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on packet for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans all just or those i was looking for doubt about that or if you join us on sacked one of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation amount to zero.
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china says it hopes the u.s. will be sincere ahead of crucial talks to avoid a looming trade war. this is. also coming up a startling revelation before marriage new york says donald trump is the tony the hush money given to an adult. celebration the ruling party agrees to support the opposition leader's bid to step in as prime minister. the move to allow trash burning in argentina could mean hundreds of jobs go up in smoke. a high level u.s. delegation has arrived in china to trade talks u.s.
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treasury secretary steven mission is meeting with china's vice premier during his two day visit to try to hammer out a deal to try and avoid a full blown trade war between the world's two biggest economies in recent months both beijing and washington have imposed tariffs and threatened further measures less cost to our china correspondent a jim brown who's in beijing for us both sides have been attempting to manage expectations of a breakthrough so one of the main areas of friction here. well there are many areas of friction and i guess the two key ones would be the deficit at the moment china exports far more to the united states than the other way around and the united states wants to redress that balance china of though also is accused by the united states of really carrying out very unfair trading practices what the united states really gets upset about is this china has a plan known as made in china twenty twenty five and this is president xi jinping
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ambition to basically overhaul the economy and to pour billions of dollars into technologies of the future things like artificial intelligence and robotics but the problem is these are state funded companies that will be competing against u.s. companies in the global market in china the united states believes the basically china is out for world domination in this area and says you know it's unfair on the trade issue on the deficit issue the united states wants china to to cut the deficit by about one hundred billion dollars will state media here say there's very little likelihood of china going along with that ahead of these talks darron chinese media was saying that they want the united states to show sincerity during these negotiations and they say that china will not bow to any measures that seek to contain china and that's the overriding message china will not allow itself to be contained the u.s.
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commerce secretary wilbur ross who is also part of this high level delegation now in beijing also spoke before leaving washington and he said that basically the deficit was had inspired what he said were evil chinese trade practices well those are the sort of comments you're hearing outside of the negotiating room imagine what you're going to hear inside that negotiating room now that those talks are underway i would imagine there's going to be some fairly blunt talking and as you said in your introduction i think the. both sides are trying to manage expectations that there's going to be a breakthrough because after all what can you really achieve in about a day and a half of negotiations and that's all they've got remember the both countries are threatening you know tariffs against one another a short time ago china's foreign ministry spokesman put her spin on the latest talks and why she remained upbeat that there could be a solution how to meet given the volume of the two economies and the complexity of
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their relations it is unrealistic to expect to solve all the problems through one single consultation but we believe as long as the u.s. delegation is sincere about maintaining the overall stability of china u.s. economic and trade relations and takes an attitude of mutual respect equal consultation and neutral benefits the consultation will be constructive and i dream is the current tension between the u.s. and china really over trade or is it bigger than that wider than that. i think it is wider than that there and i think what we're seeing here is a continuation of the story here we have the world's two leading superpowers they are strategic rivals and they've got to work out how they're going to get on with each of each other for the next five ten fifteen twenty and thirty years at the moment the friction is over trade but remember we've seen similar friction over north korea and also taiwan at the moment it's friction but as you say it is part
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of a much wider wider story a german thank you for trump expressed optimism over his treasury secretary visit to china in a tweet he said our great financial team is in china druther negotiate a level playing field on trade i look forward to being with president xi in the not too distant future we will always have a good great relationship. one of the key lawyers representing donald trump in the probe into his campaign team's alleged russian collusion is retiring ty cobb's departure comes amid speculation about whether the us president will talk to investigators special counsel robert muller has reportedly threatened to subpoena trump if he doesn't cooperate and a key member of trump's personal legal team has contradicted him about hush money paid to a former adult film star rudy giuliani told fox news that trump reimbursed his personal lawyer michael cohen for a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to stormy daniels she alleges she had an affair with trump in two thousand and six the us president has previously denied
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he knew anything about the payment. that was money that was paid by by his lawyer the way i would do out of his or firm funds or whatever funds doesn't matter the president reimbursed over a period of several million said i distinctly remember that he did it on his own he did without asking look i don't know i haven't investigated that no reason to dispute that no or that is true of recollection or i like michael or you like michael a long time i feel very bad he's been victimized like this the president feels even worse the fact is just trust me they're going to come up with no violations they're well bill snyder is the political analyst and visiting professor of communication at the university of california at los angeles he joins us from los angeles bill out significant is this statement by giuliani and what does it mean for trump and his legal team well it could be very significant because what he's essentially
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doing is saying the president knew about the payment of holocaust money the president has denied that at the very least the president may be caught in a lie but it also could be an illegal campaign contribution if the president was reimbursing michael cohen for the payment of money. even though the president can contribute as much as he wants to his own campaign he has to report it and he did not report this to the federal elections commission that would be a criminal violation and as you say trump previously denied knowledge of the payment so if it's true why would he have paid back in the hush money if as he says he didn't have an affair with stormy daniels well the argument that giuliani is making is that trump was paying cohen his lawyer money he didn't know what it was for he didn't know what cohen was going to do with it he was completely ignorant of what the circumstances were that he is a little bit hard to believe that he just authorized cohen to pay money and then reimbursed him and he didn't know what it was for a lot of people are going to say that's
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a very difficult thing to to believe and giuliani says the payment isn't a campaign finance violation or a crime of any kind so what's the what's the basic medicines on bill that the president didn't know anything about it that he was just giving his lawyer he basically what giuliani is arguing is that the lawyer was told just fix things do whatever you have to do to fix problems the lawyer knew what the payment was all about and the lawyer asked for money but apparently what giuliani is arguing is trump had no idea what the money was being used for didn't know anything about hush money didn't know that it was going to a pornstar didn't know that it was reimbursing cohen that he just let the money be paid because giuliani said trump trusted his attorney and the attorney trusted trump well you know that's a lot to believe yet bill i'm going to final thought from you i mean since trump has taken office there have been
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a string of scandals and legal issues which have dogged him but nothing seems to stick why is that. well nothing has a has been proved but they are the investigation is ongoing and lots of things have come out the odd thing is trump's maintaining his popularity which means his base is supporting him it's not high popularity it's only about forty percent but they're sticking with him through thick and thin and they believe whatever stories he and his supporters tell. but there is a lot of stuff that's being investigated some of it may be criminal and if congress if in the election in november the house of representatives has a democratic majority which is not very difficult for them to achieve if they have a democratic majority they're going to impeach trump within a couple of weeks because there are many grounds here that would justify impeachment thanks for talking to al jazeera. opposition leader has called off nationwide protests after the ruling party agreed to support him becoming the
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interim prime minister. told a rally in the capital that an agreement with his political opponents was close the parliament will vote again next week on a new prime minister robin foster worker reports from the area that. will medians heard the news that the government has backed down with back their people's candidate his velvet revolution took a step closer to reality yes has courage how can i say there was no need to believe in any politician or political power believe in yourselves and only then will you always when i told her she had called for another massive show of support a message to the ruling republican party that they were out of touch with armenian reality. the opposition movement had forced the resignation of the country's long term leader said. last week but his republican party refused to step
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aside its rejection of passion yan's candidacy for prime minister on tuesday only seemed to make the movement stronger. a general strike on wednesday paralyzed the country students surround the ministries and cheered with the government's culture minister resigned was i. with police absent the roads railways and even the airport cuts off nicole passion claims that the only power the republicans now had with this seats in parliament they will try to encourage. soldiers away or soldiers will join up the governing party's intention to now back in a second round of voting. will also fulfill his movements objective to overthrow
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power but respect the institutions that has inspired armenians of every persuasion may not change kitchen i'm hung and this is not only a fight for nicole to become a prime minister but also to fight for people's victory as a businessman usually stay out of the politics and we do our work when you win freely or there is a change you really are. you really feel that it's going to look a huge potential but it hurts your recall passion he calls it a velvet revolution and he called it the revolution of one solidarity it's always been peace work it's always been people driven and now they have reason to celebrate because the people's candidate said today that people sprightliness their robin for a seat walker al jazeera. time for a short break and i'll just say when we come back. now it is to be considered afghanistan one of the most dangerous countries in the whole you know this or
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mourning his workmates a call for more protection on world press freedom day and liverpool set up a showdown with spanish giants real madrid the european football's champions league all in the stands. hello there we've still got a lot of what weather over many parts of europe this huge massive cloud over parts of italy in the central parts of europe and then another one making its way in from the atlantic this one's fizzling out and so for many of us here it should be a dry brighter day on thursday but look at this area of rain here very heavy downpours every part of italy and across the other side of the age yet as well and that system gradually pushes its way north woods as we head through fridays of this whole region again is looking very very wet in fact it's also spreading across the other side of the mediterranean too it's wet and windy at the moment in chuen is
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more of the same weather still to come as we head through thursday on friday well that what weather hasn't moved too far just a little bit towards the west so more of us in algeria are going to see that rain on friday meanwhile further east and we still got a fair amount of cloud drifting its way across parts of egypt and that could give us a few more showers and maybe more in the way of dust storms as well but for the towards the south there's plenty of showers here actually they're popping a little bit further northwards now so more of them through parts of nigeria towards the west will also see some but generally here they can find that to south coast towards the east also a few showers here including forest income paula. welcome
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back a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera china says it hopes the u.s. will be sincere during trade talks beginning on thursday high level u.s. delegation has arrived in china the talks u.s. treasury secretary stephen the nation is meeting with china's vice premier during his two day visit to try to hammer out a deal to avoid
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a full blown trade war which in the world's two biggest economies. a key member of donald trump's personal legal team has contradicted the president about hush money paid to a former porn star over an alleged two thousand and six affair rudy giuliani says trump reimbursed his lawyer michael cohen for a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to stormy daniels the president previously denied he knew about payment. and i mean his opposition leader has called off protests off the ruling party agree to support him becoming in from five minister. told supporters the crisis had practically been solved aliment has scheduled a new vote minister on thursday. china's foreign minister has held talks with his north korean counterpart in pyongyang wang ye congratulated north korea for its successful historic summit with south korea last week his visit comes as north korean leader kim jong un prepares to meet with the u.s. president sometime this month wang said china fully supports commitment to
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denuclearization as well as its bid to concentrate on economic development kathy novak has more from seoul. china is continuing its apparent push to be included in the ongoing diplomacy involving north korea the foreign ministry in beijing quoted the country's top diplomat wang ye as saying that china is willing to strengthen communication with north korea and continue to play a positive role in seeking a political solution to the korean peninsula issue one's visit to pyongyang is the first for a chinese foreign minister in more than a decade china had been somewhat sidelined from talks on north korea as the first summit between leaders of the two koreas was held on friday and as the united states plans for a meeting between president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un says china hopes that substantial progress can be made at those talks one with a visit to pyongyang appears to be a nother sign that the previously strained relations between north korea and its
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traditional allies china appear to be improving in march let chinese president xi jinping in beijing on his first trip overseas as leader and she is expected to make a reciprocal visit to pyongyang potentially in the coming months and in the declaration that was signed at the into korean summit on friday there was a reference to pursuing a three way meeting between the two koreas and the united states or a four way meeting between those countries and china to discuss a more permanent peace agreement that would replace the armistice that was signed when fighting ended in the korean war in one thousand nine hundred three china was originally a signatory to that armistice and would likely want to be involved in any talks on moving on from that armistice the u.s. has announced the first release of a prisoner from the guantanamo bay detention center under the trumpet administration the military says ahmed al darby would be transferred to saudi
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arabia forty prisoners remain in the facility. the head of libya's electoral commission says the main voter database was not damaged after an i slipped back on wednesday and that disrupting elections sixteen people were killed when several gunman including a suicide bomb a storm the building in the capital tripoli the commission has been registering voters head of elections expected before the end of the year i don't know. i would like to show you that the main database of the commission is preserved and maintained and was not tampered with because of the fact that we expect such a breach of our work it was part of our plans to maintain a backup database that we can put an operation within hours the commission is still strong and is still able to perform any electoral process required from us this will only increase our determination after this terrorist attack to proceed with the preparation for the next electoral process with all our strength the basque separatist group has announced its disbanding just days after apologizing to its
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victims the spanish government not to abandon its investigation into crimes from the group's violent past we know already my gosh we will never face these terrorists again and never will we bend on our knees to them they should understand very clearly that they would have to pay for what they did and there's no impunity for off that is the now through that they will be with you to wherever they may be more than eight hundred people were killed during its fifty year campaign for an independent state that's a declared a cease fire in two thousand and eleven reports from san sebastian. in the end it came in the rather mundane form of a letter dated the sixteenth of april to various basque organizations a long awaited announcement that the group that waged a violent campaign for independence for five decades was disbanded for good and what it called its historical cycle. it's fifty years since it's occurring that first victim a secret police chief here in the coastal city of. the announcement that this
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comes as no surprise to anyone here but many people do hope it marks the beginning of a new era the name of that police chief was carlos diaz his daughter says people like her still waiting for a real apology in. the way that. in principle it's good news that they're not killing more people of course it's great news that there are no more victims but there's absolutely nothing to thank for. it's a formed in the late one nine hundred fifty s. in response to the crackdown on bus culture by spain's dictator francisco franco in one thousand nine hundred seventy three they killed his heir apparent prime minister luis cairo blanco public attitudes hardened and opinion even inside split when the group killed twenty one people in a barcelona supermarket in one thousand nine hundred seven and a series of arrests of better leaders in both spain and france weaken the group significantly. last month which had observed a ceasefire since twenty eleven did apologize to what it called innocent victims of
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its bombings and assassinations but that wasn't extended to the families of people in the security services or politicians who were among the more than eight hundred killed by it or over the years for some people in spain's basque region the latest announcement is a missed opportunity and even the last one in terms of society i don't think we're going to notice much change and at a personal level i don't believe in is because there are many missing did people there are many assess the nations that have not been clarified there are many victims that have not received compensation. for their part campaigners for the rights of its of prisoners currently in jail across spain and france hoping they'll soon be able to service sentences near their families in the basque region so this is not closure but it has reenergized the debate on where the basque independence movement goes from here dean barber al-jazeera egypt's military court has renewed the detention of the journalist ismail iskhandar ali for another thirty days he
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spent almost nine hundred days behind bars without trial al-jazeera journalist mahmud hussein seen here has also had his jail time extended he's been kept in prison without charge of almost a year and a half al-jazeera and international human rights groups have repeatedly urged egyptian authorities to release jailed journalists the u.n. second generation antonio protest is calling on governments are doing more to protect journalists his comments come on the world press freedom day and follows the deaths of ten journalists who were killed on monday jennifer glass reports from kabul in the newsroom of one t.v. in kabul a reporter's desk is now a memorial on it the photos of cameramen now who's on the ridge abi and reporter cassie resolutely they were two of nine journalists killed in monday's bomb attack in the capital a tenth died during the attack in the east i mean hyder he was one of the last to see his colleagues alive yes it's the dangerous now it is because said that afghanistan one of the most dangerous countered in the wall that we're in this hour
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working we are not facing the mantra that we are facing with a huge of traits there's a from law fuels from tourists are going to. a truck bomb blast a few hundred meters away destroyed the one t.v. studios last year three staff members were injured the explosion they killed one hundred fifty and wounded hundreds more reporters were back live on the air within hours of the massive attack. another station came under attack in november shamshad t.v. was besieged for hours by i saw fighters but monday's attack was the most blatant direct assault on the media so far journalists rushed to the scene of the first suicide bomb explosion then a second bomber blew himself up among a crowd of reporters cameraman and photographers being a journalist has never been easy here in addition to the bombings and attacks journalists have been intimidated for years beaten up even murdered allegedly by powerful people unhappy with the stories written about them and more often than not
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the killers are never punished. and the killer of a dumont hardon is still at large the t.v. reporter was shot last week in the center of kandahar in southern afghanistan by saying freedom of speech in a countries like afghanistan is much important in the countries in the united states because they're the countries in the and the west at least there is a check and balance between different parts of the power spend enough on this thought there is an absolute power without any check and the media is providing that check editors say the government isn't working with them we're doing enough to keep them safe to believe that we have discussed how to provide security trajectory list and i would major part of this effect the protection of civilians is our top priority but you know that suicide interests attack us sophisticated and on some cases preventing attacks is complicated we accept that despite the recent bloodshed
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journalists say they continue to have hope for the media in afghanistan and are proud to be broadcasting here jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. the argentinian capital but as ours is trying to find new ways to deal with this mounting problems six thousand tons of waste is generated every day so the government wants to change the laws that it's easier to manage but not everyone's happy the plan could impact people whose lives depend on collecting we start to go to rules to raise about reports. this protesters are not happy with a government or when a site is or they are in the oppose the city's plan to change the law to allow all foodies to burn waste and turn it into energy. burning trash is dangerous not only for human health where the plants are going to be installed but it's the worst possible way to treat waste the best way is to recycle and the government wants to change the law and replace it. but what worries many here is not just the
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environment but the future of thousands of open recyclers like. who works in a copper even when a site is she's fifty six years old and makes around five hundred dollars a month i know you will like that but is that i started with this because i was too ill to work as a domestic employee so i joined this cooperate of and now i'm able to survive the government wants to get rid of us and if they burn the trash all of us will be left without a job. picking up recyclable materials from trash became a way of making a living after the economic crisis of two thousand and one when hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs over the years if people organize themselves into operating something that they say has not only improved their working conditions but has also given them significant. he's known here as the boss she used to live on the streets and has been able to turn her life's work into this corporative that employs at least three hundred people. are
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all we don't need to be searching for cycles on the street now the city's government gave us. vehicles and we can collect from our clients and recycle as much as we can i still don't understand why the city wants to buy plants that will take away our way of making a living. plans to reduce the amount of waste this city of winter status produces have failed over the years most landfills have run out of space. government officials when someone else says the city needs to start looking for new options for a day when i believe we never said that cooperatives were in any risk the idea is to have plants that can burn trash and give energy it is used in many cities in europe and we need to have that option but we plan to continue supporting the cooperatives in the city. waste management he said challenge for many latin american cities like when a site is open recyclers have come to play a crucial role in keeping the city clean and give jobs to those who desperately
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need them that's why these people are demanding more guarantees that they won't lose their jobs. two of europe's most successful football clubs will face each other in the champions league final liverpool is up against real madrid after beating roma seven six on aggregate in the semifinal italian club won four two on the night to get within a goal of forcing the much into extra time five time champions liverpool were the last side to beat around the dreaded in a european cup final that was back in one thousand nine hundred eighty one and they'll face the twelve time winners in kiev on may the twenty six. we came into the competition as a qualifier and are now in the final and really really happy for the boys i'm really happy for the club i'm really happy for fans it was a fantastic road so far and now now we will. go to clear.
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it's sounds crazy. but it's the truth. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on the al jazeera china says it hopes the u.s. will be sincere during trade talks beginning on thursday i level u.s. delegation has arrived in china for negotiations the u.s. treasury secretary stephen minutia is meeting with china's vice premier during his two day trip they will try to hammer out a deal to avoid a full blown trade war between the world's two biggest economies a key member of donald trump's legal team has contradicted him about hush money paid to form a porn star rudy giuliani told fox news that trump reimbursed his personal lawyer michael cohen for a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to stormy daniels the us president has previously denied he knew anything about the payments that was money that was
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paid by by his lawyer the way i would do out of his law firm funds or whatever funds doesn't matter the president reimbursed over a period of several million said didn't i distinctly remember that he did it on his own he did without asking look i don't know i haven't investigated that no reason to dispute that no or that is true of recollection or i like michael or you like michael a long time i feel very bad he's been victimized like this the president feels even worse the fact is just trust me. they're going to come up with no violations there armenia's opposition leader has called off protests after the ruling party agreed to support him becoming interim prime minister mikel passion yun told supporters the crisis practically been sold the parliament is scheduled to vote on tuesday. the head of libya's electoral commission says the main voted database was not damaged often i slept on
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a wednesday aimed at disrupting elections sixteen people were killed and several gunmen including a suicide bomb a stormed the building in the capital tripoli the commission has been registering voters ahead of elections expected before the end of the year the u.s. has announced the first release of a prisoner from the guantanamo bay detention center under the trumpet administration the military says ahmed al dhabi of a transfer to saudi arabia forty prisoners remain at the facility well those are the headlines the news continues here on al jazeera off the inside story statement that's a watching life and. al-jazeera . and for you. running out of war to many parts.


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