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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2018 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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during. the battle for data airport the saudi led coalition claims it's in control but intense scale missions continue. in this is a live from coming up the french president and german chancellor meet as pressure grows to limit the entry of migrants. china says it's not afraid of a trade war after president translators tire of straight. the nicaraguan government accused of not acting on an agreement to allow international observers as protests continue across the country.
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to study a mirage a coalition back in the government in yemen says it's not controlling the airport and had data but fighting with who is carrying on in some areas of the airport compound over two hundred people have been killed and hundreds more displaced since the military offensive began last wednesday. us this update from the other side of the red sea in djibouti from where much of the aid for yemen is route. heavy fighting is still going on inside the despite claims by the saudi good solution that they have taken control of the albert residents of the city say the coalition troops off so far take him the main program where my mouth fighting for control of the posse tunnels as well as the flight control tower to the fighters still holed up in the airport are said to be putting up stiff resistance the door not for started with airstrikes on who positions before the coalition troops and militias
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allied to them calmed from at least three different fronts now there was panic in the boob surrounding the airport once the but are your missiles started hitting the airport making many people leave their homes in search of shelter from the falling missiles it was the same case on monday when attack helicopters targeted. snipers who sees my post parched on the roofs of mosques schools as well as the residential buildings in neighborhoods around. the data has been held by the heathy since twenty fourteen and the latest military offensive has been described as one of the biggest battles yet in the three year civil war here's where things stand at the moment as we mentioned earlier there's a fierce fight ever had a this airport while the terminal has been destroyed taking the one way to pending on its condition is vital for the saudi emirates he led coalition to fly in reinforcements government troops are approaching from the strip of land to the
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south along the coast elsewhere airstrikes have targeted toothy supply lines to the north and east while ships off shore have been used to bombard targets in the city and then there's a date as ports which receives eighty percent of yemen's food imports it's vital for delivering goods and much needed aid the coalition accuses the he's of using it to smuggle in weapons and says provides huge revenue to the armed group and just craig is an assistant professor of defense studies at the kings college in london he says it won't be easy for the coalition to clear the he's from his data. the last couple of years we've seen a couple of horrific battles in the middle east and the theater you know we've seen aleppo we've seen most all we've seen and i don't know it's going to be one of these other big battles because what the problem are always is highly densely populated areas trying to clear these areas from non-state actors who are embedded in the civilian population who are dug in and have nothing to lose and then you
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have a semi conventional military trying to clear these areas and there's always going to be difficult and data is a densely populated area as well six hundred thousand people as it has been said already and i think what the coalition is trying to do now is obviously and they're well advised to do so is trying to avoid civilian casualties as much as they can they're trying to seize two very strategic spots one is the data port and one is the you do the airport first of all to cut off the supply lines to the who are these and secondly to create supply lines and helping to reinforce their own supply lines the issue with that is you know that the plan as it stands right now is they're trying to push towards the there towards the who data port that's the ultimate goal taking the airport is also very vital because it's on route but i think what they're trying to do now is to try to create an end and surrounding the inner city in order to avoid going into the inner city and trading of the supposed only the port next the issue with that is going to be that the who these will not
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just being starved to death as maybe other not that actors have they will always try to fight another day and the issue with that is going to be that even if you seize the airport and the port you will have continuous continuous fighting and disruption from the who are these who will be in the pocket of the who data city and that will be a continual continuous struggle. as strikes have hit opposition held areas in syria's southern province of there are government forces have been preparing to recapture the area south of damascus from the rebels in recent weeks but any offensive will be diplomatically sensitive to our borders jordan and is near the israeli occupied golan heights also part of a so-called escalation zone agreed in mid twenty seventeen by russia turkey and iran. birds of migrants and refugees continued to brave the treacherous waters of the mediterranean in search of safety already this week fifteen hundred arrived in southern spain just over the weekend that's in addition to the six hundred twenty
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nine aboard three ships earlier denied entry by italy and multi it's the largest single influx of migrants to the area in four years corbin has more from amiriya on the southeast coast of spain. we're here in the control room of spain's marine rescue center in the port of our maria and personnel here in front of screens in a radar are on high alert for the possible arrival of more refugees and migrants aboard these rickety fishing vessels they call pâté others now if you look out that way that's one hundred miles or one hundred sixty kilometers to the coast of morocco and that is from where in the last four days fifteen hundred refugees and migrants have headed towards both our maria and points further south personnel here say that they have seen nothing like it that level of arrivals in such a short period of time is really putting them under pressure already figures this
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year at twice as high as at the same period last year what generally happens in this control room is that they will get their first alert perhaps by telephone perhaps by radio from an ngo from another vessel or directly from the terror itself and they will call and say they are in distress from here they make the call to helicopter a helicopter will be up into the air searching the area trying to locate the migrant vessel and then from there the characteristic orange search and rescue vessels will head out trying to locate and pick up those migrants and refugees and bring them back here to shore over the weekend personnel here say that there was a ship wreck they managed to pluck four survivors from the sea but they say that somewhere out there there is still at least forty bodies of migrants and refugees that simply didn't make it. french president amanda micron is in germany for talks
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with chancellor angela merkel top of the agenda is migration with both france and germany seeking to cut the amount of people allowed into their countries dominic cain is following the story from berlin any news from that meeting and tell us about the communique that you've got your hands on. well they are about to give a news conference in the next few minutes also jane highly awaited because this meeting the. holding today it's not just a meeting of head of government head of state it's also a cabinet joint cabinet meeting of the two governments and when the when this was first set up it was clear that the the agenda was very thought would be dominated by reform of the e.u. in the and the funding of the e.u. and that sort of thing but this route over migration immigration to the e.u. immigration in the e.u. has really dominated things and clearly the questions are going to be posed to the two leaders are what are they what tangible element of they arrived at in their
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deliberations over what to do next because let's be clear here in germany the question is very much what to do with the people who came to germany as refugees claiming refugee refugee status here but it's sort of elsewhere in the e.u. people who fall into that dublin three convention that regulation clearly angle a natural physical allies in this country want to change things she's not so sure the question will be whether what's president com what chancellor merkel say today how much of what they say is there how much of the ambition they showed today will be found after the e.u. summit in brussels as you say the document that we've seen here in berlin. uncorroborated but put out by one news agency suggests that very much of what's been at issue here in germany over the last week will find its way into the draft conclusions that follow the e.u. summit the problem the devil as always will be in the details will. the twenty
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eight member states in the all be able to agree the sorts of things that have been put into the document we referred to a very open question right now it is indeed dominic thank you. hungary's parliament is expected to version whether to impose a twenty five percent tax on aid agencies that support migration the finance minister says illegal immigration puts a significant burden on the budget and therefore such a move is necessary the proposed bill is part of hungary's nationalist government series of anti migration policies the latest being the building of a wall along its border with serbia stock markets in asia and europe of taking a hit after the us president straightened china with tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of goods chinese govern quickly respond about warning of strong counter measures the latest step of the escalating trade war donald trump warned you impose a ten percent tariff on chinese imports if china taxes u.s.
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exports edge abroad as more from beijing. well both beijing and washington do appear to be trapped in a downward tit for tat spiral and the markets don't like it the shanghai index on shoes day closing down almost four percent although the falls in the rest of asia weren't quite as sharp that said there does now really appear to be a growing realisation that we are in fact on the verge of an all out trade war between the world's two largest economies now on tuesday the language coming from china's government was much stronger the commerce ministry accused washington of blackmail the foreign ministry said that the united states was harming the interests not just of china but also the rest of the world a spokesman saying that while china did not want a trade war it was quite prepared to fight what now at the moment china exports far more to the united states than the other way around that means that the u.s.
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has far more potential terrorist targets than china does but it's quite possible that china could start punishing washington in other ways by focusing on big u.s. companies based here in china now at the moment president trump appears to be saying to the chinese government i want you to change the way that you can talk business with the united states that means possibly president cheating thing having to roll back his made in china twenty twenty five strategy this is one of his pet projects to move china up the value chain by focusing much more on high tech but china has absolutely no intention of doing that so given that we have just seventeen days before the first of these tariffs are due to kick in it's fair to assume that the chances of a negotiated settlement now are very slim indeed because china has no intention of giving up on that china twenty twenty five strategy the north korean leaders in
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china have weak. after his summit with donald trump in singapore the state t.v. says kim jong un is in beijing for a two day visit it's his third trip to china over the past three months. still ahead on al-jazeera suffering in silence the u.n. calls for action what it describes as the forgotten victims of war. bad apple in australia the tech giant's fine but why were i phone customers misled. however we got plenty of rain in the forecast for central and southern parts of china now lots of cloud showing up on the satellite picture and you can see these big and funded downpours sundry downpours to into the southeastern corner into taiwan more of that as we go on through wednesday central part seeing some lively
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showers wednesday added into thursday and if if anything thursday those are the showers to become even more widespread hong kong said these things and big downpours with that on shore south westerly wind pushing through the southwest monsoon there continuing to bring plenty of showers in across the region through into india china aims to thailand into me in ma pushing up towards bangladesh and right up the western gas lots of cloud still showing up on the satellite picture here and as one would expect the seasonal rains continues to go on through wednesday further north we're getting up to forty celsius still in new delhi could be touching forty two as we go on into thursday with very much on showers continuing to the other side of the goal not too many showers in the forecast to request the arabian peninsula more warm sunshine here still that came wind blowing just around that eastern side of the arabian peninsula temperatures in doha hitting forty three degrees celsius.
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unpack it for us what were you hearing what were you seeing whether online horrendous things humans told us there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on the sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth are far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue about some of this the fact that perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making to. join the colobus conversation amount is iraq.
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which. top stories this hour yemeni government forces and their allies say they have won the fierce battle to seize control of the day the airport from the rebels fighting is still going on in certain pockets in the northern part of the airport compound. the u.n. special envoy for yemen has left the capital sun after three days of meetings with the rebels without a deal. french president amanda micron and german chancellor angela merkel have been holding talks on euro zone reforms before a few summers at the end of the month the leaders especially merkel is under pressure to adopt a tougher stance on the entry of refugees and migrants. stock markets in asia and europe have taken a hit to the u.s. presence threaten china with tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of goods the chinese government quickly responded by warning of strong counter measures and the latest step of the escalating trade war. south sudan's president salva kiir
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will meet his rival for the first time in two years on wednesday kermanshah were invited to the talks by the ethiopian prime minister tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced since the civil war broke out in south sudan five years ago. rape has also been used as a weapon of war there many children have suffered sexual assault especially by soldiers a super morgan reports in the capital juba many attacks victims have had little or no medical help. selling firewood is a lifeline for ball it's the only commodity to sustain herself and her five children the twenty seven year old is one of the forty thousand displaced persons in this united nations and but collecting firewood outside macam can be dangerous for you when were you when you we were a group of women and went to collect firewood outside the camp five soldiers found us and we ran i fell and they pointed their guns at me and then raped me and left
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me there i came back to the camp and was too ashamed to get treatment. is one of thousands of women in the camp will be grieved during the five year war this president told me here acutely former vice president riek machar of attempting a coup thousands have been killed and four million displaced that's a third of the population. although thousands of women have reported rape and other sexual atrocities in south sudan sewer rats are going to say the figure is likely much higher that's because many don't report out of fear many children have been sexually assaulted two nearly all were inside in south sudan's conflicts have been accused of committing sexual violence the african union and the un see the attacks in some cases amount to crimes against humanity. as a massive program of violence. they displaced people themselves as well as those who are subject to atrocious levels of sexual exploitation and abuse and killings
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on the ramp and. are due to receive no response when we asked army commanders for comment despite the risks says she'll continue to venture out of the camp in search of firewood and along with the thousands of other victims of sexual violence she hopes that one day she will get justice for the crimes committed against her people morgan out of their own. united nations is calling on nicaragua's government to invite un monitors to visit without delay protest leaders say the government's refusing to show proof the un has been invited talks to stop two months of bloodshed of stalled critics of president daniel ortega to choose him of involvement in the killing of one hundred eighty protesters trying to force the one time revolutionary hero. u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is warning that gaza is on the brink of war as reports has been sent to the security council ahead of a meeting in the israeli palestinian peace process
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a diplomatic editor james bays joins me live quite a warning james has it been dealt with. yes well the secretary general's come up with this rare reports written report on the situation not just in garza but with regard to israel and palestine and i think it's going to make some pretty tough reading for the israeli government and for the trump administration that report is actually being presented as we speak to the u.n. security council by nicholai in labs and off in the council chamber reading out what he says are the key points of this report but i think the reason that israel or the trumpet ministration won't like this report is although all the things that the secretary general is saying have been said at various points by the u.n. before they're all in the same place at this particular time and there's criticism i think or very thinly veiled criticism of the trumpet ministration there certainly criticism of israel for the breach of international law of settlement building for
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those deaths we've seen in garza the u.n. demanding an independent and transparent inquiry into that but as you know the trumpet ministration is pushing forward peace efforts led by president trump son in law jared cushion well that does not satisfy the circuitry general in his report he says i'm greatly concerned by the state of our collective efforts to advance peace i urged key regional and international partners to reengage and remain steadfast in the pursuit of a two state solution james as you say yet another warning we've heard this under different guises haven't we when it comes to the way israel is treating the palestinians what's happening in gaza and in particular does it just prove here that the u.n. is is to listen when it comes to the international community very little is being done. well you got to remember the dynamics of the united
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nations which is of the security council which is the only way you can get binding action the us a very strongly particularly this administration on the side of israel so they will block anything that they do not like of course we've had the general assembly taking action with a resolution and i think it's worth reminding viewers that on the central issues whenever that the security council has discussed them recently it's been a situation of fourteen to one with most of the security council all but the u.s. on one side and the u.s. on the other and i think reports like this although they won't actually have any effect they certainly raise the issues again and i think show that the international community is not particularly happy with the way things are moving and being directed by israel and by the trump administration james bass thank you. president says he won't allow america to become
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a migrant camp and is refusing to back down from his controversial policy of separating migrant children from their parents on the border with mexico outraged critics say it's an affront to american values recordings of crying children start this report by. in washington. the children are heard crying for their my ma and pa pa over and over and over again this audio recording released by a civil rights lawyer reportedly comes from the inside of a u.s. border patrol detention facility it purports to be the first uncensored glimpse of what children forcibly separated from their parents at the border are experiencing at the hands of the american government there are some. people who. this is so heartbreaking it's so challenges that time she said that country that it
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must be changed must be changed immediately the trumpet ministration has separated at least two thousand children from their parents since mid april the kids are sent to detention centers to wait asylum hearings while the adults are processed through the criminal system sentenced and sometimes deported they are fleeing such horrific violence and rape. the kinds of conditions that every single one of us would run from in order to protect our children and our families responding to the growing criticism from democrats and civil rights leaders trump remained defiant station in a tweet the president referenced the refugee crisis overseas both claiming crime in germany is way up big mistake all over europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly in violently changed their culture in fact the number of crimes in
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germany last year fell to the lowest in twenty five years but administration officials further defended the hardline border measure with homeland security secretary curious to nielsen putting the blame back on the immigrant parents parents who entered illegally are by definition criminals illegal entry is a crime as determined by congress by entering their country illegally often in dangerous circumstances egal immigrants have put their children at risk republicans insisted democrats must join them to fund it trumps border wall and drastically reduce the number of legal immigrants admitted to the country trump says as long as democrats resist the border separations will continue. castro al-jazeera washington let's go back to a story in nicaragua with the governments being accused of not acting on an agreement to allow international observers them i know ruppel is live from the drag
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you as capital is it any updates on whether or not the peace talks between the government and the opposition will not continue. well that national dialogue that was being hosted by the catholic church of what had stalled it began once again on friday under a set of conditions one of those conditions as you mentioned was for president or to invite a delegation from the european union from the united nations and from the inner american commission on human rights to company and observe the ongoing humanitarian crisis another one of those conditions was for an end to hostilities an end to the violent attacks by the government against anti-government demonstrations against the civilian population and we were at a workshop that was part of these peace talks was taking place yesterday where members of the civilian coalition said that these peace talks are basically on shaky ground that the government is not meeting these conditions for a national dialogue and this comes on the off of
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a national strike that took place last week that basically brought the entire country to a standstill that only lasted for one day but it was a message from the civilian population and from the private sector that people are running out of patience and what they want is for those national elections to be sped up as soon as possible and it is a lot of talk about these and to government demonstrations how frequent are they how frequent are they likely to be and people are concerned obviously about the level of violence. well did we are now officially in the second month of this crisis april eighteenth was the was the day that the the the crisis essentially began here in. and since then we are in two hundred at least one hundred eighty deaths we've heard reports of as many as two hundred fifteen people that have been killed over a thousand injured dozens of people have been disappeared these are protests that are ongoing they have been consistent since the very beginning there are students at a local university that have been barricaded inside of their inside of inside of one of the university buildings since the bit very beginning of this of this conflict
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so that so we know that these are protests that have been happening every single day and there's different places in eke out what were the violence is more concentrated one of those places is the city of messiah it's become a sort of capital of the resistance against the government of president degas at a press conference yesterday that was that was put together by representatives of this resistance they say that they will no longer allow themselves to be governed by president or they've got they've announced that they're going to form their own governing body and in terms of the violence continues to take place this is ongoing violence you mentioned the number of deaths the number of injured already just over the weekend one of the deadliest attacks took place were were at a building was set on fire so in the absence of an independent investigation doesn't seem to be any any end to this violence i know up and i thank you for that . malaysian prime minister to mohamed says investigators are looking to file multiple corruption charges against his predecessor braszczok. launched
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a probe against after he was asked and in an election last month the former prime minister is accused of stealing billions of dollars from a state fund known as one m. d. bean cheney's nine year ten it has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. he was the leader response before one and nothing can be done with his signature and we signature on all the deans and. therefore he is responsible we have the checks we have the let the sign by him so he can see that i had nothing to do with the reader and have ritually at them by working as possible. few readers beads if you like and we think that we already have.
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almost a perfect case and you can find out more about the stories of. top stories on al-jazeera yemeni government forces and their allies say they have won the fierce battle to seize control of a day the airport from who think rebels however fighting is still going on in certain pockets in the northern part of the airport's compound martin griffiths the u.n. special envoy for yemen has left the capital sana after three days of meetings with the unity rebels without a deal. for its president to maggie and german chancellor angela merkel have been holding talks on euro zone reforms for a e.u. summit at the end of the month the leaders especially merkel are under pressure to adopt a tougher stance on the entry of refugees and migrants stock markets in asia and europe have taken a hit after the u.s.
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president threatened china with tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of goods the chinese government quickly responded by warning of strong confirmations in the latest step of the escalating trade war. the north korean leader is in china a week after his summit with donald trump in singapore state t.v. says kim jong un is in beijing for a two day visit it's his third trip to china over the past three months. the united nations is calling on nicaragua's government to invite u.n. monitors to visit without delay protest leaders say the government's refusing to show proof the u.n. has been invited talks to stop two months of bloodshed of stalls critics of president daniel ortega accuse him of involvement in the killing of a hundred protesters tried to force him out he was once revolutionary hero. hungary's parliament is expected to vote on whether to impose a twenty five percent tax on aid agencies that support migration the finance
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minister says illegal immigration puts a significant burden on the budget and therefore such a move is necessary the proposed bill is part of hungary's national governments series of anti migration policies the chief minister of india administered kashmir has resigned after the ruling b j p pulled out of that coalition the state is likely to be directly administered by a governor who reports directly to new delhi until a new alliance is formed or fresh elections are held. as the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera but first it's the straight. story it's generating thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i am. with the listening post on al-jazeera. hi emily could be.
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and you're in the stream now live on you tube today can native americans change u.s. politics as an unprecedented number of indigenous politicians run for office we ask why. november's mid-term elections could be a pivotal moment in the united states not only could the balance of power in congress shift but the representation of native americans in politics could grow significantly there are more than one hundred indigenous politicians running for state or in national office so what do they hope to achieve here to discuss this from albuquerque new mexico doug holland a member of the blow.


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