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she was asked by reporters about who knew what and when. as mayor giuliani stated and i'll refer you back to his comments this was information that the president didn't know at the time but eventually learned that the president has denied and continues to deny the underlying claim and again i've given the best information i had at the time the french president emmanuel mccraw has arrived in the pacific island of new caledonia he's been greeted with pro france rallies across first trip to the french territory comes ahead of an independence vote in the van but the majority of the island's indigenous chemical ethnic group support a full breakaway from france this year's nobel prize for literature has been postponed accusations of sexual harassment board members of left the swedish academy responsible for the award following the allegations involving the husband of an academy member. the last on the award was postponed it was during the second world war. the former c.e.o.
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of german comic of volkswagen has been charged in the us over the twenty fifteen diesel emissions scandal martin venter cohen's accused of lying to regulators about fake test results up to eleven million b.w. cars were found to be releasing emissions up to forty times more than the legal limit he was signed up in the scandal became public. well those are the headlines continue. after the stream. getting to the heart of the matter. so if you see the calls you today so let's say you do except they sing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people the peace corps unification is the only option for prosperity you. hear their story on.
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ok i'm really could be here in the stream today as part of world press freedom day and we take a look at how the united states the philippines and hungry try and silence journalists but first we turn to the recent attack on journeys in afghanistan with that story i mean a dark day that's what many are calling the blast on monday in the afghan capital kabul that took the lives of nine journalists rushing to cover the scene of an earlier bombing the attack which injured at least forty nine others including an al jazeera camera man was later claimed by i saw the country ranks as one of the most dangerous in reporters without borders twenty eighteen world press freedom and x. these are just three of the faces in the latest attack on press freedom in afghanistan. to ronni the only woman among the journalists killed this week she was a producer of woman a program on the radio station as. a reporter for michel t.v. sent a text to his friends warning them away from the scene of the earlier bombing he
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died when the second bomb exploded thirty minutes later michel t.v.'s ugly salimi accompanied talaash he joined the station a week before the explosion took his life tragically they weren't alone afghan t.v. network told the news confirmed the death of its long time camera man toki one t.v. news afghanistan mourn the loss of their reporter. it was silly and cameramen no rules. and the radio station shared the photos of their journalists car and the law . and the a.f.p. news agency shared a collection of photos from their chief or target for. also killed in the blast.
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the kabul attack received widespread condemnation afghanistan's national security adviser tweets my sincere condolences to the families the victims and the press family and afghanistan and around the world terrorists can't show press freedom and people's voices with such attacks the same day one more journalist was killed in the eastern province of course and before the attacks on monday an afghan journalist was shot dead in the city of kandahar on thursday as we commemorate world press freedom we remember the loss of these journalists as the u.n. special representative for its mission in afghanistan to eats the pain of your losses exceeded only by the determination to continue your work. afghanistan mourns thank you so much really care we have now to hungary where press freedom is becoming increasingly challenge to the country dropped two spots to seventy three
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in the reporters without borders press freedom index prime minister viktor all bad's ongoing crackdown on independent press has reshaped hungary's media landscape his government has been accused of systematically targeting opposition voices through economic pressure and intimidation it is taking repeated warnings from the european union joining us to discuss this in new york we have margot you and she's the north america director with reporters without borders and in budapest hungary. is a journalist with a conservative weekly magazine has lost it's good to have you margo good daddy so walsh i'm going to start on your twitter feed. some look at this everybody no comment need eight how degree was ranked seventy third place other two hundred eighteen reporters without borders index behind all of european neighbors no comment needed i'm going to push you here what were you thinking when you first heard that about your own country being a journalist. well of course if i had to be strict
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i would say this is nothing new because my country is on a slope away a reception of press freedom index. let me just remind the audience that in two thousand and ten when the current government came into power my country was twenty third on this list and so on the seven hundred so that requires no common design as i wrote last year as you mentioned seventy first place so this sloping down is nothing new of course set up date so you mentioned it is an update of sloping down this is nothing new but i want to share this comment from violent on twitter he says government critical press outlets are able to see afloat without government ad money operate relatively undisturbed bigger issue is independent media acquired by oligarchs and used to push propaganda it's
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a lost battle he goes on to say the impact is already there it's the only news most voters in the countryside can easily access as hate filled propaganda and this played a huge part and for the us does is reelection which of course is the ruling party at that door by the what do you make of his comments there that the impact you're already seeing it. well i think. this tweet is a bit exaggerating the situation. which is harsh at the same time i would say because it's true that government all of ours are now currently owning exclusive access to the original newspapers they acquired them in the last last two years. they are really influential outlets to reach the the public and the countryside but on the other hand if you look on the online swayer you know it's open it's accessible so if one takes the trouble to go online they can they can
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find critical weiss as critical messages. on the other on the other hand as well well these are outlets are struggling with for announcing it because they cannot get access to government funding so. that's a hurdle to jump over. but the sentence or the statement countryside people can exclusively access government controlled media is simply not true i'm going line right now i'm looking at the hungary and free press my go bringing you into the conversation here the headline here says press freedom index hungry as problematic what do you mean by problematic compact that for us well it's refers to an area in the press freedom index where we rank certain countries based on their score given that time has fallen considerably in the past couple of years it is in now the category called problematic and that is because as your guest so
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put it there is less and less media independence less and less pluralism of voices in the country and it's becoming more and more polarized due to oregon's control over many different media that are pro state propaganda but also this problem of all of arcs that are pro or bonds government buying up some other media outlets which means that there are few independent news sources left many of them are online but it does polarize the debate in the country and it's really concerning for a country within the european union for for this to be happening in so that's why we consider it problematic so i hear what you're saying there but i want to posit this is from someone on twitter who might disagree this is steve allen time he says the media is fully independent in hungary all media is available in hungary people no longer buy the liberal media publications and some have had to close their doors
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they have literally run out of other people's money so both alter about one t. you he's saying this is just about independent media companies or liberal companies as he calls them not having the money to continue. well. partly true but of course i would say that the other side of the scale it's another exaggeration so if you if you look on the market numbers it's clear. independent outlets as well as other newspapers televisions radios are problematic and wireman. what margo said is well i have to agree of course because this is problematic but trend is problematic. let me just ask you one thing i know you were curious because we have long ago here and we always that the end of your segment you wanted to know how you ended up bottom in the heart of europe intel is very much freedom and. can you explain that quickly well of
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course for us it is this. groundswell attempt to eradicate all independent. media voices that are opposed to the orbán regime and for us reporters without borders hungary is the worst example of this of course we have a similar trend that's going on in poland right now that we're watching very closely that we hope would not produce the same result as it did in hungary and so that's why hungry is the worst performer in the european region in our index suppose finished thank you for talking to us about the media landscape in hungary we are going to say goodbye to hold on to moscow for the rest of our program. we had to the philippines now the country drop six ports from last year now to get one hundred thirty three on the press freedom index in twenty seven thousand nine hundred journalists were killed making it the deadliest country in asia for members of the media hostility towards the press comments from the top down the country's
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president of the day routinely lambast the media in twenty sixteen shortly before being sworn in he warned journalists that they are not exempted from assassination and earlier this year he revoked the license of one of the philippines leaving news organizations rappler a publication that's been if you sleep critical of him joining us to talk about this in the lot natasha gutierrez she's the southeast asia correspondent for rappler welcome to the stream i want to start with this tweet because we've gotten a couple of ideas from our online community on why the philippines may have dropped on the list highway here says safety is always a concern given the number of cases of journalists murdered in the philippines that go on solved rappler is being used as a poster child to the media should they become critical of the administration it is pure intimidation what do you make of his comments hi thanks for having me well we do agree one hundred men we ever since the beginning said that
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when the first government case i would guess we instantly called it harassment at this point they're a government office rappler they targeted rappler for various treatments from libel to accusation of course all on warranted we believe and to our clear and pure harassment and something that sort of we expected after months and months of towards rappler and our critical reporting of this administration. i'm trying to work out. what it was that you were doing what it is that rock was doing that getting under the skin of press detect a and his administration a couple of examples hand propaganda war weapon i think the internet this was multipart serious about propaganda can you tell us what kind of reaction you've gone. to this serious. i think the first thing we want to clarify is rappler
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is the first and only news outlet in the region that is owned by journalists so already we are independent we're different from all the other us outlets we're not all owned by all the carts or businessmen and we are we're independently owned or where journalists who own this news outlet so we're not indebted to anybody and when we do stories that the propaganda series talked about fake news talked about the hate speech and map the networks that were behind it which pointed to the administration then obviously that angered the press and and the government stories like this like the impunity series that she talked about the drug war you know critical reporting on the issues under this president we understand the frustration of this administration and this is exactly why we've found ourselves under attack but at the same time this is why we need to keep on reporting critically even though it is getting harder as a show and by the press freedom and acts that are dropping. in the fashion i think
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it is sir nicholas leahy you got our next twitter commenter has in my got to admire the grit and courage especially rappler seem real journalists who were turned away by palace and they've been guards attacked on social media by government supporters even probably receiving death threats but you don't see them changing their style of reporting margo broadening this out to all of the reporters at rappler and other places in the philippines what is it that you organization saw as as troubling here that caused them to drop well really what we see as troubling in the philippines is it's the deadliest country in asia for journalists with four killed in twenty seventeen and actually a couple of days ago a radio a local radio journalist was gunned down after leaving ripped a recording of his show and later died from his wounds and authorities investigating that death believe that he was directly targeted for being a journalist so we see in philippines this top down your rhetoric which is quite
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violent that actually gets translated into physical violence against journalists and that's what's so concerning to reporters about borders and particularly with the case of rap where we know that maria teresa has herself received death threats threats of rape things that are specifically targeted against women journalists things that have caused us to be actually greatly concerned for the safety of rappler c.e.o. and her staff and so we've actually alerted the united nations to this issue as an urgent concern one of the many urgent concerns reporters without borders flags when there is safety of journalists at stake but for the philippines especially an ally of the united states to have their. do you tear day saying all the time derogatory remarks against journalists but also saying that they might deserve to be killed referring to them as s.o.b.'s that's really what we see as the driver behind some of this violence and also this online violence and this. culture of
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cyber bullying and trolling that seems to come directly you know trickling down from state and trash i'm just looking a tweet that you pinned at the top of your twitter feed and it's from january of a share a sad day for democracy in press freedom we were seized kills a revoking our license to operate the first of its kind of philippine history this is a kid to think attack all media by government we won't allow it and then when i'm looking for grappling online i see it i see it for today so you'll still operating you're still doing journalism how are you fighting back yes we are so that the session came very quickly unusually quickly it took five months for them to decide to revoke the license normally and in the past companies have been given the chance to explain their side that was not given to us that that right was not given to us and if we were closed down by the government we would be the first news outlet to be
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closed down since the dictatorship of marxist so that says a lot how we fighting back we've filed a case we filed our appeal we're just waiting to hear about that decision normally that would take a few years but again we don't know under this administration it could be rushed they could come out of the decision tomorrow and aside from this case but a security six change commission like i mentioned earlier there are now seven other government offices aside from the f.c.c. that has targeted grapplers so if we do survive this particular case we're still facing an activation case a libel case again like i said all unwarranted so we're fighting back with critical reporting with information speaking to t.v. shows like you or online shows like you and continuing our campaign for press freedom and we're hoping to increase awareness about this issue so that everyone can see sort of what's happening or the decline of press freedom here in the philippines. keeping that in mind we got this from stability search she says we
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need to think about not just the ban the potential ban on rappler itself but what further consequences it might have in the future and i think this applies globally in truth this person says what are you planning. that's exactly why we this is not just about the rappler and the government it's actually about the government and press and again there could be a chilling effect we're already seeing this any sort of words that come out from the president is that out to fight online by online hate speech again the philippines you have to know what is the number one users on facebook so you can sort of imagine how toxic it can get here in the philippines so yes that's exactly what we're arguing for and that's what we're fighting for that this isn't just about us if we got closed down it's. preceded that that could happen and that could so it could set a precedent to what this administration is capable of doing and this government has
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also attacked other news outlets although they've been targeting us so again if they succeed in closing us we don't know what could happen after that not just in the philippines but also in the region if they can see that this is possible and this day and age then what would stop other leaders from doing the same tactic of sierra's his from rap to she's the southeast asia correspondent thank you for joining us hale in the stream and now we go to the united states the home of press freedom where despite constitutional protection johnnies have faced increasing attacks over the pa few hands it is one reason the u.s. dropped two spots the forty five on the press freedom index president donald trump is often critical of the media and with whom we use the term fake news when describing this coverage as a way to discredit the press and journalists ha sayso rest of arrest or assault for covering protests or simply asking public officials questions but joining us to discuss this in st louis missouri mike fall
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a reporter with the st louis post dispatch welcome to the stream mike i want to share a video comment that we got from a member of our community on this topic especially when it comes to the u.s. and i want your thoughts on this here's you know a millman a columnist that week. thankfully united states there hasn't really been direct interference with freedom of the press and there has been a hungry ugly there won't be the bigger problem is that digger matic decline in public confidence in the press on the rise of partisanship has given an opening for political actors to effectively avoid the press as a check and i don't know what the solution to that is within the current media ecosystem where all the incentives align up to encourage me to be only more partisan so my critters diving right in there and he talks about incentives to encourage the media to be more partisan he doesn't see this ending positively given
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your story what do you make of his comments i you know i believe i don't know how that you know some of that relates to my story i think i do think it's far as partisan the market for partisan media is absolutely maybe at an all time high you see that when the political center of the country has moved and i think journalists see it in their in their regular reporting when they are talking to someone either on the left or the right. who more or less take certain questions or certain facts and reporting as as being somehow inherently against them. the nation is more polarized and and as a result you're seeing industries like media be subject to some of the more hostile consequences of that kind of political climate. might let me share
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a little bit of your story in a way that audience since you asking is sued by genesee was arrested to pepper spray during a protest and this pay to hear what happened just briefly recap the story for us. there had been an entire day of protests it was the third day of protests following the acquittal of a st louis police officer a white police officer who had been accused of shooting an unarmed black suspect he was not convicted and obviously here in st louis the issue of inequality police violence whether or not everyone is viewed equally under the law has been an issue for a long time no one has forgotten ferguson and this certainly i think spring up from from the embers of of that incident you know the first time i showed up to these protests on the first day i was accused of being an undercover police officer by
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a protester on the third day of protesting it was most mostly peaceful and then after the official protest ended there was some violence that there were some windows broken flowerpots overturned a lot of chaos in terms of people scattering and running when when this violence started and. and then a few arrests were made and and a few hours transpired before anything happened i and some other journalists were at an intersection waiting to see what else would happen to the rest of this i still remain a hundred people just like the adults for us because you know in the usa i don't think it's a good idea to be on the string today but you really want to come on because we were talking about press freedom connect the dots why did you say i'm coming on why is this important. well because what happened in that intersection was not just what happened to me but about a hundred other people. who were there in a in
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a public space were trapped cornered. and. and without without warning or without reason were pepper sprayed beaten dragged. arrested and like my i spent thirteen hours in an overcrowded jail so. we hear we hear from your story why press freedom is important to you you were genest and that happened to you we wish you the best of luck with your situation thank you so much because this conversation been going down online well i will in this week from alpine who you know hearing that story from mike has this to say every single day this administration takes steps to eliminate barriers and safeguards for personal freedoms across the board and the price is the daily target for attacks in all directions so thank you to all of i guess for joining us especially maga you learned from reports of that board as
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she said north america direct to the as we sign off i want to share with us the well press freedom day hits close to home here at al-jazeera where one of the networks journalists staying has been held in prison in egypt for nearly five hundred days without challenge he's been kept in solitary confinement and denied his legal rights as we say here at our network journalism is not a crime thanks for watching. he was the world's most wanted man the last meeting i had with him was off to neverland. bin laden was very nervous about nature had not met
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a western reporter before in part one of an exclusive two part documentary al-jazeera speaks to those who met osama bin laden he never showed hostility towards many of the west i knew bin laden all knowledge as you. may on al-jazeera venezuela will hold a snap election as president maduro aims to retain control of what lies ahead for a country that has been waiting for light at the end of a long tunnel people in power ross the top u.s. general in afghanistan about his plans for defeating by the taliban and an isis insurgency. struggling with security issues and economic uncertainty iraq is finally set to hold elections as an unseen global battle rages for results as beneath our oceans we also get the seabed of the territory still to be claimed. commemorating seventy years from now al-jazeera examines what has changed in the past seven decades on both sides of this conflict may on al-jazeera.
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that are over seven million lives in this world. each one a story. that one of the see. that's getting to be heard that demonstrably true and. it is time to be a witness. such witness to the humanitarian chill of things that eyes. on. al-jazeera. every year.


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