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the ash was boiling mud mixed with fun people were running and the hot ash came down on top of them killing them people were trapped inside their houses and couldn't escape they were cooked inside. six children with severe burns were airlifted to the united states where a pediatric burn center offer state of the art treatment not available in guatemala . and now one of all is national disaster agency is coming under fire for possible negligence public prosecutors have ordered an investigation into whether evacuation procedures were properly followed is a little bit of the official say they warned the public after sensors picked up an increase in volcanic activity hours before the eruption everything i mean to the mayor of all of the communities received warnings and obviously we don't have the authority to order an evacuation we make recommendations and it's the residents who decide whether to evacuate or not. but residents who escaped the
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gases and volcanic mud said that only those close to the highway heard the warning to get on the luise will see them if we would have received a warning we would have left our house earlier and many people's lives would have been saved i don't know about the others but they didn't warn us we didn't know about the eruption until the lava was coming down. the fire go ball kaino erupted again on friday expelling large quantities of pirate classic material an ash nearby homes were evacuated authorities hoping to avoid another disaster david mercer al-jazeera squint laura what a mama. still ahead on al-jazeera a dispute between lebannon and the un's refugee agency tang sadly sauce tree is government order is the closure of seven mosques.
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how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast we got some showers in the forecast for parts of the middle east but not many parts of the freeze benaud must see some well so weather just sliding out of the black sea towards the caspian sea so could always see one of two of those the lively showers bring up around georgia media as a maybe want to see showers too into the far north all around spotting of rain there over towards eastern side of the region so if it was coupled we could see a little bit of wet weather little further north tashkent sandown mattie again could see some wet weather over the next day or two as hots for many karate at forty celsius hotter still there for baghdad at forty two degrees rather pleasant twenty nine there for beirut with the winds coming in from the mediterranean sea ought to across the right information here in doha we're getting up to forty five celsius six o seven degrees above the seasonal average and that came wind continuing to blow
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easing back a touch as we go on through monday losing a little less in the way of lifted dust and sand but a bit of cloud down towards the gulf of aden so chance of one of two showers here shouldn't be too heavy having said that just isn't right making its way into cape town as we go on through saturday much of southern africa they find in trying dries up around the western cape as we go through sunday afternoon. incarcerated in russia's toughest prisons stripped of their liberties. and unexpected creative opportunities. this is. a singing contest like no other offers a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few. would be a tale of singers and murderous witness on al-jazeera.
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welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump wants the g. seven to become the g. eight again trump has suggested russia rejoin the group of keen duster and eyes nations e said this before arriving in canada for the annual summit where trade friction between the u.s. and its allies is expected to dominate talks. for palestinians including a fifteen year old boy have been killed after israeli forces fired live rounds n.t.a. gas at protesters near the gaza border israel says the action was taken after kites carrying explosives were flown near the fence six hundred other square inch it. and
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more evacuations are being ordered to manas volcanic eruption which has now killed at least one hundred ninety people account of material and contaminated water from mt go itself threatening homes five days after it for its erupted about two hundred people are missing. now the international criminal court has overturned the war crimes conviction of a former vice president of the democratic republic of congo. supporters of banba celebrated in the capital kinshasa after hearing the ruling and i jodee of judges found bemba could not be house responsible for the atrocities of his militia which he sent into a neighboring central african republic in two thousand and two mariana hunt reports . from the moment well crimes allegations were liberal to gainst him junkie have been banned sisted he had done nothing wrong he maintained that stance even in two thousand and sixteen when the international criminal court unanimously found him guilty of two charges of war crimes and three of crimes against humanity he was
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same tints to eighteen years in prison the longest ever handed down by the i.c.c. that court decision has now been overturned the appeals chamber by majority reverses the conviction of mr bin bin but showed little emotion as the presiding judge delivered the appeal ruling but the public gallery reacted enters and it quits all because the errors found with respect to necessary and reasonable measures extinguished its responsibility in full the judge was forced to pause may i ask the registry to restore. the crowd in the courtroom bimbo was accused of failing to stop his private army known as the emelle sea from waging a campaign of rape and murder and pillage against civilians in neighboring central
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african republic over a five month period from october two thousand and two he was a rebel leader the in and had seen more than a thousand fighters to help put down the coup in the cia. the lower court judgment described a series of sick and sadistic rapes and murders and some cases where entire families were victimized but then the never actually issued an order to rape and murder on appeal a majority of judges held that being the could not be held responsible for atrocities carried out by troops under his control and that trial judges failed to consider if it's he made to stop crimes once he became aware of them the decision overturns what had been hailed a landmark ruling been but was the first ever to be convicted for crimes committed by others under his command and it was the first time the i.c.c. focused on rape as a weapon of war speaking to al jazeera in two thousand and seven before his arrest
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in assisted he had nothing to answer for you will know that the international criminal court does. not of course involve him in the of this ng's i rested in two thousand and eight a convicted war criminal in two thousand and sixteen he's now won his appeal but bamber hasn't been freed a separate panel of judges continues to consider his punishment for interfering with witnesses during his trial maidana honed to zero. the world health organization says ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is tabel izing director general teds was at home on says he's cautiously optimistic after a decrease in the number of cases reported in the past week more than one thousand eight hundred health workers have received an experimental vaccine for the virus the agency says it's also donating more than fifteen million dollars to countries bordering the d r c to be used in the event of a future outbreak now u.s.
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special forces soldier has been killed in somalia after an ambush by the armed group al-shabaab it happened at a joint u.s. somalia military outpost in the town of jim ami four other u.s. troops were injured along with another soldier now levanon has ordered a freeze on the renewal of residency permits for u.n. refugee agency staff is accused the u.n.h.c.r. of spreading fear among syrian refugees about returning home as in a harder reports. seven years in exile in lebanon mahmoud i use is now getting ready to go back home from the syrian town of moto in the khaled region can't go back because he's not considered a security risk by the syrian government it's of the solution not every refugee can make you know we are fed up and have been humiliated the united nations told us that there are no guarantees when we get back home but we want to go back. that
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advice has caused tension between the un's refugee agency and the lebanese foreign ministry which says the u.n. h.c.r. is discouraging refugee returns a claim the u.n. denies it says it is carrying out its global mandate which is to provide support to refugees and help them we establish their lives in line with international standards. it's not deterring returns. are you know has expressed many times that it just takes a government of lebanon's decision that local integration is not an option lebanese authorities say a few thousand refugees displaced by the seven year long war have already signed up for what they call voluntary returns and that thousands of others are willing to go home lebanon which is hosting more than one million syrian refugees has long complained of the burden it carries official say it cost the country about eight billion dollars a year many refugees now have economical and not political or security reasons for
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staying foreign ministry officials say much of syria is now safe. specifically. which is not the mandate the mandate of the u.n. at least that's what they say is that they want to make sure people know what they're doing. but what what is actually happy happening is much more than that the ministry has now decided to suspend residency applications submitted by u.n.h.c.r. for its staff in lebanon the foreign minister is acting in a caretaker capacity but it does belong to the ruling alliance so his decisions could be a sign of future state policy. some officials are using the refugee file for political capital they play on fears about the impact of the prolonged presence of refugees in the country those officials belong to the pro syrian government camp they want refugee returns to be coordinated with the authorities in damascus as a first step toward restoring relations with the assad government. refugees are
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caught in the middle and what could become a contentious political issue large scale returns gives legitimacy to the syrian government which wants the international community to provide badly needed funds for reconstruction the u.n. insists it does not encourage or discourage returns but it is not organizing them while discussions with damascus continue on safeguards that still need to be put in place senator. bayh boot. am any journalist has died two days after being released from detention by who rebels. came was abducted a year ago his family told the association of yet many journeys he was tortured. call french national organizations concerned with freedom of expression to condemn what it calls a crime against. the economic crisis in jordan is a focus of a meeting holy city of mecca on sunday have been
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a series of protests against price increases and a proposed new tax law leaders from the united arab emirates and kuwait say they'll look at how they can have jordan out of its economic struggles. saudi authorities have detained another women's rights activist in the week at the country issued its first driving licenses to female drivers nov runs a charity for young people her detention follows a court temporary release of eight other activists accused of communicating with all his ations opposed to the king. the austrian government is shutting down seven mosques and expelling a moms it's part of measures by the right wing chancellor sebastian course to target what he calls political islam in the country dummy came reports from neighboring germany in the six months since becoming chancellor sebastian cortes has taken an even tougher line on immigration and what he says is the threat from
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parallel societies forming in his country now he's turning his sights on what he calls political islam do for me to become we can announce to you today a decision from the office of religious affairs though leads to prohibit of the activities of several mosques this means dissolve in the grey waters mosque and secondly shutting down the arabic cultural community to operate a total of six mosques. in addition to the closures these measures could also see dozens of in mom's face expulsion from austria several of whom ministers in vienna believe are funded by elements inside turkey a spokesman for the turkish government has condemned the move as racist and anti islam courts has long advocated a toughening of approach but forming a coalition with the far right anti islam freedom party last december seems to have been the catalyst for him to act in april his government announced plans to prevent
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girls in nurseries and primary schools from wearing head scarves we have. a new climate political climate here in australia since the last election and with the new government has been in power or a little more than half a year you see. various measures taken against foreigners against immigrants against islam and sounds of all this is just one more step. one more match for. and their policy and that's what will interest far right movements across europe but particularly in france the netherlands and here in berlin where the alternative for germany party made a parliamentary breakthrough in last year's election on a platform of opposition to islam dominant came al-jazeera. and there's an ancient practice in the middle east or in the holy month of ramadan to make sure people eat ahead of
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a day of fasting for centuries men have walked around the streets in the middle of the night chanting and banging drums but now police in jerusalem have begun issuing hefty fines because jewish settlers have moved into the area complaining their sleep is being destroyed then a smith has a story. it's a wake up alarm that dates back centuries. just before dawn during ramadan across the middle east men known as most a hierarchy call people to pray and eat before the fasting begins. but here in the muslim quarter of jerusalem's old city for the first time police have been detaining and finding the most a hierarchy for disturbing the sleep of the jewish settlers living here. to learn. from some of the police are always harassing us i've been detained four times
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accused of making noises that disturbs the settlers the settlers get annoyed by everything we do even the decorations we make for ramadan annoys them. the old city is split into the muslim jewish christian and armenian porters but for the past fifty years jewish settlers have also been moving into the muslim quarter now appear is where while settler families live and the guys stop the music as they go past the house but that's not been enough to stop the settlers complaining to the police. over that of. the settlers complained again tonight there are jewish homes here this woman says this is going to go on all month. jerusalem police told al-jazeera in a statement that they are constantly trying to maintain the delicate balance between allowing in ensuring the freedom of religion and worship and maintaining public order and quality of life for local residents the police see offenses of noise and disturbing the peace is one of the most serious offenses that cause harm
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to the public and the quality of life for our local residents the police presence is provided for settlers who choose to live in the hearts of the muslim quarter. or are you heard with fines running into the hundreds of dollars mohammed's wish to continue this ramadan tradition has suddenly become very expensive. burnet smith al-jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. the golden state warriors have stormed to a third n.b.a. basketball title in four years they have swept aside the cleveland cavaliers one hundred eight to eighty five to win the best of seven series for neil said carey top scored with thirty seven points for the warriors while kevin durant was named the most valuable player of the finals it's the warriors second straight title. again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s.
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president donald trump wants the g seven to become the g eight again he suggested russia rejoin the group of key industrialized nations trump said this before arriving in canada for the annual summit where trade friction between the u.s. and its allies is expected to dominate talks. just in is agree it could all be terrorists that the world trade barriers is that between canada and the united states a very empty right enough is in good shape we are actually we were going and we are actually working on that a relationship is very good we are actually work you know including to make it is all very fair for both countries and we've made a lot of progress today will see a little bit we've made a lot of progress for palestinians including a fifteen year old boy have been killed after israeli forces find a live rounds in tear gas at protesters near the gaza border israel says the action was taken after kites carrying explosives were flown near the fence six hundred others have been injured it more evacuations are being ordered niigata monist
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volcanic eruption which has now killed one hundred nine people volcanic material and contaminated water from mt waco are still threatening homes five days after it erupted back two hundred people on missing. the international criminal court has overturned the war crimes conviction of the former vice president of the democratic republic of congo. supporters a member celebrated in kinshasa after hearing the ruling by jordi of judges found he could not be held responsible for the atrocities of his militia which he sent into the neighboring central african republic in two thousand and two in afghanistan the taliban has now agreed to a three day cease fire they'll put down arms eve between june fourteenth and seventy that the end of the holy month of ramadan it follows the afghan president announcing a ceasefire until the twentieth and the golden state warriors have stormed to a third n.b.a. basketball title in four years if swept aside the cleveland cavaliers one zero eight two eighty five to win the best of seven series for neil coming up next
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a twenty first century evil. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why use the system failing them on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging even if particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it used to deliver individualism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. for three hundred years the most powerful nations on earth screw richer and strong
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go on the profits of the slave trade over twelve million men women and children with fisa be transported from africa and slave ships like this to the colonies and plantations in north. and south america today slavery is illegal in every country on the planet but the truth is slavery did not die in the nineteenth century it is alive it is thriving and it is bigger than ever. india is one of the world's fastest growing economies.
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an economic boom has broods with it new wealth and consumers. but india also has the largest number of slaves in the world. and in addition to poverty and desperation the new prosperity has been in its wake a new scene of slavery. bright traffic and. what but then i'm worried now for clan alot that the word got there in. your garden again about america. but charlie article was my being a look at our. challenged our nobel yes. under the indicate they're planning to do but will pivot they be said that as a billion they are. going to mean a company talk but a dope but
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a. name on it up i'd like. but a lot more detail with the. so the past twenty years bright traffic has have preyed on vulnerable young women from india's vast rural hinterland promising to deliver them into a traditionally arranged marriage but in reality selling them over and over into a life of sexual slavery and forced labor. drove you do not come but i was sick of the. one six legged what the air. make any. hard temple. is scalable ok.
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john why don't. more cited come on good you've. got. less than two hours from the country's capital new delhi a traditional arranged wedding is about to take place. two brothers from nearby marrying two sisters of a landowning family here in northern india. the girls relatives and local dignitaries awaiting patiently to greet the two brothers sat handling their. preparing a feast just being explained to me that the groom is actually just in those buildings just behind me he's going to be coming in just a few minutes after the ceremony which is called in the car will then be performed where the marriage certificate or agreement is signed by the groom and the bride's family and then the feast although again. arranged marriages like this one are as
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much about cementing relations between two families and their property as they are about the wedding of brides and grooms. marriages can take many forms in. directly arranged marriages like this one are common. but some marriages are arranged by go betweens men or women who act as brokers often bringing marriage partners together from distant parts of the country. but it's a small step from the go between who arranges marriages by consent to a new and dangerous trade entrapment and sale of women as brights. i've come to a suburb of delhi to meet shafi khan who runs a grassroots organization dedicated to tracking down bride traffickers and the
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women who fall in victim to their trade. most of his work is done in the punjab and the neighboring states of hari ana. some of the work is carried out around may watts in haryana states a predominantly muslim area less than two hours drive from delhi. i mean whatever he says that may work as a hub for the trade and brides problem. as marianne. also done. as. men. once a woman has been sold her status within her new village is defined by the derogatory terms or mulkey meaning a purchased woman. in
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the villages in fields near may want women are often found to be doing the most punishing of manual labor. bugs there is a shortage of women in this region sometimes as few a seven women for every ten men it creates a ready market for bright. arianna state is one of the hot spots for bride trafficking in the country with women being brought in from the far east of the country thousands of kilometers away and it's no coincidence that haryana state also has one of the largest discrepancies in the ratio between men
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and women. but the consequences of this can be devastating. in a small hut next to a local mosque a group of women from nearby villages are gathered to talk about their lives as traffic brides. all of these women say they have been transported to hurry on or from distant parts of rural india taken from their families against their will they claim by traffickers who used a mixture of false promises and violence they were then forcibly sold into marriage some of the many times over. they have been secretly brought together here by one of chef eeks local organizers because i've been told meeting them in their village would make their lives even more dangerous. middle of me don't like. rossley out there they are not going to tell us middle. sadly i am with that idea.
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do not marry bibi i said to him. there was this guarded to learn how to lie a horse in love and have a good. pedal the mentality was up us a member of the love to listen to the leader of the. was there ever a moment where you thought you might be able to ski. someone your number if there are going to find a pocket of them and there are three in the game of the three. are the masterman that the about that are. in the and. they don't block a blockade you have because of the apostles out of. so five thousand rupees us about one hundred twenty dollars so how did these men would bore you trick louis mahdi gave us jealous. god gave them
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the little about the god he gave mahdi we got him a completely door buster dupe but a nice accomplice they have them busting accomplice to the most. legendary in a god but that the moon that it got it got appears that the big aadmi modoc will get the prize a. vessel but a lot more did they retook. bryde trafficking is relatively new in india it has emerged in just the last two decades his story and well much of our team believes that it's driven not just by the growing imbalance between the numbers of men and women in rural india but by the new technology now available to families with pregnant women. the shot one itself is
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a consequence of six elective abortions that have been practiced at least for the last twenty twenty five years it began with the amniocentesis which was meant for determining genetic disorders as part of that test one of the things that the test revealed was also the sex of the unborn child. and if these tests reveal that the unborn child is female abortions are more likely. to bias against girl children in india is closely connected to the traditional dowry system the payments of cash and gifts to the family of the group. diaries are outlawed but the practice is still widespread. and for the poorest families with young girls the costs of the diary in marriage can be crippling. but with infanticide and now selective abortions the falling availability of girls
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for marriage has created another social time bomb. according to sociologist rev in the car the demand for brides in certain parts of india is now so strong and the costs of dowry so high that some families afford to cash in on their daughters. because families are poor and you know dowdy means a huge investment. people. often go into debt marrying daughters off and heard this see an opportunity where they'd think that their daughter will go to a prosperous state she will not have to worry about food and you know our. livelihood. jeffie khan is a lone voice trying to fight the trade in traffic brides but proving a woman has being trafficked rather than any said.


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