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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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to downgrade the cats on the international list of tricks of the species. is these presidents named a stop gap prime minister who's promised a new election soon to resolve the political turmoil. and that i'm really mohamad this is al jazeera line from doha also coming out south korea's president mungy and considers joining the north's leader and donald trump as efforts continue for the high stakes summit. and chaos and scarcity across brazil as trungpa strike and tis it's the second week despite the government meeting some of the demands. and
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a criminal investigation is underway in sri lanka after al jazeera has reports on suspected match fixing and international cricket. sleeze president has appointed an interim prime minister after weeks of talks failed to produce a government and sparked a political crisis chama cuts already a former i.m.f. official is taking up the job his appointment comes off to the president's veto darrelle the efforts by two populist parties to form a coalition government trying to haul. political convulsions in italy meet the new prime minister designate not a political figure but a former international monetary fund official. i must underline that the government will maintain a neutrality a total neutrality with respect to the electoral debate. must now come up with
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a workable list of ministers but he's unlikely to survive a confidence vote in a parliament stacked against him so the new government will likely become a lame duck interim government until fresh elections in the autumn on the weekend president sergio rejected the euro skeptic finance minister proposed by the five star movement northern league coalition dashing their hopes of becoming europe's first far right populist government. last night was the darkest hour in italy's democracy president chose to ignore his constitutional prerogatives and prevent from power political force the five star movement which received eleven million votes they've been calls for mass protests and the president's impeachment as head of state the latter seems constitutionally unlikely but it's a nasty turn that sets the scene for a potentially ugly standoff we are going to see throughout the next three. years
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and the overarching the people versus the. establishment that with the head of state for the first time becoming the main target of the entire campaign there's also the economy to worry about italy's cost of borrowing is rising with the political uncertainty if the country's sky high debt were to become unserviceable then real crisis would arrive in the euro zone's third largest economy add to that a debate that will only grow louder perhaps angrier now about italy's membership of the eurozone as the nationalist northern league and ante a step. five star movement for an even bigger slice of the next electoral. carlow culture really did his best to calm the waters there. in the past few days tensions have increased on the financial markets you know that the spread has increased but . still growing and the budget remains on to control i can assure you that
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a government. will guarantee a prudent. public accounts. in italy political instability is a fact of life so they'll be little surprise about these twists and turns but no less anxiety over the outcome. of. their reaction to the appointment of carter early as interim prime minister has been mixed on the streets of rome. the situation is complicated i don't know what the person area we is but let's hope for the best and that carlo cottle really will be able to lead us to new elections. i think italians had expressed themselves during the election and what has happened now seems to be cancelling this expression so even if i don't really know this. we are left with a bitter taste here. the u.s. president says he will meet japan's prime minister. ahead of his high stakes summit with north korea's kim jong un is the latest move in
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a flurry of diplomatic maneuvers surrounding the possible kim meeting which was canceled but now may be back on south korea's president could also have a seat at the table andrew thomas has more from seoul. what a difference one frenetic weekend can make and now looks like it's full steam ahead for a summit in singapore on june twelfth as originally planned has been the u.s. delegation inside north korea on monday advice on kim south korean born but the u.s. ambassador to the philippines he's been ambassador here in seoul in the past though he was very much involved in the six nation talks that took place while president bush was in office later president obama he knows the issue backwards he's been meeting with north korea's vice foreign minister jaison he again fluent english speaker she knows this issue backwards from a north korean point of view meanwhile in singapore over the coming days they'll be u.s. delegation and a north korean delegation meeting to discuss the logistics security arrangements
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protocol that's all happening simle time in your sleep and if there is a summit on june the twelfth will president moon of south korea be there the blue house the presidential palace here in seoul said that though we're working on plans for president moon to be in singapore probably not for the beginning of the bilateral but it goes well between president trump and kim jong un if indeed it happens and president moon montjoy in at a later stage possibly minutes hours later but in singapore as well has been crucial to getting the other two leaders together and he would like a seat at the table. well for and this has crossed over to washington d.c. and speak to mike hanna so mike how significant is this meeting with shares are they. well it is significant in that japanese prime minister has often expressed concerns about any security arrangements that may arise out of this political process now he and president trump have been in constant contact in fact they hold a telephone conversation in the course of today now it is propose that
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a prime minister comes to d.c. on his way to an economic summit in quebec however he could also meet with president trump on the sidelines of that summit but the key issue here is he will be seeking assurances that japan's national security will not be put at risk by any moves or any decisions that president trump might make and some suspect to that prime minister wants to get his voice in president trumps to be the last one to speak to him before he has that meeting with kim jung own should take place and mike we're now looking at a try lateral meeting with south korea's leader when j.n. getting involved in the summit and potentially having a seat at the table. well president moon is very keen to be part of these ongoing discussions he's been a critical factor in getting the summit resuscitate after president trump suddenly canceled it last thursday however he also has
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a warm relationship it would appear with king. relationship forged over meetings some of them private the last one private on saturday evening so he might prove to be an advantage should he be at the table but it all gets back to the character of president trump and where they he does want a third person at the bilateral meeting where they he may be concerned about losing the spotlight if one could put it that way but as you heard the advance teams from both north korea and the white house are in singapore they are preparing for the summit they are sorting out protocol and one of the issues they will probably be discussing is exactly who's going to be at the table and when should the summit take place on june the two all right mike hanna left cross in washington d.c. thank you. now of brazil's government says it has reached an agreement with the main truckers union to end an eight day strike fuel and some food items are in short supply as many drivers continue to protest the national reports now from sao
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paulo. in brazil yet they're saying they've reached agreement on the protest is over but brasilia is a long way from here a most of the rest of brazil was. a nice truck drivers tens of thousands of them either haven't received the message or don't plan to heed it. we are not only here for the truck drivers but for all brazilians who are suffering with the rises in electricity water gas everything brazilians have to work just to survive we are not members of any political party we are the people who are suffering the most yet the same the rise in the price of diesel makes it hard for them to earn a living and tempers afraid and this used to be a strike now it's more than a strike brazil is realize that we can't keep going with these politicians who over the years we've seen involved in corruption bribery and scandals. the government has offered a ten percent reduction but can hardly afford the more than one of the costs
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a billion dollars it will have to pay the state oil company petrobras in compensation was taken many here by surprise is just how quickly a country as well developed as brazil with the seventh largest economy in the world can be brought to its knees with the economy fragile a weak government can only offer temporary partial solutions with everybody here now very well aware of how reliant we all are on a constant flow of fuel. protesting drivers have been blocking roads across brazil it means many gas stations have run out of fuel while those still have supplies attract lines of desperate motorists that can stretch to several kilometers is. not the economic recovery many. but second is happening. in illinois. brazil's economy is not weak was weak as the political movement in this country we've had a former president arrested and now have a weak president in office he has no leadership or charisma and the increase in oil
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and gas prices has just added to the problems. i even if all of brazil's truck drivers return to work immediately it would still take several days for the country to return to normal but the presidential elections due in october it will be a normality fraught with tension and the threat of more strikes and protests and one that i just. saw a head on al-jazeera an attack on free speech egypt attains journalists and activists yet again and. and how an african refugee has become france's new hero. from the waves of the sales. to the contours of the east.
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and i bet the rain for many of us in china has eased for now there is plenty of dry weather to be found just a few outbreaks of rain around the food province but as we head into wednesday we'll see that rain begin to creep back across pushing its way northward and you can tell from some of the dark colors here that we are expecting some of that rain to be very heavy meanwhile towards the west you can see this very distinctive circulation here that's a very intense system that's already given us some right over parts of thailand you can see the cloud that we've got with us currently it has given us some heavy rain more wet weather still to come further south also plenty of showers here in the showers every post the philippines are getting going now as well particularly in the south there's a spreading further north as we head through wednesday to the northern parts of luzon really where we're guaranteed a draw and following day if we head out towards the west then we can see two major areas of cloud head the first one on around the western part of india that's given to some heavy rain already and then there's the other one that we saw in previous
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charts that's working its way towards the east it is giving us some very very heavy downpours we are likely to see some flash flooding from this system gradually as we head through wednesday will begin to ease as it works its way further inland but certainly choose days looking incredibly wet for the west halts and dry in new delhi there with sponsored by the time these. i'll just serious investigative unit exposes the criminal gangs fixing international cricket matches sixty to seventy percent is a good thing it's a six year fix bribing professional player. they send beautiful goes to the players they give them housing rolex watches. the people. who work i don't think. al-jazeera investigations cricket match fixes.
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hello again you watch al-jazeera our mind of our top stories this hour italy's president has appointed four i.m.f. official congo cuts already as interim prime minister ahead of a fresh election it comes off to sergio must have had a stop plans all to populist parties to form a coalition government. and president donald trump says he will meet to japan's prime minister shinzo if his plan summit with north korea's leader kim jong un goes ahead trump have agreed they want to the permanent dismantlement of pyongyang's nuclear program. and brazil's government says it has reached an agreement with the main truckers union to end an eight day strike fuel and some food items remain in
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short supply as many drivers continue to protest. so much more now on the political developments in its anywhere a new interim prime minister has been named lawrence cook the cove is a professor of economics at boston university and he says that it's may need a decisive government. in a way it has gone demagogues in the past. go back to recently me where scone. only you know people that have no clear. direction to trying to energize the masses with no clear again or direction so it raises the concern about italy tell you and i will see that made some progress in recent years has been very slow growth has been very slow i'm one that has come down from about fourteen percent in twenty fourteen down to about one percent today but many people who are especially young people are still in employed
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so i understand the frustration but the way forward is not you were. wrong yourself from the rest of the of your trading partners to kind of rise isolate yourself it's not to eliminate the your move away from the euro stable currency and restart though you could get lira and then that with hyperinflation which is surely the result and if all the government debt so you need to have it's one thing to change governments and it's another thing to have. jews governments that actually know have some idea what they want to do. the political crisis has also kept spain promise a miranda hall is set to face a no confidence vote after his ruling people's party was when it was linked to a corruption scandal that parliament told votes on friday to decide whether the socialist leader petra sanchez should take over the whole he has been under increasing pressure after a court ruled his party profited from any legal system now what twenty nine people
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have been sentenced in the case including the party's former treasurer. twelve soldiers from saudi arabia have been killed in yemen this brings the total number of saudi casualties to over a thousand this is according to its media assadi that coalition forces are now approaching the rebel held city of her data they're now about twenty kilometers away the coalition is trying to retake the city from who think rebels but the u.n. is warning that any operation to seize her data what put at risk humanitarian shipments to yemen and aid agencies have been struggling to help millions of desperate yemenis as well had a hawkster has more on this. the conflict in yemen has been described as the world's forgotten war but three years after it began the violence shows no sign of ending saudi arabia which has been leading a coalition to fight to free rebels says more than a dozen of its soldiers have been killed bringing the total number of saudi
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casualties to over two thousand state media saudi arabia's military power is ranked twenty six in the world according to global foreign power begins to rain has made it difficult to get a foothold in this rugged region of hundreds of kilometers of mountains and valleys has turned into an open bottle filled with northern hoofy stronghold of saddam but some saudi soldiers and now openly talking of the anger and resentment of been neglected by with ortiz. we live in fear we don't have enough food we look as if we have begging we didn't ask for millions of promotions we just need to pay out debts and get the services we deserve we need our salaries to send them to our families for them to be able to live i wish you would give us more attention. saudi arabia's defense ministry is paying compensation to families of dead soldiers king salmon has not visited the front lines unlike his predecessor king abdullah
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who visited troops in two thousand and nine crown prince mohammed bin someone who's also defense minister launched the latest operation in yemen in two thousand and fifteen who forces have suffered significant military losses local sources say tens of thousands of their fighters have been killed since the war started and who see weapons with suspected iranian help appear to be getting more violence of rockets now capable of reaching rio. the un estimates that twenty two million yemenis are in need of food aid and more than eight million threatened with severe hunger plus the impoverished country is struggling with an outbreak of cholera and diptheria a war that was only meant to last a few months has gone on for more than three years and its civilians who continue to suffer the world's largest humanitarian crisis. the rebels in the southern syrian province of there are preparing for a possible offensive by government forces the u.s. is warning of a strong response if government troops attack the region mostly controlled by
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opposition groups as close to the israeli occupied golan heights israel has warned it will not tolerate a permanent iranian military presence in syria teheran along with moscow is key backer of the assad government. now several parliament prominent journalists and activists have been detained in egypt in the past week human rights groups say it's part of a systematic government campaign to silence critics and hashtag butler that's i'm sorry that has to go now explains why there were arrests might be tied to the government's plans to lift fuel and electricity subsidies that. has an ability once campaigned for president abdel fatah el-sisi but he since called support of sisi his biggest sin and has been vocal about his opposition on sunday he was arrested and we've seen a number of bloggers journalists and other prominent human rights defenders and
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civil society activists who in the last years since the government of sisi has come to power have been brought in on charges or sometimes in pretrial detention without any charges. basically because they are critical of the government blogger well abbas was a longtime critic of the government and internationally recognized for his work he was detained last week in a pre-dawn raid this recent spate of arrests of bloggers journalists and opposition figures may be linked to a government measure that could anger many egyptians grappling with a weak economy and high inflation and i am unless we get if the government fears the consequences of steps it plans to take in july part of the fuel and electricity subsidies will be lifted we have seen an embarrassing rehearsal when the government increased the metra tickets and people broke their fear and express their anger. reporters without borders calls egypt one of the world's biggest prisons for
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journalists at least thirty four are behind bars including al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein. since sisi led the coalition that removed the democratically elected president mohamed morsy from power in two thousand and thirteen human rights groups say the government has waged a systematic campaign of crushing criticism one voice at a time. supporters say tough security policies are needed to bring stability especially as the government fights armed groups in the sinai peninsula and journalists and bloggers know that this isn't difficult environments in egypt but nonetheless even today people are tweeting people will continue to speak go but with few independent media outlets left and many journalists and activists jailed people have no choice but to hear the government's message very clearly natasha going to zero. powerful my chief of justice of pocket pakistan's supreme court has
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been named as interim prime minister of syria looks appointment ends weeks of political wrangling the ruling pm poteen it goes with the opposition on picking a mutually acceptable today the country and acting prime minister is needed because parliamentary chose the end of its time on thursday malk will take over after that's to ensure elections are held smoothly in july. now migrants from mali is being awarded french citizenship and a job as a firefighter this comes after he rescued a toddler dangling from a balcony on the duke has been called a real life spider after he climbed to the fourth floor of an apartment building in paris and has more details. it was an extraordinary act of bravery in just thirty seconds a young man scaled a building in paris on saturday night and safety
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a child had been dangling from the fourth floor mobile phone pictures of the heart stopping moment went viral prompting a search for the hero he was soon identified as twenty two year old mammoth. who fell from the fifth floor i think i like children a lot i don't want for something bad to happen to them in front of me it would have broken my heart i ran i thought of ways to rescue him thank god i climbed up and i saved him because the next day the mayor of paris said she'd spoken decus summer revealing he was a molly and refugee without papers he explained to me that he had arrived from mali a few months ago dreaming of building his life here thousands of people had signed an online petition calling on france to grant asylum a residency hailed as a hero by so many people he was in fight it to meet the french president and with the good news in two thousand when i began to climb it gave the courage to keep going. to get through it all happened very fast after i save the child i suddenly
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became scared the police came and took us inside the apartment i was shaking all over. the summer had arrived at the elisei as an illegal immigrant and came out with a promise of french citizenship and award for his bravery and did job with the fire brigade in the neighborhood where the events took place people had gathered to look . well this is where that amazing rescue took place if you look up about friends with a sharp points on the. told mamadou i guess some would have had to scale that then up. perspective it looks incredibly high and that is why is an act of bravery has really captured the imagination of so many people across from all across the world in a chair lauren i think you did it spontaneously and did not think it would have this impact it's great he's been recognized french authorities say the father of the boy had gone shopping leaving his son alone he's been taken into custody
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meanwhile because summer's coming to terms with his new found fame in a country where the debate over refugees has a long divided opinion its national partner al-jazeera paris. now sri lanka's cricket author artie's have called for criminal inquiry into suspected match fixing this comes after an investigation by al-jazeera a player and an official have been suspended as cricket's world governing body the i.c.c. investigates the case david harrison has more. serene demanders a sri lankan player and assistant manager of call international stadium were suspended hours after al-jazeera is investigation into cricket corruption was broadcast we have all the action. you know to show the world that we on top of it and that we are not encouraging this type of things we will not tolerate it going in the past or in the future. india could
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describe on camera how we docked to the goal cricket pitch to fix the results of two international test matches sri lanka against india last year and another game against australia in two thousand and sixteen. the australia much raise suspicions at the time and raises important questions about england's planned game goal stadium in november the groundsman told al-jazeera that he could fix the result of the match he said he wanted a four day weekend it was. about that and you can maintain he's innocent and the player to are in demand has declined to comment on the allegations meanwhile cricket boards in australia and england on investigating wider claims made in the film by an indian gambling syndicate that it could be bribed international players to fix scoring almost sixty to seventy percent. because we can say it's a fixed fix and you just international games or which other games to fix
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internationally. you're doing was you have players in every national team yes both the astray and england teams deny any wrongdoing england test captain joe root said i'm aware that there was a documentary and it's outrageous that our players have been accused all the players have the full backing of the e.c.b. the international cricket council is now facing a major investigation into corruption in cricket in three different countries david harrison al-jazeera now my twenty fifty the number of disabled people in the world is expected to reach nine hundred and forty million and the loss of a serious looking at global disability access and i've already an artist speaks to us about the difficulties he faces and his hopes for the future. my name is charlie adama i am a painter. my painting is based on nature and villages to show
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everyone that it is nature that feeds me i love the sea with these beautiful colors on the sky it gives me strength to live because i paint small and large paintings and people come to pay. my ticket driving off with you know nobody not even the government thinks a fuss about means of transport we must fight like everyone else. just. about whatever in the copies there are no toilets for the disabled in this country but my friends and brothers help to clean the toilet for me before going there it is very hard for me. when the toilet is not clean i get rashes. for me for three months it hurts me a lot in africa many people denigrate the disabled. and.
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operated on often for me being disabled is in the head my dream is to create a center for the disabled to train i would like people to help me realize my biggest dream. and i am i'm really hard to the headlines here on al-jazeera is this president has appointed former i.m.f. official choler carter early as interim prime minister ahead of a fresh election it comes after a surgeon was sunk plans of two populist parties to form a coalition government here's what the country's new leader has been saying. almost on the line that the government will maintain a neutrality a total neutrality with respect to the electoral debate i will not be a candidate for the next elections and a similar commitment from the members of the government and donald trump says he
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will meet japan's prime minister shinzo head of his plan summit with north korea's leader kim jong il and trump on abyei have agreed they want the parent dismantlement of north korea's nuclear program mike hanna has more. it is proposed that a prime minister comes to d.c. on his way to an economic summit in quebec however he could also meet with president trump on the sidelines of that summit but the key issue here is he will be seeking assurances that japan's national security will not be put at risk by any moves or any decisions that president trump might make and some suspect to that prime minister wants to get his voice in president trumps to be the last one to speak to him before he has that meeting with kim own should take place and brazil's government says it has reached an agreement with the main truckers union to end an eight day strike but feel and food scarcity has gripped the country as many drivers
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continue to protest. and a migrant from mali is being awarded french citizenship and a job as a firefighter after he rescued a toddler dangling from a balcony mamadou kasama climbed an apartment building in paris to save the child hanging from the fourth floor the twenty two year old is being called a real life spider-man the french president invited to the elites a palace to personally thank him and many mccraw also offered him a job as a firefighter well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story and in the news after that.
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a critic of the agreement with long levels is in pole position to be president if he wins the next vote. but so more than two hundred thousand people killed over five decades this is the inside story. and welcome to the program. presidential election race is the most divisive in decades two candidates opposite ends of the political spectrum. leads to the first round while i had of leftist gustavo pacho.


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