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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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al-jazeera investigations cricket's match fixes. i believe that this is a tremendous setback. for north korea and indeed a setback for the world. the u.s. calls off a summit with north korea pyongyang says it's willing to resolve the issues with the united states. the u.s. announcement came hours after north korea allowed a group of journalists to watch it demolish its nuclear test site. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up the indonesian parliament debates an anti
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terror a bill to give more powers to the army after a series of attacks. and why this american boxing champion has been given a posthumous pardon by the president. threats of military action followed by talk of peace and now a canceled summit it's been a roller coaster ride and it appears the u.s. president and the north korean leader are at loggerheads yet again north korea called donald trump's decision to cancel the talks unexpected and expressed willingness to sit down and talk quote at any time and in any format earlier mr trump called off the meeting planned for june the twelfth blaming tremendous anger and open hostility as expressed by pyongyang now the decision caught the south korean president off guard when julian says he's perplexed by mr trump's decision calling it a regrettable development she had for tansy with more. few hours after releasing
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a letter counseling the planned summit with north korea president donald trump issued a warning spoken to south korea and japan. and they are not only ready should fully sure reckless acts be taken by north korea but they are willing to shoulder much of the cost of any financial burden any of the costs associated by the united states in operations if such an unfortunate situation is forced upon us however the president's address to the singapore summit could still happen it's possible that the existing summit could take place or a summit. at. a later date doldrums letter to north korea was a curious mix of threats and polite regret sadly based on the tremendous anger and
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open hostility displayed in your most recent statement i feel it is inappropriate at this time to have this long planned meeting the letter said you talk about your nuclear capabilities but ours are so massive and powerful i pray to god they will never have to be used but the president added i thought a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me and ultimately it is only the dialogue that matters if you change your mind having to do with this most important summit please do not hesitate to call me or write the u.s. secretary of state also said the next move is for the north koreans to make chairman kim why that decision to make for himself as president said we welcome their call their outreach to head back down there did we consult with our allies about the decision before making a public i don't want at least advise them that it's was coming i don't want to get into who all we notify does the white house i think will speak to that in a statement the south korean government said it was attempting to make sense of
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what precisely president trump means the north koreans and it was spurred by repeated threats from administration officials that north korea could face the libyan model if no deal was reached that refers to the overthrow and killing of libyan leader moammar gadhafi in twenty eleven the fear now is a hardening of positions on both sides i'm a little bit concerned now that if the trump people give up on this completely that we might be headed back to where we were six months ago fire and fury and the rest of it right it's important that we keep talking to the north koreans and we not slide back to fire and fury still for the moment the president says he is ready for what he called constructive dialogue with north korea i really believe him when he wants to do what is right so hopefully the work she had written see al-jazeera washington. well north korea's vice foreign minister kim kye gwan released a statement through the official news agency the key k c n a he said this president trumps position on the north korea u.s. summit is a decision that does not coincide with mankind's wishes for peace and stability
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a sudden announcement of canceling the summit unilaterally was unexpected for us and we find it very regrettable we would like to say once again to the u.s. that we are ready to sit down with the u.s. at any time in any manner to solve the issue south korea says it will continue to work with the u.s. in pursuit of talks with the north me ask for advice foreign minister kim statement you see no change of the sincere will by the relevant countries when it comes to resolving the current situation through dialogue the government will continue our diplomatic efforts to further extend this momentum for the talks well the trump announcement came just hours after north korea said it had blown up its only nuclear test site in a gesture of goodwill to reduce regional tensions foreign journalists saw the site being dismantled on thursday and said they heard a huge blast reporters were given rare access to witness the event but international nuclear inspectors weren't invited pyongyang promised to shut down
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the site to show its commitment to the nuclearization across the korean peninsula bright as our correspondent following events out of seoul for us rob are there any positives at all in any of this. south korea trying to get up to speed with is still reeling somewhat from the shock of it in the way that it came about people have been looking for the positives south korea's foreign minister. has held a phone call with his u.s. counterpart mike pompei o trying to look for positives trying to be upbeat and interestingly finding those positives in the reaction from north korea north korea has been accused by donald trump of showing hostility and anger in their first official reaction they showed anything but they seem determined to be the injured party or to show themselves as the injured party in this case giving a very measured statement which you mentioned there from the deputy foreign
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minister kim saying that north korea welcomes the opportunity at any time to sit down and to can have have this dialogue or put the dialogue back on track so pump a zero and can have said that obviously that's a positive that should be worked towards they still want to see this negotiation process continue and also not to lose the momentum as they have said from the first summit the summit between kim jong un of north korea and the moon jay in the john summit of a month ago which you'll remember seemed like very heady days compared with what we have now and the concern here is from j.n. and everybody in south korea that the momentum that was built up the goodwill is not now simply squandered peter clearly the chinese feel out of beijing that mr kim is sincere is that attitude towards the north korean leadership mirrored where you
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are in south korea. there are more hawkish conservative people here in south korea who are always mistrustful of the north they actually would welcome this decision by trump to pull out they've been very suspicious of north korea motives all the way along but there is a real a groundswell of feeling here that this process was going in the right direction that yes the nuclear site had been demolished and people here believe that is a sincere gesture the concern for many south koreans is now what their position is between north korea and the u.s. if the u.s. takes a robust stance with north korea and calls in its traditional ally south korea saying that it should stand firm against north korea come what may and people started to talk about what happens if there is some sort of standoff or
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confrontation that puts obviously south korea in a very tricky very difficult position real contrast to the kind of the kind of improving relations that they've been enjoying for the previous few months ok we're up for the moment many thanks. at least six people have been killed and twenty two were injured after a car bomb exploded in the eastern libyan city of benghazi local sources say it happened behind otel near a syrian products market indonesia's parliament is expected to pass anti terror legislation which will give more power to the army the change in the law follows a series of recent suicide bomb attacks ascott high the reports now from the capital jakarta. it's been more than two years in coming but indonesia's latest anti-terrorism bill is expected to become law on friday a series of recent suicide bomb attacks renewed focus just last week more than twenty people were killed at churches and a main police station in surabaya indonesia's second largest city two families
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including children carried out the attacks claimed by eisel supporters of the new law say it gives more tools to the government and law enforcement to prevent attacks you know when. our old low is only about the response to terror act and we know if we are only responding it won't solve the problem there are always new terrorists and that's why we are revising so we can prevent it. more than one thousand indonesians travel to syria and iraq to join i suppose fight it's estimated at five hundred have returned to the new law will allow police to charge indonesians proven to have joined a terrorist group while abroad they'll also be able to detain suspects for up to six months this is where a suicide bombing and shooting took place two years ago in front of right here in central jakarta eight people died i saw claimed responsibility that attack prompted strong calls to revise existing outside terrorism laws the bill outlines
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a role for the indonesian army the t.n.i. in combating terrorism to ease fears about the expanded role of the army the government uses that bombing in jakarta neighborhood as an example for when the t.n.i. would be brought in. if it's a large merge and see then based on the recommendation of the national agency for combating terrorism a presidential regulation will be issued but if it's a small terrorist attack we don't need the military. following army led massacres in the one nine hundred sixty s. and a history of human rights abuses since there is concern about the military's anti-terrorism role of course we agree that we need to enforce. maybe to. a special unit. all. you need a law enforcement but not informing the military. and
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the authorities i'm after the church bombings and served by president djoko widow proposed a rule in lieu of law if parliament fails to pass the new legislation but it seems suicide attacks have pushed members of parliament to act scott al jazeera jakarta. local still to come on al-jazeera including these stories russia rejected. claims that it's missile them in louisiana lights flight m.h. seventeen killing everyone four years ago. and is an island prepare for a landmark referendum that could overturn one of the world's strictest bands. welcome back let's look at the weather across the americas this time and across
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some eastern parts of the u.s. still we've got quite a bit of rain certainly from georgia down through into the florida looking fairly wet louisiana seen some heavy rain dallas seen some showers too also we got some rain across parts of the midwest extending into ward chicago but still warm and dry for new york and washington temperatures are about twenty eight twenty nine degrees during the course of saturday and across western areas it's looking generally final songes there seen sunny skies and highs of twenty one now heading down into central america in the caribbean we are still stuck with this area of cloud and rain extending across the bahamas through cuba and further towards the isthmus and that's going to get heavy rain across parts of guatemala southwards towards the panama but for kingston jamaica not bad at times some of the more eastern are and should enjoy the sunshine but i think flooding remains a risk across parts of cuba in particular and also rather cloudy skies across the yucatan peninsula well that may brighten up slightly as we head through saturday mexico city those expect to be dry and fine with temperatures in the upper twenty's
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for south america some heavy showers across far northern areas coming southwards those looking largely dry and fine should be a bright one is aries highs of eighteen. donald trump has rescinded foreign aid to charities that perform actively promote abortion people and pallid discovers the consequences a u.s. president spends trying to can have on countless lives around the globe he's completely incensed against eulogized people will go for oneself of bush and those people with trump and the ethics of foreign aid on our.
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welcome back let's recap your top stories for you so far this hour north korea says the consolations the plan summit with the u.s. president is against the wishes of the world donald trump called the meeting off claiming tremendous anger and open hostility from the office but pyongyang says it's still open to resolving the issues. south korea's president says he's perplexed by the trump decision his foreign minister has spoken with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh they agreed to continue pursuing talks with pyongyang. but. the announcement came just hours after north korea said it had blown up its only nuclear test site in a goodwill gesture to reduce regional tensions reporters were given rare access to witness the event but international nuclear inspectors were not invited to see
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a woman q. is managing editor of korea exposé he joins us from seoul on skype. is there anything to build on here. well certainly there are some hopeful signs let's not forget that just several hours ago last night when donald trump maybe his statement regarding his desire to cancel the summit a lot of the commentators actually thought of my god this is going to be the beginning of the end north korea if it's going to be as it has been in the past will certainly follow through a threat central location and things will only go down from here but in fact what we have seen from the of korea is that it's still willing to use it engage with us to a dialogue it is willing to give washington time and opportunities and it seems that still there is a threat what we're naming so we will have to see how will this unfolds in the days to come nancy pelosi in washington talking about kim jong un as being a thug that kind of language of course reminiscent of what mr trump was saying
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about mr kim in this to kim was saying about mr trump just a few months back now you know because the the rates of change in the relationship had been so fast we're not going back to the bad old days though of mudslinging and name calling well not just yet but the fact that u.s. or u.s. politicians are willing to do is use this kind of language itself is very dangerous for the bees process because everybody recognizes this is something that north korea is very sensitive to and this is one which has been used in the past by for example the bush administration to really torpedo any kind of dialogue that could have happened that seemed to thousands it's interesting to notice at this point in time that it is north korea actually that comes across as the responsible or into a party to this process while there are questions being raised about the level of commitment on the part of the u.s. to actually solving this or more peaceful means and what will mr merton moons
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advises be telling him during the course of today because i mean he needs a victory here doesn't. well he certainly needs a victory you might recall the summit we can go and ducking late last month really was seen as a kind of will triumph not just in the international media those little bottles of domestic glee which is why many people in here in the south korean public actually felt it is only in singapore it was a done deal and it came as a really blue and a surprise denied washington was going to cancel it and i think with the emergency meeting last night at the blue cross and the kind of state when we have seen coming from the presidency it's very clear that even the south korean government is the foetal to use its language its confused and it is not entirely clear what it can do because ultimately it does not really seem to have a little process say one coup in so thank you very much.
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dutch investigators have concluded that the missile used to shoot down a civilian passenger airplane in twenty fourteen came from a russian military unit all two hundred ninety eight people on board the malaysia airlines flights m.h. seventeen were killed the russian president vladimir putin has said russia doesn't trust the investigation but will stick to look at the findings still right chalons as more. progress has seemed painfully slow at times but piece by piece the joint investigation team led by the netherlands is building its case into the deaths of two hundred ninety eight innocent adeline passengers and crew over eastern ukraine four years ago and the j.i.t. case points increasingly that russia. it's. today the joint task force has concluded that the missile used to shoot down m.h. seventeen originated from the fifty third. brigade of the russian armed forces
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the international j i t back to the latest allegations with plenty of information they showed photos and videos alleging the particular missile launcher was driven into ukraine from the fifty third brigade a base near course in southwestern russia they displayed parts of a missile with a production code indicating it was made in moscow in one thousand nine hundred six and they suggested they had other data presumably classified intelligence as yet there are no name to suspects and no accusation that it was russian military personnel who shot down m.h. seventeen rather than the separatists russia has always denied supporting and supplying during the war in eastern ukraine but the j.i.t. feels it's narrowing in on those responsible and a prosecution in a dutch court but the chances of russians facing justice in a foreign courtroom are vanishingly small russia doesn't extradite its civilians
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let alone military personnel involved in a clandestine war in a neighboring country and russia has put forward an often contradictory collection of counter narratives for why it couldn't possibly have had any role in the needless deaths of nearly three hundred people bloody near putin meeting french president macron incent petersburg responded to the new accusations. would you crime is involved in the investigation russia is a much more so we don't know but usually mission is writing in those reports and what it is a standpoint of in order for us to recognize the report we have to be fully involved in the investigation and that we deal looks although new for the j.i.t. is case the substance of their allegations was actually already in the public domain and has been for some time it was a reports two years ago by open source investigators belling katz that first pointed to russia's fifty third anti-aircraft missile brigade as the origin of the
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big missile system and belling can't say they have another big m.h. seventeen development to reveal on friday rory chalons al-jazeera sim petersburg russia the us president donald trump has posthumously pardoned the first black heavyweight boxing champion jack johnson he was convicted in one nine hundred thirteen on charges of taking his white girlfriend across state lines for immoral purposes the law at the time could be used to prosecute men for interracial relationships even if they were consensual granted johnson a full pardon saying his decision corrected historic wrong my family now can go forward knowing that the stain and the pool has been raised and history will be written and i sincerely think you stay here with me and you and everybody there brought me here and there's also probably. lose more is a professor of history at the grand valley state university and author of fight for
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a living boxing and the battle for black manhood he explains now why johnson remains so popular. group stores the sports somebody was born the son of sleighs rise up to be the head weight champion of the world and so he wins that in one thousand allayed what happens to after that is that america and cities and states pass a lot of laws that try to ban black white men from fighting obviously the mann act which is used to convict jack johnson of taking a woman across state lines for immoral purposes but also what you have is black athletes are being judged are you going to be like jack johnson that is say are you going to live your life as a free man and when i say that i mean jack johnson there his life as a free man he did whatever he wanted to do an era where one every four days a black person is be lynched so he gave a lot of black working class men hope right that they could live their life how they saw fit. families from eight countries assuming the european union for failing
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to adequately protect them from climate change now the claim nicknamed the people's climate case is the first of its kind to be brought against the e.u. the family say climate change is infringing on their fundamental human rights and a sunny day ago the warning signs have been alarming forest fires droughts and rising sea levels have all pointed to dramatic climate change and the agency needed to tackle it. but one group of people action just isn't happening fast enough families whose livelihoods have been seriously affected by climate change. we lack rain and when it does rain it's to rent and there are hail storms which destroy the crowed. we have to do something concrete before it becomes totally irreversible. they say that the e.u.
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is not doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and current targets will not protect them or their future so i am for meaning because on the families are concerned about the same thing they don't want any compensation of damages all they want is for the e.u. to adjust its climate targets so that the families a protected as much as possible twenty seventeen was among the three hottest years ever recorded the world economic forum says all environmental dangers have become more prominent over the past decade pushing the planet to the brink not only is it costing it is also wreaking havoc on the global economy natural disasters from last year alone cost hundreds of billions of dollars then. here and if it's recognized by the european court that climate protection is a human rights issue then climate protection can be activated in the court of all of a jurisdictions in the world and that's really important for the plaintiffs. as
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the e.u.'s general court in luxemburg here's the case lawyers scientists and non-governmental organizations are pushing for the e.u. to become more ambitious to prevent dangerous climate change before it is too late to do anything about it. al jazeera. heavy flooding across much of sri lanka has killed at least thirteen people and displaced more than forty thousand others the army and the police have been deployed to rescue those trapped after days of heavy monsoon rains to the bone the patients who fled hospital in the democratic republic of congo went to church just before they died potentially exposing more than fifty other people to the deadly virus health officials are struggling to contain an outbreak of the disease in the city of mumbai and dhaka where twenty two people are known to have died since april doctors without borders save the two patients were vomiting and they were infectious and they died just
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hours after attending a press the polls are set to open in ireland in just a few hours time on whether to repeal one of europe's strictest abortion laws the eighth amendment makes terminating a pregnancy illegal in all but the strictest of circumstances and it's punishable with a long prison sentence the vote pitches social and religious conservatives against those who want a more liberal ireland need from dublin irish people have been given an important choice campaigners from both sides of the argument have been bringing the debate to the people islands voting on whether to repeal the eighth amendment of the country's constitution that all but bombs abortion the law says that the life of a mother and unborn fetus are equal abortions only allowed if there's a serious risk to the mother's life not in cases of rape incest or serious optimality those that break the law or face a maximum fourteen year prison sentence. donahue is
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a doctor she's voting yes to repeal the eighth amendment she was pregnant with her third child when things started to go wrong we discovered that our baby had a condition called out of catholic i'm at the top half of his head had never formed so there's nothing about his eyes no brain skull and if we knew then that our baby would not survive. and would have to carry the child to full term possibly another twenty weeks she travelled to liverpool in the u.k. for an abortion just being alone in a foreign country when you're dealing with us and then having. given birth and then several hours later having to board a plane to come home. and then a couple of weeks later. the ring on my door about and that's the courier and he has the ashes of my baby. this is where the debate is gathering momentum on high streets up and down the country here in the capital dublin yes camp i know camp are
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out in force campaigning side by side but you can probably imagine there are some heated moments here the results of this referendum will say an awful lot about how it's changed and how the paint to carry on changing. this is how the no campaign to getting their message across they believe that if the law changes it will be the. money a backing no for religious reasons the catholic church that once dominated irish society strongly opposes it from the moment of conception until natural death catholics believe that human life is sacred and therefore worthy of protection when it comes to the issue off the the on board we believe that worthy off special protection and in law but increasingly even people with religious beliefs are choosing a different path helped by political leaders like the country's prime minister who fax a change of the law. the government's proposed allowing unlimited access to abortions during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy subject to medical advice if the
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referendum is passed for many of this debate that's a step too far both sides say they're seeking a compassionate. to a difficult question. leave barca al-jazeera doublet. welcome if just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha the headlines north korea says the cancellation of a planned summit with the u.s. president is against the wishes of the world donald trump called off the meeting blaming tremendous anger and open hostility from the north but pyongyang says it's still open to resolving the issues the south korean president says he is perplexed by mr trump's decision his foreign minister has spoken with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o south korea says it will continue to work with the u.s. in pursuit of talks with the north mierda me ask for advice foreign minister kim
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statement we see no change of a sincere will by the relevant countries when it comes to resolving the current situation through dialogue the government will continue our diplomatic efforts to further extend this momentum for the talks. the announcement came just hours after north korea's said it had blown up its only nuclear test site in a gesture of goodwill to reduce regional tensions reporters were given rare access to witness the event however international nuclear inspectors weren't invited. in other news dutch investigators have concluded that the missile used to shoot down a civilian passenger plane in twenty fourteen came from a russian military unit all two hundred ninety eight people on board the malaysia airlines flights seventeen were killed the plane was traveling over eastern ukraine the russian president vladimir putin said russia doesn't trust the investigation. at least one thousand people are missing after a cyclon hit the yemeni island of soko truck heavy rains and strong winds lashed
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the unesco world heritage sites in the arabian sea a state of emergency has been declared after the storm flooded villages and capsized boat it's expected to make landfall in nearby oman on saturday donald trump has posthumously pardon the first black heavyweight boxing champion jack johnson he was convicted in one nine hundred thirteen on charges of taking his white girlfriend across state lines for immoral purposes the law at the time could be used to prosecute and for interracial relationships even if those relationships were consensual trump granted johnson a full pardon saying his decision corrected a historic role those are your headlines up next people in power aussie's of. the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven or a price for twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. to help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in
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counting the cost on al-jazeera. one of president trump's first sanctioned office was a moderate to prevent u.s. aid cash going to n.g.o.s to promote a bullshit as a method of family planning the move when the applause of production advocates but it's been condemned by aid agencies and charities who say the ruling will have devastating consequences to their work in the developing world. filmmakers sarah spiller and calum mcrae to find out why.


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