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tv   Al- Nakba 2013 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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i'm robot isn't and doha the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has suggested his high stakes summit with north korea's leader could be back on a day after he called it off welcome to conciliatory statement from north korea which said it remained open to talks our white house correspondent kimberly hauck that report as he delivered the commencement address at the u.s. naval academy president trump did not directly mention his canceled summit with north korea's leader but said the u.s. is prepared for whatever happens now the best way to prevent war. is to be fully prepared for war earlier while speaking to reporters outside the white house
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trump expressed optimism about meeting with kim jong un even suggesting the june twelfth summit he cancelled a date earlier could be back on so we'll see what happens to the degree that well we're talking to them now they very much want to do it we'd like to do it we're going to see what happens white house officials say given the lack of preparation the prospect of a june twelfth summit is almost impossible they say their goal now is making sure if and when a meeting does occur that it's productive still on friday trying tweeted he believes his political opponents are attempting to thwart his efforts writing democrats are so obviously rooting against us in our negotiations with north korea indeed with us elections now months away that could ship control of congress from republicans to democrats the president's opponents are calling his efforts to negotiate with the north korean leader amateurish noting that the art of diplomacy is often much more difficult than the art of the deal on thursday the top democrat
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in the house of representatives chided trump over his council summit with kim jong il and he got this letter from the president saying ok never mind he must be having a giggle fit right there now and north korea despite domestic criticisms the white house says trump's focus on diplomacy and the goal of north korea's denuclearize ation he continues to coordinate with his secretary of state mike pump aoe and is consulting with his national security advisor john bolton a man many blame for ultimately the railing the june summit kimberly how good al-jazeera washington. exit polls suggest ireland has voted by a two to one margin in a referendum to ease restrictive abortion laws the polls predict a victory for the yes campaign with sixty eight percent in favor of repealing the eighth amendment official results are expected on saturday afternoon hollywood
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movie mogul harvey weinstein has been charged by us police with the rape and sexual abuse of two women he turned himself in early friday but his lawyer says he will plead not guilty weinstein's career imploded last year following allegations by more than one hundred women the u.s. house of representatives has approved a measure requiring the pentagon to investigate whether american troops tortured detainees in yemen hundreds of men have reportedly gone missing in the south of the country after they were allegedly picked up during a search for al qaeda fighters american officials say that u.s. forces have been involved in interrogations of detainees in yemen but they deny they took part in human rights abuses president vladimir putin has dismissed accusations russia was behind the shooting down of a malaysia airlines flight over ukraine four years ago with the loss of two hundred ninety eight lives. and the netherlands say they hold moscow legally responsible that's after international investigators concluded the missile system used in the
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attack was provided by a russian army brigade spanish prime minister mariano rajoy has refused to step down or call a snap election despite a no confidence motion filed by the opposition it comes after a madrid court fined rai's ruling people's party for profiting from an illegal kickbacks for contract scheme. brazil's president has ordered the military to clear the highways of truck drivers who are protesting the price of diesel the government's reached an agreement with the drivers union but some are refusing to back down the blockades led to shortages of fuel food and medical supplies those are the headlines the news continues here in algeria after the nakba life in that.
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nineteen forty eight. palestinians that you and or the catastrophe. when hundreds of thousands were forced out of their homes. for israelis that marks the closing of the state of israel.
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as a filmmaker and as a palestinian this documentary series was my way to understand the evidence of the past that are still shaping the present. it is the word new within picture and it got it read. the originally your duel for
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a share of these real jeffers being gathered in the groves of palestine for shipment already. images from another time when palestinians still worked their land. a few palestinians if any could imagine they were to become victims of what would later be known as ethnic cleansing in. the. after thirty years of british rule the question of this time. the un now became the forum for conflict talks focused on dividing palestine into an arab and jewish state program. probably.
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not private. property. but rather. from religion. and without that. november twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred forty seven the un general assembly met to devise a plan for the partition of palestine from the heat of the. world that i in the old limerick worker who comes on this from here when we sat for us to united nations resolution one eighty one divided palestine into an arab and a jewish state with jerusalem being an internationalized city. the jewish state. granted fifty six percent of the land. the city of jaffa was included as an enclave of the arab state. the lands known today as the gaza strip was split from its surrounding agricultural regions making the proposed state all but impractical in
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the eyes of many palestinians the draft resolution was presented for a vote on our. docket for. britain to do with. america we assess if there were valid the trauma to the yeti some are other what their fathers' father who up early for dart why but if it does show we it other women to be do or will further further for but do not be if if if there were free to preach with what we may there are other men to do or at other for. but darted m.e.p. either here. it does wheat whether it possibly borrow a lot of sweet william to not have a possible eat it up last week. and then the make up about arab newspapers ran a name in shameless the countries that voted for the un partition plan and the arab
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protesters took to the streets. it was unthinkable in the united nations or any other place in the world that a national liberation movement would share the land with the settler community by dividing what was important for the zionist in you know the nation petition resolution was that it provided israel with international legitimacy but they didn't care for the borders or it didn't stop them from thinking how to dispose of the palestinians and i would have seen. how little stickum of the blood only at home like a funnel both of us and the without it be about you at once fear who're. what that they think of the you know the feedback at leisure they had to be with you i've done it let me let measured in the food though i don't know what quality that will you hold the. difference for. following the partition resolution britain
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announced it would end its mandate in palestine on made a fourteen thousand nine hundred forty eight. outraged by the vote for partition the arab league decided to prepare the palestinians for an existence. some three thousand volunteers some from across the arab world were sent to training in syria a figurehead for the struggle was the grand mufti of jerusalem meanwhile hussein from his refuge in lebanon he felt confident the palestinians with help from the arab countries prevailed as aminah said if it's about the team commitment on sunday ourselves and in my country for us to have a free world it all in conflict when in the us and we should. and i'm not in a saying the can we should focus from supply chain can we show for which items stopped or not a bomb kind of enough we can assure you and so did her dog. alison ians began to organize local committees for self defense by the end of nine hundred forty seven
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groups of young men were travelling to damascus beirut and cairo to acquire weapons and receive military training. but that that law would that. iraq had been without all rough and i thought about. this as their thought but already i mean they're not the theater of sheraton calcutta but oh did a clash about the debate i live with and never had that matter i don't know if you have the rest of how that with or without the i'm would not the dictator thought what a good the the at. but a couple of us maybe go why are you because they have added a bad project. to the french. early one nine hundred forty eight despite the presence of the british the jewish agency led by david ben-gurion asserted increasing military and administrative
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influence in palestine jewish paramilitary forces included the hagana the urban and the stone. during the first half of one nine hundred forty eight their numbers swelled to as many as forty thousand men and women. on the other side there were as few as three thousand palestinian irregulars. this was the remnants of the fighting force smashed by the british after the arab revolt in ninety six. there were also an estimated four thousand volunteers from the region known as the arab liberation army led by an arab nationalist. a look. in terms of fighters the palestinians were outnumbered and outgunned small group of than its leaders and military commanders met regularly on a weekly basis from february one thousand forty seven to february nineteenth for
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only a year planning the ethnic cleansing of palestine didn't decide about it in a day they had the weekly meetings and each week they became more and more convinced this was the right way forward in the first week of one nine hundred forty eight still ities picked up there were two bomb attacks against palestinian targets. the first a car bomb destroyed the old autumn in government house in jaffa it killed twenty six people. the second the bombing of the semiramis hotel in jerusalem killed over twenty. as oaks for the university's middle east center. we found an important document it contained details of a meeting on january the sixth one nine hundred forty eight between the british high commission of a palestine and they've been during. the high commission or inquired about reports the target was responsible for the attack on
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the some enormous hotel. ben-gurion conceded this might be the case. and in a letter he sent two days later ben-gurion confirmed how going as responsibility for the attack. during the first three months of one nine hundred forty eight jewish paramilitary groups carried down to dozens of attacks on palestinian cities and villages some operations were carried out by special units of jews disguised as arabs know as mistery of it yet hold further up that law a little torah be lived. for. a minute more and more. but never a. third in atlanta now. or not one of. them in rio. a direct challenge to the united nations and its
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hours of war prevention comes from palestine the definition of legal and illegal forces becomes daily amount of skill and another force first legally raised for the defense of just seven months appears to function hand in glove with. the outlawed terrorist on. the well trained jewish forces began to put their plans into action. on february the fifteen thousand nine hundred forty eight fighters from the hug an armed power denies ations attack the village of caesarea near haifa. a young man called sacra bean is believed to have been one of the field commanders in the assault. over one thousand palestinians were expelled from cancer as the village was torched to the ground. what the news forces did they. targeted five villages on the coast and experiment with it to see
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whether it works and they expelled the inhabitants five villages under the eyes of the british soldiers who were all still there to me forty eight and they found out that he was quite easy that it didn't take much that was in much resistance the british did not interfere and. that was the k. fear so put them out of austin area. to hear from us than here can apply what the words are up what will be asked about a lot of them at the last in day i didn't mean it all but you know sort of stuff we know. sounds you've done. good. for most of the in. our case i mean when i. didn't come in. march the ten proved to be a fateful day. the final meeting was on the turns of march likely for. player when
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the draft of the player was blown. which finalize the last the those above the how to expel the palestinians in this process them. in body on. their must for the mother for. me a vision of the. both of them a diary entry from being gory and exposes the extent of the zionist agenda he writes in each attack a decisive blow should be struck resulting in the destruction of homes and the expulsion of the population. the palestinian and arab fighters determined to resist this newspaper from march the sixteenth one nine hundred forty eight reports that a jordanian volunteer commander of the haifa garrus was trying to obtain weapons. is name was mohammed al who. haifa well i'm
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a number of indian implemented that he was there or has enough said. mr thought him. the bottle softener just a lot of more than it was started to annoy me it was too but i was but then he did one of the. kind of thought the dishes or the butter was the. least i'm really going to an out of me while i sat it out and i've been there for an hour the lot of one of the most are so modest. a lot of us let me let my child while deny develop the stuff. but i just want the root the much as it has and i can be adamant as they are here i think they're out to men men because it is the human. kind of shabab and i do sam and i keep him until i come to form. your highness i feel it would be ideal with him on a couple of minor. for of the next road because they must come and get them and i
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believe and i could have wear their clothes in a stock and one i. will look at will see i'll be ninety was killed in an ambush on the road to haifa he had fought for palestine and had a big ultimate price. up the car there out of husseini was the charismatic commander of palestinian forces in the jerusalem area he traveled to damascus to plead for alms he returned empty handed. on the sixth of april he wrote a letter to the arab league holding it responsible for leaving the palestinians defenseless and without arms eventually al husseini had to sell his grandfather's land to buy weapons on april the eighth he rushed to the defense of castile a village overlooking the tel of the jerusalem road. here arab fighters faced
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heavily armed jewish forces. husseini was an experienced commander having force against the british during the one nine hundred thirty six hour revolt. he was killed in the battle of castile. his funeral drew a large crowd of mourners his death was a severe blow to the palestinian. jewish forces were gaining the upper hand. they began to see in areas that the un partition plan had a lot to do the arab state. in this land grab little discrimination was made between fighters and civilians. at
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dawn on april the one thousand nine hundred forty eight a combined force of irgun and stern gang fighters moved into the village of dia yes seen near jerusalem. the result was a massacre over one hundred palestinians were killed including women children and the elderly. want them about their sleep. can attempt to note it at a kilometer and knocked up with it a blizzard returning phone calls one tomorrow an outcome of the how to feed it is seen let me at the heart of the as i mentioned in the british british. down we are population of the terrorists known. because we were a bear the poster i will pray for to police the country. and the whole kind. of fourteen had hit the i can get shot all this love
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uselessness. bob dylan should feel that he had. the loony had it hurt or could never she fished another a sit out baby who they were for the see they were one was a mother could fill look at british troops began their withdrawal a month before the date set for the end of the mandate as soon as they moved out of an area jewish fighters moved in. can computed says he will tony when you heard that come can feel who go to bed but i bet it the kind of still him to give them a good lick willingly is. and you feel living full of the media who would use to move in you can sit in the movie he. had a look at what i just put up we still. could come. over to rob ford after your dramatic there you know i'm not cover more ground are short.
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duration a job there and out of here the years have felt a little then a shutdown i want to come home when i'm out of the moment but i had a job or larry but it's on us it's the holiday. done it's in your good. to tell us no i could not send them to you with a laugh but it's on. the top of the office of the sat. talking shit about it you had to use a gun on a bit and now the human animal that dude medina obviously but the part that i haven't come by that can be defied i think medina. where duty can i mean that i eat out if i don't see it the. well off of the of death was for me one but even for supply side was about puffs. of it but if. you know where you where you direct
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about a cease and we have to say thought i come to that he might be that the you had it and that thought for a medina. well you do then we'll have to have the ability. for the sleeping up to a place i thought it was that was part of the british sack me a new yahoo i hope before the weather because i don't show up after the hop either you know off the top of the shaft and that will be cool well bob where did the. where you put the cup it was set for my league of it by g. a b. had offers at midnight was that for a while dr shah wells will probably. whatever profits or whether the other party was to should remain. on april the eighteenth the british army withdrew from the city of tire perience. before leaving they forced some five thousand of the city's arab inhabitants to evacuate their homes.
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the following day jewish forces seized tybee areas shatov but all my faith again a lot but a little bit up on the. unfairness to me and men in haifa in the mosque that he lama leave that i am unfit as the mean church of. forward a little funny. people the twenty first i knew the last british troops completed their withdrawal from i for. that very afternoon the city was stormed by thousands of i'm going to fighters. some palestinians and arab volunteers stayed to defend their homes after
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a two day street battle sixty of them had been killed the rest withdrew from the city and never lend their behavior. let me think that hey that area that it i think. i should not love is that we have a lot that allah. from the height heading north to lebanon came right possible trade school but it entrance gate. and it is a sand soit goes to me and many poor are some pickup truck car bed on the top some on the. neverending industry of arabs coming out of the city the jews to drive them out of the arab side of haifa very sad so i we could have stopped. there is no doubt about that we had the armored to do it.
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fifty thousand arabs were forced to flee their homes by phone never to return. today a memorial stands in a city erected by the israelis it commemorates with a cool deliberation of hyphen. getting to the heart of the matter if well stuff i can see the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have towards would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peace corps unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera june on al-jazeera. with media trends constantly changing the listening post continues to analyze how the news is covered it's the most widely viewed sporting event on the planet as russia prepares
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to host the football world cup we'll bring you stories from on and off the field from afghanistan one o one east investigates why so few girls are in school despite billions of dollars of donations one year since the imposed blockade of al-jazeera examines the political economic and human impact of the crisis unfold provoking documentaries witness brings world issues into focus for personal stories june on al-jazeera. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channels for the like this if i'm allowed to do it but i'm not allowed to get fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we look at the world . cup. al-jazeera worked out this time on
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al-jazeera. plane land. i wrote about this in in doha the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump a suggested his high stakes summit with north korea's leader will be back on a day after he called it off trump says he's having very productive talks with pyongyang about reinstating the talks south korea is cautiously welcoming the signs of progress calling it a relief. to see what happens when talking to them. there was a very nice day but that what we'll see what happens. now we'll see what happens it could be that we're talking to them now they very much want to do it we'd like to do we're going to see what happens exit polls suggest island has voted by a two to one margin to ease restrictive abortion laws the polls predict
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a victory for the yes campaign with sixty eight percent in favor of repealing the eighth amendment official results of the referendum expected saturday afternoon hollywood movie mogul harvey weinstein's being charged by us police with the rape and sexual abuse of two women he turned himself in on friday but his lawyer says he will plead not guilty weinstein's career imploded last year following allegations by more than one hundred women the u.s. house of representatives has approved a measure requiring the pentagon to investigate whether american troops tortured detainees in yemen hundreds of men have reportedly gone missing in the south of the country after they were allegedly picked up during a search for al qaeda fighters american officials say that u.s. forces have been involved in a gay sions of detainees in yemen but they deny they took part in human rights abuses. president vladimir putin has dismissed accusations russia was behind the
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shooting down of a malaysia airlines flight over ukraine four years ago with the loss of two hundred ninety eight lives and the netherlands say they hold moscow legally responsible that's after international investigators concluded the missile system used in the attack was provided by a russian army brigade brazil's president has ordered the military to clear the highways of truck drivers who are protesting about the increasing price of diesel the government's reached an agreement with the drivers union but some are refusing to back down the book aids led to shortages of fuel food and medical supplies those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after by phone. by late april nineteenth the city of haifa had fallen to jewish forces.
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the coastal town of jaffa was now the next target. here moustapha didn't give any. indication as to. what decibel a tele be bored with you and to her to defy. data from you can't. get it to the whole you get it that way he can. you see about what he behold she. and the only. other schafer only wrestler skating. but. although designated as part of the arab state in one thousand nine hundred forty seven un partition plan jewish forces set their sights on jaffa. during the last week of april bombing of the city intensified the city's inhabitants were forced to flee the shelling by sea to lebanon and by road to east
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palestine and jordan. by may the fourteenth one nine hundred forty eight the hunger had taken control of jaffa seventy thousand of its inhabitants had fled. the remaining males were transferred to central detention camps. detainees were forced to bury the corpses of fellow citizens now rotting in the streets.
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they were also forced to transport the contents of arab homes ransacked by jewish fighters. candia to membership in that way a federal woman has a lot of be here with greedy and ham and they would move. and no can. make tibet it ham them after but in the one accordance with the democrats with the what took. you to darley own fee and met. big jam and their belief in its. men has it and them that will i'm a bum up in a study just on your feet how many of that there is your. method. for me that i suggest opiate them up at the show many of us do have a bond but if i've been booked solid in the month of the seventy you must do or
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should know about of no. never mind that we're at the we've got another lot of money in the bin at these at that has thought it will cost of the wilmot for a year to get there is you just sort of been. in the very do you horrible pub he can use the bus or. well battered but that's not what they were going to. let them at the home. about possible trouble starts when bucky ecomil feet out of people. and his at the met in an open and let them know what i wanted and i mean that's. what do you mean feel a little more hostile to me if that is you and it's. a shame at the. new year in a month but then what. woman whom. i looked up to get the leisure here in the cabin and assess and i start to get a slight. it
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happened many times that easily. really all very holy. soldiers ten of the youngsters in the middle of the village shop there just in order to kill them in order that all the others will see and blood away and if it's not enough they took others also the palestinians left of the own accord. and in the expectation of a triumphal return another variant of this version is that the palestinians left on orders from the leaders to clear the decks for the invading. arab armies and their promise that after the great are
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a victory they will be able to return to their homes so that is the traditional. version and it's completely untrue and there is massive amount of hard evidence to contradict this version half of the palestinians became who became refugees were already expelled from their houses by may nine hundred forty eight so why i could say that out of the five hundred thirty palestinian villages that were destroyed in the one nine hundred forty eight about half of these villages were already demolished by the fifteenth of may. ethnic cleansing is an ideology that wants to get rid of one ethnic group in its
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entirety from the place where it lives the second stage of ethnic cleansing is to erase these people from the places of history so it's also a cultural act of your asia of wiping them out of history of out of memory. and the third stage is to make sure that it will never come back. although the british army was still present in palestine jewish paramilitaries seized control of five major cities some two hundred villages were destroyed. ahead of the full british withdrawal more than three hundred fifty thousand palestinians were driven from their last. may the fifteenth was the date set for the end of the british mandate. yet for the jews this posed a problem the fifteenth fell on a saturday the sabbath. so celebrates three announcements of the jewish state was
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sent out a day earlier on friday may the fourteenth. the british army hasten their retreat but the jews had been gearing up to take over in fact they were assuring jewish before the. fourteenth of may a few days before otoh got to frag they were in their own truck they were geared up by they were geared up and ready to go. on may the fourteenth nine hundred forty eight in this grand jury still in the home the last british high commissioner of palestine alan cumming of signed a document terminating the british mandate. over three decades the british presence had helped a with the way to the realisation of the zionist stream. minister of britain mandated are taking one hour in the morning coming and inspected the
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guard of honor in front of his jerusalem home. he then flew into haifa. from haifa he sailed to cyprus and the british flag was lowered. from the time the british occupied palestine in one nine hundred seventeen to when they left in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the number of jews is estimated to have multiplied ten times to hoffer million meanwhile as the british bid farewell to palestine ben-gurion arrived in tel aviv to ceremoniously declare the independence of the state of israel. well that is. all about golf. oh up by law what the law your the ball well.
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and. the state of israel was signed into existence at the stroke of a pen by twenty five leading members of the jewish community. here the behind the bangor ian hung a portrait of theodore hurt sole author of the book the jewish state back in one thousand nine hundred six. the star of david was hoisted the very same flag that had been raised in the settlement of reshown let's see on in one thousand nine hundred five since zionism is a dynamic. movement. they said there was no they knew that there was no finality about the borders there. they knew that opportunities with
4:43 am
the rise in due course. to take the rest of it and they did. and one to six or seven it was the thinking behind the zionist movement gradual there the building of a jewish state and then the gradual expansion of the borders of the jewish state is real they have named their new citizens of israel to the north trying the jewish declaration of independence they leave the insurance for. the myers woman member of the new council and foreign minister of iraq i'm white woman becomes israel's four hundred. minutes after the tel of eve ceremony the united states and mended a document on what they had previously referred to as the new jewish state the new wording now read the state of israel it was signed by president harry truman and
4:44 am
then announced by the u.s. representative to the united nations united states recognize the provision of the regime and. the fact. that it is real a new state was born on the foundations of the british mandate. and the house on the highway and on what i thought an environment that willingness and alan is the clear let me add the one with that how do i come here i mean if you are like what we are heber and of the other sony it will be clear that's been going on and. we'll hear a. minute entered that many of molecular come here from out you have that on the side here out there and i'm a tumble alone on a summer to dawdle every year futile it will bust with them. so that i'm going to. focus a lot of us who are going to put if it would all go on was
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a certain. elysia c.e.o. more subtle ability. the eight. for your costars terms then you. have to be interested if. what i did. more good work. will make their week come out or not potentially and will have them fuck up well and there's a media follows the me just what i. mean what and whether they're looking. well and the book or not was. instant state. not present. the british had not allowed forces from neighboring arab countries to enter palestine until after their departure by made the fifteenth with the last british troops gone arab armies and to become tree from the borders of lebanon egypt and what was then called trans-jordan their declared objective to liberate
4:46 am
palestine that day the new york times ran the headline jews in grave danger in muslim lands have come back to the united states to tell jews in the united states how the state of israel has been formed. and holding their ground in the country instead of the fact that they have been out numbered by the arabs and the arabs have become much better equipped with heavy and the jews have in their possession their reasoning is a simple one. rather funny thing in fantasy the state of israel and fighting for the only thing that they have in their possession it means life or death to them the jewish forces in nine hundred forty seven forty eight they were far stronger far more numerous actually than the combined arab.
4:47 am
they were highly. prepare. highly dedicated well armed. fighting force which was superior to all the arab armies by except perhaps one army which the one army which they didn't really take on and they made a deal with really talking about the jordanian army and happy and just allowed here so violently the hurt simple thing for me there and then taken as the admission that he. didn't think how the sun and the couldn't just let it be at that issue out of atlanta. with also eleven. million who they let us getting in with that and most i didn't look at that just got to be them to come had that i'm taken with the head that of the can one of them are american who really. had to give america of the law that represented one hundred damage only in jewish iraq if you look at the alamo
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dorman book about it was the fact one of the most. bitterly divided disorganized and ramshackle coalitions in the history of modern warfare i got so used in there was lots of people probably got a lot of the notable and huxley to the public and most of the wisdom of the messiah seductive for those people that look at leadership. huxley would be your mother so to call her good and him together and to me that's better mika thought of it as your kind of a toss of the garbage world market with plenty of good out of the real job. you know what it was kind of the market to sell poseidon bahamas. two days after the arab armies entered palestine the israeli forces drew their focus on a cost a little would. not be new on women have not then let it go into the pool not near
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on him. and bill them for the month in the month of the initiate. a lot of the let me see he. fell and ten thousand of its inhabitants were expelled. and naomi. and i did because he fled. big got better stuff up popped up rockefeller well i nod. but not. when i'm out there and nothing left what i've seen so bored. amendment added thought here i thought. what a lie and i'm out of club a lot of cooked up to have enough to know that i think i'm to tend to right for the door then matteis am katich is that what he amount of thought saw. that she had donated brandy why then but now. they have
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the right a cat it could go. for a major i don't know you diana for him bob it is more got him go through all of which have a tighter feel border but i doubt that your. road to hell not if you have the added will become better then that the hull not got the idea to become truly a member fly not gonna pick up a bad food chain and that is not what. the camera i doubt i'd add up and got but little while the guy at a comedy act if you're not good enough but when. i do not do it i will be on the multinational. shway when the gemini. they look behind me but they're going to go at it so i don't know that you've won. and he any the end at the end and i'm a bit more though and i depend on the dimia can still give hilarity or
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a little give and mostly we're the. home she will x. that's how my son oh you are my home we left him. or a death. in the. happy three were little uneasy. about socialization to the commuter. the jordanian army was commanded by an englishman john bluhm known as glub pascha. over forty other british officers also served in the army and held great influence under british advice king abdullah of trans-jordan agreed to a secret deal with the jewish leaders to avoid clashes between the jordanian army and the jewish fighters in return for the west bank and east jerusalem such token resistance was the reason glob later called the one nine hundred forty eight war
4:52 am
the phony. club is a very complex character he was not the simple minded soldier that he pretended to be but he was a highly sophisticated politician who imposed on the arabs britain's partition plan the meeting was between bevin the labor governments foreign secretary. and. a bull holder the jordanian prime minister who was accompanied by glub pasha also acted as an interpreter bevin asked. what do you plan to do and. said we plan to send the arab legion to protect and keep the are a part of palestine and bury him said that seems the sensible thing to do but do not go anyway the jewish path second of may they met for the last time
4:53 am
british offices in the arab legion to find a solution for jerusalem but it didn't work well what else happened in that meeting is that they brought maps which showed where they did then your leader would stop and would not enter the jewish state and where they did their new lead in stopped is today the border of the west bank that's how the west bank was actually created . heather commitment doesn't feel how to feel. go bash him and there is no look one day. on july the tenth the jordanian forces pulled out of long term ram. clear of jordanian forces the two cities were bombed by what was now these raby air force. the israeli army then. commanded by colonel moshi diane. in law and alone over one hundred palestinians were massacred inside the da marsh mosque. more than fifty thousand palestinians were expelled from the two cities.
4:54 am
walking without provisions in the summer heat many died of exhaustion in what has since become known as village death. despite the presence of the arab forces in palestine atrocities was still committed yet few are well documented. israeli historian theodore katz submitted a thesis claiming the israelis had committed a massacre in the coastal village of ten to euro. the close all the fall sides of them to guard the football from the inflated young maybe that was closing the side of the you know that they won't be able to one way. or one of the jobs in the field the soldier in the second company he was moving with his pistol of. all this row above the bit i asked if
4:55 am
there were. those who said five i fully some were next to my oath was that they'd like this oh he's whole top four people. the text was. the life it came all and the one deemed not. and those who answer that of the beach i have no life where that is the shock and. this is not just install this is the policy this. there was a lawyer. in the state of israel maybe the palestinian men often. will take it to seventy. and then. there was the they were led told. there would be lines that were told
4:56 am
to begin digging. and when ever they lived finished digging. they were shocked and fed down inside there was no worry on those amnesties subside soldiers will not understand what is expected because they already did deal with knives the palestinians in their thinking and perception long before the operations themselves began. the state of israel was formed through blood and fire yet this was neither the start nor the end of suffering for the palestinians. it would remove any vestige of doubt from certain manc that israel has come to the a people dispossessed a state established wherever i was able to do it from a stein memories back bravely great international peace organization the united
4:57 am
nations a momentous event which lies at the heart of ongoing conflict to this day seventy years on al-jazeera tells the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe. how low we got plenty of heat across a good pots of north america we've also got plenty of storms and they are ganging up across the eastern side of the consonance alosa cloud just starting to spill over towards the appalachians the eastern seaboard even into that say suicide of canada temperatures getting well up into the twenty's as you can see twenty nine
4:58 am
celsius there for d.c. but some really live the south was kicking off over the next couple of days let's move a little further west here is a good deal drier and brighter thirty two celsius there for denver there will be a few showers just around the rockies down nudge their way further east was as we go on through sunday warming up in seattle twenty two celsius similar temperature there for ally but the showers the wet weather that will continue around the eastern seaboard more so up towards new england through new york new jersey pushing a little further north as we go through sunday still some lively sal is around the panhandle it's looking pretty just joins up with the showers that we have across the caribbean western side of the cabin in particular cuba already has been taking something of a battering recently mistery of very heavy and thundery sours roll their way through little circulation there into the gulf of mexico so there will be some wet weather for a time and more of the same as we go through sunday. it
4:59 am
was one of the biggest bank robberies of modern times with over eighty million dollars stolen from bangladesh's central bank one of one east investigates how cyber hackers implicated the global banking system and on al jazeera. and this is different whether someone is paying for something that's very rare we think it's how you approach an individual and i think it is a certain way of doing it to congress. story in the out. al-jazeera is investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international cricket matches sixty to seventy percent that you can say you say fix it fix bribing professional players they send beautiful goes to the players they give them housing rolex watches. pictures. please i build an.
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al-jazeera investigations cricket match fixing. this is al jazeera. hello i'm robertson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes it's a good business while we're talking to them now they very much want to do it we'd like to do we're going to see what happens donald trump says his highly anticipated summit with north korea could be back on a day off to calling it off plus. if you. use it to the ears for many exit polls in ireland suggest a sweeping mandate for using its strict abortion laws.


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