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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp. that the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost complexity of i was in hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives. that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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decision day u.s. president on the trump says he's ready to announce what he'll do about the iran nuclear deal. hello there i'm joe now this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. rock star status i mean years new prime minister is given a hero's welcome at a mass rally in the country's capital. lover whose is through new cracks in the ground in hawaii destroying more homes and engulfing stranded vehicles. and we visit a wildlife park in south africa where a mining project is threatening conservation and tourism.
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in the next couple of hours the next hour in fact u.s. president all trump is set to announce whether he will pull out of the iran nuclear deal with drawing from the agreement would mean renewing sanctions which were lifted when the deal was signed in two thousand and fifteen iran's president as warned the u.s. will face consequences if it pulls out on tuesday house on rouhani insisted iran will stand on its own feet regardless of sanctions. at. this government's plan from day one has been based on having honest good constructive and effective interactions with the world as we consider this a win win situation useful for others and for us as well well it may result that in some exceptional situations from time to time someone may take power in a country and cause an exceptional situation these kinds of things happen on the world states and we will get past it we may have problems for two or three months
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but anyway we will get past the problem our basic policy of having constructive interactions it's working with the worlds. well let's go live to our white house correspondent kimberly hell could standing by there waiting for a trump press conference in about two hours time now and a last minute phone call kimberly between the president and the french president emmanuel macron about this deal all we have from the french side is that they discussed issues related to peace and stability in the middle east that's pretty bland language it doesn't offer much hope does it of of a last minute reprieve. no and certainly on our end here in the united states we're getting conflicting reports about that phone call that happened at fourteen g.m.t. between the u.s. and french presidents some media outlets reporting that in fact on top is made the decision to withdraw and re impose sanctions others reporting that there will not be a withdrawal but there would be a reimposing of sanctions i think it's safe to say we're all going to have to wait till eight hundred g.m.t.
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to hear the president's decision but certainly there's no question that there is already concern jonah about how this could hurt u.s. relationships with european allies how this could intensify some tensions between the united states and russia and china that are also parties to this agreement but certainly what can be surmised from all of this is the fact that donald trump seems to be trying to send a message one that started back in january when he gave that window of opportunity to european allies to try and fix in his words what he thought were some of the problems with the deal namely concerns about ballistic missile testing the fact that this deal did not address concerns beyond twenty twenty five and even some of the regional concerns with regard to military activities by iran in the region so certainly it appears that despite some of the pleadings by european allies here at the white house very high level diplomacy the president may be listening to some of
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his more hawkish advisers leaning towards withdrawal of the deal something he's been laying the ground work for in recent weeks and months but again the final decision we won't know for a couple of hours and in the meantime kimberly's has been pretty strong a strong rebuke by president trump of john kerry the former secretary of state who was so instrumental in in concluding that deal in the first place he's been working behind the scenes in some way to try and save the deal mr trump not happy at all about that does that indicate the level of antipathy alongside those other concerns you've outlined there of a piece of international legislation effectively reached under his predecessors watch president obama. i think you bring up a really good point it has sort of two parts in terms of the answer the first is donald trump campaigned on this on the fact he said repeatedly in the twenty sixteen presidential election campaign that in fact this was a bad deal that was wrong for the united states hurt american interests so
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withdrawing from the deal with certainly fulfill that can campaign promise but there's another part to it and that's what you've touched on is this wanting to criticize his predecessors the obama administration brock obama and the man who negotiated this deal in twenty in twenty fifteen the former secretary of state john kerry he tweeted not only on monday but again on tuesday criticizing john kerry saying he's hurting the country by trying to salvage this deal and reach out to the iranians again this is sort of put speaks to the fact that donald trump very much wants to appear in control and he certainly is intending to do that leaving us hanging until he makes that announcement at eight hundred g.m.t. ok kimberly we'll leave it there and we'll be back with you in the hours to come kimberly help of a lot of the white house thank you. a dense web of written agreements and deadlines make up the iran nuclear deal which took years to agree the deal was finally signed off by iran in two thousand and fifteen with the five permanent un security council members as well as germany and the european union
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a week later it was unanimously endorsed by a un security council resolution iran agreed to reduce the number of its centrifuge machines by from twenty thousand to about five thousand for ten years centrifuges are needed to enrich uranium a material that could be used to make nuclear bombs iran also promised to enrich a maximum three point six seven percent of its uranium for fifteen years additional limits were put on its research and development of advanced centrifuges iran also removed the core of its main heavy water reactor and filled it with cement it's not allowed to build any new reactors under the deal for fifteen years to be sure iran is complying inspectors from the international atomic energy agency have access to its nuclear sites in exchange for all of this the us the e.u. and the un agreed to lift sanctions but they can be imposed again if iran is found to be violating the deal with iran's large or oil and gas output has helped the
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country survive decades of economic isolation it's something iran's leaders hope they can do again. the reports from tehran. from this fairground it's difficult to tell that iran is going through a diplomatic crisis. iran's leaders are highlighting the merits of the country's century old oil industry and they're looking for foreign investment to the tune of two hundred billion dollars. i i. i have a recommendation for foreign companies that are here if these companies want to have an important role in the market of iran in the region they should try to cooperate with iranian companies and do their job as they have chosen iran as a partner iran is not a country one could overlook in the global market and energy sector they may delay or development but relying on enormous domestic potential cod willing we will continue our plans. but in the face of us sanctions it's a hard sell the fate of the joint comprehensive plan of action more commonly known
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as the twenty fifteen nuclear deal has become the most important factor for doing business with iran but the issue is so provocative no one was willing to speak about it on camera there are many european countries represented here but the goods are smaller than they were in previous years especially right after the nuclear deal was signed many of the exhibitors we spoke to say they like doing business with iranians and see an enormous potential in iran's market but for now no big deals are being signed and no one is making any real money it would seem that scare tactics by washington are having the desired effect. iranian companies here are worried about more bad economic weather but say this is just the storm before the calm beneath it. international companies to come to iraq but in the absence of them stated we can not solve the trade or existing facilities but
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develop the void created on it just fits. companies like this one operated by the iranian revolutionary guard corps will no doubt continue to play an important part in the country's economic strategies. every day americans make a new excuse they want to conclude every year in a way to benefit themselves so should we give up no we are a powerful country with great resources in the world for example in gas we rank first and this is also true of other resources iran's growth potential makes it a difficult market for investors to ignore so there is some optimism one businessman told us there is always a light at the end of the tunnel but the burning of bridges between washington. is only making that tunnel longer.
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the man who said weeks of protests in armenia has been chosen as the new prime minister nicole was elected by parliament after angry demonstrations forced. to resign. reports from. supporters are celebrating. the public square vibrated with excitement i. did shop was about same give me and i'm overwhelmed with emotion and i can only say that we're very happy that we're free from these prisoners shackles we have hope that the new prime minister can take care of people's needs including freedom of speech. our people have a moment of victory. was our media's so-called people power movement scored a victory with members of parliament electing opposition leader. as prime minister again a good think a national i want to thank you for this vote and for your stance and i only want to
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say the following that i serve the people of the republic of armenia and i serve to the republic of armenia. it was a month of fast and surprising developments in the small former soviet republic since gaining independence in one thousand nine hundred one our media and say they've dreamed of a new dawn for democracy. that we want to live in free independent country at this moment we are very very happy that we have a man like this as our prime minister who is at our side and we are confident he will help us realize our dreams to live free to have freedom of speech the man may want to see as the day the government finally responded to the will of the folks who are looking for it has been a dominant force in the political food fight for the last ten years former president third sarkozy and he gave us an authoritarian leader who broke his
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promise when he said he would not become prime minister and it. was on is writing a tidal wave of popular support but now he faces the task of governing on the top of his to do list is tackling poverty. and corruption the people of armenia will be watching closely they want this second chance of democracy to work but they also want an improvement in their everyday lives natasha going to aim does era on our media. emergency teams on hawaii's big island more people to leave their homes as an erupting volcano spews new fountains of lava more cracks are opening up in the ground putting houses a risk reynolds reports from les loni a states that's one of the hardest hit areas. racing against time and the relentlessly advancing lava residents of leylandii estates rescued property on
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monday still hoping their homes would survive kill away as onslaught eighteen year old marcus moylan and his family evacuated the only home he's ever known and i walk this road every day and i bike this road every dance and saying what's happening it's just i don't know where we're able to get their money and stuff so you know kind of essential paperwork and stuff but you know something's gotta leave and his father says there's no use getting upset the volcano is calling all the shots thank god for the years i've given he's taken away now and at sixty two i'm going to start all over and. it's all gone finished my looks like my legs going to be gone and my business is gone i really don't know what to do but it's kind of like when i first went to the silent. one day at a time from the air the destruction of leylandii estates is a dramatic sight you can see some of the twelve lava rifts that have opened up
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since thursday cutting a burning scar across the rural community also visible are the remains of the dozens of homes that have already been destroyed this time lapse video shows the magma surging to overwhelm of vehicle caught in its path we entered leylandii estates as scored by national guard sergeant jake keogh hero he carried a portable air monitor constantly checking it for high levels of sulfur dioxide as it's too much could you lose consciousness or even die yeah definitely there's always the potential that could be fatal yeah. vents open up the amount of lava that loses out is astonishing this is a fresh lava flow it's probably less than twenty four hours old and i can feel the heat right from where i'm standing you can see the flames down there at the base and beyond it. and now are many homes have been
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destroyed the local civil defense administrator says despite the destruction seen so far the intensity of the eruption seems to have eased now it's kind of waiting for the bump in to stabilize. see if it's going to just stay put in one van and just erupt or. you know hopefully go away with with those it's going to happen. the big question for people here of course is when kill away as rampage will end rob reynolds al-jazeera lonny estates. still to come on the program kim jong un reaffirms north korea's commitment to denuclearizing during a seaside stroll with chinese count of bunchy jinping. as violence spreads in africa's like chad region regional leaders meet to discuss solutions to the humanitarian crisis.
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hello this is probably good news that heavy rain is moving around a bit in china it is spring rain season and there will be flooding as a result but in the next twenty four hours it looks like the eastern side of china including shanghai was fairly dry hong kong's on the edge of it probably still rain for you then you move west of the higher ground and there's some pretty big dam pools on the way for high now and beyond further north up towards sichuan do mate south be dry but i wouldn't want to guarantee that the feed is continuous of humid warm and then result of course is the downpours we've equally seen some pretty big storms recently in the northeast of india this here produced a wall of sand a sort of mini hobby we feel like as it runs through this hot dry area the rainfall has been around bangladesh in the northeast colder and occasionally down in kerala and sri lanka but we're still battling with dry thunderstorms quite often in the
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north west though it looks like the next two days are probably going to be just overholt received received the last week or two middle eastern weather temporarily relatively quiet but this spawn of cloud is deceptive it is moving slowly south the channels are a kick up the sun in muddy views the odd thunderstorm and ahead of it will be quite warm briefly humid behind it they would of course be. green bacteria in a. gas escaping from volcanic in iceland. in the for what happened to experiments. could help. the climate change the science of capturing. on the back in time it takes the more i don't have to contend. on or to zero.
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welcome back here's a quick look at our top stories u.s. president donald trump is just two hours away from announcing whether he will pull out of the iran nuclear deal and impose renewed sanctions on tehran. celebrations are taking place in armenia after nicole. led weeks of protests was chosen as the new prime minister. emergency teams on hawaii's big island urging more people to leave their homes as the erupting volcano killer whale spews new fountains of lava . north korean leader kim jong un has pledged his continued commitment to
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denuclearize ation ahead of an expected summit with u.s. president donald trump kid made the comments during a meeting with his chinese counterpart xi jinping in the northern chinese port city of dahlia it's their second meeting in recent weeks following kim's visit to beijing in march comes a strong prepares for a historic summit with kim in late may already june china correspondent adrian brown has more now from beijing. well as is often the case on these occasions it was left to state television to confirm what many had suspected that kim jong un had indeed made his second secretive visit to china this time though he wasn't in the capital beijing but in the northeastern city of darrien not far from the north korean border kim was accompanied by his sister who continues to play a high profile in north korean diplomacy now it's reported in chinese state me
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denuclearization on the korean peninsula shouldn't proceed now of course when he refers to some countries he's talking about the united states now kim jong un is due to meet president donald trump in the next few weeks and of course just a few weeks ago china's foreign minister one year was also in the north korean capital pyongyang i think from this meeting it's clear once more that in the she can relationship kim is very much the junior partner in the various pictures that were released of their meetings it had the feel of a sort of big brother little brother encounter and of course the chinese side are thought very carefully about the backdrop to these talks the two were shown walking along the beach in the background was the yellow sea there were seagulls it was all very picturesque and i think it was supposed to illustrate that north korea and china are moving together coming closer again after a deep strain in their relations and i think it was almost if kim was saying no
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matter what happens in your talks with president donald trump china will always be your friend. heavy rain in aleppo province is making life even harder for syrian civilians displaced by the war many camps for internally displaced people are now severely flooded western aleppo is one of the main destinations for people evacuated from the rebel controlled areas under siege tens of thousands of living in both formal and makeshift camps without access to clean water food and sanitation. for the south a convoy of hundreds of syrian rebels and civilians is left southern damascus as part of an evacuation deal with the government forty seven buses taking them from the capital to rebel held areas in northern syria government forces are preparing to take control of the towns of bates and bubby less south east of the city the military is also bombarding eisel fighters who remain in control of yarmouk refugee camp. saudi arabia is mediating in a disagreement over
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a yemeni island that's occupied by troops from its coalition allies the united arab emirates residents of the island of so quarter in the arabian sea of demanding the m a r t forces leave they landed last wednesday forcing out yemeni soldiers saying they're on a mission to confront who the rebels on the island but the islanders say there aren't any who thieves there. i'm still busy out of disease a senior saudi delegation to the island of the culture and met with the prime minister of yemen and members of the local government there have been some differences in opinion between the brothers and the local government over how to deal with some issues on the island an agreement has been reached develop a joint and comprehensive coordination between the coalition and the yemeni government the two sides emphasize their shared vision but stand behind operation decisive storm until all yemeni islands are liberated and legitimacy is reinstated . an israeli soldier convicted of killing a wounded palestinian has been released from prison after serving half of his
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initial eighteen month sentence. was carried on the shoulders of his supporters as he returned home he was found guilty of manslaughter for shooting up the fatah al sharif a seal a wounded in the hebron street in twenty sixteen a palestinian man had already been shot by israeli soldiers who say he attacked them with a knife governors from chad and cameroon or attending a two day forum in nigeria they're looking for solutions to the ongoing humanitarian crisis created by boko haram fighters in the region despite the presence of more than forty n.g.o.s and un agencies thousands of without food and shelter. reports now from my degree in northeastern nigeria. the bugger fish market used to be one of the busiest spots in the next region eighty trucks on average brought in the daily catch a fish from the lake not anymore only a few dried fish arrive the market now. well someone who comes here every day to
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earn enough to buy a meal for his family one successful fisherman largely depends on the goodwill of others after book why don't fight is over and his village four years ago is heard about plans by government and international partners to assist people like him but he's not sure if he or his family will get any help this year. without adequate i'm getting older and the young ones can go to fish because a fear of attacks by poke around with no work and no income many of them have now joined the fight is something governments in the region want to stop this is a recent spike in violence requires to look beyond providing aid something they want to address in a regional meeting in nigeria we need a holistic approach that looks at the shirt it's but also try to start supporting those medium and long the early recovery and development is that
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a super critical to find the solution to this crisis the lectured region is one of the poorest in the world despite its vast agricultural and water resources attacks by boko haram have made the situation worse thousands and employed in a region already struggling with poverty and lack of jobs this company produces all upon us and equipment it's one of eleven factories being set up by government in borno state where bookworms tied the government invested millions of dollars in the hope of creating jobs for an improved youth group that has repeatedly targeted by for. its investments like these borders want to promote across the region they also want governments in the region to pay greater attention to education children and the classrooms are prime targets for kidnappers gunman and suicide bombers. all the three thousand classrooms have been fixed but out of the five thousand which i have seed the building your forty's there and.
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we will follow immediately where and when the military took over from the in say years especially when people go back to their various communities our primary attention go to the school one thousand four hundred schools in borno state were targeted and destroyed by the fighters hundreds have since been repaired but jobless fishermen and women as well as other small businesses hope for a lasting peace that will govern to return home to reorganize their lives amity al-jazeera my degree in northeast nigeria. to south africa now one of the world's fastest growing tourist destinations especially popular with visitors on safari but some animal parks are in conflict with another major industry gold diamond and coal mining as malcolm webb reports plans to expand an open cast mine could drive the
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animals away. it's the first time the medic easily families visited a wildlife park the first louis in follows a park a few hours drive from their home in south africa it's the continent's oldest reserve famous for its leopard and herds of endangered white rhino it's been futile it's a great experience to see these things liars i haven't been seen them in television the parks wildlife and vast stretches of untouched wilderness attract tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year most of the surrounding countryside is also pristine but not all of it just four kilometers from the park is there. an open cast call mine has been here for more than ten years and the company that runs it now wants to expand right up to the park boundary. people living around here complain of the frequent blasting and coal dust and in
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the park the manager says if the mine comes into its buffer zone it'll be disastrous. of course elephants are sensitive to sounds of good crocodiles so if there's disturbance elephants cannot communicate this disappearance and explore says crocodiles finding their nests and so forth this well in its area once it's gone. it's never recovered the managers of the mining company called him deli say they're looking into using digging machines instead of blasting and they say they employ more than a thousand people from the community and more expand. the tourism creates thousands of jobs in the surrounding area selling services and goods such as handcraft as well as the sixteen hundred people employed in the park itself jobs that conservationists say on the threat if the mining expands the municipal med doesn't agree he backs the expansion if forty two percent of all youth is unemployed is
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that time ticking bomb time in are out. there just because you didn't. want to see them getting job opportunities putting food on the table ten delis coal mines one of many cases in south africa and across the continent where mining conflicts with conservation and the tourism it brings extractive industries make up about thirty percent of africa's g.d.p. four times as much as tourism campaigners say the sectors blighted by corruption and benefits far fewer people back in the park people working here at the mining won't drive the wildlife away and with it the tourists and their jobs. al-jazeera nativity south africa. don't forget much more as over on the web site you can find it a w w w dot al-jazeera dot com.
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and a reminder before we go of the top stories u.s. president donald trump is just hours away from announcing whether he will pull out of the iran nuclear deal with drawing from the agreement would mean renewing sanctions which were lifted when it was signed in twenty fifteen iran's president warns his country could face some problems in the coming months but stressed it will stand on its own feet regardless of sanctions. this government's plan from day one has been based on having honest good constructive and effective interactions with the world as we consider this a win win situation useful for others and for us as well well it may result that in some exceptional situations from time to time someone may take power in a country and cause an exceptional situation these kinds of things happen on the world stage and we will get past it we may have problems for two or three months but anyway we will get past the problem our basic policy of having constructive
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interactions is working with the world's celebrations are taking place in armenia after nicole the man who led weeks of protests there was chosen as the new prime minister. appointment on tuesday caps off a peaceful revolution driven by weeks of mass protests again against corruption in the ex soviet state russian president vladimir putin has welcomed the news saying he's looking forward to continuing friendly relations. emergency crews on hawaii's big island say they are poised to evacuate more people as lava continues to spew from the volcano killer where seventeen hundred people have already been ordered to leave their homes five days after the volcano began erupting deadly volcanic gases are also spreading across the island. northern korean leader kim jong un has pledged his continued commitment to denuclearize ation ahead of an expected summit
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with u.s. president donald trump kim made the comments during a meeting with his chinese counterpart xi jinping in the northern chinese port city of dallas it's their second meeting in recent weeks following kim's visit to beijing in much it comes as trump prepares a historic summit with kim in late may or early june those are the headlines in europe today do stay with us though techno is up next. greenberg.


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