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with their parents and we are looking at trauma and forms type of therapies for them because some of these kids we're going to need to really pull out and some of these kids we're really going to help to calm down because of externalised behavior and just one final point the u.s. now seems to think the the solution is to incarcerate the whole family together. and this is something that the american academy of pediatrics has a great issue with as well because these children have already been traumatized and we actually have a policy statement on detention of immigrant children that says the children should not be in prison like facilities that just reach traumatizes them these children and their families need to be a community based settings where they can get some of the trauma informed care that they need and where these kill kids can can act like children again. well thank you so much for sharing your insights with us we really appreciate it got to calling
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coughed president of the american academy of pediatrics well much of the media coverage of this has centered on a photograph of one hundred one child crying aboard although she was not actually separated from her mother her image has resonated with people all around the wold this photo was taken by john moore a pulitzer prize winning photographer for getty images here he tells us the story behind the iconic image. i've been photographing along the border and immigration issues now for ten years and so this picture while it's touch many people and it's been very important in many ways it's just really part of a larger body of work for me it was very dark very hard to see when i came out with a border patrol officer in his vehicle we found a group of asylum seekers mostly women and children alongside the road about twenty of them now an officer asked this mother to please set down her little girl on the
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ground while the mother was searched and immediately the little girl started crying and very soon it was over and she picked up her daughter it was an emotional moment and it was very straightforward i think i say in the caption of the picture that they were taken off in a van to a processing center and i didn't know what happened to them after that i think the compassion that this picture in gendered for many people the way it touched many people opened up a great awareness of the issue of family separations at the time but more specifically to the zero tolerance policies of the trumpet ministration. so moving now to our other top story this hour a united nations report warning that the rule of law in venezuela is now virtually absent and that security forces a carrying out extrajudicial killings with impunity it says government forces have been linked to more than five hundred killings over a two year period trays of bo reports. last year
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venezuela was the scene of widespread anti-government protests the protests directed at president nicolas maduro the government were loud and frequently violent at least one hundred fifty people were killed most of them from the opposition those responsible for the killings were said to be members of the country's security forces but now a report by the un human rights body says their activities stretched far wider came in yet more lives the u.n. accuses of innes willox security forces of carrying out arbitrary killings in poor neighborhoods under the guise of fighting crime from two thousand and fifteen until two thousand and seventeen they're set to have killed five hundred m. five people witness accounts suggest that there was a pattern that took place during these operations there were raids conducted in poor neighborhoods to arrest so-called criminals without
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a judicial warrant then there was a killing of young men who fit the profile. in some cases in their homes and finally the security forces would tamper with the scene so that the killings would appear to have occurred in an exchange of fire the un human rights office said that it was sending its latest report in venezuela to the international criminal court whose prosecutor opened a preliminary inquiry into alleged violations in february the failure to hold security forces accountable for such serious human rights violations suggests that the rule of law is virtually absent in venezuela for years now institutional checks and balances and the democratic space in venezuela have been chiseled away leaving little room to hold the state to account. this impunity must and. its critics say precedent has increasingly resorted to terror in methods to control increasing discontent the oil rich country is going through
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a deep political and economic crisis thousands of people are fleeing the country every day as violence and shortages of food and medicines have become widespread the reparation is still there it's more targeted we've seen increasing participation of intelligence services that go and participate in the arrests and in the abuses against detainees including cases of torture. the venezuelan government has in the past dismissed human rights allegations as lies but the u.n. says the investigation is based on interviews with about one hundred fifteen witnesses and victims and consider it to be proven after the killings took place that is how well. you know the news hour live from london much more still to come on the program targeting trump and the states that voted for him the e.u. slaps revenge tariffs on u.s. imports worth billions of dollars. being up production the world's top oil
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producers agree to increase output. roger federer closes in on his nine hundred ninety career title sato had a date with. u.s. officials have called on the saudi led coalition to pull back in its campaign to take control of yemen strategically important data ports they've agreed to the un managing the ports according to the reuters news agency yemen's who see rebels say they may be willing to consider this as well international rights groups say yemen's warring parties are obstructing crucial aid that enters the country this way it's feared the saudi led coalition's military offensive is having a devastating effect on civilians. the u.n. is saying that more people are fleeing the port city because of the fighting this month around thirty thousand people have left the city and surrounding areas many
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heading to the capital sana. following events from djibouti. germans hold their fighters are willing to humble over the management of the whole to the united nations is seen as a breakthrough in the conflict that has caused the world's most humanitarian crisis the plan is for the united nations to take over the management of the port on for its workers to walk alongside yemeni port workers inspect any goods coming in through the port and then channel any revenue from the port to the central bank of yemen it's unclear whether this would lead to an immediate cease fire so that have be on the united arab emirates will sources are fighting the truth it won't look they want the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all those the fighters from the for the. but they may be a priority for the united nations of the united states. so that it and the u.a.e. to accept the deal is for there to be no disruption to the vital services for the
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port it's a lifeline for million so preeminence would depend on aid. peace talks between south sudan's government and the opposition of broken down after two days of closed door meetings in ethiopia new dates have been set for more talks but the differences between the two sides are jess a deal will be difficult to achieve in morgan reports. it was their first meeting in nearly two years when president salva kiir and opposition leader rick machar last met in found sudan's capital juba the talks ended in failure and renewed fighting between the sides this meeting a neutral ground offered hope of a breakthrough in the conflict but in pro cup without any agreement after two days there is no i or how. this tragic humanitarian crisis. after or how many arguments. before the journey we have is delivering on the commitment to us and.
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in those agreements. the journey we have been having is one of leadership and. the civil war in sa sedan began in twenty thirteen when president accused his then deputy much char of attempting to kill tens of thousands of people have been killed and a third of the country's twelve million population has been displaced a peace deal in ten to fifteen so much a return to his position but that lasted for barely three months before fighting resumed now machar as opposition leader is demanding a return to his post and with his own army south sudan's government says working with him is not an option we are no longer as a government for the two armies the opposition are for the two armies and this is not a supplement this is a red line to the government as the people are not the president alone but other
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people are saying enough is enough and if he wants to be the president he should wait for elections seven million people in south sudan are facing starvation after five years of conflict they are desperate for peace but each new round of talks doesn't appear to be bringing back any closer people morgan al-jazeera the opec group of oil producing nations agree to pump up production up by up to a million barrels a day it's a change from the policy of the last eighteen months which had seen the fourteen countries including saudi arabia iran and cats are kept that output for printing reports from vienna. the ministers arrived at opec h.q. with the threat of an iranian veto hanging in the air and the very real prospect of a deep rift forming saudi arabia and russia wanted an extra one point five to one point eight million barrels a day to address a predicted shortfall in supply iran and its allies were keen to keep the oil price
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up by sticking to the production limits agreed in twenty sixteen the main gathering was delayed by an hour as a last ditch diplomacy trying to bridge the gap by the time the ministers sat down around the table a compromise was taking shape. as a one point one point one to one which was the proposal from russia coming into this week as well as doing lower numbers were eliminated yesterday so we're in the one million. nominal figure to be distributed. amongst the country poor countries the final communique when it came four hours later deliberately avoided specific quotas for the number of barrels and focused instead on saying that the extra output would simply restore full compliance with that original twenty sixteen production limit the president of the opec conference was asked again and again about allocation which countries will be allowed to increase their oil production to bring opec to one hundred percent compliance with the declaration of cooperation
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and again and again he refused to put specific figures on it and he also hinted candidly about the tensions that still remain within the group how is it allocated i think that is not that has not yet yet decided to do to the fact that that there are differences between between certain countries and we would not make sense if we look at the production to a country that cannot cannot produce it so we are voided i think having at locations from that prospect of the minister invited analysts and journalists to do the. arithmetic for themselves see until we know the specifics it's kind of a mystery increase it's an increase but we don't know how much. you know the minister today said you know you do the math but it's hard to do the math unless you get some of those details on saturday the expounded opec plus group of nations meets here and all eyes will be on russian reaction. al-jazeera opec in vienna it's
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. well turkey's president. will face his biggest electoral challenge on sunday when historic parliamentary and presidential elections get on the way to on call the vote early hoping to seize on his popularity but the opposition is gaining ground despite getting hardly any media attention. that smith is an estimable. just put a thought in the chaos and crush of a turkish election campaign there must always be time to stop for the national. i i. i. i this is meryl action and she's a presidential candidate from a nationalist opposition party called the all good party.
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for all the opposition parties street campaigning is one of the few ways they have to get their message across to the ruling party dominates television coverage which is trusted as a source of news more by turks and social media or newspapers according to recent surveys. yahoo i've only been interviewed five times action are says she got twelve minutes of television time last month according to turkey's t.v. watchdog. in comparison the governing party our president reggie uptight thirty one got sixty seven hours the main opposition c.h.p. was given seven hours will go out and buster's a realtor we're under so much pressure we can only express our views this way we have no media access it's totally one sided. so the rights campaign on the street is fiercely defended here a local deal that no loud music would be played crumbled when the a.k.p. brought in a van blaring songs about. so the
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c.h.p. called in its own bands. while the pro kurdish h.t.t.p. down stay in opposition to the other tell you. we can get into millions of prunes a variety so we do it on the streets by looking into the people of our eyes by touching them. here we just tell everyone how it is with no exaggeration of what we're telling them just the truth in our project. all the opposition parties know they have little chance of unseating president but they also know polls suggest that his ruling ak party might lose its parliament to majority and even forced into a second round runoff for the presidents. but i feel. now at about six to seven percent of the electorate have yet to decide how are they going to vote according to the latest polls but that's about three and a half million people and in a race as tight as this every vote. but it's an al-jazeera has stumbled. on
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to tell you about on the program indian police investigate the abduction and gang rape of five activists who are about to perform a play to raise awareness of human trafficking. are a moment of formality for greece's prime minister after doing a long awaited deal. and switzerland secure a last gasp when over serbia i'll have all the latest from the world cup. how they were big changes taking place in the weather type across a good part of europe you've probably noticed it and it's a result of this thing here which is a cold front not only eight sundry rain giving typically fifty sixty millimeters of
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rain in twenty four hours which is equivalent of what you get in the wandering thunderstorms in the still hot air to the south but as i say it's a cold front so it is changing things quite significant these effect in this part of europe to the west slowly creeping in is an area of high pressure which means it will settle down slowly warm up but it'll take its time and the difference here is this thing go serving up to fifteen degrees book arrestee just coming into the colder vienna was in the wall to stay at thirty two or thirty three so a big change is taking place and it's a peach sweeping sassed such a bout time we get to for saturday afternoon only greece will be in the proper warm air of the match cool a few everywhere to the north frankly if you're in germany or denmark or holland you just wonder which month thirty's whereas if you're in spain you're still enjoying thirty five or thirty six anywhere study creep back into western europe but not yet to areas further east eighteen on sunday in vienna doesn't really affect the mediterranean a few showers maybe coming down through greece otherwise it's still fine weather.
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it was a war that united egypt and syria against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent i suppose the dream was to the venge to feature much the six to seven one prison so that came to be told us just give me ten centimeters of land in the used the second of a three part series israeli population but told that their troops were on the west bank of the su is can exploit the second week of the war in october on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave it would just be when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentaries and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you
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all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online. a comeback a quick look at top stories now u.s. president donald trump has defended his zero tolerance immigration policy following an outcry of the separation of families on the mexico border. the u.n. human rights office says the rule of law in venezuela is virtually absent forces detailed more than five hundred killings carried out by government forces which have gone uninvestigated and unpunished and u.s. officials have called on the saudi led coalition to pull back its campaign to take
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control of yemen strategically important data thousands of civilians have been fleeing the area to escape the fighting. on all the stories we're following donald trump is threatening to impose a twenty percent tariff on all e.u. car imports unless it lifts its trade barriers and the european union imposed billions of dollars worth of juices on hundreds of u.s. goods in retaliation to u.s. steel an aluminum tariffs imposed in june the foka has more. tit for tat tariffs from friday the e.u. will slap hefty levies on three point two billion dollars worth of u.s. goods including well below the merican brams davidson motorcycle space judi's of twenty five percent bourbon orange juice crab reason peanut butter have also been hit so too has american. u.s. companies have enjoyed major growth in europe in recent years but many smaller companies fear their products will now become too expensive to export. the e.u.
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is responding to donald trump's decision earlier this month to introduce tariffs of twenty five percent on european steel and ten percent on alimony and trump said the measures are meant to protect national security interests e.u. commission president jiang called juncker said the move makes no sense to trade to believing. trust. too much at stake the decision to push tariffs goes against it in fact it goes against all logic at least. the e.u. says it's also identified another four billion dollars in u.s. products for further tariffs if the world trade organization court where it's lodged a complaint against the us rules in the e.u. favor the european union is carefully steering clear of the expression trade war largely over fears about where these tit for tat measures could end up instead the e.u. is referring to it as
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a rebalancing measure still this is about making as much noise as possible about sending a symbolic message to the white house by targeting some of america's most iconic brands donald trump said he's now considering introducing twenty percent tariffs on european cars but analysts say anything further measures against the e.u. could harm the u.s. produces in the long run. it's not something smart enough not to go too far he knows very well but if you start the tradable the american pharmacy voted him will be up in arms when they see where we can call isn't selling as well globally as it was before. but damage may already have been done the use now looking for alternative markets in australia and new zealand major producers of b. wheat and corn putting longstanding trade ties between the us and e.u. under mounting strain barker al-jazeera london. well police in india say they are questioning several suspects after the gang rape of five female charity workers
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in a remote region in the east of the country they say they were abducted while performing a play highlighting human trafficking in the region and raped at gunpoint the women and now under police protection in a shelter after being threatened with violence if they went to the police serious sexual assault is a major problem in india with thirty nine thousand rapes reported in two thousand and sixteen alone well joining me now in the studio is. the founder of up an e. grassroots organization working to end sex trafficking of women in india thank you very much for taking the time to come in and speak to us first of all the the women that were attacks that the five activists why do you think they were targeted. i think that there is a growing culture of impunity on rape and sexual violence in india women are getting increasingly devalued and targeted for sexual violence if they go out in
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public places and these women were obviously activists would go on to do a play against sex trafficking in a village in an area from where girls are being trafficked for in a huge in huge numbers in fact the state where they were practicing this plea is one of the biggest source areas for sex trafficking in india and so they obviously were standing up to a whole nexus of traffickers who are part of the mafia some connected to the village and some connected to the police. so just from from your expertise your experience in working on these types of cases you this wasn't a random attack this was more organized it was more organized and i think what's happening in india is that this trip of course is to target activists who are working against sexual violence against sex trafficking or rape or profit as i call
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it to and but increasingly in the last few years in india what's been happening is that creep has been going up the numbers have been going up the ages have been coming down very recently there was the rape of an eight year old girl in kashmir age by the caretaker of her temple along with four police officers who raped her and just before that a you're a few months before that there was a rape of another girl a little girl by an elected official of the ruling party in u.b. and when the girl decided to go and complain her father was arrested and murdered in a police station so along with comments which devalue women in public places there has also been target traipse of muslims and islets and also more than indian women you may know about the reap of the woman who was going back home in a bus after watching a movie. this is the daily the daily basis of course this but this was back in two thousand and twelve now on this this was the point at which suddenly the world paid attention i mean it's important to say that these sort of sexual assaults attacks
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happen in every country in the world but there has been this particular spotlight on india can you point to any positive changes since since that time so after that what happened was that all of us marched on the streets you know you see this the poster of the reeves protests and we managed to get a very good lawyer by april two thousand and thirteen against all forms of sexual assault including rape what has happened is after that there was another government which got elected and that government has been particularly miss arjun istic in its attitude to women they've been cutting budgets for women and girls their own elected officials have been making very sexist comments and almost hate speech against women for being out in public places non-producing for children each of aiding the wrong clothes and therefore deserving rape and it's clear and some of their own members have reaped women and got away with impunity so what's happening is that this culture of impunity along with the sexist comments has made women fair
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game and this time of course they've gone one step further where they've actually you know raped girls who went to perform with st louis against against sex trafficking so you know this is huge and the number of freebsd that have gone up has been huge so that's what makes india different from other countries it makes it closer to congo now the kind of sexual violence that we're seeing and last year the national crime records bureau said that the drips of children went up by two percent of children and of adult women by twelve percent this is these figures are . these figures speak for themselves but they're absolutely shocking clearly this is something that pervades society at all levels you've described politicians you've described business people even the police themselves how do you even begin to prevent and tackle this sort of violent crime against women when it's happening . you know everywhere in two ways one is that we need to end the culture of
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impunity so if there are people who are from the ruling party they need to be punished the second thing which needs to be done is that we need any kind of hate speech against women any sexist comments devaluing women also to be by the. oh it was so interesting to talk to you really appreciate issues. from the organization up me up thank you for coming in thank you. the man who claims to be the leader of i still in indonesia has been sentenced to death for his involvement in a series of bombings judges say i'm on our door ramadan who's been in prison since two thousand and ten masterminded the attacks from his cell step vassal reports from jakarta security was tied to the verdict at the court in south africa after hundreds of police and soldiers were on guard among a black man was convicted of planning a gun and bomb attack on
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a starbucks coffee shop in two thousand and sixteen. in which four civilians were killed and four other attacks he was in a maximum security prison at the time but use mobile phones and the internet to spread his teachings and the man who carried out the attacks visited him in prison beforehand. therefore sentencing on rahman alias abdul rahman with the death penalty last month more than thirty people died including the bombers in a series of suicide attacks at churches and at a police station in the city of. families with young children carrying suicide belts were held responsible. police have said they were members of month's group jemaah. a d about the may month. there is fear among police that this verdict could become a trigger for revenge attacks by sympathizers who are not really involved in j.t.
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but can operate as lol bulls who have been self radicalized. more than four hundred suspected members of j a d have been arrested since the beginning of the year this verdict is not only seen as a strong message to those involved in parrot tracks in indonesia but also to their ideological leaders to counter terrorism laws have recently been revised to make it easier to prosecute those inciting violence but above all this case has put the spotlight on in loonies yes present system notoriously lacking security firm filner was injured during the attack at starbucks judges decided to say compensation should be paid to him and out of victims of attacks but not as much as they wanted to becoming more at ease with this situation it's just a time factor and. the time heals the wounds and the memories of the past. the closure will come war because of the decision by the judges or the panel of churches to grant compensation and thereby
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contributing to the closure then the actual conviction of the suspect in court. down and kissed the ground after the verdict was read out he said he won't appeal step fossum al-jazeera jack after hundreds of palestinians have been protesting along the israeli gaza border gaza's health ministry says that at least eighty nine have been injured with three people in a critical condition palestinians have been holding weekly protest since the end of march that has more from the border. well more tear gas has just been fired into the crowd here just next to the border fence here that separates gaza and israeli territory we've seen once more hundreds of people come here this friday as they have for so many fridays since since march the thirtieth there we know afternoon prayers off to which people were were bussed here hamas senior figures tell us that
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it's vitally important as far as their concern that what they say is their new tactic of peaceful protest remains in place and they will continue to do this they say until there is something tangible to show for it so far that remains elusive things remain very tense here especially this week after what we saw just a few days ago with a round of some forty five hundred rockets and mortars fired out of gaza territory into israel and the response from the israeli air force with some twenty five how marshalling targets struck there is a sense of tension here as these protests continue now well into the third month. greece's prime minister says a debt relief deal agreed but the country's eurozone creditors marks a major turning point away from austerity achieving debt relief has been a long term girlfriend axis of press back in two thousand and fifteen he joked that when he achieved it he would mark the occasion by putting on a tie and he did just that it be you know surplus to humor i fulfilled the
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bet i put the tie on but i have to tell you that all these years i fought the battle with my work uniform without the tie the my. as i was part in the battle without a tie turning the official and unofficial events i will continue fighting just like that because the great people still have a lot of big battle to win much more still to tell you about including. the u.k. marks the seventieth anniversary of the arrival of caribbean migrants known as the wind rush generation. i'm the richardson of the world cup in russia where brazilian fans finally have something to get excited about. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.


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