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tv   Reading North  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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we have to keep all eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us. or protests have been continuing in armenia's capital as the political crisis there unfolds thousands took to the streets on spring a call from the opposition leader who accuses the government of refusing to negotiate a transfer of power that was celebrations to after the acting prime minister announced fresh elections to break the impasse. large scale strikes have been held in cities across south africa the federation of trade unions is staging the shutdown to protest against changes to a minimum wage demanding action to end what the union holds a crisis of unemployment poverty and inequality. all now to india where self-styled religious leader with millions of followers has been sentenced to life in prison for rape. who is convicted of sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl at one of his spiritual were to retreats in two thousand
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and thirteen indian security forces in raja stan are on high alert for fear of a backlash from his supporters an israeli court has sentenced a soldier to nine months in prison for the two thousand and fourteen killing of a palestinian teenager now the noise was shot during a lull in protests marking the day israel came into existence in one nine hundred forty eight the soldier was offered a plea bargain and as a result he only admitted to negligence only your headlines witness is next.
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a sociology wasn't as a medical then into a lot of human and all of my that are ghastly i was indisposed to do you ever attended with all of the off. the top over of. my skill set. always go out of sight out of school from the program a style. sheet to pass on someone to get by but the guy one who surely must accommodate mourners from the wrong up went off for the good of the moment and haleigh by minute to borrow my middle it asked i'm going to back the man who ten alexander's post on made a sham of a machine. i want to turn it all up over here you'll know you're still alive and.
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you did get it if you do not of course. that's only in the senate. on value of that a good. handler who really managed. to let you know. i want. to. go to. cox. so i'm going to go along the long but when the sun i got to go. we lost so many. island in the past we didn't. do a mop on oaks and wanted to get them. on the ship and.
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get that out of the floor with some go in the think we're getting estoppel sick and that i had no need for. me. and that's it. they were going to move him up and now the men's ninety nine i think is if the neck a cock at the end i mean i had been thinking x. t.d.'s the. money let's. go to mary asked was. asked if it got me that being a nanny with that line of. yes was never had lost custody and. bending him up cracked. that he had the whole set on your back in fact. so volatile bonnie somatic it's. a lock box one of what they see that anyone might
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guess was an automatic and we're still not allowed to move to london for the last year let me guess his head because any case than. by. having. a bunch then linear less than linear. in this case think you'd have to get a. pardon on my system be if i'm still in. school doesn't mean. you're really all the ballots you. have. are all going to be are
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those that tell you. know ahead of time to. the management. after. all. i have a b. i would wash the stuff i got after the hoof to work. while armpit had the rug out of my head nobody be good to have to go to work but
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all oh ya ya but not a good friend hey you know we'll give her all who know you all i'm going to. quote the border of wine to talk to your heart are going about i guess so odd to me all your. you know lost going to fill a lot of news angle there's a lot of big news on in me better at the mere. one of my stories in. the new olympics going to twenty called somehow i got a lot of pollution that shouldn't be sniffed at the game at a humble abraham had to get the money probably because there was a good one at the back. of the a pretty good talking doll. i don't know pileups elected to put up with me like that that i can. actually have
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a heart of it delight that modern boys who don't know what the moon as a curiosity of the people. there look at a book on amazon on is a million i got billions and i get asked if i'm not to me and. i will boycott it and not because i want to carry a stuffed. something down or get bail. amount by one of the bottles on most of the bill. and. where a pound to the. lot of. them their true image will last for the leader from the world tonight among the few to see him let me just. give us the
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lies you are going to play hazim be a monkey in. a car with a tiny. chain on get off go along with the your goal meus. they have a lot of the sin binning bow before you let me speak just told you i never got. off the hook for oh. my i'm going to lay it on me long i don't think you look at them i'm going to follow me or . my not to listen on him and elements do this and i'm anti that secure style to. use it don't get squished it is going to put on . mistakenly state it is so minimal the muscle although i must i mean it's the manner of years that. i saw and i love it all good then i know i'm not i'm
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well let me call call you like you know it is not mine it got what it meant give us . that day by messing with them listen that at the till know i see love being cute yes the for a while of course i'm still like i'll talk to any girl i love that i thought of her has diminished big banks. i doubt. that song on the nine i will remember for you but only give you. too old to play school miss. me when i land here is that the. man in the learnin that i think. the interesting comes and might even pull in a texas. deer come up i can i see any comment any likely need a way to make i get it. right in.
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their. territory then i got. word that it is. only school we're going to just go to someone an old man. so long we're stuck with tremendous a. comatose to walk. and counsel them all help to come where they talk to tom i want to give us. a lot of news only some of the young men in. rural school just. cannot would like it to go on so you know the sort of like a ton of. bricks along
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with the wanamaker we have to go by like a mule and mr erakat i said to hold them you're still a good rest of the humidistat old sister. just a who're. no. one come out and just don't come out come on towards i don't even have someone. who are going to waste a minute how about one more little. one here nobody read mcallister's halleck and that's something up on the following county of oh. no if you're going to find many many of them then you know you hand me that down on email and i know that. some on. good guitar store demagogued i'm going to i'm only going to hope that they're all of them. back i'll appreciate it. so that's all the
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friends you have procope me nor brought up to them with an outline or at that time i. think you know the old. you know little assistance to. get together with them to go good. to see. them. right there. on the. same bed on regulatory side of the now turn them out don't hold on to know what the only allowed to. be taken on. ministers have i put them in again. minigame but on the home of michael soley because at our house we're
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still on mirrors in your head got the high cost but i realize the men are legit because the mother my boys are going to my bike i made it and it goes on high and in say comments are going to buy an eyeball and. color to do a damn great deal any woman had already a proud dog actually develop the ambanis a battery now we've just done a limited time all that it wants. to do is to buy him actually akash the next get it to. the level where tell us it's a major examine log it won't be followed in like. again me. on pain at the back is just a little iffy muskoka look at the dollar we didn't talk about it he said but i must ask about iraqi old like it all have a hotel in the us house guests are of course more like a christmas and i got a little bit and. i am not a. deity the i'm a little baby because. the man going to put it in the hot bed of. that's been
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around and i want to hear that it used to have so much the home of the man and the lama show valeo love to see over there if you all feel the pain on the do you know it all gone who the. short always covered it so luckily i started off on a summer never ilagan but not because i was still alive got out. and i'm going to bust i want or quartet or both i'm going to stuff a little i want to have them and so will get asked about the bottom of the hill song all tommyrot all in all my love the flawless don't know when i am covering similar shit and you want to be done going on and up on my good any yeah i would be a rush to him you know that i'm anti couple nonpoint got on not about. well
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and they've got to watch them at the pentagon because of the laser i was on the must say almost goes up the hill about to get stuck up or only up and come up about the one o'clock boston back to the shot and he's. right even if i look. right. got me lemon who asked the house the other. or do you know not. to. got booked and near nassau found like i looked at the watch like even the young me . i mean you know it's.
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always open i don't have to you know and what do you give us just fine. you just couldn't but i commend them to sit them out on saturday and i think that this is they were for him because her daughter always divorce taught boys. the boss gave the poor hey my game using. only my dollar gold and i've. got it up close. within the borders of chernobyl exclusion zone
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a toxic nuclear wasteland touching any vegetation is forbidden. grows at the right insistence. to finally surviving on their homeland they band together and land contaminated vials past cultivated pine on shakable sense of belonging to. witness the bush visiting noble on al-jazeera. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in your acrostic limbo with their lives and dreams of
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a future court on call. phone lines explores the old tool effects of trumps immigration policies. between warring on the ban on a dozen. of the sisters opportunity to understand the very the french way where there. is little. u.s. citizens obstructed from saving their families as the crisis in yemen worsens some have fled the horror of war only to be entangled in europe practical limbo with their lives and dreams of a future court on call. phone lines explores the old tool effects of trumps immigration policies. between warring on the ban on a dozen.


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