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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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on the other carney see the world from a different perspective only on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. i'm adrian for they get and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes trade talks between the united states and china come to a close with beijing issuing a threat to the u.s. . an anti immigrant right wing party looks to make gains in slovenia's general election. days of anti hysterically protests in jordan culminate in the biggest demonstrations in years. and the leaning tower of baghdad calls to repair rocks crumbling heritage fall on
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deaf ears. as global anger and outrage towards the united states over the imposition of tariffs first talks between the u.s. and china ended on sunday but no deals were announced beijing however warned the white house that any deals produced will not take effect if donald trump goes ahead with tariffs on chinese goods but that's not all france has warned the u.s. that a trade war could erupt in just a few days finance ministers from the group of seven industrialized nations meet in canada sharply rebuked the u.s. over trump's protectionist policies let's bring it out to serious john hendren who's in washington d.c. . adrian the u.s. went to china and came back with nothing there have been trade talks both in china and ahead of the g. seven summit in canada and when it came to the chinese negotiations the u.s.
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was trying to narrow a three hundred seventy five billion dollars trade gap tried to get china to agree to reduce that gap by two hundred billion dollars that did not happen and in fact in the end the u.s. renewed threats to put twenty five percent tariffs on some fifty billion dollars worth of chinese products and that did not go over well the chinese have already designated things that they will retaliate with they want to put tariffs on american soil beans small aircraft whiskey electric vehicles and orange shoes and interestingly those are products that are generally made in the red states the republican states that president donald trump needs to vote for his party later on this year in midterm elections in order to keep his party in office in congress so things went particularly badly there and then there was the meeting in canada this is a meeting of the g. seven countries ahead of a larger meeting later this week in that case it wasn't wilbur ross they sent steve
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minucci in the treasury secretary and newton had nothing to offer those countries were all upset over us tariffs twenty five percent on steel ten percent on aluminum and we knew jim was not able to give them the one thing they wanted and that was relief on the tariffs we put together a story on that and this is what those leaders had to say. with days to go before the g. seven summit in canada the economic alliance is fractured the allies are angry and openly talking about a possible trade war we we think this action is inappropriate we think it's absurd to consider canada a security risk the united states and therefore we've taken a targeted and considered approach to retaliation france's foreign minister owns who says unless the u.s. reverses its new tariffs on steel and aluminum from europe canada and mexico a trade war is just a few days away. at a meeting ahead of this week's g. seven summit in canada u.s. treasury secretary stephen moore nugent tried to his ways the allies president
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trump has been very clear in wanting to address trade issues i don't think in any way the u.s. is abandoning its leadership in the global economy quite the contrary i think we have very broad objectives that are that are across a rebalancing the trade relationship and the trade deficit but he could not offer the one thing u.s. allies want tariff relief trump briefed by minucci and is not backing down taking to twitter on saturday he wrote when you are almost eight hundred billion dollars a year down on trade you can't lose a trade war many economists disagree they say everyone loses in a trade war because a vicious cycle of tariffs makes goods more expensive all around now some u.s. companies say they fear a trade conflict could end the global economic expansion the upcoming g. seven meeting was expected to celebrate our estimates at this point and these are very rough. we would expect another ten to fifteen percent drop and we're also
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suffering because of the steel tariffs which was the genesis of all this everything we do involves steel our fencing everything else is steel related so we're seeing increased prices from those things too so it is kind of a domino effect european leaders have already chosen their targets for retaliation iconic american products like harley-davidson motorcycles levi's jeans jack daniels whiskey in florida oranges the next casualties in what could be an escalating trade conflict so john is sort of easing off and walking away from a trade war we seem to be getting closer to one. that's right and things are going to be tough at the g. seven meeting this week they had all kinds of things that they wanted to discuss on their agenda but now it's all going to be about trade that will be the focus of these meetings the finance ministers at that meeting on yesterday gave steve nugent
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the u.s. treasury secretary terry a letter to give to donald trump that letter said that they were very disappointed and they expected some significant action on these trade talks next week but we got a little insight on trump's negotiating style this week from jeff zucker he is the head of n.b.c. when trump show the apprentice was on suckers that after the first series trump was getting fifty thousand dollars per episode he demanded a million and ended up accepting sixty thousand dollars per episode so if the chinese and the g seven leaders get anything like the ending negotiations that n.b.c. got they may be satisfied at the end of the week but we will wait to hear on that so many thanks to you john hendren then live in washington. anger is mounting in jordan against proposed tax increases there's been another day of protests calling for the government to resign the international monetary fund is backing the tax rises to reduce the national debt had a hoax to reports. that the largest anti-government rallies in five years in what's
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regard as one of the most stable middle east countries the protest movement initially started by trade unions has swelled nationwide as today to show their frustration i. asked what i'm up a lot how local while citizens now have no power the searching for the children's daily food women are looking in garbage containers to feed their kids and every day we are surprised by rising prices and taxes the problem is not just the tax well the jordanian citizen right now. his pockets are empty are completely empty. saw the government has to listen. to the sound of the people jordan is one of the most expensive. countries and the region and on the top of the wards two with no resources that's unjust for the people of jordan. the increase in sales tax and employees being tax move has infuriated the protestors and they want the government
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to resign. king abdullah has stood by prime minister hani will keep despite calls to fire him the king's been instead calling for talks between m.p.'s and government ministers but moki is under international pressure to reform jordan's economy and cut its thirty seven billion dollar debt that is equivalent to ninety five percent of g.d.p. . the international monetary fund approved a seven hundred million loan to jordan two years ago to lower public debt and increase growth jordan relies heavily on financial help from the u.s. u.a.e. and until recently saudi arabia which has cut funding king abdullah is a key u.s. ally in the strategically important region which borders syria israel and iraq regional time or has worsened the kingdom's money problems and it sheltering one point four million syrian refugees that according to the hashemite government and those refugees look no closer to returning home. it's also has
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a large population of refugees from the war in iraq plus two million palestinian refugees have settled in the kingdom. the king recently reversed plans to raise petrol prices foreign protests and these latest protests against austerity measures are further demands for change. algis there let's explore the issues here a little more with the use of doubt who's the director of the development economics program of the doha institute good to have you with us in the studio to the protesters in jordan have a point or have people had it a little too good for too long that their government has been protecting them from the harsh economic realities of the world you said it yourself i don't think the people of jordan had it so good for go along with unemployment rates on the twentieth of sam law labor force participation poverty. the people of jordan will not go to the streets if things we have saw nice for saw with
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a very bad distribution of income without enough income of course. that the price hike in fuel prices and raising taxes is actually the wrong policy at this time for an economy like jordan's this wouldn't have contractionary effect for the world singing the livelihood of the people ok so what is wrong with with jordan's economy we know that that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. withdrawn the investment which which jordan relied heavily upon there's been a huge influx of refugees into jordan has done as well yes the main problem actually is that jordan has been at the crossroads of conflict for so many years starting from one thousand forty eight with palestinian refugees on thing to do with syrian refugees so jordan is always bombarded with refugees from all countries surrounding it and that what six the pressure on their resources which means budget deficits now the i.m.f.
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was always telling people to use us thought they might just talk so that they will give them loans because if loans are not repaid they will have to be written off and that's not popular with the donuts and therefore there you have a dilemma or it given that the country's economic problems are not entirely of its own making with the influx of the refugees as we said the money from saudi arabia the u.a.e. being withdrawn at the i.m.f. so requests because they're not making demands of jordan or they but the guidance they're requesting the recommendations they are reasonable. at this time i think so because well that their claim is that you have told them with this waste that they have probably assuming that a lot of this bread goes thrown away. which i don't think is the reason of it but. the idea is that they had this they do that to many other developing countries not only jordan jordan has been through this before remember in ninety nine to six the brit devaluation when the people rose against raising the prices of the bread it
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happened in morocco it happened in other countries as when i saw right now with jordan has a fixed exchange rate policy which means they come up to as monetary policy for much and they have to depend heavily on the fiscal policy if you want the economy to grow you don't need to be using fiscal contraction which is the raising taxes also raising fuel prices will cause negative supply shocks which raises the price to live in which i also felt that it is the purchasing power of the ordinary people how dangerous is this for jordan's government and its king. for now it's a critical period with all that's happening in the neighboring countries you need a place with some stable it at least they're doing a lot of good for anybody countries on the stimulus for iraq is for syrians for live unease i think it's important that countries increase their don't know aid which can help you know alleviate some of these problems ok really good to talk to
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you what so many thanks indeed for being with us yousif. thank you so you're with al-jazeera still to come on the program the battle to convince people of the threat of it and the democratic republic of congo plus. nobody understands what we're feeling ok because many people there are in their homes their own kids. six months after harakah maria hit poza rica hundred sissel struggling to rebuild their lives. and install the washington capitals take control of state the. cup finals mistake on that list championship type details coming up later. the deputy prime minister of qatar says that his country is stronger than it was one year ago when neighboring countries imposed an economic blockade saudi arabia
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the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt also cut diplomatic relations on june fifth last year and i is their accusations that it fosters terrorism. through the unwavering resilience of the thought that the people and the sound leadership of his highness the emir we were able to weather the storm and emerge from it stronger than ever before in the years since the blockade was imposed oil production of national product including medicine and food have a good on its expansion we have built on our bilateral relations and have explored the new and promising partnership to grow and develop all the crisis created shortages in cut off food supply chain iran was one of the countries that stepped in to help fill the gap but as al-jazeera zain describe the reports now deepening ties between the two nations could ultimately prove problematic this family run farm near to herat has been selling produce to qatar for more than ten
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years it used to export two to three truckloads of food to qatar a week since the blockade began demand has soared to two to three truckloads a day. farms like this all over iran have increased production to fill the gap in the country market after saudi arabia the u.a.e. and other countries severed supply routes what caused a shock in qatar is an opportunity for iranian businesses but souther the knee of irani says profits are not the only reason exporters are keen to supply cut there's markets in the us coming up i'll buy me one i'm saying this from the bottom of my heart we like katarina people we don't feel that our neighboring countries and islamic countries are separate from us we consider them as a religious brothers and we are happy that this market exists for us to supply it it's embarrassing for us to say that we are helping qatar we are two brothers at one table and are eating from one table and we are happy that today qatari brothers
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are with us at one table. with business links all over the world the exporter says the blockade is bad for everyone in the region and hopes it ends soon you can find a little bit of everything here fruits vegetables basic necessities being grown here in iran and will eventually end up in the homes of people living in qatar in iran in qatar have had serious disagreements over the wars in syria and yemen and iranian support for hezbollah in lebanon but they speak with one voice in support of the palestinian people and share the world's largest natural gas field and in the last year disputes with saudi arabia have brought them closer together. we felt qatar was being treated unfairly so we opened our doors we let qatar airways use our airspace and we used five important ports in the south of the country to send our help relations with qatar have a bright horizon because our qatari friends are well aware about the intentions of our officials of the listener robbie served as iran's ambassador to qatar he says
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both countries can cooperate on much more but he admits for qatar the appearance of siding too openly with iran is tricky. home to the largest american air base in the middle east and u.s. central command headquarters cozying up to iran also further countries escalate tensions even more. those leaders the last year has been a delicate balancing act but whatever happens next people living in qatar are unlikely to forget the neighbors willing to lend a hand when they needed it most. modeste the tuesday this week marks the first anniversary of the beginning of that blockade and we'll have a special program on tuesday looking at the political economic and human impact of the crisis you can see it begin it beginning at eighteen hundred hours g.m.t. on tuesday here on houses era people in slovenia are voting today in an early
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parliamentary election former prime minister. young leads an anti immigrant immigration party that's predicted to win the most seats but some parties have ruled out working with him to form a government immigration is a major issue of the hundreds of thousands of refugees pass through slovenia on their way to western europe let's go live now to slovenia as capital. al-jazeera sasa deal or is there such a twenty percent of voters undecided before polling day some of the opinion polls were inconsistent to say the least could the former prime minister really be on track to win most seats. there's the question adrian yes a mistake on his young family his a as the as a right wing party are leading the poll with to n.c. up to twenty five percent of the vote but it can be tricky for him to form a new coalition government for if unless he gets more than twenty five percent of
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the vote which would be an election a surprise it would be tricky for i haven't heard much of the political leaders the leaders of political parties here in slovenia saying we are going to form a coalition government. another key element is that up to forty percent of the electorate are regarded as undecided people who can't tell yet which way they will turn or daily kos their ability for more explanation joining me and now is a professor of college from university of uganda thank you very much for being with us professor why is it so difficult for political parties to say we are going. well the answer is quite simple their mindset is different to the mindset of mystery and sure mystery is quite close to feeders seen hungary into mr kaczynski sparty in poland he's not only against immigrants he's he's also
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here's why different attitude to gardening rule floor freedom of press and remains right so for the left and center center parties going conclusion with him would mean a kind of a betrayal of their mean where you so is he in position to form a new government if he gets twenty five percent of the vote we have proportional electoral system so we need to wait through the end of elections there are a few small parties for which is it is not clear whether they will enter the parliament or not but if they enter into if you succeed this succeeds to persuade one of the bigger players he might be able to form the government in this case a rino will quite likely follow garion and. paul and ways in european union you've mentioned the refugees and the refugee crisis and also crisis with migrants and mr broad this question to the political campaign and is it really important and how important it is for the ordinary cyrenians of this question of migrants when there
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was living there was a just chance it route well you know we are only two million people and we have half a million refugees walking across slovenia and in those days there was a big a lot of people who were awarded what would happen to all these people would get stuck in slovenia because we definitely could not handle that many people but this did not happen to even more so there is practically no refugees in slovenia now so this attitude which is conducted by mystery i think it's quite irresponsible and making a fuss out of nothing but still there is enough people who are afraid of this question and they are supporting king and what you see on the left wing do you see a rising star somebody who will going to make a potentially surprise. appearance tonight well we should see last week the polls were quite fit favorites to the to the left which is the most left
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party which was winning quotes from social democrats but this is still very much very much open and i don't you know this is a business for all the ladies through to say what should happen to the future does not my job thank you very much professor for being with us. from university of havana just to say that polls are closing at seven o'clock central european time such a many thanks indeed al jazeera is such a deal it's there live in slovenia's capital the piano. opposition supporters in macedonia have been on the streets calling for an early election thousands demonstrated in the capital skopje. accusing the left wing governments of ruining the economy since taking power over a year ago protesters are also alarmed at the possible change of name for their country greece has a modem province called macedonia talks being held to resolve a dispute over the name. italy's new populist leaders are promising to create jobs
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and expel migrants the coalition of the anti establishment five star movement at anti immigration league party was sworn in on friday sania gago reports now from rome for many italians it's a marriage of convenience. a bride arrives for how we're doing at a church in central rome a ceremony marking the beginning of her new life ahead as part of a married couple. elsewhere in the city there is another partnership being celebrated a political one brought about by a coalition between italy's anti establishment parties headed by the five star movement commemorating their place at the head of a new government and we're not very different in anything obvious that there are in common but for those bar that are not in common and we have created this agreement . every both of us know that if one is doing the
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opposite the other one can make the government fall the irony is not lost on the party faithful it is in one sense a marriage of convenience between two anti establishment rivals that want to revolutionize the political landscape especially with the e.u. is concerned even if it means compromise there are high hopes but for some the decision by five star to enter into a coalition with the far right is being seen as a betrayal of the polls there's little common ground between the true question is whether they can stick it out for better or worse and even the promise of a new beginning has left some who have supported five star i'm convinced you see by yourself you're going to mix a couple with a dog and expect that everything goes by i hope it goes the spine of course. but is it possible we'll see we're going to see and for supporters of the leg up party
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they know the. that hard work lies ahead finding common ground but they think that it can be done and. it's a challenge which can be overcome i trust the leader of our party and if he says that there are competent people in the ministries then i believe him back at the church the bride and groom make their vows richer for poorer but as in love and in politics there are no guarantees as to what lies ahead so i go rome army commanders in the southern philippines say the gunman linked to i saw a regrouping at a tricking children into joining the fights. dog and reports now from the ruined city of moore are we where gunman were defeated by the army seven months ago but haven't gone away. ibrahim is fourteen years old and lives in an evacuation camp with his father he says a group of men approached him a few weeks ago they told him they were police officers and invited him to join
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training and he said the prospect of taking revenge against the eisel inspired mao to group that attacked but are we city and kept it under siege for months appealed to him so he said yes his father assad knew they were not police officers but now the supporters in this guy's. deserving if they wanted to take my son that there were no plea burst the saying i am thankful i managed to save my son. they told me that after training i will start to receive money during five months of conflict the city was severely damaged around two hundred members of the mountain had taken control hoping to create a caliphate. st mary's church was a symbol of religious tolerance in the country's only city under islamic law but when the war broke out this was one of the first places to be seen them out to
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specifically targeted christians hoping to create a religious divide more than a thousand people were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. the philippine military declared the victory in october last year but the war is far from over because the mouthy appears to be regrouping this information is going for it we have had several intelligence reports that the trying to recruit more members. and then training them to be harder to fight because you're fighting for the hearts and minds of the people because the reserve did not die with the liberation of. the philippine military accuses the moutier of playing on the emotions of children especially those traumatized by the battle for morale we like fifteen year old ricky who lost his parents in the war now he lives alone moving from one
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evacuation camp to the next. and i don't know who to trust anymore i don't go. it's a sentiment shared by many young boys displaced by the war aid groups say they are the perfect to recruit spur armed groups like them out and they need to be protected unless they're offered hope of a brighter future they could be part of the hundreds of children in the southern philippines who are falling victim to the disciple of poverty and violence. duggan i. think philippines now you can't go anywhere in western or eastern europe without bumping into a thunderstorm they've been particularly active in the caucuses according to be sure to just rob mckelway bringing flooding rob to georgia yes it seems to be a spring of big thunder so she's consistent with bigger down poles because of climate change to be honest whether this is particularly true it was hard to say
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but there's a slow moving thunderstorms up in the high ground southern coaxes this is the southeast of tbilisi it's funny and this is about one thousand eight hundred meters up still enough heat eighteen degrees to produce a thunderstorm quite obviously flooding of something like a meter in depth now since this things are slowing moving they reproduce themselves every day but for the sas more like georgia story down towards azerbaijan as you can see i will see them wandering around for the next two days in fact of the whole thing goes back through turkey towards once again the east coast of the mediterranean we see that on off we had hail storms only about four or five days in the same system on the coast of lebanon and syria there is more to come but they said it's the heat and the slow moving nature of the sun soles as asia alluded to that we've seen time and time again in fact the picture across europe is one of rather slow moving as these white dots here are currently building sunders to another is but a frontal activity i was spain in france but not very much temperatures typically
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are in excess of twenty four virtually everywhere which has been a pretty hot spring may the current pictures some solace about half an hour ago that is how widespread thunderstorms are across central and eastern europe and even in the west where it seems to be just rain adrian again the brawley many thanks rob still to come here on the news out turkey's president rallies for support from the kurdish community head of the election and later in sports it's a career first for this american tennis player will bring you the details in around . fifteen minutes. they help build clean and feed the capital but they're not welcome anymore. when he's witnesses the mass of victims and demolition forcing two hundred thousand of beijing's poor from their homes one on one east on al-jazeera.
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eleven years on and gaza is still under israeli blockade. now as the pressure grows we find out what life is like under occupation. the people of gaza talk to al-jazeera.
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well again it's good to have you with us adrian for going to hear it though how with the news hour from al-jazeera our top stories china is warning the u.s. that any agreements to end the trade dispute will be void if washington goes ahead with imposing tariffs u.s. commerce secretary will ross has been holding talks with chinese leaders in beijing . riot police in jordan have used tear gas to break up more demonstrations against proposed tax increases protesters want but it's just to resign the introducing the pleasures which are backed by the international monetary fund and people in slovenia of voting in an early parliamentary election the former prime minister. leads an anti immigrant immigration party that's expected to win the most seats but some major parties approved out working with him to form a coalition government. israeli warplanes attack targets in gaza after rockets were
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fired from that the israeli military said that it targeted fifteen hamas sites including weapons stores a mass has been claimed responsibility for launching rockets which the israelis say were intercepted al-jazeera perry forsett reports now from gaza city. well this latest exchange between israel and fighting factions here inside gaza began late on saturday night with mortar fire coming out of the gaza strip israel said that there were four projectiles fired in total three of them intercepted by the iron dome system one of them falling short within gazan territory and overnight we've seen a pretty extensive response from the israeli air force fifteen science they say they've targeted within gaza the latest of those strikes on an empty military training base belonging to the hamas military wing the alka some brigades no casualties on either side but it does come after what happened on tuesday into the early hours of wednesday morning last week when we saw the biggest exchange between
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the israeli air force and the israeli military and forces here inside gaza since the twenty fourteen war beginning with mortar fire into israeli territory about one hundred projectiles in total according to the military were fired into into israeli territory during that period and sixty five targets here inside gaza were struck so since then an informal cease fire has been prevailing one which egypt took a major role in trying to secure this seems to be a relatively limited breaking of that situation but obviously there is always the possibility that these things can escalate it does seem according to some that the factions here inside gaza hamas in particular may well be trying to provoke or remind israel of the situation here as we understand there are efforts underway to get some kind of longer term ceasefire brokered between israel and hamas that
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remains a very difficult objective both sides remain far apart in terms of what they would want in any such deal and in the meantime there's always a possibility for these kinds of exchanges to escalate further than either side would ideally want the u.s. says that north korea will only. get sanctions relief after it takes verifiable and irreversible steps towards nuclearize ation defense secretary james mattis was speaking on the sidelines of the fence conference in singapore he met his south korean and japanese counterparts to discuss the upcoming summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong un. we couldn't because of a bit of a bumpy road to the negotiation. and if the military might make a move for the defense of that we are naval are you a man who. promotes all vision of bringing in the british five
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rescuers are still looking over the rubble of a collapsed building in the kenyan capital nairobi police say that three people were killed there when the five story building collapsed the red cross says that four people were pulled alive from the rubble. but this is the building started taking around. many people and mining it up with the film simply ideological some of the same the feel of love with you guessed it with them and dump it. into something. you believe. in. do you. think doctors in the democratic republic of congo have found seven new suspected cases of a bola it takes the total to fifty seven since the latest outbreak was declared a month ago in because row twelve patients have died while mine have recovered
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ballasts reports. the school carries on in the c. bowl a hit corner of the congo but it's hard for students to concentrate as they study health officials and n.g.o.s study the aim this boys under quarantine separated from his friends due to a high fever this girl under the care of the united nations children agency after being orphaned by the outbreak. we are here for psychological and social care of victims carers and the population we are here for everyone. well children at school psychologists to the homes of the widows of yeah right. i felt really bad when my husband died i said if i scream i'll also cry they'll start. on the day she state so my older sister ran for water i cleaned him i washed him and i dressed him and then i covered him with the shape that my sister gave me when i first found out that he was. irene has stayed home since refusing to take
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a new experimental vaccine she doesn't believe her husband died of ebola. most people here in the car and maybe in book or o. and elsewhere are still ignorant they have not yet understood that ebola really exists ignorance is ebola is ally in the congo health authorities fighting a battle to educate people in rural areas about the virus and how to protect themselves their medical strategy is called ring finger saying they want to vaccinate people who may have come in contact with ebola invests in eight a second ring of contacts one step removed from those potential sufferers that list numbers more than one thousand people since the vaccine was introduced to weeks ago will the nine hundred have been vaccinated. one of the biggest challenges involved acceleration is community involvement because belt vaccination is happening in the community. and to get the community to adhere to the idea of vaccination on an epidemic like polar i think that's a huge challenge. and
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a communal life is three under the scrutiny of the global health apparatus where even the youngest must adapt shallop ballasts al-jazeera in mali riot police have fired tear gas at opposition supporters who defied a ban on rallies that was introduced ahead of next month's presidential election two candidates were among sixteen people injured in the capital bamako police said that the march could go ahead because a state of emergency has been imposed president ibrahim bubble car kater hopes to be reelected nine refugees and migrants including six children died when their boat sank off turkey's southern coast five people were rescued and one is still missing . europe spend struggling with a huge increase of refugees migrants arrival since twenty fifteen and more than a million of them have tried to reach the continent via turkey or by sea turkey's
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president as usual dress kurdish supporters ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections there in three weeks time such a typo one called an early vote for june twenty fourth eighteen months ahead of schedule will outline his party's policies which include fighting inflation and addressing foreign threats let's take you live now to the rally in. al-jazeera some cacio lou is what's the atmosphere like at this this rally and what's likely to say two words a kurdish citizens. john has been every right yes actually the program began to think there is a cloud right behind me but here to the previous rallies the crowd is not as much as before and i can say that in his. well our very end to see aspect because turkey has been through lots of elections in the last two years and kurds believe that
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this is too much and by the way this is a holy month of ramadan and less than world people most of the people are passing this is one of the reasons why the participation is not that is not that much but prisons are done is expected to call out to the kurds. and to make a call for them to this ng gauge a day's shout from the k.k. the output to the sound workers party he will be promising investment as you have also sad that he's used election promises are most of focusing on foreign policy and improving the economy but when a look at why he is the ruling party is alec tauriel program there is no sign of lifting the state of emergency which means more security measures in turkey's south and also he doesn't mention any early relaunch of the peace process that should place between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fifteen which actually
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kurdish people take some rest from the is from the p.k. k. and they are suffering in economy wise so to be honest i must admit that kurds are not expecting much from our don speech today ok. what about their votes though ok a lot of people who are supporters there at this rally but given as you say suspended the peace process given the military operations against kurds in northern syria can he really expect to go on a kurdish people's vote in that part of turkey. well admin you know turkish government launch military operation in northern syria against the why don't you think that that was an offshoot of the kurdistan workers' party which is there or is it going to pay for the turkish government or maybe. instead of to make the young people have family members they go the other side of
4:43 pm
the border so they will spend actually but. mark is a lions with the national forest any promise of. the peace process i believe in the legal right now other party has been losing some ground around and now if you want to you know as they are. now down the market is the band room too long and i think i'm going to have been pushing them to a horn a which means most nationalistic horse mode and security measures moment at the open ration and so forth and you keep it hurts our whole lives and there's only two options for the person in the salvage the first the one is a party and the other one is the proclivities age fifty five which the ruling party executed aligns with the all the good to style if you like so i must say that the critics are after the left in the me and between the ruling party and they need
4:44 pm
a t.v. ad but they are not happy with it i dropped it felt like i said many thanks indeed to him because here then because. the funerals been held in guatemala city for a migrants who was shot and killed by a u.s. border agent nineteen year old claudia gomez left the country a month ago in search of a better life in the u.s. she was shot in the head by a border agent in the state of texas the incident is still under investigation but a family is to mounting justice hurrican season is beginning in the caribbean and people in puerto rico fear that they won't be able to weather another storm tens of thousands of them fled to florida after hurricane maria devastated their homes eight months ago hundreds remain in no tiles relying on government day that will end soon as andy gallagher reports from deceive me. in the weeks following hurricane maria more than thirty thousand storm weary puerto ricans registered at this disaster relief center orlando's airport u.s.
4:45 pm
citizens by birth they came to florida looking for help months later many are still in limbo like hundreds of others namely gonzales has been stuck in a hotel since january but time is running out for drill assistance programs a temporary and naomi has nowhere else to go nobody understands what we're feeling ok because. many people they're in their homes they're all kids they could lead they've got their place but when you don't have a place well it gets to you it's really tough for families that have already been in these hotels for months there's the constant fear that government aid will end and that is inevitable many simply don't have anything to go back to in puerto rico but for those that want to make a life here there's an even bigger problem ninety seven percent of all rental accommodation is already filled that the remains is prohibitively expensive we're getting calls from people who care about others orange county's commissioner says
4:46 pm
resources stretched and many evacuees who have little choice but to stay face an uncertain future when you lose everything and you can't pay your mortgage and now your credits getting ruined and now you're here in our new county trying to find an apartment they're looking at your credit score is and you can't get approved that's just a domino effect from something that happened to them six months ago so what if you can only request from. the community hope centering kissimmee is helping some families find homes say they too can't help everyone resources in this part of florida already dealing with an exodus of puerto ricans who left before the storm the limited as they come in the expectations for the families i feel may be higher than what we actually can provide at times i know that there's there's a huge frustration and i know that there is just there's hurt and trauma hurricane maria hit puerto rico last september but the island is still struggling those that came to florida looking for
4:47 pm
a new start many are still waiting and you got to crawl jazeera kissimmee florida a new study says that many sufferers of early stage breast cancer can skip chemotherapy without hurting their chances of survival the american national cancer institute carried out the largest ever study on the most common form of the disease more than ten thousand patients with gene. tested to see if their cancer was likely to return the answer was straightforward for a third of sufferers hauffe had to have chemotherapy the other half didn't the remaining sixty seven percent could choose whether or not to have treatment nine years later ninety four percent of that group alive doctors say but the results show that chemotherapy made no difference to survival rates. just ahead here on al-jazeera in sport defending champions germany with a rare setback in the build up to the world cup details next.
4:48 pm
the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven although price for twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. from cutting edge medical technology toxic could be a. good resource for the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. and you are getting. excited. innovative solutions to global health care problems if you will to make a difference maybe all of these words get it sure was sold the cure on al-jazeera.
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just ahead of the sport take a look at this a student pilot is being praised for a landing that she's not likely to forget. engine problems meant that she had to avoid power lines of traffic jams to make an emergency landing near los angeles she was heading for john wayne international airport but ended up a few kilometers away no one was hurt. regulus knew that was not a scratch of the plane either. or a top of the sport is far adrian thank you so much brazil's world cup preparations
4:50 pm
are said to get a major boost their star forward neymar is expected to return to action after a three month layoff he set to make a second half appearance against croatia in a world cup warm up match which begins shortly neymar fractured a meritocracy and his right foot while playing for p.s.g. in february results first world cup game is against switzerland on june seventeenth the running champions germany suffered a rare sat back in their preparations for russia they were beaten two one by austria in a friendly a team who haven't qualified for the finals goalkeeper manwell neuer made his first appearance for germany since being injured back in september and all looked to be going as expected when mesut ozil gave germany the lead but it all changed in the second half with stunning volley from martin and to regard drew austria level and then allison to scoff at the winner.
4:51 pm
and injuries care for denmark captain cmon car in their mouth and other russian team sweden the severe player coming off midway through the second half and this will no draw in stockholm. all teachings expected to do well in russia met in brussels belgium journal now with european champions portugal christian were naldo was arrested for this one by portugal england nigeria two one at wembley england's goals coming from gary cahill and harry came in arsenal's alex it will be with nigeria's afterwards there was a lot of unselfish woman to church ploy. that really pleased me so when the ball got really quickly. we played from the back with good composure. excitement for the tournament is building in russia founds in moscow got a closer look at the trophy on sunday the arrived in the capital after touring around the host cities lot are mad as to lead west germany to the title in one thousand nine hundred presided over the ceremony the world cup kicks off on june
4:52 pm
fourteenth with russia taking on saudi arabia. england are closing in on victory against pakistan in the second test in leeds the tourists are in serious trouble they trailed england by ninety eight runs with six wickets left they lost star batsmen as a relief for just eleven runs if england win the level the two match series one all . time is now and number two seed caroline wozniak he will face diary kept of russia in the fourth round of the french open later on sunday american madison keys is through to her first ever french open quarterfinals the thirteen c. defeated romania was in s.q. in the fourth round the u.s. runner up clinching the match six one six four in just over an hour. former world number one novak djokovic will be looking for a spot in the last eight at roland garros when he takes on fernando. spain a little later earlier number two seed alexander is a reading of germany reached his first ever grand slam quarter finals he survived
4:53 pm
a marathon five set battle against karen couch and of russia to three and a half hours to close out the match. dominic team in the next round. they used golden knights historic to run in their first ever n.h.l. season could come to a crashing and they lost the way to washington capitals who now lead the stanley cup finals two games to one alex ovechkin led the way for the caps this was his fourteenth hole in the playoffs belorussian of danny pitts not some also scored leading washed into a three one win it's the first time they get his last two games in a row in the playoffs the capitals are seeking their first ever championship title in their forty three year history. it was great. the series excited france. excited and you know. but again it's only to. we just have to move forward and don't think about too much.
4:54 pm
take a one shot lead heading into the final round of golf tournaments in ohio the twenty four year old american shot a leak free third round to finish the day on six under par sixty six tiger woods briefly had a share of the lead in his around but the forty two year old would later suffer three bogeys on the sixteenth and eighteenth to finish with a sixty eight percent. and i shot sixty eight yes part of the high score kind of off the shot that i. played really really well played beautifully i actually. had total control of what i was doing out there and just didn't finish it off. and that's all you will have more later but for now it's back to major in for me thinks the now everybody knows the leaning tower of pisa but baghdad also has a tower which has a tendency to tilt and it's not the only heritage building which is suffering from poor maintenance and neglect as
4:55 pm
a solid job reports from the iraqi capital the block read sixteen sixty the year when there was the mosque was built but this is all that's left of it the cracks in the arches and feeding tiles are reminders of the golden days of back that this is the victorian facade of the iraqi capital old government building it was damaged during the two thousand and three u.s. invasion and has been abandoned since this interview was part of the ottoman military complex on the banks of the tigris river it's decrypt state symbolizes the degree of iraq's rich cultural heritage. many people nowadays are not aware of the importance of these sites and the reason is that recently iraq has faced violence and internal fighting which led to a weak government the conscription zone baghdad's old minaret are feeding the callus mosque compound is over a thousand years old built by the caliphs after centuries of war than invasions the
4:56 pm
minaret is the only original structure left and it didn't always lean the government to seal the mosque because of the dangerously rapid tilting of the minaret but there are no real efforts being made to repair it the government's priorities are the provision of basic services and with a struggling economy preservation efforts inevitably take a back seat there are no worshipers in this mosque compound which is hundreds of years old because of the fear that the minaret would fall on the hall these days when people pray they do it in the courtyard spiderwebs have replaced the curtains inside and we are told there are no books left in the library upstairs. we need to value these sites not only there were legit ones but also historic sites like the assyrian and babylonian sites it would help to strengthen the national identity and that iraqi national identity has been blurred by years of sectarian
4:57 pm
strife corruption and mismanagement these two domes envelop the symbolic eternal flame of the iraqi flag this monument built in the one nine hundred eighty s. used to represent iraqis now many government departments claim ownership of the multi-million dollar landmark the martyrs monument was used by u.s. forces and then the iraqi military at the base like much else of iraq's heritage its museum and library were also looted these days the halls remain empty and the general public is not allowed in. rich tapestry of ancient and modern history is fading fast. many people are afraid that unless action is taken to protect and preserve it it could be lost forever some of al-jazeera like that and that's where we come to the end of the news hour the latest on the day's top stories a little over two minutes away i was just.
4:58 pm
seven billion lights in this school. each one is still. one thing to be seen. to be heard that demonstrably. it is to be a. witness document.
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on. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know that it shouldn't be but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people believed to tell the real story i'll just mend it used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. the world's pollinators are in decline. in this episode of tries we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera.
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days of empty austerity protests in jordan culminates in the biggest demonstration in the e.u. . hello i'm adrian forget this. is al jazeera live from doha also coming up trade talks between the united states and china come to a close with beijing issuing a threat to the u.s. . an anti immigrant right wing party looks to make gains in slovenia's general election. and we look at how a yearlong blockade against castro is proving fruitful for neighbors like iran.


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