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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes at court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking us to try to protect them from gang violence i lost my. door years ago i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards on packet for us what were you hearing what were you saying whether online horrendous things. or if you join us on the set of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue. about some of this excessive perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making to. join the colobus conversation.
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if the regime continues its nuclear aspirations it will have bigger problems than it has ever had before donald trump sends a threat to tehran as he pulls the us out of the iran nuclear deal. a little more computer w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up a swift reaction from iran to iran vows to remain committed to the landmark deal calling the u.s. withdrawal unacceptable. but he is prime minister costs his vote as millions go to the polls in a fierce election marred by scam. and for the second time in its history the cannes film festival opens with a spanish language thriller. we
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begin with the u.s. president's decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal donald trump defied last ditch diplomatic efforts by his european allies to stick by it following his announcement there's been swift international reaction with more criticism than there's been support first to reacts with the iranian president who said the u.s. does not respect its commitments housen rouhani said he's ordered the atomic energy organization to be ready to start the enrichment of uranium other signatories to the twenty fifteen deal including france germany and the u.k. have said they regret mr trump's decision but they will remain parties to the pact the e use top diplomat for their economic or any so the e.u. will preserve it to the u.n. secretary general antonio has called on the remaining parties to abide by the deal but president trump did get support from the united arab emirates saudi arabia and
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israel the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu praised the u.s. president for to. a bold decision to pull out of a quotes disastrous deal first report is from a white house correspondent committee how it. after much anticipation u.s. president donald trump made good on a signature campaign promise solidifying his america first agenda i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal this was a horrible one sided deal that should have never ever been made. the u.s. negotiated the agreement with iran in twenty fifteen along with the united kingdom france germany china and russia to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief with the announcement the united states now bria imposes tough economic sanctions on iran's oil and banking sectors that had been lifted arguing
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iran did not live up to its end of the agreement we have definitive proof that this arabian promise was a lie. even though u.s. intelligence the united nations and european allies maintain iran has been compliant under the agreement trump cited a recent israeli report that iran had not been truthful about its activities before entering into the deal trouble also argues the agreement should have dealt with iran's military pursuits in the region and its ballistic missile program. capitol hill the top senate democrat disagrees and to me the right thing to do would have been to try and come up with our allies with an agreement on those issues and let the nuclear part of this continue as is because it's not being violated in any way trump's predecessor barack obama the man who oversaw the deal called trump's
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decision a serious mistake in a statement obama said without the agreement the united states could eventually be left with a losing choice between a nuclear armed iran or another war in the middle east. deede former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders believes the united states is already on that path the road to the war in iraq did not simply begin in two thousand and three it was laid down brick by brick over a number of years ironically as the president tore up the nuclear deal with iran secretary of state mike pompei it was on his way to north korea laying the groundwork for a nuclear deal with p.r. nyang president indicated the united states is willing to negotiate a new deal with iran but he says his decision also signals the united states will no longer make calls empty threats can really help at al-jazeera at the white house
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well iran was quick to respond to mr trump's actions in basra v. has more now from tehran. flanked by his senior leaders and within minutes of the u.s. pullout from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal iran's president hassan rouhani addressed his country and the world in a live speech he said the united states had once more proven itself to be an unreliable negotiating partner and characterize the american president's remarks as rude. they have done nothing except put empty signatures on pieces of paper without doing anything about it the iranian mission on the other hand has agreed to everything and accomplished all its responsibilities we had some duties based on that agreement and we have delivered all of them but today we can see which is the country that doesn't respect international agreements we have done nothing wrong is not acceptable that the u.s. is pulling out i championed the nuclear agreement in the face of hard line critics
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at home who said it was unlikely to succeed so despite the u.s. pullout rouhani isn't willing to give it up without a fight any iranian hopes of still benefiting from the deal and keeping it alive now rests in the hands of the country's foreign minister who helped negotiate it. following his president's speech jawad zarif tweeted that he would spearhead diplomatic efforts hoping to convince other signatories to isolate the united states and not give in to pressure from the white house but the success of more diplomacy is questionable in the face of crippling u.s. sanctions on iran and the threat of secondary sanctions on countries and companies working with iran if the europeans are able to make these promises serious promises here on then there may be a way for the deal to remain intact otherwise i think that the deal is that iran's not going to give us any concessions need there on it regional. role
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and it's what it sees as its struggle against extremism nor with regards to its defense capabilities and its missile defense because it knows that the only thing that prevents the united states from attacking iran is its defense capabilities president rouhani has always said that his government pursued dialogue in an effort to avoid conflict but in his speech he spoke about old wars with the united states the kinds of things the nuclear deal was designed to leave in the past the u.s. decision to abandon the agreement in the shifting rhetoric of iran's leaders from economic concerns to strategic security are worrying signs they signal the resetting of relations between the two countries back to a time when open conflict was the norm is in basra the old zero to one ok let's gauge reaction as beijing for you our correspondent adrian brown is there for us this hour so the chinese reaction to mr trump's announcement about the iran nuclear
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deal please adrian. well no official so far reaction so far peter from chinese leaders but i do expect that reaction to come later in the day and i do expect chinese leaders to roundly condemn president trump's decision we have been seeing some reaction in the media here they're reporting on reactions of various governments around the world under the headline in the global times the united states is now the enemy of the world china of course has good reason to worry peter it relies on iran for a lot of the oil that it imports in fact twenty five percent of all of iran's oil exports now go to china trade between these two countries is now worth about twenty seven billion dollars a figure that won't have gone unnoticed to president donald trump of course he's warned that he will punish countries that continue to assist iran's nuclear program so i think china is feeling in
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a sense very vulnerable because that oil that china receives in a sense provides a lifeline not just to iran but also to china china is also dependent on oil from saudi arabia and the united states and of course it worries about the potential now for conflict in the middle east and what that would mean for the oil that it imports to this country from the middle east and the u.s. secretary of state the new u.s. secretary of state might pompei o is in pyongyang on his second visit so the choreography in the run up to the summit between donald trump and kim jong un they must be watching that very closely where you are. absolutely peter there has been a real flurry of diplomatic activity during the past seventy two hours of course just on monday kim jong un flew to the chinese city of darlie and in the north east of the country this was a very secretive visit it's almost certain i think that he was summoned here by xi jinping and it's quite possible the cheating ping has been saying to kim jong un
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look if president from is prepared to walk away from a multilateral deal that he signed over iran that he's quite capable of doing the same thing with you so be careful about putting all your eggs in one basket i think that he wants to know what kim's negotiating strategy is going to be doing that summit with president trump of course that is a meeting that china will not have a seat at the table that it was also excluded of course from that summit between leaders of the two koreas so china feels on the sidelines it feels left out and it feels when it comes to north korea at the moment in secure just as it does over iran and with iran peter i think there is another potential friction point for china with the united states adrian thanks very much. the polls have opened in malaysia in what's been billed as the country's tightest ever election the prime minister najib razak has cast his ballot in the city of pecan coalition is likely
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to win the most seats but it's expected to be a close race between him and the opposition leader mohamed take a look now at the main candidates and what's at stake will the prime minister najib razak has been in power since two thousand and nine his right wing coalition has dominated milly's in politics for more than six decades however allegations of his links to a corruption scandal involving a state owned investment fund may affect his party's performance competing against not ship is his one time mentor and the former prime minister mahathir mohamad the ninety two year old quit his old party and gave the country's opposition a huge boost when he forced an alliance with the coalition is still expected to win the vote however a significant loss of seats could leave the prime minister open to a leadership challenge within his own party discontent over the rising cost of living among voters may also sway the results florence louis is a correspondent joining us live this hour from kuala lumpur florence is this election or has the campaign been about the big normal predictable issues or is it
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about the personalities involved. or as a little bit of bias it has been the past now the teeth involved as well because you've got two political heavyweights leading the battle on in one corner you've got nigel broad the prime minister of a country reelection he's got a very powerful election machinery behind him a party that has ruled the country for more than sixty years and then on the other in the other corner you've got mahathir mohamad who is in power for more than twenty years fifteen as the father of more than malaysia but then there are also just really bread and butter issues for both of you know they're worried about the rising cost of living and many of them blame it on be good then fail for goods and services tax that would be posed. about three years ago the opposition has made its part of its campaign platform a promise to remove the tax that many people feel has been very bad and raising the cost of living within the first hundred days if they get into office and then then
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there's also the issue of corruption in the government this is more of an issue however just been in the more rural areas which traditionally carry more weight in malaysia elections it isn't still an issue and of course we're talking about the corruption scandal surrounding the state's own malaysian investment fund one m d it's alleged that has links to or involved in that's corruption scandal as well but overall be that the issues. that are of concern to now this vote this is the first time that voting is being held mid-week the election commission chose the date it's being held on a wednesday the government declared it has a public holiday but it is still going to make it quite difficult for some people who are ready who are working in perhaps the biggest cities that are still much to vote in their home town the small areas and who have to travel back to vote we are seeing very high voter turnout rate. but the queues have been extremely long in
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some of the polling stations we've been to been driven past some polish while people are still queuing and they started queuing more than an hour before polls were open take a listen to some of what these voters had to say. i feel so lucky and happy that i could vote today and that i could exercise my responsibility as a malaysian citizen. by hope personally and maybe people share my thoughts we hope for some kind of change that will bring prosperity to our country so whoever it is that wins please stay true to whatever manifesto or promises and hold on to those promises of principles. mohamed really make a comeback i mean he shaped the country for more than two decades he's ninety two years old. well absolutely i mean if he does. if the opposition alliance wins power he will be the country's
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next prime minister ninety two years old and turning ninety three in july he will be the oldest statesman in the world now polls are calling this election a little bit too close to call they suggest. eighty three out of one hundred twelve that it needs to win parliament and thirty more than thirty thousand still really too close to call so it really is down to the wire here but. unfortunately the way the way things stand it's a little bit too close to call. the national alliance or the incumbent party however tend to have more support in the rural areas and because the rural seats dominate he could still be in power after the election lawrence thanks very much still to come here on al-jazeera trumps picks. is in for a grilling today so a confirmation hearing kicks off at the white house calls for the resignation of the venezuelan president nicolas maduro the safety of latin america as it stick.
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by the skyline of the nation. or off the coast of the italian riviera. and we're seeing some very heavy downpours over parts of the middle east recently we look at the satellite picture we can see this whole swelling massive cloud here and it has given to some torrential a heavy downpours localized flooding as well and that system gradually is just edging its way towards the east on wednesday still very disturbed for many of us here will see those thunderstorms work their way through kuwait as well are making their way through parts of iran and then as we head into thursday that gradually spreads its way towards the east but still behind it still plenty of clouds plenty of rain for many of us here the coast those should be fine and dry beirut there twenty six degrees in the sunshine by thursday but for the towards the south and
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just the trailing leg of that system will affect us across parts of the arabian peninsula so they could just be the old showerhead what will really notice in doha there is the change in temperature so thirty nine degrees hot on wednesday but by thursday the winds will be feeding down from the northwest so it won't be as hot a maximum will be thirty six degrees but they could be quite a bit of dust around as well for the southern parts of africa largely fine and dry for many of us here we've got a few showers around the coast of madagascar perhaps a few further north over d.r. congo and into angola but further south largely fine and dry including for us in cape town at seventy there with sponsored by the time it's. sixty seven. promise. to be established to the jewish. at the expense of the palestinians. the story
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of the british declaration that changed the middle east. seems to school and i'll just. welcome back let's update you with the top story so far today here on al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump says america is withdrawing from the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal was struck the agreement is defective to its core adding he will impose the highest level of sanctions against tehran. iranian presidents of the us withdrawal from the nuclear deal was on all full and accused washington of not respecting its international commitments hassan rouhani said to iran is now getting
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ready to start your reign him in richmond. voting is underway in malaysia in an election marred by scandal and fierce competition the prime minister najib razak cast his ballot in the city can jeeps coalition is projected to win the most seats but it is expected to be a close race between him and the opposition leader martin mohammed. let's go back to our top story donald trump's decision to withdraw from the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal she had pretends he is in washington with more on barack obama's view of that decision. barack obama gave a very detailed explanation of why he doesn't agree with donald trump's decision to withdraw from the iranian nuclear deal beginning with the fact that the deal is a multi lot troy it was agreed upon unanimously in the u.n. security council and with germany it wasn't a deal just between iran and the united states secondly that the deal is working iran has pulled back its nuclear program thirdly the inspection regime is the most
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stringent ever put on a nuclear program this isn't just about trust president obama said compliance he adds number four iran is complying with the deal and even the u.s. has own intelligence agencies accept that and fifth there is no expiration date on the ability of iran or the acceptance of iran getting a nuclear weapon we hear a lot about sunset clauses for particular provisions but president obama points out there is no there is ponens in that is he agrees with the fundamental philosophy of the neo cons that iran is a force of instability and president obama's case is given that there should be constraints on iran's nuclear program and while there are constraints the u.s. and its allies should work on what it feels are iran's inst an unstable unstable design has. efforts to denuclearize north korea will be high on the agenda to have
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a meeting between the leaders of japan china and south korea in tokyo the meeting has taken place it lasted for just one hour with a three way talks meant to take place every year but this is the first time since twenty fifteen in a sign of improving ties between the neighbors it's also the first visit to japan by chinese premier and a south korean leader since twenty eleven when he joins us live from tokyo so wayne just looking towards north korea for a second are they all trying to coordinate where they stand given that mike pompei o the new u.s. secretary of state is in pyongyang laying the groundwork for the choreography if you will for donald trump meeting kim jong un. yes i think that's probably it this was a symbolic summit more than anything but it was a chance yes to show that these three countries are on the same page that they are unified when it comes to north korea with an eye to that possible summit between donald trump and kim jong un for the japanese prime minister though it was probably
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a little bit more because there was a sense at that with all this diplomatic activity over recent weeks that japan and its prime minister shinzo up they were a little bit on the outside of that despite the fact that over the past year or so was directly affected by the activities and the threats coming from north korea so after this very brief summit we did have a statement by each of the leaders and it was really only the japanese prime minister who spoke in specifics about north korea and it was a chance you had the feeling in any way an opportunity for him to lay out exactly what japan wants to see moving forward if we are to get into detail negotiations about the nuclear program of north korea he said that the u.n. security council resolutions must be fully implemented they want to see concrete measures and he also spoke quite a lot about the duc de issue these are japanese citizens who were taken from japanese territory in the seventy's and eighty's twelve of those people are still
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unaccounted for presumably still in north korea so that's an issue that is very close to the heart of japanese and he clearly wants that to be on the table when it comes to negotiations with pyongyang are they at odds then within sort of three way relationship when because some people are saying look actually when donald trump meets kim jong il and they want to keep any declarations any bits of paper they sign up to quite vague so that both donald trump and kim jong un can go back to their respective capitals and say look we've got to deal we're making peace we're getting the korean peninsula denuclearized. well i think there's probably a few differences of opinions particularly between china and japan when it comes to this issue on the korean peninsula again we saw it today from the japanese prime minister the u.n. security council resolutions must be implemented he wants to see concrete measures where whereas there is a sense perhaps that china may want to deviate from that in those negotiations and
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maybe offer economic aid towards north korea as they embark on that path when thanks very much. the u.s. is calling for the venezuelan president nicolas maduro to step down to protect. the safety and the security of latin america as well as economy has struggled for years with hyperinflation and many people find it hard to find food and medicine with his government is also accused of using heavy handed tactics to stifle opposition and unrest it is under pressure to suspend its forthcoming presidential may the twentieth elections which the u.s. ambassador to the united nations if you call this a sham we cannot allow to protract his quote unquote victory on may twentieth as a validation of his role it will be nothing of the sort as long as a matter of stops a credible independent observer mission we know the results will be fraudulent the systematic oppression of the venezuelan people has become an active threat to the
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entire region for the safety and the security of all people of in latin america it is time for men dural to go. crumb's pick to lead the cia last year hospital is in for a grilling on the senate begins her confirmation hearing on weapons to a hospital spent thirty three years at the cia but many are questioning her judgment when she worked for the clandestine service particle a now from washington . if you can't follow. janet haskell has spent days on capitol hill trying to charm senators in private before she answers their questions in public wednesday it will be a unique scene for the first time a person who was directly connected to torturing people under oath and answering questions president donald trump took to twitter to defend his nominee claiming she will always be tough on terror highlighting the fact that she's a woman if confirmed she would be the first to leave the agency but it is exactly her role dealing with people like abbott cheri that is being questioned he was
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water boarded tortured at a secret prison in thailand and she was in charge there were videotapes of it and other acts of torture on people like abu zubaida has been later ordered those tapes destroyed but her backers are airing ads trying to turn that into an asset as bill did exactly what our country asked of her and what was necessary to keep us safe the other defense she was just following orders that's not enough for more than one hundred retired military officers who sent this letter to the senate writing we did not accept the just following orders justification after world war two and we should not accept it now still some republicans are saying the vote is about trump more than torture we've seen one trumped nominee get unfairly smeared by half truths and innuendo and hearsay and we can't let that happen again this will be a close vote she needs at least one member of the democratic party to vote for her to get the job and so far not one has said they will patty calling al-jazeera
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washington. this is one of the most prestigious and glamorous events in the movie calendar the seventy first annual film festival is now well on the way in nice in the south of france for the next eleven days twenty one movies will be competing for the top prize the palme d'or charlie angela has the story. can the crown jewel of the international film festival circuit opening this year with the spanish language film for just the second time in its seventy one year history. and i want to go to ben is a psychological thriller starring happy about penelope cruz and it is setting the tone for a festival that this year will champion art house cinema. i'm a driver. why are big hollywood blockbusters almost entirely absent from this year's lineup and the headline grabbing so low a star with story is not in the main competition we've got really interesting
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competition coming from people like spike lee and also a return of laws as well so we're going to see some interesting big names coming into the main competition but also those fresh faces those new voices of the art house might actually surprise and that might be the big story that comes out of the festival this year. each year it can briefly focus is the world's attention on the film industry an industry still reeling from the harvey weinstein scandal can is when many of his alleged sexual assault took place it can no longer be a two week celebration of male brains and female beauty. issues of gender inequality and sexism are rife in head of the jury cate blanchett is calling them out would i like to see more women in competition absolutely will do i expect and hope that that's going to happen in the future i hope so we're dealing with what we have in front of us and you know our job is industry members away from the
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festival is to keep working towards positive change. but the festival says it will not bow to what it calls positive discrimination set for the song the farm people say the seven percent of women directors in the film industry the cannes always has a higher number twenty twenty three percent but there's a number of women directors say to me well if i'm selected for can i hope it's not just because i'm a woman i hope it's because i'm a director the government artist. other controversies a red carpet ban on selfies and no netflix the online distributor has fallen out with the festival but it can brings back glamour to art house cinema and audiences should be pleased. london. more news comment and analysis on our website al-jazeera dot com.
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this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. president says the united states is withdrawing from the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal donald trump said the agreement is quote defective to its core adding he'll impose the highest level of sanctions against tehran the iranian president said the u.s. withdrawal from the nuclear deal was unlawful and he accused washington of not respecting its international commitments. they have done nothing except put empty signatures on pieces of paper without doing anything about it the iranian mission on the other hand has agreed to everything and accomplished all its responsibilities we had some duties based on that agreement and we have delivered all of them but today we can see which is the country that doesn't respect international agreements we have done nothing wrong is not acceptable that the u.s. is pulling out. well other signatories to the dealings leading the e.u. and russia have expressed regret over the move by donald trump america's european allies have pledged to uphold the deal but the from decision has been supported by
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israel the u.a.e. and saudi arabia. donald trump's chief diplomat has arrived in north korea to prepare for a summit with kim jong un might pompei a met kim in the north korean capital last month before he was sworn in as secretary of state both washington and pyongyang have agreed on a date and a location for the meeting but then for the details have been released voting is under way in an election marred by scandal and fierce competition the prime minister najib razak cast his ballot in the city of p. can. listen is projected to win the most seats but it's expected to be a close race between him and the opposition leader mahathir mohamad there are about fifteen million registered voters in milly's here with two hundred twenty two seats in the parliament up for grabs the u.s. is calling for the venezuelan president nicolas maduro to step down to protect what it says is the safety and the security of latin america the venezuelan economy has struggled for years with hyperinflation and many people find it hard to find food
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and medicine as the government is also accused of using heavy handed tactics to stifle opposition and unrest is under pressure to suspend its forthcoming presidential elections show jewels for me the twentieth which the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley calls a sham. you are right up to date with all the top stories so far up next it's the stream i will see you in about half an hour. here it's a very important fourth of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and that story to the forefront.


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