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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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as well and the sort of somewhat of the framework of it you see. facilities i rush are missed thank you for talking to al-jazeera. now new evacuations have been ordered near guatemala's volcano after fresh lava started flowing down the mountainside at least seventy two people are known to have died so far and many more are missing following sunday's eruption and todd villages and communities in the shadow of mount for you have been destroyed and rescuers have been sifting through hot ash and daybreak in search of survivors or david mercer joins us live now from in guatemala close to where the volcano is david you've been not near the volcano so we're now hearing there are new lava flows coming out of the ground tell us what you've been seeing there on the ground. well that's right this morning we went to the this disaster site and it was a few hours before we were actually allowed in all of the press was held back because of some modern explosions that had been happening in the early hours of the moaner of the morning from the flag of all kaino we were eventually allowed in and
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it's still a very sort of eruptive situation in a number of different ways quite quite a dangerous situation we came down to do some other filming and while we were down here very close to the location where we are right now we heard that there was a new explosion and there was more of this pyrotechnic material that had come shooting down the volcano and out we could see the evacuation taking place we could see all of the emergency vehicles that were filing down onto the highway where we are right now and so they got everybody who was working out of there and mediately and it was quite controlled but then from there things seemed to spiral a little bit out of control and there was lots of rumors in the city of us when there was a big city that that the whole city was being evacuated and i was absolutely chaos in the streets and people were going to all sorts of different directions with all of the belongings they could possibly carry stuffed into backpacks some were heading towards el salvador others were heading towards the national stadium to
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a really chaotic scene since then things have calmed down quite a bit and they explain that that was a false evacuation order and false news that it happened for the city of a squint but certainly the communities that are close to the volcano have been told to leave because of the possibility of more activity there and. took them to we're seeing pictures of the emergency services working near the volcano they have been extremely difficult on their hands don't know. they certainly do it's very difficult conditions that they're working in now the the ash is still incredibly hot the ash i mean there's a couple of meters of ash that have covered this entire town and it's very hot you feel it coming up through the soles of your feet if you don't have proper boot. so on it can really it can really lead to a lot of heat blisters and things like that so they've got these hot conditions we're down near the coast of guatemala where in the tropics of course there's the sun in the general heat they're having to contend with and then there are these other explosions so you know you just start getting work working on getting
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a house dug out and then suddenly you hear a whistle and you have to run out and hop in a car and drive down to the highway so that's certainly hampering issues and then the other thing i'll just mention quickly i don't know if you can see the flashes of lightning around me at all or you can hear the thunder we're in rainy season here in guatemala and flash floods are common at this time of the year and so it's a heavy rain comes down and enters into some of these valleys up on the volcano that can lead to massive mudslides or could really further volcanic the burial so lot of different risks and lots of different dangers for their emergency workers challenges for them in the coming days and coming weeks and just a final food for me david before you go we know that what somalis design agency has issued new evacuation orders to residents living near the volcano what's happening to those people and where a very going. well that's right. it's not entirely clear where they're going some of the evacuation orders that we
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heard about were asking people to go to the municipal stadium in this city of a squint lot but from the people who we talked to who are coming from some of these communities it's not as much these communities as some of the outlying areas of a squint lanier this highway here they were really sure where they should be going a lot of people who were heading for the highway heading south from the city. and so i'm not exactly sure a lot of people so far from the initial evacuees on sunday they have been saying either with family friends. the public shelters schools and things like that with these new evacuation orders i'm not exactly exactly sure how they're going to deal with that. but in the case is more of a false alert case and more of a just be careful case there might be that people will be going back to their homes in the coming days so we're going to have to wait and see what happens. in a squint and guatemala david thank you ethiopia has agreed to end
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a two decades long feud with eritrea stemming from a deadly buda conflict the two countries have remained at odd since a war in one thousand nine hundred eight over a disputed area that includes the town of bad mate a un backed ruling in two thousand and two granted the contested territories to eritrea but if the opiate had refused to withdraw its troops but in tuesday ethiopia's ruling party announced it will fully accept and implement the decision let's bring in go our shiny ethiopian political analyst he joins us now from dallas on skype this is been described as africa's unfinished war why has ethiopia decided now to fully accept and implement the peace deal that ended the border war between both sides. yeah this is this surprising that you see sharon and it's at an expected part of the last eight in twenty years but now in ethiopia we have a new prime minister he's trying to change the status quo or that ruling party then it's possible he's new plant the other reason is that he's
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a modest from western allies because egypt and indeed it is and for stay in the relationship it's affecting the interest of the western governments particularly the united states' interest in that region and united states is trying to hold this ethiopia and eritrea to come so that they have an end to discuss but those countries refused. and now your position and accepting. boundary commission only and ethiopia as you say says it will now accept the outcome of the two thousand and two u.n. backed border commission ruling of course which awarded those disputed territories to eritrea just remind us about the importance of the significance briefly of this commission ruling. yeah commission ruling it's. final and binding as there is no negotiation opt out of that ruling that that's one of the difficult sticky
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points to open a diplomatic channel between the two countries and everybody i think. each of them must to follow the. court's rulings i submit to you again and. political observer it is a. difficult a decision because more than seventy thousand lives out of sixty fight there in ductless and after all of that water is going to less. now. giving up but the man who is elected to beat creating a discontent in ethiopia i can econd say but. i think it's now we. go to the extreme and i think that congo we. had a lot of land and you just mentioned the time of but may that was one of the disputed areas a part of this deal are we now likely to see if european troops start withdrawing
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from the town because that would signal that ethiopia serious about peace. so how does the information we have that the military is preparing to attack it's the area because it's a very small dusty town it's not that much of a big town and big military is deployed or across the border like one hundred fifty thousand troops out in the border it means not only by jim as there are some of our allies that are as border towns. protected by the military and that is a confrontation. both countries are deployed is also diverse in stone throwing away at no water no piece going to ship it to me is that we really is going to be. tactical and i'm not expecting it must be withdrawal but it seemed what it was drawn from. are going to shine thank you for talking to us. but also in ethiopia the parliament has approved the lifting of a state of emergency it was imposed in february after months of anti-government
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protests thousands of political prisoners have been released since the new prime minister ahmed took office in april. my gastro has appointed a new prime minister to resolve its political crisis a former senior u.n. official will take up the post as the country prepares for elections later this year have been weeks of violent protests over electoral reform our metastasize monitoring developments from johannesburg in south africa. opposition parties say they had a list of names people who they wanted to be made prime minister chris yen say was on that list some of the opposition say they have made prime minister others say they are need things and they are planning a way forward the last time the opposition won happy they had a massive protest the police opened fire used live ammunition and some people were killed the reason why the opposition were protesting is because there was some in their true laws changed to allow two former presidents. and russia would lean to be able to participate in this year's elections they also want those elections to be
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much earlier in the year and not in november as originally planned now if these elections are earlier in the will that make a difference some political analysts say yes maybe it could it could end the political crisis but others are saying nothing really will change madagascar's a country that's run by big names a few influential powerful families it one power anything to get it and to hang on to it and they feel that it's no longer about the people for example what's happening now is the so much poverty in madagascar is high unemployment young girls as young as twelve thirteen are dropping out of school trying to marry land barrons many farmers because they feel is their way out of poverty the army has threatened politicians and said if they don't resolve this little crisis then they will intervene. to come here on the news hour including. the white house for. the traditional presidential meeting.
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and we'll look at how the. now people in qatar have been out on the streets of the capital doha to signal their support for the country one year into a blockade imposed by neighboring countries members of a local bikers community undertook this rally earlier on tuesday the blockade on qatar began exactly a year ago when saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt all cut diplomatic ties with their cues the gulf nation of supporting terrorism a claim doha strongly denies well as in a crisis like this the media is crucial there's been a lot of coverage in this part of the world much of it full of rhetoric and propaganda on the airwaves and online key demand of the blockading nations was that
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the al-jazeera media network be shut down something we obviously rejected outright his richard host of the listening post here on al-jazeera with more international coverage of the year long blockade. when saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt all severed ties with qatar on the fifth of june last year the region's news media were quickly deployed to play their part in the diplomatic showdown the rift was triggered by a piece of news that mysteriously appeared on the website of the qatar news agency although the q. and a denies putting it there the country's amir was quoted in that piece making incendiary remarks about regional leaders and purportedly criticizing donald trump as well as praising iran news reports of since emerged alleging that operatives in the u.a.e. were behind that hack however in the days that followed media outlets in the gulf especially from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. seized on the fake story and rolled out what seemed to be
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a coordinated campaign to put pressure on qatar the political crisis in the region played out in an unusually public way and over the past year a spat that would have traditionally been managed behind closed doors was aired across the news media coverage designed to portray guitar as a regional sponsor of terrorism and the lessons i did the up on with. a lot of i'm going to look we're going to hold low. an unofficial go to colombia doha has refused to see to any of its adversaries demands among them the closure of this network al-jazeera or as a gyptian news anchors call the network alekhine zira the pig in the media battle has not just been waged within the reach it has spread across the united states where both sides hit the airwaves with official voices to fight in their corners and in the case of guitars and they are to defend his country's news network when
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he tells me to close a channel like a jersey into history were right one day in fifty or sixty seventy years how it changed the whole idea of free speech in the region however most of what's been going on in washington has happened away from the cameras so. saudi arabia the u.a.e. and qatar have all spent millions of dollars on public relations and political lobbying as they seek to strengthen ties with the trump administration and to bring the us media on side it is within the region itself where most of the public side of this is being fought on the airwaves one year on though the standoff continues and there is still no sign of al jazeera going to block when an artistic image of them in a shock to me. has become an enduring symbol of this past year the black and white drawing of dawn's buildings walls and cars around doha it's even been seen rickshaws in london is not the only artwork to be inspired by the blockade that explains this convective by
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a station here and how it's transformed several years ago incident gallery and what shop space it's become a hub for the artistic community here. and in the last twelve months it's taken on a life of its own. the walls have been turned into massive campuses so case young local talent and their take on the gulf crisis five office in ten days that's all it took to create these logs graffiti images all in fired by the blockade. both gary and artists in the created this space covered in words of positivity like forwards and love. away he says to convey the unity that countries have been feeling since the cave started last june the continuing blockade has energized on says in different ways. this series blockade energy drink has been to paris and. and the artists who describes herself as
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a political tunis the she found humor in the irrationality of the situation and just down the road and along the way b. and c. cultural that it's because it's molten twists on arabic inspired architecture is reflected in the type of all displayed here whether it's by cat series or expert artists this project called beyond appearances was born out of the situation people living in qatar found themselves and. it's about perception and exchange of ideas and views changes even on the journey itself this huge neon sign by matson create is hard to miss hair at the museum of islamic god it's minimalistic with a big impact and it was newly created especially for the blockades one year anniversary but its message is simple that everything is going to be all right. al-jazeera. there's more fallout from donald trump's decision to impose tariffs on
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its trade and they were told to remove mexico's says it will live a fifteen to twenty five percent tariffs on steel imports from the u.s. the mexican government also complained to the world trade organization the white house says it may pull out of talks to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement choosing to deal separately with mexico and canada let's bring in the head to pirlo he's a latin america political analyst joins us now from san francisco in california mexico had already signaled that it would retaliate after donald trump announced tire of some mexican steel and aluminum imports so this shouldn't come as a surprise should it. no absolutely not it was expected and we found out about it and it's just this is you know important and dramatic a step as a country like mexico can take against the united states and mexico says the tower so beloved on u.s. steel imports like pork so the problem with that though it's likely to drive up
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consumer prices in mexico isn't it yeah that's the problem with a trade war right like i mean it hurts the consumers i mean it's not good for anyone both sides lose industries that rely on trade lose the different sectors whether it's a magnet manufacturing or in agriculture also stand to lose so this is not a good situation for either side. and how is this likely to affect the mexican economy and the peso in the broader sense i mean can mexico withstand a trade war with the u.s. over the long term. yeah i mean i think mexico can withstand a. trade war with the united states obviously it will not be beneficial it's not in its best interest to do so but it could lead towards
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a diversification of its trade portfolio towards latin america towards brazil argentina china the european union and i'm sure the mexican. government has already signaled as much that they would likely do that but it would likely you know this trade war would be damaging to u.s. consumers and it wouldn't put the united states in a great situation either president trump stands to lose a lot if this goes if this goes on further let me get a final thought from you had to put i mean how much has the u.s. decision to go ahead with these tariffs and implicate to talks with mexico and canada to rework nafta the north american free trade deal. well it's it's completely a turn around in terms of how the trumpet ministration is viewing the negotiation the nafta negotiations when nafta was first formulated it was seen as a an attempt to integrate the three economies and the the trumpet ministration is
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not seen it in this way it's clear from these actions of creating this trade war that they're trying to see this as a zero sum game in which they're trying to get as much out of it as they can for their own you know particular interests and we're seen the results and it's an escalation of you know with the european union with mexico with canada of this trade war kind of phenomenon had to put if you like on ism. now in nicaragua at least one more person has been killed in violence between police and anti-government protesters been more than a hundred deaths since demonstrations against president daniel ortega began seven weeks ago people are angry at these proposed changes to social security critics of accuse the government of targeting the testers with a shoot to kill policy. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back we get a taste of what locals called little korea at the singapore summit between donald
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trump and kim jong il. and by bad t.v. miss america competition has a drastic make over. and in sport the reigning u.s. open champion takes a big step towards winning another grand slam sonas here with that story in the state. probably the weather slushy dry classic of parts of north america but we still got some areas of cloud and right around eastern parts of canada chiefly down towards the southeast of kona as well florida to go into southern parts of florida some wet weather in store here links back through the gulf of mexico some well the cloud just spilling out so far new mexico heading towards texas and as we go on through the course of shoes day louisiana seeing some of that wet weather as well but you can see not too bad taste to see people will improve we have seen some flooding
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here recently in further north up to as pennsylvania new york up into new england that had a wet weather as is the case the eastern parts of canada further west generally fine and dry the some heat around. two celsius high of thirty four that for dallas on shoes day for most of us we go on into wednesday northeast uncoated just brightened up doesn't it too bad some showers there southern parts of florida yet again just around the deep south say wetter weather will spell out of the canadian prairies over towards the upper midwest as we go on through the next couple of days expect to see some. a lot of these long spells of rain well disposed of right so still a possibility around the western side of the caribbean further east is generally find plenty of sunshine but i'd see more heavy rain for more than cuba. it would remove any vestige of doubt from certain things that israel has come to be
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a people dispossessed a state established whatever i was able to do in palestine remembers back right the great international peace organization the united nations a momentous event which lies at the heart of ongoing conflict to this day seventy years on al-jazeera towns the history of what palestinians call the catastrophe. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and we pointed out a story that you might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers out there knowing i'm tired no. you are challenging the forces were challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on the news hour israel's prime minister says iran's announcement that it's increasing its capacity to enrich uranium proves the nuclear agreement has done nothing to moderate its behavior binyamin netanyahu things the economic sanctions will eventually collapse the deal he made the comments in paris after meeting the french president. knew that russians are taking place near guatemala's volcano after fresh lava started flowing down the mountainside at least seventy two people are known to have died so far and many more are missing following sunday's explosions. and mexico says it will levy fifteen to twenty five percent tariff some u.s. steel in agricultural goods and response to donald trump's decision to remove duty exemptions on its allies the white house says it may pull out of talks to
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renegotiate the north american free trade agreement. now donald trump has counseled the invite sent out to the team that are the reigning american football champions the philadelphia eagles were supposed to visit the white house to celebrate their super bowl victory but trump called off the meeting after a controversy over the national anthem and fishes more. it was meant to be a celebration for the american food bowl champions but missing the guests of honor the philadelphia eagles this invited so instead of a president shaking the hands of big name sports stars a medley of the u.s. national anthem and what the white house described as patriotic songs we love our country we respect our flag and we always proudly stand for the national anthem we always will stay with the national and the eagles will drop because several players decide. if they wouldn't attend there's so much that's been kind of swirling around that in ministration. i don't think i don't see it as beneficial right at this
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moment in time to to visit in a celebratory fashion in a statement donald trump said he was withdrawing the invite because the eagles disagree that he insists that the proudly stand for the national anthem saying the team wanted to send a smaller delegation but fans deserve better the u.s. national anthem has become a cultural flashpoint many national football league players who are predominantly black decided to kneel during the national anthem protesting police brutality and racial injustice when you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a half the field right now out of the sky. but not a single philadelphia player to kony in protest last year donald trump has invited a number of sports teams to the white house including the top baseball side the chicago cubs and last season's super bowl champions the new england patriots philadelphia's mayor a democrat says the president heated so few players plan to turn up he has
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a big concern about crowd size and size of things minutes that's him and that's he's a dysfunctional person the atoms of the president america's national football league plans to fine teams where players protest on the field next season during the national anthem one guest at the white house event staged his own protest then left this isn't the first time some sports stars have skipped a white house invitation because of an issue with the sitting president alan fischer al-jazeera washington hungary's parliament is debating a bill that would make it a criminal offense to help asylum seekers it's part of a crackdown on immigration by prime minister viktor orban as right wing government anyone convicted under the new nor could face up to a year in prison jonah reports from budapest. where once there was an open border of the european union now there's an electrified fence migrants and refugees still trying to enter europe on welcome in hungary. alone slide when in parliamentary
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elections in april as encourage prime minister viktor orban and his party to go further fulfilling an election promise to protect hungary and its christian values despite protests by the e.u. and local activist groups brand new legislation will criminalize any supporting looting legal advice given to the mainly muslim asylum seekers who do make it through access to justice and due process their fundamental values and this legislation specifically targets that and there are real concerns that the government will not stop there we are afraid of anybody who dares to criticize the government. for any reason. maybe a tag may face serious threats like we do now those who work with refugees who are promoting the rights of refugees and equal human rights for. the advance of viktor or ban has been unstoppable in three successive elections the advance meanwhile of
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illegal migration of fear much promoted during the election campaign has been pretty comprehensively stopped there are more than a few hundred successful asylum seekers in hungary it is as if these new measures being debated are aimed less at migration itself and more civil society. which brings us to the other great fear that stalks hungary's prime minister the billionaire financier george soros and the network of liberal minded n.g.o.s he supports the government spokesman explained he made it clear what kind of future he thinks of europe he's pro democracy he's probably. right the kind of democracy in the form of democracy he promotes and his organizations are promoting are very far from real democracy because they rely or would like to relight so-called n.g.o.s that have been founded and financed by the church and the like minded people. the new measures are collectively known as the stop soros bill in response
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to soros funded open society foundations announced last week it was pulling out of hungary that's a loss to free thinking society but when one of europe's most illiberal governments that looks increasingly unassailable jonah holds al-jazeera put of list spain's former prime minister says he'll step down as leader of the conservative people's party after fourteen years he was ousted as prime minister last week when he lost a no confidence vote in parliament the vote was prompted after several former party officials were found guilty of corruption from madrid this day the chaytor. some say all political careers ended in failure but mariano rajoy has been swift and humiliated removed by a no confidence vote he described as a very grave precedent for spanish democracy he told his senior colleagues at the people's party headquarters at madrid it was time to go. beyond shock.
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i think the time has come to bring this to an end and for the people's party to continue under someone else's leadership. it was an emotional farewell after more than three decades in politics but he will remain in place in a caretaker role until a special party conference decides who will replace him. it was the shadow of what judges called institutionalized corruption within his own party the brought him down but roy said the socialist government was extremely weak and spain was now facing an uncertain future. in a bitter attack on new prime minister petro sanchez he said a frankenstein government was being formed with disastrous traveling companions in the past nationalist uncatalogued separatists who backed his no confidence motion. so that political scientists believe with a new leadership the people's party could reinvigorated space and distance itself
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from the taint of corruption the government of. never face these political crises they used the mundane all departed the as he was before they make any kind of regeneration of the part of the socialist prime minister spent the day naming new members of his cabinet they included a catalan as foreign minister who had opposed last year secession referendum to form a catalogue of president carter's push for more fighting extradition in germany described him as a man who had escalated hate in catalonia not an encouraging start of the sanchez this hope to deescalate the separatist crisis al-jazeera madrid. protesters in jordan are back on the streets of the capital amman despite the king's efforts to try to end days of unrest his call for a review of a proposed tax hike that sparked a wave of demonstrations and led to the prime minister's resignation trade unions
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have called for a general strike on wednesday. reports. after days of anti austerity protests and the resignation of the prime minister jordan's king abdullah has spoken out on the unrest and what it means for the region it had get your wish and what happened in today's blame cannot be just on the kingdom or its citizens our political position in the region played a big role there are many who do not like the jordanian role in the region so this is part of the challenges that we are now facing today but we have confidence in the world and there is a hope the country. it will help us in order to move forward we must rely on ourselves and we need to better explain to us citizens these real challenges ahead of us so they can see everything clearly. for most of these protesters it's not about politics or ideology i guess it would have been enough alienation we need not to travel look.


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