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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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two thousand and sixteen overnight protests that turned violent about one hundred thirty people mostly police were injured in the so-called fishbowl revolution and democracy activists demonstrated against what they saw as more mainland chinese political control in hong kong. fallout continues from the weekend's g. seven summit in canada which ended in acrimony between the u.s. and its main western allies germany's chancellor angela merkel says the european union role was spondon kind to us tariffs on european steel and aluminum she also expressed disappointment that president donald trump withdrew from an agreement he had already signed at the summit white house advisors accuse canada's prime minister of betraying the us and engaging in bad faith diplomacy thousand jordan has more. the canadian prime minister declined any further comment in the course of the day leaving it to his foreign minister to reiterate canada's position in the ongoing argument about trade tariffs the national security pretext is absurd and
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frankly insulting to canadians being closest and strongest ally the united states has had we can't post security threat to the united states on saturday donald trump went on twitter to say that he was pulling out of the g seven communique which he had just signed at the summit in canada on sunday his trade advisor peter navarro then he doubled down on the criticism of justin trudeau saying quote there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president trump and then tries to stab him on his way out the door meantime the german chancellor angela merkel said that she was both sobered and depressed to learn that the president had such a negative view of the g seven communique but that it would not dissuade her and other members of the european union from imposing their own we're telling a story tariffs on the united states the u.s. has recently announced it's going to impose tariffs of up to twenty five percent on
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european steel and alan minium imports to the united states. however there is still deep concern being expressed by president trumps domestic critics the g seven partners our closest allies in the world we share values we share interests we share security and for the president the united states to walk into that session and to essentially blow it up and disrespect our allies while embracing. russia. and giving benefits to china countries that are not our allies and in the case of russia indeed our declared adversary is very worrisome and very destructive the divide created by what was once a united g seven group clearly illustrated in a series of photos released not by the news media but by the white house itself rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington still had on al-jazeera two more female
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activists campaigning for the right to drive her behind bars in saudi arabia plus an agreement between egypt and ethiopia to resolve a dispute over the nile river town. i. mean the weather sponsored by qatar airways. as i would his france a moment is getting battered by the remainder of the bigger thunderstorms in western europe so part of a big circulation scented now in the bay of biscay now these have been historically quite damaging storms the been a few further east as well which gathered up from this line just the east side of poland running into butler said nothing like as vicious that the temperature regime is what set him off or up to near the thirty mark quite often and that's enough moisture in such warm air to give sun soles i was but
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a history to be honest these cooler weather now coming in behind western france you see madrid and you have to be twenty one but the same in london that's a transformation in this part of europe but the circulation the green therefore is rain not thunderstorms in western france but this is going to be sundry eastern parts of austria and down towards remain here and this is happening over land over the mediterranean generally find was a bit of a breeze emerge to places and there's a history of light is showers might still be there thinking western libya otherwise an onshore breeze or benghazi's to twenty nine caras thirty six because you come inland a little bit up into the middle forty's in the middle of samarra which is the great surprise coastal part of iraq or a bit of a northerly breezy but i think pleasant enough weather seems likely it robot. the weather by cattle waste. a new series called rewind again bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of
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al-jazeera documentaries live close the book looks. like and the other student continues with kosovo and fear and this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams rewind on al-jazeera. and watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of the top stories this hour it is less than twenty four hours until the historic summit in singapore between the u.s. and north korean leaders the world will be watching to see if donald trump can broker a deal with kim jong un to denuclearize the korean peninsula delegations from both
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sides are making final preparations before the meeting. german chancellor says the e.u. will respond in kind to us tariffs on european steel and aluminum merkel says she was disappointed the u.s. president with true from the g seven summit communiqué and one of the leaders of hong kong's and dependents movement has been jailed for six years twenty seven year old edward leon was convicted of rioting in a two thousand and sixteen overnight protest that turned violent about one hundred thirty people mostly police were injured in the so-called fishbowl revolution and democracy activists stage a demonstration against what they saw as more mainland chinese control over cong. more than six hundred migrants are stuck on a rescue ship waiting for crews from malta or italy to take them in italy has threatened to close its ports to rescue ships the multiverse and except the migrants all thais brushed off the request saying it had nothing to do with the operation off the libyan coast to save them but migrants were picked up by the
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italian navy and in european community and rescue boat leonard doyle is director of media and communication at the international organization for migration and joins us via skype from geneva we appreciate your time so. humanitarian responsibility aside we'll get to that in a moment is there a legal obligation to take in these migrants but thank you for inviting me i mean the legalities of this are difficult to unpack because it involves people are vessels crossing into different areas of responsibility and it also involves you know a very large country and and in fact a very very small country so i think the put the important thing really is. the danger that people are in the there are seven pregnant women aboard one of these ships are young children and food will last for a much longer two days and more broadly is the issue of you know moral responsibility at the end of the day the european union has to step it up and and so if there's a local difficulty and indeed there is
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a big difficulty both countries need to see some more solidarity in european union is this really a result of there not being a uniform policy for how to deal with this. i mean it's a very very difficult issue as you or your viewers are well aware and it's not just italy and what it's also problematic for spain and indeed for for greece and cyprus right along the mediterranean there are migrants coming across in an irregular way those say without proper legal documentation among them are gave me refugees but most of them are at least right now are economic migrants and the numbers are probably set to increase given population change given unemployment and given instability in climate change in in the middle east and in africa so it's a problem that the europeans have yet to really grapple with properly in a way that satisfies the humanitarian aspect of it but at the same time ensures that they have a managed migration process because we don't want to see nobody wants to see this
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on a mass scale and indeed people are voting problematically they're voting very very kind of in a very volatile way so that's not good either so at this point what other are the options for getting these migrants out of these boats and on to land there getting them the help that they need realistically what can we expect to happen there sitting and the water right now. yes i mean putting aside the arguments and the reality that states have and have an obligation to cooperate to find a safe haven that's putting that aside i mean that i think there's a little bit of grandstanding going on there's a little bit of you know the white heat of politics we recently had an election we now need to get down to the boring stuff of management and reality and governing and governing really involves difficult choices and i think the difficult choices involve making sure that none of these rescued migrants these human beings are in further distress and indeed that they're not sitting out there because there's
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going to be more coming behind them the smugglers are the issue and the smugglers are putting more and more people to sea in risky vessels so as long as it's continuing we need to find a solution for these people we continue to follow this story leonard doyle thank you so much joining us from geneva. sixteen fighters have been killed eleven others wounded in the eastern libyan city of dharna fighting has intensified between forces loyal to renegade general khalifa haftar are local militias after us forces say they have taken about seventy five percent of garneau which is the last eastern city out of their control delahaye reports from tripoli. explosions and the firing of bullets are the main chance to be heard and that in the. street battles continue between forces loyal to any gaijin little silly for have to and the dead in the protection fighters the collection of armored groups which are against his control of eastern libya intense fighting has seen control of
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neighborhoods change from day to day. have to its forces supported by the egyptian and united arab emirates air forces have seized several districts red cross into stuff in derna say they found nine and identified bodies and buried them in a mass grave the fighting has forces thousands of civilians to leave the city some fear revenge attacks if there are no falls that it's gross and says eighteen hundred families have been risk you'd during the last three days. dozens of libyans colluding civilians have been killed since have to received up the battle for their now on may the seventh for a long two years of see each mustache. and hospitals are desperately in need of medication first aid kits and blood packs especially after al had a shot spittle was targeted by a rocket or the medical staff left the hospital meaning the wounded people were
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left without medical care that didn't there is paralyzed schools hospitals and other vital infrastructure all damaged by fighting two years of siege by have to this forces to the city have taken toll on civilians food water and medical supplies are scarce have to accuses fighters in their honor of being terrorists the night that and say they have defeated eiseley in the area people fleeing there now say they are fed up with the war and want to return home as soon as possible no matter who the city in the future and human rights advocates are planning to file a lawsuit against after at the international criminal court for what they call crimes against humanity. tripoli. position president of. the great with ethiopia prime minister to resolve the nile river dam dispute leader
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is in cairo to discuss the controversial four billion dollar hydroelectric project he has been concerned about the impact the dam would have on its water share from the river nile which is essential for egypt's trunking water and farming industry the two leaders say that they will work on an agreement which also includes sudan. we have come a long way to achieve confidence and to enhance bilateral cooperation and we will continue an honest effort in order to overcome any mutual challenges at the forefront is to reach a final agreement over the renascence dams to secure egypt's use of water from the river nile which is indisputable because it is the only lifeline for egyptians and at the same time contributing to achieve ethiopia's development and prosperity iraq's prime minister says a fire at a warehouse storing ballot boxes from last month's election as a plot against democracy the boxes are being used in a manual recount of those after widespread allegations of fraud the government says
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none of the boxes were destroyed but there are calls for the election to be run. from the iraqi capital. thick black smoke over the risk for districts in eastern baghdad iraq's ministry of interior say the. building used to store ballot boxes of electronic voting machines from the disputed parliamentary election a month ago iraq's parliament voted last week for a countrywide to manual recount of all ballots to allegations of voting fraud one in peace at the fire was started deliberately and cooled on the government to better protect buildings where ballot boxes are being stalled and i imagine this a three way houses there are important but it's boxes in that firefighters are inside trying to put out the fire earlier in the day judging. these were appointed to oversee the manual recount of votes nationwide the process is expected to take at least a couple of weeks the government sacked senior members of the election commission
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which oversaw the vote counting prime minister hyderabadi has banned them from leaving the country and warned that anyone suspected of being involved in election fraud could face criminal charges iraq's first election since the defeat of eisel was praised for the lack of violence in the run up to and jury polling day on may the twelfth but since then much has changed allegations of fraud leading to parliament's vote for a countrywide manual recounts of throwing the transparency of this election into doubt a fire at a building containing potential proof of how people voted will already make accusations of voter rigging even allowed a trial stop at al-jazeera by. minorites groups say they're increasingly concerned by a crackdown on female activists in saudi arabia to more of them had been detained after campaigning for a woman's right to drive one thousand activists have been arrested in the kingdom
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since mid may charlie bell us reports. the saudi arabian traffic department releases a video showing women in riyadh receiving their driver's licenses it's been decades in the making with just two weeks before women are free to drive. but some women's rights activists will not be behind the wheel but behind bars luzhin has was the first to be arrested in a government crackdown began on the fifteenth of may. security forces then swept up logan a man enough john activist and professor azizi yusuf human rights lawyer abraham moved a mic and one of the kingdom's early feminists aisha money and she took passage in one thousand nine hundred paintings lift the driving ban they could face up to twenty years in prison the saudi star news. agency did confirm a wrists on the eighteenth of may saying seven suspects were charged as foreign agents reporting they did to violate the country's religious and national palace
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and last week the saudi public prosecutor reported coordinated moves to undermine the security of the kingdom seventeen people had been arrested eight were released . the government has not said what threat to security the activists pose but analysts say saudi leadership want to ensure the lifting of the driving ban a seen as a gift rather than a concession to domestic or international pressure they are telling the women in message that you should not ask for more rights including you know ending male guardianship this. is that right of women to issue their first or without merit console and so it's very alarming and we are very much concerned about what's going on in saudi arabia. right now the kingdom is trying to modernize but it has come at the cost of a crackdown last year academics religious leaders and activists were detained all riyadh's ritz carlton hotel became
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a prison for some assad's wealthiest mean the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon promoting a more modern kingdom globally well neutering challenges at home challenge bellus al jazeera. thousands of protesters have rallied in rumania as capital supporting investigations into corruption at least twenty eight mayors senators and hundreds of public servants have been prosecuted in the past year the demonstrators are responding to a much larger rally on saturday against the investigations ruling social democratic party claims the prosecutors have too much power and accuses them of unjustly targeting government figures. break up the headlines on al-jazeera now it is less than twenty four hours into the historic summit in singapore before between rather the u.s. and north korean leaders the world will be watching to see if donald trump can broker a deal with kim jong un to denuclearize the korean peninsula delegations from both
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sides are making final preparations before the meeting the german chancellor says the e.u. will respond in kind to us tariffs on european steel and aluminum markel says he was disappointed after the u.s. president with drew from the g. seven summit communiqué one of the leaders of hong kong's independence movement has been sentenced to six years in jail twenty seven zero early on was convicted of writing a two thousand and sixteen overnight protest that turned violent about one hundred thirty people mostly police were injured in the so-called fishbowl revolution it was one of hong kong's most violent protests and decades. more than six hundred migrants are stuck on a rescue ship waiting for a cruise from malta or italy to take them in italy has threatened to close its ports to rescue ships if malta doesn't accept the migrants brushed off the request saying it had nothing to do with the operation off the libyan coast to save them egyptian president. agreed with ethiopia's prime minister to resolve the
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dispute. is in cairo to discuss the controversial four billion dollar hydroelectric plant project that is concerned about the impact the dam would have on its water share from the river nile which is essential for egypt's drinking water and farming industry. we have come a long way to achieve confidence and to enhance bilateral cooperation and we will continue in almost efforts in order to overcome any mutual challenges at the forefront is to reach a final agreement over the room. to secure egypt's use of water from the river nile which is indisputable because it is the only lifeline for egyptians and at the same time to achieve ethiopia's development and prosperity saudi arabia kuwait in the u.a.e. have pledged two and a half billion dollars in financial aid to jordan and it comes after an earlier pledge of twenty three million by the european union. foreign policy chief
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fredricka murdering me said brussels would continue investing in an ally of the headlines keep it here rewind is next. al-jazeera. and for you. to it. hello welcome again to rewind i'm fully back t. ball since al jazeera english launched more than
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a decade ago with built up an incredible library of award winning films here on rewind where revisiting some of the best of them and finding out what's happened since ten years ago cost of all sandwiched between serbia and albania on the balkan peninsula declared itself independent and independence held the promise of a new beginning after a bloody war had ravaged the country at the end of the one nine hundred ninety s. in the months following the mergence of this new nation al-jazeera correspondent bonamy phillips traveled to the village of barrack of all where ethnic said he and sold fled during the war where returning to make a new life alongside their albanian neighbors from two thousand and eight his bonnet film about one villages attempt to forge an inclusive and peaceful future kosovo a year of fear and hope. this is western kosovo and behind me
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you can see the village of but. it's just a small place but what makes it so unusual in kosovo is that in late two thousand and seven a handful of serb families who had run away during the war decided to come back here that makes but one of the very few communities in kosovo where ethnic albanians and ethnic serbs live side by side as neighbors we decided to follow two families in one albanian and one throughout this his story in kosovo our idea was to see what the prospects of two communities living in peace in a land which has been divided for so long by hatred and war. as you can fell a party the night that made lease. on moved into costs of.
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the suppressed k.l.a. guerrillas fighting for independence for the majority albanian population to. many albanians splayed into neighboring countries a desperate exodus fueled by atrocities carried out by sea troops. march nineteenth one thousand our nature began yugoslav to stop the persecution of albanians. nato succeeded in forcing serb troops out but failed to protect civilians. now they suffered ethnic cleansing at the hands of albanians some one hundred thousand fled from costs of the province which is regarded as the spiritual home slipped out of belgrade control.
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nine years have passed it's february two thousand and eight and salva bad jack is one of the serbs who's come back to rebuild his old life in the village of berk of for salva and his wife lubyanka a new start after years of demoralising exile in southern serbia. we only got here two months ago. he was in ruins and overgrown with weeds we have to start the light from zero which is very difficult so far we haven't had any problems without enables. part of the time being. programmer. but solve those children could see no future in this ruined village and decided not to come back with him to cos of.
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the returning serbs are mainly old mainly men. they've just heard that cos of those ethnic albanian. will declare independence from serbia in the coming days as they worry on what this means. bizarre as it is no matter how hard they're trying to take it away from us we're staying i haven't stolen anything from anyone this is mine and mine alone it's all i have. on the other side of the lake chad of course avails divine. is an ethnic albanian working the land a verdict of over thirty year olds a tough life because even afford to send his children to school but he believes independents will change everything if. they're both.
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god willing it will be soon things will change for the better and we waited one hundred years for this and that said but you patients. so how did he and his family feel about serbs coming back to the village what. they've come back to their property lines that have done something wrong will not come back and they don't come back but the ones who have returned have done nothing wrong so i'm not going to harm them they will be in their homes and we will be in our homes so everything is normal. the declaration of independence by course of us government was accompanied by an eruption of joy. in the capital at the sculpture spells out the word you for the ethnic albanian crowd saw this as the triad the culmination of
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a long and bloody struggle against the serbs. it was still dark seeing the next day and saying thank you to the americans and europeans who had back their independence . celebrations took place across cos of an. it would give an illusion his family a camera so they could keep a video diary this year hear his children joy in the street dances in a small town. and back at home or. even lose his grandson was allowed to raise a glass to the new era. that is going to be better the president is good europe is going to help us america is also going to help the countries that are with us are strong. we also lost family to keep a video diary. they saw no reason to celebrate on the day of independence but
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played cards at home hoping there would be no trouble in vain as it turned out was a was a reaction david belgrade not possible. was. a huge crowd protested the declaration of independence. anger and humiliation whipped up by prime minister costa needs. soon often. hundreds attacked the american embassy. in cos of that celebrated american french and here they vented their new you read towards the west which they believed would help steal their sacred cos about.
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bakken but. his brother. has bore down to earth and. planting crops for the first time since they came home they fill this important opens the doors and be a right of a mechanized ploughing machine a gift from foreign donors of the cost but government it should make farming easier but trouble is brewing again. this time in a nearby course of a. supposed to independence attack un and nato peacekeepers with grenades and guards at the end of this chaotic day one soldier had died many dozens were injured. when the peacekeepers are reluctant to use force against the serbs call supposed future hard in the back.
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but for us these are still happy days. off family film gathering over the easter holiday. most ethnic albanians in kosovo are nominally muslim but here in western kosovo many a catholic like lucian his family. back in but lucian saw those seem to be getting on well it looks like it might end the beginning of a tentative friendship they speak together in serbian as soft speak i'll go over. there now partners in this new venture intended to lift out of poverty i. a peacock just opened. part time jobs here again the fall responded by the cost of government and foreign
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aid groups and the pig farm seems to be a catalyst bringing serbs and albanians together. of course this brings us closer we can communicate with them and they can communicate with us because we work together. weeks later in early may serbs elected a new governor. the nationalist prime minister. confronting the west over kosovo looking for another term. but when the results came out in belgrade a surprising victory for pro western democrats led by president boris tadic which the democrats also rejected course of independence but getting serbia into the union is their priority. for the celebrations went on long into the night this result reduce tension across the board.
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sama in the village of but. the ruins of the houses destroyed in the. ugly reminders of what went wrong here not so long ago. but next to the new houses for the serbs who are trickling back. the cost of a government has helped build them it says it's committed to a multiethnic society where serbs are welcome. oh no more but there is a growing community and. and in june salva and his family feel this ceremony they call this day spousal marking the ascension of christ in the orthodox calendar . by tradition the serbs got there at the site of a ruined orthodox church just as they did before the.


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