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entered suits. the potential for a global trade as america's closest allies question their own tariffs against the us. oh and welcome to al-jazeera live for my headquarters in doha near there's a prada also ahead. planning to travel to washington to deliver a personal letter from. a senior adviser to north korea's leader donald trump on friday. spain's prime minister money on the horrific cases in our confidence vote one choosing marginally expected to lose and. i don't even know if we still have
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a house or if it was destroyed millions of syrians risk losing their homes over a property you know implemented by president bashar al assad's government. some of america's biggest allies are threatening retaliatory measures off of the u.s. imposed tariffs on steel and many and ports the trumpeter ministration refused to exempt the european union canada and mexico they're now fears the decision could spark a global trade war committee how could reports from washington. u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross made the announcement from paris where he was attending an annual trade forum. tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum imports into the united states from canada mexico and the european union all go into effect friday. the move potentially sets in motion
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a trade war with some of the united states' most important allies a claim the u.s. commerce secretary brushed off everybody has a remeron and very firmly every country does with others whose loathing we are to. get over this in due course in brussels the head of the european commission called it a bad day for world trade promising counter measures that could include retaliatory tariffs u.s. goods into the e.u. on everything from blue jeans to motorcycles what they can do we are able to do exactly. the same it's totally up to the it come to you or through measures when it comes to. the crate francis jr trade minister promised a similar response suggesting the u.s. president may be misinformed. no more forget that issue comes
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a point when one needs to look at the figures and i'm surprised that maybe president trump stuff haven't shown him how much those european companies have invested in the united states created jobs that to assemble and produce the now those u.s. jobs could be at risk just as president donald trump seeks to fulfill one of his top campaign promises to protect the jobs of his supporters in america's steel and aluminum manufacturing sectors it's not just international partners criticizing donald trump's decision to oppose steel and aluminum tariffs on top u.s. allies domestically members of president trump's own republican party are also criticizing him fear of the effects of a global trade war despite white house efforts to downplay those concerns kimberly helped get al-jazeera at the white house while u.s. trade partners in europe are denouncing the new tower. french president called the
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american action illegal while his foreign minister said america first has become in america alone the german finance minister off shot said the tabs may violate international law and that it was not a good day for transatlantic relations the brushless government expressed deep disappointment saying the u.k. and other u.s. allies should get a permanent exemption and reaction to the move has been particularly strong from canada and mexico heartless and the u.s. the u.s. and the north american free trade agreement john heilemann reports from mexico city . after the u.s. put the squeeze on neighbors and trading on those mixed growing canada imposing steel tariffs retaliation quickly followed both the dollar for dollar surcharges on u.s. imports these tariffs are totally unacceptable canadian prime minister justin through and his foreign minister chrystia freeland denounce the us is actions this is
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sixteen point six billion dollars of retaliation this is the strongest trade action canada has taken in the post-war era mexico's economic minister called this the worst case scenario and said the country would put tariffs on some u.s. steel products apple's grapes pull in cheese today. the damage to the mexican experts on this. but this dispute was the last thing either country wanted with a powerful and until recently mostly friendly neighbor the kind of the terrorists will hit the tickly hard about ninety percent of it still head south of the border it's the us is biggest supplier but mexico also is one of the topics of steel to the united states despite both its going canada insist trade flows. works in the
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u.s. is favor to them the decision by the troubled ministration just doesn't make sense michael to kick us in economy is no economic justification at the end of the day you see that mexico has a difference it was the us in early lineaments deal that we can see more from them than we moreover in sectors that are essential for their company but there's another element to this washington's insistence the three countries of renegotiating the nafta free trade agreement the us won't see more concessions from exploring canada they both emphasize that they still came to talk but added that there retaliatory measures will remain in place as long as the us terrorists do join holeman. mexico city let's move on to other news now the u.s. secretary of state says he's made significant progress and has talks with one of the north korean leader's closest aides mike pompei or has met to kemi all told and new york for a second day the talks are supposed to smooth the way for a summit between donald trump and kim jong il and less than two weeks but pompei of
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refused to confirm it will happen diplomatic editor james bays reports from new york. a second day of intense diplomacy between the u.s. secretary of state and the north korean envoy who met for almost two and a half hour as reporters watched the comings and goings at the apartment block where the u.s. government owns a residence on the thirty ninth floor state department officials were very cautious in what they said but one man was not as restrained the u.s. president who spoke as the meeting was still under way revealing for the first time that general kim will now head to the white house good morning i just want to tell you we're doing very well with north korea our secretary of state has had very good meetings he's meeting again today i believe they'll be coming down to washington on friday and a letter is going to be delivered to me from him john. the president said the
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summit in singapore if it takes place could be the first of perhaps two or three meetings between him and kim jong later secretary pump aoe sidestepped questions about whether the two sides have the same definition of denuclearization and seemed well aware of the scale of the challenge ahead this is going to be a process that will take days and weeks to work our way through there will be tough moments there will be difficult times i've had some difficult conversations with them as well. they've given right back to me to reporters had been led to believe that these crucial negotiations would only be taking place here at this apartment block in new york but now there is another phase and an unpredictable element president trump himself at the white house general kim is carrying a letter which he will open there from his leader kim james post al-jazeera new
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york well meanwhile peace talks have resumed between north and south korea and the truth on edge of john has got our costs on and wane hey he's joining us live from the south korean capital of the diplomatic activity continuing on the korean peninsula way who's been missing. yes it certainly is elizabeth while all the attention seems to be on that potential summit in singapore singapore between donald trump and kim jong un the activity has continued on the korean peninsula with a high level meeting taking place friday in the demilitarized zone that separates the two countries between a delegation from north korea and a delegation from south korea and this is really all about implementing some of the things that were discussed in the into korean summits between the south korean president and kim jong un and what we have been told coming out of those meetings
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that have been taking place on friday is that they have agreed to set up a joint liaison office that office will be in the gay song industrial complex just north of the demilitarized zone that's been closed since two thousand and sixteen because of the nuclear tests that have been taking place in north korea around that time so they're all set up their joint liaison office there and they've also agreed to stage an event in south korea on the fifteenth of june to mark the anniversary to celebrate the anniversary of the first into korean summit which was held back in the year two thousand so it seems like they certainly have been making progress on some of those things that the two leaders discussed but how much weight of that progress will depend on the summit between our own and donald trump. well again it seems what we're hearing from the meeting taking place in the demilitarized zone that it has all been positive that they have been in agreement over most things but there is a sense that really
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a lot of this perhaps all of it hinges on this meeting between donald trump and kim jong il and we still don't know as you heard a few moments ago whether or not that meeting will take place those negotiations are continuing between the north koreans and the united states and even if it does does happen what sort of agreement if any will be reached the ultimate goal so they say is the denuclearization of the korean peninsula well that cannot happen without the united states that is something that really can't be agreed at the level we've seen meeting in the demilitarized zone over the course of friday between north and south korea it has to involve the united states because we're talking about obviously the destruction of nuclear weapons in the nuclear capability in north korea but we're also talking about from the north korean point of view the removal of the nuclear umbrella that the u.s. has in terms of protecting south korea and possibly the removal or at least the reduction in u.s.
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troop numbers in south korea so really while there have been positive steps in the demilitarized zone on friday it is still all eyes on their potential summit in singapore when thank you very much for that for now that's wayne hale with the latest from seoul thank you. but spain now where promised the money on the whole will face a no confidence vote and parliament on friday as party has been struggling to restore trust after a court ruled that it profited from an illegal scheme the votes being brought by the opposition socialist party leader petra sanchez who is hoping to take over as prime minister well let's get more on this i corresponded me baka is joining us live from the capital my dread one of the possible scenarios here name. well they're all about to make themselves very clear to us in the coming few hours the sessions underway in congress behind me debating has started we've seen the politicians write but we have not seen the prime minister mariano rajoy arrive here
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we now know that the vote of no confidence is expected to happen much sooner than expected probably within a couple of hours time rather than later on in the day one hundred seventy six m.p.'s out of the three hundred fifty that sits in congress here behind me need to back the vote of no confidence on thursday one hundred eighty m.p.'s from six different parties so that they would support the motion tabled by the socialist party and its leader pedro sanchez meaning that by the end of the day we could well see a new prime minister very likely to be pedro sanchez and a new government as well there is still the possibility that mariano rajoy could resign and that would in theory scupper the whole no confidence vote it could potentially allow his party the center right people's party to remain in office and the possibility of a new leader taking over instead of mariano rajoy but it all indication is that he wants to fight this until the bitter end so as i said we are only hours away from
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knowing which of these scenarios is likely to turn into reality and the we are here of course because of those corruption allegations against the ruling people party minders off them. well the opposition have accused mariano rajoy of undermining the health of spain's democracy corruption convictions were handed out to twenty nine high profile figures within the center right people's policy some of them very very close to my out of including the former treasurer lewis who was sentenced to thirty three years in jail and fined fifty one million dollars for corruption not all took place and was finalized on monday it's linked to campaigning in the late one nine hundred ninety s. and early two thousand and a court ruled that the p.p. party itself has in some way financially benefits been benefited from some of these ill gotten gains and has forced them to pay back two hundred eighty five thousand
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dollars when mariano rajoy says that this has nothing to do with any m.p.'s currently sitting in parliament representing his policy it doesn't cover anybody in government i don't know what he sees this is being is really an attempt by the opposition to undermine him politically his policy politically and city stabilize the nation as a whole he has been defined throughout this thank you very much that. is from madrid thank you. still ahead on the way live in pakistan as an interim government is sworn in ahead of july's election and panic on the streets of. that violence against anti-government protesters will continue.
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hell i was may and it left a legacy of record breaking temperatures in a few countries in northern europe and more recently a circulation of quite damaging thunderstorms which is still visible in the strips in western europe that's all changing slowly now because the temperatures for example in places like germany in poland and ukraine are coming down only slowly but away from record values and stockholm's already down to twenty which is cool things down a little bit the breeze a northerly out of the west and russia kids to the twenty three and to be honest for the next couple days that warms could be tempered by the potential for some big sunda storms in for example jimmy the czech republic was favorite for thursday the western side of france maybe most to spain irrelevance felt more some stalls but still warm and humid for most places which i suppose is fair enough given the time of year and that's the picture for saturday we've moved the well transposed the sums towards further east into what was warm and sunny thought last two or three weeks so is now warm and wet and the sun is rather more obvious in paris and in
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london for example so the mediterranean it's fine same is true in north africa and the temperatures in the high twenty's are pretty typical this corner clyde developing in algeria.
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have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories some of america's biggest allies are threatening retaliatory measures after washington impose tariffs on steel and al the many and ports the trumpet ministration refused to extend trade exemptions for the european union canada and mexico to their own alfy is the new u.s. policy could spark a global trade war peace talks have resumed between north and south korea and the truce village of. both delegations agreed to set up a new joint liaison office the north korean team said it was important they follow in the footsteps of their leaders and fulfill the agreements reached during their recent and to korean summits and spile spanish prime minister. may lose his job the
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no confidence vote being held in parliament is yet to appear for this morning's session and madrid to as m.p.'s began voting it's been brought by opposition socialist party leader petro sanchez who is hoping to take over as prime minister. to pakistan now where an interim government has been sworn in ahead of july's the nixon former supreme court justice or look as the caretaker prime minister until the voters pakistan's three main political parties are campaigning to win voters with hopes of a stronger economy and more jobs tribal and religious loyalties will also have a major influence over the electorate well let's get more on this knowledge on wanted c'mon hi there who's live for us in islamabad so what is the main purpose of the interim government before that july election. the main. to get in gave free and fair elections within the stipulated pierre de election commission of pakistan has already.
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made election at him but if there are many the president of pakistan mr. minister day or. between the opposition and the ruling party the normal. figure and therefore there is an expectation that the coming elections will also be fair and free and going into that election what are the main challenges facing the country and also issues for people. going government. billions of dollars from the. first thing they have to come to grips with. also the country foreign policy relations with the united states have been affected by the new u.s.
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administration policy for. relations have always taken a turn for the indeed major challenge foreign policy challenge relations with india the economy. more important factors that have to be a drag thank you very much for that for now that's. thank you. not many risk of losing their home because of a new door that allows the government to seize property if people can't prove hold on a ship let's get more on this same hall that is joining us live from a makeshift refugee camp and lebanon's bekaa valley and the law will affect so many people saying unlike those living wage. yes millions of refugees millions of displaced syrians what is known as
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a large number ten really has sparked a lot of controversy the syrian government promotes it as an urban planning law the law is necessary in order to create zones to begin development projects in areas that have been destroyed by the war but at the end of the day it's opponents and human rights groups to believe that the government is going to use this law not just to punish its opponents but to make sure that its opponents do not return now why is it very hard for these millions of people to return it's because a lot of them do not have their property titles their land deeds they left in a hurry because of the fighting or simply because a lot of land is not registered in syria so they have no proof of ownership and it's not just that people are afraid they have security concerns they feel if they go to go back they could be arrested. is afraid that her stay in lebanon could become permanent she fled the war in syria in two thousand and thirteen her
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hometown is now under government control she says the army hasn't allowed civilians to return yet and a new law passed by the syrian government is threatening to confiscate homes of those people who don't prove ownership. i don't even know if we still have a house or if it was destroyed and when we fled we left with nothing so i don't have any documents with me there are millions of syrians like him ahmed who escaped from the fighting with nothing number ten as it is known means they may be stuck in exile international aid agencies say just nine percent of refugees and displaced have their property title deeds with them this is worrying host nations like lebanon where there are over one million refugees. it's very worrying because when things. or investment to come back three. measures discovers that the syrian government says the new law is needed to begin
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the reconstruction of areas damaged by war human rights groups disagree they say damascus passed similar laws in two thousand and twelve to confiscate property without due process or compensation many syrian refugees no longer have valid identity documents they will not be able to prepare the types of case files that they will need to show that they are property owners within the timeframe that has been given under a longer time. the syrian opposition says the law is part of the government's efforts to bring about demographic changes by repopulating areas with loyalists. many of the refugees in lebanon come from areas that were battlegrounds under rebel control before being recaptured by the government places like the damascus countryside harmsen the region they may be considered safe by some but. economic and security reasons prevent others from returning. and now the law is an obstacle
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to those who want to go back home even if it means living under bashar assad to rule mohamed farah so how is one of them his hometown has been all but destroyed and he has no documents to prove ownership of his land. there are you doing i don't have any papers i don't even know my property number that is because i inherited it from my father i don't know if my house is still standing but i have nothing by god . it's estimated up to fifty percent of syrian land was not officially registered before the war for many permanent displacement is becoming a reality. so it's not just lebanon other host nations are concerned germany for example has asked the united nations to look into the issue saying no thank you very much for that as they live in lebanon's bekaa valley thank you. point fosse's has vowed to never again ignore the culture of clergy sex abuse in
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a letter addressed to catholics there this comes as the head of the roman catholic church announced plans to send his top to investigators back to the country to gather more information about the crisis the pope also praised the victims of sex abuse and bringing the truth to light despite attempts by church officials to discredit them. when. the pope calls on everyone that is why it is a letter to all the people of god to overcome the culture of abuse and concealment where the pope not only said it might have been some moments some things but that the catholic church has created a culture of abusing concealment certainly we did not act with speed to investigate to where in sanction those whom it concerns. at least sixteen people are confirmed to have been killed in the latest anti-government protests in nicaragua a gunman opened fire on a march paying tribute to the mothers of students killed in the unrest more than one hundred people have now died in protest since april. the reports from the
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capital. on the streets of gunmen opened fire on anti-government protesters in the capital many demonstrators took shelter in a nearby cathedral. but at first we were inside the cathedral then we went outside and saw how the shooting took place in cold blood right in front of the cathedral. in this but it nicaraguan former. travel to my now i want to take part in the demonstrations says even under the care of faith leaders he still fears that more attacks are coming to begin with we're going through a repression despite staying at the cathedral because these people don't respect anyone that respects priests or human rights only god can help us here. it's not the first time police officers have fired on demonstrators standing on the grounds of this cathedral since the unrest began nearly six weeks ago pro-government paramilitary groups continue to face off with protesters some wielding homemade
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mortars a man barricades and keep a close watch over who they allow pass snipers an armed groups believed to be under the command of president daniel ortega left at least sixteen people dead and another seventy nine injured after a protest that drew nearly half a million people to the streets of money present in order to go however continues to deny any involvement in the violence in math. and humanitarian organizations have condemned the government crackdown on dissenters. of amnesty international says the evidence of human rights abuse by the government is clear they use of these paramilitary groups to create a cost the use of. police the use of lethal force by police i mean we saw the sniper you know very well positioned it is stadium ready to kill people some of the pattern start we have seen and and that make a speech that this is so systematic and so intentional that it's becoming
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a policy to shoot to kill or. despite the government agreement to allow an independent commission to investigate the violence of the past six weeks the political unrest sneak out i was shows no sign of ending soon there have been about one hundred confirmed deaths since the start of the crisis and i was up a little. whenever. i found that adding that on as now the former real madrid managed that. one has quit the european champions after winning and unprecedented third straight champions league title the frenchman caught a surprise news conference on thursday ending a gray year managerial career with the spanish club sedan says it felt like the right time to make a change. look at. this club needs to keep winning and for that it needs a change after three years it needs a different voice a different method and that's why i made this decision because i really love this club and also the president who gave me the chance to come as
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a player to real madrid this great club and for bad i'll be for ever grateful now finally this bulletin a robotic bird has been developed to help stop real birds from having airplanes the role of bird was developed by a dutch company who say the robotic peregrine falcon can help scare birds away from air traffic and discourage them from nesting. again on the there's a problem and or harbor the headlines on al-jazeera some of america's biggest allies are threatening retaliatory measures after washington impose tariffs on steel at al many and ports the trumpet ministration refused to extend the trade exemptions for the european union canada and mexico there are now fears the new u.s. policy could spark a global trade war. these talks have resumed between north and south korea and the truth village of panmunjom both delegations are going to set up
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a new joint liaison office the north korean team said it was important that they follow in the footsteps of their leaders and fulfill the agreements reached during their recent and to korean summits meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state says he's made significant progress in his talks with one of the north korean leader's closest aides. or two countries face a pivotal moment in our relationship in which it could be nothing short of tragic to let this opportunity go to waste. in my conversations with your mccain going to be on your own today with vice chairman. i've been very clear the president of the united states objective is very consistent and well know the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. a no confidence vote also in total take place in spain's parliament against prime minister for his party's been struggling to restore trust after a court found it profited from an illegal scheme the votes being brought by
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opposition socialist party leader pederast charges is hoping to take over as prime minister. and interim government has been sworn in and pakistan ahead of the election in july the former judge will now on the country as the caretaker prime minister until the vote pakistan's three main political parties are campaigning to win voters with hopes of a stronger economy and more jobs at least sixteen people are now confirmed to have been killed anti-government protests and nicaragua since wednesday gunman opened fire on a march paying tribute to the mothers of students killed in the wrist those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us inside story is coming up next thank you for watching. big help build clean and feed the capital but they're not welcome anymore. when he's with this is the massive big and demolition. forcing two hundred thousand of beijing's poor from their homes when east. it was an
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election that was high on symbolism if it was voting for the first time after the defeat of iceland but now the outcome of what should have been a free and bad reelection is under scrutiny with hopes of a peaceful transition to power in iraq to be dashed again this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. it's been more than three weeks since iraqis went to the polls but the result was split and no single political bloc has been able to form a government the u.n. is urging a quick solution to be found so the country moves forward to was much needed reforms but now it seems that process could be further delayed us.


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