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on al-jazeera. and nice and seriously team here al-jazeera headquarters in doha fully back to gold welcome to the news great rush. crazy in the diplomatic phrase north korea is sending its top diplomat to pyongyang ahead of an expected summit between donald trump and kim jong il and. talks go on in new york between the north korean leaders white house and the u.s. secretary of state will speak to our diplomatic editor about why so many countries want to get involved and so on the great the biggest on thai government demonstration in decades hundreds of thousands take to the streets demanding president resign dozens have been killed since april i mean the government is using
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on groups that infiltrate the protests and the fake death of a russian journalist in ukraine nice to debate about fake news cenk a was killed in kiev but turned up later alive and well ukraine says it was part of a sting operation but journalists are not in. the u.a.e. status and prestige an award winning female rights activists in prison for ten years as always we want you involved in the show on twitter. with the news grid live on air and training on line three you tube facebook live and al-jazeera dot com all of those stories coming up in a moment but we're going to begin with breaking news which threatens to drive big implications for global trade the u.s. has just announced that it will impose tariffs on steel in a new mini. imports from europe mexico and canada the move which will take effect
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on friday potentially sets the stage for a trade war would some of america's top all eyes of terrorists would be twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum we're covering this from both sides of the atlantic peter shop is standing by in london with reaction but first a committee hockett in washington d.c. these were the targets kimberly that were promised a while ago and now the u.s. moving forward with them yes that's right and this is certainly a campaign promise that was made by the u.s. president that the cover secretary says is now being delivered on now the reason there had been an exemption of about two months for the european union canada and the united states and mexico rather well there were negotiations with the united states is because this in the case of mexico and canada there was the attempts to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement or nafta the congress secretary saying in fact that those talks took longer than they had hoped and the case of the
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european union there's been some progress but they did not warrant the discussions in his view in sort of any reason to continue those exemptions any longer so they have slapped these tariffs on the steel aluminum imports into the united states but maintaining that there is no reason to be concerned about a trade war in fact the commerce secretary dismissing those concerns particularly from the u.s. standpoint saying even if there is retaliation this really is going to affect in his view only one percent of the u.s. economy ok kelly thank you very much well let's get the reaction now from london peter shop is there for us peter the europeans very quick to respond to this. well they knew it was coming there was a feeling of depression over the last couple of days in europe with the u.s. commerce secretary not holding out much hope and in the end they got what they had a bad day for world trade said john clune he's the commissioner of the of the
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european commission which handles and regulates the trade for twenty eight european countries and he said that they'll be acting quickly and in the next few hours to impose their own sanctions the british government said it was very disappointed and it's an understatement and britain does not escape the fallout from this the country's steel industry. exports three hundred fifty thousand tons of steel to america every year and seven percent of their total output and involves thirty one thousand people who are who are involved in this in this industry so this is a trade war well i think if you look at the headlines in the in the papers tomorrow in europe that's exactly what they'll be calling it
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a word from germany to it says that it will take its own measures and is in total unity with the rest of europe all right peter thank you very much for that we'll keep a close eye on all the developments on this story for you and bring them to you live here on al-jazeera now from new york to pyongyang singapore to seoul diplomats are scrambling to make their mark on a potential summit between donald trump and kim jong un right now the north korean leaders right hand man came young child and the u.s. secretary of state michael paler in a second day of meetings in new york they left a private dinner on wednesday night without saying how things are going now beyond new york we've had the russian foreign minister in pyongyang sergey lavrov met kim jong un and invited him to russia to the. at each village in need to militarize zone between north and south korea a u.s. and north korean officials are eyeing up the agenda of the summit if indeed it goes ahead while in singapore meetings are focusing on the summit logistics these include security arrangements possible locations where kim and top might sit face
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to face and which events would be open to media our diplomatic editor james spader's joins us now live from new york james let's begin with what's happening in new york day two of the trump or the pump ale rather and came to our young told talks anything filtering out at all do we know what they're discussing. they've been talking now for two hours we're not getting a lot of information on what is going on in the apartment in this apartment block of its own by the u.s. mission to the united nations let me just get out of the picture for a moment so you can see the convoy is back and i think that means after two hours this meeting at least is going to break up not clear whether they're going to have another meeting here today in new york we think it's likely that secretary of state peo will speak to the press what is interesting is that while we're being told very little by u.s. officials very guarded in their comments back in washington d.c.
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president trump is giving a running commentary. i think it'll be very positive i think it will be very positive the meeting separate very. close to a surprise to all a process we'll see and hopefully we'll have a meeting on the twelfth that's going along very well but i wanted to be meaningful it doesn't mean it gets all done in one meeting maybe after every second or third and maybe we'll have done but. it's in good hands the u.s. president james sounding very optimistic there now we've seen a flurry of diplomacy in the lead up to this expected summit between kim and trun we've had second hour of in pyongyang today we've had meetings in singapore we've going to have probably i think it's actually confirm the japan-u.s. summit before the tramp came summit what does all this diplomacy say about you know these countries clearly nobody wants to be left out in. no one wants to let
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be left out but everyone has slightly different positions and slightly different interests in all of this the u.s. i think has a potential problem here it's working very closely with south korea but south korea very enthusiastic that singapore summit takes place whereas japan much more reticent about this much more cautious about the situation so potentially a division there with allies i think the u.s. is aware even though it doesn't particularly like the fact that north korea and china have been speaking they know that china has an important position in this and that chinese north korean relations are key i think the u.s. likely to be somewhat more annoyed by the intervention now of russia and their foreign minister sergei lavrov going to pyongyang i think will be worried about conflicting messages going to supreme leader kim because the russian foreign minister made it clear that this couldn't all be done in one go it could be
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a very staged denuclearization over a considerable length of time well that is not the message that the u.s. had been trying to send to the north koreans they are holding saying you really need to do it all in one go you need to come to commit to what they call seabed which is complete very of horrible irreversible denuclearize ations so i think that we worried about those mixed messages but we thought this is going to be a very short two days of diplomacy that will be the final real decision for the u.s. so how to proceed but another day now added in washington d.c. and i think a little more unpredictable a see there because president trump himself coming into the equation again ok james thank you very much for that james spaces on diplomatic editor you can find him on twitter at bayh's on the road now let's go get more detail now and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov straight to north korea algeciras rob mcbride has that side of the story from south korea's capital seoul.
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this was kim jong un's first meeting with a senior russian diplomat since coming to power. another first in a diplomatic dance of increasing complexity. foreign minister sergei lavrov invited kim to add to his busy summit schedule and visit moscow but it was lavrov apparent support for kim's position in readiness for his summit with u.s. president donald trump that will be the most welcome outcome for north korea. said north korea must get relief from sanctions and quickly. it is absolutely obvious that starting any discussion of the nuclear problem and all other programs on the korean peninsula they cannot be complete without repealing all sanctions on north korea how that will go ahead will be a question of the skill of the negotiators but it cannot be done in one sitting u.s. officials based in seoul have been in near daily discussions with their north korean counterparts at the truce village apartment john that's in the demilitarized zone
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separating the two koreas. how much progress has been made is unknown or whether north korea's stated commitment to denuclearization comes with a specific timetable and a process for verification that's acceptable to the u.s. i think north korea wants to strachan this process of democratization for as long as possible the very i can now you magine them agreeing to a near term timetable or they're lying to completely dismantle their nuclear weapons but sensing a possible historic breakthrough russia doesn't want to be left on the sidelines just as chinese president xi jinping is recent meetings with kim the russians want to exert the kind of influence they feel they deserve. lavrov also brought to pyongyang the turn to lies in prospect of future economic cooperation between the two koreas and russia such as connecting rail systems and the gas pipeline running
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the length of the korean peninsula the would boost development not only here but in the russian far east with all that depends on a lasting peace and the key to that is a successful summit in singapore robert bright al-jazeera seoul and don't forget all you need to know about north korea explained in graphics at al-jazeera dot com the history of the two koreas of course the nuclear and missile tests and north korea's trade partners china by far the biggest which explains in part why the chinese are paying such a prominent role in negotiations it's all there to help you better understand the story at al-jazeera dot com. and of course we'd love to hear from you on this and other stories we're covering on the news great today connect with us on social media using the hash tag a.j. news great a comment here on the north korea talks from a leader on facebook who says donald trump is trying to make himself look good the u.s. wants to control everything but it cannot and lots of comments also on our top story
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that breaking news story the u.s. imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum products from europe one comment here from jenin facebook who says i guess the u.s. doesn't want to exploit the world's natural resources anymore and would rather just make everything expensive to make rich people feel better thank you for your comments keep them coming on. social media has a genius great. now more blood has been spilled in nicaragua as protesters filled the streets of the capital managua and social media producer is here to tell us why so many people are tweeting s.o.s. nicaragua and of ali hundreds of thousands of people participated in demonstrations on wednesday calling on president daniel ortega to resign now that's following weeks of violence in which at least eighty seven people have been killed and nearly nine hundred others injured he's for protests were held on mother's day in nicaragua as an act of solidarity for the mothers of students and activists who were killed by police during the monthlong crisis so this is what it looks like on
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the street level this next video you're about see that one which is being shared by many nicaraguans on twitter gives a better sense of how massive these protests were as seen by a drone these are just some of the reasons these mothers took part get em up get there oh yes we want this government to have a conscience and stop killing our. p.c.'s i'm asking for justice for all those who my children are like animal i want justice and put down you know take out and leave this government because you do not want to see half. of them of the way here because we know well that daniel ortega is the one who did these crimes and murders and that's off to more than forty days there's no justice i think this is a pain and a mourning that we are experiencing. well later on in the day mast gunman opened fire on protesters at the national university of engineering just before sundown killing at least three people there
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and scenes like these have been common over the last month after peaceful protests against pension reforms were met with deadly force by the nicaraguan government and a senior national has accused the government of using a lethal policy of state repression and a shoot to kill strategy on protesters while also enabling pro-government armed groups to generate disorder or make threats and also carry out attacks with the acquiescence of the state amnesty says it has evidence that private individuals have carried out attacks in the presence of or even in coordination with nicaraguan security forces who then didn't pursue the perpetrators of the crimes so quite a few people online are shocked by the scale of violence and the attacks on some of the groups that are listed here in this tweet there's others drawing comparisons between ortega and the dictatorship that he in the sense and he saw sandinista fought to overthrow in one nine hundred seventy nine this is the worst violence the country has seen since the overthrow of the u.s. backed dictatorship and president ortega and his wife the vice president. have
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referred to these protesters as quote violent criminals and vampires demanding blood they amnesty says that kind of rhetoric stigmatises them as instigators of the violence we also want hear what you think about these protests especially if you're in nicaragua tweet us your thoughts using the hash tag age and use great or message me directly a major chapelle and to a thank you and for more on what's going on in nicaragua read this interesting opinion piece on our website and nicaraguans spraying all imperialists frayne cleaning asks. it's an interesting insight into what role the u.s. may be playing in the protests against daniel ortega you can read it on our website at al-jazeera dot com. on to other world news now and a man has been arrested in ukraine suspected of prodding to kill russian dissident journalist. whose death was taped on wednesday security forces released this video which shows the man being robbed on a street in kiev and bundled into
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a nearby van ukrainian authorities had said that bad a well known critic of russian president vladimir putin was shot dead in his apartment then surprise surprise showed up at a news conference about his own murder stunned reporters watched on as he and state security officials explain that they had faith the whole thing to thwart a russian attempt on his life and expose those behind it many including back channels wife are relieved that he is alive but there's a strong backlash over the unusual operation particularly from journalists international federation of journalists describes what ukraine did as intolerable and unacceptable in a statement on its website the i have j also warned that the credibility of ukraine's communications has been seriously damage and here's some of what reporters without borders had to say it was a way of protecting the children east but despite all this we don't think it is
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good for the journalist so we think back to this kind of things because it won't be a good way for protecting children east and especially at a time when to list off targeted and there are more and more of this of children is that we call them regularly and moscow's house of journalists put up a memorial pack to bob when news first see merger of his killing as you can see from these pictures on twitter the plaque was later taken down after it emerged that the murderer had been fate as speak to our o.e. chalons who's in moscow forests rory i understand just gave an interview what is he saying. yeah he's just given his second press conference in as many days giving a lot more information about what actually took place over the last couple of months and of course on the nights when his murder was staged
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he talks about how he had had to put on a t. shirt that had already been riddled with bullet holes he had put on makeup or had makeup put on him he had covered himself in fake blood in pig's blood and then lay down on the floor his wife then called the police the police have come the ambulance have come the doctors who arrived in the ambulance were in on the plots they took him to the morgue where he says he changed his clothes was wrapped in a sheet because it was so cold there and then he sat down to watch the t.v. and he says then i watched the news and saw what a great guy i'd been journalists then started turning up at the morgue so the people got worried and they decided they had to move him he says that he was essentially doing what the agents from the ukrainian security services told him to do. that the evidence that he'd been shown that there was
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a contract out on his head was credible enough that he decided that this was the only course of action that he could take. he was a asked in this press conference where the reaction was to all these accusations that this stunt has affectively undermines trust in journalists he says will what would you have done in my place if they came to you and said there was a hate sounds on you there they look at all these different options but they decided this was the way that it had to be done he says that there were a small number of people who he told his closest family because this was such a huge. they couldn't really be and he any leaks over all those people he didn't tell he says the was so it's sorry that they had to go through all this it was an interesting press conference giving us a lot more detail and changing some of the things that we previously believed right we believe that his wife didn't know about the plot and now it seems like she was
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actually involved in it and so what's the latest reaction then from moscow. well of course moscow is looking on all of this with some kind of confusion we've heard from the kremlin earlier on today that seems to be to prescott of the cross the current spokesman said both thank god that he's alive that's the most important thing bartz the this is. a stunt essentially which they're still digesting and which they believe is a kind of provocation against russia used provocation instigated by the ukrainian government the crimean special services this is of course is reverberating around pro kremlin internet sites and the state media here and the parallels are
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starting to be drawn in states sanctioned circles with the script file case in the u.k. people here are starting to say that look if the bab janko case has been states well that might suggest that the script while case in the united kingdom has been staged as well so a kind of narrative is being created here that you can't really believe anything anymore right thank you for that really really chalons life force in moscow well let's speak some more about this not to andrew fox so he's the director of the russia and eurasia it study center at the henry johnson society he is by skype from london thank you so much for being with us on the news great russian trolls are no doubt having a field day with this story this will no doubt make it easier for russia to deny future assassinations when it. well your correspondent rory i think was was was quite right in what he said you know this is
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a in some senses what is happening here was it was an extraordinarily was an extraordinary success it was it was well founded it was an operational success in the respect but there would be killer was was caught and ukraine would have gone into me a portent intelligence information about how russia or operates beyond its borders but it was also extraordinarily ill finally because one of the things that it will lead to us as rory your current wanted to spend sion is it will lead individuals in ukraine is in particular not only to question what their government states and what their security services say but also today the what the media sais and and also this sort of notion of truth and what is possible to know and this is a this is an area in which russia thrives russia doesn't seem to give in some people writing no a particular truth that seeks to convince people that it's actually impossible to know anything any or any kind of truth when it comes to this information war
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between ukraine and russia because this is indeed what's happening now who would you if it would just say it is winning it right now. today i would say the russian is most likely winning in previous days previous months previous years ireland i'd leave said the not that ukraine was winning but the truth was willing. to get various people say over over the last twenty four hours a day that ukraine is is was always attempting to play russia at its own game with this staged murder this isn't the first murder that's been stationed ukraine over recent years have been at least two others you know it into being from london it's an odd concept that the security service in the governments would stage murders it's something that the more film illya with on t.v. or in films but it happens in ukraine on a on a on a regular basis for the last couple of years have. i but the answer to the information or the disinflation war that russia is fighting is not to play it out
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its own terms i think what we've seen up will with that but chamber affair is ukraine trying to do that oh and what happens is you simply you worsen or you throw the pollute the environment in which we're all sort of acting it and operating in that the best response to russia's lies is simply to tell the truth right but as rory mentioned it's not just about tank or case anymore i mean not looking back at the scrape our case and in a way russia must feel vindicated it's not just the tensions with ukraine but also with the with the u.k. and you know the rest of the international community that russia must be feeling vindicated about. well i think you're right where you would you draw the broader power l.z. of course where this group alt poisoning was concerned russia worse was challenging or questioning the very fact that these that you're an uncertainty have been poisoned from the very start you know that the notion that the west is lawyer on
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the journalists law is nothing new in russia that didn't start with the bob franken . incident you but one can trace it right back to president putin came to power in two thousand when he argued and he's made the argument since that the journalists on a lot of interest neutral or truth of the truth instead they are in a sense political pawns used in political games until this point the west is going to help say i actually that's not the case with this incident as you suggest it lends some credibility to that augment that the russia has been making now ok thank you so much for speaking to us very interested to hear thoughts on this and for fox so from the henry jackson society joining us there from london thank you very much for your time and the tensions between ukraine and russia not you of course and the listening post our weekly program and looks at media coverage around the world has been looking into how the ukraine information war with russia is creating a dangerous environment for genesis was at the height of the conflict in eastern
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ukraine but still very much relevant today to have a watch if you can it's on al-jazeera dot com that you watching us on facebook live coming up a south korean war veteran gives his verdict on whether trump can secure peace and still ahead on news great spain's prime minister again fights for his political life but it's looking like he's about to lose his job status. however i would say some rather live longer spells of fright into turkey recently war the same as we go on for the next couple of days a fair amount of class standing across much of the country might even see a little bit weather wet weather affecting cyprus to feel good measure there you go that's friday's pitch cloud in the rain pushing up towards amini a diligent easing over towards. a little bit of wet weather hit elsewhere it is
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going to be hot and sunny forty one celsius the full bag that halts enough a couple temperatures hit thirty six degrees thirty four celsius for karateka and plenty of sunshine by the time it comes to sas day you might just see wanted to those shasta sliding their way down to lebanon so i could see a little bit wet weather coming into beirut at twenty six celsius no sign of any cloud and rain out of the arabian peninsula one temperature is ok five six degrees about the seasonal average here in doha could touch forty three celsius on saturday really starting to ramp up on the pleasantly hot weather that we will see in the coming months then but lots of sunshine of course lots of sunshine to across south africa could be a cool head a little bit of cloud just scraping its way across the western and southern could see a few spots of frank cape town with the top temperature of sixteen degrees. it's
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been one year since its neighbors imposed a blockade on by land sea and air renewing a move that shuttered the region's jew political landscape alliances have shifted and qatar has grown more self-reliant. but what caused the rifts between the g.c.c. countries is there and insights and come the go for ever be the same again the siege of. just zero.
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on al-jazeera and the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com a story as we're covering here on the news great today at number one the u.s.
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hitting its key allies with steel and aluminum types of russian foreign minister sergei lavrov meeting kim jong or in the head of the expected meeting between the u.s. present donald trump and kim jong il and the north korean b. to russia very keen to reassert its role and influence in the photo stations also trending syria's bashar assad saying that u.s. russia confrontation was not only avoided in syria all those stories and much more on. website at al-jazeera com. where on the air we're getting more reaction from europe about our top story our top trending story also on our website how the u.s. is slapping new metal tariffs on imports from canada mexico and the e.u. the president of the european commission says the e.u. will be heading back in some way take a listen this is a better day for the world twenty european union cannot. react to that we've got any kind of reaction so really immediately introduce a set of
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a dispute. on the on the w t o eleven and through the knowledge in this coming or was called the balance in measures of what they can do we are able to do exactly. the same it's totally unacceptable that it countries impose unilateral measures when it comes to its. credit. but the u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross says e.u. counter measures would likely have a minimal impact on the american economy well even if the those retailers and even of some others do it still will remain unlikely to be as much as one percent own or counting me remember just because they put terror of snow on some of our products doesn't mean those sales will go to zero in
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the case of server group culture they may very well find other markets that are just as good. moving on and u.n. agencies i warning that they're running out of money to maintain for aid programs for syrian refugees more than five and a half million syrians are living away from their homes mostly in turkey lebanon and jordan in a harder reports was the syrians are some of the millions forced from their homes by war who receive meals from local charities during the holy month of ramadan there are tens of thousands who arrived in the opposition controlled province of idlib in recent weeks with nothing they don't have homes or jobs they are among the seven million syrians who are refugees in their own country and who the united nations says are vulnerable syria still bearing there are pockets of fighting throughout the country seven million people live their homes and they remain eternally displaced the borders are closed people are trapped inside their
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situation is dire there are millions of syrian children who are not going to school there are people without shelter without water sanitation health coverage food their fetching for themself people are moving from one place to another u.n. agency is responsible for humanitarian action in syria are warning of consequences if they don't receive the funds they need so far the international community has donated less than one third of the five point six billion dollars required the lack of funding for people who will have a direct impact on the nutritional status of the people mainly women and children but not only that we've seen the result of food cuts in the region has had an impact on the education which is something is extremely important in this age and we don't want to end up with a lost generation the seven year war has been particularly hard on children thousands have been killed tens of thousands disabled some of the displaced attend
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school in tents many others don't go to school at all and about half of the five point five million refugees in neighboring countries are children. in seven years close to five hundred fifty thousand. syrian children have been born in those countries hosting them as refugees and those host nations countries like jordan and lebanon for example are dealing with their own economic problems and many cases refugees coming in settling in locations that are already poor and impoverished and one of the examples for for lebanon particularly there are two hundred fifty one most affected municipalities that they have identified for the last four or five years without adequate funding for livelihoods and social cohesion sector our ability is to only cover twenty four of those two hundred fifty municipalities the fighting has subsided across the
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country but the humanitarian crisis remains millions depend on aid to survive and their situation is worsening in the absence of a political solution that. beirut the struggle of syrian refugees in lebanon showcase in this great interactive on al-jazeera dot com life on hold over a million syrians have flooded into lebanon where they now make up a quarter of the population this interactive shows you what their life is like in lebanon check it out on al-jazeera dot com. now the united arab emirates has sentenced an award winning human rights activist to ten years in jail for insulting the quote status and prestige of the country on twitter and facebook as bring back our social media producer under schapelle for more on this story andrea. well in addition to a prison sentence often meant ments who has been fined two hundred seventy two thousand dollars for criticizing the government in social media posts this
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prominent human rights activist and blogger was convicted of using his social media accounts to publish false information that damages the country's reputation and he was accused of spreading hatred and secretary sectarianism and that was after he boys support for fellow activists who wasn't released from prison when he was supposed to now months or tweeted that it this is a clear and new case of arbitrary detention in the u.a.e. and after tweeting that keep in mind that he's campaigned for years for freedom of expression as well as civil and political rights there and was convicted actually seven years ago for insulting officials and was then sentenced to three years in jail but was released after eight months now this is what he said in twenty fifteen unfortunately the authorities in u.a.e. have confiscated my passport since two thousand and eleven and have put me on without any legal justification all of this happening all of this is happening not because of anything and i have done wrong but only because of my activities and
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defending good human rights now months or ran afoul of a cyber security law which human rights groups have accused the u.a.e. of using to silence critics some some iraqis have paged paid rather large fines for simply cursing on whatsapp other foreigners have been deported for sharing certain unwanted images online and the founder of chief executive of the campaign group detained in dubai has shared her thoughts on the application of the cyber laws. it's extremely saddening to see that the u.a.e. cybercrime laws have been used to imprison people who only want to see positive change in the legal system in the u.a.e. they want to see corruption stamped out judicial improvements and human rights improvements and simply speaking about that can lead to their lengthy incarceration the cybercrime laws are a danger not only to human rights activists and lawyers but also to visitors who who might share a post on facebook or on twitter and can lead to their lengthy detention this is
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legal abuse from the u.a.e. government and it's preventing the country from advancing into the future the international campaign for freedom in the united arab emirates is another organization that's concerned about months worst case it was launched to support political activism and democratic reform in the u.a.e. and it's calling on the international community to take action and this is a president really is yet another clear example of you a question on this isn't course in government critics so much so that the u.s. now the highest rates of political prisons anywhere in the world. community now has a responsibility stop. this repressive regime and to speak up on the whole of. the spoke not so many. human rights watch has also condemned months or sentencing as well saying that it exposes the u.s. inability to tolerate the mildest of criticisms from a genuine reformer sara lee whitson says that it's hen your sentence for defaming
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the u.a.e. is all you need to know about the brutality and repression beneath the emirates gilded facade now people have been continuously using a hash tag free homage to raise awareness about this case there's one user who's been campaigning for months release and this user tweeted how ridiculous to punish him for damaging the reputation of the u.a.e. surely punishing an internationally acclaimed human rights activist will will damage the u.s. reputation finally jury here says that the u.a.e. probably books its position as a country committed to silencing human rights defenders with this particular verdicts now if you're following this story we'd like to hear from you can tweet me your thoughts using the hash tag a to news group or message me directly i mean or chapell angela thank you very much for that live not on the wall here on the news great taking a look at the different pictures the news agencies feeding us this is see if the news agency with pictures from inside spain spot a moment where
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a debate is currently underway on a no confidence motion on the prime minister mariano rajoy fighting for his political survival you know in tehran a london new center has more on this story daryn yes thanks spain's that prime minister mariano who is expected to be toppled as leader in a no confidence motion on friday at the boskone nationalist party says it will vote against for hoyer in a move that would almost certainly force him out of office the mission has been brought forward by the opposition socialists after a corruption scandal involving the hoa's party. let's go live now to ne parker who's covering this for us in madrid so naver it's not looking good at this stage so what's the latest. is no indeed is again creasing the more more fragile for the spanish prime minister for the motion of no confidence to pass in a vote on friday more than one hundred seventy six m.p.'s in the three hundred fifty
6:42 pm
seat congress would need to vote in favor of the vote of no confidence of course this was a motion that was initially table by the socialist party they alone can't do this themselves so they've asked for support from their political rivals the leftist pradelle most party say that they will back the motion of no confidence the centrist party says that it won't so we could all boil down to two key small regional parties the past nationalist party that has five m. piece here and the two nationalist parties that between them have sixteen m.p.'s for the last hour or so we have learned that there are commitments from both the basque and the cattle and nationalist parties to support a vote of no confidence going forward on friday this is a worrying commitment for mariano rajoy and his people's party and right now behind the scenes one can imagine that the political elite within his party are trying to work out what the game plan is what to do next and indeed what if that does go
6:43 pm
ahead what are the possible scenarios. for there are a few there still are probably now a slim chance that a vote of no confidence will not pass in which case some of the other political parties but there are some theater down or say that they will still continue putting pressure on mariano rajoy going forward continuing to push perhaps for new elections later on the year so he isn't out of the woods even if it fails the other option of course is that mariano rajoy is pretty much a face saving measure decides to resign before he's essentially pushed. how all of that will play out though is really yet to be seen there is a possibility that he could resign in order to save his party to keep the peace people's party in power we could well see a scenario where the current deputy prime minister to step up to the mark and here essentially takes her position but really what what's crucial for the socialists
6:44 pm
and their supporters in getting this motion passed the law is that they have the m.p.'s the support they need so more than one hundred seventy six m.p.'s need to throw their weight behind that it looks like we're getting very close about already beat barca thank you very much indeed. the leaders of italy's five star movement and far right lead party holding last ditch talks to resurrect a coalition government and league's motto salvini flew to rome on thursday to meet five star leader we g.d. mio it is political crisis erupted when president sergio matter or rejected a proposed coalition government last week which included a euro skeptic as their choice for finance minister the prospect of a new snap election has rattled markets around the world the red cross is sending two teams of war surgeons to gaza to treat heavy casualties from recent violence along the border with israel it's warning gaza is facing a crisis of unprecedented magnitude after weeks of violence left more than
6:45 pm
a thirteen thousand palestinians wounded her a force that has more and just to warn you some of his report was shot inside an operating theater. the red cross team here the surgical team is operating on a young man who was shot several weeks ago in the leg just above the ankle and what this is is a follow up operation designed to remove fragments of bone which are still in the wound and could present a threat of further infection now this is this is very much the kind of thing which is at the heart of this new i.c.r.c. appeal for more funding they want to more than double the number of staff that are here in gaza for the next six months now this is despite the fact that the height of the protests for now at least appear to be over but the long term nature of these injuries is what they're concerned about one thousand three hundred when are in bad need two three to five a complicated surgery and this is by the end festive that appealing today with five
6:46 pm
point three million dollars go ahead out to the spawn to the accurate needs at the health of that in gaza to increase the capacity of the third to can and if that is of surgical unit and they begin hospital with them and also three of the third jails and their fifth one hundred eleven team members were not there then you know that in becoming clear that month this is just one among three thousand six hundred people who have been injured by israeli sniper fire in the last few weeks during the protests which started on march the thirtieth early more than thirteen thousand injuries in total and so this is why the i.c.r.c. says it's important to maintain and indeed increase its presence here in gaza to look after those people going forward there also of course concerned that there could be further injuries in protests which could take place in the coming days and weeks around fifty thousand victims of institutional child sex abuse in australia
6:47 pm
and to get financial compensation scouts salvation army a y.m.c.a. a catholic and anglican churches have all joined a national redress scheme for survivors the catholic church australia's largest denomination thinks it alone will be liable for about seven hundred fifty million dollars in compensation. well we'd certainly expect to be paying out for survivors for many years to come and where we stand ready to do that we're going to back that we have insurance in our assets were determined to bring justice and for redress healing if we can to the victims of this terrible crime we are very pleased to be able to join in this national independent redress scream we think this will be a very important part of the process for the healing of survivors of abuse that's over make moment to fall into lauren thank you very much for that now to a story that we've been following here on the news great protesters in kenya are again voicing their anger over a corruption scandal inside
6:48 pm
a government agency set up to help young people tens of millions of dollars have gone missing from the national youth service dozens of civil servants are under investigation catherine sorry has our report from nairobi. the kenyans are making their voice hard loud and clear. they're protesting against corruption triggered by a scandal involving a government agency ninety million dollars is missing from the national youth service we just set up to help the young unemployed by providing training dozens of people including senior officials at the agency are being investigated some have been charged allegations include payments for dubious supplies inflated costs and payouts for services that were never delivered in the fast place a man will give up his business to join the protest. has become very difficult.
6:49 pm
on a motorcycle i work so hard for so little yet all we hear is corruption involving billions . president has said all the manning will be recovered and that those found guilty will be held to account but many on this march say that previous such scandals have never been properly dealt with valerie and many protestant yeah but their frustration is felt by most kenyans who want the government to do more in its fight against corruption they say that more people should be going to prison their assets frozen and that all the stolen money should be returned oh i don't know it's not the first time the national youth service has been at the center of a corruption in two thousand and fifteen almost eight million dollars was stolen in a similar way. before people were taken to court and only one was destroyed so twenty three of them walked away scot free. if you look at the opposition even
6:50 pm
within the iraqi of the ministry the public ministry and the last itself to a fairly good analysis. it's unlikely that to come such as come to. these protesters say they're tired of having their money stolen they march to the high court with the police keeping their distance for a few tense minutes they blocked a convoy car in the chief justice. trials they finally ended up at the gates of parliament. this is just one of many anti corruption rallies that have been held in recent days those staking pat hope those in power will finally start listening. and will be kenya. still ahead on the news grid they were promised south african farm land more than twenty years ago so why are they still waiting why both apartheid pledge isn't coming true.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
you cooper much and a big priority of the ruling party in south africa is to right the wrongs of apartheid it's twenty two years since the ruling a.n.c. promised to give black people land owned by white farmers but augments over who owns the land continue and nearly twenty thousand farmers still haven't been given the title deeds to land they've lived on for decades. was born here one hundred four years ago his parents worked without pay for a white farmer who grabbed this land. south africa a few decades before he was born. where he buried them. in exchange for their
6:53 pm
labor they were allowed to live here and grow their own food he lived the same way now the current landowners want him to leave. my father was born here i was born here he married my mother here where will i go if they want me to move from this place i'd rather they take a gun and shoot me so at least i can be with my ancestors and die on this land. a nine hundred ninety six law backed by nelson mandela in title and others like him known as labor tends to own the small plots of land they occupy he applied twenty years ago he still doesn't have to title. lives in this shack he lets in the rain so the land rights organization tried to build him a new home from concrete blocks from the landowners didn't allow it his grandson lives just here on the same plot but if no title is issued for the dies he won't be
6:54 pm
able to inherit the land there are tens of thousands of people in similar predicaments waiting since the one nine hundred ninety s. for titles to be issued. while he works for a rights group that's representing nine hundred thousand of their claims for land the whole process is about the liberty that using the portion of land they've always been using so there. is not useful to landowners anyway so what we are pushing for processing of the clean so these people can all. the descendants of the white farmers do have titles many owners are reluctant to give up the small plots where the claimants live. and many claimants say the government lacks the political will to address the past injustice it's actually not a matter of political will we are now processing their pick asians they're proud of the department in the past was that rather than subjecting the people to all of their all of that let us rather use alternative ways of securing their tenure if
6:55 pm
you don't standing up locations or are processed it may take years. will be around for many more his ancestors shed this land communally all he wants before he dies is to own a tiny part of it malcolm webb al-jazeera near pietermaritzburg south africa and an important sports story has crossed our desk ran madrid coaches in a dingy down has quit after winning an unprecedented third straight champions league title the frenchman called a surprise news conference earlier ending a three year career with the spanish club if thinks it's the right time. to keep this team has to keep winning and need to change in order to do so they need a new voice perhaps a different way to work and this is why i took this decision this is our sports correspondent lee wellings has reaction to zenaida dunn's departure. within this
6:56 pm
short response to this absolutely has to be a surprise because he's a young manager relatively forty five years old and has just won the biggest competition in european football actually world cup football three times in succession what a success he's my that job so to suddenly broke away from that will certainly have people questioning it wondering why he's doing it but the more you hear from sudan about this the more it makes sense he's actually feeling that he's taken the club as far as they can go and that he can't go into further success with this side which makes sense when you think about it brown would do it of course already deserved their triumph in the champions league but there's no guarantee that they're going to build on that for next season they do need to make changes and now the club you say they have to do that with a new manager actually i think there's a bigger picture here if you look at the french national team the french football association are understandably huge fans of that everything he did for them as
6:57 pm
a player and now what he's achieving as a manager and they would like him managing the national take didier to sean has been in the job for six years now which is a long time for a national manager he takes them to the world cup in russia i don't think the shop will carry on beyond that world cup and it will be a really good time to get it done in getting used to the job before the next major tournament for france but just rewind a little bit when's it done signed up for our dreams as manager in twenty six they haven't had a couple of years with their base there was a big question mark by him a lot of critics a lot of city and what a success he made of that job. all right lee wellings in london then that will do it for today's show remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times . news great and all the other ways to get in touch right here from the footy back to the whole use great team thank you for watching we're back here tomorrow at fifteen hundred g.m.t. .
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illinois. i am am. i . in the next episode of earth royce nick clark two into groupings crew on
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a voyage through the widdle sea to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile antarctic ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just t.v. with life the bees of the remotest. antarctic century on al-jazeera. singapore is being accused of expanding its coast and illegally dredged sat and some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business boggling when they will take the same there in the sand is our area you see the beautiful beach behind it is something that's not so perfect tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound was on al-jazeera.
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the united states imposes tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the european union canada and mexico. and. live from london coming up. i think it will be very positive i think it will be very big separate. us president claims talks are going well as his secretary of state meets north korea's top diplomat. under pressure spain's prime minister fights for his political life as a corruption scandal for his to remove him and his property from power. and waiting more than twenty years to inherit the land stolen from.


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