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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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al jazeera. where ever you want. from planting forests with drugs to surviving drought small farm. award winning environmental solutions program. never heard of the birth of a real job but. we can give people communities and who can i said she was addressing some of the greatest man might involve a mental problem threatening. a new season of birthright thrown out through europe .
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i will almost zero and i say let's talk in afghanistan's capital kills twenty six people nine of them journalists who've rushed to the same to cover the story. alone success and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up security and business top the agenda. of president nigeria's president mohamed do bihari at the white house sending a message to the world that they are not to defeat palestinian national council meets for the first time in twenty two years another rebel groups around us and syria. need that enclave in southern damascus. dozens of people have been killed in
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a series of attacks by eisel and the taliban in afghanistan and he's twenty five people were killed in a double suicide bombing in kabul claimed by eisel journalists who rushed to the saying where among those killed by the second blast and al-jazeera camera mount was among the forty five injured b.b.c. afghan service reporter might shah was killed in a separate. didn't in the eastern province of haast and the taliban suicide car bomb apparently targeting a nato convoy in kandahar killed eleven civilians including children from a nearby religious school jennifer glass reports from kabul i know of almost zero zero zero zero zero zero zero the first suicide bomber was on a motorbike i saw says the target was intelligence headquarters but the explosion killed civilians and policeman in the street that would lead to darwin four policemen and from district nine who were at the front line but were among those marches and three policemen were wounded as well as emergency workers rushed to the
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scene to aid the wounded. afghan cameramen reporters and photographers who come to cover the news became part of the story when a second suicide bomber disguised as a journalist blew himself up among such attacks could create existential threats against press freedom and freedom of expression in afghanistan which is considered one of the biggest achievements of the country in the past seventeen years afghanistan has got the most vibrant media in the region this is supposed to be a secure part of kabul home to not only intelligence headquarters but nato the u.s. embassy and various aid organizations in the capital these days nothing feels safe . another hour so bombing last week killed at least sixty people and injured one hundred ten afghans lined up to register to vote were the target not only in kabul but elsewhere too in kandahar in southern afghanistan a suicide car bomb attack on
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a nato convoy killed at least eleven civilians including children several nato soldiers and afghan policeman were injured the afghan president has described these attacks as were crimes terrorist acts in conflict with islamic values and human rights and the afghans blame the government for not doing enough to prevent them jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. now for the first time in twenty two years the palestinian national council is officially meeting in the west bank city of ramallah to discuss several critical issues top of the list is whether or not to suspend the recognition of israel the meeting is scheduled to last three days beginning with a speech by palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas shortly well our forces joins me now live from ramallah so twenty two years in the waiting area why are they meeting now. well as far as mahmoud abbas is going said it we expect to hear
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a collaborator on this when eventually he makes his introductory speech which is the date of end of tonight's opening ceremony at the moment they're still going through the names of attendees trying to find a core of. good is likely to say that this is about. facing off the threats emanating from the united states and israel to a future palestinian statehood at a time of incredibly close alliance between those two nations if it signed but we're waiting to see what donald trump's white house published in the form of the peace plan in the wake of course of his declaration regarding jerusalem is the capital of israel and the palestinians decision to be rejected by the u.s. mediation of the peace process going forward so on policy matters that response to that is going to be probably just a bit perhaps more importantly will be the kind of procedures that are going on as well this week it's very clear that they need to restart some of the empty
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seats because this is an aging body and one which has seen many people die in the intervening years since the last such meeting to restock some of the seeds of the sea i would say is the pillows kind of heart of it if you will had also the executive committee of the p.l.o. the thinking is that mahmoud abbas will be very close to highly paid people very closely aligned with him cementing his power there is talk as well of passing some of the power of the d.n.c. this vast body of more than seven hundred people to the much smaller central council which again could free his hand and how he deals with some of the challenges going forward if the next weeks and months not least of the reconciliation between front of which dominates the v.a. here in iraq by the west bank and hamas in gaza the reconciliation efforts have been underway for some six months now continue to falter and look pretty much debris. and with them various factions trying to put on some sort of unified front
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i am suspecting that the saudi crown prince his comments about tech sets of the peace proposal or shut up and stop complaining aimed at the palestinians will not be going down very well. well no except there isn't any real purpose for appetites as you see them i'm sorry you had a problem except there isn't really any real appetites to. address those head on we have had a comment from saberi the executive chairman of the chairman of the sex general of the executor miti of the p.l.o. and he says this that the policies will not be reacting to rumors and fabrications other than that there isn't any real appetite i think to try and contradict the saudis or take on the saudis at this very important point saudi arabia of course remains the biggest player in terms of the arab attitude and.
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effort on behalf of the palestinians as far as the palestinians are concerned their stance remains unchanged after the summit in riyadh last year and that's the position whereby the palestinian conflict has to be addressed and solved first before any normalization of relations with israel that remains the case so if he did say it the palestinians don't really want to talk about it it seems good to get your thoughts or herefore to special microphone my friends in ramallah. nigerian president mohammad dubai hari has arrived at the white house for messing with the u.s. president on trump security corruption and china's financial presence in africa are all expected to be on the agenda but hari who we seeking reelection next year is the first sub-saharan african beat it to meet strummed alan fischer is live for us at the white house is standing by for a joint press conference alex the president's merican president has made some very
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disparaging comments about nigerians are indeed african nations how much do you think that is going to upset the tone of his discussions between the two leaders. i think we'll probably move on very quickly certainly we know that when donald trump allegedly made comments saying that he didn't want nigerians to be visiting the u.s. because they would never return to their hearts that provoked the u.s. ambassador in nigeria to be called in front of the foreign ministry to explain these comments the white house of course have denied that donald trump ever made those comments in any meeting and i think both leaders are going to focus on the agenda in front of them rather than revisit something from several months ago so they will be talking about trade as you see the presence of china trying to grow its presence across sub-saharan africa and of course they'll be talking about
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terrorism as well that was certainly the topic that came up during a very brief. appearance in front of the cameras in the oval office donald trump talked about book rather than book overarm and certainly the nigerian president thanked the americans for their help as we know there is an american military presence in and around nigeria at the moment to help with operations there targeted particularly against boko haram but the nigerian president said that he was grateful for all the u.s. had done and was also grateful for them taking the fight against eisold because he said that it undoubtedly helped them with a knock on effect and you did you mentioning their security. in the end the nigerians really do. the american assistance in creating incredibly and increasing assistance i think we can say because of the threat of bach or her around. exactly they were talking about the sale of arms and weapons to nigeria we know that the u.s. has provided helicopters they've also provided
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a level of training as well that has build up the american military presence in africa which has gone almost on knowledge i'm going to have to cut you off in your stride so sorry but we're going to get the lines to tel aviv where the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is giving a lot of interest. concerning. me an intelligent achievement among the greatest we've known. and i would like the international community to hear what i have to say and understand. i will speak in english and i will continue in hebrew but. tonight we're going to show you something that the world has never seen before. tonight we're going to reveal new and conclusive proof. of the secret nuclear weapons program that iran has
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been hiding for years from the international community in its secret atomic archives we're going to show you iran's secret nuclear files. you may well know that iran's leaders repeatedly deny ever pursuing nuclear weapons . you can listen to iran's supreme leader ali khamenei. i stress the public has never been after nuclear weapons. you can listen to iran's president cost one hundred. nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction have no place in iran charity and defense doctrine and contradict our sunday mental religious and ethical convictions. this is repeated by iran's foreign minister zarif we didn't have any problems with human influence any way we can see
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the nuclear weapons both irrational as well as immoral. well tonight i'm here to tell you one thing iran lied big time after signing the nuclear deal in two thousand and fifteen iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret nuclear files in two thousand and seventeen iran moved its nuclear weapons files to a highly secret location in tehran this is the shore about district in southern toronto. this was where they kept the atomic archives right here few arabian's knew where it was. very few and also a few israelis now from the outside this was an innocent looking compound it looks like a dilapidated warehouse but from the inside it contains iran secret atomic
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archives locked in massive files actually the little bigger than. a few weeks ago in a great intelligence achievement israel obtained half a ton of the material inside these walls. and here's what we've got. fifty five thousand pages. another fifty five thousand files and one hundred eighty three c.d.'s of. everything you're about to see. is an exact copy of the original iranian material. you may want to know where the originals. while i can say they are now in a very safe place. here's what the files included incriminating documents. incriminating charts incriminating presentations incriminating
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blueprints. incriminating photos. incriminating videos and more. we've shared this material with the united states. and the united states can vouch for its authenticity we will also share it with other countries and we'll share it with the international atomic energy agency. so let me tell you the history of this material. we've known for years that iran had a secret nuclear weapons program called project them out we can now prove that project on mog was a comprehensive program to design build and test nuclear weapons we can also prove that iran is secretly storing project ahmad material to use at a time of its choice to develop nuclear weapons. here's what project ahmad's
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explicit goal was creating nuclear weapons this is an original iranian presentation from these files and here's the mission statement designed to produce and test five warheads each with ten kiloton tiant yield for integration on a missile. you don't have to read farsi to see ten kilotons here. this is the specific goal of project a model that's like five hiroshima bombs to be put on ballistic missiles. this is an original iranian spreadsheet from the archives of project ahmad look at what it has yellowcake production centrifuge and richmond process warhead project simulation project and test
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and indeed when we analyzed what's in these archives we found that project had all the five elements the five key elements of a nuclear weapons program. i want to take them one by one first element is designing nuclear weapons this is an original iranian illustration of a weapon again you don't have to read farsi to understand this this is you two thirty five that's enrich uranium right here at the core. that's the only place where you find in the core enriched uranium and here's an iranian simulation origin rainin simulation putting all these components together. that's the first component second component developing nuclear of course here's a photo showing the casting process and
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a cast bill core from the archives. and here's the secret underground facility the iranians were building to produce nuclear of course we have hundreds of documents each of these components three components building nuclear implosion systems this is an original uranium photo of a measuring device for implosions. and here's a simulation of a nuclear implosion. fourth element preparing nuclear tests here's a map of five potential locations for nuclear test in eastern iran. one two three four five. we have many many more such documents and fifth. integrating nuclear weapons and missiles here's a design for a nuclear payload on a shot three missile from the archives. here's the warhead.
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here's the bomb and i don't have to remind you i think that iran is continually expanding the range of its ballistic missiles its nuclear capable missiles they started with a thousand kilometers and up to two thousand roughly they can reach riyadh televisa moscow. but they're working on far far greater ranges they're planning much longer range missiles to carry nuclear weapons so these files. conclusively prove. that iran is brazenly lying. when it says it never had a nuclear weapons program. the files prove that but here's what happened next. iran was faced with mounting pressure in
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two thousand and three you remember that that was following the gulf war so it was forced to shell project ahmad but it didn't show its nuclear ambitions. so iran devised a plan to do two things first to preserve the nuclear know how from project them up and second to further develop its nuclear weapons related capabilities that plan came directly from iran stop leadership is another document from the archives this is following the new directive of iran's ministry of defense mr shanklin need two days the director of the national security council following the new directive of iran's minister of defense the work would be split into two parts covert and overt . a key part of the plan was to form a new organization is to continue the work this is how most in fact is that it had
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a project about put it remember that name thought isn't it so here's this directive right here and he says the general aim is to a nonce the closure project them out but then he adds special activities you know what that is special activities will be carried out under the title of scientific know how developments. and in fact this is exactly what iran proceeded to do it continued this work in a series of organizations over the years and today in two thousand and ten two thousand and eighteen this work is carried out by supine that's an organization inside iran's defense ministry and you would not be surprised to hear that's a pond is led by the same person who led project ahmad dr fall who's a day and also not coincidentally many of supplants key personnel worked under
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father use of the un project ahmad so this atomic archive clearly shows that iran planned at the highest levels to continue work related to nuclear weapons under different guises and using the same personnel. i want to give you. another example of iran's nuclear weapons related activities that continued after project ahmad. you all remember the for the facility and show that. rainy and richmond facility this was a secret underground and richmond facility that the iranians built under a mountain. you don't put thousands of centrifuges under a mountain to produce medical isotopes you put them there for one reason. nuclear weapons in richmond for nuclear weapons but the files show that for doe
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was designed from the get go for nuclear weapons as part of project ahmad here's an arranged regional iranian blueprint. for doe. and what happened was that iran continued to build for dual years secretly building years after project ahmad ended here's what it looks like that's the entrance it goes under a mountain you also will not be surprised that iran insisted on keeping photos and basically the nuclear deal enabled it to do it it enabled it to do it but this came with a hitch. iran was required by the i.a.e.a. to come clean by the nuclear deal to come clean to the international atomic energy agency about its nuclear program this was an explicit condition for
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implementing the nuclear deal iran has to come clean so in december two thousand and fifteen the i.a.e.a. published its final assessment of what it called the military aspects of iran's nuclear program this is the report this was iran's chance to fully come clean to the i.a.e.a. they could tell the truth they could say that we had this program the secret program it's over and we showed that it doesn't exist we destroyed the material here's what iran actually told the. it said. iran denied the existence of a coordinated program aimed at the development of a nuclear explosive device and specifically denied that this specifically denied the existence of the amount planned. the material proves otherwise that iran authorized initiated and funded project ahmad
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a coordinated program aimed at the development of a nuclear explosive device here's another document from the archive this is a master plan a project a month. iran said to the i.a.e.a. . and all work has been conducted with multipoint an issue. this is multi-point initiation you've got to forgive this jargon the scientific terminology is something that is necessary to understand the production of nuclear weapons but here's what they say no work has been conducted with m.p.i. technology and hemispherical geometry but again the archive shows that this is a complete fabrication you want conducted extensive work with m.p.i. technology in hemispherical geometry is an example hundreds of more documents proving you ron said. to the agency that it did not conducted metallurgical work specifically designed for
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a nuclear device but the files again show that this is a lie iran conducted extensive metallurgical work specifically designed for a nuclear device is an original arabian photo plenty more in the in the archives. so what i've shown you tonight. it's just a fraction of the total material that we have. been listing to see the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he's detaining or he says his intelligence have come across an extraordinary amounts of archive files some blueprints all to suppose they were there on this plan for a nuclear missile program that they discovered and now having that has action and they say they have shan't with the u.s. i'm joined by our senior political analyst mo in bashara interesting as he's detail english information do we really get a sense that they've proven that there was
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a program going on all that they have lots of documents looking at a program actually i'm sure i mean first of all we have to somehow verify that these documents are authentic true that the prime minister is not over interpret things whatever is in the documents because if you remember. in two thousand and twelve when he was at the united nations and he showed us that you know again the same thing about graphic the bomb soon after his own intelligence officer said that this is not exactly true and that iran was not one year away from developing nuclear weapons so he has a very political incentive especially now with donald trump trying to decide that by the iran nuclear deal he has a political incentive to manipulate the facts and to exaggerate whatever information he has in order to say now assuming that everything he's saying this
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through. so states lie really you mean like iran lies like israel lies about its nuclear program so iran lied in the past the but the iran has secrets yeah iran has secrets israel has secrets the us russia france they all have nuclear secrets did it one not. expose itself completely to the i.a.e.a. of course it did not states don't do that they're always manipulating thing the whole show but have the us have the u.n. inspectors since then give iran one hundred percent. a clean bill of health if you will when it comes to nuclear deal and its respect the nuclear deal yes the question now is what how with the and so that was just looking at the timing
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obviously night pompei of the texas state was just than a day ago they must i'm guessing of this information with him it wasn't going to take much to tip president over the edge of that is this a smoking gun to mix my metaphors it's now down that i think that certainly it will help and certainly you know you have mccrone on the one hand the french president telling president trump you need to stick to that we signed it we need to stick by it and so on so forth and then if you have a prime minister and he has as i have the documents i have the smoking gun you know we cannot trust the iranians and the united nations of course have been fooled once and again but we are smarter than the united nations a new president trump need to stick with us and we cannot let iran of the hook because that agreement is of course not perfect in fact it's one of the worst agreements ever as president calls it so really there is a true incentive for a prime minister netanyahu even if he has whatever secret nuclear documents you
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know to interpret as he wishes to know and like you very much for just going to go across to ramallah our correspondent harry force that is standing by and has been listening into the israeli prime minister's presentation of these documents how he what was your take certainly an awful lot more what they are saying is proof that iran had this secret nuclear program. well certainly it was very much a presentation not the first time the benjamin netanyahu has used you know of a visual and audio files on screen to buttress his case it's something that he has been warning the israeli public about ad infinitum for many years now but this was very much in english a message to the wider world and as marwan was saying very much time to coincide with my compeers visit to the region and donald trump's decision on may the twelfth whether or not to pull out of the iran deal are
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a couple of things stood out the fact that. a there was such detail made a great amount of that and the fact that as far as he is concerned that this proves that there was an advanced nuclear weapons program underway but then almost a throwaway remark about it having come to an end after the iraq war in two thousand and three so we are talking about as he mentioned a historical archive one which would suggest from from what he said came to an end some fifteen years ago with the option that he according to his case that the iranians could restart it at a later date so his main charge against the iranians is that they weren't fully clear and honest with the i.a.e.a. inspectors and the wider world that they concealed under the guise of a peaceful nuclear program a nuke an advanced and highly targeted nuclear weapons program the question is
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whether that will convince the wider world that that means that the iran nuclear deal itself is entirely worthless it probably will do a lot to buttress the case of those united states who feel that way and that is presumably that the bet that netanyahu is placing here it's something that he wants to see very dearly the end to this deal he sees it as not fit. for constraining iran's nuclear ambitions something that the white house is saying in almost interchangeable language at the moment so a lot of stagecraft and a lot of detail on offer here the question is to what extent it will tip the scales in the favor of an end to the iran nuclear deal and how everybody kind of speculating now exactly how they got their hands on. just briefly i suppose we're all looking to masand. indeed yes i mean the that will be that that is
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israel's foreign intelligence service they have been engaged deeply in trying to combat iran's ambitions in all sorts of fields and so obviously the station is that that mossad was involved in this in this mission he says that the archive was transferred in two thousand and seventeen to this building that he that he put on the map behind him and presumably the fact they knew that suggests how they say at least they managed to get the information. stay with us inside stories next.


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