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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together my friends and i were detained i am the only one who survived they were all waiting for news of the. boy killed and his father was. filming. i have only once in my life seen men who are scared to death a bit to civil war was. on al-jazeera. this
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is al-jazeera. you're watching live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the political turmoil in. blocks the opposition leader to become the new prime minister. twin suicide blasts in the northeast of nigeria. killing at least twenty seven people. the world health organization. pollution and poor countries and delhi as the worst in the world and the. fourth champions league final in five years. in the semi.
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ok let's get going with some breaking news for you coming to us out of the libyan capital tripoli where at least seven people have been killed in an attack there gunman including a suicide bomber have attacked the headquarters of libya's electoral commission the electoral commission has been registering voters ahead of elections that are expected before the end of this year mark words up to what head is in tripoli market what happened. as for the casualties the number could be higher than this i have just spoken with a small he's the commissioner of the security data treats and tripoli and he just told me that there are still counting the casualties and the number could be higher than this he also suggests that. could be behind this attack because he says.
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to attack a teen aged themselves inside premises of the high national election commission engaged with their security forces at the gate and killed a number of the security forces so called in a similarly believes that it's behind this attack we understand that the high national election commission has been supported by international organizations like the united nations support mission in libya and also by other united nations backed internationally to nice to sions in libya like the national government there the house of representatives and eastern city of tobruk and the high state council in tripoli here so it seems that there is some. kind of going to zation which is against conducting the elections as we know mr that this commission
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has been preparing for the for connecting problem entry and presidential elections in libya to end the crisis. before the end of this here so clearly there was security outside the building probably inside the building the attackers knew that and they came prepared. exactly i witnesses in order shall district that's where the high national commission is located say that they saw gunmen probably. putting on suicide at getting and attacking engaging with vic with the force at the eight and then they managed to get into a good premises of the buildings so that they had heard a huge explosion inside the prison for just that suicide except one or maybe two actually. convince myself that they're to attack and they did themselves inside the
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premises so that there are pictures circulating online showing smoke coming coming out of the premises of the high national election commission peter the situation still very much ongoing in the meantime it will come back if there are any developments but thanks for the moment. the political crisis in armenia is deepening after the parliament there rejected a bid by the opposition leader to become the new prime minister nicole posturing on his calling for a nationwide strike on weapons day and his supporters are already out on the streets pushing on has led weeks of anti-government protests that forced the former prime minister to step down robin first a walker is live for us here on the news in yet about robin so many hours of discussions yesterday why did he not get the support he was looking for. because to put it simply he has the support on the street but not in the parliament
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and with me to talk about this because i think we need a little bit of perspective and take a step back and introduce ourselves to mco earlier who's from the region and study center he's an analyst here based in year of and. can you explain who actually won yesterday in the votes because it's a bit confusing who actually came out on top what's your perspective on that it's hard to say because if we're speaking about the public reception then obviously palaeo position is the winner because the street reacted very negatively to what republican party did but they're republicans managed to win time and there will be another vote in seven days and in this seven days a lot can happen and i think they were also playing in order to get support from foreign actors especially russia because most of the questions they asked they were aimed at somehow presenting the opposition leader as this dangerous colored
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revolutionary who wants to take their meaning out of the eurasian union and spoil relations with russia so it all depends on how this was percy of the moscow and there's also the. going to care about fact. of course in the going to karabakh being the the the area that is contested. internationally recognized as azeri but it's controlled by armenia and they keep saying that while i mean it's weak. areas to take advantage of that this is an issue concern is in the military concerned yes it is an issue of concern and they have been playing this card saying that the instability in their mean year increases the danger that as their version may try to solve this issue militarily but the opposition is also saying that if they had voted for push union yesterday then there would be a stable government the whole crisis would have been resolved so this card may actually backfire and what about the russians we still haven't heard from them they've been face staying fairly quiet since meetings with both sides last week i
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think the russians have been mostly neutral until recently and at this point they still seem to be neutral but the republican party is trying to get them involved they're trying to present the situation in their meaning as this colored revolution which is dangerous for russia. so far they have not succeeded but as i said they have another week after yesterday's world so we have to see what happens and that would be my last question to you is that there seems to be a paradox in that the opposition led by passion and having so much momentum on the streets and at the same time they want to solve things constitution the hence the the the vote yesterday which they took part in and to an extent gives the governing party legitimacy because they are they're treating them. one on one inside the parliament they haven't rejected that decision by by the republican party so how does this movement stay within remain constitutional and yet also bring about the
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revolution that it that it that it wants i think what you're trying to do is to increase the pressure on the streets to show the republicans that they're completely isolated and then make a deal with them i think eventually they will have to be some kind of deal probably some assurances that after the opposition comes to power there will be no persecution of their opponents etc but i think that they want to make this deal from a position of power not from a position of the weaker side well they have it but for now what we are hearing is that the armenian president has again called for talks and on but for both sides to come together and talk which would be in line with what maker is saying there we'll see how that pans out back to you in the studio peter robin thanks very much. at least twenty seven people have been killed in an attack on a mosque in the northeast of nigeria the explosion happened during the afternoon prayers and. states many people died in
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a second blast while attempting to get out of the building witnesses say young man wearing a suicide vest and to the mosque with worshippers john allen dawn has more now from the capital. it happened as people were preparing for their afternoon prayers according to police it was a double bombing a twin bombings committed by two suicide bombers it happened in movie a critical town in the northeast simply because this was an area controlled by the boko haram group in two thousand and fourteen for over a month and even if it was already liberated by then the deer and army then attacks have not stopped since then in fact last year a similar attack happened in the same area where the book group also eight attacked a mosque which left at least fifty people dead another attack in another group of sibylla civilians was again perpetuated where the group left basically about twenty civilians dead now this comes at a very critical time to date the nigerian army launched its so-called intensified
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operation that will end the presence of the book group they said in this band within the next four months it happens also as the united states and the nigerian governments in fact we knew its commitment to end depressants of the group in the north east of nigeria. the head of iran's national security committee has vowed to respond to what he's calling israeli aggression in syria iran blames israel for last sunday's missile strikes on military bases in syria which reportedly killed multiple pro iranian fighters israel hasn't confirmed it was behind the attack but has previously struck iranian and hezbollah targets inside syria the chief of hezbollah is also warning of direct conflict with israel. where we are in syria the proxies have been defeated the proxies have failed we are now facing a new stage the war with proxies is almost over however it can start with the real
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backers today we don't know how israel is behaving in syria into work he is leading syria and the region the same thing applies to america america israel and saudi arabia will not stand still after their project in syria have failed after their project in iraq has failed and after their project in lebanon hospital. thirty one leverage has served in the u.s. state department and negotiated with iran she says israel is trying to carve out greater influence in the region but needs u.s. backing to do so. for prime minister netanyahu i think it is critically important that israel be able to reassert reestablish its absolute military dominance and this is critically important for them in two areas in the nucular realm because iran cannot possibly have any kind of nuclear project that could check israeli ambitions and in syria they israelis are very concerned that they don't have absolute military dominance in syria because of iran's presence there so i think the israelis are very focused on going to war if necessary to reestablish their
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absolute military dominance and the problem is that israel really can't do it by itself right now and so they're trying to go the united states to go to war for them there is a real divide and a back and forth within the trump administration and who can influence whom in the trump administration is critically important on a range of issues we see this in terms of saudi arabia we see this are you ron israel on a range of issues trump himself i don't think has any core principles he on one hand wants to get the united states out of the middle east and so he can then turn to more cautious advisors like his defense secretary jim mattis but on the other hand he thinks that using highly militaristic rhetoric and even very provocative actions helps give him leverage and so in that area he's turning more and more to his new national security advisor john bolton who is extremely militaristic personality very close to prime minister netanyahu and so i think for trump he's
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he's turning to each of these advisers when he thinks that they can help him but he hasn't chosen one over the other at this point. millions of privately owned homes could be seized by the syrian government under a new property law home owners have until the middle of next month to present their deeds of ownership or they risk losing their properties that includes the hundreds of thousands of people who've been displaced and feel returning to government controlled territory and i reports from neighboring beirut. was forced to flee because of the war now he doesn't just fear permanent exile in his own country but losing his home in do much to. the syrian government is threatening to confiscate the homes of anyone who don't provide land ownership deeds that requires returning to government controlled territory for many that is not an option. in.
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our properties and houses. hundreds of thousands if not millions of syrians have been forced from their homes many of them left after government forces recaptured opposition territory they fled because they are wanted for opposition activities they could face arrest and some fear they'll be killed others simply don't want to live under the rule of president bashar assad who they blame for the deaths of so many syrians but also i would make the property was the last card the regime is using its punishing the people who betrayed a lot number ten as it is known was published on the syrian state news agencies website the deadline for registration is made the tents and unclaimed land will be sold at auction the government says the law will overhaul the land registry others disagree we've already seen an example of course of the massacres and in the new development on what was. where actually what happened there is that the informal
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residents of these areas were forced out of their homes they were dispossessed with no compensation and the likelihood of them getting any kind of compensation is almost nonexistent so i think we will see the same scenario play out over and over again. international aid agencies say just nine percent of syrian refugees and displaced have their property title deeds with them that means millions could be stuck in camps in syria and across the region. this could put pressure on refugee host nations already european countries are voicing concern the german foreign ministry said the legislation could change a property ownership to the benefit of the syrian government and its supporters it also accused the government. hindering the return of a huge number of syrians. among them he was an opposition media activist and says returning to government controlled territory would be suicide. this low is dangerous because it changes that demography which the government is
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doing in areas under its control the law is unjust. the government says the new law is needed to begin the reconstruction of areas damaged by war opponents say it's about demographic changes and repopulating areas with the loyalists one thing is clear the government is taking advantage of its growing strength by beginning to shape syria when the war and. iran. rejecting accusations from morocco that they've been training and arming fighters from the audio front opposition groups in the disputed western sahara iran's ambassador has been expelled from the capital robot and diplomatic ties have been severed hezbollah accuses moroccan leaders of yielding to what it calls american israeli and saudi pressure. as in the moroccan capital robot with the details. a few days after the u.n. security council adopted neuros aleutian on western sahara morocco has decided to
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cut its diplomatic ties with iran morocco says he has evidence of. the lebanese movement backed by iran helping the polish are you front movement which claims independence of western sahara by providing the movements of the of the polish how you've done with technical and military assistance via an iranian diplomat based in algiers. moroccan foreign minister traveled yesterday to tehran and met with his counterpart. and explained this evidence and presented this evidence to. he said that he wanted some answers from his iranian colleagues but he also said that he believed was in shock and provided no substantial answer and thus this decision by morocco to ties to recall him in iran and ask the iranian ambassador morocco to leave
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this is a very dramatic development in the iranian moroccan relations we remember that in two thousand and nine these relations were severe and then restored when you fourteen at the time nobody traveled to tehran to inform the iranians and the seriousness of the evidence of the moroccan says they have about this alleged have by the hezbollah. front. plenty more still to come here on the news for you including improving time as the highest ranking chinese official to visit north korea in three years. a fresh. look at the reasons behind the recent violent riots in puerto rico. also he's back in the business to carry makes him different from injury the latest from the n.b.a. playoffs. coming up in the sports news with sam.
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china's foreign minister has arrived in north korea for a visit of today is one the is the highest ranking chinese minister to visit pyongyang in three years no relations are strained over a cut in chinese exports as part of sanctions against the north's nuclear weapons program and the trip comes before kim jong il and summits with the u.s. president donald trump later this month or early next month china correspondent adrian brown from beijing. well one you now becomes the first chinese foreign minister to visit north korea in almost eleven years in fact the last time a senior chinese government official was in north korea was almost three years ago that i think is a reflection of the strain immolations that's existed between these two cold war era allies this time a year ago for instance china and north korea simply weren't on speaking terms if there was a hotline between people and young in beijing it simply wasn't working i think
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president xi jinping was both humiliated and enraged by conjunctions refusal to desist from his missile and nuclear tests his defiance of the international community and of course he wasn't just define the international community he was also defying china it's one ally well things started to in change i think at the end of march when kim jong un came to beijing either summoned or invited here by president xi jinping and of course that came shortly after it emerged that kim jong un and president from were going to hold face to face talks talks that are due to happen sometime in late may or early june so there is now a flurry of diplomatic activity and china doesn't want to be on the sidelines i think it is talks in pyongyang the chinese foreign minister is going to be pushing the idea of. china being involved in four party talks involving the united states
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china as well as leaders of the two koreas and of course next week in tokyo we will have talks involving the japanese prime minister the south korean president as one of china's premier league chung david foster carter is an expert on north korea aiden great to talk to you again to what degree is this just about rebalancing diplomacy once more oh that is certainly part of it but there really is rather a lot to talk about at the moment i think between china and north korea a six year gap is a long time there you know there's a lot of fences to mend it i'm sure there's also the economic side i mean china will not hesitate to remind north korea attacked for their behalf that it is basically it's only trade partner at the moment and how far china does or does not enforce u.n. sanctions history much key to north korea's prosperity and then indeed as your correspondent just said there's the more immediate agenda in hypothetical to the recently but the talk of possibly a peace treaty to fully end the korean war which of course only had an armistice
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and it stopped in one nine hundred fifty three china as a belligerent in that war a signature the armistice with clearly be involved so that's the concrete form for party talks which are prefigured of course in the in the agreement the two koreas just signed might actually take not just the two koreas but the two major powers involved which are definitely the u.s. and china in a sorry japan and russia but you're also iran's but after those historic pictures in the d.m.z. when we saw the north korea need to step across the line and then go back across the line with the south korean leader the world's media we are already talking about a relationship the relationship involves the north the south the chinese the americans of course the japanese maybe yes at some point down the road but that relationship is an empty box so what has to go into the box to make it work. well there's a lot and of course there is also so the rivalry is countries of scrabble to be in position japan probably not wanting to be left out the way i see it at the moment
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is a small as the into korean summit the specifically local aspect and goodness knows there are quite enough issues in the you know traffic that long lost in their vision is now i think back on track they've set themselves a lot of specific commitments everything from family reunions to joint sports teams and we will see you know the north has pulled out of stuff in the past so has the south from time to time we'll see if that all happens that i think will be have to take on a life of its own because it is not the same as this thing that worries the rest of the world which is the new curiously we've not seen any strong commitments any substantial i mean yes the empty box is exactly the right phrase on the nuclear issue i'm sure china will be pressing north korea to put something that is so that donald trump can claim the deal if he if he clearly was otherwise it's quite hard to see how i mean the kim of trump meeting is pretty unimaginable anyway but it's going to happen and what goes into that is going to be absolutely key of course ok i guess the obvious pushback is this it is not a border it's a line of demarcation because they are still officially at war it is an armistice
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in play at the moment if the armistice translates into being a peace treaty he both north and south korea can say we are at peace must china be involved in that particular strand of the process. oh yes i mean as i understand it i'm by the i'm not a lawyer but they are they they were countries that were formally belligerents it's complicated on the other side because of course a south korea was supported by the united nations formally speaking although it was the united states who led that war effort the so he was boycotting into the higher long story so yes is the short shots of him but for every count basically chinese to be involved and i think myself that for party talks if everything goes goes well and the various upcoming fronts would be would be rather a good idea and a full peace treaty would allow the two koreas and indeed that their that allies to puts the past behind them and move forward sorry that sounds
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a bit empty but i think it could have some very soul does it just imagine if trains ran you could get on a train in seoul and wake up in beijing it's very anomalistic aren't i'm looking forward to it i'm sure you are last brief brief question please agent when we get that money shot that handshake if it happens assuming it does happen between donald trump and kim jong il and do those two men do their personalities possibly clicked together in a positive moving forward kind of a way. we have to hope so i've been reading an article this morning that informs us that among the varying views that president trump is health about career this year alone involved plans to pull out all two hundred thousand americans in south korea and plan that was january and then separate plans to pull out thirty thousand u.s. troops in south korea mecurio is not really in it and i mean i'm it's a bit worrying but let's just hope the dynamics the chemistry are good and and that he doesn't get played by dare i say it's
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a younger but it seems maybe smarter and certainly more consistent leader will invite you back i'm sure in the coming weeks and fausta caught a great deal of us out of it and thanks very much thank you. the french president emmanuel macro is on his first official trip to australia macron join the prime minister malcolm turnbull in commemorating those who lost their lives in the two world wars mr mccance trip will have a strong focus on defense as he's travelling with a delegation of military and naval contractors' he'll also discuss the iran nuclear deal trade and china's growing influence in the south pacific during his three day trip. i know how indebted my country's to you and so it is was in motion or that they come to you on behalf of france to see messi thank you. and see my job is not to speculate as well because we're pretty much of the same. first d.c.
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it was absolutely was a very important negotiation. and isn't based with the money towards the current nuclear activity of the iranian government the iranian regime and i think this important was negotiated by our countries both i mean us was involved and obviously france that's why first as we negotiated we signed it it's good to respect it and that for me the good beginning of the international monetary fund says saudi arabia needs oil prices to go up to around eighty five dollars a barrel this year in order to balance its state budget the kingdom has projected a fifty two billion dollars deficit some analysts are warning the recent recovery in oil prices could ease pressure on riyadh enough for the pace of economic and fiscal reforms to slow down. i think the fact that we are currently witnessing getting covered globally and in the region and the fact that oil price is going up
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it shouldn't at any point in time considered as a way for them to relax effort and to be complacent a judge dealing with the case of two reuters journalists in myanmar has refused to throw out the testimony of a police witness the two journalists while you're on and shore schools were arrested in december while investigating abuses in the northern state of a kind they're accused of violating state secrecy laws by acquiring official documentation however a policeman who was appearing as a witness last month told the court that one of his senior officers gave the documents to the journalists to entrap them. now in a few moments we'll have the weather for you with richard but also still ahead here on the news hour asylum seekers from the so-called migrant caravan remain hopeful as they wait patiently on the u.s. border to be processed. also ahead how gold smuggling visiting south sudan's economy. and in sport liverpool take nothing for granted ahead of their champions league semifinal match against
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a roma. from coup brisk knows in few months. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. it may only be early may but weather conditions across much of europe are looking decidedly summery temperatures there are thirty twenty eight degrees in moscow of course is not the same everywhere at towards the west those are green the colors indicate much cooler air pushing across the u.k. and we've got warm air carriers cold air which was a recipe for does if not disaster at least some severe storms we've already got indication of pretty severe weather across parts of the western and central mediterranean what i've drawn on this chart as a warm front is a very active weather system which is giving some really quite severe weather across the island of sardinia and further south all the way down in fact into north
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africa where you had some heavy rain being reported in algeria so there we are with this system some very strong winds through that part of the mediterranean there's a nice straight cold front down across the u.k. in living up to cold air pushing in behind that frontal system as it moves in from the west will just give this system a little push back towards the east so the next twenty four hours we're going to see very heavy rain developing across the italian mainland and then into sicily as well so the could be some fierce storms likely here elsewhere still coolish across northwestern areas but again but fine weather hangs on across many eastern areas twenty seven in kiev. the weather sponsored by cat time release. citizens unable to vote on represented in washington members of congress do nothing about the slate of part of the constituents in their responsibility and that is what's underneath this crisis phone lines visit to the island devastated by
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hurricane maria and demanding the support of the u.s. government or do we get there you know if it isn't in the given task the responsibility every noted up at the forget. shelter after the storm on al-jazeera . al-jazeera. where every few.
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welcome back let's just update you with the top story so far this hour at least seven people have been killed when gunmen including a suicide bomber attacked the headquarters of libya's electoral commission in the capital tripoli the libyan office has been registering voters ahead of elections expected before the end of this year. protesters in armenia have started blocking roads to the capital after the pollen projected a bid by the opposition leader nicole pasha neon to become prime minister hoshyar has called for a nationwide strike he's led weeks of anti-government protests that forced the former prime minister to step down. and two suicide bomb attacks at a mosque in the northeast of nigeria have killed at least twenty seven people no group has claimed responsibility in the state of our time our. now the
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u.k.'s breaks it secretary is insisting the british government won't agree to an e.u. proposal which could see northern ireland subject to different customs arrangements to the rest of the u.k. david davis says the e.u. has wrongly interpreted an agreement reached in december between london and dublin and brussels. northern ireland we clearly it's highly controversial we stand by the words used in the joint or in december but we think we don't agree with the commission's interpretation of that we think what they have proposed is something that in the words of the prime minister nobody could agree to affect the division of the kingdom down down the irish sea and we are still working on our response to that. riot police in puerto rico have fought with may day protesters speaking out against new austerity measures the caribbean islanders are struggling to rebuild their lives devastated by hurricane maria and they say. people most in
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need of help will suffer even more because of the cuts from around the home. the protests started peacefully and the neander and frustration bubbled pool. thousands joined the annual may day much to add their voice of protest of the tough new steerage images. cuts to him since hurricane recovery if it's in schools cuts that some economists warn could wretched up the poverty rate in puerto rico for minority high forty five to seemed to more than sixty. five and why am i here because i'm a citizen of this country and i work in a field that has been contaminated and abused in this country people are literally dying. and i'm a teacher and i'm here to fight for my students and for a better future for the it's more than seven months since hurricane maria tour across the island causing more than one hundred billion dollars in damage but the
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island was already crippled with a date now at seventy two billion dollars and in the midst of an eleven year recession a federal control board created two years ago to try to resolve puerto rico's economic crisis approved a raft of austerity measures in late april to put a rico's government has refused to implement them and the mayor of san juan has called on congress to do away with the control board completely many here are angry at the lack of real recovery since hurricane maria around thirty thousand homes and businesses remain in the dock many a still waiting for insurance payouts and services have closed for lack of funds well fortified got the authorities hold the power around here that is the business owners and the rich people and these protesters have no power they don't even have the right to protest the ritual that. large numbers of puerto ricans left the country in the aftermath of the hurricane protests to say they fear tough new austerity measures will give those who remain little choice but to leave to me down
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the hall and i'm just syria. let's get more on our top story for you here on the news hour that attack we're getting reports of on libya's election commission and. is a political analyst and director of the aaa sadek institute he joins us on skype from beirut and what's your reading of what's still ongoing there in the libyan capital where this is tell you certainly it is on to really instill a shock at a theater. the libyans the come to mind but what's so sort of multiples of the national unity and the know that libya's of course they will say that the civil war that's for the last four years between. the end of a base the. level that it got there and forces not for the u.n. but got that in tripoli and not the only secret stories in the country why so that they succeeded last year it has largely been degraded that was your goal is
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a still narrative mobile agile you know club style moving around the country very quietly and this kind of attack is certainly a signature as far as well as of this early achieve the objectives which is now they have to go about as well as the view there was speculation at the beginning of the program because this this story broke as we went on air here with the news out that this is the work of ice a we've had no claim of responsibility nor can we authenticate who is behind this but three you do you think the most likely name in the frame is eisel who most likely name of course is going to be also this is the only source that really the signature style of that was that he had his book well it certainly does it certainly had a lot of gravity to move and it wouldn't really played into the hands of either of the two so words circling that we also have to be careful of the way in which they say this is kind of the group but it's also a currency that groups in libya traditionally have traded their use that reflects that leisel well if that's what this is just. it's looking for lessons all that we
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have to lose and the. this is also the initials of the concern about what happens at the oscars or whether that look this is a surly on groups and other political issue so either the group that doesn't get it will refill which is about the day elections are almost entirely well using this that they can live the true or at will or elsewhere but surely the authorities can actually walk away now just because of an attack like this or continuing attacks even if this happens again in a month or two months because despite the fact that despite the problems that the country has had despite the way it's geographically kind of split almost into two between different two main different factions who want to be top dog there is underpinning all that a genuine enthusiastic desire for democracy therefore people want to exercise their democratic rights. so you believe that is the case most certainly believe that with time seven years a lot i think the reality is that people may use the elections and we will which was an example elections really is next the egypt. also legitimate military regimes
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are actually very very precise it is they're not receive praise a symbol that government letting that is ultimately the source of any beans that when there encountered was such fear as is the case and if the libya were sitting up there as it had faced us missions and terrorists that this lecture but it was you know seven years on from where it began the revolution into some level is now at a state of innocent or under military control now that could also be the same case and that's why this kind of violence when mixed in with electoral politics of the moccasin which is combative it's many groups that come out and say under the best man for the job or under the script for the job and a place like this can shutter the trust of the torah it could shatter change the way that you know that their. constituencies ones are as we should also be careful of the fact that slowly democracy and elections happen there was a need to be free and fair you to think really need to feel that their elections are going to get a fair way so i think this is really going to shatter a lot of the trust of libyans when they go to the books it's also going to empower
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and perhaps even provide legitimacy for armed groups to say look you don't need a certain fighting over who was that you need someone that's got a gun they're going to they were suppressed and he is ice or he has groups like this where he thinks about this as a pretext a bit about forty years ago it was the poor you know sort of literature it was going to be careful about the way in which you know who they are that what happens and then after all of that but there's you know after the dust settled many libyans were looking around to some a boost for us not only electoral process but those that come out in elections and over promise i'm personally dreams and that's a bit of a bad moment so she broke up with the discourse because she ok and i thank you. now so far only a handful of people in so-called migrant caravan have been allowed to apply for political asylum in the u.s. around one hundred fifteen asylum seekers are waiting on the mexican side of the border for the chance to speak to the u.s. immigration officials al-jazeera is manuel of apollo spoke with some of them in their makeshift camp in tijuana. over the last month this group of central american
1:42 pm
migrants has attracted international attention many of them fled their homes in honduras el salvador and guatemala to reach the u.s. southern border. but only a few steps away from where the so-called migrant caravan has camped outside the border crossing dozens of other migrants share similar hopes of reaching a safe place to live. in. this former taxi driver who fears revealing his identity is from the mexican state of the truck on now camping under a plastic tarp with his wife and children he says he was forced from his home after eighteen of his colleagues were killed by criminal groups over a span of two months when the time in which you can't work at night even more because you might get shot many people have died in their bodies cut up they have been shooting between criminals where many children lost their lives it's innocent people they get caught in the crossfire the mexican states like beach where many of
1:43 pm
these people are from so for record rates of homicide and violent crime the stories they tell are no different from those fleeing violence in honduras el salvador or guatemala but it failed to capture the same attention or you know the international human rights observers like madeline penman say these families have a right to be heard but mexican asylum seekers and central american asylum seekers playing situations where their lives are with us we think that a few dozen families is not a threat to the united states is not a is not in any way a criminal act and it is not a crime to seek asylum in the united states especially when your life is at risk if you are in the migrant caravan has become the topic of fierce. debate among american politicians and media pundits but residents of the one are accustomed to seeing a constant flow of individuals seeking asylum to the u.s. throughout the year it may range from a few dozen to several thousands at a time while these asylum seekers from mexico and central america continue to wait
1:44 pm
outside the u.s. border for their names to be called record levels of violence in their home countries ensures that thousands more will take their place after the cameras have gone. they want to. nine out of ten people around the world are breathing air with high levels of pollutants that's the alarming assessment from new data produced by the world health organization it's updated estimates reveal around seven million people are dying every year from exposure to air pollution more than ninety percent of those deaths occur in low and middle income countries mostly in asia and africa of those countries ninety eight percent of the cities with more than one hundred thousand people living there exceed the un's air quality guidelines in high income countries only fifty six percent go over the guidelines of more than four thousand three hundred cities including in the report new delhi that's the most polluted city indian cities make up fourteen of the twenty worst when it comes to pollution the world health organization says india should follow
1:45 pm
china's war on pollution which has seen significant progress he is a senior campaigner with greenpeace india he joins us on skype from new delhi senility here why is it so bad where you are. there are multiple reasons behind it and the biggest overhaul seems to be the four dickel will because the research has already been stated. what has us and i just as well as many other organizations like all we can about was nice to know for the policemen that he as well as a host of them but the way tiny's goldman started working on offer two thousand and then leave without hurting when they came up with the second plan to reduce pollution levels and if i'm wrong man in going to north to. be ready to stand there was some planning luckily last month on sounding top as a reason as not being at a program with the foreman came up with the budget they lacked the kind of the tool
1:46 pm
to do for this alone it looks like it's from one the monitoring mechanism but the time one targets are missing their checked or dug up missing and under unless we have the place or the end where we need to warn how can we move fast enough to do that the dividend that's the issue so the biggest is political will and then there is very clear dent in the case and that is the forcing through the plumbing either in the bollards and in fact other industries or the sector which is leading indian indian cities into this. situation also mass national health emergency not just india there are other countries listed in the report. doing something some countries not doing anything atoll because they just don't care. if you look at the press release with him from the world has organized it clearly mentioned that the euro has been making significant progress in reducing the focus and level and rather than their example from the developing world where pelosi came to delhi is
1:47 pm
basing and we see lot of improvements and this was nice for fazio. so yes there is an acknowledgement of the fact that they will see the big killer and it's been killing millions across the world and india say now as well as many other countries in southeast asia the worst affected so at least or last couple of years what we know seen is there is an acknowledgement that it is that countries are started moving on them are more enough if you like in the. days of discussing whether it will kill people and there is an idiotic link between air pollution and death of people or not so in our opinion that yes these are things that can be debated but they can be made or things but other than a third thing the whole anyway whether it's the nine people bank or the eight what we need to do is reduce pollution levels to their systematic come down to and bang bang back to plan with reducing the levels and putting them within the limits ok
1:48 pm
sunil here in new delhi we'll leave it there thanks very much socially for gold is a way of life and the only income for many people in south sudan milk and reports from the eastern states of couple after much of what they find is smuggled abroad depriving the government of much needed revenue. look at people and his friends come to the stream every day and spend long hours panning for gold. to find even a few tiny specks of the precious metal to support their families. they did you know i no idea. i come here to make a living i sift through the sand and look for gold because it's the only way for me to feed my mother and father if i find some specks of gold i sell it and get money to feed. the twenty year old says he can make about thirty dollars a day if he finds a gram of gold and in thousand dand where the inflation rate is more than one hundred twenty percent that's a fortune the value of the south sudanese pound has tumbled because of the economic
1:49 pm
crisis caused by the four year long civil war for many here selling gold to traders is the only way to survive but the government is losing out because of the inflated economy minus sometimes preferred to sell gold to traders themselves without going through a government body the gold is then smuggled across the border and sold for higher prices robbing south sudan of its wealth. less than half a dozen companies have licenses to mine for gold in south sudan the civil war has discouraged many companies and miners working for themselves preferred to deal directly with traders who prefer gold instead of the declining currency. so sudan's currency is not accepted everywhere things are becoming expensive so if we can find any other currency like gold yes we'll take it to keep up with inflation. the size of south sudan is gold reserves isn't known and fighting has caused more gold to go abroad in the ability to. trade has come from uganda and
1:50 pm
kenya and buy gold from the miners people find gold in abundance but the traders give them thirty dollars while we give them twenty then men as won't come to us we're supposed to get at least five cages every two weeks but we don't get even one we're trying to control the borders but you can't lack of control which makes it easy for press spector such as look at people to get a better price from traders than they would from the government allowing them to buy more food for their families people more going on to zero down. still to come here on al-jazeera in the sports news action from one of the most thrilling comebacks in this he is an h l playoffs.
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like his boss needs his own thank you very much a piece i was out with the n.b.a. playoffs west f. kerry has made a transfer return to action golden state's star man who has missed six weeks with a knee injury helped the n.b.a. champions take a two nothing lead to over new orleans in the western conference semifinals coming off the bench at the two time and repeat the bag twenty eight points drained five three pointers and twenty eight minutes of action and got seven rebounds it's been a tough season for kerry who got injured in march on the same day that he returned off the misses six games with an ankle injury a game st lovi on the pelicans home court on friday. was a good night for it to happen i mean it's going to be an emotional boost and he
1:53 pm
stuff steps on the floor after an absence but this was a good night for a given that we won game one comfortably and we had a feeling you know new orleans was going to come after us pretty hard so. perfect timing then he came in and you know slow first quarter for us and everything changed as soon as he walked on the floor. the cleveland cavaliers that have taken a one nothing lead to end the series with toronto it was a really tight contest the cavs winning by just a point to the bron james getting a game high twenty six points. jeff it was an official as i like to be. a mess a lot of open looks lot open three that they were going under. you know a lot of floors in a lane. you know because it had the injury i had a game seven i didn't do not try to kind of get on the court this morning and yesterday as well so. now but then today only then i'm biased trying to get
1:54 pm
a win. football now real madrid are into the champions league final for the fourth time in five years a big mistake by by munich goalkeeper spaniard proved to be the decisive moment in their semifinal. allowed the ball to roll through his legs at the start of the second half and karim benzema took advantage of it to score his second goal of the game finished two two on the night in the dread of a real progressing four three on aggregate the twelve time champions are aiming to win the side of her third straight year. to this year but to look it's been a crazy a much better same time very beautiful it's been a beautiful show for the fans for football we need to congratulate our rivals because they've done a great job we started with difficulties letting it go and we just couldn't find our way you know little second half was much better score the second goal and we played even better. suzanne and it was quite apparent to reverse the best
1:55 pm
team but yet we were unable to reach the finals i'm very very disappointed in the result generally speaking both teams played really well it was a beautiful display of food it was a rolled glass football match the full face roma away in the second leg of the other semifinal later on wednesday scored twice in the reds five two first leg when despite their big advantage to liverpool are all too aware that roma recovered from a three goal deficit against barcelona in the previous round. nobody told possible know it's possible to beat you through no or form or whatever nobody told them so because nobody could imagine that it can happen but it happened so if it if a warning was needed i didn't need a warning but if the warning was a warning. well ahead of the game roma players have won t. shirts and they're saying the name of the liverpool fan who was attacked by the
1:56 pm
italian club's fans before the first leg of their semifinal tie last week fifty three year old was left in a critical condition after being attacked outside the field and is still in hospital by telling police insist liverpool fans will be safe in rome and more than a thousand extra officers are being deployed for wednesday's game. investigation in brazil has uncovered allegations of years of abuse of young gymnasts by a former coach while he denies the accusations the case comes just months after former sports doctor laurie the saw admitted to molesting some of the united states top athletes john holmes has. dozens of brazilian gymnasts have accused the former coach of the national team of sexual abuse among them upon american games gold medalist. that psychological pressure on a ten or eleven year old boy he sent for me and when i went to the bathroom and he told me to take a bath or relax ok i took the bath and suddenly he entered into the bathroom and
1:57 pm
got into the bath like if we were two children playing the accusations emerged in a global t.v. news investigation fernando they cover you lopez denies them he's since been fired from his job in the sports community center or. to the point of that kind of accusation i have nothing to say they have to prove that. i know that i have my conscience clean because i never raped anybody i never molested anybody in the way it's been told it comes on the heels of another scandal for me usa team doctor larry nasser admitted that he molested some of that country's top gymnasts more than two hundred fifty women and girls say here abuse the the allegations against mr lopez and now being investigated by the public prosecutor's office john homan now does either. the n.h.l. playoffs where the washington capitals beat is ten conference rivals pittsburgh penguins full three in game three of the second round series alex ovechkin was the
1:58 pm
star of the ninety's scored the winning goal of just over a minute left in the third period and he did it in such an impressive fashion the wind pushed the capitals to one up in the series. and in one of the most thrilling games in the playoffs the winnipeg jets from three goals down to beat the nashville predators seven four in game three for the second round says they now take a two one lead. and that's it for me back to peter center thanks very much more news of course for you as always there are twenty four seven on the web site al jazeera dot com you can tweet me wolf with your back i'm at peter don't be one down on this here but two minutes for thirty minutes of al-jazeera world news i will see you very soon.
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once pristine indonesia's river has become a toxic waste dump or textile factories that supply a global fashion chain when you see examines the human cost of the world's most polluted river on al-jazeera. al-jazeera for me is different because there's a majority about its views gathered in the newsroom generally over also this channel but it was bad so the risk of a story. goes on i'm not going to al-jazeera is setting out to convey to the view of the reality on the ground that are the reality on the ground the only become the the magic of the business and that's what we do nothing that's what we do well. going green bacteria in a bar
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