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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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activists are already preparing to greet the six hundred twenty nine migrants due to dock this weekend there were they. are a nice to give a warm welcome to these people who have been passed around like a football europe is trying to turn a blind eye but we want to respect their rights and offer them a home our land is their land. red cross teams offloaded gresham's and hygiene kits the migrants will get a health check and be registered by police in huge and cases especially pregnant women and children will head to hospital most will go to a shelter for a square meal and the clean bed. spain's red cross assists thousands of undocumented migrants each year. for them in the us some of you have to understand this is a huge drama these are people who need help and we must find a solution for people who are just like you and me cannot be floating around for days without knowing where they're going in these conditions they just have the
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padlock to be born in a place with more complicated political or social situations from the volunteers of volunteers food bank. something for every hungry mouth regardless of religion or dietary requirement the charity already feeds ten thousand of the city's neediest each week and says there's plenty to go around for a few hundred more. found a highly sierra grew up in an orphanage himself and he's passionate about helping those less fortunate. but in view of are the real people in valencia are kind and want to stranger arrives we ask them to sit at our table and so i'd like to say welcome and that they will get our love and support you've come from a far and had a tough time but now it's time to sit down and share with us. the spanish government says those landing this weekend will be processed like other asylum seekers no preferential treatment these migrants may still face
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a rocky road ahead based on last year's figures spanish or florida is a likely to grant refugee status to only one third of the new arrivals the others could get right back to where they came from. this may be journey's end for a lucky few but it's just another chapter in the ebb and flow of europe's unresolved migration crisis call pinhole al-jazeera the lindsay of spain. still to come on the program an independent investigation is launched into the killing of one hundred seventy people during anti-government protests in nicaragua and student activists in the u.s. travel from coast to coast to rally for greater gun control following a number of high profile shootings.
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alor the remaining heat there was once europe wide a couple of weeks ago is down the bottom right hand corner is circulating slow storms within what is too pretty warm and humid weather some of them been pretty vicious storms flash flooding in a bit of hail and that's not to continue anywhere really from nondairy in playing down towards turkey across to greece coming in northwest corner disappointing changing weather recently bri wet and windy weather unusual for june eighty degrees the next room temperature in london on sunday a bright eighteen in paris and that doesn't change the right time we even get to monday slowing treece attempts the drug is the one that does best thirty two degrees that is an average temperature haven't seen that for again for weeks now the pictures and down the southeast chorused seeing seeing a slow drop in temperature as a result of this persistent feeding of cool draft in the north and the showers for
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the sky so disappointing because some of their however come back over the water and apart from the breeze it's fine looking weather north africa is universally dried tempers are quite high in each of us went up to forty eight there on the coast so it got study middle twenty's it's slowly getting warmer to it's up to twenty nine and she is up to twenty seven even the bat is warming up. the diagnosis he has been sick for a long six months now the challenge ahead there was one of these ninety six could be a new cool or a basis of a new cure all for colors wrong in your elements disability al-jazeera examines pioneering me treatments so this is the. yes it's basically a wearable robot that kira revisited does iraq.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera at least twenty six people have been killed in a suicide car bomb attack at a gathering of taliban fighters and afghan security officials in the eastern city of non-dollar eisel says it carried out the attack the new u.n. envoy to yemen is expected to propose a deal to end the fighting over the port of call data the saudi led coalition launched an offensive to take the port for with the rebels earlier in the week and greece's government has survived a no confidence vote it was called over an agreement that athens is preparing to
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recognize a new name for its northern neighbor in macedonia earlier police fired tear gas at opponents of the deal protesting outside. now at least eight people have been left injured after a taxi plowed into a crowd in russia the collision happened near red square in moscow where many world cup tourists were gathered all sources say the driver lost control of the vehicle and had not been drinking the driver of the taxi ran away from the scene before bystanders caught him in see those pictures there is good the details from marie chalons who is in law school at rory what else do we know. well barbara there are certainly some peculiarities to this incident which happened in moscow a few hours ago in the immediate off the mark of the news breaking that a car come plowing in some pedestrians in central moscow of course the assumption that lots of people jumped she was passed this was similar to the kind of attacks
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that we've seen in many many cities throughout the world particularly in europe over the past couple of years or so but then the police to the authorities came out saying this looked like it was an accident that the driver had lost control how he was drunk that sort of thing but then after that we got this footage coming out which seems to show something that actually looks much more deliberate the driver or the taxi is stationary and traffic then suddenly pulls to the side steps on the accelerator mounts the car plows through a group of pedestrians walking away in the opposite direction now we don't know there are obviously ways in which you could come to a much more innocent conclusion than that but it does certainly raise questions and for the russian ortho or to you certainly they are in the middle of a very very high profile event they do not want any terrorist attacks to take place
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here in russia while the world cup is going on and judging by previous form they have. so there are certainly been incidents before in russia where they have taken a very long time to admit that something was a deliberate attack rather than an accident or a disaster or that sort of thing so we shall have to wait and see what transpired with this case but certainly there are questions being offered them i would about what went on for a challenge with the latest on that from moscow roy thank you well staying in russia the president vladimir putin has been accused of using the world cup to wave through unpopular economic reforms as many russians were watching their national side beat saudi arabia the government announced controversial plans to raise their retirement age the proposal raises women's retirement age by eighty years to sixty three while men would retire at sixty five that's actually two years above average
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life expectancy critics say any money saved has already been spent on hosting football's showpiece tournament and the match vivo an expert on russian affairs says she's un surprised the russian government chose to make the proposal at this time. it is all the trick of course you draw the bad news in the pool of good mood but having served a pension reform has been on the books for years and years we also see that it's going to be an incremental process this is quite to peer old within twelve to sixteen years with a timetable kind of delaying reform for each age group because the russian population is aging in other european countries now it is one point eight working person but each one the trends are point to continue russia retirement age is live dick low life expectancy in russia has been growing but it is
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a considerable gender gap so it probably is unfair on men that they retire should retire later than women while there is almost eleven years gender gap between life at and see of women which is now nearly seventy eight in line with european average and male life expectancy. an international task force will investigate the political unrest in nicaragua which has left at least one hundred seventy people dead it comes as the government and civic groups agreed to halt all violence two months after demonstrations began against president daniel ortega however talks are still ongoing to address a call by catholic church mediators to allow early elections next year monahan has more. mediators from the catholic church were brought in to try and break the deadlock and there's been some progress nicaragua's government and opposition
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activists agreed to allow an international investigation into months of political violence. the government will invite international organs the un the e.u. the general secretary of the organization of american states to accompany a scene the strengthening of the peace talks. it's been welcomed by the opposition the government of using paramilitaries against protesters. we know that there is intimidation and we know that there are some movements that have been active and some one is apologies and the intimidation those groups of police those groups of civilians using weapons of war don't create an environment of peace. gangs of armed men room the streets of managua they warned residents to stay indoors where their lives would be in danger activists blame the gangs for a spate of attacks and killings over the last two months the man who filmed this video says he saw men taking down anti-government barricades and that they traveled with a police escort the government denies any connection to the armed groups but the opposition says the violence is
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a sign of desperation by president daniel ortega. in the more main the moment when he can no longer resort to the violence that he exerts through the police and paramilitary gangs when he can no longer resort to violence that will be his and on . at least one hundred seventy people have died since the protests began in april or take his efforts to introduce welfare cuts prompted the bloodiest confrontation since the civil war ended in one thousand nine hundred ninety. the plan was dropped but the protests continue under heavy security the two sides are still talking the opposition is also making concessions removing wrote books which the government said were damaging the economy but big questions remain the protesters want or take it to stand down a demand the government has likened to an attempted coup mediators urging early elections but so far there's been no response been to monaghan al-jazeera. colombians are heading to the polls on sunday to choose their next president in
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a runoff vote in the first of our two part series on the candidates would profile conservative or even do some fear could jeopardize the historic peace deal with fox rebels and the gallagher reports. in colombia memories are a precious commodity especially in a nation where thousands of been killed by the colombian military deaths referred to as extra dudish all executions the military use those deaths to falsely claim they've killed more guerrillas jacqueline chrystia lost her brother ten years ago see them and sadly we can say there is a sense of indifference in society to the plight of the victims we need people to stand up and say we can't let this happen again we need to end it for good but instead people often don't seem to care. the deaths of innocent civilians are just one of the issues even duke a will face if elected at forty one he's a fresh face in colombian politics untested and handpicked by former president
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alberto. levy has been accused of human rights abuses but remains popular among right wing voters critics fear duke it will be little more of a former president with a questionable past but those in the business community welcome his economic policies keep things that we need to keep growing we need to insert ourselves of economic international economic networks and we need to bring more money to the country and more progress being economically terms. the biggest fear among voters though is do case plans for the peace accords with the fork rebels the historic agreement signed in two thousand and sixteen and to decades of conflict with decay is a critic. running on the campaign slogan. hard but it's what he may do with the peace accords which many here are concerned some say the agreements up entirely other cities more likely to modify it but for the thousands of families that have lost loved ones a duke a victory could mean they won't get the. our justice they said desperately seek
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kamens or gomez lost one son to an extrajudicial killing her mother was murdered when he tried to find out what happened she tells us the possibility of a dukie presidency makes her angry and will see no justice he says no truth. colombia's voters remain deeply divided on sunday they'll find out who the new president is and what the future might look like and a gala crowd is there or bogota colombia. student activists in the u.s. are traveling from coast to coast rallying support for more comprehensive gun control measures. excuse me following a series of deadly school shootings they hope to persuade people to vote for politicians who back a gun control laws in the midterm elections for brain olds reports. who are months after seventeen of their classmates and teachers were gunned down the activists students of marjorie stoneman douglas high school are on the road.
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seeking support for gun control measures and showing solidarity with other young people victimized by gun violence all of us no matter where you come from your community your economic background. your voice. and in this movement every single voice no matter where it comes from. chicago was the first stop on the park when florida students nationwide bus tour through the city has one of the highest homicide rates in the u.s. and many children and teenagers have felt the trauma of gun violence firsthand. attending the rally at st sabina church on chicago's south side where native chicago and entertainers jennifer hudson will i am and former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords who was gravely wounded in an assassination attempt in two thousand and eleven these are scary. stories sound
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scepticism is fine and it's time to stand up for what's right it's time for her we must do something we must. gun. is stolen douglas students are urging young people to register and vote in the midterm elections in november they want to oust congress members who oppose gun restrictions and receive campaign funds from the national rifle association ha in the weeks following the february school attack the stoneman douglas students spearheaded a nationwide movement culminating in the massive march for our lives rally in washington d.c. . then public opinion polls indicate only modest movement in favor of stricter gun laws president donald trump has paid lip service to preventing school shootings
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but has done nothing nor has the republican party controlled congress the portland student activists are not done they plan to visit seventeen states on their summer long bus tour with seventy five stops they call their journey the road to change rob reynolds al-jazeera. and you can find much more on our website the address on your screens right now al-jazeera. and now let's take a look at the main stories on al-jazeera at least twenty six people have been killed in an eyesore suicide car bomb attack at a gathering of taliban fighters and the afghan security officials in the eastern city of. the blasts came as president ashraf ghani announced an extension to the government's weeklong ceasefire with the taliban it's
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a blow to an otherwise happy day which saw dozens of the taliban fighters entering the capital kabul and other cities to celebrate the ied holiday the new un envoy to yemen is expected to propose a deal to end finding over the point of the day that the saudi led coalition launched an offensive to take the port for who the rebels earlier this week over two thirds of yemen's food enters via the ports and the u.n. fears that fighting over it could lead to a humanitarian disaster. there is the closure of the port even for just a few days many people will suffer we are also greatly concerned about the possibility that civilians may be hurt by air strikes. the greek government has survived a no confidence vote it was called following an agreement athens is preparing to sign to recognize a new name for its northern neighbor in macedonia earlier police fired tear gas at opponents of the deal protesting outside parliament france has agreed to take in
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some of the migrants on board the aquarius rescue ship which is and to spain the boat is carrying six hundred twenty nine migrants and it was refused entry to italian and maltese ports at least eight people have been injured after a taxi plowed into a crowd in russia the collision happened near red square in moscow where many world cup tourists were gathered authorities say the driver lost control of the vehicle and had not been drinking he ran away from the scene before being called by bystanders. an international task force will investigate the political unrest in nicaragua which is left at least one hundred seventy people dead the government and civic groups agreed on friday to halt all violence two months after them astray sions began against the president than the end however talks are continuing to discuss calls by catholic church mediators to allow early elections next year to
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try to diffuse the political crisis those are your headlines i'll have more news in half an hour coming up next it's the listening post thanks for watching. history. tell us whether you. really understood me the current share of autonomy two countries leaders and. donald trump and the time. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week donald trump diplomacy and the triumph of spectacle over substance india whatsapp and mob rule the
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consequences turned deadly once again fixers and the news business they are names you will seldom hear but they are central to the coverage of all kinds of stories and the white house produces a propaganda video worthy of pyongyang and rolls it out for kim jong. il. in the television and internet age there's always an element of stagecraft to diplomacy and summit meetings the photo ops the soundbites the resulting communiques however two indelible. from two different summits could not have told more contrast and stories u.s. president donald trump defying vanna walking out on his allies at the g. seven summit in canada then getting down to business with north korean dictator kim jong un who trump described as talented journalists found themselves covering a president who once again seemed to put more thought into the spectacle and the
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twitter feed he has at his disposal than actual political substance still even his critics have to hand it to him at least for the moment donald trump emerged with what he likes to call a deal that will denuclearize north korea the devil will be in the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer and at this stage as they often are with this president the details are a bit sketchy our starting point this week is the site of the trump him summit singapore. imagine someone making a prediction just a few years ago that an american president would meet one day face to face with the leader of north korea. and that jury in that event one of the two sides would roll out a video that reeks of propaganda heavy handed and crumbs the new world can begin to day a video that speaks of a chance at a new day
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a choice between the darkness and the light had you been told that that video would be produced not by pyongyang and be part of the. view but by washington for p.r. yeah would you have believed that people and injured many people found the video to be bizarre including members of the media both of these leaders are propaganda artists within their own right. the president you'll recall rode down an escalator . and launched his candidacy for president. in front of dozens of paid actors and they very much set the tone for how he sees the production of his presidency and kim jong un is not dissimilar certainly because he operates in a place where he controls the media and everything is controlled ultimately by the state featuring president donald trump who is
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a movie trailer as all the press is calling it and it was in the context so over the top it was compared by some journalist to a promotional for real estate. in terms of donald trump's business career can history be changed the press apparently first thought it was a north korean propaganda film and yet it turned out it was produced in the united states by the trump ministry. of the back to back summits the g. seven meeting in canada and the subsequent bilateral in singapore the images that will endure are the still photograph. there was the symbolism contained in the trump kim hampshire and the potentially seismic shift that such an image convey. that came on the heels of a shot that appeared on the instagram account of the german chancellor angela merkel when the berlin would not have sent out likely it captures the unraveling of
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the g. seven trade talks and the body language seems to say it all. even if you're not in trump land images matter a lot international politics but what we see with a merc whole picture is that it shows her appearing to stare down donald trump who is in his characteristic you know all arms crossed looking slightly petulant way and immediately critics of president trump say this is president trump isolated and so it feeds into that preexisting narrative for his supporters right it looks well this is how america should be with every other leader gathered around it so going to side american strength status and position in the dominance hierarchy the g seven the for going to there were four different points of view that we know the famous photo was the german for there was also a french official a japanese official full of american legion official four different points of view of the see me so that epitomizes the trade
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a sense and then shake it is a handshake but it's an eagerness a handshake is better seen through the video than the photograph because. it was far more than a perfunctory or even normal range and the symbolic meaning of a thirteen second handshake in this visual form is the establishment of a physical and therefore a personal bond between the two so the first image is one of alienation opposition and even international condemnation of trub the second is trying to claiming that he hasn't made peace in the very first gesture of. the meeting of the u.s. president and the north korean leader was historic unprecedented there's no denying that but donald trump's declaration that the threat of a nuclear north korea had been eradicated is based on
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a brief vaguely worded joint statement it commits the two sides to further talks but there is no timeline offered and not a word on verification which matters because this isn't the first time north korean leaders have agreed to stop their nuclear program they first did that more than twenty five years ago but each of those initiatives has fallen apart over the procedural details with verification often proving to be the sticking point the deal breaker donald trump the former reality t.v. star doesn't really do detail he does it and while the absence of details in the agreement has been reported upon wide it tends to get overshadowed by the imagery generator at the summit in singapore the media spectacle the trump is happy to provide. it's. reality t.v. it's like the society of the spectacle and he's very good at it which up we don't
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know what's happening and that's what makes it a so opera and you as a journalist you should try to intersect you know cross reference the absolute craziness of your own. show is there any substance you know all this you want world politics to be boring you want the policy to be boring that means it's working well. but human beings are drawn to a standard story we grow up watching on television whether it's game of thrones or breaking bad or empire where their personalities their immediate relationships are driving everything that happens and trump clearly you know that's what he thrives on but also what the media thrives on because it's easy to tell those stories but this is not the first administration to gauge in negotiations with north korea president from his predecessors have tried to at least open up a dialogue some of them have walked away with similarly big issue and says of denuclearization so the question for the media as he put some of the spectacle
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behind what will ultimately set this deal apart from anything that president terms predecessors had sought to achieve what is that verification process even going to look like. they are the kinds of questions the trump administration does not want to answer at this stage or camera so where does that leave the news media the reporters and pundits trying to make sense of it all in the realm of speculation presented as analysis i think you. want and that's the problem because analyzing a coherent policy is complicated enough analyzing a spectacle in the absence of a policy is a waste of air time and runs the risk of normalizing the abnormal. every instance of everybody who goes on these kinds of programs really is what they have to make sense of the president well i think the most reasonable assessment you can do to
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score points by being able to give an insightful strategic rationale for the second wouldn't happen it was in the truck didn't happen under bush and i don't think any of that makes sense for trying these impulses or autocratic his decision making is he he got. cares more about short term spectacle then he seems to care about long term strategic planning trying to explain trump speak as if he were a normal president who did normal things which is what i've termed an academic ways analytic normalization. is the only normalizing he has his own rules inviting now if you're doing t.v. in you for a journalist covering politics you should know that it's not a question of normalizing first trying to understand that it's a piece of tension spends five seconds he's impulsive everything is walty everything can change in america meet in we have to do how to decode that and put him in a realistic perspective because we're dealing with a real on going experience but you have to make it real for our readers and you
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know. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers flo phillips flo vietnam has just passed a new cyber security law how will that affect what is already a difficult climate for free speech their internet censorship isn't new to vietnam and should of the past year that be multiple arrests with bloggers jailed over discussions of politics and viral mental issues among other things but this new cyber security law is yet another tool the government can potentially use to limit dissent the law forbids anyone online from organizing anything with an anti state purpose spreading false information or undermining the nation's achievements according to amnesty international the sweeping power as it grants the government to monitor online activity means there is now no safe place left in vietnam for
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people to speak freely and the critics of this law are just talking about freedom of expression are there also talk about the economic implications why because another requirement of this law is its effect on global. phones and we're talking here about the major players google facebook twitter all of whom will now be required to store the personal data of their bit to me is uses locally so much like them having to open up servers in hong kong to store the data of the chinese uses tech companies now have to do the same vietnam for the estimated fifty five million bit emmy's who are on social media and that according to the asia internet coalition will stifle the growth of vietnam's digital economy the new cyber law takes effect on january first next year and in india there have been more cases of fear mongering over the messaging service what's leading to people actually getting killed what's the latest case as we've reported before richard india is what saps biggest market more than two hundred million users the spreading of false messages
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and fake news is common and it spreads very very quickly making it difficult if not impossible for the or thirty's to debunk recently there's been a rash of child kidnapping stories and when two men asked for directions in a small village in the state of assam they were attacked beaten to death by a mob who reportedly believed they were indeed the kidnappers they've been warned about on whatsapp they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time envy is what's our proof is what specifically do they consist of what's actually being shared here people are citing messages that have been circulating about men disguising themselves as women to abduct children i remember one of the men killed did have long hair and then there have been various videos like this one that shows a child being kidnapped in it two men on a motorcycle pull up to a group of children one of them grabs a child and then they write off but the video isn't even real it may not even have
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a originated from india now at least eighteen people have been arrested in connection with the two killings and local mobile internet services were suspended for a day to try and stem what's at messaging for a while ok thanks will. we're going to take a look now at the story behind the bylaws when a news article is published from a foreign country the byline tells us who wrote the television equivalent of that is the on air sign however few news organizations credit the fix the local hires secures that critical interview gets access to that all important location who helps navigate a story right with regional complexities fixers know the local news to rain and open doors few foreign correspondents ever count on their own they're also part security specialist part editorial consultant they fact check stories and they do all of that sometimes putting themselves at risk but seldom get the recognition they deserve those new posts will young now on fixers so often the on song uncredited story behind the story.
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picks more often than not it's someone from the country who guides you who leads you to this story which turns out to be a hoax or an exclusive. one suspect. the person is going to be arrangements they'll gain access to interviews gain access to space the pixel are going to have to leave down that way to. his position because he or she is from this country and they don't whether or not the situation is it is their language and their culture their contacts without the experience you're not going to actually be able to tell the story. watching journalists reporting from the field if you're probably accustomed to seems like the. locals.
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will finally be happy. by what you see all the people behind the scenes the cameraman produces drivers but especially the fixin's. for twenty five years. bill has been a fixer in the philippines helping journalists navigate everything from filipino culture to natural disasters and political events the most important the trade. no it's not an option so that means he'll have to exhaust. all possibilities to make something happen in a fix there should also be like. how much people will let you in their lives. how much these people are willing to share with you how much these people are willing to help you fix it i consider him as the eye of the inside. as we say in arabic the stranger is even he has.
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is a trained nurse and paramedic he's also been helping journalists cover stories in gaza for nearly two decades each culture has had bits. and different attitudes and different behavior it's not a matter of a language only even a big journalist will come to the area and he's not aware of what's going on. he need a fix or. the word fixer can sometimes carry negative connotations and it lacks the prestige of a job title like reporter or correspondent so when a fixer dies on the job they sometimes receive a posthumous promotion like iraqi fixer bakhtiar dad who died in an explosion was covering attempts by iraqi forces to recapture the city of mosul from islamic state in death became a journalist. on the rare occasions when fixers do gain
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a public profile it's usually when they're arrested kidnapped or killed according to a report published by the international federation of journalists twenty four syrian yemeni and iraqi so called media professionals were killed during two thousand and seventeen alone and in two thousand and fifteen in turkey vice reporters jake hammerhead and philip pendlebury would jailed by turkish authorities covering unrest in the predominantly kurdish city of. pendlebury and hanrahan were released in a matter of days but their fixer mohamed rasool spent more than four hundred months in a high security prison on trumped up charges of allegedly assisting the outlawed p.k. k. mosul dam is the front line that this murder took it back from their islamic state . when it comes to reporting complex conflict ridden news stories it's not just the fixers who find themselves in the front lines whenever any journalist camera man
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local producer or other media worker loses their life in a hostile environment it serves to highlight just how much fixers are relied upon not only to open doors but also to be aware of what dangers might lurk behind them the fares they're mentioned. the security of the team who is coming from abroad it's to be one of his priority. that is sensitive and very important not only for the picks up but also for the crew that he's working with especially if there is a conflict because. with conflict your mistakes will be the first. and not only the life of the fix that will be under risk but also the life of the other usually you are foreigners so sometimes it's even the first time you actually visit the country they're going to have to tell you what you can face where where are the danger and. for example they understand the language so there's
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a crowd in the crowd become aggressive. war or this tension in the air the picture will know when it's time to pull out their responsibilities have been varied but as budgets for international reporting a squeeze throughout the industry local journalists and fixes are increasingly picking up the slack and while recognition of their work is growing so too is the debate. as a research manager of the global reporting center. that focuses on the collected news stories around the world in two thousand and sixteen she coauthored a study which aimed to bring clarity to the grey area between the role of the conduct of the reporter i actually find that quite problematic and it's something that our research also showed because many of the fixers are actually local journalists they prefer to be called local journalists as well but then when foreign correspondent comes to a particular country then this local journalist assumes the role of the fixer the
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fixer recognizes the different roles and components into putting a story together the journalist is often blind to this terminology i think it is an adequate word why because their job is to fix things. not really have a lot. of input when it comes to editorial issues unlike a producer the fixer will not come and say to you this is the way you're going to structure this story this is the way we have to interview this person and that person in order to balance the story we have to make sure that you know these two sides are represented there or they're given a voice in a certain report that is the job of a producer there is a very big difference between a picture and the producer a shared by line for the work that we do as. important allies and much appreciate but there are times when you operate on very delicate subject matter so. it is also good to have your name left out
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since the fixer who made the initial in this the fixer left behind long after the foreign journalist has their own country. has really received the recognition they deserve for ruling on don't to bring to the story seems to be one of the few things things themselves cannot change. i'm really happy that this conversation is actually starting to take place i think that it's a conversation that has been taking place between fixers is a conversation that has been taking place with journalists as well but it's not a conversation that's been taking place between journalists and fixers nor between those who are producing the news and those who are consuming the news and this is a situation where somehow we think that this news is just magically appearing and if we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what news is many people just know the international
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correspondent the news the byzantines you know but for. those who are working in the media then you know that behind this is. people who are debating making this easy for him god that. new article to make a good story and to make a good reputation for the job. and finally we touched on that video that the white house played at the summit in singapore but really didn't do it justice it was four minutes long and not remotely subtle it talked of two leaders one destiny and the light of prosperity pictures of trump and kim were intercut with footage of galloping white horses waterfalls and bullet trains it was one part propaganda one part movie trailer or the type of video a real estate developer shows his prospective clients but this could have been a case of trump knowing his audience remember the north korean leader's father kim jong il was a movie buff hated america but was
4:45 am
a fan of hollywood maybe it runs in the family trump says kim jong un watched it on an i pad and loved it will see you next time at the listening post. seven billion people that have a planet earth. of those alive today is small number of a lasting impact. and only the very few will make decisions or take actions that renew those their homeland and change the course of history and there comes a time when only a few are called upon to make a difference but the question is what difference will a few make just in the pictures presents a story of opportunity a story a new beginning one of these two. leaders one destiny. a story of a special moment in time when
4:46 am
a man is presented with one chance that may never be. one of the issues to show fish in leadership. or not oh. featuring president donald trump. and chairman kim jong un. in a meet me make history to shine in the sun one moment one choice. one. the future remains to be written.
4:47 am
getting to the heart of the matter if will stuff like that so if you supreme leader calls you today and says lets house talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people think the peace corps unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on the confusion. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into a true media network. packet for us what you hear and what we're seeing whether online horrendous things humans will disturb as i was looking
4:48 am
for doubt about that or if you join us on the sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation amount is iraq. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on our jazeera a day of celebrating temporary peace between the afghan government and the taliban has been marred by a car bomb attack at least twenty six people have been killed in a suicide blast at a gathering of taliban and afghan security officials in the eastern province of
4:49 am
eyesores says it was responsible for the attack it's a blow to an otherwise happy day which saw dozens of ananda taliban fighters entering the capital kabul and other cities to celebrate the ied holiday images emerged on social media of afghan soldiers and taliban members exchanging hugs and even selfies jennifer glass is following the story for us from kabul. terrible punctuation to what had been a very happy holiday here in afghanistan the gathering that was targeted there was taliban fighters and the afghan military and afghan civilians who all gathered to wish each other holiday greetings it's a scene has been repeated around the country but in jalalabad a terribly sad ending with attacking the gathering trying to perhaps interrupt the best hopes for peace that afghanistan has seen in a long time of the ceasefire by the taliban lasting for the three days that coinciding with a cease fire by the government and successful by all accounts not just the fighting
4:50 am
stopping but the fact that taliban fighters coming into towns and cities centers and reaching the afghan military and afghan civilians here in kabul they turned over their weapons as they came into the city one taliban fighter said that his heart was exploding with joy that this had happened and he wants to see what is decided next about the fighting president ghani has extended the government cease fire he says they'll be more details about that and also released forty six afghan taliban prisoners as well signs of goodwill that he would like this progress toward peace to continue the question will be what will the taleban do about all of this will they go back to the battlefield or will they try to continue with this a step towards peace who the rebels are denying claims that they've lost control of the main airport in the yemeni city data in this exclusive footage to the fighters can be seen standing in front of the entrance to the site later in the video
4:51 am
a rebel fighter dismisses claims that the strategic airport has been captured by saudi led coalition forces saying they are baseless saudi and then iraqi ground troops have surrounded the facility as part of a larger offensive to take the entire port city well meanwhile the new u.n. envoy to yemen is expected to propose a deal to end fighting. over the port of the data over two thirds of yemen's food enters via the ports and the u.n. fierce fighting over it could lead to a humanitarian disaster if there is the closure of the port even for just a few days many people will suffer we are also greatly concerned about the possibility that civilians may be hurt by airstrikes greece's government has survived a no confidence vote in parliament over the deal to change the name of its northern neighbor macedonia earlier police fire tear gas of protesters outside parliament
4:52 am
hours before prime minister alexis survived that survived that vote which came after three days of the bates macedonia is to officially change its name to the republic of north macedonia ending a twenty seven year dispute with greece but nationalists on both sides see it as a humiliating defeat. france has agreed to take in some of the migrants on board the aquarius rescue ship which is now in route to spain the boat is carrying six hundred twenty nine migrants and it was refused entry to italian and maltese ports china has criticized u.s. president donald trump for playing that this crisis full role of global economic the structure it comes after both countries imposed a twenty five percent tariffs on fifty billion dollars of each other's goods on friday egypt has increased the price of fuel and cooking gas by at least fifty percent the rise is expected to save the government more than two point eight
4:53 am
billion dollars it follows similar hikes of the cost of drinking water and electricity so for now of zero world is next.
4:54 am
when i was kid i was doing lots. even we hope i was dreaming sometimes. i was asking a lot to make me pull twenty supercar. i. what i achieved i hope what i have now. all things are being clean true. i think i. don't think i've been winning. nothing he says because i found. and that's why i want to see thank you to alan. i. should let that did. not suffer. because of the need. to bust up. a scum bag sand bag but to get the
4:55 am
good. sam big man by the balls he biggish a bank that essentially have something to sell my picture guy is a good but my wife busted up badly about something every summer but. when i was kid i was doing a lot of them too much i think too much to them that much i was crazy about. two of those and much as with the intention to keep so they exhibited this real said my mom was lucky see it going to when they still have found the quoted. should it be focused on. the margin race is easy is just making everything up and because before i was principal just to have fun with my friends but when i was there i start to learn and this thing if we were in as will start to put
4:56 am
a mast head like the shot it disappears when they are going to be professional and one day are going to be successful and wondering going to be picture. video security trends i was thinking about only if a silly technique will fall on a can read only controlled only bus. scene there's a pony could it i mean it is social very there was. just really only one only way but it sure will food of your enjoyable. we were ok eating exciting to go in europe to try to compare ourselves to do reopen the border and in my mind there was thinking like the time for.
4:57 am
today really. they said there will be five. players come to to our team so everybody was excited to see them the first training we did we were running in the woods and i had to they had to run with us but they couldn't keep up so they were looking at we were doubling them at their worst and we were thinking. they can't run but in the afternoon i was of them all training and it was something different that we had to play one i wanted to each other for for one minute that i had to play against. so i didn't touch the ball it was unbelievable we were kind of. you know i mean who got home select. you know different foods different quality of life different weather and we start to miss
4:58 am
out for miss our family we start to cry and it was massive i want to see my brother i want to see my sister i want to see my father i want my mom to make you feel special for like she make it before and i was first year was difficult i think if you can sit out a book. yeah is it tough to the point where you have to go and. look. really was she. did also in a memoir of all this all this all the need for for the real the. on the visual of gold in them you know look i'm usually them you got the notes about you cash. those time and never want to come to greece i mean blair like you know we've are to
4:59 am
be honest we do play we do development this is like well i was playing with barcelona as we go up and i had to be to be honest with you because it was you know fast moving. it was good in flukey it was he was very clever in his moving. and you know because i was always always play with him one after we were given to me given to me and sometimes i would play into the last year was brilliant you know we've been shown purely rearm by the defense this time. and from day said look yeah i told you you joke about it you should be in bus and i say yes say yes i said and believe all these sort of music look i want to be there you know i mean. i'm not like mamie many edge and when the first day when i meet
5:00 am
dimitri was talking about. the way i was talking would tell him what i want to be what i want what i want to achieve you seem like skeets dream books are going to have been. his dream calm reality. to me to call me at home my wife and i asked my wife yet you know what bus route i want me to good. she said is not possible as a as a yes she said well we don't see any news from paris and no if you just said is true she said yeah i you know what i'm going to forward you i'm not sleeping she said well ok i want to do i say and bustle and i have a national being the city nice in the thing she said yes it is fantastic and you love spanish she said yeah lots of the spanish for that's. that's why she said ok i'll try.


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