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the families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say i'm going to be up that because of the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand and five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds. out jazeera selects palestinians.
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if you're backing down they restart their nuclear program they will have bigger problems than they have ever had before if you don't trump issues a warning to iran liz he meets france's president at the white house. on tape this is al jazeera live from london also coming up around at the center of the facebook personal data scandal was questioned in britain and pour scorn on the idea if nation was of any use. by protesters who won their fight to get pension reforms scrapped all back on the streets in nicaragua. and where registering to vote could cost you your life we report on elections under attack in afghanistan.
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and a u.s. president donald trump has once again slammed the iran nuclear deal this time calling it insane and terrible he says it should never have been made his comments come on the second day of his french counterpart in one year in michael's state visit to washington d.c. the two men have been holding talks in the oval office with a nuclear deal top of the agenda back home back to the agreement and he's hoping to change trump's mind on it. can be how could his at the white house for us are some pretty strong language from trump over iran deal once again in spite of all wolf do you think though the state also over this issue. it appears so least for now it appears that the french president has his work cut out for him in trying to convince donald trump to remain and to keep the united states within that agreement given some of the statements that were made the oval office in just the last couple of hours donald trump essentially doubling down on his positions about why this is
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a bad deal as we often heard him say on the campaign trail and then going even further as he often does criticizing the obama administration for putting it in place and discussing some of the concerns he has with it saying that he believes that there are not enough had been addressed when that was negotiated to sort of rectify what he believes are ron's destabilizing behaviors within the broader middle east saying what kind of a deal is this that allows iran to test missiles but then he went even further threatening iran if it continues with activity the united states doesn't like take a listen won't be so easy for them to restart they're not going to be restarting anything they restart it they're going to big problems bigger than they've ever had before and you can mark it down they restart the nuclear program they will have bigger problems and they have ever had before thank you very much everybody. very incomplete as a whole with trying this is one thing one minute and something slightly different
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to a different effect later on you also seem to be saying we could at least have an agreement among ourselves very quickly quickly i think we fairly close to understanding each other so what could that be a pivotal to. what it seems to be opening the door to and you're right that is very much a donald chart donald trump trademark this sort of strong negotiating position out of the gate and then dialing things back later on and certainly the two leaders indicated that well they've had very substantial talks there is still more to be discussed in the coming weeks and months in terms of follow up telephone calls but certainly you know we have an upcoming press conference joint press conference that is set to take place between the two leaders in the next half hour or so but i can tell you already so many issues have been discussed because following that oval office meeting there was also a joint appearance of the two men in the cabinet room where they were flanked by the vice president u.s. vice president cabinet secretaries where they discussed another key issue that
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they've been discussing between them and that is the north korean leader kim jong un in the upcoming summit between the u.s. president and kim jong un and donald trump saying some rather odd statements including that he felt that kim jong un had been open and honorable as they discussed their upcoming meeting and sort of underscoring he believes that the u.s. strategy of maximum pressure is working and then one other key ideological difference between the french and u.s. leaders seem to emerge and that is the issue of climate change of course the united states pulling out of the paris climate accord manual macross saying that he is going to continue to urge donald trump to confront what he calls the world's and the united states and france as challenges particularly when it comes to climate so again we talk north korea we talk to iran we talk climate change i don't know what's left in this joint press conference but certainly i'm sure these men will find something can be how to thank you very much indeed we'll bring it out to a news conference as soon as that stocks. has been gauging reaction in paris what
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do they make of all the way you are. well i think most people in france will be watching the pictures that we've been seeing here on our television screens of the two presidential couples of the two presidents the pomp and the ceremony the tree colors across washington and i think a lot of people in france will be quite pleased to see from being put back on the international map there was a sense here that perhaps france was sliding off that international map you want to put it that way over the past few years and done a lot to bolster the position of france internationally sensi became present a year ago but there's no doubt donald trump is for most french people quite an unpopular u.s. president in their eyes that's the least what opinion polls here suggest they really don't like him that much and they sort of look at donald trump and think that he's the antithesis of water president should be you know with his television
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reality past and he was formally you know a tycoon a real estate tycoon so they find it quite difficult to relate to him so that means they're very curious and sometimes baffled by this so-called friendship between him and or mark or and donald trump and there are those who worry that this friendship could perhaps end up tarnishing france in some way they worried that mantle marco should not get too close to the trumpet ministration but there are others who simply see this as quite pragmatic this is politics a man omar calls the president of france he is as he pointed out in his recent fox news interview simply talking to the president of the united states the man that was elected france needs to talk to the u.s. that is what amount of michael says because it's important to have allies rather than enemies and him at all mark or in that way is really trying to use his position to perhaps influence trump sometimes at least have his ear but at least make sure that donald trump perhaps doesn't get in his way internationally and in
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that way that is why is no cheering this relationship which can seem quite unusual from the outside thank you very much indeed. three suicide bombers have attacked the pakistani city of quarter killing at least six police officers one bomber detonated his explosives near a police truck on the road towards the airport where two others attacked a paramilitary checkpoint on the city's outskirts fifteen police and soldiers were wounded in the attacks no one has so far claimed responsibility and egyptian court has sentenced the country's former anticorruption chief to five years in prison or charges of spreading false news if i'm going in i was arrested in february for accusing presidential candidate sami halfassed a nun of having documents that incriminated the state's leaders and in
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a was fired by president a defacto c.c. in twenty sixteen after claiming corruption cost egypt up to seventy five billion dollars. the man accused of killing ten people after driving a van through a busy sidewalk in toronto has been charged with ten counts of murder and thirteen of attempted murder twenty five year old alec manasse and was arrested following a standoff with police at least fifteen others were injured in the attack officers say it appears to be deliberate but so far there's no link to any organization or why deployment of cambridge university academic at the center of the facebook data scandal has appeared in front of a british parliamentary committee and xander kogan is linked to the u.k. based cambridge analytic a firm it's accused of improperly accessing the information of eighty seven million users to a facebook app for how explains. well two pretty interesting bits of testimony heard from different sources of course in the facebook cambridge analytical data
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breach scandal first of all speaking to a parliamentary committee dr alexander kogan he's the man who produced the app that was used to harvest the data of some eighty seven million facebook users and then illegibly pass it on to cambridge analytical for use in influencing the donald trump campaign and following that swiftly it was a press conference given by cambridge analytical defending or dealing with what it described as ill informed and inaccurate speculation about the company well alexander kogan insists as he has done before that he did nothing wrong back in two thousand and fourteen both sides he said knew precisely what was going on what he was doing no one raised any objections then he says he's being made a scapegoat by facebook that describes him as a liar and a fraud his product as a scam and cambridge analytical that says the data he produced was in effect will take a listen to this exchange from the briefing in which the committee suggests that his motivation may in the end have been commercial game essentially the payments on
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the profitable thirty thousand for your role in this was to keep the data exactly much you could then use who in your academic life or perhaps that was part of the deal only there was the deal i was rewarded with data ok you say residents that you got some. university ethics approvals for all your academic work. did you have university approval for for that deal for the commercial it's not yours so there's not a mechanism for a company to go out and seek its approval for a commercial deal and the university all over so because of rather than a disability this side of the. rubble after that as i said there was a press conference given by a spokesman clarence mitchell for cambridge analytical in which he stressed that none of dr kogan zz data had been used in any political campaign he said that cambridge analytical had only a brief five month tenure with the donald trump campaign he said it had never
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worked for either side in the breaks it campaign take a listen. the company has been portrayed in some quarters as almost some bond villain cambridge analytical is no bond villain whilst no laws were broken we have acknowledged where mistakes have been made and a full independent verse to goshen being conducted by a q.c. is being conducted as we speak well mr mitchell described cambridge analytic as a fantastic world leading data science company he said the media outlets leading the coverage against it were doing so because of a political agenda. protests are continuing in nicaragua with demonstrations now calling for the resignation of president daniel ortega human rights groups say at least twenty six people have been killed in a violent crackdown by police on the protests which began last week town hall
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reports. people continue to come out in the streets of nicaragua despite president donnie it'll take a pic ching the reform to the social security system that is first sparked protests last week. to the thousands who marched through the capital men are were and monday this is now become about something more they are protesting against the president himself the money is going to the southern market that their final seconds this protest is bigger than all the rest because people have grown tired people are worn out from the violation of rights rights of the people the violation of the constitution this was the vote that knocked over the glass as they say the president all take is now on his third consecutive term and has been accused of nepotism his wife is the vice president and for undermining democratic institutions to tighten his grip on power. his critics will now add to that list
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repression police have used heavy handed tactics in dealing with protesters close to thirty people have been killed among them offices themselves. others have been the time these relatives sang outside a police station as they called for their loved ones to be released. what the president originally bullish in his response to the protests had on sunday struck a slightly more conciliatory tone let me turn the symbol to the incidents of violence that have happened i regret about we express solidarity with all the families whose loved ones have died from the violence. and as you know i saw in the footage but after that address police rushed to university campus that has become the. end of the protests the students occupying it back at least. from what i am interacting reality afterwards they promise to what they need is the backing of the country's powerful business community and the rest of the population. are going to
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live with the president will be hoping his concessions are enough to dampen the. coming up on the program. write scripts a work. factory workers. catching up on clos how jordan is trying to educate tens of thousands of syrian refugee children. welcome back we've got some fairly heavy rain affecting parts of central and western china at the moment the chain do see some heavy rain that rains clear from
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brighton additions here and is fine all along the east coast now the heavy showers also extending across parts of vietnam through into laos and summers are to be quite heavy and come in quite a large area neuer will see showers on thursday to elsewhere maybe the rain returning towards han so let's head then into south asia where his main feature is the heat we've seen a disturbance move through over the last few days that's cleared and then temperatures started to rise once again so across many parts of northern india and has been a case of trying to keep as cool as possible as temperatures are coming at the wrong side of forty degrees celsius and that certainly looks to be the case once again delhi there forty one my poor forty one and all crosses northern sway forty about the order of the day as we head into thursday and see not a great deal of change the heat very much in place elsewhere just in that side chance of a shower effect ensure lanka let's move across into arabian peninsula not quite as hot here but indeed more cloud around during the course of wednesday process one or
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two showers across. probably rather cloudy at times but dry with highs of thirty. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations with so many nationalities. just different places but it's one that gives them gives us the ability to fight. the war but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. in
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one of the top stories. u.s. president all trump and france's coal have been holding talks in the white house for the iran nuclear deal top of the agenda call hopes to persuade trump not to ditch the agreement. three suicide bombers attacked the pakistani city of quests are killing at least sixty police officers and wounding fifty one bomb went off near a police truck or to hit a checkpoint on the city's outskirts. and research at the center of the facebook data scandal has been questioned by u.k. m.p.'s. dismissed suggestions that the information he collected could have been used to sway the us presidential election. rights groups say thousands of factories in bangladesh is still unsafe five years after its worst industrial disaster more than eleven hundred people mostly female garment workers were crushed
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to death in the twenty thirteen rana plaza collapse from reports. it's been described as the worst industrial disaster in bangladesh's history when i pull a twenty fourth two thousand and thirteen more than eleven hundred people were crushed to death and two thousand injured when an eight story building collapsed in an industrial suburb of the capital dhaka the majority of the victims were women working in garment factories in the rana plaza building and. they were making clothes for a well known brands including bennett's and and primal an investigation found the workers had complained about the cracks in the walls despite warnings the building was unsafe survivors say they were forced to work regardless of their five years on and family members of some of the victims gathered at the designs to cite demanding justice and a bag and says her daughter's body was never found and when i was playing live my
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daughter never returned from work i keep looking for her but i have no idea where her body is she used to be the main earner in the family i don't have a son to this day there is no justice. around eighty percent of the seventy five million garment workers willed white women rights groups say they often have no chance of negotiation wages are abused exploited and forced to work in safe conditions. the tragedy in dhaka led to an agreement between some clothing brands and unions designed to better protect the bunga dishy workers since then around two thousand factories have been inspected and nearly three million workers trained in fire safety with a monthly minimum wage of around sixty five dollars remains well below the world bank's global poverty line of eighty five dollars a report by u.s. based rights organization concludes that thousands of garment factories in
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bangladesh remain in dangerous places to work at the n.y.u. stern center for business and human rights says one point two billion dollars is needed to make all garment factories in bangladesh safe. it is popular brands and retailers and governments will have to do more to improve garment workers rights and safety in some while they are there are some progress but as a whole we consider this for this is not and that they do not believe that they are not organized that they had no new zealand deal now one love this this is excellence was only for the government said that it is not what it does friendly or rather that it is friendly for the business people it seems fashion changes faster than human rights evolve in the garment industry so many of the women who make the clothes we wear remain vulnerable to exploitation working in factories that are far
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from city center shopping mall and far from safe trial stratford. israel has demolished the home of a palestinian accused of killing an israeli settler in january converse house in the west bank was destroyed in a controlled explosion israeli army said in a statement the condo was part of a cell that shot dead. over near nablus three other suspects were killed by the army the convert was arrested italian coast guard has released dramatic video dozens of liberians are refugees being rescued off the coast of libya. no no no. some one thousand people being picked up in the mediterranean over the past few days good weather and calm seas has made it easier for the boats to depart according to the. eight thousand people who arrived by sea in italy since the start of twenty eighteen. dozens of people are being killed in afghanistan as i saw in
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the taliban try to day rail upcoming elections sixty died in an eyesore suicide bombing attack voter registration center in kabul on sunday in baghdad's province six army officers protecting a registration center were killed by the taliban and another center was burnt down on monday night shown at best reports. at least sixty people are being buried in afghanistan they all had one thing in common a desire to vote these people were killed in western kabul on sunday morning queuing at a voter registration seems that they wanted to voters in october's elections in. the attack because sorry to hundreds of families people are not optimistic about the government in this country anymore. those ridges stray sion opened on april fourteenth long delayed parliamentary and district elections the government has two months to reach its goal of riches during fifteen million afghans just two percent
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have turned out so far. election commission released an ad campaign to convince afghans to sign up the president invited the media to see him open the richest ration perseus but it's a hard sell in the current climate to get coverage because i did not want to look at this this is a boating tide which is drowned in blood who will come to vote when the government asks us to. isolate took responsibility for sunday's bombing of the taliban has carried out multiple attacks on richest ration seems his and security posts election workers have been abducted and there are no. voting seemed to thirty five provinces a security can't be guaranteed afghanistan's election commission says it's working hard to protect prospective voters and ensuring challenge at the lake sion still six months away and. afghanistan is currently in a situation of conflict you hold weekly meetings with afghan security forces and the election commission an afghan forces have an agreement to secure the voters and
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polling stations the security forces are visible outside election seemed is but it's what they can't see that school is voices the afghans that show up here say they are in the minority out of the money the money not the people are not interested in the election anymore because considering the current security situation in the country most people are not willing to attend the election as the situation gets worse day by day. the continuing attacks destroying optimism for a truly democratic afghanistan dallas' al jazeera. syrian government forces and their allies on the ground intensified their operation in southern damascus the army is trying to regain all the territory surrounding the capital controls one of the pockets being targeted by the army next to another held by rebel factions rebels in two other enclaves northeast of damascus surrendered in recent days the u.n. special envoy for syria says the recent government gains won't bring the country
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any closer to peace we have seen the day last few weeks days. we have seen it with our eyes that military gauge to be total gauge military escalation just enough to bring a political solution have not brought any change on the political on the contrary we are going through a very difficult moment the truth is that everyone has evolved political solution and that is what we need to work on and it's time for high diplomacy or. mr a was speaking at a conference in brussels where the u.n. is hoping to raise nine billion dollars the aid effort in syria the un's under section general for humanitarian affairs said there's been some difficulty getting support to the right people need better access across the whole of the country so that the aid agencies and their heroic workers who take enormous risks themselves in bringing relief to the suffering involved is can see where the most acute needs
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are we can plan the programs that need to take place to relieve the suffering we need to tell the story of the syrian people the children and women and men who are suffering through this crisis and just like you and me in every material respect except their own lucky enough to be caught up in this war and when people around the world see this suffering they want to do something about it and they want reassurance which we try to provide for them the if they and their governments provide help it will reach people in need we are able to do that if the fighting dies down a place in the place we need to reach people if we get the resources we need and if we get the access the children who fled the war in syria are now confronting another problem jordan is home to almost a quarter million young refugees and is trying to help them gain some of the education they've missed out on but money is tight as the country faces an economic crisis and national name reports from
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a man. playing piano in front of her classmates before heading to school it was once unimaginable for sidra after fleeing the war in syria the twelve year old was forced to drop out for two years and lot of them are the rest of us and there was a school at the refugee camp but i didn't like it so i love studying here in ahmed because i study with my friends and the level of education is better. this unicef center helps a drug transition back to school impoverished children such as syrian refugees come to learn everything from english to communication skills to play and obtain psychological support to cope with the trauma they've endured come on feed them enough see one of my sons has psychological problems the psychologist at the center has helped him he is now listening to me and he is better and this has been the biggest benefit unicef says thirty one percent of syrian children in the kingdom
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are not in rule in any formal or informal education program yet this year there are more syrian refugees in the jordanian school system than ever the ministry of education has implemented a double shift system to meet the need unicef is also providing cash assistance to encourage children to stay in school fifty five thousand students are receiving about thirty dollars a month the money helps pay for the cost of transportation uniforms and school supplies unicef says the economic crisis in jordan is making it harder for all children living in poverty its educational program is operating with a more than one hundred million dollar deficit this year this is now a prolonged crisis and so it is becoming increasingly challenging for us to maintain interest in funding these very important programs but the reality is on the ground there we see increasing vulnerability is educating children is seen as
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a long term economic investment in jordan and at the centers all nationalities are coming together and learning to get along natasha getting old zero man. parliament square has a new statue and for the first time it's of a woman it's millicent fawcett it campaigned for six decades it wouldn't have the right to vote that died in one. twenty nine one year after voting rights were extended to all women from his to theresa may pay tribute to her at the unveiling ceremony. i would not be standing here today as prime minister no female m.p.'s would have taken the seats in parliament none of us would have had the rights and protections we now enjoy were it's not for one truly great woman day millicent garrett for. quick one you can always catch up with all stories were reporting on a website www dot com. quick
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look at the top stories how large a zero us president on trump has once again slammed the iran nuclear due this time calling it insane and terrible his comments come on the second day of the state visit by his french counterpart in. between men have been holding talks in the oval office with the nuclear deal top of the agenda i called backstay green mint and he's hoping to change trump's mind on it. due to hold a news conference soon can really help could have been following developments. but one other key ideological difference between the french and u.s. leaders seem to emerge and that is the issue of climate change of course the united states pulling out of the paris climate accord manual macross saying that he is going to continue to urge donald trump to confront what he calls the world's and the united states and francis challenges particularly when it comes to climate so again we've talked north korea we've talked iran we've talked climate change i
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don't know what's left in this joint press conference but certainly i'm sure these men will find something. three suicide bombers have attacked police and soldiers in the pakistani city of quechua one bomber detonated his explosives near a police truck on the road towards the airport or two others tried to attack a paramilitary checkpoint on the city's outskirts six police officers were killed in the attacks and fifteen others were wounded. a man suspected of deliberately driving a van into pedestrians on a pavement in toronto has been charged with ten counts of murder and thirteen of attempted murder twenty five year old on a community who was arrested following a standoff with police officers say they are still they're still unsure about the suspects motives but so far there's no link to any organization or why deployment or research at the center of the facebook data scandal has dismissed suggestions that the information could have been used to sway the us presidential election it's
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on a cogen told the u.k. parliament the data he compiled through a facebook app would have been practically useless for micro-targeting rachael's. protests as a nicaraguan refusing to back down and are now calling for the resignation of president daniel ortega human rights groups say at least twenty six people have been killed in a violent crackdown by police and protesters erupted last week after taking launched a plan to overhaul the country's welfare system there's the top stories techno is up next hour more news for you soon africa. in the lead up to the historic twenty eighteen korea's summit out as zero looks at
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life in the normal. join me james brace for a series of special reports from north korea. here on al-jazeera. this is techno show innovations that can change lives the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in the unique way. this is a show about science lol all are now by scientists. tonight. techno in search of the great american prairie where in the current state yet ironically we have such little of it left farming and over development killed it now get ready for this explosion of color and the return of these native animals how many things species do you have in here but follow.


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