russia many of them belong to the armed group jaish al islam a whole bottle reports it's been a long journey called the syrians rebel fighters and their families were forced from their homes in east germany. and sent on buses to northern syria. the rebels had no choice they were taught to surrender or face seeds and bombardment. color moon in mountainous area near the capital damascus was once a rebel stronghold but government troops have recently managed to recapture most of the area following a military offensive. we have lost the war will remain strong we
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will return to our homes we have been oppressed for fifty years when we rose against the government and we did it in a peaceful way what we wanted was political reforms. we agreed to the evacuation deal to protect civilians so we headed over control of our town to the government in exchange rebel fighters were forced to leave behind their heavy weapons armored vehicles and tanks. is seven years since the syrian opposition was gaining territory and advancing to worse the capital. now the syrian army backed by a russia is on the offensive. tat tree under rebel control is shrinking and government troops have the upper hand if you weeks earlier the army rick captured the rebels last stronghold on the outskirts of damascus thousands of fighters from j.c.l. islam survived and. and were evacuated along with their families to the north.
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jason islam was one of the most organized armed groups in syria it was tasked with securing the capital for the opposition to defeat president bashar assad and his forces. a turkey's election body has allowed a newly formed a party to stand in june snap elections the interior minister formed a party to challenge the dominance of current president richard type one it is founded on secular and nationalist principles and wants to improve relations with the european union the party respond barred from running in the june poll because it didn't have enough seats in parliament but fifteen m.p.'s switched to ensure it matched met the threshold police in armenia had detained an opposition politician and two of his colleagues who've been leading antigovernment protests there we call
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a push in yen was arrested shortly after an unsuccessful meeting with the newly appointed prime minister serge sarkozy and he's calling for the leader to step down accusing him of a power grab robin forrester walker has more from yet of a. boy a resting opposition leaders police appear to be trying to neutralize dissent but instead antigovernment protests and groden sides here rallied outside the police station where about opposition leader because i said yeah i know the organizers are going to be killed i thought passion the prime minister said. earlier on sunday the televised meeting lasted just two minutes do you use or lose function and a faction that got seven or eight percent of the parliamentary vote has no right to speak on behalf of the people. if you do not accept the legitimate requirements of
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the state then good buy. main opposition to mo and it was the prime minister's resignation cuse him of a power grab. shortly after those talks please we did and seized because sharon. said she ruled armenia as president for ten years and said he didn't want to be prime minister but last week hollande appointed him to the more powerful position and now he's in no mood to compromise while he is adamant he won't quit his new role as prime minister is to start to see hands legacy as president poses challenges the media has struggled economically for twenty years this financially dependent on russia unemployment stands at twenty percent with a third of the population living below the poverty line industries are in the hands of the only got business elite including the prime minister and the media's borders
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with azerbaijan and turkey remain closed the thousands of protesters who gathered here in republic square a little early. to return in the morning they will continue their acts of civil disobedience protests around the capital this movement is far from finished reading for a steelworker al-jazeera arabic. plenty more ahead on this news hour prevented from getting treatment that could save them lames the protestors targeted by israeli sniper fire in gaza. we report on efforts to revive the u.k.'s forgotten transport network and move goods around in a more environmentally friendly way. and later inspire world number one rafael nadal stands his record break on monte carlo last.
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saw less still ahead but first donald trump is striking a cautious note the day after welcoming a pledge by north korea to end nuclear and missile tests the leaders of north and south korea meet on friday and historic talks between kim jong un and president donald trump could happen by june diplomatic editor james base has been given rare access to the capital pyongyang to find out where the trump is on their minds at all. i think. this is one way north koreans relax at the weekend. the last few days have been a diplomatic roller coaster because people enjoy the fun fair in pyongyang they're unaware of much of what's happened ordinary people have not been told the cia director came his secretly that their leader is negotiating with the us all that
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he's planning a face to face meeting with the country's sworn enemy donald trump so when you ask people here about trump they tell you what they've been told repeatedly in the past by the state controlled media room come on among every korean gets furious when we hear what trump sense he threatens to annihilate the entire korean nation is even human he is a wolf. down by the river they were playing volleyball and. this is where i met a young medical student. i don't have the. idea of american people but american government i hate american imperialism and serial i don't like why. all the korean people hate the british so. no date old venue has yet been set for the meeting between supreme leader
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kim jong un and president trump one report says the u.s. leader would like to meet him alone with only interpreters diplomats here have told me that would give kim who knows the nuclear issue intimately a big advantage kim jong un is half the age of donald trump but he's already run this country for more than six years and while the trumpet administration's policy on north korea has evolved during more the one year in office the north korean leader has built on the nuclear strategy he inherited from his father and from his grandfather james bays al jazeera young yeah. and i jarius president mohamad who will hadi is facing a backlash on social media that's after he appeared to question the work ethic of young people in his country many are angry after he told a commonwealth gathering in london the young nigerians feel entitled to do nothing
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because they live in an oil rich nation. he did not put me under and i but i did i mean i do with the look in. one of my deliberate so i was afraid and i believe that my. time on my team did not let intercede enjoin you are lazy either not doing anything is because they have been being empowered is because you have improved by the what is required to empower the nigerian you one thing i know about every young person ajay is this we are very very innovative people we come up with ideas we come up with beings we create out of mocking the life and. we create a living we create everything we need out of nothing almost out of nothing in nigeria a controversial french immigration law has passed its first hurdle in the national assembly nearly two thirds of politicians voted for the bill which would impose
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tough new conditions on asylum requests they refer to as more from paris. this was a vital piece of legislation for president to man your macro but it's taken a very long time a marathon in the national assembly it's taken them all week to vote on this and some nine hundred ninety nine amendments were added to this bill but it did pass comfortably but it also created divisions within manual macro's own party there was one m.p. who defected from the party there were several abstentions now many people within the liberal party the center party that michael formed have called it a repressive piece of legislation but michael has been very clear about why it's being pushed through because in twenty seventeen france had one hundred thousand asylum seekers and that's a record for france and also record within the european union for that year so he
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wanted to try and separate out the economic migrants as he's called them and those who are genuinely seeking asylum trying to escape warfare or persecution in the own countries now what he's done is extend the amount of time the asylum seekers can spend in detention and also shorten the amount of time that they can launch their appeal now that is one of the most draconian measures we've seen and the party presence parties say the century they're trying to undermine the national front position on that where immigration has been such a a vote winner for the nationalists on the extreme right so he's determined to separate out these two things to make sure the france still is a liberal country which accepts genuine asylum seekers but also rejects those who are just economic migrants now it'll take a long time yet for the legislation to actually be enacted it has to go to the
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senate and then has to come back to the national assembly there might even be more . amendments so we won't see this on the statute books until at least may or june but nevertheless. we're very pleased that at last this legislation has passed its first hurdle of the national assembly the u.k. has thousands of kilometers of inland waterways rivers and canals built to move goods in the nineteenth century well as roads get busier businesses and environmental groups have been trying to revive this forgotten transport network neve block a report on the. life of britain's waterways moves at an unhurried pace. rose parness pilots pleasure boats and reaches canal in london these wants to get to backwaters of attracting new life.
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before i worked on the waterways i was close to leaving london i think there's something about the community that lives around the water is something about water in itself that's quite call me there's some activity that you can do down here this is a small section of a three thousand kilometer network of canals and navigable rivers and the q.k. maybe can also built in the early nineteenth century joining britain's industrial revolution to move heavy goods such as ion and coal today only five percent are used to transport goods most a simply about farm. but with british roads becoming increasingly congested environmental groups are encouraging more companies to move from wheels to water today there are more boats on the waterways than there were at the height of the industrial revolution but they tend to be used for leisure purposes for living and for holidays the canals have become a focus for revival so whether used to be kind of a national disgrace they now the focus to some of the some of the kind of biggest
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urban regeneration projects across the country. shipping emits less carbon than other forms of transport according to government findings the most damaging way of hauling cargo is by road for air quality and costly to maintain. so why don't more companies use in the waterways water transport is slow only eight kilometers an hour in a city canals. where there's an attractive economy of scale the fast growing ports like this on london's river thames are exploiting the rivers being deep into allowed massive tankers closer to the capital. britain's waterways were once the arteries of the industrial revolution were the u.k. now poised to exit the new they could play another vital role in bringing the world's goods to the u.k. and the u.k.'s goods to the rest of the world. during the building of london's
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olympic park two million tons of building material arrived at construction sites by water helping to deliver one of the greenest games in history several british supermarkets are now also conducting shipping trials of the country's waterways many of these industrial relics could soon play a role in steering the economy of the future. london. all right time for a quick break now but when we come back the murder of muslim clerics raising the specter of new rivalries yemen's deepening civil war. and we need the chicago beekeeper producing honey when you least expect it plus i had to feel. my funeral. enjoys his own unity as the arsenal manager speaks for the first time since announcing his resignation he tells coming up later with joe in sport.
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from the clear blue sky of the doe home. to the fresh fruit and breeze in the city of. howler the chinese spring rains are on the move again i think we'll see the concentration of the shanghai end of the yangtze valley on monday and for the size to be honest and heading down towards the southwest corner which is where the concentration is more like to be on choose day and this northern section swung to the west toward sichuan weather winds meet so significant rain for a few there will be flooding from this of course and briefly it might rain overnight in hong kong were down to twenty seven come tuesday probably less humid as well and the showers a start to form again over into china and thailand possibly vietnam and laos you see a massive cloud to the south hit this all in the case is getting a little bit wetter the day interesting line of developing rain is to go through sulawesi southern borneo and towards southern somalia shouldn't be that wet it's
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time the year but that's certainly where the fall crosses and we've seen showers to boot in the same area but they're showing themselves more readily now at least in vietnam and laos which is where we should be far fewer in india of course the story here is the pre monsoon he's apart from occasional showers in the northeast by coalition the south it is watch the temperatures there on the order of forty degrees for the most part above that in central india and getting high in new delhi . the weather sponsored by qatar at least. from planting forests with drones to surviving drought small fun. award winning environmental solutions program with home never heard of them to a real job but. meeting the people communities and organizations addressing some of the greatest manmade environmental problems threatening our planet. a new season of
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earth price coming soon on al-jazeera. stories generate thousands of headlines collaboration with different angles from different perspectives. the still more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for the separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's plan the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. and again you're watching i just had
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a mind of our top stories this france's president manual micron has urged the u.s. to stand by iran nuclear deal president donald trump has threatened to walk away from the agreement but micron says abandoning it could lead to a north korea stock standoff. nicaragua's president daniel ortega says he'll withdraw a proposed pension reforms that sparked the wave of violent protests thousands of shops in the capital and that one fifth day of demonstrations. at least sixty three people have been killed in bombing attacks and voter registration centers in afghanistan several centers have been targeted since they opened last week before upcoming elections. an air strike by saudi led forces has hit a wedding party in yemen killing seven people it happened in the western province of had more than a dozen others were injured who the rebels say another attack earlier in the day killed six people the u.n.
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has criticized the saudi led campaign for killing large numbers of civilians. at least twenty five muslim clerics have been murdered in southern yemen in the past two years most of those killed are said to be supporters of the ex our president and durable wanted hedi and his allies they point to growing rivalries between u.s. backed armed groups and heavies forces in the south a honda report. documents death provoked an outpouring of grief in the southern city of aden he's one of at least twenty five clerics preaches and religious scholars killed in the south of yemen in just over two years most of them in just the last six months. what is the crime what is the speculation we call on all. to do something no one has claimed responsibility for the killings twelve political parties have said they believe the killers targeted
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clerics who supported yemen's excelled president of the drive to months or hardy and many reportedly had links to the islam party the yemeni branch of the muslim brotherhood and had these leading ally in the south i think it's obvious. that the religious belief and quite possibly because many of them to the islam party it's not clear shoes doing the talking although there are a widely held beliefs on the ground. by the u.a.e. . the killings focus attention on a new layer of complexity developing in yemen civil war the her things controlled this area in the north including the capital sana and are supported by iran they're fighting forces loyal to exiled president hadi whose power base is here in the self and includes aden al-qaeda controls these areas and black three years ago the saudi
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led coalition stepped in to back hetty's forces. a coalition that includes the united arab emirates from that time the u.a.e. has concentrated on growing its influence in the south and large part by funding and training to yemeni groups each with different agendas and which appears to be a holds for the saudi led coalition one of them is the szabo army elite forces there a mix of hardline groups since a session ists who want the south to break away from the rest of yemen completely something saudi arabia is opposed to another is the security belt forces in aden they've been openly fighting had these forces the very group the saudi led coalition stepped in to support the forces don't necessarily want the same thing and it's quite possible that the governments of u.a.e. and saudi. likely different outcomes in yemen so the level below containing iranian
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influence the killings have prompted dozens of religious leaders to abandon their mosques and seek refuge elsewhere. it's the latest twist in the three year long civil war which has killed thousands and threatened famine for millions of yemenis medium hond al-jazeera let's bring in the below holding in washington he is a former u.s. diplomat who served as the deputy chief of mission in yemen from two thousand and four to two thousand and seven thanks for being with us so let me ask you first of all what he what do you think is going on here if these murders are are all sunni affiliated as has been reported and it seems likely that the iraqis a behind it what will be their motivation for this. so there are some conflicting goals and conflicting alliances between solidary b.s.
5:37 am
and the united arab emirates in principle there are partners they liberate the saudis from the who is. another they've done that they're not quite sure what they're doing to some extent and saudi arabia is not going to slow or illegitimacy off the exide president had he who resides in riyadh and is helping the forces that support him the united arab emirates on the other hand has nor censorship goals in the south which is to draw all the principle of war to use them as auxiliaries for their own who are in dubai to that and they have supported forces that are in conflict with these forces. in the end the more important conflict but perhaps it's for more saudi arabia and the
5:38 am
united arab emirates these other two one optical systems and they are trying to support. what most yemenis want which is a secular republic a democratic republic there is an attempt to the types of systems that saudi arabia and the emirates have. in the end. i don't think their military goals are to ogress my three years of trying to accomplish something that they have not been able to accomplish and ultimately i'm not sure they have the proper motivation to truly help yemen get back on its feet and as you say in there did the saudis and moralities are united in their fight against the who ts in yemen but they did did interests of these two countries have been diverging for
5:39 am
a while haven't they what are the implications of that especially for the m well people one of the most obvious implication is the lack of law and order in the sounds if they had. their act together in the past three years they would have secured the south the area where the flu fears are no longer in control they would have established the government of the in ah then they have not been able to do that or they have not wanted to do that for the people of yemen the south is an example of what the so-called liberation would look like by the solid isn't that in there aren't these. they have not demonstrated that they have the true interests of yemen at heart do you get the sense that. when this war when it when they see this conflict began particularly from the point of view
5:40 am
of the saudis that they they they kind of got in over their head here because here we are years later still talking about this conflict. well yes the some accent this is true in that there was a new man in charge of hama and been so milan m.b.'s this is very much his war and i think he jumped into or a little too fast before thinking it through he jumped into with presumably or what he says the motive was to fight the iran when the iran wasn't really in yemen . and there was no exit strategy militarily exactly what do you hope to accomplish and you really want to talk them defeat off the with these or do you simply want to weaken them enough to then be able to bring them to the negotiating
5:41 am
table and offer them something they can live with they haven't succeeded in either direction or the other big question is what kind of a political system would you like to support in yemen and that is not at all clear in terms of the saudi perspective. in the end this is a big a muddle and the people of yemen have made a very high price for this so-called liberation the idea they're solid any of you is in alliance with forces on the ground that u.a.e. is interested in this the making is very troubling and the long term prospects of that are not good in the end if n.b.s. truly wants to be any gentle leader he should show some diplomatic because and he
5:42 am
should help the yemenis resolve their internal conflicts and then help reconstruct yemen in the direction he is thinking now as reckless. extremely destructive and it's not in the long term interests of his own country it is a very complicated and also very tragic situation unfolding in yemen right now we appreciate you helping us make sense of it thanks very much for being with us neville hawley in washington. our aid workers in gaza say palestinian protesters shot by israeli soldiers have suffered devastating injuries at least thirty nine a been killed and hundreds wounded in four weeks of protests against israel's blockade doctors without borders say it's treated more patients this month than all of twenty fourteen when israel launched its last war in gaza but as smith reports to this after injury the food become young innocent very separate schema that
5:43 am
he called a tal afar you may run out of luck last week he says he's been a regular protester at the border fence between gaza and israel before an israeli sniper shot him after injury the feet six hours after injury can be the scene of the limb an excellent result after six hours under it ition is very high risk for what. to save his leg within that short time eighteen year old attala needed specialist treatment in the occupied west bank israel said no because he'd been protesting in a neighboring ward use of all crowns a nineteen year old freelance photographer waited two weeks for permission to leave for surgery only an order from israel supremes court open the gates from gaza the health ministry says there have been seventeen amputation so far and most of those could have been avoided if the victims have been allowed to travel to the occupied
5:44 am
west bank but only three patients have been allowed to leave gaza. for all of them including use the it was too late to avoid amputation now in ramallah use of other wounded leg will likely be saved. i was wearing a bulletproof vest with a press logo i was seven hundred fifty meters from the events taking pictures as i headed away i got shot i tried to stand using the tripod and then another bullet hit me doctors in the occupied west bank say they've been shocked by the severity of the gunshot wounds. it seems the snipers deliberately shot to paralyze most of the injuries or under the knees or is difficult to reconnect destroyed nerves. when we go back to seattle after his amputation he seems perhaps surprisingly on phased when my wounds i will go back to the border and become from where i ended if he does he knows the risks israel says anyone closer than three
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hundred metres to the fence is a security threat and risks being shot burnet smith al jazeera gaza. the cia director mike pompei o faces a crucial vote on a monday to become the next u.s. secretary of state more than half of the senate foreign relations committee is refusing to support president donald trump's pick for the job more now from alan fischer oh my computer feels protesters at his confirmation hearing in front of the senate foreign relations committee we was trying to sell himself as america's next top diplomat said if i'm confirmed i want to know senators are suggesting you may not be right for the job come cia director easily won the nomination for that role but secretary of state is a bigger job with a broader responsibility a lot of democrats who are seeking to find common ground we're trying to try to figure out some ways they could demonstrate some bipartisanship and i think that
5:46 am
reservoir of potential goodwill that trump had in january twenty seventeen with senate democrats has dissipated significantly since then a former kansas congressman a former u.s. army officer some senators have been unsettled by pompey was past positions you pose as the iran nuclear deal has criticized gay marriage and his claim that muslims are a threat to america he's seen as a hawk someone who promotes and aggressive foreign policy there's no what you just heard what i described there is no one but some of the serve in uniform who understands the value of this form of terror and tragedy that is war like someone who served in uniform it's the last resort it must always be so god bless you all your computer was picked for the job of secretary of state after rex tillerson was unceremoniously sacked by tweet in march from people recently made news by holding secret talks with north korean leader kim jong un giving the way for a summit in the coming weeks president donald trump is urging a yes on his pick i think michael. you know one of the real story is that
5:47 am
republican senator rand paul has already said he will oppose the nomination and democrats don't think you'll do. enough to stand up to the president we didn't hear any evidence at that hearing for director pompei oh that he was willing to do that fire so no committee vote or it's crucial for donors trump it would be really bad for donald trump with a republican senate failed to achieve confirmation of his chosen secretary of state donald trump thinks that might pompeo will be a better fit for the job as his top diplomat someone he knows someone he believes he can trust thinks like the president and will echo his view on important issues on the global stage senators on the foreign relations committee have to decide if that's something they want i want fish or al-jazeera washington a sunday is world earth day an annual event that encourages millions of people to find ways to better protect the environment in chicago beekeepers on doing their
5:48 am
bit to ensure the planet's most important pollinators don't die out we need the man who tells us why he's drawing honey bees to the top of skyscrapers. i'm bill whitney i'm a beekeeper i take care of honey bees on skyscrapers in chicago the community in chicago the beekeeping you know it's the mall and so there are a handful of us that everyone seems to them know one of them we're talking about tall buildings here in illinois that that flats and room were flat and so we think the honeybees well they got to go out in flat but if you go into the western states like california and you just hike in yosemite mountains you go down in the valleys there's honeybees down there you go all the way that the top equivalent to a fifty story building and there's honey bees up there and they're traveling up and down that mountain as the flowers are marching up and down the mountain in this case we've got
5:49 am
a green roof top and honey bees are very opportunistic if there is a blossom and there's nectar to be gotten it's going to that blossom the honey that the bees produce here in the city on top of these buildings is identical to the honey that is produced out in the suburbs twenty thirty miles away and you can have garbage everywhere you can have cans of pop everywhere and even these aren't going to go anywhere near them they don't care about they don't want they're going to go directly to the flowers and only visit flowers we have a spring we have a midsummer and we have a fall honey and they're distinctive they taste differently this than given that way because of the vegetation. a still ahead on edges into. any you keep shogi wins the london map and for the third time joe will have all the details coming up in school.
5:50 am
thank you. thank. you thank you. thank. you thank you. thank.
5:51 am
me and. greg. thanks very much elliot kept chug a has won the london marathon for a third time it was the tenth victory from eleven races for the kenyan running great and as lee's home and reports the event saw a couple of upsets as well. officially the warmest london marathon on bread court and with the temperature hovering around twenty three degrees queen elizabeth she still proceedings for some forty thousand runners
5:52 am
marathon great and i have to chug a was favored for the men's race and the kenyans didn't disappoint at one stage he was on course for a new world record but slowed in the final stages to vanish in a time of two hours four minutes and seventeen seconds inside the day for me to london and two in one who might have been made out of the same time it's a combination of two fitness i left my mother for i love ronnie running his life. most are always competing in his first race since quitting track running to focus on marathons the thirty five year old last time after an early mix up at a drink station but he still finished third in a british record time ethiopia's surekha tatted toller was a surprise second you know last two months has been hard work just being sleep chain and us why the opportunity to appear so to come away would have a personal burst and come with burden to be so many guys in the field you know we had one of the best schools in america open longer mirthful we haven't heard on
5:53 am
earth today or made it look easy but it was incredible every. both felt the impact of the haze in the women's race defending champion america tiny was the favorite but the kenyan was overtaken by compatriot vivian cherry art who won a first london title a year after making her marathon debut at the age of thirty three. the day was special and i tried to come up solely based good bye then. and that week there was harm success in the men's wheelchair race with david we exclaiming victory for an eighth the cation while there was a breakthrough win for madison de rozan rio in the women's race the twenty four year old australian upsetting for time champion tatiana mcfadden for her first ever medal in london uli's home an al-jazeera chelsea will meet manchester united in the final of this year's f.a. cup antonia conti's side beat southampton two no in this semi final at wembley
5:54 am
television or elvira marotta with the score rose it followed manchester united states two one victory over tottenham on saturday they'll battle for the trophy on may the nineteenth it will pit marine year against his former team chelsea and their current manager contact. for we are talking about a two to two manager that we just don't care that you're talking about about a two two winners and when the your mind and your heart of. your blood. and berries are there they will do we know. for sure for sure. we want to tell you want to try to or to win the straw. arsenal secured an impressive four one win over west ham in the english premier league it was their first match since manager also venner announced he'll leave at
5:55 am
the end of the season after twenty two years in charge he says he's been touched by the things that have been said about him in recent days. i had the feeling a little bit. to assist life at my funeral. because. people speak about you how you were you know so it was it will be. interesting on the train so i don't need to die any more i know what happened. manchester city celebrated with their home fans for the first time since being crowned premier league champions they thrashed swanzy five no but then their supporters invaded the pitch to celebrate a flare was also set off it could result in the f.a. charging them for failing to control their fans but city's manager isn't going to criticise his team's fans for getting so excited when the ball is in the motional game. i understand you have to be careful. when they feel a shared. so it's best if you will just to stay but i'm not
5:56 am
going to tell them don't do that if they like to be you know close with the team they show how happy they are rafael nadal has been crowned the monte carlo masters champion for a record extending eleventh time the spaniard made like work of his japanese opponent kay misha corey on the final on sunday six three six two was the school to win season dalkeith his well number one ranking ahead of forge ahead thank you so special for me to have a stuffy with me again. feeling about not getting to the scribe especially coming back from injuries you know undiscussed on the clay court season again this way so especially coming. usa will defend their fed cup title against the czech republic after booking their place in the final is the annual global team competition in women's tennis sloane stephens gave the americans a two one lead over france in their semi final on sunday and madison keys the only
5:57 am
comment here to send them through to the decider the tight finishing up to be to day. is the sixth time in eight years that the czech republic have made it to the final of this toulon but the dominant performers bits of are over germany's angela herber confirmed that. the san antonio spurs have routed a clean sweep of their n.b.a. playoff series with the golden state warriors the warriors who were the defending champions well beaten one hundred three to ninety in game four earlier the milwaukee bucks beat the boston celtics one hundred four to one hundred and two to tie their best of seven series at two two now the reigning measure g.p. world champion has won his first race of the season in texas mark mark has started fourth on the grid after being penalised for blocking maverick when yellow is in qualifying but this funny a put in a solid performance on his honda to finish ahead of an yellers at the grand prix of the americas is marcus's sixth straight victory in austin
5:58 am
aka athens have been crowned champions of greek football for the first time in twenty four years it's been a disrupted season in greece the super league was suspended in march after a team president invaded the pitch with a gun but a full house of sixty thousand supporters were on hand and then pick stadium on sunday to watch a k. the never dhea close to nil the result ensured they would take the crown and end seven years of domination by olympiacos and that's all was fought for now more later. and that is it for this news hour and for me as we seek it thanks for your company adrian will be and two when it's the last more news in.
5:59 am
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