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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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just a marshal we're talking to me. china issues a straight to the u.s. as the two nations hold talks avoid a trade war. and jane in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. oh my god the fourth day of anti austerity protests in jordan in the biggest demonstration in the us. nobody understands what we're feeling ok because many people there are in their homes their old king. six months after hurricane maria hit puerto rico hundreds are still struggling to rebuild their lives. the
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leaning tower of baghdad calls to repair iraq's crumbling area to be ignored. china has issued a warning to the united states if it goes ahead with imposing trade tariffs and any agreements to end the dispute will be void u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross has been holding talks with chinese leaders in beijing he said the meeting so far have been quote friendly and frank the two countries of straitened to protect tariffs on goods without two hundred fifty billion dollars each on stories live for us in beijing so it's all over what's been achieved. while it appears that not much has been achieved from this third round of trade talks between the u.s. and china now u.s. trade officials had arrived in beijing hoping to achieve a few things they wanted to press the chinese for firm commitments now the chinese
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had said they would substantially increase their purchases of u.s. agricultural and energy products the u.s. were hoping to push them for a specific figure perhaps persuade them to enter into long term contracts the us also hoping to discuss in better protection for intellectual property rights as well as other structural changes to the chinese economy which they say allowed chinese firms to compete unfairly but in the end it appears that none of those things have been achieved and instead china appears to have fired a warning shot at the u.s. now the state media is quote is saying that the chinese are now and saying that any agreement reached between china and the u.s. during these trade talks will be void if the u.s. pushes ahead with imposing trade sanctions including terrorists now this is clearly a reference to the u.s. threatening or really saying it's going to push ahead with saying twenty five
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percent tariffs on as much as fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods but the final list of affected products to be announced on the fifteenth of june and this is despite having said that any tariffs would be put on hold while talks are ongoing now and some analysts had said that this was perhaps a tactic to strengthen u.s. position ahead of the negotiations but china is known sending a very clear signal that it's not going to be pushed around in this trade dispute it's only looking at a trade war now. well to be clear this is something that china and the u.s. are both trying very hard to avoid because this these round of these rounds of trade talks not just aimed at reducing the trade deficit between the u.s. and china it really is to avoid both sides imposing retaliate tree tariffs on each other now if there is a tariff for both countries the u.s. and china stand to lose because the prices of imports could go up there be
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a dent on exports there could be job cuts and there will be slower economic growth other countries could also lose especially those that rely heavily on trade with china and u.s. because if chinese and u.s. firms are going to be exporting less then these companies and the manufacturers that sell to these u.s. and chinese firms are going to see a reduction in their orders now there could be some winners in a trade war however countries that step up to fill the void for example if chinese are going to be buying fewer soybean from the u.s. just as an example then perhaps latin american farm this could step up to fill the void but an all out trade war will see more loses than winners especially in the global economy. thank you. and france is also warning the u.s. it has only a few days to avoid another potential trade war finance ministers from some the world's largest economies are concerned and disappointed by president trump's new taxes on steel and
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a minium imports but as john henry reports from washington trunk isn't backing down . with days to go before the g. seven summit in canada the economic alliance is fractured the allies are angry and openly talking about a possible trade war we we think this action is inappropriate we think it's absurd to consider canada a security risk the united states and therefore we've taken a targeted and considered approach to retaliation france's foreign minister also says unless the u.s. reverses its new tariffs on steel and aluminum from europe canada and mexico a trade war is just a few days away. at a meeting ahead of this week's g. seven summit in canada u.s. treasury secretary steven minucci tried to his ways the allies president trump has been very clear in wanting to address trade issues i don't think in any way the u.s. is abandoning its leadership in the global economy quite the contrary i think we have very broad objectives that are that are across
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a rebalancing the trade relationship and the trade deficit but he could not offer the one thing u.s. allies want tariff relief trump briefed by minucci and is not backing down taking to twitter on saturday he wrote when you are almost eight hundred billion dollars a year down on trade you can't lose a trade war many economists disagree they say everyone loses in a trade war because a vicious cycle of tariffs makes goods more expensive all around now some u.s. companies say they fear a trade conflict could end the global economic expansion the upcoming g. seven meeting was expected to celebrate our estimates at this point and these are very rough but we would expect another ten to fifteen percent drop and we're also suffering because of the steel tariffs which was the genesis of all this everything we do involves steel our fencing everything else is steel related so we're seeing
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increased prices from those things too so it is kind of a domino effect in european leaders who've already chosen their targets for retaliation iconic american products like harley-davidson motorcycles levi's jeans jack daniels whiskey in florida oranges the next casualties in what could be an escalating trade conflict john hendren al-jazeera washington. u.s. is north korea will only get sanctions relief after it takes verifiable and irreversible steps to denuclearization defense exhibit james mattis was speaking on the sidelines of a defense conference in singapore he made the south korean and japanese counterparts to discuss the upcoming summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un. to. a bumpy road. thank you very much for the good of.
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all. of. this part israeli warplanes have attacked the gaza strip after rockets were fired from the area the israeli military targeted fifteen hamas sites including weapons stores hamas hasn't claimed responsibility for launching the rockets which the israelis say were intercepted tension escalated between hamas and israel after intense exchanges of fire last week the worst in four years before so there's more from gaza city. well this latest exchange between israel and fighting factions here inside gaza began late on saturday night with mortar fire coming out of the gaza strip israel said that there were four projectiles fired in total three of them intercepted by the iron dome system one of them falling short within gazan territory and overnight we've seen a pretty extensive response from the israeli air force fifteen science they say they've targeted within gaza the latest of those strikes on an empty military
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training base belonging to the hamas military wing the alka some brigades no casualties on either side but it does come after what happened on tuesday into the early hours of wednesday morning last week when we saw the biggest exchange between the israeli air force and the israeli military and forces here inside gaza since the twenty fourteen war beginning with mortar fire into israeli territory about one hundred projectiles in total according to the committee were fired into into israeli territory during that period and sixty five targets here inside gaza were struck so since then an informal cease fire has been prevailing one which egypt took a major role in trying to secure this seems to be a relatively limited breaking of that situation but obviously there is always the possibility that these things can escalate it does seem according to some that the
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factions here inside gaza hamas in particular may well be trying to provoke or remind israel of the situation here as we understand there are efforts underway to get some kind of longer term ceasefire brokered between israel and hamas that remains a very difficult objective both sides remain far apart in terms of what they would want in any such deal and in the meantime there's always a possibility for these kinds of exchanges to escalate further than either side would ideally want it's a fourth day of anti austerity. protests in jordan in the biggest demonstration against the government in years riot police used tear gas to break up crowds calling for the cabinets resignation in amman protesters are angry at ministers for proving a new draft law on tax reforms the policy is influenced by the international monetary fund which jordanians accuse of interference at the start of the one mr buffett you know we support our brothers that are going down to the street to protest against
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new taxes because the people are going through a very tough economic days the problem is not just the tax more the jordanian citizen right now. his pockets are empty are completely empty. saw the government has to listen. to the sound of the people ask for more beloved how local citizens now have no power the searching for food put the children daily women are looking in the rubbish for food and every day we are surprised by rising prices and new taxes. on saturday jordan's king abdullah discuss the protests with these government he says people shouldn't have to bear the burden of financial reforms alone he intervened to freeze an increase in fuel prices on friday the prime minister had elmo to says ministers must decide whether or not to ditch the tax bill. the deputy prime minister of qatar says it's stronger than it was a year ago when neighboring countries imposed their blockade saudi arabia united
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arab emirates but when an egypt also cut diplomatic relations on june the fifth last year qatar denies the accusations of fostering terrorism. through the un waiving resilience of the property people and the song leadership of his highness the emir we were able to weather the storm and emerge from it stronger than ever before. in the years since the blockade was imposed our production of national product including medicine and food grown exponentially we have built on or by that sort of nation and have explored the new and promising partnership to grow and develop the crisis lead to shortages in cattle food supply countries such as iran soon stepped in to fill the gap but the reports deepening ties between the two nations could prove problematic this family run farm near to herat has been
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selling produce to qatar for more than ten years it used to export two to three truckloads of food to qatar a week since the blockade began demand has soared to two to three truckloads a day. forms like this all over iran have increased production to fill the gap in the country market after saudi arabia the u.a.e. and other countries severed supply routes what caused a shock in qatar is an opportunity for iranian businesses but so do the knee of irani says profits are not the only reason exporters are keen to supply cut those markets in the us time you know. what i'm saying this from the bottom of my heart we'd like to repeat all we don't feel that our neighboring countries and islamic countries are separate from us we consider them as a religious brothers and we are happy that this market exists for us to supply it it's embarrassing for us to say that we are helping qatar we are two brothers at one table eating from one table and we are happy that today kataria brothers are
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with us at one table. with business links all over the world the exporter says the blockade is bad for everyone in the region and hopes it ends soon. you can find a little bit of everything here fruits vegetables basic necessities being grown here in iran and will eventually end up in the homes of people living in. iran in qatar have had serious disagreements over the wars in syria and yemen and iranian support for hezbollah in lebanon but they speak with one voice in support of the palestinian people and share the world's largest natural gas field and in the last year disputes with saudi arabia have brought them closer together. we felt qatar was being treated unfairly so we opened. qatar airways to use our airspace and we used five important ports in the south of the country to help relations with. friends. tensions of our officials. served as iran's ambassador
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he says both countries can cooperate on much more but he admits the appearance of siding too openly with iran is tricky. home to the largest american air base in the middle east and. headquarters cozying up to run also further anger blockading countries escalate tensions even more. leaders the last year has been a delicate balancing act but whatever happens next people living in qatar are unlikely to forget the neighbors willing to lend a hand when they needed it most. cheers m.x. one year since the blockade began we'll have a special program looking at the political economic and human impact of the crisis that's at eight hundred g.m.t. on cheese day head on al-jazeera still ahead. if you know they told me that after training i will start to receive money. and i saw linked groups trying to recruit
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children as it fights back in the shattered parts of the philippines. hello we have a tropical depression identified and moving it's in this massive white cloud that's rolling up into world sudden vietnam at the moment now given that's what's happening here it tends to take away some of the n.g.o.s where it's a little bit less wet in the southern philippines the next day or so but the circulation is pretty broad you see it's not going to develop into a tropical cyclone it's just depression which means enhanced rainfall running up the vietnamese coast and it's consistent with the monsoon trough that's running in through me in ma and probably produces very big downpours in thailand as well south of all that then pretty well scattered showers if any atolls very dry spell been for malaysia and indonesia for most people the change of
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a proper change of season in australia of course has taken place in the middle cloud that issue very much happening there white hidden you see in the high ground southeast corner of the australian owls the snow is possible but the opposite is happening in perth is warming up to twenty two degrees against us quite a huge swing the clouds will come in it was probably start to rain and that could be significant rain that has come tuesday at the same time you're left in the sunshine in both adelaide and melbourne and represents most of of populated australia but the sun is right except near the east coast. from cutting edge medical technology toxic venom. the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world.
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upside. down innovative solutions to global health problems to make a difference. is worth get a cure the cure on al-jazeera. the top stories on al-jazeera china is warning the u.s. that any agreements to end a trade dispute will be void if washington goes ahead with imposing tariffs u.s. commerce secretary will be ross has been holding talks with chinese leaders in beijing. israeli warplanes have attacked the gaza strip after rockets were fired from the area the israeli military target fifteen homicides hamas as it came to
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sponsibility for launching the rockets which the israelis say were intercepted. by police in jordan have used tear gas to break up another night of demonstrations against proposed tax hikes protesters want ministers to resign for introducing the measures which are backed by the international monetary front. army commanders in the southern philippines say gunmen linked to eisele are regrouping and tricking children into joining their fight to gun reports from the city of morocco we were mortar gunmen were defeated by the army seven months ago. in a brit hume is fourteen years old and lives in an evacuation camp with his father he says a group of men approached him a few weeks ago they told him they were police officers and invited him to join training and he said the prospect of taking revenge against the eisel inspired multi-group that attacked what are we city and kept it under siege for months
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appealed to him so he said yes his bother as side knew they were not police officers but now the supporters in this guys. they wanted to take that the there were not be burst the sign i am thankful they managed to save my son. they told me that after training i will start to receive money during five months of conflict the city was severely damaged around two hundred members of the mountain had taken control hoping to create a caliphate. st mary's church was a symbol of religious tolerance in the country's only city under islamic law but when the war broke out this was one of the first places to be seen them out to specifically targeted christians hoping to create a religious divide more than a thousand people were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. the philippine
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military declared the victory in october last year but the war is far from over because the mouthy appears to be regrouping this information is confirmed in fact we have had several intelligence reports that the trying to recruit more members. and then training them actually harder to fight because you're fighting for the hearts and minds of the people because the reserve did not die with the liberation of. the philippine military accuses the moutier of playing on the emotions of children especially those traumatized by the battle for morale we like fifteen year old ricky who lost his parents in the war now he lives alone moving from one evacuation camp to the next. and i don't know who to trust anymore i don't go. it's
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a sentiment shared by many young boys displaced by the war aid groups say they are the perfect recruit spur armed groups like them out and they need to be protected unless there are for hope of a brighter future they could be part of the hundreds of children in the southern philippines who are falling victim to the disciple of poverty and violence. in duggan. city southern philippines. farmers in northern india are demanding a fair price for their crops on a ten day strike they want traders to pay more for their products and they want financial aid from the government or than half of india's farming households are in debt despite numerous loan write offs by successive governments civilians are voting in an early parliamentary election a right wing anti immigration party has been leading the opinion polls former prime minister younis the uncertainties party are likely to win most seats but will have
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to find coalition partners to form a government immigration is a major issue civilians have seen hundreds of thousands of refugees pass through on their way to western europe calls for no election are being made in macedonia thousands of opposition supporters made their demands clear in the capital scorpio accuse the left wing government of ruining the economy since taking over a year ago protesters also alarmed at the possible change of the name of their country greece as a northern province called macedonia and talks are being held to resolve the twenty seven year old dispute by police in mali if i had to guess that opposition supporters who defied a ban on rallies in the run up to next month's presidential election two candidates were among sixteen people injured in the capital bamako police said the march couldn't go ahead because a state of emergency has been imposed prison. hopes to be reelected despite
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criticism over ethnic killings. riscos are looking for survivors from a collapsed building in the kenyan capital nairobi please confirm two people were killed the red cross says four people have been pulled alive from the rubble of the five story building. to people being shot dead in the correct way as protesters fired homemade mortars at police roman catholic bishop big citizens in messiah not to venture out at least claim right wing groups for looting hundred ten acre organs and died in two months of unrest hurricane season is beginning in the caribbean and people in puerto rico fear there won't be able to weather another storm tens of thousands fled to florida after hurricane maria devastated their homes eight months ago hundreds remain in hotels relying on government aid that will end soon and again it goes more from kissimmee in the weeks following hurricane maria more than
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thirty thousand storm weary puerto ricans registered at this disaster relief center at all and those airport u.s. citizens by birth they came to florida looking for help months later many are still in limbo like hundreds of others namely gonzales has been stuck in a hotel since january but time is running out for drill systems programs a temporary and naomi has nowhere else to go nobody understands what we're feeling ok because. many people they're in their homes they're all they could learn they've got their place but when you don't have a place well it gets to you it's really tough for families that have already been in these hotels for months there's the constant fear that government aid will end and that is inevitable many simply don't have anything to go back to in puerto rico but for those that want to make a life here there's an even bigger problem ninety seven percent of all rental accommodation is already filled that the remains is prohibitively expensive we're
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getting calls from people who care about others orange county's commissioner says resources stretched and many evacuees who have little choice but to stay face an uncertain future when you lose everything and you can't pay your mortgage and now your credits getting ruined and now you're here in our new county trying to find an apartment they're looking at your credit score is and you can't get approved that's just a domino effect from something that happened to them six months ago so what if you can only request from the. community hope centering kissimmee has helped some families find homes they too can't help everyone resources in this part of florida already dealing with an exodus of puerto ricans who left before the storm the limited as they come in the expectations for the families i feel may be higher than what we actually can provide at times i know that there's there's huge frustration and i know that there is just there's hurt and trauma hurricane maria hit puerto
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rico last september but the island is still struggling those that came to florida looking for a new start many are still waiting and a guy like roger zero kissimmee florida the leaning tower of pisa is well known in baghdad also has a tower with a tendency to tilt it's not the only heritage building there which is suffering from poor maintenance and the it as a sign the binge of aid reports from the iraqi capital. the sixteenth sixty the year when the busier mosque was built but this is all that's left of it the cracks in the arches and fading tiles are reminders of the golden days of baghdad this is the victorian facade of the iraqi capital old government building it was damaged during the two thousand and three u.s. invasion and has been abandoned since this area was part of the ottoman military complex on the banks of the tigris river its decrypt state symbolizes the degree of iraq's rich cultural heritage. and many people
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nowadays are not aware of the importance of these sites and the reason is that recently iraq has faced violence and internal fighting which led to a weak government the conscription zone baghdad's old minaret are feeding the caliphs mosque compound is over a thousand years old built by the caliphs after centuries of war than invasions the minaret is the only original structure left and it didn't always lean the government to seal the mosque because of the dangerously rapid tilting of the minaret but there are no real efforts being made to repair it the government's priorities are the provision of basic services and with a struggling economy preservation efforts inevitably take a back seat there are no worshipers in this mosque compound which is hundreds of years old because of the fear that the minaret would fall on the hall these days when people pray they do it in the courtyard spiderwebs have replaced the curtains
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inside and we are told there are no books left in the library upstairs. we need to value the sites not only there were legist ones but also historic sites like the assyrian and babylonian sites it would help to strengthen the national identity and that iraqi national identity has been blurred by years of sectarian strife corruption and mismanagement. these two domes envelop the symbolic eternal flame of the iraqi flag this monument built in the one nine hundred eighty s. used to represent iraqis now many government departments claim ownership of the multi-million dollar landmark the martyrs monument was used by u.s. forces and then the iraqi military at the base like much else of iraq's heritage its museum and library were also looted these days the halls remain empty and the general public is not allowed in. baghdad's rich tapestry of ancient and modern
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history is fading fast many people are afraid that unless action is taken to protect and preserve it it could be lost forever some of the job al-jazeera like that. the top stories on al-jazeera china is warning the u.s. that any agreements to end a trade dispute will be void if washington goes ahead with imposing tariffs u.s. commerce secretary well the ross has been holding talks with chinese leaders in beijing the u.s. wants china to buy more american goods to reduce its trade deficit fund is also warning the u.s. it has any a few days to avoid a trade war finance ministers from some of the world's largest economies on meeting in canada are they concerned that president on trump's new taxes on steel and aluminum imports. israeli warplanes have attacked the gaza strip after rockets were fired from the area the israeli military targeted fifteen homicides tension
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escalated between hamas and israel following intense exchanges of fire last week the worst in four years. a fourth day of protests underway in jordan against tax rises in the cost of living right police in the capital amman used tear gas to break up crowds demanding the government's resignation protesters are furious at ministers approving tax rises required by the international monetary fund to reduce the natural de national debt at the start of the one michelle bachelet you know we support our brothers that are going down to the street to protest against new taxes because the people are going through a very tough economic the the problem is not just the tax mo the jordanian citizen right now. his pockets are empty are completely empty. saw the government has to listen. to the sound of the people ask for more polite how local citizens now have no power searching for food put the children daily women and look into the rubbish
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for food and every day we are surprised by rising prices and new taxes rescuers are looking for survivors from a collapsed building in the kenyan capital nairobi police say two people were killed in the red cross claims four people have been pulled alive from the rubble of the five story building. syrians are voting in an early parliamentary election a right wing anti immigration party has been leading the opinion polls former prime minister younis and his party are likely to win most seats but will have to find coalition partners to form a government immigration is a major issue. those all the headlines the killer revisited is up next. to the seven billion lights in the slums each one is still. demonstrably to live. with documentaries to. feel. it's.
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