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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian this is that he was a live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a suicide bomber targets a basing of religious scholars. and afghanistan killing at least twelve people. at least twenty five people are dead after a volcano erupts in guatemala that figure is expected to rise. a tough road ahead for refugees in europe as another country elects an immigration policy and i'm far as smile be here with all the day's sport including the golden state and the cleveland today to nothing lead in the n.b.a. finals thanks to a record breaking performance by staff kerry. at
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least twelve people have been killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital it happened as more than two thousand religious scholars were leaving a gathering at kabul polytechnic university earlier than i was to create against the war in afghanistan and urged the taliban to accept the government's peace offer let's go live now to kabul. is that jennifer tell us what happened. well as you said this gathering had been going on since early morning more than two thousand about two thousand five hundred mullahs and clerics from around the country the gathering had broken up just after they had issued their decree calling the war illegal under islamic law and as you said calling on the taliban to come to the peace table as they were exercising that very very large conference center
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called the loya jirga tent here it's not actually a tent it's a big building the entrance is near that polytechnic university and that's when the suicide bomber went off twelve people killed and seventeen injured according to the interior ministry so far it was a very very large gathering security had been tight the minutes on a very main road there which had been shut down to accommodate this gathering and yet still we saw this attack any claims of responsibility. no one has claimed responsibility you so far and here in kabul we have seen a bold attacks by both eisel and the taleban in recent weeks and months so i will wait to see whether anybody does claim responsibility it might be a bit sensitive because those attending were religious clerics many of them pro-government religious clerics but no one no claim of responsibility as of yes. jennifer many thanks indeed jennifer glass the reporting live from afghanistan's
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capital kabul at least twenty five people have been killed in guatemala in one of the most violent eruptions of the volcano in decades thousands more forced to leave their homes as the volcano spews rock hot ash and smoke several kilometers into the david nasr reports now from guatemala. scenes of devastation in guatemala after sunday's volcanic blast the flag of volcanoes eruption sent lava streaming down the highway houses near the base of the volcano were buried by a mixture of mud and lava dozens were killed and many have been injured survivors expect the death toll to rise has been the know not everyone escaped i think they were buried we saw the lava pouring through the cornfields and we ran towards a hill more than three thousand people from several farming villages near the volcano have been evacuated from their homes rescuers say their operations will
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continue through the night and they hope to be able to reach areas that have been cut off from help what amal is president has put the country on red alert. that we decided to call for a cabinet meeting we are going right now to the presidential house to issue a declaration of a state of emergency we believe based on a legislative law that we can declare a state of calamity in at least three departments means. volcanic ash spewed into the sky six thousand meters above sea level and fell more than forty kilometers away in guatemala city authorities were forced to temporarily closed the city's international airport that i was sort of. we shut it down as a precautionary measure for the planes because volcanic ash is harmful to the turbines right now we are carrying out inspections and we have found a lot of. the volcano is one of central america's most active volcanoes this is
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its second eruption this year and the biggest in decades and experts say the volcanoes theory might not be over yet david mercer al jazeera what amman jordan is prime minister may be forced to quit after days of protests sources have told the king abdullah is expected to have to resign. reports. thousands marched in the streets of amman towards the prime minister's residence chanting we are coming it's the fourth night of protests there demanding the resignation of hand over his plans to increase taxes. the government must step down the tax law must be withdrawn these are our demands and we don't when the next government to implement the same policies either. if the government doesn't respond to want monson it will be a general strike on wednesday just like the one last week we will be calling for
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the government to step down because we do not want a government pressured by external involvement we need a government that represents the nation government sources now say king abdullah will meet the prime minister on monday where he and other members of jordan's government are expected to submit their resignation. jordan's been under international pressure to cut spending to deal with its thirty seven billion dollars debt that's equivalent to ninety five percent of the country's annual output. it borrowed seven hundred twenty three million dollars from the international monetary fund two years ago to cope with its economic slump. jordan is also struggling to housing support two point seven million refugees from neighboring conflicts more than a third of the entire population of the these jordanians understand their country's in financial difficulties what they don't understand is why they're being asked to pay the bill some of the d.c. al-jazeera. the wall street journal is reporting that the u.a.e.
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is asked the united states to help it take control of yemen's port of data from the rebels the red sea port serves the main entry point or as the main entry point for aid to reach millions of yemenis iraqi and american forces work together inside the country but the u.s. has so far stayed away from any fighting around the port. and i'll does the investigation has found that saudi arabia played a bigger role in causing the gulf crisis than previously thought the report shows the cast our news agencies website was hacked in may last year by a group that was working from a saudi government ministry in riyadh the phones and computers were connected to a saudi communications company hackers posted fake quotes attributed to katter's amir that led saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt to cut ties with kata and impose a blockade well
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a second french newspaper is reporting that saudi arabia is threatening military action against kata if it requires acquires russian weapons the figaro says the saudi crown prince wrote to the u.s. president and british prime minister he warned of retaliation if qatar buys an anti aircraft defense system on friday another newspaper reported that the saudi king wrote a similar letter to france's president emmanuel markov and as the one year anniversary of the blockade of qatar approaches their efforts in the us to work when support president donald trump initially backed the blockade in countries before calling on all sides to resolve the disputes petty kohei and looks at the role that lobbying has played. the nation of qatar on fortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism it was a shock in washington and across the globe a u.s. president publicly going after cutter a close ally that houses the biggest u.s.
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base in the middle east siding with the blockading countries. at the time many believe the saudis fawning treatment of him in riyadh played a part but we now know thanks to e-mails leaked to the associated press that the push to get the president to side with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates began months before the emails are from brodie a big time republican fundraiser according to the a.p. he was working with george nader who said he was close to both of the crown princes from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. broady reportedly lobbied the president and later received hundreds of millions of dollars worth of defense deals from the u.a.e. in one e-mail bertie boasted about his role writing trumps vocal support of saudi arabia at this summit quote is a direct result of the campaign we have led over the past two months to highlight the funding of terrorism by cutter and the muslim brotherhood brody is suing cutter he says they hacked his e-mails
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a charge they deny but cutters facing more scrutiny because of another court case prominent guitars are being sued by rapper ice cube he says they didn't pay him as promised in a business deal and his partner testified that they tried to use them to get to steve bannon in testimony describing their offer as a bribe which they also deny all sides of spent millions of dollars on lobbyist trying to sway the traffic in a straight line country in the gulf region is a threat to global security are put in ads in the president's favor cable channels placing op eds in prominent papers lobbying lawmakers stand with the united states to defeat terrorism and. there are a lot of guys who are making an awful lot of money and mr former lobbyist stephen billet thinks they're likely waste. millions of dollars because you never really see any evidence of it later on you know you'll see decisions made at a later time that indicate that there was
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a positive outcome according to the new york times the saudis and u.a.e. offered to help the drone campaign before the election it's unclear if anything was done on his behalf with their money but it's an allegation special counsel robert muller is likely looking at the man at the center of many of these questions george nader is cooperating with the investigation. al-jazeera washington well tuesday is the first anniversary of the blockade being imposed against castro and we'll have a special program looking at the political economic and human impact of the crisis you can see it at eight hundred hours g.m.t. on tuesday appear on al-jazeera. hundreds of bodies have been found in mosul almost a year after the iraqi says he was taken from i saw they were buried in ruins along the banks of the tigris river channel strafford reports from baghdad. it's been eleven months since iraqi prime minister hydrilla body declared victory over eisel in mosul much of what was iraq's second biggest city lies in ruins the fighting was
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described as the most intense urban combat since world war two. the search for bodies goes on civil defense search and rescue teams are concentrating on areas close to the banks of the river tigris it was here that the iraqi government forces supported by international coalition airstrikes flushed out and killed most of the last remaining leisel fighters in the city i saw bodies that were covered around seven hundred these bodies were all of i still that used to hide in these houses are obstacles and clearing these bodies out of the unexploded munitions hidden bombs explosive vests and rigged houses with i.e.d. as we are trying our best to overcome these obstacles. to the remains of eisel fighters are being found close to dead civilians who were on able to escape which estimated around ten thousand civilians were killed in of
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a province in the battle against isis most of them in western mosul then. we have been pulling up bodies for eight days already from near the river tigris perhaps within this quarter alone we have found two hundred bodies on the thursday four hundred on the second day and around a hundred on the. we have difficulty getting heavy machinery aside all city because of the. more than two million iraqis remain displaced across the country including approximately seven hundred thousand from mosul the rebuilding of the city has yet. to start families like these face many more months if not years living in camps the delay is primarily because of questions about who will foot the bill at a donor's conference in kuwait in february iraq allies for help with the eighty eight billion dollars cost of rebuilding this country including mosul but only
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thirty billion dollars was pledged the iraqi government faces having to cover the majority of rebuilding costs itself for now almost a year since the battle against leisel in mosul was one the search for and recovery of the dead continues shall stop at al-jazeera by dad here with the news from out zero still to come on the program the president of spain's catalonia region holds a crucial meeting with leaders good sort of independence. no more refugees italy's government begins a new push to stop asylum seekers reaching it chills and later in sport brazilian strike a name makes the perfect return from injury just in time for the world cup. back now to one of our top stories at least twenty five people have been killed in guatemala in one of the most violent eruptions of the go volcano in decades that
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figure is expected to rise david brother three is volcanologist and professor with the open university he joins us now via skype from milton keynes in the u.k. could have you with us david let's just clear something up right from the beginning here these reports of these people being killed by a lava flow they're not entirely accurate. no it was i saw it described was a river route that's not the case there's a pirate trusting slows a lover is molten rock relatively slow moving lots about erupting in hawaii at the moment what's how what happened at the way you go is an explosive eruption and it was a fast cascade of fragmented hot rock and gas sweeping down the mountainside the troubles at one hundred kilometers an hour it's very difficult to escape from it it's coming towards you and that seems to be what killed the people it's a bit like pump a is that right exactly like pump i will pump eight was was
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destroyed by a much bigger eruption the eruption of the suv yes nearly two thousand years ago now but part last it flows part last searches yeah not starts what's been killing people in guatemala and what killed people pompei as well ok so how is it that people living near a killer where in hawaii. could be moved to safety prior to its latest eruption and yet in guatemala here we have all these people being killed. well it's a different hast in hawaii and lava does move more slowly so you can see it coming towards you and gets out of it but way and the world monday tree evacuation notice is issued. in the relevant region of killer work to get people out of the way of a lot of the flows in the case of franco it's been clear up particularly active all year and have been some smaller events. with hindsight people might start to ask
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why were people not evacuated because people were killed tooling the sails if this is being in indonesia people would perhaps have been evacuated beforehand so i don't know if anything it was something truly did go wrong didn't quite have things went wrong there and people weren't evacuated to fall kind of was known to be in the heart of the states have done just a nice park last it flows with hindsight at least not all that surprising some little bit surprised but people were still close enough to be killed with killer way i am i right in thinking that there wasn't such a big bang it didn't go off all at once the eruption was sort of it took hours days weeks even whereas here we have this place all almighty explosion. well the wasn't all much explosion the ghosts of modern vulcanologists the saying that the russian is now over in the case of killer where it's ongoing it's a different kind of volcano eruptions round the rim of the pacific the so-called
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ring of fire tend to be much more explosive but eruptions in hawaii why this is slowly fusion of want to run iraq for help in some explosions at the summit but what's destroying houses is relatively slow moving genuine rivers of a lot of molten lava flows you can get you can't you can't stop them but you can get out of the way of so it was plenty of warning in hawaii it's better monitored it's a different kind of acid as well so david went when you get a volcano like for a go which you say is very different when it when it goes off bang like this with such a a big explosion does that tend to be i don't know it's been active for quite some time are we likely to see anything as explosive as this again in the near future. seismically it is gone quiet there's limited information going on can see nick watson all the local knowledge is now suggesting that the eruption is over. it's
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so i have to say good judgment on not historically of course of all kind a lot flanker will sign up to sign up to this is probably it for now but in the next ten years maybe tomorrow maybe not for ten years it could be another eruption just a saying david i learned a lot many thanks indeed for being with us david rather than build up here it's anti immigrant sentiment seems to be rising across europe with slovenia becoming the latest country to elect a populist party after its neighbors italy and hungry although former prime minister yes anxious right wing party won most votes in the election and fell far short of a majority twenty novak reports from the piano. he's a former prime minister was disgraced by a corruption scandal but now you understand and his slovenian democratic party are back on the political map his hard line on immigration secured his party
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a victory in this election immigration has been at the top of the political agenda since two thousand and fifteen when half a million people playing ball pass through slovenia on their way to best in europe close a playful pose almost foreign challenges that are part of the domestic challenges include the modern crisis so it's a challenge for the whole of the e.u. during a biggest wave of mass migrations we told our european partners that a better large should be in short supply back in their countries and not in europe listed on his nearest challenger was comedian turned politician martin charles leader of the new center left party whose three more trussell trust the first it is impossible to bias he said it publicly before the elections that we will not enter a yani stance as coalition let's give time to the relative let's give him the chance to form a government and then we will see what happens if we have this opportunity they will form the government. the snap election was called after the sudden resignation of prime minister. he stepped down in much due to
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a failed railway of project. he's credited with boosting slovenia's economy after recession but it wasn't enough for voters here slovenia once a part of former yugoslavia joined the european union in two thousand and four a government led by an agenda which if slovenia to the right and add an anti immigrant voice to the analysts a youngster has a big challenges ahead the electorate is here in the voices are hungry after all and it's ocular to you know go after and go after and immigration policies after the say that you will draw a crowd you know dream the song that being said he's a leader who has had the chance he hasn't done it so far will he do it this time around it's a big question but the bigger question is can he even form a government even though again his ounces my tailbone most votes in this election we'll find himself in a difficult position and it will be very hard for him to find
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a willing partner in the other part just want a coalition most of them don't share his political beliefs and all of them. out zero zero zero s. now what from the slovenian capital. yes so the former prime minister's party got the most votes in the of the action is he going to be able to form a new government though. in this moment it looks like that's the mission impossible and that's the exact awards that the un is young she used last night when he was saying about the future of his party and slovenian politics after these elections the nine parties won the seats in the parliament the biggest number in slovenia and parliamentarian his story and he said the. only two parties including his party's third are ready to form the coalition with him and they don't simply have enough seats in parliament that the
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biggest problem for the other parties and the leader of said that last night is his rhetorics he's on team leader and he's a very viktor orban from hungary kind of politician including that mr obama was visiting his rallies of before the elections here in slovenia so he said the president said he will get the first meant that by the end of this week to start and try to form a coalition government but he said if he doesn't succeed he is ready to go to new elections after the summer the leader of the party that came second in sunday's election is a relative newcomer to politics what can you tell us about him. yeah he's a new face in slovenian politics he's a former doctor the former comedian who used to imitate his political opponents alexandra during his career he joined mayor of small town thirty kilometers from
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capitol of slovenia he joined state politics exactly last year one year ago when he entered the presidential race nobody gave humor any chances in that time but he. ended the runner up he was on a second place with forty seven percent of wards of slovenia any president in presidential elections now he's on the second place in the parliamentary parliamentarian elections he many left. all the slovenian parties he said for himself that he is the center left but he doesn't want to be connected with the series or in greece or a five star movement in italy he said he just want to look future to his time is coming and he said that he expects from the president of slovenia that after he and his young failed to form the government gave him monday to form the government but he also said if he needs five or six parties to form the government he will just say no let's go to the new elections because without so many parties in the
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government you're just going through what you said many thanks indeed al jazeera. live in the slovenian capital police in france clearing two more migrant camps in paris after a similar operation last week hundreds of people had been living in the temporary accommodation last wednesday police moved more than a thousand people from another camp underneath the main paris ring road those who were forced to leave were taken to shelters across the city. supporters of a right wing party in spain are calling for new elections hundreds of them protested against the socialist leader pedro sanchez who became prime minister he took over from mariano hall who lost a no confidence vote in parliament after a party corruption scandal. catalonia as president is meeting the jailed leaders of october's failed bid for the session from spain. is visiting that i leaders a few days after his government was sworn in he was handpicked by the former
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president kali's push to mount dora is pushing for talks with spain's new prime minister pedro sanchez on the catalan region's future let's go live to have a trade on just who is david chase is there so what is the tour of the cattle adelaida doing right now meeting these these people in prison.


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