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tv   Beijings Brutal Evictions  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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recovered thirty five bodies after a boat carrying refugees and migrants sank off the port city of suffolk the navy and national guard responded to a distress call a managed to rescue sixty eight of the people on board and then in a separate incident nine people including six children have died after this the boat sank while crossing from turkey to the greek islands five people were rescued by the coast guard and fisherman and government officials in kenya say residents of a building which collapsed early on sunday have been evicted but they sneak back in even after it was condemned and marked for demolition three people were killed when the five story building crumbled as the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera it's one i want to east.
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the chinese authorities call them the low end population. workers who came to beijing to build clean and feed the capital. but they no longer fit the dazzling image president xi jinping wants for his showpiece capital. so the city is getting rid of its poorest residents. and steve cho on this episode of one of one east we witnessed the massive dictions and demolitions reshaping beijing. you're in the beijing suburb ocean john it's outside the fifty three mud about fifty kilometers from the city center into recently almost one hundred twenty
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thousand people lived here now they must all live. on the edges and that delay should actual price and that leader that has not run up on their advantage is someone they're not going to need them out of to a national budget well they're. tough and the montana judge was shocking images are there and you know any of the other novel. yeah i'm. employing a. and it's kind of like that either probably not enough drugs or a woman on. this woman lived anywhere to get with her husband now the small shop i rented is nothing but a rubbish dump. i'm
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going to. fill her fool you'll find they are going to come. down from canada to the artists here why don't you know that i'm no fan of your number there. the only means of transportation to be pretty tropical. then move what i have left a few hundred metres down the budget. but it's only temporary this area is going to be torn down. she recently moved here she had to abandon her groceries business a month ago we'd like to the small shop where you go out and i don't want to have
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your sangamon back she moved to stalky but now has to sell her goods cheaply before she moves again though that the twentieth year that found the mislead you know it will come you closer of our time out of the bottle bottle tons of the foam. the other team how that she's lost all the time how that might have a lot but then how that this isn't the job you know that well the kind that another noble soul that you know that i get i won't stand and you can't you with it you never have and i'm filing it's your turn a virtual one of the watch was found i am so you are trying to get us of our have a dimple down pat on the make you want to know. what i mean. it all began on the nineteen. of november two thousand and seventeen nineteen people died in a fire caused by a short circuit in a rundown shop. it was the ideal excuse for all far she's to demand several neighborhoods be torn down. and at the right time to the moment if. the police shut
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down the shops and chased up the onus. more than two hundred thousand residents were evicted especially here in xing john district. for twenty years it's been home to moderate workers who helped build china's economic miracle but now it's being torn down in the name of safety and hygiene apartments shops and warehouses all must be cleared. by creating this ghost town the municipality can meet the goals of beijing's five year plan to cut the number of residents by fifteen percent by two thousand and twenty. there are also plans to sell off the vacated land at a high price. luxury flats of being planned for the newly rich the city and build his will become wealthy. she jan will flourish once the pool
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a gone. addictions and demolitions of changed the lives of residents here. they accuse the state of cynicism and bob eric methods. the people who took to the streets foreign media which kept away but smart buns captured the action. social network showed images of long lines of displaced people with no way to guard they would soon sense of. why go. from beijing film these protests. he managed to post
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a live dog of this city cleansing. that. he got it through for those going to a lot of. money if you will might. give. them a little they feel. they're made out of and that was new for new users. to know. that well realm of the era. when you move. into the. number one the kind a regular source of information he's one hundred fifty videos document the residents born to hold on.
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i know you must you're not going to live out what i may have out of the internet. oh my. god oh my what a spontaneous road block the police lose patience. oh . how do you think people would rather be. up. with you. then they noticed while we've been filming their activities for wakes. you know if you've got. a five. hundred one on one your own belly avoids arrest as a precaution he goes and stays with a friend in tianjin a two hour drive from beijing he cut his hair and shaved off his beard but still the oath or he's fined him.
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not guard from. me measure guard. by his home and. pirate. he has just enough time to send his daughter a message. for the cheers which will be that him and see that we all. who hear him and to me will this is you only. say. young thailand that he is not sure. what young was eventually released on bio he's a whiting trying to disrupt public order. to
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susie how was a victim in the middle of winter he and his wife now rent a room for two hundred thirty dollars a month much more than they paid before. he came to beijing from the country in the hope of a better wife then things got complicated. are the odds. are that here. you know her home. found one to live and be. from the neighborhood and at the mercy of all far he's suzy how and he's wife decided to send their son back to the countryside.
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and on the level. to win the war. or. every morning he drops his wife off at the supermarket where she is a cashier. he's a self employed mechanic. together they earn a decent living on a good month it's a seventeen hundred dollars twice as much as a laboring couple. even though they are registered as internal models from the countryside they have no social insurance no free education for their son. only the city's official residents are entitled to. the house life is nothing like the chinese dream. by twenty forty nine she
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wants to make china the world's leading power in its display. makeshift warehouse shabby shops and rundown apartment buildings get in the way. critics say she has no space for poor people from the countryside even if the ones who help make beijing flourish and who continue to. be official residents don't want to do. suzy huff because they cause his neighborhood was torn down by open office except one half which miraculously with. his customers it's become a good reference point. feel
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. a. few. feet. shy of the gun fee has plenty of work but that's a little help at the moment be. at any moments. up on the office there about. i owed you. and there were about. three or four that i brought. to that was young to know
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everything that was out here. on the. on the wall. in the room. he's resigned to reality. it's no place for dreams. to school the largest but children of internal markets have existed for twenty years. parents pay school fees of almost both hundred dollars a year a lot of money by chinese standards. technically it's a legal deal darcy's toleration as long as it hears to the official lesson plans
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and communist party ideology. so here i was. i am. still here when my and you see that our ship back up like. this. mouth that don't they remember the days of his ocean. moment room. here until now while she stands and you don't see at the end you were holding and that's exactly that this is. despite such a party loyalty the school must close soon it's on the government's demolition list fish and. shinning won't discuss this in front of the pupils so was not to scare
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them. through washerwoman. to that sandy and him inside the. mail. get down. when the. mail. come in. there are about one hundred such schools in beijing to municipality wants to close the mall even though eighty thousand children will then miss out on an education. the satins they take. two hours off. the end of the one day they. didn't want to look at and need to. know
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when losses cannot use or for that and measures apart from incentives was not. has fallen behind them the wait times for the low monetary door to the head of the member almost we left with one minute to go five and does that. sound is true he dreams of becoming an astronaut. he loves the school. he's bob the picks him up in the. year a year and interest can leave the sea. cruise hal on the show johnny let's hold off . so with our son zach. and in. the house hope you know i don't feel hollow after school he goes home on his father's electric motorcycle five kilometers. of beijing's winter.
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recently evicted he stanley had to rent a newly built apartment between the fourth and fifth ring road. zol his parents and a not live in two tiny rooms it costs over eight hundred dollars a month six times more than they used to pay. zaza parents sell shoes on the internet one hr and used to storage the on the to live sleep and do homework in the chair. custody get so slow to do when i am my momma sit in see if it's hi again or moments or just to run a moment ago which. suggested i'm kind and. since i'm definitely not someone. on my. son time to know about it on the. chin the sound
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engineer time. oh of. if this was you from earth or if it's always when you want. to say in the me you would need to know right off. it's again it's up to you a whole to see your point or your own family maybe you can put it into words for you to see awful far. too often. it's the way can't see how he's taking a few days off work he's going back to his village to visit his parents and the son from his wife can't come with him the dr is long and she doesn't have much lave.
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well with. them. and. by the. minute. yes. sixty one million children in china grow up with a grandparents. they rarely see their parents. mostly just once a year for the chinese new year. three year old don don doesn't really know his mother and father. that's not going to change anytime soon. and i'm with down the aisle.
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near to where we're left. the base of rule china has changed dramatically only the children and the elderly still live in the village of she chan cincinatti night generations of rural youth have moved to dismiss becoming the reliable reserve of the cheek lighted up the chinese factories. was. the scene hall's father can still manage quite well. at fifty six he used his savings to buy this field where he grows weight and mayes. that should be enough for him to live on the take years. for
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a story. that favors your. take on what you've created out there if we say we're. going to get the. model model you're off on a model yamaha or. other that just so you and i. don't want. the lawyer xampp aga. paul want. and. it's time for the how to leave again he's some donda and doesn't understand why and his parents are disappointed. it will be a sad you use celebration this year but see how doesn't get paid time off and he
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has bills to pay. the room migrants are the only victims of this city are the whole thousands of asses also being a victim in the past two months leeann you wonder why it was addicted from two studios in beijing suburbs. she now works at hyatt beijing has long been the center of chinese ass but no more. was an actual handle. by the united states. so back home. to tokyo which are too difficult for this whole salute. to the jail. and.
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now her studio was sealed whiting for demolition. she had just renovated a studio when the addiction notice kind of a dozen independent artists like her were also told to leave. she says every reason possible was used to get rid of them. so it's. better. to be back in her temporary shock she know she does not want to return to her
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village. and. it's in the remote sichuan province. from beijing. a few days she'll have to move again and she still has many goods she hasn't sold yet. so you are not sure that one minute jim can tell you a. lot on your bags. like you can just yet. in a few months beijing will have five hundred thousand fewer residents it's the first time in two decades that its population is declining. but seven million brule migrants still remain without a true asked to leave the season they helped create. in
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afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera. eleven years on and gaza is still under israeli blockade. now as the pressure grows we find out what life is like under occupation. the people of gaza talk to al-jazeera and hundred forty twelve on. u.s.
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and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline and illegally dredged satins of some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business smuggling sample and they will take the sale on their own fill the sand is our affair if you say this beautiful beach behind it is something that's not so pleasant the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand walls on al-jazeera. deadlock
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in efforts to avert a world trade war china warns all deals with the u.s. will be off if washington imposes tariffs. i know i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up. with. the largest anti-government rallies in jordan in five years anger grows over income tax and price hikes. the anti immigrant party tipped to win slovenia's election but facing a struggle for coalition partners we'll have the latest as polls close. on the u.k. marks one year since a deadly van.


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