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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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president hasn't done anything wrong and we feel very comfortable in that front it's not certain that trump himself is under investigation but muller does want to talk to him trump has faced accusations of obstruction of justice ever since he fired the head of the f.b.i. james coley over the russia investigation his latest tweets raise serious concerns the president may now be preparing to fire moller as well but it also begs the question about whether the president can actually parted himself no president has ever done it but an internal department of justice memo for nine hundred seventy four just before president richard nixon resigned from office following similar accusations says the commander in chief cannot pardon himself still for some legal analysts the latest truck tweets suggest something else if he isn't worried about committing a crime then there's no need to have a pardon so it certainly suggests a guilty mindset and he's afraid that the walls are closing in
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a number of people have already been charged to probe including transformer campaign manager paul matter for michael flynn trump's former national security advisor pled guilty of december to lying to the f.b.i. scholars are divided on whether a president can pardon himself but if donald trump is charged and later self pardons his actions would almost certainly be challenged in court kimberly helped at al-jazeera at the white house. the white house has unveiled the shadow of the historic meeting between donald trump and ken jiang on next tuesday and they just will meet head exactly nine am singapore time and north korea's leader has reportedly placed three of his leading military offices ahead of that summit according to south korean media compares fact the defense minister the army's chief of staff and the head of his political bureau have been a place for the young men who support his policies. to jordan now working on bill has warned that his country is at
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a crossroads as protests over proposed tax hikes continue these promise and urgent measures to tackle the economic crisis the protests forced the prime minister to quit to quote but the speaker of parliament is vowing to reject his resignation mom of those are these three reports. it's official jordan's government has responded to the people's demands by accepting to replace prime minister hani and willkie parliament speaker out of a total not told al-jazeera he will reject the law that initially sparked protests last thursday. although it seems to the protesters demands have been met they continued to march for the fifth night in a row and this is. the resignation is a first step to reduce the tension that exists in the country the second step which is the main step is to withdraw the decision by king abdullah from the parliament otherwise things will not calm down. they want to make it clear to the government that simply replacing him with the same old same will not fly people are looking
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for a paradigm shift they're not looking for changing faces like you know. second one prime minister and getting another one they're looking for a change in the policies of the policies have been detrimental to the daily life of the people and jordan and they're looking for changes in these in these policies. the protests broke out after and murky under pressure by the i.m.f. announced his plan to raise income tax by at least five percent. the taxes were aimed at shrinking jordan's thirty seven billion dollars debt that's equivalent to ninety five percent of the country's annual output jordan's a dependent economy has been struggling with a dramatic cut in donations by the u.a.e. u.s. and saudi arabia and a large influx of refugees from the surrounding conflicts have added to the crisis king abdullah met with reporters promising reforms in saying the country must meet its challenges challenges the middle class hope they won't have to pay for how middleburg d.c. al-jazeera. still ahead on the conversation benjamin netanyahu off to germany to
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have a tougher approach to was iran's nuclear program and around response just ahead and political crises in the caracal and venezuela dominated talks among members of the organization of american states. hello there whether sloshy try to cross the good parts of north america but we're still got some areas of cloud and right around eastern parts of canada chiefly down towards the southeast of kona as well florida to go into southern parts of florida some wet weather in store here links back through the gulf of mexico some well the cloud just spilling out of new mexico heading towards texas and as we go on through the course of shoes day louisiana seeing some of that wet weather as well but you can see not too bad taste to see people will improve we have seen some flooding
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here recently in further north up towards pennsylvania new york up into new england that had a wet weather as is the case the eastern parts of canada further west generally fine and dry the some heat around denver two celsius high of thirty four that for dallas on shoes day for most of us we go on into wednesday northeast uncoated just brighten up doesn't it too bad some showers there in southern parts of florida yet again just around the deep south so wet weather will spell out of the canadian prairies over towards the upper midwest as we go on through the next couple of days expect to see some lively she was long spells of rain here well disposed of right so still a possibility around the western side of the carriage being further east is generally fine and plenty of sunshine might see more heavy rain over to northern pass keep that. in this.
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crisis. economic and human. join us for a special program at eighteen g.m.t. . good to have you with us on these are our top stories. any compromises to the countries. and. threats of military action by.
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egypt and bahrain imposed a blockade on. terrorism denies the allegation. who has been indicted by u.s. special counsel. tried to send encrypted messages. and put man in prison and. has. continued. return to the streets of the capital on monday. the prime minister to quit. areas. the volcano in guatemala at least sixty two people are known to have died but that
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number is expected to rise the eruption is one of the way it goes most powerful in years of course thousands of residents to flee and smothered surrounding villages and asked the government estimates around one point seven million people have been affected but our correspondent david missa traveled to go earlier and told us what he saw. what a mole is an incredibly dream country especially during the rainy season which has just started and everything was great everything was ashen everything was covered with a very thick layer of ash this town over this village that i was in looks like much of it was actually wiped out this pirate technic lab afloat came down and cover buildings. covered cars trapping people in their house it happened so quickly that you know dozens and dozens of people were just an able to get out of their house so a very bizarre eerie scene watching these rescue workers in bright clothes you know
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walking around this very great sort of desolate dead landscape certainly getting into these areas the access itself has been very very challenging there was an eruption this morning again which caused the rescue workers media etc to have to hightail it and get out of the area very very very quickly these pirates technic flows can come down at hundreds of kilometers an hour so people really having to be very careful now the ground is very hot as well still you can see these steam vents which are releasing this heat and so as as the rescue workers at this stage they're no longer looking for survivors they're there trying to dig out the dead bodies but as they go deeper and deeper into these houses and into the ground into the ash trying to look for trying to look for bodies the temperature just rises and rises and rises so you know all morning i saw these rescue workers volunteer firefighters police military walking around their faces covered with such an ass and sweating
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from both the heat of the of the coast and also the heat of the of the lab which was underneath them up to one point in time. iran's supreme leader says his country has no intention of curbing its for the stick with our program and will respond harshly if attacked ayatollah ali have any issue the latest warning on monday he says iran's missile program is crucial for the country's defense and that with attack quote ten times more provoked by western nations. that he. i know you some europeans are talking about both iran coping with the sanctions and to limiting our defensive missile program which is essential for the future of the country i'm telling these european governments this stream will never come true well how many's comments coincide with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling on germany to adopt a tougher approach and prevent head on from developing a nuclear weapon it's been meeting chancellor angela merkel in berlin netanyahu
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warned against allowing iran to expand its influence in the middle east calling the nation a threat to the world dominic cain has more from berlin. when german and israeli heads of government meet there are always expressions of deep friendliness of the importance of the relationship between their two countries given the historical legacy the point also to make is amongst the expressions of friendliness there are differences of opinion specifically regarding iran and the deal that was agreed several years ago concerning the nuclear program that iran has and how that could be put to one side certainly iran search for a nuclear weapon coming to this meeting mr netanyahu had made clear his concerns were iran and iran and there were certainly concerns that emerged during the joint news conference given by both leaders iran's calls for our destruction. but it's also seeking nuclear weapons to carry out its genocidal designs we know
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that for a fact this visit to berlin is the first stop in a whistle stop tour as it were of europe's capitals taking in berlin taking in paris taking in london where mr netanyahu will be meeting with the head. the government heads of state to try to get their support for his view which is that the deal with iran needs to be repudiated as it has been by the united states government of president donald trump but so far at least the european leaders have been steadfast have said no they believe that the best way to prevent an iranian nuclear weapon is by this deal being enforced behind all of it is of course their concern that european industries that want to invest in tehran on are concerned about what might happen if sanctions are imposed. we need some kind of regulation we also say that we need to talk about their activities in syria but we think that through tough negotiations this will be possible. now israel says is going to take money from taxes that collects for palestinians to compensate israelis for fire
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damage to their land it says palestinians protesting in gaza carried out acid attacks damaging forests and farms one hundred twenty one palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers since protests at the border began in late march. the president of catalonia says he'll meet a new prime minister kim thought as said his exchanged messages with peder sanchez on the region's future following last year's unilateral declaration of independence which was declared illegal no days has been set for discussions yet david chase reports from madrid the new socialist prime minister pedro sanchez started his first day in office by welcoming the ukrainian president petro poroshenko to madrid it was a long standing gauge went on the former prime minister mariano rajoy diplomatic diary close aides for both leaders must have had a long night storing up new briefing notes after i lost the vote of no confidence.
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but the real focus of the day was on a prison compound deep in the countryside outside madrid. the newly elected president of the regional government in catalonia. was paying a call on five of his former colleagues behind bars awaiting trial on charges of rebellion and sedition but the main question was is that knowledge chance of a new dialogue between madrid and barcelona. we have exchanged messages and agreed to meet as soon as possible it's important for me to emphasize that we are going through an exceptional situation in this country we want to know what type of prime minister we're going to find the one who condemned the independence referendum or a new man. that statement from the catalonian president now leaves the diplomatic ball very much in the court of pedro sanchez but he's got a lot on his plate already he's got to form a new government but both men realize if they're going to take this opportunity
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they've got to take it soon. a right wing rally over the weekend in the spanish capital condemned the no confidence vote. as a constitutional coup they are calling for a new election with the new prime minister having an eighty four socialist votes in the three hundred fifty seat parliament that new election could come soon. al-jazeera madrid. that the purchase of nicaragua and new u.s. sanctions against venezuela have dominated talks of the organization of american states annual meeting u.s. secretary of state my palm pale has renewed accord to suspend venice feta from the government to send what he calls a powerful message to president nicolas maduro ellen fisher has more. with an exploding volcano what a mile up the deadly protests in the can i go to an ongoing crisis in venezuela the
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organization of american states and you assembly couldn't have been more timely than a thirty five nations of the gathering in washington it's only a few are dominating discussions after weeks of protests the new could argue are where more than one hundred people have died calling for the president resignation countries here expressed growing concern that nicaragua's foreign minister claims it's locked in a battle with criminal gangs nicaragua has come to this general assembly to express its commitment to peace security and stability of our nation which is currently undergoing an attack by criminal groups america's new secretary of state mike pompeo was addressing the oas for the first time revisiting what he sees as an old problem is the man doing greater sanctions against venezuela and as president nicholas. madugalle a call on fellow member state to apply additional pressure on the material regime including sanctions and further diplomatic isolation until such time as a hundred takes the actions necessary to return genuine democracy and provide
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people desperately needed access to international humanitarian aid. we call on the oas nations to do this today as the small round of applause died the venezuelan delegation insisted the u.s. was breaching the rules of the organization it was calling to action you do not have the moral authority of any kind of trying to undermine our government and we see that in the articles articles one thousand to twenty of this charter you are violating the charter the un charter and what are you seeking. cause to suspend venezuela from the or us are virtually redundant venezuela itself has said it's going to leave the organization and that two year process will and next year but it's clear that while venezuela says it won't take any part in the formal gathering here in washington it won't allow what it perceives to be attacks to go unanswered . because we do want to new six year term as venezuela's president last month in an
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election which was widely criticized internationally but the u.s. position in venezuela is a big challenge to the us latin caribbean nations have always been reluctant to give the country it regards as a long term friend and ally but there is a sense that patience is running out of no one is clear what comes after the words of condemnation alan fischer al jazeera as the general assembly in washington. now again out of the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera it's been a year since saudi arabia egypt and behind imposed a blockade on cutler claiming the does have a supporter of terrorism that denies the allegations but the qatari foreign minister has told al-jazeera that the country won't make any compromises. let us make it very clear that the purchase of any military equipment is
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a sovereign decision which no country has. anything to do with saw there is no legitimate grievance behind this letter and threatening and violating the international law it's pirating or the international norms and. the most importantly it's violating. the charter which is the countries of the g.c.c. should not launch and any attack against each other. donald trump's former campaign manager has been accused of witness tampering prosecutors say paul metaphor who's been indicted by u.s. special counsel robert muller tried to said encrypted messages to two former coworkers while he's out on bail while there is now asking a judge to revoke bail and put man a fortune prison meanwhile the u.s. president says he has the absolute right to pardon himself from any charges related to alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election trump and says he has done nothing wrong adding that appointing special counsel mulla to head the
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probe is unconstitutional because the question is the president believe the framers envisioned a system where the president comport himself with the process the above the law certainly the constitution very clearly lays out the wall and once again the president hasn't done anything wrong and we feel very comfortable in that front. one of those can on the law has warned that his country is at a crossroads as protests over proposed tax hikes continue where thousands of demonstrators returned to the streets of the capital on monday the protests have forced the problem minister to quit. israel says it's going to take money from taxes it collects for palestinians to compensate israelis for fire damage to their land it's as palestinians protesting in gaza carried out acid attacks damaging forests and farms israel says the demonstrators caused the fires by attaching incendiary devices to cards well those are the headlines on al-jazeera produce stay with us what this is coming up next thank you for watching. the i.m.f.
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said riyadh's a break even though price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. comes out on i do not my. inside gonna. be
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