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fears that the figures will rise. millions of thousands are suffering from four shortages and as a result many are getting sick with violence and the rainy season slowing down aid operations they are concerned that preventable diseases will instead become fatal the un has recently threatened to extend sanctions on south sudan if the fighting continues there is fighting all over this state and these are farmers who have led to this place their land is not being tilt at the moment and totally dependent on this coup d'etat that had to be brought here by air drops is a desperate measure in desperate times in this. south sudan area where we've seen food drops now for twenty nine years what is needed here is a piece it's reconsideration piece that me and many others like her not to get sick simply because they can't get enough food to remain healthy people morgan al-jazeera my own county south sudan. in china an explosion in
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a mine has killed at least eleven people in the northeastern city of ben c. rescuers managed to pull out more than twenty workers who were trapped underground mining accidents are common in china due to lack of safety precautions. still ahead here on al jazeera protests continue in jordan despite the king's efforts to end the arm rest plus. we always well stay with the. kind of town councils a traditional presidential meeting with american football's champions multiparty of his own instead. i. mean the weather sponsored by cattle and always. as a story in europe continues the same sort of weather for the most. part circulating
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in the east is fairly warm and there are slow moving thunderstorms giving flash floods france is a particular target at the moment but the ballyards were recently and that mass of white in the western part of the metro is probably heading slowly towards italy that in the east things are changing a little bit this cold front has been a difference to how things feel he's been up in the upper twenty's in most part well the tension was down to eighteen stocker much same given twenty and twenty two this is coming down and says refresh a field but it's in the sunshine and it's hard to complain really bit of a breeze rather cool you'll notice in moscow where this cooler meets the warms and he would stuff big thunderstorms a likely for remain yes or hungry and down the balkan states as i say on its way to italy the next batch of them so really to be arms to focus is still in front slowing weaving big thunderstorms flash flooding even some damage from it now and in size as i have to say here but come across the side of the waters in north africa and of course you still get tail and charlie showers all storms and windy
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weather running through throughout jiri into new zealand but for the most part it's really quite quiet and quite warm. the weather sponsored by cattle i always say. on back it for us what were you hearing what were you saying whether online horrendous things you misunderstood as i was looking down that about that or if you join us on the sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this except if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join michelob conversation amount is iraq.
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and there again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour new evacuations have been ordered new guatemala's volcano off to more novice stocks is flowing down the mountainside at least seventy two people and then to have died so far and hundreds more missing. constantine this football team of canceled their world cup match against israel off to political pressure today in football association and the team to cancel the match because of the recent unrest in gaza israeli forces have killed at least one hundred twenty one palestinians protesting at the gaza israel border since late march. and israel's prime minister says iran's announcement that it's increasing its capacity to enrich uranium proves the nuclear agreement has done nothing to moderate its behavior benjamin netanyahu thinks the economic sanctions will eventually collapse the deal he made the comments in paris often meeting french president emanuel. union and protest leaders in jordan a holding
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a one day strike to keep up the pressure until a controversial tax proposal is scraps the rest is already forced the prime minister to resign and lost the king has called for a review of the tax plan protests to say it's not enough damage done to reports. after days of anti austerity protests and the resignation of the prime minister jordan's king abdullah has spoken out on the unrest and what it means for the region if i give you all motion and then or didn't what happened in today's blame cannot be just on the kingdom or citizens a political position in the region played a big role there are many who do not like the jordanian role in the region so this is part of the challenges that we are now facing today but we have confidence in the world and there is a hope the countries will help us in order to move forward we must rely on ourselves and we need to better explain to us citizens these real challenges ahead of us so they can see everything clearly. for most of these protesters it's not
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about politics or ideology i guess it would have been enough alienation we need not to travel looking for a job to feed our family we need not to get our education overseas this is our country and it is the right time to feel stable here. the protests in the capital amman have been directed towards the government's plans for tax hikes and austerity measures many of those who have come out are young. while the atmosphere at this peaceful protest appeared almost festive a times the frustration is clear. as mud is an actress she says anyone ignoring corruption in society means they are part of the problem head and what i'm not sure we're here to save this country so that people drown there are many jordanian say the message this crowd is sending must be heard lemme see them in a policy that are leading the country to more debt and imposing more taxes will
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take the country to an unknown path we decided. go to the streets people and youth to put an end to these policies on tuesday king abdullah appointed education minister ahmed to be the new prime minister and form a government a former world bank official says is considered a leading reformer and his appointment comes after his predecessor and ed markey quit amid the growing anger. the protests began after a monthly announced his plans to raise income taxes by as much as five percent taxes aimed at shrinking jordan's thirty seven billion dollar debt the a dependent economy has been struggling with a dramatic cut in donations by the u.a.e. the u.s. and saudi arabia protesters say they want to make it clear to the government that simply replacing the prime minister will not go far enough. and they say the alliance of the anti establishment five star movement and the right wing league has won a confidence vote in the opposite of parliament the government led by the
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politically unknown just happy content was sworn in on friday was three months of political turmoil and reports from right to. the votes were cast and a government now approved by the senate the head of the vote in the lower house. early eighty's new prime minister outlined his government's vision for the country . good to see that the us impression of this is not a simple novelty the truth is that we have radical change of which we are proud. this is the new anti establishment force an unconventional union between the more left leaning five star movement and the far right anti immigration leg up party the aim is to do away with the politics of the previous government with a promise to provide a basic income for poor italians and redefining its immigration policy and we will stop the business of immigration which has been growing disproportionately under
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the montreal of fake solidarity and this is the issue that's going to put more pressure on the european union the refugee crisis has placed enormous burden on italy and people here are resentful that brussels hasn't done enough to help what's essentially a country that's the major landing point people arriving from north africa the new interior minister from the leg up party is known for his anti immigrant rhetoric but they are salvini wasted no time in letting the e.u. know that he wants quotas for new arrivals changed putting him on the same footing as hungary and poland he is reaching forward very much in these days and it seems that he really wants to put in action what he has always proposed that means a very hardline a very tough line on the immigration issue the prime minister said that italy would remain a close ally of the united states he also called for the opening of relations with
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moscow and an end to sanctions and that could lead to more friction with the e.u. while both main parties of the coalition have to tough in the lead up to the election they will now be confronted by the realities of governing change may not happen as fast as they would like and there is an obvious dilemma kind of coalition made up of such disparate forces hold up to deliver its promises sunny diagonal al-jazeera rome. thousands of people have been demonstrating in cities across czechoslovakia against the appointment of andre bobbish as prime minister for a second time. the. bush has been acting take this is january when his one party minority lost the confidence votes in palm and the billionaire populist is planning to form a government supported by the communist party protests is accused of having links to communist era secret police. nicaragua at least one more person has been killed
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in violence between police and anti-government protesters have been more than one hundred deaths since demonstrations against president daniel take it began seven weeks ago people are angry and propose changes to social security critics have accused the government of targeting protesters with a shoot to kill policy. there's been more fallout from donald trump's decision to impose tariffs on u.s. trade allies and retaliation mexico says it will impose tariffs of twenty five percent on all steel in agricultural imports from the u.s. the mexican government has also complained to the world trade organization white house says it may now with draw from talks to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement and deal separately with mexico and canada the south korean president says he wants to ramp up efforts to recover the remains of those killed during the korean war in his memorial day speech in indicated the importance of finding the soldiers buried in the demilitarized zone that divides the two koreas following a rest summit between moon and kim jong il in april the two sides have been working
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on a peace agreement that could replace the almost is the end of the three year conflict in one nine hundred fifty three. if you know korean relations improve i will prioritize the work of discovering the remains buried in the demilitarized zone will be able to recover the remains of fallen war heroes including american soldiers well the u.s. presence is negotiations with north korea going quote very well ahead of his high stakes summit with kim jong un in singapore but washington says it will keep the pressure on until it stops its nuclear program. a lot of the relationship being built a lot of negotiation going on even before the trip but it looks like it's coming along fine we'll see what happens but. very important it will be a very important couple of days. those comments come as the white house unveiled the venue where his summit with campbell take place the leaders will meet at the capella hotel in singapore sometimes on and some will begin at exactly nine am
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local time on tuesday u.s. president previously cancel the meeting with kim but backtracked a few days later. which is the busiest and perhaps most important election day in the u.s. this year voters in eight states cast ballots to select kansas but of embers mid-term elections it's seen as a crucial vote for democrats who are eyeing republican controlled seats in the states of california and new jersey hoping to gain a majority in the house of representatives to take back control of much of president policy agenda. and donald trump has canceled a traditional white house visit by the reigning american football champions the philadelphia eagles were meant to attend the ceremony at the white house to celebrate their super bowl victory that trunk called it off after a controversy over the national anthem protest alan face or has more. it was meant to be a celebration for the american food bowl champions but missing the guests of honor
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the philadelphia eagles this invited so instead of a president shaking the hands of big name sports stars a medley of the u.s. national anthem and what the white house described as patriotic songs we love our country we respect our flag and we always proudly stand for the national anthem we always will stand with the national and the eagles will drop because several players decided they wouldn't attend there's so much that's been kind of swirling around that in ministration. i don't think i don't see it as beneficial right at this moment in time to to visit in a celebratory fashion in a statement donald trump said he was withdrawing the invite because the eagles disagree that he insists that the proto least than for the national anthem saying the team wanted to send a smaller delegation but fans deserve better the u.s. national anthem has become a cultural flashpoint many national football league players who are predominantly black decided to kneel during the national anthem protesting police brutality and
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racial injustice when you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a half the field right now out of the sky was but not a single philadelphia player to kony and protest last year donald trump has invited a number of sports teams to the white house including the top baseball side the chicago cubs and last season's super bowl champions the new england patriots philadelphia's mayor a democrat says the president heated so few players plan to turn up he has a big concern about crowd size size and. of things minutes that's him. he's a dysfunctional person that happens to be president america's national football league plans to fine teams where players protest on the field next season during the national anthem one guest at the white house event staged his own protest then left this isn't the first time some sports stars have skipped a white house in the titian because of an issue with the sitting president alan
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fischer al-jazeera washington. hollywood producer harvey weinstein has pleaded not guilty to rape and sexual assault charges the sixty six year old appeared in new york court on tuesday morning after a grand jury indicted him last week on charges involving two women weinstein his actions helped spark the international need to movement and cities and we ever had consensual sex. or young women worldwide are being encouraged to use technology to report in an effort to make the streets safer and international charity has made and which women can use to highlight where they don't feel safe walking under thomas reports from sydney where the app was first created. for young women city streets can be or see a hostile environment one way to improve things in international charity is to highlight which areas are best and which worst for the last month women in sydney have been encouraged to use
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a website to mark where they felt particularly safe or unsafe when and why more than three thousand incidents have been uploaded so far daughter is so powerful and it tells a story three numbers which a lot of the time is one of three ways that decision makers can be swayed these women from the charity plan international and now visiting the hot spots taking photographs for an art project to publicize the initiative among them is a woman with almost a million followers on the social media platform instagram my i suppose. seventy percent women age eighteen to twenty four which is basically the demographic that way for this particular project although thousands of women are providing that data it's not them that the data is necessarily for this initiative it isn't about warning women off visiting certain areas but rather about providing a cache of the city planners to improve infrastructure where women tell them they
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feel inside. sexual harassment on the streets is a worldwide problem plan international has rolled out its website to four other cities as well as sydney maps are being created in camp lima madrid and new delhi where everyone should be made aware about where we feel safe from where we don't perhaps this will help us and making unsafe place is safe to those behind this initiative hope information will provoke change the more people know whether issues that need to be addressed the more likely they'll address them under thomas al-jazeera sydney. the without is there are these are top stories new evacuations have been ordered near guatemala's volcano after fresh lava started flowing down the mountainside at least seventy two people are known to have died so far and hundreds more are missing following sunday's eruption or rescue efforts have been stalled due to the
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recent volcanic activity at least two hundred people a missing more than one point seven million people have been affected by sunday's eruption as the evacuation efforts continue here but i'm not on my men we were working on the search localization and recovery of the deceased here in the san miguel area when we suddenly heard the alarm by the commander telling us to evacuate so we all headed to the highway where we gathered now the argentinian football team have canceled their world cup warm up match against israel following pressure from pro palestinian groups palestinian football association the team to skip the match because of recent unrest in gaza israeli forces have killed at least one hundred twenty one palestinians protesting at the gaza israel border since late march. israel's prime minister says a wrongs announcement that is increasing its capacity to enrich uranium produce a new two agreement has done nothing to moderate his behavior and join us and yahoo thinks economic sanctions will eventually collapse the deal he made the comments in
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paris after meeting french president emanuel. the south korean president says he wants to ramp up efforts to recover the remains of those killed during the korean war in his memorial day speech in indicates that the importance of finding soldiers buried in the demilitarized zone that divides the two career is following a rest summit between moon and kim jong un in april the two sides have been working on a peace agreement that could replace the armistice that ended the three conflicts in one nine hundred fifty three with no treaty in place so are officially still in a state of war and thousands of people have been demonstrating in cities across czechoslovakia against the appointment of andre bobbish as prime minister for a second time. has been acting as caretaker since january when his one party minority lost a confidence vote in parliament the billionaire populist is planning to form a government supported by the communist party protesters accused of links to
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a communist area secret police. say with the headlines do stay with us the stream is next. with a big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions if you will trying to provide the best most curious up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come on being stupid to realize you see history in the making. ok and i'm really could be and you're in the stream today will return a white owned line to black africans helps of africa will discuss the country's plan for land expropriation without compensation.
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the african national congress says it wants to take back land without compensation from white farmers and transfer ownership to black citizens the plan aims to reduce racial disparities in land ownership caused by the nation's history of land dispossession where colonizers forced black south africans to live in rural reserves white south african still own the majority of lines of the country that is eighty percent black since the end of apartheid in one thousand nine hundred four the government has been slowly buying back a white owned the redistribution to black farmers but government critics say the process is taking too long and this brought a little change so how should south africa right the wrongs of the policy as far as land is concerned with us to talk about this important. she is an associate professor of law at northwestern university where she teaches land reform
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indigenous law and property law intake. is a sociologist and also in cape town we have ben cousins research of public t.v. land and agrarian studies at the university of the west and hello everybody good to have you. so you know all thanks good evening and thanks for being here we got several questions online from our community when we said we were doing this show about what expropriation is here since one here's another from a west wanting to know the present generation of farmers and how they got this land we actually got an answer on twitter this is the boy who says land expropriation without compensation has to happen when the dutch sadler's arrived they never purchased the land but expropriate it from the natives and forcefully remove them from the land obviously this current generation inherited the land from their forefathers that stole it apartheid legacy is still alive even after the fall of their parts eight system then he says expropriation has to happen after he gave us
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a brief history lesson there where do you fall on that argument. about sixty seven percent of all every culture learned by white farmers. in the past it's mean even higher percentages this is the result of a history of learned disposition if you like to learn this which helped to create credibly unequal an oppressive system not only part of it but the colonial era before that it's undoubtedly chief cause of poverty inequality in our society today and we have to do something about it and there's no doubt that we need a wide ranging let reform program the slowness of land reform programme means that suddenly explode creation of land with or without compensation is the big issue of the moment but that history lives with us it's a very real history it's very apparent to many south africans and we have to do something about it says that i want to share this south africa headline was booing
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hotaling screaming and chaos welcome to the land exposed creation debate and over the top has. to people have to. yeah lolol i mean that probably refers to the debate that's happened in parliament where they discussed this very issue there's a motion before the haas which is essentially calling for land expropriation of our compensation to be investigated as a means of. speeding up land reform so the descriptors are probably very accurate or into how that debate in the house happened but the question really becomes this how is the debate happening in society you know how's the been happening in the spaces where people don't have access to the media don't have access to you know social media even to be able to voice their their opinions and there's a lot of research and data that shows that actually this isn't maybe the most signs
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of mouth topic but most of the africans are talking about that actually unemployment and poverty up to get issues but again i do agree with ben cousins the good prophet he says that you know land this position historically has played a major impact was had a major impact of course on how. and the income distribution happens in this country to save him make a really important point how our everyday south africans discussing as you say they aren't but when they are being asked about what they want about land reform do they have the facts are. absolutely i think we all as some africans have a general grasp of the history just position this country the issue really and the real debate becomes how do you fix this do you take a radical approach which is very symptomatic of those countries left or as i call them twenty lefties really who believe that the state has the power to just possess people without compensation because that's what really means expropriation of our
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compensation is essentially handing power over to the states to confiscate property from individual the families that society cannot compensation all really do we find in the other approach which is more rational which allows for a more win win outcome in society and i put it to the guests and everybody here that most of the africans are looking for a win win solution one which is rational and legal and also secures property rights for all citizens black or white. when we talk about land expectoration in south africa another country one of your neighbors comes up often in conversation a course here brings it up exposed place and land without compensation is impossible take it from zimbabwe this idea that what happened in zimbabwe so let's go back to the year two thousand there was gary agrarian reform so many of them bob plains farmers were forced out and the farming economy basically the the money out
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of the farming company completely lessened baba and now they are really struggling and that's we are inviting some of those farmers back to zimbabwe zimbabwe that idea that i mean if you don't like that. that i don't think that's actually an accurate depiction of the generation where the radical land reform in zimbabwe did have some negative consequences namely the suspension of the rule of law while learned a few patients are taking place and the flight of capital but in many respects the agricultural economy is not collapse that will in fact many of the beneficiaries of land reform are producing quite well in particular cash crops such as cotton in years gone by. tobacco smaller farmers are very productive the lack of supply of inputs so the result of that wider problems in the economy is a problem but i think one also is exaggerating the extent to which white farmers
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are being allowed back i don't think that's happening on any kind of scale it will i think it's really listen ted and i think the real lesson from zimbabwe is that you can do a radical and redistribute learn to smallholder farmers if you supply them with enough support they can be very productive and that's a very positive listen we can take them over the negative lesson is that we should do it within the rule of law we shouldn't have human rights abuses and we have to have it overseen by an effective state which is not captured. corrupt interests or elite interests that's my view on this and bobby situation i did live the. department of agriculture and did my ph d. there. how do i balance your superior i know the age and perhaps a little biased then for. all that i am also glad that this person on twitter seems to agree with you because you seem to be an expert on this and he says at this stage no one in the ruling party is proposing anything like that zimbabwe's past
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track land reform but little and social conditions in the two countries are entirely different i mean is that how you see it as well. yes no turkey i think has been saved we still have the rule of law and it's quite a firm rule of law we have recourse to the to the courts if it's necessary perhaps we are leaving too much to the courts but some people argue but i think what is happening in south africa is actually quite a positive moment i know it's very delicate i know a lot of people are scared but we are revisiting our ninety ninety four fact that we made as a country i think that same understood till it made the point earlier this year that when he said maybe the issue is not really just about land all even about land and all it is about nationhood it's about social cohesion i can't remember these exact words but we are we are looking as a country and how we did or did not address the injustices of the past and what went wrong and how do we renegotiated them because of put it very nicely on friday
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night he said we are the next generation we cannot you know look back at my day a lot and say i made all these mistakes because they did what they need to do and we as the next generation we need to do think how are we going to go forward and i think that's a very positive point to be at at the moment and then to frame that the land conversation in that sort of. conversation is quite interesting because that's basically a symptom of all the other things that is going on in the country and in my opinion i mean mention to back of his joining us right now from johannesburg. overall south african lawyer who has been advising the government on land reform and he's also the author of the land is out south africa's lawyers and the birth of consequent constitution to mecca when you're looking at the risks associated with land reform or how south land reform what concerns you the most about double the job don.
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well us and we are promoting the three areas of concern from where i stand the first area of concern is the lack of a clear plan by the government i think for the past twenty four years we have not had a quote here and clear vision about what the government actually turns to doing in order to realize land reform the second area of concern is short termism it is the idea that. despite the fact that we've got clear policies clear laws and clear legislation. when the government fails to implement those laws and legislation usually results to short term use in other words you hear discussions about there is a need to change the constitution so i do get worried about adherence to the rule of law and then the third area of concern is no pace of wonder for i think the that's for our tomorrow and is quite clear across the board that the pace is
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too slow and ought to be moving faster and this know how we are the greater the potential for social instability. so. i think that the similarity between south africa and zimbabwe in fact conditions as undressed the choices are in some ways very different but the strong political symbolism of land is a similarity between the two and if we don't deal with the land issue in south africa it's not going to go away it stands for a whole lot of things but it is also a very real issue in its own right areas and occupations taking place because people lack places to build houses for themselves of course that's partly a housing issue and a serious issue not just the land issue but being expressed of the land issue and it's a very serious issue and unless we deal with it rationally populism which was definitely
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present in zimbabwe could again. severely.


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