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right. questions and freedom of expression and people you know all the. students. in their class writes it's amazing that it's going to do this on the. blog on the streets the protest. song. attempts to. its. stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives. russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why i own guns. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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north korea's leader promises to close his country's nuclear test site pledged to fall short of what the world wants. this is. also coming up new u.s. secretary of state might pump a zero looks for gulf unity to confront iran as he continues his middle east. ranger refugees demand guarantees for a safe return to me and much u.n. visit to their camps in bangladesh. adult cabinet members but i had to scrap all of those because everyone has been. skips a comedy roast in washington opting instead to rally supporters eight hundred kilometers away.
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hello south korea says kim jong un has promised to shut down the north's nuclear bomb test site next month the pledge was made during kim's summit with president moon j in on friday but there's no word about the future of north korea's ballistic missile program or whether kim will bow to demands by u.s. president donald trump to get rid of nuclear weapons the test site that kim says he will shut down is in the country's north south korea as the pyongyang is happy to complete the process in full view of the world with outside journalists and experts attending kathy novak has more on this now from seoul. south korea's presidential blue house has been in a briefing on the historic meeting between monday and the north korean leader kim jong un on friday we're told that kim jong un told monday and during that meeting that north korea intends to shut down a nuclear test facility and invite u.s.
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and south korean experts and journalists to inspect it last weekend ahead of the summit north korea announced that it would stop nuclear and missile tests and shut down and nuclear test facility in the declaration that was signed between monday and kim jong un there was a broad reference to complete the nuclearization of the korean peninsula but no specific reference to steps that north korea would take in order to dismantle its nuclear program now this is piers to be a new concession from north korea ahead of the meeting that is expected between the u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un in addition to north korea says it will also be changing its time zone back in twenty fifteen it changed its time by half an hour because it said that its original time was imposed by japanese imperialists during the time of japanese occupation well now it says it will put it back to match seoul time and no longer be a half hour different a newly appointed u.s.
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secretary of state my pompei or is in saudi arabia the first stop of his three day trip to the region he's holding talks with king salmen earlier he met saudi foreign minister i village abed and crown prince mohammed bin sandman the future of the iran nuclear deal is high on the agenda in the new york times reporting pompei o told saudi leaders the gulf diplomatic crisis needs to end saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt imposed an economic embargo on qatar almost a year ago kristen salumi has more from washington. the state department says a strong us saudi partnership is crucial to peace and prosperity in the middle east so perhaps not surprising that mike pompei a would make a visit to saudi arabia part of his first official trip as secretary of state he also has the fast approaching deadline of may twelfth when president trump must decide whether or not to reimpose sanctions on iran a move that many feel will be the end of the iran nuclear deal might pump
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a zero is much closer to president trump on this issue than his predecessor rex tillerson was tillerson was sympathetic to the european point of view which is the deal should be strengthened and not abandoned he lost his job essentially over that mike pompei a will also no doubt be talking about the situation in syria during this visit president chavez has called on gulf countries to do more to stabilize the situation there in terms of troops and funding from saudi arabia pompei o heads to israel and then to jordan delegation from the united nations security council has arrived in bangladesh to meet some of the seven hundred thousand range refugees who fled neighboring me anymore the u.n. team is visiting camps in the coastal town of cox's bazaar they'll talk to re-injure refugees including those who say they were raped and tortured by the military who also travel to a high end state in myanmar where much of the violence happened the u.n.
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has called the military crackdown against ethnic cleansing. thousands of people have also escaped from the animals northern most state where there's been more fighting between government forces and catching rebels aid agencies say they fear for civilians trapped in the area without access to food or medicine as mary and a hundred pours the surge in violence is part of a conflict in catchin state that goes back almost sixty years. these are fighters for the kitchen and dependence on me filmed just last month patrolling the on klav in the remote northernmost region of me and and just within sight of government forces. and i am one too as long as the burmese keep coming at us we have to keep fighting just as the two weeks later these fighters were being bombarded me in mass military reportedly pounding rebel positions with these strikes and artillery in response to catch and threats to retake the last territory of.
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kitchen rebels say they've been defending the right of the mainly christian minority to control the resource rich region for more than fifty years they accuse me and must soldiers of decades of atrocities and employing technics similar to those allegedly used by government forces against revenge and rakhine state burning down houses shooting people and raping women the government of me and my denies the accusations. if not diversity is at the heart of conflict right across the country when me and madge gained full independence from british rule in one thousand nine hundred forty eight powell was unexpectedly handed to the majority berman's a deal that excluded numerous it's not minorities including the kitchen the country has been at civil war ever since eight of the hundred thirty it's nick groups and me and my have the kitchen is one of the most powerful
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a seventeen years cease fire deal with the kitchen fell apart in two thousand and eleven and fighting resumed the decades long unrest has displaced mr mason hundred twenty thousand could chin chin land she doing now they don't fire at the front line they fire at random anywhere so we don't know where they're going to drop we're so scared we don't know if it will happen when we're asleep that's why we're so scared we can't sleep at night. some armed groups have signed peace deals with the government others including the kitchen have not they say they don't trust the process or the government and have joined an alliance of rebel groups in the north now they're engaged in some of the worst fighting in decades but it's difficult to assess media access is strictly limited and data agencies are calling on the government to allow them access to media in the hall and al-jazeera. gunmen have killed at least forty ethnic toerags in northern mali the attacks on friday and
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saturday were in the man occur region on the border with media the regional governor says gunmen linked to al qaeda targeted mostly young men in two remote desert villages or torres rebels and al qaeda linked groups have been fighting for six years both trying to control northern mali tora rebels known as the movement for the liberation of azhar were declared independence in april two thousand and twelve that was just after president amadou toumani toure a was pushed out in a coup three months later they lost ground to the al qaeda linked group called on saddam deen impose sharia law and public the destroyed many muslim shrines in early twenty thirteen from stepped in and helped mali and forces take back the region two years later mali's government settled on a peace deal with the torah gravels violence continues and despite the presence of french troops and un peacekeepers france's northern mali has become a haven for eisel fighters when here quite
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a is the executive director of the african immigrant caucus he says these latest attacks are an attempt to provoke to torah acts into a larger conflict. they too are eggs have hired. conflicts and disagreements with whichever government has been embalmed ever scenes independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty because their asses separate ethnic groups have always argued that they want to separate want their own country now that is very hard for them ali is to accept and reality for all of africa to us because is based on wolf they're an ethnicity and they're only five percent of the mali in population and they will be landlocked and so they have always argued it did for this as you mentioned as few years back the inside the most recent. peace deal with the government was so far as to be holding why will the terrorists target
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them it will send. they are trying to get to arias to once again pick up pick up the gun and belies the government of mali i think may be the reason why they are trying to target the two aaronson get them fighting again on mina's ruling party says it won't put forward a candidate for prime minister as it tries to end a political crisis politicians are due to meet on change day to vote on a replacement for surge sarkozy and who resigned as demonstrations continue to against him robin foresty a walkover reports from financial. this convoy has all the euphoria of a victory parade one that stretches for kilometers. while the capital takes some rest the opposition movement is travelling to the regions to
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show the republican party that the whole country is now behind one bad week. on tuesday there will be a crucial vote in parliament to decide on a new prime minister and the crowds know who they want for the job they call passion. and. it. began this movement with a two week walk across all media in april the cold medians to join him and reject the country's unpopular leader said. the former journalist but long be a critic and served jail time for his activism. but while his faction is only a minority and pollard's the simple message has attracted thousands frustrated by the political elite and inspired by his revolutionary like which. i have no power only people who have fallen. to the protests in recent days it was based
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on is somehow different you could feel the excitement i can see the ads you see placed in the house the expectations on the face you know these people you want to mention being smart people who know nance i don't know he's here we just didn't want to give each other he gives the power to us to the people not just the one person or two people but to everyone that's why we love him so so it is changing all this and i mean dignitary only. heard the news and. saw the car update system it's changing. this was the moment mr. announce to the crowds that the republican party will be fielding a candidate and choose state i how it does seem to be with the people of the robin first you will come out zero balance
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and. i want to check is next and then as central american migrants and refugees look for asylum in the u.s. we hear stories from those who've already made the journey plus. a recycling facility in the city most of this waste words have ended up in china but china has now banned recycling. maybe the industry here and elsewhere in the world is watching. however the weather remains slushy dry now across a and these are as it should do the seasonal rains are generally further north which council has saved some lives and was fifty millimeters of rain here in twenty four hours should be a good deal dry over the next few days the really wet weather is further north
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around the gulf of thailand bangkok has say some thirty wet weather some nasty thundery downpours over the past few days seventy four millimeters in twenty four hours and there's more where that came from monday looks like another pretty poor day temps getting up to around thirty one celsius but some really big downpours hopefully less wet as we go through monday and on into choose daytimes getting up to around thirty three degrees with a little more sunshine but the showers never too far away so i was not too far away from java has to be said to cause a thirty three cents a bit much of indonesia will be fine as dry as is the case across australia fine dry warm sunshine for many we got to some cool right down into the southeast and cold high pressure in charge of course australia says seventeen celsius for melbourne sunshine twenty three degrees embrace been twenty six celsius for perth but this area cloud will slide its way in temperatures fall back as we go on into tuesday a top temperature of nineteen degrees. the
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fact. morning fourth place on the planet monday could soon be docs. with an international team of scientists is determined not to happen without intervention give to the people i would say here to have passed now it's a race against time to try and frame species take a crisis that's in the majesty town davao extinction techno onal jazeera.
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and again you're watching our. top stories this new u.s. secretary of state mike pompei is in saudi arabia as part of a three day trip to the region he's held talks with several sounding leaders including. the iran nuclear deal is expected to be on the agenda and according to the new york times the blockade on the qatar we are waiting now for pompei o to speak in riyadh with the saudi foreign minister a live coverage of that as soon as it happens. south korea says kim jong un has promised to shut down the north's nuclear bomb test site next month they say the north korean leader made the pledge during friday summit with president. a delegation from the u.n. security council has arrived in bangladesh to meet some of the seven hundred thousand refugees who fled neighboring myanmar teams also to visit real hind state in myanmar where the un say ethnic cleansing has been carried. out
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a group of five hundred refugees and migrants are about to reach the u.s. border after a month on the road they say they are scaping from violence and persecution in central america u.s. president donald trump wants them turned away rob reynolds reports from san diego. migrant rights supporters marched through downtown san diego near the end of the two hundred twenty five kilometer journey on foot from los angeles to showing solidarity for a group of hundreds of migrants from central america traveling to lure the us mexico border while the trunk administration is going to meet refugees at the border with guns and walls we're going to meet them with open arms and open hearts . is reached the border they will ask for protected refugee status in the u.s. says an attorney accompanying them on their journey even have to show that you will
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suffer persecution in your country of origin and based on your race religion nationality political opinion or because you are a member of our particular social group. because the central american migrants are fleeing rampant violence and not persecution as north traditionally defined are well they may find it difficult to obtain asylum. central american countries have some of the highest murder and violent crime rates in the world we spoke to raina came from el salvador last year she asked us to disguise her identity for fear of reprisals against family members back home she fled after criminal gangs attacked her family and i love my son in law they left his dead body on my doorstep and shot him fifteen times he was only twenty three years old than our entire family all of us were targeted once rayna reached the us she requested asylum then spent the next
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nine months in detention rayna is waiting for a hearing to decide whether she will get asylum she has no doubt about the fate that awaits her family if they're sent back. i'm certain we would be going to our deaths u.s. president donald trump harshly denounces groups of central americans traveling to the u.s. calling them dangerous and the border patrol has begun subjecting migrants to harsher treatment like separating children from parents in detention reyna as a message for drum. and sing a precedent that all i would tell president trump to have mercy on us and to give us an opportunity to live for migrants like her asylum is a matter of life or death. or san diego. a former
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president joyce banda has returned to malawi after four years of self-imposed exile despite the risk of arrest over corruption allegations banda fled malawi in twenty fourteen after losing power in the cascade scandal when tens of millions of dollars were stolen from the state hundreds of supporters were at the airport implanted to welcome her home. the australian government has announced almost four hundred million dollars to help save the great barrier reef large parts of it have been dying off due to climate change and coastal pollution the new money will go towards improving water quality and killing destructive starfish conservation groups say the government is ignoring the biggest threat which is global warming but the environment minister insists the money will make a difference we recognise that the reef faces a number of challenges we've had significant bleaching events in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen as we race around the world in the great barrier reef is no different to with the stress of all sustained cycling davey and we've seen the
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insidious impact of the crown of thorns starfish. and australia's recycling efforts are under threat after an announcement by china before china imported half the world's recycled plastic and paper but no more and as andrew thomas reports now that leaves places like australia with nowhere to send much of their recycled waste . after they put out their bins of recyclable rubbish most australians think no more about it but this is just the start of a process which is facing a crisis. in australia trucks bring the mixed plastics paper gloss and metal to a facility like this one to be separated until recently about haul of the plastic and paper was then shipped to china chinese companies were importing and processing nearly half the world's plastics and paper recycling but in january china's
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government in effect banned the import of recyclable waste how to loughton bundles that were up to ten percent contaminated meaning up to a tenth of a bale of one type of recyclable plastic could in fact be known recyclable material australian centers like this one had to do only a rough sift of the initial material the fact that it's made up of different plastics thought in itself is contaminated so you can say there's a bottle of water there that's my dad and i pay eighty material on the campus mind out of a different material and you've got the liable which is made out of a different material again a cap on the next would be regarded as contaminated. china now says only north point five percent of each imported bond compete so-called contamination there isn't a plant in australia that can produce a bundle that can pass that test even the operators of this new one in townsville call promise less than eight percent contamination the business model is broken the supply is a constant the demands being walked out by about pulp and yet there is
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a real challenge to find a market for those responsible in both the short term and the longer term. some of the oversupply is being taken by australian processes playing under hoffa what they were the plastics and now taking away the bundles of paper for free but i can't take it away no one is admitting to stockpiling big mountains of plastic in paper or a fire risk creating them breaks laws but the excess. has to go somewhere about ten percent of everything that comes in. but they recycle i found out. and that will landfill the concern now is that a lot more all. those vials all ninety percent plastic that words have gone to china. those in the industry say long this could be an opportunity for more sophisticated process. within australia but in the short term they need in effect
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a subsidy from government that means higher taxes to keep the big elections going on the city. a sixteen more refugees from camps in the pacific nation of now are heading to the u.s. under a resettlement deal between australia and the u.s. the group includes afghans pakistanis and. u.s. had agreed to take in around one thousand two hundred fifty of them from australia's overseas prison camps in now and papua new guinea's mannus island but so far they've only allowed two hundred forty refugee advocate advocacy groups say the deal is a failure. going to take you live now to riyadh where u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is speaking as well along side saudi foreign minister adding to bear there he is listening. in your second country the kingdom of saudi arabia as you all know the u.s. and saudi arabia has long and deep strategic relations for so many
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years and on the so many domains like security military commercial and traded occasional domains and spheres. and the most contrary that has to them from saudi arabia to study in the us is the united states of america and we have so many ties and relations with the u.s. and we have given some privileges to the investors. the custodian of the two holy mosques to. the crown prince of. encouraging the ties between both countries the meetings of years that they were very fruitful. to support and those. between the
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two countries will also have gone through all the challenges in the region the situation in iraq the iranian. we have you are in the region the situation in yemen . how to support the. contras on the african goes and the crisis and the problem in libya as well and we have identical viewpoints and we were eager to condense our efforts and to deal with these matters and as i said before. saudi arabia is supporting the policy of president from. iran. and also we support the efforts of. those related to the iranian nuclear file and we need to minimize. this. nuclear
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file of iran also we need to see a lot of more inspection on the iranian nuclear sites and i think the problem with iran should be sorted out posing more sanctions on iran for violating the international low and violating the ballistic missile. calls and for all the interference in the neighbors countries also have identical viewpoints regarding so many other topics i'm looking forward to working with you call britain with you rex those in the future and welcome to our country thank you for your visit. good afternoon. all it's great to see you again. and it's wonderful to be back your
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president trump came to saudi arabia on his first international trip and now i have done so on my first trip as secretary of state. i mean we've we've known each other while and the. two countries have been great partners across a broad spectrum of activities as you described. saudi arabia is a key partner in a long time friend and our partnership is growing i personally had the chance to work closely with saudi leaders over the years on many issues and i look forward to building upon those good works in my new role as secretary of state i would like to thank his majesty king solomon and his world highness crown prince mohammed bin someone for hosting me here on this trip. president trump was recently pleased to welcome the crown prince to united states during his visit the crown page met with dozens of u.s. government and business leaders and i built upon those meetings in conversation last night during dinner with the crown prince at all i covered
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a lot of ground during our meeting we discussed iran syria yemen and go for a lation. foreign minister knows the saudi arabia security is a priority for the united states of america will continue to work closely with our saudi partners to counter threats to this country's security. that of course starts with iran iran destabilize this entire region it supports proxy militias and terrorist groups and arms it is an arms dealer to the who the rebels in yemen and iran conducts cyber hacking campaigns that supports the murderous assad regime as well unlike the prior administration we will not neglect the vast scope of iran's terrorism. it is indeed the greatest sponsor of terrorism the world and we are determined to make sure it never possesses
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a nuclear weapon the iran deal in its current form there's not a product provide that assurance we will continue to work with our european allies to fix that deal but if a deal cannot reraise the president has said that he will leave that deal. i also want to highlight today that the nuclear deal has failed to moderate the regime's conduct in many other areas i highlighted a few in fact iran has only behaved worse since the deal was approved in yemen iran continues to support the violent cutely who the rebels by providing military equipment funding and training this is in violation of the un security council resolutions who these continue to fire missiles into saudi arabia on a regular basis targeting red sea shipping and threatening threatening the saudi people while we will continue to assist saudi arabia with this defense need and support its right to defend its own borders
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a political solution is the only way to advance long term stability in yemen and then the suffering and i know we agree on that. agreed to fully support the new u.n. new u.n. on boys efforts to advance a political settlement that ends the civil war and enduring solution to this conflict and the dire humanitarian situation that has followed from it a longstanding political and security vacuum created by the conflict as well as to terror humanitarian conditions have also been exploited in yemen by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and by isis when these groups are given safe haven the u.s. homeland is at risk president trips first trip to saudi arabia was historic and i reminded the king how much president trump appreciated that trip. while he was here he attended the opening of the global center for combating extremist ideology i asked minister g.
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bear for an update on the work of the center it represents a clear declaration that muslim majority countries must take the lead in comparing terrorism and radicalization around the world america is prepared to stand with saudi arabia in pursuit of the share interest and security but as president trump has said and said at the riyadh summit as well the nations of the middle east cannot wait for american power to crush terrorism for them muslim nations must be willing to take on that burden if we're going to conquer extremism and defeat the forces of terrorism together i know that saudi arabia will be at the front of it we all must honestly confront the crisis of islamist extremism and the islamist terror groups it inspires and this does indeed mean standing together against the murder of innocent muslims the oppression of women the persecution of jews and the slaughter of christians so are you.


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