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tv   Passport To Freedom  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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vast now it's a race against time to try and paint a species. take a crisis look it's in the majesty plan to stave off extinction techno on al-jazeera . he has no passport yet he's politically active in two countries i was the only one that will let stand up our at peace will traditional when because we shop there which part in our part of the world some people think you are stupid or crazy if you do that mikhail saakashvili former president of georgia and ex governor of the odessa region in ukraine talks to al jazeera. al jazeera. where ever you.
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then london with the top stories on al-jazeera russia's foreign minister has accused the us of trying to divide syria into parts so a lever off made the comments in moscow while meeting his turkish and iranian counterparts to discuss the war in syria iran's foreign minister condemned the use of chemical weapons in the war there also stressing the need for impartial investigators at the site of alleged attacks the talks are being held ahead of the next round of the us dollar process and attending the violence lavrov also took am at other western powers local church while we are building options for peace some of the other colleagues are trying to destroy the results of our joint constructive efforts not even following the international law like in the recent operation by the u.s. u.k. and france against syria. meanwhile at least eighteen people have reportedly been killed in syria's largest palestinian refugee camp over the past twenty four hours
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. the syrian government is trying to retake several neighborhoods in southern damascus including the refugee camp from i saw fighters activists believe about half of the camp has been destroyed just over a week into the offensive. a saudi led coalition air strike has reportedly killed two hooty leaders and dozens of fighters in sana'a large crowds filled the streets of the yemeni capital on saturday two on a high ranking rebel commander. who was killed by a strike last week victoria gates and the reports. he supposes descend on the center of center they're protesting against the death of the most senior official to be killed by the saudi led coalition in yemen's three year war. the mad died in an airstrike on the coastal hay day to provence last week. you'll get revenge for
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the death of the president of the republic. and i have message for the saudi aggressors you bring invaders here from all over the world we will kill them and we will burn them to move you the leaders and dozens of fighters were killed in another saudi led coalition air strike on saturday saudi state television says the strike targeted a high level meeting at the these interior ministry in santa after three years of fighting and no end to the war in sight analysts say the saudi led coalition is trying something new the saudis are stepping up their game. targeting higher higher level officials and the hope is as well are also are there also to stepping up their game firing more and more ballistic missiles into saudi territory i think the message is clear that they still believe both parties still believe that they're the only solution is a military solution but it's a risky strategy the fighters say they're more determined than ever to continue their fight for control of yemen. this protest was made for our president's
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summit and we tell him that we will keep going on your path and we will not drift away his death strengthened us and provided us with resistance god willing we will not drift away. it's a conflict that's already killed thousands of people. and cools the united nations says is the world's worst humanitarian crisis now there are signs of an escalation from both sides saudi arabia says it intercepted for the missiles fired from yemen targeting the city of g.'s that victoria gate to be al-jazeera doctors in gaza say they can't cope with the latest influx of palestinians in judge injuring friday border protests four people were killed and about nine hundred were wounded as israeli soldiers fired on crowds along the fence demonstrations have been going on for more than a month demanding a right of return for refugees and that descendants to what is now israeli
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territory is ready slicing international criticism for its use of live fire on protesters says it's protecting its border. there are reports that dozens of people have been killed in two attacks in mali over the past few days it's x. happened in the northern manakin region the regional governor says at least forty twa reg people have died in the vines those are your headlines stay with us on al-jazeera al-jazeera world starts in a moment. was .
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it to go so far but. so the time so she an aide said if you get a good. time anyone cian that's what they had to. do mean rushing for bringing. up the phone that i let the leader good then. i meet how you know with the kind of forget it didn't e i got enough. will you know. about the old me when i didn't need to fit in that we get i would want to. buy the kinda odd to put it at the wheel about anything about this is. my bitch has them a little funny going to buy them b. would then insist that she and one then insist that us and i get to defeat the hay
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what the subs are for. combat. mood. so it takes a quarter of a new sellin a lot of can mean when i was shot in. your homes or old and i thought that helen helen. and then. why you're. out on a ballot. that again will. wash away. i mean. because. they're all of zero.
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begin a unit or. more an elm in. them all the while all the have. been north and a lot of. well at the. mission been. it was with us in it i know the man in rob when. anybody had a mishmash. what to buy yeah bennett question is a bit intimate for him kim little your whole my home and what's on. jani one hundred in this and this but it's like an mc and it's meant
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a lot and worth a while before you know. i was the only and kind of the kind of thing with those about solitude and i get kind of the. chicken on about stuff yeah. that is want to keep going is one of the best what the how much. the condition of man and i have but
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they are kind of the family and so on this i am. going to be in on the most through the al qaeda chemical test when i'm in the force i'm going to get in there what has second man in the kind of the hospital and i am. to get the last or about the have. a good then. get out of going to. thank. you. and i mean you'll come to my family if i can you please give them give them give them and i can you. we could i'm going to get them to show this and live as if i
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were not in. the in the in the me feeling no standing up demonstrate to the bahamas i'm talking on the go we're looking at odds. in y.m.m.v. again on the polls that if i could. convince the woman that me then. it . will fall and so the odds you know. when hell with. best of luck and a kind of handy way and a good way and. in home well when i had that then you know now how bad.
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i saw it. in iraq and a household that had the. grow us out there are. bad the senate in but that did men. yanni at the. feet the proxy is iffy. i do think in fact that. even how any of that i thought. it would be prevent any available then loslyf that we did not have at home i get in the lean to get it how are doesn't want to julian about pm sold out of a beer lobby. of the. thought that will be allowed to be. to let them are radical. well developed in america. you have gotten two billion i didn't want. a lot of
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the. fin with a lot of the ash and so forth there's a developmental muscle. going and other than my g.d. men who are in million in with a. concern. that a moment of thought at the muscles. subpoena. phil iraq so far there's a minimal and seen in a wide and i want to commend you on me a lot about him seen in the summer but. at the menu and in with me a wider sheen and finesse i'm the one not to have death and i did anything you will have. the freedom of.
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alone because you must. give them. to the unit. through to them. because of the risk to get them. to keep the little. they have got. to get done. with the all thought it was one of the what you
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did with. them i would remember messily commission in a plea or to look see honest on hold them in make. a right is shot an empty in order to look see in him i would him well mocking him. mean i'm a woman in a whole mission the same bus kind of muscle he enormously must. say. to the roof allow solitary man with a solid home source union a. social union a country mob a national with a hint of a southern mahmoud didn't like him bound to give them a senate a field on a postcard and a muslim from qatar will come so to many
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a real story we're all here and there were a lot of we have been badly awad so rotten a lot of our battle had access in the house and feel animal are we where. a scene in the b. b. and b. to stanza from order to reset. every collaton so that i think that the read the writing in the gun in. yanbu in. the young. and. the.
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dark well ahead. of. darwin falutin himself somehow i felt. it somewhere as early. as jack had smuggled that is in a mess yeah like ok as in we see our listeners have been t. the entire living tech. well i guess in the large the hive. meant some of those could be an evil of them. but he just didn't love me for not by my comic danny. when we did call my own. white. i said. i
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said he's not on a world in. a level that i stuck on would be a modest t.v. compared to what i did but i didn't see him here telling any and. i said. i want to make the. basis of. sexual but a little be a lot of food but there will be some of them. a lot and i will be. nursed by the target of another little bit that. michael supply fear will. or i'll assess how they're with a look around to be thought of. as
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the other legion nonny and the minute. the story in the will come out of. me without a jar. then the whole bad. under one hundred mom could to get the judge would come and have to kill. him and so look. i had to sure show do you know any i'm looking to just sit in and i feel just you shoulda done now dylan the whole nine a bit mockable that out in the hall. mark what i thought was a mob most of the afternoon to me and them and i don't own them agents i thought oh you must have a tad bit of other mobile and i didn't ever walk less economic development going in iraq would do the thought feel some of the feel
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a lot of thought feel and more can now here let a fart in and out the hoss often and see he caught but as in the if you saw it on the top if you want it done are they are you off you must look at then you can identify that if deny a man also had to do a lot of different from a car you have a go at difficult then it are then and let can do with almost any. of the last of the so don't tell me are they going to but i do feel a month. younger so then come all day monday and act in more stuff. soften up. and be modern them hundreds to do you meant utah fani well they can suck me and question the mud cut out the
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moderator has saudi money had him on. good idea only bad normalised had a sort of the feel sort of well i would have done with. the democrats you were likely clever so are they are fierce about her not long in lima horse with the shuttle and him but how are you. and i can contaminate the needlessly gannett establishment home and that pos on the mountain. we looked at of an amount of manning's disorder. come on top of. the door and tell your father moran aubuchon i go mostly to shutter among a lot more lot of low i don't even know what they are all water and if it is a crock of flour for you and i was always to be on top it my buddies are below saluting but the people would like to take you.
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on a few took that it's kept on the other side are you to have to be a new father she and the mother. well and. ophelia i mean honest mother. was thinking of over the world to my own son in a bush go to talk. about a phantom in her. own mother had a few. of the homes in this chemical if not thought of. her body any other more the damage done. to the.
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suddenness of the what are your beloved one can use what we saw sort. of a general to use for someone you love the virtue you out of hell out of your job we're. going to come a story out of the illusion now to do on the start of season a story. of the past another one may. judge if you don't know how much of us what it was you got georgios. forgotten or living to not have them going to the middle of the television. so that he was out of his or. out of his era and. potentially started a video i'm going to say yeah i'm doing my. job. and i was up madea heloc and. going to do a lot of the. lax hell is misleading. because i'm not.
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you don't want to. be an awful lot of beefy. and i'd rather be let's. go as a sufferer with a leg especially and then i said for definitely. moneths thirty. minute. or so sophisticated. if that has a monk but that pfizer has a bit of somehow feeling a little bit cologne with. me. ality that i'm the only giorgio.
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if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time as aiming to replace america and go around the world call it chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for war our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part two on a jazzy zero. zero
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. and. with every. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was off to live. in london was very nervous about meeting has not met a western reporter before in part one of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin ladin he never showed hostility towards me of the west i knew bin ladin on knowledge as you.
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well i'm suited in london with the top stories here and al-jazeera russia's foreign minister has accused the u.s. of trying to divide syria into parts so i guess i have rough made the comments in moscow while meeting his turkish and iranian counterparts to discuss the war in syria the talks are being held ahead of the next round of the a stand in negotiations aimed at ending the violence. while we are building options for peace some of the other colleagues are trying to destroy the results of our joint constructive efforts not even following the international law like in the recent operation by the u.s. u.k. and france against syria at least eighteen people have reportedly been killed in syria's largest palestinian refugee camp over the past twenty four hours. the syrian government is trying to retake several neighborhoods in southern damascus including the refugee camp from myself i says activists believe about half
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of the camp has been destroyed just a little week into the offensive a saudi led coalition air strike has reported killed dozens of yemen's hooty rebels including two key commanders on saturday who thought supporters gathered in the capital sana'a for the public funeral of salah. the head of their supreme political council and second in command he was killed in an air raid claimed by saudi arabia and this allies last week. manias ruling party has announced it will not nominate a candidate for prime minister that's after massive antigovernment protests in the city of. demanding an end to what they say is the ruling elite running the country weeks of unrest has led to the resignation of serge suggest the prime minister. newly appointed u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is meeting the saudi leaders on
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a three day trip to the middle east he'll hold talks with the saudi foreign minister bear before having dinner with crown prince mohammed bin salmond are expected to discuss the iran nuclear deal following donald trump threats to pull the u.s. out of the accord next month there are reports that dozens of people have been killed in two attacks in mali over the past two days attacks happened in the northern region there's your headlines al-jazeera world is coming up next.
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of a. poor jaws had a jaws bill allen how to how our jaws of our money were lost that are you will it's money well the pharmacy my fault jaws of our jaws of a harder but at the heart of it the seventy. seven a coma. where you have a mashad is a colored work done with done a limb here a malicious or a metaphysical. or so how will money. how the how far as. before colorful who grow not. the know not. but i belive one of the have the have been muslim have also the good the best in
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the heart of the bad the law by the solar ovide the cousin has the hostility. the offered them in my organ theater with the new head with negi who. was one him and of the good it can have these twenty k. in san. portal must. be aluminum to get this homo worth while of that ability let menteith maybe karma. benedick. better the how it should. go about big and him and his quote on. for would just a fourth day me. and i and the. ten year. macanthony
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are there in one and there is fee. to acquire and that is feel good feel. that. cycle of the system the minute they have. it figured out because mr nunn is animals but as i said to be our mother would be what would on the planet the board who were thieves with the analysis but didn't set it beyond powder and lead a very wealthy lot less in the eyes of a better deep to study field decide that all you would have in. the bill how many could have easily. and should be about opie a note to the media and you don't. care and so on for these other. and more and more more more and more. mr macomber to mark tony and. mark because well mostly. all of us of all in the lead love so
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a little more food. the bills were mostly. because of the loss of a goal we had to get to be on earth and if you mean that i am i was going to tell you the. most minnesota that you hold this level yet you can escape to get into our if we could in a cocoon my care possible to any of my gear i had good looking people looking for work the next would have been to. look them and check to get. none of my being in c.t. . in c.t. in. shorts i shall again and was seen in again say a ten year. i did that to. them go a better deal than i did chase you have been sitting. and among can i set up a foot in mouth you can become a moment. but then if i do the whole possibility kennedy i said no don't do you must you know i will in the. final and feed them useful mouth.
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jaws i'm happy observer good allan's is here and have been for the howard. government the front are for the chioma to mostly for moral illusion to their mother had only our machine. so she's young you can my o'clock hot is it on this would be ubiquitous unless i'm in the missile because i had a sort of goes up on of the without a doubt a home here what club one of these or any gunman is believed. only got fifty or so all.
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of. the siphon must send a man long to thunder about the last and that some of us and i don't know. yet. i have the freedom to get out of cuba we want of any setting. org there was a long. range get out that got to know. when they. missed the. i want my kids will. be how. the thing. to get them feel i get a hold of some of the internet though i'm. going to get then in they have. been a good then. how i good then good then good then. when the. good
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stuff had to be. given. i know how to. feel i mean on a national. must. feel
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. how they. i don't want to talk. to an old very old very old very uneven or a lot of the national and you guys have. already shall and. all that it was
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a little bit if that is yet fallen see was better the last of it a month. little more daddy all of the. maybe seven i said yeah and done him and help to mike ma ma ma. ma ma ma ma ma ma ple to home and home and. a lot of in the c.s.s. on a. busy month in the house of us the saucy house on the. chance to have to ninety three coming out of the new home by the unanimous into model of
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the national cattle and sort of designs out with. motors of just a bit of. a. model for a bill billet old businessman we are going to some kind of recess of a used to the hoop overdid it about sin that a lot of the any three a lot of milk on him. thought of a beard out of you had the most of you. know. so i wouldn't have had an mc and it was the way they sent me for custody that difficult. as a few necessary to do plenty in. a day to say that it had to be. one of them will mention it to feature that. lho was seen about the let my get in we didn't coordinate easy men. female i didn't feel. we are do men lash out of do in. lee
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how letting her get in must was a tough mugging lee how many actually in middle yard do a lot with a fair amount of loss of holly to many of your daughter and kill a man never been this bad for the get invalid. when no been i've never had it for. men more i did it and made the hole it in my greenwood who brought that to him when i had to know me to go so you found in. one of the now the more it merely. eleven thousand is going to get. you to argue with you all the way to go because you know you know it's only valid online. we think you know we will look. into that why can i go south of us don't. know. any you really.
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are then on the developed machine if i thought that you know god did mean in the developed. well i meant well and thought that it isn't really a limb be a. good then move your own would they meant. if i said. when i'm alone or resignation or yanni and. lead lottery a mish mash as a loss for bad in the house. or about hummus in if its owner was also very. it was also the mariel. also. he spotted an orca. that had gotten in real life first we had to walk a year for. every little bitty for his or so for a bath and see if there were. also fit with the writing more to ask this guy.
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the whole talent. groups and if i wanted to play a little fellow thought about it in fact it would lead the feet high with alan. young enough. nor mineral water or been. norman then an animal and no. more do i any element latter. day in can. benefit. which our company had let me let you were senior men were sent in we get for the start of that in about an hour and that is i would have. him old lot and even the ratty behaviors been this built. of a little wooden. kennel although so far come along what a joy in a muddle what nest of a hog it demands of. resource if you're a law to. be facebook we. are all welcome. what
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i'm being had will lead to home. and if you must then i say we have a little s.f. but it must i will tell m. l s's. what are done that a. lot of the fatigue that together i. have but any. by me. is a lot a lot of heck of a hundred. with her coffee has a lot of the attack of fuel and a lot of it. does our. living in the. one who wear the mccarthy with everything around. that evolve. can negatively fellow do. it
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already fed her blood in the. best interest the thought he had. a hot air into is a house of the lies that i mean i've. done a lot of area where the thought route will lead to her allison hammes other thought for a long. dr because he had been. elected must end it and. it . will for them at mid-off arrow will. look from about. the income to buy. of the.
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humble of antarctica. to have been to speak what i think you have a really lovely response. for heydrich in the fishy fishy bitter that he might have had. a. better search the measures here. with the user fee and here in santa story out of fear. someone had the gun was and i'm a little miffed mr have it for a gritty be silly of the fact that i really love to have the freedom of the. home of the head of the. a mustard.
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and i'm difficult. to watch how that went on you. can mistype military. like you could use a felony. i don't. see. or.
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minivan call is brought all of us gay. can be callin me when i make i live and i kind of thought it is hard to be added to my little head so i had on the moema. unit nikkei and i love him and that's because i need. muscle. about the people. i do you. say to his her its not me washing. and he was holding a lot of the lighting's i'll be a good heart for a lot of sad when my. we heard some. local folks. are at a time when the motion of the budget about a lot of what. larry was
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has. been. asleep at the muscles. and. the loud to know it camilla has been on the edge of my queue. we would love to see him. in the side and over the years on the. low. i would do to say you. are. an equation a humble man tom let him on the finest if you do i would willingly not about most one of all you. want that ahmed get the one this is messin what is a hole is a market that i know what all sas think and if i am and then they kind of am also the most. and in fact in mental because some of. them is hope of i. must end it in internet more with a flop and both look at heel spiked symbolic aspirants and i'm saying and what i
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had to shoot and i had this fly that you're not yet as if. i'm again see him good at what. you see a little more muscular but that. and the village with a look at what the new look a love and a style but that what you see as. the number one who was best under the sun the fear. of the love of the money a whole lot of. nominees for the one who thought is to turn them to his hanukkah to do. this if it had been a clown. a walk on or you mustn't a man with i'm on one knee not one misha but the more we walk on one stock the distributed. what i'm stuck with we do know what all of them be doing this for.
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of all my friends and coworkers who were detained i am the only one who survived they were all waiting for news of their menfolk was only one word on limits to most of those saw a boy killed in his father's office i saw my. son i have only once in my life seen men who are scared to death a bit to civil war was doc secret bosnia the count on al-jazeera.
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hello it's fine and dry across australia and lots of pleasant autumn sunshine on the cards over the next few days little bit of cloud down toward southern most possible that really would spoil things this cold front so just make its way through south australia and victoria temperatures will struggle a touch for melbourne just seventeen degrees but you can see there's plenty of sunshine in store twenty eight celsius there in perth on sunday off. similar values as we go on into monday a little cloud just started to spill its way towards the far south of the way at this stage want to try cross east side of the country eighteen celsius there in melbourne but you move across the tasman not looking too clever for new zealand
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over the next day of cloud around what's at times windy weather coming through temperatures struggling pretty nasty old day on sunday very heavy rain it's a much of new zealand sent across northern parts of the south island across much of the north island warnings in force here and that wet weather will gradually make its way through for monday surprise us guys at least do come back in for the start of the new working week we have bright skies for japan is fine and dry now warm sunshine in fact we're looking at temperatures going up to twenty six celsius in tokyo and staying fine and dry for the korean peninsula. the fact. more of place on the planet money could soon be dost. with an international team of scientists is determined not to happen without intervention give the big i would say here to about us now it's
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a race against time to try and frame each. take a crisis you know it's in the majesty plan davao extinction techno on knowledge a zero. of all my friends and coworkers who were detained i am the only one who survived they were all waiting for news of their menfolk was only one word on their lives in march one of those saw a boy killed in his father's. i saw my film. i have only once in my life seen men who are scared to death a bit to civil war was doc a secret bosnia the count on al-jazeera.


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