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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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the french and italian leaders are expected in paris after days of disagreement over migrant. oxfam raises the alarm over the alleged mistreatment of unaccompanied child migrants in the listening. life from day her also coming up in this program the battle for the data. to rally their supporters as the u.s. refuses an ever r.t. request for reconnaissance detail. the tariff tit for tat president trump is ready to impose billions of dollars of taxes china says it will retaliate.
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the first prime minister is due in the french capital to meet the french president after the two sighs engage in what amounted to a war of words over rome's refusal to accept a migrant rescue ship paris had accused him of not being committed to accepting nine thousand migrants under twenty fifteen redistribution scheme the italian prime minister hit back criticizing france's position saying its approach to the migrant crisis was hypocritical meanwhile the aquarius as a ship carrying more than six hundred migrants or that she calls this route between the two countries is expected to to arrive in spain on sunday morning is on its way to valencia italy and mortar refused to let it dock at their ports aid workers say the long journeys proving a big challenge for these exhausted passengers who were picked up off the case of
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libya. and a u.s. navy vessel involved with rescuing dozens of migrants off libya's coast is waiting to hear where they can be taken to the trenton rescued forty survivors after their boat capsized on tuesday a private rescue boat offered to take the refugees but so far italy has not assigned it to a safe harbor all right let's go live now to paris and talk to our correspondent there barbara. let's look at this meeting then between the two the french and the italian leaders it's going to be the first bilateral meeting outside of the g. seven isn't there and the spat between them only descended into insults didn't it but they seem to have pulled away from that. you know just at the last moment that's right martina. it looks like earlier in the week this might not happen this
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long planned summit of course the governments of italy and france are very different by nature but now it's been overshadowed by the argument over taking in that ship the aquarius and then an unexpected war of words after italy had made it clear that the aquarius wouldn't be allowed to n.g.o.s charity rescue ship and after spain said that it would actually step in to help then france issued statements suggesting that italy had acted cynically and with a lack of responsibility that prompted italy's new interior minister matteo salvini the leader of the right wing likud party who are very anti immigration to demand an apology or he suggested this meeting should happen while there was a call from president emmanuel markov on wednesday evening to rome in which he didn't apologize but said that he had no intention of insulting it see italy or the italian people the actual facts of the matter shouldn't surprise anybody because
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since last summer italy has been making it more difficult for n.g.o.s ships to arrive although it is still taking in hundreds of migrants just lease week for example in sicily over nine hundred from an italian coastal vessel arriving in sicily but they want to show that they are actually putting into practice what they promised in the elections and so they'll be plenty to talk about here when the two leaders do starts. just the war of words as you were saying dying down now and on the face of it the way they've backed away from this very unpleasant bad tempered exchange was to agree on the need for new message measures which need to be wide and inventiveness for the summit which is coming up at the end of the month and later on in the program we'll be hearing more about the the situation and germany. exactly writes my tale salvini when he got so angry this week said france
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had been turning its back on its partners in it he specified that between january and may of this year france sent back ten thousand people opac over the border in two italy will france is entitle to do that because of this dublin agreement which says that. migrants and refugees. have to apply for asylum in the country the e.u. country in which they were first processed and of course that generally means either italy or greece which is proving such a burden on those countries which is leading to such tensions in places like southern italy and which has led to partly the election of the new italian government so at that summit as you were saying they will be looking at tinkering with the dublin agreement there have been the quotas agreed back in twenty fifteen at the height of the migrant flow and the italian government criticized france for
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really taking in less than half of the number that it promised to take in from italy out of a total of twenty thousand but there's no appetite in france to take in many more people either the government here has got tougher in recent months so it really does need some kind of european wide action all right thank you for that nadeem lity barbour's our correspondent there in paris well now looking at the issue particularly in northern italy and it borders with frances is an area of particular tension between these two countries people from sudan eritrea and afghanistan they've been a riving at this border area for more than four years now particularly in the town of ventimiglia and that's where there's an awful lot of frustration as the tash are but now reports. the colorful northern italian town of twenty mia faces the mediterranean sea in recent years it's become a stopping point for migrants trying to cross into france just a few kilometers away many. the city say they're frustrated with the situation most
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say france should share the burden instead of tightening its border and turning its back on its neighbor the miracle i think french should take some of the migrants because we have too many here invent a million italy take them all but france doesn't want that it's not fair europe and france have to do their part. these women say the romes recent decision to block a charity migrant risky boat sends a message to the european union that italians like them have had enough going to say thanks to solve any of the leg he's helping to reduce insecurity we don't know where to put all these people in the city center left mayor is cautious when talking about italy's new anti immigration government but he says there's no doubt that people are frustrated with europe and more the ability to represent it i can't complain about the way people have approached us and helped the migrant worker but it's a big weight to bear and people feel abandoned by our neighboring countries and europe is between the op. as patience runs out so does goodwill
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this church was once a refuge for migrants but it was forced to shut two years ago the colombian praise that was serving in this parish decided to open up the church door for the margaret center any time now opt out thousand five hundred people sleeping here behind the church and inside the building but local residents became fed up and after bearing to pressure city officials decided to close it down. with the new government has decided it is italians first does of us helping got a ready feeling more pressure and they see less migrants coming. the people who come here are mainly refugees from sudan and eritrea this young man didn't wish to be identified but he described his terrifying crossing from libya is what i believe . many people lost their lives what i did as a way because they're struggling. people invented me i may not
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be united in their approach to the crisis but nearly all agree on one thing the migration should be a european issue not just an italian one a new strategies are urgently needed to help those on the front line and protect those who are vulnerable natasha butler al jazeera and to mia italy are saying in this area between israeli and france an oxfam report says child refugees are being abused detained and then illegally sent back to italy by french border guards sixteen and a half thousand refugees and migrants pass through ventimiglia in the eight months to april a quarter of them were unaccompanied children there were complaints of abuse both physical and verbal and children detained overnight in cells without food water nor blankets oxfam says it's illegal and contrary to french and e.u. law ok to check a senior press officer at oxfam he says child migrants lack any form of protection
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or rights invented million children have different rights to adults under the law no child migrant who wants to claim asylum in front should ever be pushed back to italy there is a procedure for sending children back to italy if they do not wish to claim asylum but that involves certain protections like a twenty four hour grace period or like having a guardian appointed and these procedures are simply not being followed instead from the accounts we hear repeatedly children are being sent back. almost automatically to to italy and being kept in cells abused and and also in some cases increasingly having their paperwork altered by french border police to make it appear that they're older we think it's important the french government immediately puts an end to these practices that at the french border which are illegal and immoral but we also think it's really important that european
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governments come up with a better solution than the one we've got for sharing responsibility for refugees and migrants and when e.u. leaders meet in brussels on the twenty eighth of june it's really important that this is top of their agenda to to agree a better way forward. well immigration is causing a major rift in germany as well between chancellor angela merkel's party the christian democratic union and its varian sister party the christian social union the c.s.u. wants to refuse entry to people who've made asylum claims elsewhere in europe and that's something that mrs merkel rejects she wants time to push for an e.u. wide solution at the summit that we mentioned earlier taking place on the twenty eighth of this month. i personally believe that illegal migration is one of the great challenges that the european union is facing and that we should not act unilaterally that we should not act inconsistently and that we should not act at
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the expense of third parties that we got some breaking news it is being reported by the afghan ministry of defense that the chief of the pakistani taliban has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. or was targeted in the strike on june the thirteenth in afghanistan's couldn't our province and of course under command his taliban carried out that. unsuccessful attempt to kill malala yousafzai back in two thousand and nine let's speak to our correspondent jennifer garcia's live in the afghan capital. it's interesting we're getting this information from the afghan ministry of defense jennifer. that's right that's the only source we have right now the spokesman for the defense ministry saying that mollifies lolo was killed in that airstrike late on wednesday night on the thirteenth of june the americans will only say that they did carry out an airstrike on the thirteenth of june thirteenth
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of june against the leader of a known terrorist organization which of course t.t.p. was now in march the americans offered a five million dollars reward for any information leading to the whereabouts or capture of mullah fazlullah but of course the aft it is the afghan ministry of defense saying that it was killed it's so difficult in those areas it's a remote area by the border it's very mountainous and kumar province and we have seen before reports of people killed and it's very very difficult to confirm them because it's it's very difficult terrain it is contested terrain it is terrain that's on a contested border as well so right now it is just the afghan ministry of defense confirming the death of this t.t.p. leader that the leader of the pakistani taliban not only responsible for the attempt on. use of size life but also responsible for that terrible attack on a school in push show in pakistan in two thousand and fourteen that killed more than one hundred thirty two people most of them children and jennifer if indeed
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this is the case that. has been taken out of play by u.s. drone strike what does it mean for the pakistan taliban. well that's going to be the big question he himself came into power when his sixth when his predecessor was killed in another u.s. drone strike will somebody else come up in his place who is killed alongside him where their commanders with him can this organization regroup we do know that the pakistanis were very unhappy with this organization because of that attack on the school they were under a lot of pressure anyway and as i said in march the americans had put a price on his head a five million dollars price tag on his head whether this group will be able to regroup without a leader whether they'll be able to go on i think that's what everyone's going to be watching and waiting to see so many times we've seen leaders killed and other leaders come up in their place i don't not exactly sure what the pakistani taliban will be able to do they are under a lot of pressure for girls live in kabul thank you. now the leader of yemen's who
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three rebels is calling on his supporters to fight back against saudi and amorality supported government forces who are closing in on the port city of her data the un security council meanwhile which talked about the battle on thursday says the data should remain open for humanitarian deliveries laura burton manley reports. yemen's port city of her data was bustling with people buying food on thursday but this is also a city bracing for a heavy bombardment a lot of. people here have been really living in these unemployment you know data there are no jobs the person your works to earn his daily living there will be a big crisis if the fight and moved into the city and now with poverty and hunger and the war the residents will be victims people are dying from hunger the country will be destroyed. the coalition has captured a town south of the data as fierce fighting and as strikes pound the area the u.n.
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security council has had to closed door meetings this week both concluding that the only solution to the crisis is a political and not a military one the u.s. ambassador says there are ships on standby to supply her data once the military operation and even our ships just see with ink. so we have right we have very we're very well organized and we are ready to. every assistance for. the council meet for further discussions on monday but many analysts agree that a basket of her data would not draw yemen's three year war closer to an end. supposing that there will be a successful sort of military takeover there are many questions remain what will happen to other parts of the country you know what will happen to who will run how they do or what will happen to you know the deep divides among among them
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a nice i think that you know it's important to recognize that who sees as as a political actor as they were back in two thousand and thirteen fourteen. as saudi led coalition forces a military victory over the strategic port the formerly exiled president abu dragoman so hardy has arrived in the southern city of aden for the first time since february two thousand and seventeen to oversee the operations. but the un want the attack on how data could kill up to a quarter of a million people and shut down the main route for food and humanitarian aid to the rest of the country this would have a devastating impact on survival of a population already teetering on the brink of famine. in money out there are. lots more to come here at al-jazeera including celebrating while under siege palestinians in gaza mock the festival of the. all eyes are on russia as the world
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cup kicks off but the spotlight is also on its human rights record. calloway have a weakening tropical system making its way up towards japan now thankfully not making landfall but you can see this big shield of cloud bringing some rather wet weather that swartz the southeastern corner of japan this area of low pressure well that was what remains of our tropical system it has now been downgraded but the showers the longer spells of rain they will be there for a good part of sas day so just a fifteen degrees celsius the home across the sea of japan is not too bad twenty nine celsius the four so fine and dry come sunday it does cloud over somewhat clearer skies come back into holland she wouldn't be even into whole qaida should
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be too bad at the end of the weekend at least look at parts of japan hopefully things improving soon to the southeast of china hong kong perhaps seeing want to see showers as we go through saturday but it does look jan retried lying up process taliban on the other hand still got a weather system here another tropical depression pumping its way through and that continue bringing in some very heavy rain and into taiwan a maybe into the southeast of china sea go on into sunday all the parts of it non could see some wet weather a few showers that into central and southern parts of vietnam wet weather will continue across a good part of the philippines with the risk of flooding. traverses
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a look at the top stories here it is his new prime minister is due to meet the french president m. paris after a war of words over a range refusal to accept a migrant rescue with more than six hundred people on board emanuel mccraw had called the move every sponsible and cynical. yemen's hooty rebel leader is calling on his supporters to fight back against saudi and amorality supported government forces who are closing in on the vital city of data the coalition has captured a town south of the city the u.n. says it should remain open for humanitarian supplies. afghanistan's ministry of defense says the chief of the pakistani taliban has been killed in a drone strike or was traveling with four other commanders when they were apparently targeted by a u.s.
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drone strike on june the thirteenth in afghanistan's could now province. that china says it will respond quickly if the u.s. announces a new round of tariffs according to u.s. media ripples. could target about fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports the official announcement is expected on friday that one day after secretary of state might pompei and met the chinese president xi jinping in beijing mr trump has been trying to fulfill a campaign to pledge to clamp down on what he calls unfair trading practices. cloris louis has the latest from beijing the u.s. government hasn't officially announced these tariffs but we've known about them for weeks the government has said it will publish a list of affected items on the fifteenth of june but the tariffs expected to come into effect shortly after alternately the u.s. wants to reduce its trade deficit with china and it wants to give american
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companies greater access to the chinese market the two countries have been holding talks to avoid a possible trade war and after three rounds of talks the chinese have agreed to increase their purchases of farm and energy products from the u.s. by as much as seventy billion dollars but if these tariffs go ahead that deal will be void and china has threatened further action. if the united states takes unilateral protectionist measures harming china's interests we will quickly react and take necessary steps to resolutely protect our fair legitimate rights if the tariffs and posed they could complicate the relationship between china and the u.s. at a time when the u.s. needs china's help in enforcing u.n. sanctions on north korea the trumpet ministration believes it was these tougher sanctions that played a part in forcing north korea to the negotiation table but some analysts also say because the talks between north korea and the u.s. were a success then trump now has
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a little bit more leeway to be tougher on china with regards to trade because china is not going to want to derail the process for denuclearization on the korean peninsula because that is consistent with china's own security interests. and european union member countries have unanimously about a plan to impose their own tariffs on u.s. products a move will target goods were three point three billion dollars that is in response to the latest round of u.s. duties on seal and minium imports from the e.u. canada and mexico the measures are expected to come into effect in the next few weeks and the e.u. has also launched a complaint at the world trade organization against the us muslims around the world are celebrating to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan all all in indonesia many gathered him also across the country for each of prayers every year muslims observe ramadan by passing from dawn to dusk in egypt
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eight cohens coincides with the country's first appearance of football's world cup since one nine hundred ninety yet the sphere of the capital's main square is festive with many holding balloons and the national flag. for palestinians in gaza there is also a reminder of being under siege and this holiday marks the beginning of the twelfth year of israel's blockade imran khan has been to meet families who are struggling to celebrate under such difficult conditions. him out of bed to get his children ready for the religious festival of read that follows a month of thought sting they headed to pray and to listen to speeches by representatives of hamas the defacto power here in gaza. imad lives near the border with israel but has never left. since march thirtieth he has taken part in and he's really protests along that border and seen
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many of his friends and neighbors injured by israeli snipers and tear gas this eat coincides with the start of the twelfth year these really laid siege a lot of them that god willing we hope that by the end of the protest we achieve our goal of lifting the siege and we wish the israelis will accept our demand to lift the siege and give palestinian people our rights. a must representative. is the deputy to smell funny at the political bureau chief of the mouse he delivers an impassioned speech criticizing israel for his actions and accusing it of targeting civilians journalists and medics during the protests. imad ends an average ten dollars a week when he can get work he doesn't think politicians will change very much well . you learn not to go yet by god the speech doesn't change the reality things on the ground change reality and we're changing things by protesting we want to change we want to achieve our goals. prepares to celebrate traditionally
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a time for family and friends but he worries about his children's future. also what we have seen over the last few years we see war then cease fire then they announce there might be a solution we become optimistic but then things get worse then there's a new war hope these protests will give hope to our children. imad plans to rejoin the protests and continue to demand the lifting of the siege and to fight the palestine in the hopes that his and other's lives will improve about family is typical of many gazan residents according to the palestinian bureau of statistics some fifty three percent of people live in poverty that's over a million people despite all the challenges he faces is determined to give his children the best aid possible iran can cause a thanksgiving service is being held at london's westminster abbey for one of the world's greatest scientists stephen hawking who died in march his ashes will be
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interred alongside fellows scientific giants isaac newton and charles darwin who time space in the nature of the universe won him worldwide acclaim at the ceremony a recording of his voice set to an original piece of music will be beamed into space towards the nearest black hole. those day two of the world cup in russia and while the spotlight is very much on the field the tournament is also a chance for campaign is to raise the issue of human rights in russia the country's faced criticism on many issues from gay rights to political prisoners to workers' rights were a challenge ripples out from moscow. the world cup is the best football party the planet's has to offer but in russia not everyone is celebrating this is british gay rights campaigner peter tatchell detained in moscow while protesting against russia's treatments of people and he's far from the only person who's decided the
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world cup has a use but it's not funny ukrainian filmmaker alex sense of is starving himself in a siberian prison times to cause russian or thirty's maximum world cup discomforts they jailed him for twenty years on terror charges though he says it was for opposing russia's annexation of crimea sense of is supported by international organizations like human rights watch and russians to oscar nominated russian director andres yeah i can see it is one of them. was to be used in the the man acted as a true patriot for his country to turn him by force into a citizen of the russian federation and to judge him by russian law as a terrorist simply by being someone who sits dogs on fire is an absolutely disproportionate response it's outrageous. recent presidential candidate and t.v. personality could send you a sub check says she's given a bloody me a person a list of political prisoners to be released including sense of and i'd like to
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talk to him i want the eighteenth day of. his starvation period and. i hope that he will be released because it's not fair and i support the movement. for freedom for like since all perhaps it's because of well cup attention perhaps it's for other reasons but in the past week president putin of russia and present. if ukraine talked about a prisoner swap ukraine wants sixty four people returned sense of among them whereas russia wants to have back captured soldiers and journalists like carol. the local editor of a russian news agency in ukraine amnesty international is campaigning on the world cup too it wants to draw attention to human rights workers in russia's eleven host cities. we would like that people know there is not only. one of that
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work and live in russia but a myriad of people. on daily basis are fighting for justice and dignity in the country. hosting the world cup means russia is in the international spotlight for the next month rights campaigners are hoping some of the lights can also shine on bad. glory chalons al-jazeera moscow. you know without is there and these are our top stories if there is a new prime minister is due to meet the french president in paris after a war of war words over rome's refusal to accept a migrant rescue ship with more than six hundred people on board emmanuel macro had called the move irresponsible and cynical. the issue of immigration is causing a major rift in germany between angela merkel's christian dem democrats and their ovarian cysts a party the christian social union the c.s.u.
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wants to refuse entry to people who've already made asylum claims elsewhere in europe something chancellor merkel rejects she wants time to push for an e.q. wide solution at a summit at the end of the month. i personally believe that illegal migration is one of the great challenges that the european union is facing and that we should not take unilaterally that we should not act in consistently that we should not hectic at the expense of third parties and it's being reported by the afghan ministry of defense that the chief of the pakistani taliban has been killed in a u.s. drone strike strike. targeted by u.s. drone on june the thirteenth in afghanistan's konar province under his command the taliban carried out an unsuccessful attempt to kill child activist malala yousafzai in two thousand and nine. givens who the rebel leader is calling on his supporters
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to fight back against saudi and supported government forces who are closing in on the vital port city of who data the u.n. says it should remain open for humanitarian supplies china says it will respond quickly if the u.s. announces a new round of tyrus according to u.s. media reports the new jute is could target about fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports president trump has been trying to fulfill a campaign pledge to clamp down on what he calls unfair trading practices all right up to date those are the latest headlines coming up next inside story.
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and you name intended to end decades of diplomatic deadlock bought nationalists in greece and macedonia are unhappy at the choice for public office looking at the donia from historical legacy to modern identity why so much hanging on the name this is the inside story. hello and welcome to the program as of the pradhan while the agreement between athens and skopje of a new name for macedonia has been praised internationally it's polarized politics and public opinion in both countries thousands of people in macedonia and greece took to the streets of their capitals to protest a deal they say is tantamount to a humiliating defeat a far right a greek newspaper went so far us.


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