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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the first of the three quotes series al-jazeera explores what really happened during the first week of the war in october on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. and i'm jane dutton this is the news our live from doha coming up in the show. as history has proven over and over again and visitors can indeed become friends a page for peace in singapore's both the u.s. and north korea down the leaders' summit a success. that's the global reaction south korea says it welcomes the progress and looks forward to a new path with north korea. justice department just made it difficult for victims
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of domestic violence from central america to claim asylum in the u.s. . and i'm lawrence lee in the bronx it's heartland of sunderland in northeast england where nobody is happy with how the negotiations ago. it was a moment the world's been waiting for the moment donald trump and kim jong un finally met for their first handshake it lasted only thirteen seconds thirteen seconds that are now part of the history books the meeting has wrapped up and both leaders are heading home before leaving singapore they issued a joint statement promising to leave the past behind while the summit was high and symbolism and lacking much in substance adrian brown reports from singapore. no one was sure quite what to expect from the summit really serious challenge to.
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enable this country with just the good news they seem to get on but as expected u.s. president donald trump. and the north korean leader kim jong un's signed a deal vague on details it says the united states and north korea will work towards denuclearization but missing the words verified and irreversible at a news conference trump was pressed on that saying he now trusts the north korean leader it does take a long time to you know pull off a complete de nuclearization you takes a long time scientifically you have to wait certain periods of time and a lot of things happen but despite that once you start the process it means it's pretty much over can't use them that's the good news and that's going to start very very soon i believe it's going to start very soon we will do it as fast as it can mechanically and physically be done in the meantime sanctions will remain but trump
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said the regular exercises between the militaries of south korea and the u.s. would end but again no specifics or mention of a peace treaty either act one in this diplomatic drama that began almost five hours earlier with a handshake that may have changed the course of history. u.s. president donald trump said he had no within a minute of meeting him if he'd get on with it so this was the moment he began sizing him up. the start perhaps of an improbable relationship improbable times. two nuclear armed leaders one of whom a real estate developer and reality t.v. star the other an international pariah and spying on. you. to plan their speaking through an interpreter kim said the way here had not been easy but. the old practices and prejudices worked against this but we are here
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now. their day started at nine am local time in singapore prime time viewing in the united states. the two leaders were joined by their official if the two sides stick to what they've agreed here will be many more meetings in the garden all seemed amicable as the two leaders strolled in talk together and there was something trump was keen for kim to see the inside of his official limousine known as the beast both leaders will feel they've got something out of this summit each gets the prestige of meeting the other kim gets to appear committed to denuclearize ation while trump may yet be credited as being the first u.s. president to bring peace to the korean peninsula the deal makes no mention either of north korea's harsh human rights history you know this is a fundamental freedom this is a principle of human existence and you know for donald trump to say that kim jong
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un is now a nice guy when he's got one hundred twenty thousand people in gulags in the mountains is just not a few diplomatic encounters have been so eagerly anticipated the question now is whether all this will prove to be a little more than just a series of photo opportunities a dream brown al-jazeera singapore. white house correspondent kimberly halkett here is in singapore company we've had several hours now to absolve this dramatic day and i'm just wondering what sort of statements so actions have gained traction now . well certainly the in the united states particularly there is high interest in the couple of things that the u.s. president said that don't directly relate to denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula the first one has to do with the fact that the u.s. president essentially said he wants to stop the war games referencing the fact that there are joint exercises that are in part to protect a key u.s.
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ally south korea so he says that he wants to stop those apparently without consulting first with the south korean leader moon jay is so this is certainly something that has registered on the radar of americans the other is the promise sensually the u.s. president saying this is something he heard from his supporters on the campaign trail when he was running for president two thousand and sixteen to bring home the remains. of soldiers lost missing in action or prisoners of war from the conflict of seventy years ago so those are some of the things that people are talking about as well as the fact that donald trump genuinely believes that he can achieve this lofty goal of denuclearization because of a relationship that has been established with the north korean leader even going a bit further to say when asked by reporters about the fact that there was one american who did not come home alive recently are a warm beer a college student that went over there and returned to the united states in
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a vegetative state he said that the student didn't die in vain and perhaps this was a pivotal moment in getting to this face to face meeting that occurred certainly that will play well to the audience back in the united states as well so as you put it these lofty ambitions how do they reach the next stage there to fulfill those missions. well the u.s. president is tasked to secretary of state mike pump aoe who we know has already met kim jong un on two separate occasions prior to this third occasion today so certainly though hard work the devil being in the details now moves forward one of the things that was striking in the press conference that the u.s. president held at the capella hotel after kim jong un had left that went on for more than an hour and was wide ranging in terms of topics was the fact that there
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is this sales pitch that went on in order to get kim jong un to this point donald trump boasting that he showed a video to the north korean leader that promised or sort of highlighted the economic opportunities that exist in north korea if it did nuclear eyes including potentially building hotels along the beaches it was certainly an interesting moment and certainly not typical of previous sort of types of discussions that you would have were talking about denuclearization it was very much what we're used to with donald trump and that is kind of the sales pitch from a person who is not a seasoned diplomat but instead is the seasoned businessman so the fact that he started out this historic meeting with an i pad and a sales pitch in the form of a video of the promise of economic opportunity certainly was unique if to say the very least all right kimberly thanks very much and stay with the story there and bring in bill richardson is a former u.s.
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governor and former united states ambassador to the u.n. he joins us live from boston very good to see you you worked closely with clinton donald trump spent quite a bit of time basically showing the failings of he's pretty to say this is do you think he's pulled off something that the others weren't able to do successfully. well the positive is that the president did accept the summit meeting with kim jong loon a risk but a risk worth taking in the past negotiations from the bottom to the top haven't worked so maybe this one will work i think the tone was good the diplomacy dialogue was good personal connection but very short on specifics on denuclearization on missile testing on a peace treaty not enough on human rights now i was pleased they talked about the
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remains of american soldiers from the korean war i brought back seven from north korea and two thousand and seven of those remains and there's about five thousand of them so mixed on the area of substance and denuclearization because the north koreans they've never commit to go shared with them they never say yes or no. positive evidence and the tone in the reduction of spam and i mean an insular how genuine is what we've witnessed and heard coming from kim jong un i mean how much emphasis should be placed on his promises as he said has been very little substance actually and no idea of how to progress it further take it to the next level. well i was concerned that there wasn't more in the communique about verification about international inspections about north korea declaring their inventory of missiles and nuclear weapons there was no mention of that if that doesn't happen in
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a potential negotiation an agreement with the north koreans the north koreans are going to do what they've done before with the past two agreements they're going to slide by and not disclose and not fulfill their commitment so that concerned me but we don't know kim jong loon he's not like his father grandfather he may have a grand vision where he feels that he's negotiating at a level when his military capacity is the strongest right now and maybe he's been able to make some concessions but he's not going to denuclearize completely the nuclear weapons are his path to staying in power and being a player on the world stage and there hasn't been a good place that if you talk about libya for example so where to from here and where do you think this leaves south korea for example i mean donald trump announced in a press conference that he would end the war games within well
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that. you know ending the war games itself the military exercises i don't think affects the readiness of our security with south korea it is a concession what i worry about as apparently would tell from north koreans the south koreans we were going to do this you know you have to consult with your allies with your pad with south korea you know we've had this debacle in quebec where we're angering our own allies so you know this is a little failing that be fixed. there i thank you both thank you bill richardson. south korean president jane says he hopes the summit will usher in a new era among the two koreas and the united states moon who has championed the meeting that often acted as a mediator is vying to write
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a new history with pyongyang mcbride joins us now from seoul i'm wondering what new lines you've been hearing rob. that's right this declaration may be short on detail but as far as south korea is concerned it certainly seems to be taking things in the right direction especially as one of the few details that was in that declaration was the mention of the puntland john declaration the declaration that came out after the landmark meeting between north and south korean leaders at the end of april that really kick started this whole process so south korea will be very encouraged that that included in there it gives impetus to that continuing improving relations and dialogue but as kimberly mentioned there earlier one of the big concerns as air force one was leaving singapore trump seems to have left in his wake a certain amount of disarray to say the least just over this what seemed to be an offhand throwaway line about the canceling of upcoming war games these exercises
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between south korean and u.s. military forces it has left a lot of people here running around trying to just see what that means the defense ministry in seoul and also the government here are trying to get clarification the u.s. military has issued a statement saying as far as it knows there are no plans to suspend any of these exercises and i think jane has been some concern just about the argument that trump use that these exercises are a provocation that they're provocative now that's exactly the same argument that is taken by north korea trump seems to have adopted for whatever reason north koreans criticism of these war games the as far as the south korea is concerned the military and also the u.s. military it's just the opposite is true that these war games guarantee peace and stability because they are a deterrent to what they see as the real threat of invasion in any case. j.n. the president of south korea as you mentioned there does not want to let this ruin
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the day he has issued a further statement at the end of all of these proceedings saying praising the courage of the two leaders saying it does start a new chapter for moon j.n. today choose day history has certainly been made. south korean president moon j.n. watched with members of his cabinet as the summit got underway his smile one of deep satisfaction this was the culmination of friendly engagement that he started months earlier he had met it he hadn't slept the night before. i long with all our people sincerely hope that it will be a successful summit that will open a new era of complete the nuclear peace and a new relationship between south korea north korea and the united states when moon met kim at the landmark summit that paved the way for this meeting viewing
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figures peaked at thirty four percent almost the same number watched kim meet with trump people in seoul following events thousands of kilometers away that could shape the relationship with their fractious neighbor fifty kilometers to the north it's primarily what i thought looking at meeting reunification is not far off. non-negative ok so let's see what's going on. can you condone when you actually condone has a different open mindset compared with his father and grandfather that in previous declarations to denuclearize were made with kim's pretty decisive only to end in failure and some north korea watchers are warning against over optimism sometimes it looks i would say in slightly comical to see their exit rate expectations and of course. is going to be sometimes very strange to see how far safer warped what had been happening here for decades and will happen again and again and again
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. deeply skeptical of north korea's intentions is japan japanese prime minister shinzo was visiting singapore's neighbor malaysia he fears any deal which forces north korea to give up longer range missiles but allows it to keep weapons that could reach japan singapore on the historic summit is taking place right now in singapore i wish this some excess and hope it brings progress to the issue of nuclear missiles it's not only people in south korea who've been following events closely north koreans have also been seeing carefully crafted news coverage of their leader in singapore president trump will be able to sell this agreement as a major win the kim jong un explaining to his people how he has just signed the deal with his country sworn enemy will take a lot tact. we're told that just after air force one took off from singapore trump
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held a conversation a phone conversation with moon once more it lasted about twenty minutes we are told that they did not discuss the contentious issue of a controversial issue of cancellation of any military exercises but moon did praise trump wants more thanking him for his efforts we've also jane been monitoring north korean media here in seoul and about the events in singapore today there has been nothing single poor or thorough at ease in north korea obviously will take time to process all of this of to form all of the details into a form of words that they are comfortable given the controversial nature of the possibly dramatic nature of what's taken place to tell the people of north korea the north koreans as far as they are concerned they are still being told that kim jong un is in singapore for a summit if history has indeed been made at this summit then most people in north
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korea don't know about it thank you. china says the trump kim summit creates a new history of foreign minister when he has urged full denuclearization on the peninsula emphasizing that china will play an important role in that process. so. the u.s. and north korea have been contradictory and even hostile to each other for more than half a century today the fact that the two leaders can sit together and conduct equal dialogue itself has a major and positive significance and is creating a new history when china of course supports it because this is exactly what we look forward to and what we have been endeavoring for we hope the leaders of the two countries will get rid of interferences overcome difficulties and will be able to reach a consensus on the denuclearization of the peninsula and so he has more from beijing . going into the summit chinamasa found itself in a role that it hadn't quite bargained for from being an ally an economic back and a sometime protector of north korea it found its are relegated to the role of
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observer watching the summit in singapore from the sidelines here in beijing and if you need any indication of how closely chinese officials were monitoring the event consider this the foreign minister of china spoke barely an hour after the summit concluded that he said donald trump and kim jong un had made history and he said he hoped that the two men could reach a consensus on promoting and realizing denuclearization on the korean peninsula and shortly after he spoke the foreign ministry spokesman said perhaps it was time to consider sanctions relief for north korea it would be fair also to say chinese officials will probably watching the events in singapore with some degree of concern this is because china and north korea have a very close relationship could this summit marks the start of north korea drawing closer to the u.s. a trade rival of china as well as a rival in joe politics and what will this mean for china's ability to use its
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relationship with north korea as a bargaining chip remember china was seen as a country that occasionally had influence over north korea seen by many as a rogue state for its nuclear and missile tests and is it going to lose this bargaining chip if we see the emergence of a more independent north korea one that no longer needs china as an intermediary and his friends right ahead on the news including a last ditch effort by the u.n. to avert an assault on the yemeni port city of data. and it's faulty look at the battle to the beautiful game and twenty twenty six ahead of the fee for world cup. the french president has described its city's refusal to allow a migrant rescue ship to dock as irresponsible the m.v. aquarius run by the charity s.o.s.
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mediterranean is carrying six hundred twenty nine people who were picked up off the libyan coast more than one hundred on board or unaccompanied minors spain agreed to accept the vessel after it was rejected by both malta and italy the e.u. and un sent out urgent calls to both countries asking them to allow the ship to dock because of humanitarian concerns the ship was sixty five kilometers from italy and fifty from malta but neither country would allow it to dock it's now headed for valencia one thousand five hundred kilometers to the west but there are concerns it won't have sufficient supplies for the journey journal has the story from rome. an increasingly difficult situation for the six hundred twenty nine people on board the rescue vessel m s aquarius they've been on board for four days now many of them since saturday in the searing mediterranean heat at this time of year many of them up on deck under the sun m.s.f. the other n.g.o.s doctors without borders runs this ship says it's worried about
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the health of some of them some of them we're told had to be resuscitated during difficult rescue operations over the weekend others have toxic skin burns from contact with ship fuel in the water during their crossing from libya there are unaccompanied minors a large number of them children and pregnant women as well and of course they now face the prospect of a voyage three to four days long from their holding position in international waters now off to the eastern spanish port of valencia we understand that some italian naval and coast guard vessels will make contact with the aquarius and the company it taking some of those people on board perhaps to make more space to make more comfortable conditions in what is going to be a difficult crossing there a storm warnings out in the mediterranean that could create waves of up to two meters it's going to be hard hard going and in the meantime of course the italian government here that's the italian government building behind me steadfastly keeping to its position no n.-g. o. boat like the aquarius or others operating in the mediterranean will be allowed to
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dock in italian ports from now on this government takes the view that italy will no longer be the refugee camp of europe the u.s. attorney general has ruled that immigrants escaping domestic abuse and gang violence will no longer be given asylum in the united states jeff says and refused asylum to a salvadoran woman whose husband raped and beat her for fifteen years the landmark ruling limits the reasons needed to qualify for asylum integration rights groups criticize the decision saying it could harm women and families. a vast majority of the current asylum claims we're seeing are not valid. and you're not finding them valid for the last five years only twenty percent of claims have been found to be meritorious after a hearing before an immigration judge bill fenech is the refugee rights program director of human rights watch he joins us on skype from maryland very good to have you with us i think that sessions must have got this wrong i mean how could he make
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such a ruling well i mean what he said is it's true that many people are not granted asylum and what that actually shows is that there already is in place a very careful consideration of the silent claims to make sure that people really have suffered the severe kind of the use that this woman from the south a bit suffered and so perhaps them and most importantly that the government did not protect her that she time and time again asked for the police to protect her and they didn't do this so she had no choice but the flee the country and she came here seeking protection she's been denied that protection i mean this is statement about how the government views abuse isn't it i mean if that's not a big enough reason to look off to somebody what is you know it's a combination of abuse which is serious and repeated the blues that we've seen again and again the cases that have been granted asylum combined with the failure
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of the of the home government to protect women who are being abused in this way but so the government has said that they no longer going to do that so what's the reality then that these women those fleeing from gang crime will be sent back to those abusing them. yeah i mean that's essentially what's being said here now hopefully it will be overturned later in the courts that this is the message that's coming out combined with the prosecution of you for crossing the border without authorization the separation of children from their parents while the parents are being detained and prosecuted for illegal entry and now combined with and we won't grant your asylum claim at the end of the day either these are messages that are hitting like a sledgehammer of people who are already traumatized who don't have options inside their own countries the protected and are seeking protection from the united states
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is i mean quite extraordinary timing isn't it and i pick up on the point that you made about what we've been seeing is families separated i mean that that was hard enough to absorb and then there isn't an added to what appears to be abuse by the u.s. government if they send them back i mean is any of this actually legal. well it's all parsing of of of. decisions that have already been made. are well in place the cases go back to the late one nine hundred ninety s. the case of worthy alvarado of quantum allam woman and that case here for years to go through the courts in two thousand and nine i think it was she was finally there for the side of so it took a while for the for the courts to recognize that there is people that are suffering domestic abuse repeated serious domestic abuse who do not have the protection of their governments of their police have the right to seek asylum and to be granted asylum we're not talking about people you know from canada where there can be
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restraining orders and where the government protect more than against domestic abuse coming here that they wouldn't get asylum we're talking about people coming from places like el salvador and guatemala that that consistently fail to protect women against the west to produce and then protect people against gang violence as well these are the two prongs that that threaten that the existential threats to people's lives that is happening that will not be protected if the sessions ruling is the last word on the subject thank you very much for talking to us about what sessions has been saying bill phrenic. it was washed well by heavy rain yes there was an issue of it was it rained all day and in the evening the thunder broke just to make things worse i've got some pictures for you when the satellite pictures sort of gives the game away these fronts that come out from the line there suggests is pretty active stuff is all right round a lot of the whole system has been over a year for it seems weeks now but i'm was the day st cyprian so there's a after
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a day of rain is only about sixty seventy millimeters but it fell actually quite tightly just as a dusk fell as you can see this is less than railway station obviously switzer wasn't and he's just up until now has been france and france to a lot of rain just east of paris were in the suburbs one hundred millimeters again falling about the same sort of period this whole lot has moved on since then fairly rapidly if you watch that white mass there same sort of rain that's gone through germany and through poland and dispersing stops and it's all finished for the wind back it wraps around the low that's just in the south the bay of biscay so there's more to come and there's more to come for switzerland and france but it's introducing cooler weather the any hope left in europe was still quite large from austria south of that being bitten into by this stuff coming in from the north so you've got rain concentrating not just in switzerland probably france triveni and
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austria edging slow resized take away some of the heat from areas for the sas there's choosing cooler weather to the north. thank you up still ahead on al-jazeera have a summit on a small island off singapore caused a storm on the internet we'll tell you what's been training online in sports egypt stop there continues to be in doubt for their world cup i have now on friday.
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discover new developments in surgery. in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon hiring new techniques in regenerating on. a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed on to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence we have the virus is it least a hundred fold more effective fighting every night to get the cure revisited al-jazeera. and again you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories donald trump and kim
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jong un have wrapped up their summit in singapore expressing optimism about the outcome they signed what the u.s. president said was a comprehensive joint document which calls for the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula there is attorney general says immigrants escaping domestic abuse and gang violence will no longer be given asylum the decision will limit the sceptical reasons to be allowed to stay in the united states immigration rights groups say the decision could harm women and families. the french president has described its lee's refusal to allow a migrant rescue ship to dock in its ports as irresponsible the m.v. aquarius is carrying six hundred twenty nine people who were picked up off the libyan coast span agree to accept a vessel after it was rejected by both malta and italy. well iran is warning north korea not to trust donald trump the government spokesman says the us president could cancel any denuclearization agreement within hours had pulled the u.s.
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out of the nuclear deal with iran last. a month calling it deeply flawed. as more from techron. iran's leaders are still coming to grips with the economic and political fallout of the american exit from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal and while they hope for the best possible outcome from the summit in singapore they say they expect the worst. iran wants peace and stability on the korean peninsula iran welcomes any step towards peace in the welfare of the people but given the past record of the u.s. and president trump who has violated international treaties especially the twenty fifty nuclear deal iran in maine steeply pessimistic about trump's intentions but also korea should act with caution on the nature of the u.s. government is not the one to be optimistic about it. in perhaps the clearest sign of iran's frustration last week supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei ordered the
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country's nuclear agency to get ready to build more centrifuges and enrich more uranium a warning to world leaders now turning their attention to north korea as its nuclear deal falls apart iran intends on taking action. donald trump's approach to foreign policy is very much rooted in power politics north korea already has a nuclear weapon it has an i.c.b.m. it has tested a nuclear weapon or is it iran fortunately or unfortunately depends on how you view it it has even by the estimate of u.s. intelligence agencies has gone down the path of building a nuclear weapon have you on had a nuclear weapon i think the game would have been completely different with the trump administration which actually respect the power american leaders have labeled iran and north korea state sponsors of terror trump himself accused them of military cooperation and iran of funding the north korean government iranian say
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strategic ties with north korea have been exaggerated but the two countries do have a relationship dating back to the one nine hundred eighty s. during the eight year war with iraq iranians were so desperate for weapons they bought them from anyone they could including north korea fast forward to the two thousand and whereas president barack obama tried to isolate north korea and embrace iran trump has flipped the script pulling out of a deal with a signatory to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and warming up to another country that not only has a nuclear arsenal but has also made direct threats against the united states and its allies for iran perhaps the lesson is that in the long run america's affections are reserved for nuclear armed nations. old a zero. but as you can imagine the summit was trending on social media earlier harding has been following the reactions. we're seeing the hash tag comes on it
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really dominating the global conversation at the moment this shows you just how strong it is people all around the world talking about it from australia kenya the u.s. the u.k. all across the world all glowing quite brightly we've seen millions of tweets in many different languages people in singapore have also been quite vocal they are going to make really huge if you show new for you to be sure you pay these what omar feeling they're going to make you probably question both of their motives for having the meeting. i think there is a lot of chaos going back. going on back home in my own country for some decisions that our president has made in. whatever money or it would be he did. you see that would. be all one hundred forty would result in something. international political cartoons tell
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a different story for each country in israel how it's published this one the caption reads finally someone who is saying you have some of the leaders there in the background looking quite angry you also have the u.k. some are calling the summit a circus there this cartoon is arguably one of the most popular that's being shared online at the moment and in south korea the summit is viewed as more of a love triangle set up by south korean president moon j n there they are on a date and in germany this cartoon shows a couple asking if the mushroom cloud is from kim jong un the husband says no that's from the g. seven summit in canada all that to say trump saw this meeting coming for several months now in october of last year trump tweeted this saying be nice to rocket man hasn't worked in twenty five years why would it work now clinton failed bush failed and obama failed i won't fail. a senior member of the u.k. government has resigned over the cabinet approach to break that phillip lee
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a minister in the justice department stepped down just before a debate in parliament on the u.k.'s planned withdrawal from the european union it's now almost two years since the referendum and many people remain unclear about the country's direction lawrence leaves it said sunderland in northern england to meet some of them. sunderland is a place which demonstrates only too clearly all the contradictions of bricks it and the mess the u.k. is currently in this region is one of the poorest parts of northern europe unhappy it voted to leave the european union to try something else take sid he's run this business for nearly half a century selling parts of the region's manufacturing industry cities what's known as a hard to brick sitter he shrugs off worries that leaving the european union might in danger his business people to the u.k. it's completely that he's fed up that the government he supports can't get the job done. which is stand up for england stand for the table.
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push around and. they just don't let the newt do it didn't the frightened what is it you think. things and then when it comes to doing it. the little guy would. just up the road nissen employees seven thousand people with tens of thousands more in the supply chain if the u.k. abandons european trade agreements all those jobs could be at risk steve is the union representative of the workers its position is that if it happens it must be a soft warm allowing the u.k. to trade freely with europe otherwise the union fears disaster looms absolute devastation and i also think to conclude on that it would take decades to recover also so there is nothing to replace those jobs if there was a go at this more in time no it isn't. the government talks all the time about brics it enabling a global brisson free to trade where it likes this company does that already it
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makes tanks for water treatment plants and has plans to expand and for the company force it is a source of enormous instability and he wishes it would just go away i'm a strong supporter of the u.k. in general however i think the norm is the thing that we're frightened of more sed and i don't think the government's doing the best it could to give us the information communication on the next steps in what's likely to happen on an exit from the e.u. in microcosm this region tells a story of how brics it has won the referendum but seem not to know what to do with their victory to mend this divided country as things stand there is no constituency in this country which is happy with the way it is being conducted not the hardliners who want to leave the european union completely not the remain as you want to stay in and not those people in the middle happy to accept some sort of in . but the one thing they would all agree on is there seems to be an almost total lack of political leadership
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a sense of where on earth the country is going now. it's worth recalling that the points of breaks it was to allow the u.k. greater control of its destiny yet as of now nobody has any idea if it will happen whether it might improve all the things places like sunderland lost or whether it will make a bad situation even worse lawrence lawyer lee joins me live from london how is that mentality then playing out today aren't. but it's a complete mess you know as you can see from that report it's quite something the governments who have alienated every single constituency in the know have anybody happy with apparently with how things are at the moment series of votes happening today and some are oh the parliament split right down the middle no sense of direction no no roadmap if you only as a diplomatic expression is to watch what exactly is going to happen next of course consternation about all this in the european capital john spring for us from the center of european reform which has offices here in london and in and indeed in
4:42 pm
brussels and but in as well but we were talking john about donald trump and boris johnson the british foreign secretary expressing admiration for him saying trump would break everything you should be in charge of brics it's in this sense the sec's the palm of the wants to break everything a bit like trump seems to want to break things how's that view do you think in these european capitals where they're very worried about it i mean i think they view is that there are two camps in the conservative party basically and there is a kind of pro european nation people before the referendum and then the quite hard line to europeans in much smaller group who won and and their real hope is it to reason may is actually really one of the former great not the latter and they're very worried about the latter he want to tear everything down being a much more difficult negotiating partner but it did do you think they understand what the source of impetus is the sense of you know that we don't like europe for
4:43 pm
all whatever variety of reasons that we just want to get out and do something else completely didn't stand the mentality at all you think i didn't they really do you know i think and to be honest they don't really care either their point of view is ok so we've got this difficult thing to have to deal with and basically it serves our interest to be pretty tough not least because it tells the euro skeptics who live in the continent that you know you're going to be for example you're going to have a hard time if you take this kind of stance i think that there isn't that the pope . and that if they if they give the u.k. a lot of leeway there what else is going to say they want the same thing things well they want more. loose organization for political brussels again exist i think that's right and going back to the trump. johnson comparison i mean the difference is that trump you know the u.s. is still the most powerful country in the world where is britain is you know it's still a big economy and it's important but it's not nearly as important and it's much smaller than the european union so boris johnson suggestion that you know you could
4:44 pm
do a sort of tear it up strategy and go in really hard it's not really clear that that would work given the fact that the e.u. is the much bigger partner in the negotiations john thank you very much indeed right so most of the morrow they might lead to something but they won't break the government and they won't break the talks what we don't know still is exactly where things are heading and i learnt thank you yemen's president will visit abu dhabi to mend a rift with leaders of the united arab emirates president robin months or how they met their morality foreign minister on monday in saudi arabia where he's living in exile he's being increasingly sidelined by the u.a.e. despite his forces being part of a saudi iraqi coalition fighting the rebels in yemen it was a major dispute last month when amorality troops forced government personnel to leave parts of the yemeni island of sumatra a group of years politicians are calling on the defense secretary to pressure the saudi and erotic coalition in yemen not to move against an important rebel held
4:45 pm
port city they say a military operation to take a date or could have catastrophic humanitarian consequences follows the launch of a u.n. effort to try to avert a violent battle paul should urgent reports. highlevel shuttle diplomacy continues as u.n. special envoy to yemen lobbies to prevent an attack by the saudi led coalition on yemen's who the rebel held port city of what data. right now people are suffering from hunger and displacement can you imagine the situation if there is an attack and then we hope all sides go to a peaceful political solution and avoid war. we hope that the united nations will find a political solution between the conflicting parties and that the conflicting parties will have the level of responsibility to spare this province of any conflicts u.n. secretary general antonio would want to prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths and even a bigger humanitarian disaster than the current situation in one of the regions poorest
4:46 pm
countries there are at the present moment intense. negotiations martin griffiths is shuttling between. those the way you know and the saudi arabia to hope that there will be a way to avoid the military confrontation you know data. has been holding talks in . the voice promoting a deal that ousts who the rebels to give up their ballistic missiles in return for an end to the saudi led coalition vomiting being. more than six hundred yemeni government troops and three hundred two of the rebels have reportedly been killed in fighting near ho dado over the past few days. the port is a via lifeline through which most of the yemeni populations food and medicine enters. is absolutely central to preserving of life
4:47 pm
and if for any period. not to operate effectively they consequence ses and humanitarian times would be catastrophic. the u.s. has not directly urged the u.a.e. to avoid an assault on the data but it is calling on the bodies to ensure the free flow of humanitarian aid and lifesaving commercial imports. zero. head on al-jazeera and sports preparations underway for golf's second major on the yeah we'll have the name on that coming up.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
time was for to find jane thank you so much the twenty eight hundred for world cup kicks off in russia thursday but before the action gets underway there is some business to take care of and that's deciding who will host the twenty twenty six event the t.v. congress will vote on wednesday between morocco and a joint bid from the united states canada and mexico both sides have been making last minute pushes for support trade issues between the u.s. senate's neighbors have been brushed aside by the regional federations president liberia namibia and zimbabwe are supporting the north american bid rather than morocco's and that has led for calls of unity across the african continent now it's a joint u.s. canada and mexico bid wins the two thousand and twenty six world cup it will be the first time the tournaments will be hosted in three different countries and as
4:50 pm
gabriel elizondo reports it's an ambitious plan but one with some drawbacks. if football party just as good as the promotional video promise is that's what the united states mexico and canada are saying together they're bidding to jointly host the two thousand and twenty six world cup it would be the first time three countries simultaneously host world football's marquee attraction the bid has three key strengths experience mexico and the u.s. have both hosted world cups before and canada received high praise for its smooth organization to hosting the women's world cup three years ago and there's money u.s. canada mexico on. sheen promises a record eleven billion in profits more than double the other world cup and size two thousand and twenty six will be the first world cup to expand from thirty two
4:51 pm
to forty eight teams and the north americans say a bigger tournaments calls for bigger hosts we want to focus on the game we're ready made and our cities are prepared to host today the u.s. mexico canada bit does have a lot of a lot of the bases covered but in recent memory you know england's bid for instance had a lot of those same strengths and fifa gave the world cup a cutter which you know we all know is going to have to build a lot of stadiums. there are potential drawbacks the big calls for canada and mexico to host ten games each sixty matches would be played in the u.s. that an even distribution has left some feeling the tournaments would be too u.s. focused. the official name of the bid is united twenty twenty six perhaps ironic considering the potential host nations are anything but united right now u.s. president donald trump has disparaged mexicans on multiple occasions and continues to talk about building
4:52 pm
a border wall separating the two countries relations between the u.s. and canada are rocking as well with both countries threatening a trade war over tariffs but it is signing ceremony last year soccer chiefs from the three countries seemed unconcerned saying the bit is about sports and not politics but it still could prove for some awkward moments a tournament that promises to be the biggest and best ever north america hoping the world agrees that three countries are better than one was on dope zita new york. morocco is making its fifth bid to host the world cup it's feared political factors could derail its prospects but football fever in the country has never been higher with all eyes on the national team playing at this year's finals in russia. ronny reports from or about. all you need is a football and the place to play in the neighborhoods over about the moroccan
4:53 pm
capital it can be in a backyard a patch of waste ground or the street everybody it seems is a football fan this year enthusiasm is greater than ever with morocco at the world cup finals for the first time in twenty years and with an eye on the future morocco's bit into stage a tournament in twenty twenty six shot lobbied me learn so low that i think will win the bid we're ready to organize the world cup done lebanon what a bundle of community i think we can organize the world cup but if is voting process makes me skeptical. morocco is facing not want to own and but three to win the rights to host the world cup in two thousand and twenty six it's competing against a joint bit from the united states canada and mexico it needs to secure the votes of a majority of members of the sport's governing body fifa head that the swedes who want to be. well there are a lot of geo strategic considerations in the voting for instance that morocco will
4:54 pm
not be winning all that it's only for african affairs because of some political issues we have with some southern african country was and with it there's also the ties and the pressures of the americans on some arabic and islamic states with. morocco is planning to invest sixteen billion dollars if it gets the go ahead to stage the world cup six new stadia would be built and six existing ones renovated to comply with the standards. and in a country with just one time zones the longest trip between host cities will be a seventy five minutes flights this is the fifth time morocco is britain for the holstein rights to the football world cup they're calling it the dream of a militia they now hold four members would share the dream of the. robot belgium costa rica and what was both teams final friendly before the world cup the four one victory cements their position as one of the pre-tournament
4:55 pm
favorites belgium meet panama next monday and their opening game in monday's earlier friendly senegal ended a four game losing streak the two no win over south korea is their first since november egypt's star player mohamed salah as fitness remains in doubt for the world cup opener on friday against your why the liverpool striker was once again little more than a spectator throughout monday's session the twenty five year old is still aiming to prove his fitness after the injury he picked up in the last month champions league final last around madrid it's the pharaoh's first appearance in the finals in twenty eight years and he can be. trained in cairo he trained yesterday and he's training today we were watching the situation closely with the doctor he has daily treatments editions on his shoulder he's gradually getting better however i can confirm today that he will play in the first match all i can say is that we hope he will play in this match. golf second major of the year the u.s.
4:56 pm
open gets underway on thursday in southampton new york one of the favorites heading into the tournaments is world number six rory mcilroy the two thousand and eleven champion has been having a good run of form of late but it's been four long years since a twenty nine year old from northern ireland has won a major. and that's all your sport for now more later back t.j. thank you very much for that the past twenty four hours in singapore been filled us pictures and songs that have been high on theatrical with many hoping the summit would lead to stability along the korean peninsula let's take a look back at this historic day. the past does not have to define the future yesterday's conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war and as history has proven over and over again and visitors can indeed become friends would be it wasn't easy to get here and old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles
4:57 pm
in our way forward but we overcame all of them and work here today to contribute very slowly very. slowly we will. get there. we're going right down for. good so the. today we have a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and sign a historic document the world will see a major change for yourself with the ladies are very talented. here you know he loves his country very. determined jim and i just signed a joint statement in which he reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. and that wraps up the news i've been quite a day on the historic summit as if what he's calling it will have more on that in the next police in the next couple of minutes see that.
4:58 pm
thank you. sounds. just sold. to me. and it's. safe to cross. posts to. come.
4:59 pm
back it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online horrendous things humans will disturb as i was looking for doubt about that or if you join us on sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth so far bigger fish to fry and ship steve this is a dialogue talk to us about some of this excess if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the colobus conversation amount to zero.
5:00 pm
the closer. as history has proven over and over again and visitors can indeed become friends a pledge full peace in singapore's both the u.s. and north korea dubbed the leaders' summit a success. signed document says north korea will work towards denuclearization but it's not clear how long the process will take. and i'm jane dutton this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the brakes a divide why a british minister's resignation just ahead of a series of concerts in parliament. and the justice department just made it
5:01 pm
difficult for victims of domestic violence to claim asylum in the u.s. .


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