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moscow weighs in on the north korea sub attack as the u.s. hosts a top north korean official. welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters and. also ahead on the pressure spain's prime minister fights for his political life as a corruption scandal threatens to remove him and his party from power. syrian and u.n. aid organizations discussed the plight of millions of people displaced by the war and soviet and ukraine is being criticized for faking the murder of a journalist and it's not just russia this condemning the action.
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appears to be trying to position itself as a player and any developments with north korea and the expected summit with the united states foreign minister sergey lavrov is n.p.r. . he told them that russia wants peace and progress on the korean peninsula while also inviting him to moscow at the request of president putin. it is absolutely obvious that starting any discussion of the nuclear problem and all other programs on the korean peninsula they cannot be complete without repealing all sanctions on north korea that will go ahead will be a question of the skill of the negotiators but it cannot be done in one sitting one cannot provide denuclearization in one sitting so of course there must be several stages and in every stage there must be a two way road valma bride has the latest from seoul. so
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a lover of becoming the most senior russian official to meet with kim jong un since he came to power delivering the invitation to visit moscow to add to what is already a very busy summit itinerary for kim and also it came after lavrov is meeting with the north korean foreign minister after which he made his statement very much supporting north korea's position when it comes to the lifting of sanctions lavrov saying that it's it's not reasonable to expect the north koreans to commit to denuclearize ation in the one sitting that very early on in the process there has to be some incremental give and take that have to see a lifting of these sanctions the united states will not be happy by this russian intervention but russia very much like china feeling as though it should exert its influence on this whole process believing that it is fitting with their standing diplomatically in this part of the world and fearing that they may be sidelined
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like china russia are also has an economic vested interest in stability on the korean peninsula lavrov spoke in pyongyang about pursuing a trilateral economic projects between russia and the two careers such as the building of a oil pipeline also the connecting up of railway networks all projects that are dependent upon a successful summit in singapore but the summit between donald trump and kim jong un still isn't officially on but preparations for its session are close and of chemists and the u.s. that will be holding talks with secretary of state pompei on thursday kenyan troll is the senior most north korean official to visit the u.s. and eighteen years on diplomatic editor james bays reports from new york. arriving in the united states the personal emissary of kim jong un here for crucial negotiations which will decide the fate of the on again off again summit between
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his leader and president trump. general kim yong schol is staying in this hotel close to the u.n. for just two days the planned date of the summit in singapore now less than two weeks away hence the hectic diplomacy with meetings between the north koreans and the u.s. in singapore at the demilitarized zone between north and south korea and here in new york was secretary of state mike pompei oh is meeting general kim at the white house they say it's president trump will make the final determination on whether the summit goes ahead as their conversation is going to be focused on denuclearization of the peninsula that's what these ongoing conversations taking place now will be centered on as well as this summit that will take place in singapore and we're going to continue it as long as that is part of the discussion we're going to continue to shoot for the june twelfth it was evening in new york at
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this apartment complex with the secretary of state and general kim have their first meeting of this trip although they already know each other from the two occasions this year when pump aoe visited pyongyang the dinner the first in a series of meetings between the two men took place in a residence owned by the u.s. mission to the united nations presumably it was chosen because it is secure a place where the two men can discuss all the secrets of north korea's nuclear program if of course general kim is prepared to divulge them james pays out jazeera new york if they want all the news now in spanish and pay for debating a no confidence motion against promise to marry on the hallway after twenty nine people linked to has phone and people's party were jailed for corruption the main opposition socialist party is leaving. challenge to remove the horror from office it says he's lost credibility a court for what that form of peoples party officials took bribes to fund election
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campaigns and exchange for public contracts has the latest from madrid. hundred seventy six m.p.'s who the three hundred fifty seat congress need to support a vote of no confidence in prime minister mariano rajoy for the motion to pass is all being spearheaded by the opposition socialist party and its leader pedro sanchez with the socialists come to this alone so they're looking for help from other political parties here including the far left credentials party who have indicated that they would indeed support this motion the socialists of also reached out to see other than off the citizens party for help to have suggested that they would back it to but not the possibility of petro sanchez replacing marianna as prime minister here see it and also seem more interested in pushing for new elections later on in the here primarily because they're doing very very well in the polls at the moment this could all well boil down to support from some of the smaller policies including the basque nationalist party that of the moment are
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trying to work out whether or not they would back this motion going forward but mariano rajoy is a political survivor he has survived a previous no confidence votes against him during his time as prime minister he's accused the political opposition here of really seizing the moment to undermine him his government and his leadership going forward it boils down to three different scenarios roy could well resign we could well see a situation where the no confidence vote is successful meaning that we could see a new government a new prime minister here in spain possibly by the end of the week or if the no confidence vote fails something other than a loss of both promise to keep up the pressure on marianna going forward to keep home put. new elections before the end of the year here in spain prussia is most certainly mounting on the prime minister at the moment. the talian president has
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gone to two populist parties more time to form a government and an attempt to avoid another election the leader of the five star movement has suggested a compromise to end months of political deadlock his party's been trying to strike a deal with the far right league the two parties won the most seats and elections in march their candidate for finance minister was rejected by the president on sunday though causing the collapse of the coalition agreement as he has been without a working government for three months. u.n. agencies have met in jordan to discuss the plight of millions of civilians caught up in the world's largest refugee crisis seven years of war has forced more than five and a half million people to flee the country and seven million internally displaced six hundred thousand children attending school the u.n. says the situation is dire and they desperately need more funding zain the holder has a vote. the united nations is appealing for funds saying it just doesn't have enough money to provide the necessary services to millions of syrians the different u.n.
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agencies responsible for humanitarian work in syria held a joint press conference of the jordanian capital amman to tell the world really that millions of syrians cannot survive without the aid of provided by the united nations seven million syrians inside the country displaced in recent months alone tens of thousands of people were forced from their homes following the so-called surrender deal when rebels give up territory to the government tens of thousands of people were bussed to the opposition controlled the province of northwest in the northwest of syria and those people left without without anything really and they arrived and they don't have any jobs so they rely on the united nations and it is not just the seven million internally displaced there are. five million syrian refugees in neighboring countries countries like lebanon jordan countries which are struggling with their own economic problems governments the lebanese government
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really have been appealing for help from the international community saying that the presence of the refugees causing tension social unrest with post with the local communities here and the united nations saying that half a million children have been born in exile during the past seven years of conflict and also the united nations really a message to europe telling them look it is much easier to feed a syrian in syria it costs fifty cents a day if this syria needs to be fed in europe it will cost fifty euros a day so using really that card telling the west really that if you do not help us to improve the lives of syrians that we're going to see them try to make their way . to other countries so the united nations saying it cannot continue with a lot of its projects it cannot help all the people in need because it lacks the money to do so. hamas is present kuwait for blocking a u.n. security council draw statement on attacks in gaza the u.s.
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proposed a draft saying the palestinian leadership needs to be held accountable for attacks against israel hamas says the trumpet ministration try to use the resolution to mark the crimes of the israeli occupation as dozens of targets in gaza on tuesday after palestinian factions launched rockets and more. still ahead on the bulletin brazil's truck drivers return to work but now all workers go on strike and sound turned in hawaii and more evacuation orders issued. coming into japan once again clear skies pushing through that. not a cloud at the moment that's just easing out so if key issue out call an issue all taught in this area of low pressure moves out into the open waters and eventually
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we will see it brightening up quite nicely you might just catch one of two showers into northern parts of her and she was a go on through friday twenty seven celsius there for tokyo but take a look at sas day water will sunshine beautiful day or sunshine last fall so with thirty degrees celsius hottest in beijing out around thirty five degrees you know just a little bit of cloud just around the east china sea that still spinning outs of eastern and central parts of china down towards the southwest and some downpours here that must be some flooding in place here that hundred thirty nine millimeters of right it twenty four hours these heavy showers tending to drift a little further south which as we go through friday on saturday becoming a little more sporadic shall we say increasing cloud will pick temperatures back to thirty three thirty four celsius in hong kong on wednesday we saw a record breaking heat for hong kong for the month of may thirty seven celsius the top temperature here at that stage meanwhile across southeast asia a lot so showers in play some particular wet weather for
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a good part of the philippines. part.
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good to have you with us on the al-jazeera these are our top stories russian foreign minister has met the north korean leader kim jong un and pyongyang. and watched come to moscow at the request of russian president vladimir putin russia appears to be trying to position itself as a player and any developments with north korea ahead of an expected summit the united states spanish employees are debating a no confidence motion against prime minister monti on the boy after twenty nine people linked to his ruling people's party would jailed for corruption the main opposition socialist party says it has lost credibility and u.n. agencies are meeting in jordan to discuss the plight of millions of soviets caught up in the world's largest refugee crisis seven years of war has forced five and a half million people to flee the country and seven million are internally displaced. denmark's parliament has voted to ban the use of full face veils and
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public spaces the law will take effect in oldest france germany and three other european countries have already implemented similar laws and monks justice minister has previously said that the veil is not compatible with danish values women wearing burqas only cops in public spaces will not be fined. ukraine is being criticized by russia and media watchdogs for faking the murder of an anti kremlin journalist. who was reported to have been killed in kiev but turned up at a news conference alive and well ukraine says it was to set up a set up to catch his would be assassin. russia calls it a provocation press freedom groups say could endanger the work of journalists or challenge reports from moscow. back from the dead russian journalist. and to the press conference in kiev to approve hours after most of the world cooled from being shot dead his murder had been faked a sting operation by ukraine secret service to apparently catch his would be
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killers apologize to all those who've been kept in the dark including his wife is in your. shit i'd like to ask you to excuse me for all that happened in the past because i have attended funerals for colleagues and friends many times and i know this feeling when you have to bury colleagues sorry for this unfortunately there were no other ways. flowers had been left outside kiev home where late on tuesday evening the journalist was reportedly found with fatal gunshot wounds to the back tributes and obituaries mourned his death. the secret was revealed live on t.v. colleagues at the channel where he works reacted with joy and tears of relief. russia has denied any role in the story and accused kiev of using it as propaganda but russia has where ukraine security chiefs allege the murder prosser ridge native
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. fled his home country last year after a career as an anti putin voice culminated in a state backed media campaign against him none of the. we reported that in order to fulfill the cynical plan special services of the russian federation recruited a ukrainian citizen the first letter of his name is g. he was commissioned to find perpetrators of this brutal murder for financial reward in order to fulfill the assignment from the russian special services citizen g offered his acquaintance to commit a terrorist act and to murder russian journalist. for thirty thousand dollars. ukraine's secret service the s.b.u. showed video allegedly of this citizen g.v. ing arrested on kiev streets i may say that the only one in danger thirty more people were being targeted for this working in the russian speaking world there is palpable relief that someone that they had been mourning is actually alive but
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among some there is also concern concern that in the post truth age an era of fake news security operation like this as spectacular as it may be might further degrades trust in the long run. al-jazeera. around fifty thousand victims of institutional child sex abuse. australia are to get financial compensation the scouts salvation army y.m.c.a. and the catholic and anglican churches have all joined a national redress king for survivors the catholic church which is the strain is largest denomination thinks it alone will be liable for about seven hundred fifty million dollars in compensation. well we'd certainly expect to be paying out for survivors for many years to come and where we stand ready to do that we're going to back that with insurance and our assets we're determined to bring justice and for
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redress healing if we can to the victims of this terrible crime we are very pleased to be able to join in this national independent risk and we think this will be a very important part of the process for the healing of survivors of abuse. to south africa now the controversial issue of the land redistribution the voting a.n.c. you promised twenty two years ago to give black south africans land owned by white farmers but nearly twenty twenty thousand people are still waiting for the land malcolm where proport. he was born here one hundred and four years ago his parents worked without pay for a white farmer who grabbed this land near pietermaritzburg in south africa a few decades before he was born. these stones mark where he buried them in exchange for their labor they were allowed to live here and grow their own food he lived the same way now the current landowners want him to leave. my father was born
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here i was born here he married my mother here where will i go if they want me to move from this place i'd rather they take a gun and shoot me so at least i can be with my ancestors and die on the. a nine hundred ninety six law backed by nelson mandela entitle and others like him known as labor tenants to own the small plots of land they occupy he applied twenty years ago he still doesn't have to title. lives in this shack he lets in the rain so the land rights organization tried to build him a new home from concrete blocks from the landowners didn't allow it his grandson lives just here on the same plot but if no title is issued before the dies he won't be able to inherit the land there are tens of thousands of people in similar predicaments waiting since the one nine hundred ninety s. for titles to be issued siyabonga sit while he works for
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a rights group that's representing nine hundred thousand of their claims for land the whole process is about the liberty that using the portion of land they've always been using so they'd land currently is not useful to landowners anyway so what we are pushing for processing of the clean so did these people can all. the descendants of the white farmers do have titles many owners are reluctant to give up the small plots where the claimants live and many claimants say the government lacks the political will to address the past injustice it's actually not a matter of political will we are now processing their pick asians they are pulled out of the department in the past was that rather than subjecting the people to all of all of that let us rather use alternative ways of securing their tenure if the outstanding applications are ever processed it may take years. will be around for many more his ancestors shed this land communally all he wants before he dies is to
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own a tiny part of it. malcolm webb al-jazeera new pietermaritzburg south africa. protesters in kenya voicing their anger over a corruption scandal at a government agency set up to help young people but tens of millions of dollars have gone missing from the national youth service dozens of civil servants are under investigation our correspondent catherine saudi has more from nairobi. people are extremely frustrated and angry about the state of corruption that we're talking about and. this is. how we've been employed people. go training help in government projects as well a lot of people say that because the company i'm. talking about now this is. the prosecutor's office not getting. more than fifty people for investigation
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twenty four have already been charged. they want to see even more the president has weighed in that. it's going to be refined and people that they have. set out also frustrated with the president because. they've had this once before they want to see action they want to see. they want the people. and they also want the money. the fight against corruption. now in moscow men have killed at least three people protesting against president. at least protesters have been killed and weeks of demonstrations even some of the president's longtime supporters are questioning his leadership as manuel ripon of reports from managua. hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of managua in the largest anti-government protests in decades the demonstration was
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organized in solidarity with the mothers of students and peaceful demonstrators who have been killed by police and pro-government militias since the start of a nationwide political crisis on april eighteenth. we want this government to have a conscience and stop killing. it's mother's day because i was but instead of celebrating at home with the family. is mourning the death of her son jason. he was shot and beaten to death during a student led protest he was twenty four years old and i had. to come home at seven thirty three morning to have breakfast with me that's what hurts the most because now when i make breakfast. he was my only son and you know you know that's why i want justice for my son you get a will. over the last month unrest has become common after a peaceful protest against a national pension reform policy were met with deadly force by the government of
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daniel now even some of the president's staunchest supporters are calling for his ouster really just. when i was a university student i thought i use my voice my energy to boot out the somoza dictatorship and we dreamed that there would never be another dictatorship in this country but over the last few years a new dictatorship formed that's not what we fought for that's not all my friends died for they died for a real change a free and just nicaragua. across town president spoke to supporters played in the dissent against his government is part of a right wing conspiracy and denying any involvement in the deaths of demonstrators the violence is the worst this country has seen since the overthrow of the samosa dictatorship forty years ago and with the continued crackdown on peaceful protests demonstrations like these with thousands of people marching on the streets of managua have only grown. just before sundown masked gunmen opened fire against
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a group of demonstrators at the engineering university several were injured others ran for cover civil society organizations continue to add names to the list of those killed nearly nine hundred others have been injured one is up a little. fast flowing lava from an erupting volcano and hawaii has triggered more evacuation orders as the lava has blocked one major escape route and is heading for another guided killer way up again erupting a month ago destroying dozens of homes a police department spokesman says talks a guess remains a major danger. we removed about two thousand people we have about four hundred that are in shelters and the rest are with family and friends but as this lava continues to march through the area. it closes it in it's across is that last road there will only be one way out and so they're making arrangements now to open
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another road that goes up through volcanoes national park and that would be the only route. to go and it's flow the problem is that we have high concentrations of this volcanic gas that comes from these fissures and if the wind changes you could be saved one minute and the next minute not so safe it can cause death fortunately since we began the eruptions on may the third we've had no deaths we've had a couple of injuries but we're trying our best to protect lives and people's property as best we can on standby are a couple of marine sea stallion helicopters which can take about forty five people at a time out so if they do get trapped in an area and attempted air rescue it would be something that they may have to do. to resign our just as one crippling strike ended another is underway oil workers walked out for seventy two hours on wednesday
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and defiance of labor court judges who declared the strike in legal comes as a nationwide strike by truck drivers just ended daniel shun the reports from sao paulo. most of brazil's striking truck drivers have returned to the road many of the reluctantly some with police and army escorts after reaching a temporary agreement with the government to lower the price of diesel brazil's returning to normal after the nine day protests brought the country to its knees but as truckers returned to work all workers walked out. coincidentally the truckers went on strike and were asking some of the same questions as us so we decided to strike not only to support them but to oppose the possible privatization of petro boss. the seventy two hour stop which was declared illegal by the government the strikes have also seen shares in the national oil company petrol brass the majority of which is government own lose fifteen percent of their value
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the traffic is flowing again deliveries are being made a few head out and this is only a temporary reprieve prices remain high and the popularity of the government is an all time low while the majority of brazilians continue to support the strikers that's a recipe for further protests. president says brazil is emerging from recession but few are seeing the benefits of this reported to surgeons and many brazilians are disillusioned with the whole political establishment with politicians from all parties implicated in a number of corruption scandals. but next president will inherit a country with an enormous deficit and major problems enduring its economic recovery it will be hard to approve unpopular reforms that are necessary to this country. presidential elections a jew in october is not running the one time favorite some former president lula says. is in prison and no other candidate to so far emerged to lead brazil to the
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times that many here fear lie ahead that. now french football giants then a day in sudan has just announced he's stepping down as real madrid's manager the surprise decision follows a third successive champions league when. you know again i'm living the problem in the headlines on al-jazeera russia appears to be trying to position itself as a player and any developments with north korea and the expected summit with the united states foreign minister sergey lavrov is in pyongyang where he met leader kim jong un he told him that russia wants peace and progress on the korean peninsula while also inviting him to moscow at the request of president putin. it is absolutely obvious that starting any discussion of the nuclear problem and
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all other programs on the korean peninsula they cannot be complete without repealing all sanctions on north korea that will go ahead will be a question of the skill of the negotiators but it cannot be done in one sitting one cannot provide denuclearization in one sitting so of course there must be several stages engine every stage there must be a two way road and a close aide of the north korean leader is in the u.s. and is due to continue talks with secretary of state mike pompei on thursday kim young charles visit as part of preparations for next month's planned summit between kim jong un and president donald trump and other news fan or champagne is a debating a no confidence motion against prime minister a whore after twenty nine people led to his people's party were jailed for corruption the main opposition socialist party is leading the charge to remove the whore from office that says he's lost credibility the court's role that twelve the people's party officials took bribes to fund and lectured campaigns and exchange
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for lucrative public contracts. u.n. agencies have met in jordan to discuss the plight of millions of syrians caught up in the world's largest refugee crisis seven years before has forced more than five and a half million people to flee the country and seven million internally displaced. denmark's parliament has voted to ban the use of full face veils and public spaces that will take effect in august france germany and three other european countries have already implemented some of the laws denmark's justice minister has previously said that the veil is not compatible with the danish values. as the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us inside story is coming up next.
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the strikes on gaza by israel the rocket attacks by palestinians the west fighting between the size of four years truce is in place but for how long and once triggered this latest escalation this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. it's the most intense attack on israel bipartisan group sees the two thousand and fourteen war in gaza and this could have sparked another war hamas and islamic jihad launched a barrage of rockets into israel on tuesday three soldiers it was in a.


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