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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 119  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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the islamic state has claimed responsibility. missiles of hit syrian military bases in what the government is calling new aggression from its enemies without specifying at least eight people were killed in the strikes which happened late on sunday night in hama province and on the aleppo countryside the targets appeared to include iranian backed militias outposts which have been a regular target of israeli forces the new u.s. secretary of state is on the final day of his diplomatic talk of the middle east might bump ayos in jordan for talks with the foreign minister and king abdullah from payers mustering support among allies for more sanctions against iraq. britain's home secretary has resigned because of a scandal involving people wrongly threatened with deportation. under rudd had been under growing pressure since it was revealed that hundreds of people from the caribbean were denied pensions and health care many never obtained passports despite having the right to live in the u.k. rudd quit after admitting to misleading parliament about deportation targets.
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thailand has released a magazine editor who in twenty thirteen was sentenced to eleven years in prison for insulting the king. had used his magazine to campaign for the law to be changed he refused to plead guilty or seek a royal pardon critics say the prohibition on insulting the king is used to stifle political dissent well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story of that sort. in this. documentary. north korea to close its nuclear test site and kim jong un says the world can watch its being dismantled from young ones to focus on economic growth the historic summit with
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south korea a mock departure from hostile rhetoric how will this play out inside north korea this is inside story. hello there welcome to the program i'm noriko they didn't come jong un has promised to shut down north korea's nuclear test site next month he reiterated the pledge joy has summit with south korea's president will enjoy an on friday but there's no word on the future of his ballistic missiles program nor where they'll bounce in the malls from the u.s. president to get rid of nuclear weapons or together kathy novak has this report from seoul. the world saw the smiles and handshakes on friday now the south korean president's office is revealing more of what was said behind closed
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doors at the historic summit south korea says kim jong un promised to close the put the nuclear test center next month and invited american and south korean experts and journalists to inspect it days before the summit north korea announced it would shut down the site of all six nuclear bomb tests kim referred to speculation that test explosions had so badly damaged the site it couldn't have been used again anyway to join should only chairman kim said when they come they will see that we have two bigger tunnels than the current test facilities and they are in good condition this. the willingness to allow visitors to the test center appears to be another concession before the planned summit with donald trump and the north koreans by this is necessity but it can dish up for any kind of negotiations because if they don't see that the want every inch or two sided as in your clip happens nobody is going to talk to them moon phoned the u.s.
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president to brief him on the into korean talks the declaration signed there included a broad reference to denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula trump and moon agreed that more specific measures on getting rid of nuclear weapons should be discussed at the u.s. president's meeting with kim kim jong un is also reported to have said even though the united states is inherently hostile towards north korea once they talk with us they will get to know that i am not the kind of person to launch nuclear weapons towards the south or target the united states across the pacific south korea says kim intends to eliminate another sign of division by changing pyongyang's time zone by half an hour to realign with the south north korea said it's clocks back three years ago saying then that japanese imperialists had imposed tokyo time when korea was an occupied colony moon also briefed japan's prime minister and told shinzo
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abbay that he'd conveyed japan's willingness for talks with north korea a willingness kim jong un said was mutual kathy novak al jazeera sold. let's bring in our guests and joining us in geneva tara grove former head of the verification and security policy coordination office at the international atomic energy agency and in seoul was skype peter ward a rise of and k. news who researches. what it's like and what you're probably now to take it to jordan's capital amman where this dinner. just take my pompei out it's making alongside jordan's foreign minister i'm on safari let's listen to what they have to say man know what. love the appeal by now know that i'm not a man with a. thank you sir. talks today offered a tremendous opportunity to go over and over a of the issues many of the challenges that we face again the conversation was
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focused on how we can continue to work together to bring about peace and stability to the region and do we continue to coordinate and cooperate as we try to resolve many of the conflicts and crises that have denied the peoples of the region to peace and stability and opportunity that that is deserved key to that as you know for us in jordan is the palestinian israeli conflict this is we believe the main cause of stability in the region and its resolution is the key to achieving the lastest lasting and comprehensive peace that we want the two state solution remains the only path to the pieces we believe in jordan it is the solution that would allow for the emergence obama an independent sovereign palestine states her with jerusalem as its capital and the lines of june fourth one nine hundred sixty seven there is a deadlock in peace efforts now and we know that the status quo cannot be maintained we have a difficult situation but the challenge in us all is to make sure that this difficult
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situation does not get worse we enjoyed and are committed to doing everything we can in cooperation with our partner in the u.s. and other and the international community to make sure that we create political horizons and move towards achieving that that solution yes that the two state solution is being challenged yes there are many obstacles but i think what is what is the alternative we cannot give up in our efforts to achieve peace nor can we say that. there is any viable alternative that we can sustain. the secretary and i are also in agreement on syria we need a political solution that would preserve the integrity sovereignty of of the syrian of syria and a solution that would be acceptable to the syrian people we plead to a neighbor is the path to achieve. that solution on the basis of two to five for the deescalation zone in the south is an example of the us gaining russian cooperation that zone has saved
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a lot of lives has prevented against further destruction has prevented against with the refugees and we enjoy dinner or stool for one point three million syrians so that is a tremendous pressure that we have and that zone has helped to mitigate all those risks are we going to continue to preserve the zone and work towards a peaceful solution to to syria and so on and that deal wanted to be as a first step towards the political aisle to make political solution to to to to the syrian crisis the war in ter is a war that we fight together terrorists are outside our humanity they certainly do not belong to any culture to any civilization to any that they're outside our own humanity as his majesty says they are fags they are outlaws we fight the war in defense of our people in defense of our security but also in defense of our and when the values and in defense of our of the guys of peace and respect that islam embodies so we continue to be partners and this is a war that we fought side by side and we appreciate the u.s.
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leadership in this effort which again has achieved tremendous success as last year as we defeated isis in syria and we deprived them the tourist area controlled the challenges are enormous and you continue to be saw and this is the middle east and it's never a dull moment as they say but with friends like you sara we know that we continue to be able to tackle them and i we look forward in jordan to working with you want to achieving the peace and stability that this region once and again will come you here and i look forward to many many fair there. meetings thank you. thank thanks for the kind words for mr softee it's wonderful to be here thank you for the incredibly warm welcome i received here today i'm thrilled to be here in jordan on my very first trip as secretary of state i told foreign minister that i came here before i went to my office so kind on the way to work. i came here to signal how important jordan is to the united states our partnership is essential to both countries our friendship between america and his majesty king abdullah and i
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want to come here also to reaffirm all of those ties this is indispensable to our two nations and i think to the region as well as present trump said when he walk in my door to the white house we are deeply committed to preserving our strong relationship and to strengthening america's longstanding support for jordan support for georgia security stability is an important national interest of the united states we want the jordanian people to know this we want you to know that our commitment to your country is firm the united states is the single largest donor of economic security and humanitarian assistance to jordan we're quite proud of that we think it's the right thing to do in february the united states and jordan signed a new five year m o u n which we committed to provide over six point three billion dollars in bilateral foreign assistance to jordan over the next five years this increase comes at a time when jordan is facing an adverse impact of conflict on its border the
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conflict raging in syria remains a threat to jordanian peace and security will continue to work with jordan to help the kingdom defend its borders always we must not let syria again become a safe haven for isis or any other terrorist group. the united states' goals for syria are clear defeat isis ensure the safety delivery of humanitarian aid deescalate the violence something we spoke about at some length this morning deter the use of chemical weapons and ultimately support a political resolution to the conflict we remain fully committed to the cease fire agreement in southwest syria the united states strongly supports the u.n. efforts in geneva to end this conflict which has gone on for far too many years throughout the syrian crisis jordan has provided an extraordinary level of assistance to the syrian people thank you so much. we know it's costly we know it's difficult but the care that you're shown for your neighbors at this and credibly
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challenging time is extraordinary the united states to his sub jordan managed this refugee influx providing nearly one point one billion dollars in humanitarian aid to jordan since the start of the conflict in syria turning to middle east peace when the president out of the united states would recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel he also announced that the united states is not taking a position on boundaries or borders and will support a two state solution if the parties agree to it the spirit specific boundaries of israel sovereignty in jerusalem remain subject to negotiation between those parties the united states continues to support the status quo with regard to the harm of serif temple mount and its vice president hence we are firm just in january here in amman and we are committed to continuing to respect jordan special role as the custodian of those holy sites in jerusalem we will continue to work for peace in the great hope of offering the best outcome for both the israeli and palestinian
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people finally both of our countries know the threat that iran poses to the region this morning we had a chance to discuss how best to counter runs malign influence and activity in the region and with all of our allies we've had discussions with respect to the jay c.p.o. way. we will continue to work together to support by little time bilateral ties between the united states and jordan we're going to make progress on these key regional issues and we will move forward to ensure a stable safe middle east with jordan as our ally and partner thank you for hosting me here in jordan today it's been a pleasure thank you. and you know i had the. weekend
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so you're watching live pictures there from the jordanian capital amman the jordanian foreign minister i'm on safadi holding a press conference with u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh my payors on the last day of his middle east tour let's just listen now to some of the questions which are being asked from places and readers with tension these lessons syria. do. have you got assurances that these areas in the south
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of syria will stay as they are but clearly we have a sort of tension between this here in the you know between the russian and american relations according to the second those did what is the new coming throughout the g. of the u.s. in syria after the tripartite. in. you know. we have agreed with his ex so then say that the political solution is the thing that we need and want in syria when it comes to the regions in the south of syria we have lead this through talks between russia. and jordan and this is the place where this is fire is that we are committed to work together to keep this region as it days. and men in their lives in syria now we need to go forward towards a political solution that we got on the independence and sovereignty of celia and
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is accepted by the syrian people we have discussed this and we also have to go on to say the timing as a step that will take us towards a comprehensive cease fire in syria and as well as up political solution that will bring back stability and peace to syria thank you very much so the foreign minister i did have a long discussion about this are we are together jointly in perfect accord with respect to how to proceed with the objectives in syria it is a geneva based process led by the u.n. to achieve the political resolution to d.s. continue to deescalate the conflict so that we can begin to resolve all of the various political challenges that are faced there you asked in particular about our strikes that were undertaken by the united states and the french. it is the case
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that the use of chemical weapons is special and unique and president trump has made very very clear that this is intolerable that presents enormous rest to the world if we don't real stablished deterrence framework for the use of chemicals in combat . thank you take your questions. yes full week since it seems we got protesting in gaza forty five plus syrians have been killed by israeli security forces do you have any concerns that excessive force was used do you agree with your colleague here that the israeli policy in conflict is the most serious threat to stability in the region and do you think that the two state solution is the only way that can be resolved as your colleague seems to. so let me try to take
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the three questions or trying to take them in reverse reverse chronological order with respect to the two state solution the parties will ultimately make the decision about what the right right resolution is we certainly open to a two two party solution that's a likely outcome we certainly believe that the israelis and palestinians need to be need to have political engagement we urge the palestinians to return to that political dialogue. second it is an important piece of achieving middle east stability is to resolve this conflict so precisely how to rank it among all the various challenges i'll defer on that know that it is an incredible priority for the united states to provide whatever assistance we can to allow the two parties to come to a resolution of this incredibly longstanding important. conflict. and your first question is a about the activities in gaza over the past days and weeks we
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do believe the israelis have the right to defend themselves and we're fully supportive of that. thank you. it was you and i thank you rex and see if i can put a question from roy yes if you had a t.v. and not a secretary of state you know that people talk now about the dean of the sun frey and behind the curtains some people say that this about his deal might be done on the expenses of the neighboring countries and you know this is not jordan
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is amongst the countries that are receiving a lot of people do you think that you work in this deal of centrally away from jordan and. when it comes to also the syrian the issue is what is the political american role in the russia you know that yesterday there was a meeting of the gonzalez iran. russia and the fact they have a dream that the unity and sovereignty of syria should be maintained but the americans were absent yesterday what do you think thank you very much. so to questions the deal of the century question. we understand that ultimately this deal will be agreed to between the israelis and the palestinians
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but certainly it's the case that as america continues to be involved in facilitating such an arranger we're doing so in close alignment with with with jordan and the jordanian people so that so that we're working together so that the solution that is ultimately achieve works for those two countries and for the greater region as well including the important interest that jordan has in that with respect to syria i think we've talked about this we believe there are many countries including the united states that will play an important political role in achieving schools ation and the ultimate political resolution in syria. and you know i would react with the head actually then that states as we work together to bring peace lasting peace in the region dialogues all need to go in we have contacts as. we have agreed on and that is the of bringing peace and stability to the region we have discussed this today could texts between his majesty the king
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of jordan the u.s. president donald trump. relations out of believe that the partnership is very good we might agree or disagree on certain once the main goal is to bring peace to the region this also applies in the syria fighting to resume the palestinian issue at the end we have one goal we need for a conflict free region we have the shared efforts of of friends of the united states of all support given by them to the. children with the full on. log on the cost ration between us with the aim of the being used as a community in the region once again and i like to appreciate the visit of my friend jordan he is a friend and his visit is an indication of the strong relations between both we will go in and we will meet his majesty the king of jordan thank you very much.
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ok so you're watching the u.s. secretary of state mike pump and the jordanian foreign minister i'm on safadi just leave that press conference there in the jordanian capital in mon. ami joins us live now from the jordanian capital hodder so not surprisingly the syrian conflict was high on the agenda the jordanians of course hosting a huge refugee population that's put pressure on the jordanian government. yes absolutely and we did hear that from the june de neen foreign minister saying don't forget we have one point three million syrians here we have a border with syria and that problem needs to be solved as soon as possible but i think damien's wanted to also underline the fact that something needs to happen when it comes to the israeli palestinian conflict you know that has been i would
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say they didn't even begin to go there had been stopped for the past few years relations between the palestinians and the u.s. administration. yesterday for example the u.s. secretary of state did not mention except once the word palestinians while he was in israel that just shows you how bad the relations are how frosty they are between to choose sides and i think overall this press conference was an opportunity for my poem paid to also said the tone. of what he will be working on as u.s. secretary of state he underlined not only here in amman but also in tel aviv and earlier in riyadh that actually still hasn't been to his office but he came on this mideast through the overarching the most important i think when it comes to the americans at the moment is to have a united front among the gulf countries when it comes to iran and i think he had very stern messages there towards saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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saying you have to solve the issue with qatar and then the second main issue being of course syria and it sounds biased his words at least at least the way he's putting it that the israeli palestinian conflict might not be as important as the at the moment as it is for example for de jordanian and did my pump i mean he spoke about iran growing influence in the region what's the jordanian assessment on iran. well it certainly. doesn't speak very much. when it comes to iran that has the same worries it is aligned with saudi arabia so certainly those concerns out there those concerns are there all throughout the middle east that actually iran is gaining more and more territory and it is spending its influence throughout the region so that is
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a concern it is certainly a huge concern in israel and we heard that during the press conference with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and i think what the americans want is americans want to see at least on the arab side a united front they want to see that rift within the gulf so as quickly as possible they also want to see an end to the war in yemen which was not mentioned here by the was mentioned in riyadh knows those are very complicated issues. is showing really what will be the priorities for the american administration when it comes to foreign policy or a whole live in the jordanian capital thank you very much just wrapping up that press conference between. the jordanian foreign minister that's it from me for now right after the break with more news at the top of the hour stay with us here in al-jazeera. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when miss was that somehow time as aiming to replace america
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and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part two on a jersey ago. i sometimes feel that we are really looking into the hearts and the soul of those directly involved in events taking place we're very good at telling all sides of the story from the political elite to those people who think if you really get to know what's happening on the ground that's very important for me as a third generation pass that can often feel that my continent is misrepresented and we've changed that your story is important to us it doesn't matter where you come from. in the us civil war slavery to an end.
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there is a strong possibility that the very truths that you are using could have been brought to your table by a right here in the land of the free of foreign workers tricked into emigrating and trapped by on scrupulous profiteers. to jane slaves part of slavery a twenty first century evil on al-jazeera citizens unable to vote on represented in washington the members of congress do nothing about. the part of the constituents in their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visit to the island devastated by hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government or to reconsider you know what it is and then the government has a responsibility and you know not let them forget the. shelter of the storm on al-jazeera.


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