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need to be entangled in bureaucratic limbo with their lives and dreams of a future court on call. phone lines explores the all too real effect of trump's immigration policies. between war and the ban on. australia's multibillion dollar international student of history is booming but it has a dark side one of many used examines widespread revelations of sexual assault and fuller university students are noticing us president donald trump has said he will slap new carrots on imports of steel and alum in your past five g. will mean buffett pays a tax but at times faster than forty we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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the french president pushes back on donald trump's america first agenda in a speech to the u.s. congress. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera life and also coming up. supporters of al media's opposition step up the pressure to install their leader as prime minister. police in california make a major break in a serial killer case that dates back forty years. and we're in one of the world's darkest areas for a look at what's threatening the night sky. the french president as used his speech to a joint congress to urge the u.s. to reject nationalism and to preserve the iran nuclear deal his speech was critical
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of the u.s. president's agenda despite the two sharing warm relations cheering state visit. let me say we have two possible ways had we can choose isolationism withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remember if to all fears but closing the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dollars but inflame the fruits of our citizens we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us saving the iran nuclear deal has been high on the agenda from across the u.s. visit in the past few hours the french president said he's not confident the trump will stay in the pact a white house correspondent kimberly helka recourse the president of the french
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republic. before a joint session of the u.s. congress french president emmanuel macross argued the united states should remain part of the iran nuclear agreement it is true to say that this agreement. may know the address all concerns and very important concerns this is true but we should not abandon its without having some seen substantial and more substantial than said. a day earlier in meetings that the white house might cross suggested the current deal to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief should be the cornerstone of a new supplemental agreement oh and it would address trump's concerns beyond twenty twenty five including limiting iran's influence in the middle east and halting ballistic missile testing we can change and we can be flexible you know in life you
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have to be flexible so despite criticizing the existing iran agreement repeatedly for years trump is now signaling he's open to recertify iran's compliance under the terms of the deal but only if his criticisms are addressed with the deadline for donald trump to make his decision just weeks away european leaders are conducting a high level lobbying effort on friday german chancellor angela merkel will be the next to visit the white house she'll work to persuade try to remain in the twenty fifteen iran deal but iran says a u.s. withdrawal will kill it tehran has threatened to respond by pulling out of another agreement the nuclear nonproliferation agreement on weapons. and wednesday iran's president question trunk's ability to even comprehend the terms of any agreement shomer car shifted back to the hot seat you don't have any background in politics
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you don't have any background in law you don't have any background on international treaties how are going to tradesmen a merchant someone who builds towers for a living make judgments about international affairs and well he's currently signaling he's open to the u.s. for maining in the deal negotiated with iran and five other world powers given his impulsive nature there's still time for trump to change his mind and follow through with threats to leave the iran deal kimberly health at al-jazeera at the white house protest as a back on the streets of armenia's capital after the acting prime minister canceled crisis talks with the opposition protests in the end says that he's ready to lead until new elections his movement forced formally to serve. to resign on monday forget of on robben for us to walk a reports. they brought the capital to a standstill. to say it was a carnival atmosphere. for others it was getting to be it's the police have ceased
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to intervene instead they have retreated to protect government buildings said such is yesterday's news now his republican party still in charge is the next target of the protest movement. the young small revolution. wasn't just isn't one he got. to be the prime minister acting prime minister caught in kind of pity and cancel talks with the opposition sheffield for wednesday said he was ready for elections but not on the street he is boring it's in the game i don't know of any country where the people's candidate is elected in that way that's why we have elections there are some in the citizenry who are disappointed how are we to measure their desire to have the going is the desires of others in the citizenry who want a different candidate nicole consolation and nicole taking actually that apart from
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mr it's not clear who else is willing to stand in the way of opposition leader nicole passion. parties in parliament sided with his movements on wednesday and the international community is taking him seriously too we caught up with him fresh from talks at the russian embassy republican party has lost his power and the. republican party should recognized victory of the people and without any condition as far as he is concerned and as far as this crowd is concerned it is on the threshold of becoming this country's new leader and i shrink a new democratic era the republic of armenia. the. way don't want the corridors of power but he has proven he can mobilize our millions in time there where his power is on the street and here on republic square
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probably for a steelworker al-jazeera. international donors have raised four point four billion dollars in emergency aid for syria but that's just half of the u.s. target for this here the u.s. didn't submit a pledge to the fundraising conference in brussels saying that it's reviewing its support for. country meanwhile the e.u. is accusing russia iran and turkey of escalating the conflict the e.u.'s foreign policy chief federica ma greeny says that the countries have a special responsibility to establish a ceasefire well yeah nagle and from the norwegian refugee council says that the syria's government takes back territory the focus now needs to be on helping refugees return home this is a massive relief operation these food water sanitation shelter. education but also. their livelihoods. production
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that we now need to see we need to give hope to a whole generation of syrian youth that have really seen nothing but war they need to have education vocational training and then we need to help them into livelihoods it's very dangerous to say to a whole generation of of of syrians you will you will you will have no hope you will have no future of course we will only saw bitterness we need to give hope and that is what much of this money is is giving the person i'm very interested in education and livelihoods creation that is also a basis for one day one day bolland to return to their places of origin police in california say that they've cracked a decades old murder case they've arrested a former policeman that they believe is the so-called golden state killer a serial rapist and murderer in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's from los angeles rob reynolds reports. forty two years after he began
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a rampage of murder rape and fear authorities in california say a man alleged to be the golden state killer is behind bars in a perfectly executed arrest by detectives arrested james joseph d'angelo seventy two years old living in citrus heights dns low was taken into custody at his suburban home near sacramento during part of the period when the crimes occurred he was a sacramento area policeman well very possibly he was committing the crimes during the time he was employed as a peace officer the golden state killer also known as the east area rapist allegedly murdered at least twelve people sexually assaulted forty five and broke into more than one hundred and twenty homes across california in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's detectives collected massive amounts of physical evidence and tips but were on able to crack the case until recent advances in d.n.a.
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technology we all knew as part of this team that we were looking. for a needle in a haystack. but we also all knew that the needle was there d.n.a. collected from the crime scenes provided the crucial break we started some surveillance we were able to get some discarded d.n.a. and we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew that we had our man authorities say d'angelo was previously not under suspicion the golden state killer crept into victims' homes at night while they slept he often targeted couples he would tie up the husbands and then sexually assault their wives he then bludgeoned some of his victims to death his youngest rape victim was thirteen years old we will do everything that we can to bring justice to the victims that suffered from and speakable harm from the horrific crimes crimes that may now be solved by
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decades of relentless investigation and detectives who never gave up rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. a national strike in south africa has disrupted public transport and forced businesses to close workers say that the government's plans to raise the minimum wage a not enough and some feel the trade unions have failed to fight for their rights welcome web reports from johannesburg. thousands gathered to march into johannesburg city center and demand a higher minimum wage and it proved right the breakaway federation of unions called the nationwide strike its leader has spent years representing south africa's union many of which he now says have been giving workers a bad deal all along. oh
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. i south africa's one of the most on the cool countries in the world economically many things haven't changed since apartheid so a message of better wages for workers resonates. the cries of strikers a growing bigger and bigger as they marched into the city center come in it's a present application and it's a monster three different government departments some of south africa's major historical unions part of this the people here those unions have failed to represent. some of the major unions agreed with the government to introduce a minimum wage of just on the three hundred dollars a month people here don't agree and they say well paid hugely in bosses have grown too close to politicians and business owners some of the units don't care all they
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care about is to be ready to be deployed in parliament so we asked the spokesman of south africa's congress of unions which negotiated and agreed to the minimum wage he said it's not ideal but it's a start and it will help four million out of the lowest paid workers we should not send them for streams. we knew. that his client going to seven percent of the population that is unemployed that doesn't have seventeen million people who are unfair you can pretend as if that economy has this down mean and that is also is to give people two of those and under two and minimum wage is there really to a flat out in twenty strike is waiting to see if the government will give them more and for the organizers the breakaway federation of unions is the first major test of that power malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. a french believe
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that has been placed on the formal investigation on suspicion of bribing african officials for lucrative contracts by law re is accused of providing discounted p.r. advice to presidential candidates in guinea and togo in return for port operation licenses his company denies any wrongdoing. or get a weather update next year on al-jazeera then a rare look at village life on one of the world's most heavily guarded borders and we examine whether briggs it could put britain's fishing industry on ice. through tranquil arabian can you. deny. it's in its initial gondola. how i once again we still have some rather live shot was making the way across the middle east and that will be the case over the next couple of days a fair amount of cloud showing up on the satellite picture iran seeing some of that
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cloudy weather grassi making its way further east was we will see a little more cloud also drifting in behind if the truth benign just around the sinai we could see a little bit of class some rain still a possibility here larry of low pressure circulating away with more of a cost in beirut twenty two celsius on thursday afternoon picking up a little as you go on it's a friday. the rising temperatures will see some of the largest i was coming through the space and thundering down poles in the process and that cloud and rain and i said it does become a little more expansive so what's the weather coming up towards baghdad a good part of iraq seeing some heavy downpours with the possibility of flooding fair amount of that cloud just spilling over into that western side of iran there will be some cloud around maybe the odd shower to across the reagan peninsula even here in qatar we might see the on thursday few spots right a possibility the wet weather spit down towards the southern end of the red sea around the gulf of aden western parts of yemen could still see some sharp showers some shops i was hoping some useful rain also making its way towards cape town over
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the next day or two temperature here around seventeen degrees. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. paid the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out to distance just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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i'll give the top stories of al-jazeera this hour the french president has used a speech to the joint session of congress of the u.s. to urge the country to reject nationalism and preserve the iran nuclear deal but in the past few hours about the role of call has said that he's not confident the president will try to stay in the pact. but just as a back on the streets of armenia's capital after the acting prime minister canceled crisis talks with the opposition protesters. says that he is ready to lead them till you elections the police california of charged a former police with a suspect of being the so-called golden state killer a serial rapist and murderer in the one nine hundred seventy s. beatty's seventy two year old joseph james to angelo was held after d.n.a. from his home matched crime scene evidence. thousands of people in berlin have rallied in support of the jewish community demonstrators wearing pippa's came out a week after the attack after an attack on two men wearing the caps dominick came
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reports. many hundreds of people have come here to the center of violence take part in this demonstration of peaceful protest as it were against the sorts of scenes that we witnessed last week when two people were attacked by a person who had seen them wearing the jewish keep the skullcap and who had screamed anti semitic abuse at them the point to make here is this demonstration here is just one of several taking place in german cities in three other places there are similar sorts of demonstrations the point being made is the pride that members of the jewish community feel in their face and the fact that they want to highlight the evils of what they consider anti semitism to be there's also some other point to make the german government has been very clear that it feels that anti semitism must be stamped out wherever possible and certainly that's something that the chancellor angela merkel has made very plain in several speeches since the events as i referred to earlier that we witnessed the anti semitic abuse that took place in the prince loud back and area of this city berlin so just to repeat that
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there are many hundreds of people here this is not an isolated demonstration taking place there are others across germany today or highlighting what these people consider to be the evils of anti-semitism hundreds of migrants have captured donald trump's attention and anger with their journey through central america have begun to arrive at the us mexico border many of them trying to seek asylum but while apollo reports from tijuana. more than one hundred central american migrants have arrived at the us mexico border for many of these men women and children the journey has been the ultimate test of physical and mental resilience. the most difficult thing has been traveling on the train because the children became seriously ill some of them trying to do so you see it's difficult after traveling. for a month from honduras carlos and his family are tired hungry and anxious.
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each one of us here has a story and each one of us has a case to make who traveled all the way here with our families because we all have something bad that's happened in our lives and. these new arrivals are part of a larger group of migrants seeking asylum in the united states most say they're fleeing violence or persecution in their own countries including hundreds well solved or and guatemala. the vast majority who want to get across and seek political asylum some are already organized with attorneys that are helping them prepare too but to answer questions when interviewed by u.s. immigration officials in the united states the department of homeland security announced recently that any illegal entries into the country by members of this migrant group will be referred for prosecution i know you know now if you want to the asylum seekers are being helped by immigration activists and charity volunteers who are providing temporary shelter medical aid and food but their journey doesn't end here many central american migrants who have arrived at the border and plan to
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turn themselves in to u.s. authorities in the coming days but the process for seeking asylum in the united states can be long and has no guarantees for many the next step is still unknown when you add it up. the white house has criticized the ruling against the trumpet ministrations decision to end the program as wrong the plan to shield stiles ins of young immigrants known as dreamers from deportation and gives them work permits just ruled terminating the program was based on virtually unexplained grounds. south korea has released more details about its meeting with the north on friday president moon j n will greet snored korea's kim jong un at the border as he steps across the military demarcation line kim will be accompanied by his sister during the talks. two leaders are expected to announce a joint agreement after the meeting the first in more than a decade kathy novak has been speaking with people who live in one community inside
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the four kilometer area between the koreas is the demilitarized zone she reports now from tehsil this is a farming village unlike any other in south korea it's inside the heavily guarded demilitarized zone that separates the two koreas north korea is just over a kilometer in that direction gooders who strayed over the border in the past were arrested by north korean guards so farmers get a military escort to their rice fields to go through. we have to report every time we enter and exit the village were farmers so we have to go out just tell our crops but so many restrictions apply to us which makes it very difficult. when the one nine hundred fifty three armistice ended hostilities in the korean war the two koreas set up a village each inside the d.m.z. as a sort of model of what life is like on either side the south koreans call ki jiang
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on the other side a propaganda village they don't believe people really live there when south korea erected one hundred meter flagpole the north put up a one hundred sixty meter flagpole villagers are close enough to hear propaganda broadcasts from the north but they say they haven't heard any since monday after south korea announced it would stop broadcasting its messages across the border for about two hundred residents evacuation drills and a curfew from midnight to sunrise are a way of life but in exchange because this land is under un command locals don't pay taxes to the south korean government with about seventeen acres of farming land per family the average incomes are higher than those of other farmers and men are exempt from mandatory military service the thirty five students at the only school inside the d.m.z. get personalized attention with only about five children per teacher and us soldiers visit to teach english if you're not a direct descendant of an original resident and want to move here you have to be
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a woman and marry a local man men don't have that option because the south korean government doesn't want them taking unfair advantage of the military service exemption. britain's parliament is set to debate remaining inside the e used customs union after leaving the european union prime minister as a reason may want the u.k. to quit the tariff free zone many politicians believe that this would be an economic disaster and that's got the fishing industry in scotland where it is also serious lawrence lee reports. if there's anything liable to annoy the supporters of bricks it's it's europeans taking fish from british waters but on the east coast of scotland there's another side to the story the sale starts at seven o'clock. it's midday five hours ago this warehouse was stacked with fish by now it's being prepared for market across the u.k. and abroad more than half will go to europe and it needs to go fast to fetch
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a decent price could leave the market here about eleven o'clock process and i've got evening and catch fire in the morning or go through the tunnel whatever. any delay at all to this volume. means an expanse or a lower price for the process which in these times is critical for. many fisherman support breck's it in the interests of protecting their waters and stops but just as many in the fishing industry will open borders with europe can they have both. protecting the rights of british fishermen has become eight hundred ten mc issue for many leading breakfasts as they say the u.k. must leave the european free trade area but staying in the european free trade area is crucial for those parts of the fishing industry which need to move their stock quickly to some of the best rest roles in places like france and spain and that's a big problem how uncertain riches are local delicacy but not if you live in the post for a week. to make a point about what happens to fish if it gets stuck in
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a truck for too long and the local m.p. here sent the government minister in charge of bricks it's a traditional fish pie in the post government ministers who support breck's it he says don't understand their own constituency. i believe they're simply choosing to look at the divisions in the tory party they're making the decisions based on politics gnostic economics not the interests of the people in these islands it's time they looked at the harsh realities of where they got the story. of course it isn't the only fish anything perishable or goods reliant on a fast turnaround could be affected disastrously if british trucks are forced to queue for days before entering the continent they were in continue discussions with the u.k. government and scottish government i think the concern is we've had real clarity as to what you can government don't want which is the customs union but real uncertainty still as to what the future does hold. in peterhead they're expanding
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the ports because they believe their markets will grow supporters of the shore continental europe will fall for a deal on taxes and tariffs because they love to eat british fish the livelihoods of people here may depend on this assumption gloriously al-jazeera east and scotland. light pollution is threatening to undermine our ability to search for life on other planets it's even happening in chile's atacama desert one of the darkest places on earth. to see in human reports now from a parallel observatory in northern chile. at sunset the views from the european southern observatory located in chile's at the camera desert are breathtaking but it's a night when the deep darkness and unique atmosphere and conditions of the at the camera to these guys into heaven for astronomers. but at the pattern al observatory scientists probe the universe with giant telescopes but at twenty six hundred meters above sea level and one hundred fifty kilometers from the city of
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until five asked that these starlet skies are being threatened by light pollution we are in very isolated place in chile but we can see still how close from the cities from the mines so it's it's very very disturbing to see all of these lights. from space you can see just how contaminated by light our planet is becoming making it more difficult to see the stars. although chile's government has introduced standards to significantly reduce street lighting in cities near observatories cheap lights are increasingly illuminating homes stores signs and billboards especially in the cities of last sit in a and. but the impact is well known image report so it's no longer a threat it's a reality. it's happening at a time when astronomers like the number seven men believe they've never been closer
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to making the discovery of all time the great for adventure of humanity right now is happening here which is we're looking for life in the universe. and that is happening right now hearing the outcome of this. and for that darkness is crucial this is sort of structure may look familiar it was used as the location for the lair of the forces of evil in the james bond film quantum solace but in fact the reason why it is practically underground is to keep the lights from leaking out at night from this pattern as residents of some one hundred and fifty astronomers and technicians news in chile will house seventy percent of global astronomical infrastructure in less than five years along with the world's largest telescope but astronomers are sending out an s.o.s. warning that if mankind continues to over illuminated the skies we will lose the
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time long ability to gaze and be guided by the stars you see in human out to see that several. groups have you with us a very unforgiving here in doha with the headlights and i was zero the french president is urging the u.s. to reject nationalism and to preserve the iran nuclear deal and ideal mccraw gave a speech to a joint session of congress but in the past few hours he said that he's not confident that president donald trump will stay in the pact let me say we have two possible wave had we can choose either lation isn't withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remember if you all fears but closing the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dolls but inflame the fruits of our
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citizens. we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us protesters are back on the streets of armenia's capital after the acting prime minister canceled crisis talks with the opposition protest leader nichol posh india and says that he's ready to lead until new elections are held his movement forced the former leader serge sachs to resign on monday. police in california have charged a former policeman that they suspect is the so-called golden state killer a serial rapist and murderer in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's seventy two year old joseph james to angelo was held after d.n.a. from his home matched crime scene evidence south korea has released more details about its meeting on friday with the north president will jay and will greet kim jong un at the border as he steps across the military demarcation line kim will be
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accompanied by his sister during talks in poundland john the two leaders are expected to announce a joint agreement after the meeting the first in more than a decade international donors have raised four point four billion dollars in emergency aid for syria but that's just half of the un's target for this year the u.s. didn't submit a pledge at the fundraising conference in brussels because it's reviewing its support for the country to use foreign policy chief russia iran and turkey to help establish a ceasefire more news on al-jazeera after the stream next. on the twenty seventh of april the leaders of north and south korea will hold a rare into korean summit after decades of heightened tensions on the peninsula is this the meeting that will pave the way for more dialogue we'll bring you live coverage and analysis here on al-jazeera.


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