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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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i'm a teacher and how does a. saudi and emirate a coalition forces say they are now in control of who take the airport and yemen. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. new arrivals more than fifteen hundred refugees land in spain seeking a new home. the united states will not be a migrant camp. the u.s. president defends his harsh immigration policies and points the blame squarely at democrats. markets in the far east take ahead as tunnel trump ratchets up the trade war with china.
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the saudi erotic coalition backing the government and yemen says it now controls the airport and her data is the latest development in the offensive aimed at retaking the city from who think rebels the airport could provide a way of resupplying forces but it also also hosts a major sea pork and there are fears the fighting could disrupt the flow of much needed aid to millions and security council has been meeting to discuss the fighting the region raises there coal for the course of the leaf to be kept open and operating safely given the continuing reask to the humanitarian situation they reach reach it's their call for the full implementation of security council resolutions including resolution twenty two sixteen. and also eyes to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law or mohamed
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who is in djibouti the last stop for much of the aid found for him and mohamed so we'll get back to the aid aspect in a moment first though what is the latest that you know that you can add about what is happening at the airport. well richelle residents of the city all telling us that the seals from sport are the quiet. gunfire going on within the court although the so did live holy shit has already claimed to have taken who home school told the don't talk started with aerial bombardments of the few positions with before the troops all the sudden that whole dushan the talk from a closed three different of homes according to sources within the yemeni military these that there was heavy fighting in the compound all the port
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alia with the hope the fight is using tongues to live and to try and stop the troops from advancing into the airport and taking over now there's been also a massive. people from the areas on the airport same bus yesterday when i talk helicopters probably preparing for these all out of. these morning targeted. the snipers who are pashtun groups of most schools on a residential buildings it is unarmed and so was we mentioned where you are now in she is one of the stops for aid as it tries to get to yemen and what is the status of getting aid into yemen. well very little ladies living going to yemen the aid agencies thought i here who have established a hobby for going to yemen from djibouti only using aircraft and they're
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taking the aid which is mainly in the form of food and medicine to some of the cup which is so where you from some of the places where the most needy ovals twenty two million yemenis who need aid you leave ok the poll has been cool szell on the steel is to the delivery of aid to these millions of people who need aid eight million of them would stop to death if they don't get these vital aid and the aid agencies that are stationed here in djibouti getting desperate they have not sent any shipments to. almost a week they sent to shipments that did not get trained to get. permission from the cold lucian and had to be returned back to duty now some smaller aid agencies are using. fishing boats out of dispossession and barges to deliver but
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repeatable ones like the world food program and unicef are saying they cannot do that because they don't want their way bills to end up in the hundreds of smugglers something that could spoil the image so there is a lot of food coming in there quickly about an alter of storage and they say something has to give way the coalition has to allow them to dock ships into the port again the world's worst humanitarian crisis at the moment thank you mohammed. house and you are as a professor of international relations and security forces university he joins us now from leone and france on skype we appreciate your time very much so what do you know about the condition of the airport even aside from the fighting just how functional is this airport. probably. not gone beyond. heavy bombardment by
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a good quality and forces but also. say that you are not functional for the stupid reason that. city and they. are not forgotten though they are. an important air force so consequently devalue all the airports more symbolic just try to. find so you got a sense that if thought ok for going to the goss forces for that would be fine it could be. trying to say he says. consequently some kind of a security meant because he's so how much of a turning point is this potential loss of this airport and what does that mean what comes next. for this forty six year be important psychologically. if you guys are really important so.
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if that's what they call. you can vote for the. recall. consequently more pressure on. the card in your. reports that more or did. you have any. they get most. a. trophy potentially catastrophic. or timid. would be very. different militarily speaking does. the rebels have any type of means at all to to to fight back or are they simply overwhelmed by
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the resources of the coalition. they are all about the are talking about equality and all the numb got all arab countries. who thought all. dream big was from down. on the other. day and said. it really meant the very end trace of their unity ministry kept from the farm it. consequently the day best are the one on the face of a deity to match the power of all or did. it all. if this situation continues. those more very very they might be forced to become a fine force. fit to conduct a different type called war it would be time to call it so we did it also
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when you say a different type of warfare so yes say that say that the spillover from the airport that type of warfare looks like for the rest of the city. or you could be. a. big fires defy the law you ought to consequently you'd be more someone to do cause for the coalition forces the groups there to control or supporting and i think being involved in the shooting of the airport they are. what it would it professor haasan thank you so much for your insight we appreciate it. very very large. more than fifteen hundred migrants have tried to cross from africa to spain over the weekend it is the largest single influx of migrants to the area and for years it comes as more than six hundred migrants arrived in the
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spanish city of a lengthy on sunday after their ship was turned away from italy and malta karl pinhole reports from the maria on in the southeast coast of spain in the last four days spain's marine rescue services plucked more than fifteen hundred migrants and refugees from the seas of the western mediterranean and brought them ashore to ports like here in el maria and points further south with this latest influx that effectively means that the number of new might go into rivals has more than doubled compared to the same time last year in the last four days more than a hundred fishing vessels and row boats and even child rubber dinghies have been detected as they cross from northern morocco from here and now maria that's a distance of about one hundred miles or one hundred sixty kilometers because of these new arrivals the national police and immigration services say they are overwhelmed they say that there is simply no space to house and give these migrants
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the services and help that they may need and so in practice what is happening is that once the migrants and refugees have been processed the gates of the port are being thrown open and they're free to continue their journey into spain or deeper into europe german chancellor angela merkel is facing a growing immigration crisis of her own she's been given a two week ultimatum by one of our coalition partners to tighten asylum rules or lose support that can bring down merkel's government and force a new elections and there are more refugees in the world today than ever before the latest u.n. refugee agency report finds more than sixty eight and a half million people are displaced worldwide around hondros a closer look at the numbers. every two seconds a person is forced from their home over a day that's forty four and a half thousand people over a year more than sixty million this is the un figure for newly displaced people in
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two thousand and seventeen the un's refugee agency says it's part of a worrying upward trend a number that's risen every year for the last five years and is fueled by war violence and persecution crises like those in the democratic republic of congo war in south sudan the hundreds of thousands of muslim or head injury flooding into bangladesh from neighboring me and most of them a children fifty three percent of the world's displaced and often unaccompanied or separated from their families one in every one hundred ten people is a refugee internally displaced or seeking asylum that adds up to more than sixty eight and a half million people to put that in perspective if the world's refugees were single nation that roughly equal the population of the united kingdom and in the time i've been talking at least thirty four people more than half of them children
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have been forced from their homes. day as the high commissioner for refugees at the united nations there is this sense of urgency but the response is continue to be too fragmented then to isolate this is a global phenomenon that requires international so be very thin cooperation on a global scale and this is what these raise the rising figures and the world's response to these political positions are not right. refugees are fleeing violence war persecution we have an obligation to help them and they're not even effective you can see easy you just reported on a few close avenues on the one side and on another we need to look at the root causes we need to address the reasons why these people leave violence were born we need to help the countries where they are in majority let's not forget that the
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sixty eight million refugees and displaced eighty five percent are not the rich countries that are in poor middle income developing countries and then we need to maintain asylum systems that are effective that receive those in need of protection of refuge and give other options other solutions for those that move for different reasons. the secretary general antonio the terrace is warning that gaza is on the brink of war has support has been sent to the security council ahead of a meeting on tuesday on the israeli palestinian peace process a diplomatic editor james faces more. this is a report that israel in the trumpet ministration won't want to read it's from the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorist to the security council most of the points he makes in here have been made by the un before but the fact that they're all here in the same place at this time is significant he is critical on garza of the
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violence and the deaths of palestinians he says that gaza is on the brink of full scale war and already has faced economic collapse on the west bank he says that israel's settlement building is a flagrant violation of international law and he's critical even though the trumpet ministration is undergoing consultations on a middle east peace plan led by the president's son in law jared kirshner he's critical of the international community saying he's greatly concerned with the state of our collective efforts to advance peace and urges international and regional partners to reengage the report ends the current trajectory is not sustainable. a former israeli minister has been charged with spying for a rod. who had been living abroad was arrested during a visit to equitorial guinea he was extradited to israel last month on suspicion of
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committing offenses and assisting the enemy and war the former energy and infrastructure chief has previously been in prison for trying to smuggle ecstasy pills. so head on al-jazeera rescue crews a search for dozens believed missing after a ferry filled with tourists sinks in indonesia. the latest effort at anti-government protests in nicaragua hit a major hurdle. the usual seasonal showers rumbling away across thailand southern parts of india china easing over towards a good part of the philippines though the pulse of the philippines in particular still seeing some rather live to lose almost got ring of heat of the day downpours coming into malaysia maybe even into the fall north of indonesia or is we go on
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through where the state thursday those showers do sink a little further south was that is the wet weather continuing therefore i taught in bangkok at thirty three degrees it's been a lively showers coming through here really feeding a rather humid anything but humid into australia at present we've even had some frosts so to contend with tuesday morning so he crossed the eastern parts of the country cold enough for a frost fair bit of cloud sweeping its way through the by nudging its way further east was in that cloud will move out of south australia into victoria's a go one into whether stand the temperatures that you can see thirty or forty degrees struggling slightly than fifteen there for sydney but a twenty imprest been some warmth around picking up to around twenty one as we go on into thursday should be dry if a little on the cool side. which was the western side of australia eighteen degrees celsius the full path and cold enough in alice that just seventeen.
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for twenty three years mohsin has collected objects he finds along the coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist an inspired artist and a voice for the plight of countless migrants. my chin is in such a al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you many government forces
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backed by saudi iraqi military coalition the say they have now taken control of the airport and today to they were trying to retake a front with the rebels because it would be a key way of resupplying military forces. more than fifteen hundred migrants tried to cross from africa to spain over the weekend it is the largest single influx of migrants to the area since two thousand and fourteen on sunday more than six hundred migrants arrived in the spanish city of a lengthy after their ship was turned away from italy and malta. financial markets in shanghai and hong kong have fallen after the u.s. president on a threatened to impose new tariffs against china obsessive beijing goes ahead with new taxes against u.s. goods washington will introduce a ten percent tariff on chinese imports worth two hundred billion dollars beijing says it will respond with strong counter measures for more adrian brown joins us live now from beijing so this adrian this seems to escalate and escalate is this
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the first really drastic market reaction to this. yeah it's almost as if sort of tariff for tea had been setting in until now but we are starting to see aren't we the markets don't like what is coming out of washington and beijing the index here in shanghai dropping almost four percent at the close on choose day the falls in the rest of asia weren't quite as sharp but i think there's a a growing realisation michel that washington and beijing are trapped in a downward tit for tat spiral and you know there seems to be no way out at the moment both washington and beijing have backed themselves into corners and in a sense washington is asking beijing to in a sense. change the whole way it does business with the united states and that includes in many ways getting president xi jinping to roll back on one of his key policies this is known as made in china twenty twenty five this is his way of
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trying to push china up the value chain by focusing on the high tech industry that the but the united states says that china is doing that by heavily subsidizing it by pouring billions and billions of dollars of government money into the high tech sector and that's creating according to washington an unfair playing field and also there is of course you know that the trade deficit this simmering issue between washington and beijing at the moment china exports you know far more to the united states than the other way around last year the united states took some five hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports china took about one hundred thirty billion of u.s. imports that means that at the moment this could potentially be quite serious for china because the united states has more potential targets for terrorists than china does but china could all start could also penalize and punish washington in
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other ways because there are so many big chinese companies here some of the big u.s. companies here in china and they are feeling very nervous right now and this is something that is not even in washington in general they're trying to ministrations specifically triggered this really without a lot of support from his own party there are many people in his own party that do not think that a trade war is wisely to contain and continues to spiral in spiral is there any type of compromise president trump seems to have his own way of negotiating for lack of a better term is there a way out of all of this. well you know take top goes the clock i mean the first of these tariffs is a jew to kick in on july the six that doesn't give a very much time that's what sixteen seventeen more days and at the moment there are no talks taking place between washington and beijing that we know of the
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negotiating process has stalled remember just a month ago the u.s. trade delegation that came here said that the the trade war was on hold you know a compromise had been reached will clearly that hasn't been china now says that the concessions that it offered the united states saying that would actually buy a lot more from washington in the future that is all finished it says that that that that that whole notion has been has been jettisoned so we're at a very very difficult stage and i think you know realize ation actually if you speak to economists and analysts here in china that actually we are now on the brink of a trade war this is not notional this is real and of course you know this is going to impact not just the economies of the united states and china but also those of of south korea japan and hong kong all those countries who are sort of part of the the global supply chain all right major and brown live for us in beijing adrian thank you and it isn't rescue workers happen battling heavy rains and high waves in
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the search for thirty nine people still missing after a ferry sank the wooden boat carrying eighty people went down on lake toba at a popular tourist destination in northern sumatra happened on monday eighteen people have been rescued the ferry had a capacity of sixty passengers and has more from jakarta. so and after departing samo sea island the sea now bomb on a wooden passenger boat started to sway badly not long after that it capsized completely throwing all its passengers into the lake to say the accident happened mit's bad weather. island lies in lake told which is the largest chemical leak in the world and also one of the deepest it's one of indonesia's main tourist attractions most of the passengers were returning from to eat holidays. this dramatic footage seems to have been captured by one of the passengers can be verified it's not clear how many passengers were on the boat exactly because it's
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common practice in indonesia for these kinds of boats to not have any passengers manifest nor any official ticket sales it also seems there were no life available rescue workers are now searching the link to look for more survivors. the trouble is trace of us not backing backing down from its controversial policy of splitting up families to try to cross the us mexico border without documentation the practices drawn criticism from across the political spectrum that president trump says he will not allow america to become a migrant camp as he said i did a castro support begins with an audio recording of children crying because they've been separated from their parents. for. the children are heard crying for their mom and pop over and over and over again this audio recording released by a civil rights lawyer reportedly comes from the inside of a u.s.
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border patrol detention facility it purports to be the first uncensored glimpse of what children forcibly separated from their parents at the border are experiencing at the hands of the american government there are some. people who are right. this is so heartbreaking it's so challenges that time she says that country that it must be changed must be changed immediately the trumpet ministration has separated at least two thousand children from their parents since mid april the kids are sent to detention centers to wait asylum hearings while the adults are processed through the criminal system sentenced and sometimes deported they are fleeing such horrific violence and wait. the kinds of conditions that every single one of us would run from in order to protect our children and our families responding to the
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growing criticism from democrats and civil rights leaders trump remained defiant asian in a tweet the president referenced the refugee crisis overseas both lee claiming crime in germany is way up big mistake all over europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently change their culture in fact the number of crimes in germany last year fell to the lowest in twenty five years but administration officials further defended the hardline border measure with homeland security secretary cares to nielson putting the blame back on the immigrant parents parents who entered illegally are by definition criminals illegal entry is a crime as determined by congress by entering their country illegally often in dangerous circumstances egal immigrants have put their children at risk republicans insisted democrats must and join them to fund
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a traumas border wall and drastically reduce the number of illegal immigrants admitted to the country trump says as long as democrats resist the border separations will continue. castro al-jazeera washington. the united states has called on nicaragua's government to invite you and monitor us into the country without delay president daniel ortega has agreed to an investigation of the political violence that has killed nearly one hundred eighty people since april the protest leaders say the government is refusing to show proof the u.n. has been invited and that has caused talks between the two sides to stall and of apollo has more from the caracas capital managua. another protest in the city of my now one marking the second month of an ongoing political crisis that's gripped this country since the eighteenth of april now a national dialogue that was hosted by the catholic church of the get out was ended roughly two weeks ago but once again started only on friday wonder the condition
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the president ordered to got. several demands of by civil society one of which was to invite a delegation from the european union from the united nations and from the inner american commission on human rights to come to be got out and observe the ongoing political crisis another condition is for president or to figure to put an end to the violence against anti-government demonstrations now this ongoing national dialogue is once again under the pressure of being suspended because those conditions have not been met the president says that he is engaged in talks with these international bodies but there hasn't been a formal declaration that would signal that an independent investigation into the ongoing crisis is forthcoming now the political crisis as i mentioned before began on april eighteenth we're now two months into this crisis there have been at least one hundred eighty people that have been killed some some pictures put the death
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toll at it at as many as two hundred fifteen a thousand others have been injured dozens of others have been disappeared and the city of my site which is about forty five minutes away from my now has become a symbol of the resistance against president or figure. at a press conference held today by representatives of that resistance they were calling for civil society to abandon the ongoing dialogue altogether to abandon the peace talks saying that the only feasible out of this rise is if the president or the big guy and his wife vice president to step down so from our observation it seems that a eighty peaceful altschul to what is now a humanitarian crisis is still foreign to just. take out the headlines on al-jazeera and many government forces backed by the saudi military coalition say they have now taken control of the airport and her data and
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they were trying to retake it from who the rebels because it would be a key way every supplying military forces today to also host a major seaport and there are fears the fighting could disrupt the flow of much needed aid to millions the region reaches their coal for the ports of hadid and salif to be kept open and operating safely given the continuing risk to the humanitarian situation they reach to reach it's their call for the full implementation of security council resolutions including resolution twenty two sixteen and urged all size to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law a former israeli minister has been charged with spying for iran going to have who had been living abroad was arrested during a visit to equitorial gani he was extradited to israel last month on suspicion of committing offenses and assisting the enemy in
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a war more than fifteen hundred migrants have tried to cross from africa to spain over the weekend it is a largest single influx of migrants to the area since two thousand and fourteen on sunday more than six hundred migrants arrived in the spanish city of valencia after their ship was turned away from italy and malta. and the nation rescue workers have been battling heavy rains and high waves in the search for thirty nine people still missing after a ferry sank the wind carrying eighty people went down on lake toba that's a popular tourist destination in northern sumatra happen monday eighteen people had been rescued. so the headlines keep it here next. china's province has become famous for its large number of elderly many aged one hundred or older when used investigates in the region told the secrets to a long and healthy life. on al-jazeera.
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is here at the. heart of the donors. in the levy.


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