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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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deaths in custody raises questions about french police in which i put to a former. president i feel it oblique. the party must face about the. ability. to free to. people we. didn't see. decision fuse to be with us to join the police or police and then this last week. it would also because. it was a very i don't feel. it was that it probably was so this is moot
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should be she didn't. visit community that it was a very. back to the men's it me looks it is it's a beauty. but is it. because of that horse shit thank you so bushy nothing can we do a vision. no half off we can microbe. adam a trial raise death in custody is very high profile and the investigation is still ongoing. unrest on france suburban estates has been linked to the failing relationship between young people and the police for many as. in two thousand and five the worst rioting for forty years took place in the suburb
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of clichy sous bois when two teenagers way electrocuted at the power plant after running away and hiding from police who wanted to stop and search them. it took ten years and much legal wrangling for the case of the two teenagers even to reach the courts. but little seems to have changed in this rundown talib locked in place she said was no elevator intermittent electricity and angry graffiti after the two police officers accused of failing to help buena and ziad were cleared of any wrongdoing in may twenty fifteen. was born in france and was a child when the two thousand and five unrest took place. and i asked her if she felt safe in clichy sous bois.
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and then secure. loesser going to o.o. . cobol to see security is it i'm element of risk in this problem. you see the need here but. there's a new vision that i need one to share. to scale our dollar. sinner guests and only then my goes on and there's only my sister. just. believe me. on the one of my one look at building. your own on live on.
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by example of just one of them to come sell if. you will. the almost see dysfunction i should have fun. with the city. almost. all over the globe. for them for the problem of this level of limbs a layer. of. salt there are a lot. more softly thought you want some of that box and i am not going to. want give you. a bubble. where the president. no. bitterness has been so well.
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silly mama. if peer. so. you have an affair so bill was kept initiative by. experiment. on this whole thing. on the indonesian muslim enough. also in the lonely island. to the northwest up central paris the logs. which so was much under arrest in two
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thousand and five a speech she said while. a group of young men who've served prison sentences are now martial arts instructor and they went to aa dante to meet them. say see this is what it is you know you know when we don't know something oh. good good looks good on the bet i'll see if you run if he was encouraging the kids to be violent acts of words. so tell me to reveal. sort of a new movie. that's not going to spawn on those who are going to go for the.
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bulk of homo. right. well you know the more this is the representative who i want to hunt is on the follicle it is definitely there are still more developers oh yes ready to go with the palm device which is a funny thing more for station. from a. village just from a palm going to tell you if you do. not care if this is a more emotional progressive. than the parts of texas it actually can do for him if you don't lose the party. the nazis it is city police it is gone it is a distant city with a third city by the us it is out. there if you have
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a book and then you see the sci. fi just to prove a piece of misogyny. some parts more. we are not the sorts of the city the city force of us are to the cities it is our bureaus all of that is the mugs and i suppose your contact your car country of business you know. sports today was in caledon just to occupy memo out something with this one of us in quite a bit. every show here and there is always you know he is always on our we do not know. but not far from the sports center built with government money. john terry have not succeeded in quite the same way. it wasn't difficult to find a drug dealer.
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actually i was very senior. and i mean there. are some of us here you have additional was more. on the. table and you know my beard. and my beard. i can alter not to. use acceptable. behind the deal as in the nation as a whole subculture in which young people like him simply don't have the same educational and social of put unities as the a white middle class counterparts what have you. said i mean. so if you can stand around from five years jail on drawbridge and drug trafficking is impressive. but not far away where friends in our john tate who
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still feel completely marginalized from mainstream french society. i'm sure some of. us need to fish me to. come see the moon up until this was to divert me from. existing they got to fix it. over. i knew all of your precautions look good if you're pretty sure that was the
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signal for you like those of the like you just as just about cell phone didn't know you because of. an incident on the top and about buying bottled cups inside i lived in is going up like a full may suppose sub sub was it produced or what was it like to still see the above it see or does you see. you could you exclude of it to evoke a school struggled through to get to get your man i asked if any of the group had been arrested on a piece of the court in received news ltd which you were going to come see me mcluckie soon as you can judge who provoked or able to see the. yard fuel. source as you poor you know i do not beat your ass on a problem now five on can never never you know my lucky to serve you in what you allow if you thought it best love it you take killers for. new people my sump really is not mine.
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in two thousand and nine the french national center for scientific research published a report called the police and minorities. it found that police identity checks in paris were based mainly on appearance and that unsurprisingly people look in blackall arab was searched more often than those looking white. blacks it's sad when stopped and searched twice as often as whites but arabs were seven times more likely to be stopped than white people. these figures are not especially surprising but to look into them in more detail i talked to a former perry's chief of the police giudice oh that is a criminal investigation. why would you. judge me you
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can't. see these to. doso let the whole show. pull city power to the you. know you put up with that don't see for dinner you also go to the mall talk. a good egg a player insults you most devotionals use of the. short i did to. your media machine i ve don't build you do what the noble maybole good to blow you to a blow job was. that i met. when i don't scold pushy if you want to call. simply can't usually do yes you do to me
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cause you me. see the populace you measure up to this is. france prohibits statistics based on ethnic origin so rightwing claims that more muslims on the server been poor i going to jail are difficult to prove. i met an recruited by the ministry of justice to give voluntary religious guidance in presence. that this means. almost weekly prison visits in suburban paris have enabled him
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to examine life then blows up. and basically. that's how the season generally the the. only means you have been. had that much time our station but i feel. i know. but. remember that they're human and then. you want to. eliminate it but if i don't say a poor. decision on my new to join the part of an ira. c.s.u. or. feet on our theater. and you somehow e-mail me.
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and you call them were so second season and kind of i'm as if you don't when you somehow know you're going to work in a couple. coming up i meet a member of the national front whose ideas on a multi-ethnic society are very different from the people i've spoken to so far. as a sit in the community can join all zoning certainty of the trip they can join in but jamal agreed to still say. it's idiotic and second i vote for me through our very vocal octomom a song we for expect elected children off. june nineteenth sixty seven six days they redrew the map of the middle east is my record of victory of the israeli army in that war war the greatest tragedy in the history of islam al-jazeera explores the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything went to the united nations and try to
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make a shirtless contacts through different countries and it was clear that all this was the north of the war in june on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. the plight of the syrian people and the violence they enjoy is plain for all to see . but behind closed doors an unspeakable brutality inflicted on the women. from the brave few who survived my c.s. indignity and then to tell the tale. silent war i witnessed documentary on out is iraq and the reported world on the. us and british companies have
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announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. and i'm down in jordan doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the stage is set for tuesday's historic summit in singapore but in the leaders of the united states and north korea donald trump and kim jong un both arrived from hopes to secure a deal for the full denuclearization of the korean peninsula diplomatic editor james bays has more from singapore. we know from the north korean news agency that
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they put out a statement saying they want a permanent and europe durable peacekeeping mechanism for the korean peninsula and did nuclear as ation of the korean peninsula but of course that devil is going to be in the detail and they might have different definitions of that so the talks on tuesday are going to be key but it's still worth stressing how important it is that we've got here the fact that for the first time since almost seventy years ago the birth of north korea these two leaders are in the same city the german chancellor says the e.u. will respond in kind to us tariffs on european steel and aluminum angela merkel says she was disappointed that president donald trump was drew from an agreement that he'd already signed at the g. seven summit in canada white house advisers accuse canada's prime minister of engaging in bad faith diplomacy new evacuations have been ordered in guatemala week after a volcanic eruption killed at least one hundred ten people the volcano spewing out
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more ash and lava emergency teams have been forced to abandon their search for survivors saudi arabia kuwait and the u.a.e. have pledged two and a half billion dollars in financial aid to jordan it follows an earlier pledge of twenty three million dollars by the european union federica marini the e.u.'s foreign policy chief said the e.u. would continue investing in an ally in what she called the most heated and difficult area of the world more than six hundred migrants stuck on a rescue ship waiting for either malta or italy to take them in italy's threaten to close its ports to rescue ships if malta doesn't accept the people who were saved this week has brushed off the request saying it had nothing to do with the operation of the libyan coast and fire swept through a building which houses half of baghdad's ballot boxes from iraq's disputed parliamentary election the prime minister high dollar body described the fire as a plot against iraq's democracy parliament and demanding a manual recount of the votes and it's unclear what caused the blaze. well those
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are the headlines this continues here on al-jazeera al-jazeera world section that's watching after. i am of me and i'm in paris investigating questions of french identity and in the nation on the underprivileged estates in the suburbs. although official figures don't exist it's estimated there are around five and a half million muslims in france and many live in the high rise developments on the outskirts of big cities. i visited the muslim community in one of these areas to see how they view claims that mosques are somehow connected to violence. niceness of the sea. so you've got. a lot of it if you're good looking men are. he says he
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and i were you know i was in another year a lot had to come with the hobby and help it's a beginning that a man with. can't can't can't let alone in. shabbat unless he has his sabbath well if. there's an assembly in the world as a lower let's see the. war . through my home the sheriff and the mission vehicle will hold. and others whom. she said in what is to know what. is and what and. how useless a whole hell to have been measured up with i would want to for the if you had been my not gerry my. core i have shortstop. sela muscular might be bent tell a mother her wallet and toss out nervous mother and mother. misha who their names
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are who they are hidden without a home. there with her or more had never. seen me in my store stop when i met hazel had a message. that i'm with you had. a you do all about atmospheric. the moon when it had a million muscling in. control when i had a lot of energy and measured him off. and on and the methodology. really muscly in you were almost sorry. he said. french muslims came under pressure when a truck drove into a crowd celebrating but still day in july twenty sixth seen in the southern city of
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unease. it's an image no ridhima jute has worked hard to combat for the past two years. especially as appearances can cause him problems on a daily basis. and thus and much of below him. before so funny are near-sighted to hit a familiar. with just somebody the billable a bit by bit because. of the maids with a little bit of a the neck and it's a cliff in the dark a little but about boulevard to. look at her is a fellow for whom i think i may either because i mean it's another part that over the next. got
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a dandy shine or shine as i am. well i'm our fold up in the show that isn't. so debbie that was another year to him will you always know there are large you men who have had the. little hard look. at them three hundred up is not a good sign a lot of them are in a can of enough talk a lot about me on a diet of. seeming them in the middle but simply because. i live and. about my. work of the suffering i had some of them is that i learned. what i had to hide when the computer i didn't been looking at the i was ten years. with him alone with it out that the earlier. i like it up to him and didn't get bought out and then live. as if.
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it's because i'm with him to have the love of god and about what i see and even be . would you really would you say judy. to the northeast up central paris is the suburban town of all nature while there are some residential and commercial areas have had a facelift but some local people worry that this fails to deal with an employment
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education and social integration i met had a former municipal employee who is the opposition to their innovation project got him arrested going to go you know. because of budget. so. to sing as well as local speak in you know. full access to be therapeutic if. you see a. lot of us who got you. not the dolly will do for love. but the my guys that is here. if you can keep posting it was about i was listening to ski hill because when
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president obama but i'm going to keep a budget. just watching this. book will be totally. alone just not enough given us a little bit how dumb i was talking about the national agency for urban renewal set up in two thousand and four and we launched ten years later. it has billions of euro's of funds and aim to help the whole million people in hundreds of deprived areas. but doesn't believe agency has helped the god. of own a soup at home. i asked him if all these shops had closed down wall oh oh you know for me to live i goes on. you see a bit like most of my guys a. male who's both to get your fix. just as such if he's open if you have to sell some of those you see the myth of the mill complex the
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don't do force you see the just she also said she was a go go go. what did. you think of the mirror to see also such a do so is unfair to me. well let's. see it's minus one of the princes you know if you go one of us or both up or to do something. a storm or going to go you know they've been up until it does the trick to this apollo marker don't look at it but it is out there this. project additional they love the. bus to triple dip up with this point in the book too over the glass but had a missed local legal battle conflicted with his obligations as a mini simple employee reported pickle i give her because as. more i'll talk to
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folks so there. is always out to go do with them you know because of that a. dubious look at local paul paul folks and their commitment is to produce a dollar bill is only because when i was a judas priest. look i had to live through the secure new dougall do the loop because it was a new doc but. you got to discus one official cause for situ. at the trent. i went to the town hall at all name. to get other perspectives on how to mis campaign from center right and left wing politicians. and ask the deputy mayor about how the most conflict of interest. i'm not a fan. of them at home
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a. little played lefty. and nationalism. if i could by no other aspect of. the day leave. d.c. a travel city shows. and a lot of things have to subject to some prolonged was in play could not only put us at andre levy a mental of law. called what i've said when i asked why french people of arab and african origin seem to live in much less affluent areas than the white middle class . families and this was. easily taken along demand ergo it going to levy. to.
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this community the work of the cleavers poor four dollars for city forces don't have all you. have a cruise ship even beatrice or terry tell you are a problem in reverse territory or. to get to places from feel could recall really meant but ritually memphis but. if you go by law. it prescription will be going to see. me last year but once it was warming doctors . could probably do it with a few different. and non creedal one. reason you got one of us from the bench. movie opus on thirty sunny past few
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teaching of any t.v. news community don't move what you detest going to finance it human thing. stop the birth do minimal very first and i find it tastes similar civvy new to discreate you're eating up don't call the plane was made in lima by some similar play for team in a paradox sixty one made it on youtube doesn't really it's not through this community but gave up i'd come aka but. the most strident political voice on identity and immigration at the national front led by my rain look than she was beaten by sixty six percent to thirty three percent by emmanuel micron and the twenty seven thousand presidential elections before in the devonian phase in citizens is on the one. percent of competent economy and so should. this one who are at some.


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