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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 114  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2018 10:32am-11:00am +03

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the government has. been there for. you know where to live. the french president has proposed negotiating a new deal with iran that builds on the twenty fifteen agreement to curb its nuclear program emanuel macro made the pitch to the u.s. president donald trump who's threatened to pull out of the deal micron's on a state visit to the united states. the opposition in armenia is holding another rally they want snap elections following the resignation of the prime minister surged to c.n.n. after widespread protests this comes as tens of thousands of people marched to remember the mass killing of armenians during the first world war. people around the world have been attending services to mark and zach day remembering australian and new zealand forces who served in the first world war. april the twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred fifteen was when thousands of troops landed on the peninsula in turkey it's estimated more than fifty six
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thousand australian and new zealand soldiers died during that campaign. at least fifteen people have been killed in flooding across kenya and major highways have been cut off leaving commuters stranded there are calls for the government to fix the drainage system which is under pressure from urbanization and the growing population more heavy rain is in the forecast up next it's inside story i will see you very soon bye bye for now. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. all will leaders doing enough to stop the war in yemen the united nations condemns the killing of waiting toci guests in an airstrike by the saudi led coalition the saudis are promising to investigate what
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about other airstrikes have killed women and children and the second in command of the rebels this is inside story. and i welcome to the program i'm jane for years of war in yemen show no sign of relenting especially from the saudi led coalition airstrikes have killed at least forty five people in the past week including wedding party guests women and children as in previous attacks which have killed large number of civilians this saudis have promised to investigate and the u.n. secretary general antonio tell us as strongly condemned the killings which of course included the second in command of both the us and coalition leaders are
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being urged to negotiate peace mike hanna has more from un headquarters in new york . the wedding hall which was to have been the scene of joyous celebration was turned into a death trap this video which al-jazeera cannot independently verify shows the offer to math of the airstrikes believed to being carried out by the saudi led coalition local officials said the first missile detonated in the men's section of the wedding party moments later a second one hit the side on which the theme. this footage released by the rebels shows the horrific off the mats. a young boy screaming and crying next to what appears to be the lifeless body of his father dozens of people were treated in the nearby hospital and they have no mercy towards children they've been killed without any remorse says this man. a spokesman for the saudi led coalition says it will carry out a full investigation the u.n.
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has set that off the estimated ten thousand good many have so far lost their lives in the conflict some sixty percent have been killed in strikes. there's been no formal response from the security council as yet its members have just returned from a weekend retreat in sweden but the office of the secretary general has issued a statement on his behalf condemning the attack it reads in part the secretary general reminds all parties of the obligations under international humanitarian law concerning the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure during armed conflicts he calls for a prompt effective and transparent investigation and during the day details emerged off another strike the political council head. was killed in an apparent missile attack last thursday the birla. with sorrow and sadness i moved into our yemeni people that did martyr president saleh. he
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was killed on the nineteenth of april with six of his companions he was targeted in her data province on his way back from a meeting with local leaders by three airstrikes launched by the warplanes of the us saudi aggression summit is the most senior who three leader to have been killed since the western backed saudi led coalition intervened in yemen just over three years ago mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. as the war in yemen enters its fourth year the u.n. says it's become the world's worst humanitarian crisis twenty two million yemenis that's three quarters of the population are in dire need of humanitarian aid or protection nearly eighteen million don't have enough to eat sixteen million lack access to basic health care and more than ten thousand have been killed with large
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numbers injured many by indiscriminate armed action by all parties in the war. well it's bring in our guests on set is no. visiting fellow at the brookings doha center from sana his say in. journalist and joining us by skype from washington d.c. is now bill hootie a former u.s. diplomat and deputy chief of mission in yemen for the state department a very warm welcome to all three of you as i know because eighty targeting awaiting those gruesome pictures that we've just seen three daily strikes in three days up take on military action here what do you think is going on. seems to me from the beginning of this war the saudis started it strikes an attack on yemen twenty six of march two thousand the fifteen but i destroy an entire neighborhood north of. the same last three days they have target oh i think
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they have targeted their patrol station killing thirteen civilians in the patrol station seems to be that the saudi arabia will continue to target civilians infrastructure targets schools within the whole funeral holes they have been doing that from the beginning this is i think the tenth wedding that has been targeted in this war hundreds of people has been killed just in weddings. holes or wedding gathering and. this is the saudi they don't care because they think with their money they come by the united nation and we remember that they have actually a black made the united nations to take their name from the blacklist for killing children and this is one of the most shameful step that the united nation has done and the saudi using the british and using the american they have blocked a draft from that that's government to do an international investigation independent investigation into yemen into all crimes either committed by the saudi
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led coalition or what crimes committed by the o.t. but that was blocked by the united kingdom this show that those three country they are they know there are crimes committed in by the saudi but because although i believe that they saudi use is provided by the united kingdom provided by the united states so they do want an investigation to be done because they will be held responsible for providing the saudi with its location with coordinate and we know that the saudis will know we're going to get back in a story like as i say an important. forgive me i want to just deal with these strikes initially and this increase in strikes it seems not be a hurry that we are seeing an escalation on three. yes in and over itself the death of one man even though he was the head of a political council of the hurt is does not change very much on the ground but in
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the bigger picture this is an escalator tory move whether they intended to kill him or not they have been going after civilians they have also been going after the host the leadership whatever they find them or think they have found. for me this indicates that the. saudi led coalition is making it a new push to win this war they are making it in and around the data itself where some of it was killed now also making it in the north and for that effort they have recruited more mercenary forces they don't have any of their own forces on the ground but they have rented out people from sudan from pakistan from other places in africa so they are clearly making a push and this is where the escalate or anything is instead of putting peace
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forward they are still putting the military solution forward. i'm afraid the murder of this man the killing of this man is also going to cause the hurt is to escalate from there and because they have already promised that eventually some sort of this is very unfortunate i think both sides all of the yemeni people i'm a new peace initiative instead of a new as killer tory military moves. up though. what do you make of what we've seen over the last three days the the hits on the weddings the innocent people meet this is collation in strikes do you think it is a case of ending this war taking the who sees at whatever cost well certainly there's been an escalation over the last three days but there's also been an escalation on both sides whether it's you know the who thinks firing their
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ballistic missiles into riyadh and so on. it's on the other hand it's more of the same weddings funerals hospitals schools have been bombed repeatedly in the past and reaction has been similar in the sense that it said you know it will investigate. so you know the despite the fact that it will make a difference doesn't it investigate if it is your own car and this thing well exactly it's investigating its own actions and in the past these investigations have been questionable in terms of process and transparency and they've they've tended to deflect responsibility onto their yemeni military allies inside yemen i think that you know the the message here from the last three days is despite the fact that you know there's this rhetoric about the peace process and the importance of the peace process and engaging the haiti government and and the u.n. . both parties seem to think that you know the military solution is the only solution to this conflict isn't taking out. the second in command
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what sort of impact is it going to have on the who these will this lead them to the negotiation negotiating table will it lead to an increase in fighting and where does it leave the good things and their attacks on saudi arabia the only embark. on the whole most of yemen is that the something said that the head of the political council was killed but it wouldn't have any effect on the political issue like in sanaa because within three days. of this killing the host has appointed a new person which is mr. sha'ath on this guy he we can be we can consider him as one of the hard liners so he will have more impact on the saudi because we are in a war so it's expected that some for the hotel if that is all they are many army. commanders will be killed before like they have killed one of the senior commander
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in the front line south in it when he was in south of yemen and it hasn't had any impact but i think this will be will make the hoti stronger because by the killing of the of one of the top leaders there will be more people go in to the to the front line and i think there is no i can't see any site for peace from this point because now the hoti they can actually ask the way they they need and the way they think it will be the good. like response to the saudi and i don't think that anyone can blame them for any escalation in the future because in the last three days more than fifty people civilians were killed and they killed the senior hoti leader so i think now the how they are prepared in a major attack a major ballastic missile strike and i'm sure that in the coming few days or weeks where and what. come into service. they they were of course they would be thought to get in now they will focus we have seen that in the last few
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weeks they thought to get on our on call company it seems to be that the how these now have their allies that the only oil is the backbone of of the saudi that coalition war in yemen the only oil is is with the money come from that they buy weapons from the united kingdom and the united states and i think this will be a major. and the most important thing to get for the whole with the missile unit including ports airports ok so there's that threat we've seen an increase in attacks coming from the who thinks as well we clearly are in a very dangerous situation is there anything out there that's going to stop this from exacerbating well the only thing that can stop it is an outside force such as the united states leaning on the saudis in particular but both sides to the united states is working alongside the saudis they providing arms they
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cutting information they're making a lot of money out of this war exactly i think specially under this administration the emphasis is on the economic commercial side of the relationship with saudi arabia and the u.s. has in fact been empowering saudis in the attacks. the only reaction we've seen so far from the u.s. is what we've been seeing for the first year which is blaming iran and this really insults the intelligence of anybody listening to nikki haley at the united nations iran does not have a single soldier in unit. and you know john does lend some assistance to the hoses but is not anywhere near as significant as what the saudis are there about how much assistance they are providing when it comes to the missiles for example. yes well they can smuggle in
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a small number of missile. carts which then have to be put back together inside yemen the years also have some advisors from living here is a little r. and some of these people are technical experts so they can help in developing some of the alder weapons the many of the rockets that have been fired at saudi arabia are alder generation soviet era rockets but those can be modified the range can be extended and that's where some iranian and his will learn expertise comes in but in general this is still minor compared to the firepower that has been directed at the who it is and yemen as a whole so in the end to blame iran for what's going on is really missing the point
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this war is between the whole years and saudi arabia so you might as well put these two together and get them to end the war and stop trying to blame iran for it and there are should imagine if we can go back to the money issue that there are many parties interested in keeping this war going i mean you've got members of the who think to become very wealthy ever this war you've got the u.k. providing arms the us that we speaking about that we've been talking about the u.a.e. stepping in and playing its game there we how do you stop that sort of action how do you stop take away that incentive here and it's definitely it's a lucrative or a business and as you rightly stated all of the the multiple parties in this conflict and we mustn't forget that it's not it's not a two sided conflict there are many actors at play here whether it is the you know the southern the southern leaders in yemen in the southern secessionist movement which has gained a lot of ground over the last three and a half years of this one. or the u.a.e. the saudi led the alongside them alongside the south but also and of course the
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hope is in the saudi like coalition but also there's the heavy government and you know while there is sort of renewed a bit cautious optimism with the new un special envoy martin griffiths i think as a viable mediator in this conflict i think that you know from from what i see there's there's a lot of. frustration among yemenis with this fixation on the heavy government as the so-called internationally recognized government. the legitimacy of the heavy government is quite weak in fact among among yemenis and so you know the there's an argument that you know the approach towards the peace process needs to pay more attention to the southern issue pay more attention to those areas of yemen there are relatively stable and also pay attention to the fact that it's not a homogenous country different actors operate or have you know different levels of power in different parts of the country and this is why it is absolutely crucial that the yemenis who have left yemen especially in the last three and
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a half years many of them are professionals their lawyers they're here activists they're you know scholars intellectuals are former politicians they must be in gauged to like properly understand the complexities of this country and how to address the various geographical areas will that's key isn't it that all players are involved that the who things are brought to the table isn't the existing resolution at the u.n. outdated now considering how much control the who sees do have why should they get these give arms if they in this position of control including in insall or shouldn't that change for a start. absolutely i think there is a need for a new u.n. security council resolution the problem is that resolutions coming out of the security council have been one sided then are likely to continue to be one sided and the u.s. will probably veto anything that solid results like. martin
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gryphus. has the right idea which is to approach all the warring parties everybody needs to be taken into consideration. but in the end of the day you have these the power blocks the made power blocs many saudi arabia the hote these as an outside power the united states if these city powers are not behind them don't support his efforts then they will be futile. absolutely he needs to talk to everybody and know what their interests are what will cause them to put down their weapons but you have it looks like at the moment choosing the military solution on to a. yes i mean i think definitely from the saudi point of view you have n.d.s. who is a very ambitious young man who has already asserted himself as the defacto
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ruler in saudi arabia but he also has a certain self as the regional power center as the regional leader and unfortunately he is choosing to do that with military means one would think that going on the fourth year now of this war somebody should say hey maybe we should try a different tack here from the whole of the perspectives i think by now they certainly know that their original dream of drawling all of yemen has found there and there's no way they can rule the whole country they have to be realistic they have to be pragmatic and accept something less than that where they have a role where their region is a respected where their rights are respected but beyond that i think they should be suing for peace and. as i place the initiative should be
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in saudi hands i also would advise the hooty is instead to reskill a thing of this war and to actually put forward a peace plan of their own and i hesitate i mean what will it take to push the things to the table now look how many of your own people are dying had there's no end in sight would it work for you if if how do you position his role was lessened if he were given more power if he became more of a political player taken more seriously. i think we should than if they like mentioned heidi because the so-called head illegitimacy does not exist only in a room inside a hotel in riyadh it does not exist anywhere else only in that room ok so let's all watch how you reality. the other hand to ask. and like to ask the holy to come to the negotiation table they have been to the negotiating table
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they have accepted the twenty two sixteen but this twenty two sixteen was just only . as they say to come to the whole thing but on the other hand we seeing weapons flowing into yemen towards all militias that fighting with the saudi that coalition including al qaida and let's let's remind you that the u.s. treasury list has bought four people on the terrorist list and one of them is the governor of all but one and the other one is the leader of the saudi that coalition in madrid and one of their job and one live with hiding in riyadh he's the advisor and all these other well. he's kind of by now that i was dying of the scientists saying we know where we are now what's going to take no i don't think i didn't think we should we should ask the how to push the peace process i mean everybody got to eliminate them through their bit. no but the no the first one who needs to boot over to go to to be an effort is this i would be the one who started. the
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war in yemen and they can do it with one thing tobin's and i have voted to lift the blockade on her date up or to only allow food and medicine and few of the coming to yemen if they do that then the whole the will go fully to the negotiating negotiation table and they will they will they would put all the effort to this new demands of that like there are many people from the whole of the all of the people filing. with the take over of them kelly exacerbated the war there but i mean you can hear the different positions and it seems that everybody seems reluctant to move forward but what's the next step right so it's been at the stalemate for a very very long time now you know we mustn't forget sure of course a significant number of casualties are caused by the sort of indiscriminate attacks by the saudi led coalition the hope these are also responsible for you know arbitrary detention killings torture forced disappearances the abduction of
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journalists systematically and so on i think that you know and in terms of the u.s. as as an actor i just i can't see the u.s. as a vine as a viable actor so long as the current situation persists so long as it continues to refuel saudi jets and mid air to continue bombing yemen i just can't see the u.s. playing playing a p.r. piece peace process role here. having said that we should we should remember that the current sort of crisis and you know the multiple crises in yemen that are of that are you know at their peak at the moment are you know go back to the flaws of the national dialogue conference process in yemen in two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen the representation of the various parts various political. parties in yemen was superficial and i and many of us whether it was the southerners whether it was the home fees whether it was yemeni women or the youth
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and so where we are today is in part because of the failure of this national dialogue conference process. thank you very much thanks also to my of the games he said and not bill kurri thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter i handle is at a.j. inside story for me jane dutton and the rest of the team about the. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human
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spirit. against me on. al-jazeera selects palestinians. made on al-jazeera. marking world press freedom day al jazeera shines a light on this important issue and examines the state of freedom of the press around the world people in power the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for resources beneath our oceans we all skip the seabed is a territory still to be claimed commemorating seventy years from now but al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict
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