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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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cooperate with the government's push to drive out on groups under the palestinians protested along the israel gaza border on friday a continuation of weekly demonstrations held there since the end of march gaza's health ministry says at least eighty nine were injured in this week's clashes with three people in critical condition harry force it has more now from the border. but more tear gas is just being fired into the crowd here just next to the border fence here that separates gaza and israeli territory we've seen once more hundreds of people come here this friday as they have for so many fridays since since march the thirtieth there have been afternoon prayers off to which people were were bussed here hamas senior figures tell us that it's vitally important as far as they're concerned that what they say is the new tactic of peaceful protest remains in place and they will continue to do this they say until there is something tangible to show for it so far that remains elusive things remain very tense here especially
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this week after what we saw just a few days ago with a round of some forty five rockets and mortars fired out of gaza in territory into israel and a response from the israeli air force with some twenty five how muscling targets struck there is a sense of tension here as these protests continue now well into the third month. all right still ahead on al-jazeera targeting trump and the states that voted for him you slapped with fangs tariffs on u.s. imports worth billions of dollars. and violence after a disputed election in papua new guinea triggers a nine month state of emergency.
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we've seen so significant right in pennsylvania back in illinois is the top end of this still cold low pressure system and i think if people hang around to be honest it was a massive green there for her sense the rain still running through pennsylvania from going in or across to d.c. science is that the reductive showers green blogs in the still fairly warm. air and as you can see that was because all the way up towards new york beyond that toronto nineteen degrees but the warmth rather than being pushed out of the way just returns up from texas or oklahoma and probably northern georgia as well big showers are likely here as they might well be in the west and south of the plains states denver might see some welcome rain to be honest colorado has been suffering from yes occasional big shots and also very dry weather and threat of wildfires so the caribbean we have daily showers and small was the lesser antilles and quite possibly the greater antilles you see that cloud is significant but i've seen very
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few reports of significant rain so it's passing shadow which you might expect from palomar up towards honduras significant rain but that's also becoming a little weaker in the next day or so and mexico's big showers are also disappearing but if you look at the yucatan peninsula i think there's a threat there of more developing. the history of greenland wants to. replace. the constraint the revolutionary zeal new power. supply the splinter groups damage the palestinian cause. instruments of. chronicling the turbulence to the struggle for palestinian. history and a revolution on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour some of the migrant children separated from their parents at the us mexico border in recent weeks have been reunited with their families but there's growing concern over whether u.s. authorities have the proper records to reunite the remaining one thousand eight hundred children with their parents. hundreds of civilians in yemen are continuing to flee the port city of her data u.s. officials urged the saudi and iraqi coalition to halt its bombing campaign against the city they're calling on the coalition to allow the u.n. to manage the port instead. at least eighty nine people were injured as hundreds of
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palestinians held protests along the israel gaza border friday it was part of weekly demonstrations against israeli occupation gaza's health ministry says at least three people are in critical condition more than one hundred twenty palestinians have been killed by israeli fire since border protests began in march . and the government is being accused of human rights violations in disturbances that have led to dozens of deaths it comes as the organization of american states held an emergency meeting over the crisis. over a port from the capital managua. violence and has killed more than two hundred people since the political crisis began two months ago this according to a preliminary report presented to an emergency session of the organization of american states facing international condemnation for the violence against peaceful demonstrators the nicaraguan ambassador to the oas denied the findings of the report. the government of nicaragua rejects the findings of the report by the into
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america's human rights commission as a subject of skewed pritchett just an baathist. nicaraguan human rights observers have been tracking and verified cases of human rights abuses by government forces new news director of the new guy when center for human rights says the evidence is clear and the nicaraguan ambassador lied to the international community in indio that. he lie deliberately hiding the fact that not only lying but flipping the script blaming the victims for the actions of the government. social order and the rule of law have begun to break down in the human rights activists say authorities are no longer policing the streets activists like money are organizing neighborhood defense committees to protect residents against an increase in crimes like burglaries and assaults. there is no authority left the people trust here not only
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can we not trust the police but the government is using law enforcement as a mechanism to inflict political terrorism. the divide between the government and civil society continues to grow and a national dialogue hosted by the catholic church remains the only attempt to mediate the crisis peace talks may have stalled for now but the catholic church did recently negotiate the release of two dozen detainees who were arrested during peaceful protests that result is being seen here as a sign that peace may be on the horizon. the united nations has withdrawn its staff from papua new guinea's southern highlands region after post-election rioting a nine month state of emergency has been declared in the city of mehndi as a result of the unrest and that could overshadow preparations to host a major summit later this year andrew thomas reports. violence is common in papua new guinea's highlands region but the last week has been
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particularly bad games wielding a machete and guns looted warehouses burned buildings and the plane al-jazeera is unable to verify this footage but it was provided by usually reliable sources this video is said to show riots inside the country's biggest resources project a liquefied natural gas plant run by exxon mobil most of the violence was triggered by a disputed election result william powell a member of the governing people's national congress party was declared governor of the southern highlands last year but his opponents did not feel the electoral process had been fair for the first time in history where the result was not even completed the election process was not even completed in that you had a declaration in mid term process the was a legal challenge but last week the court found in favor of power and the violence followed we are moving to labeling what is happening criminal efforts labeling
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the people who have done this as uncivilized oist pogs i don't think this is the right way to approach this situation opposition views this. has. a no confidence. in their leadership. inside had its problems. particularly and more so the leadership demonstrated by the prime minister. and opposition is now calling on the prime minister. to resign but instead the prime minister peter o'neill who this week met china's president xi jinping has declared a nine month states of emergency imposing a nighttime curfew in the city of mehndi and sending in the military and special police units we have in incidences with all shameful about but this is
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a problems that has had similar problems in the past but these problems come at a difficult time earlier this year the same region was hit by a major earthquake and this november papua new guinea will host the biggest event in its history the asia pacific economic cooperation or apec summit while that zone in the capital much of the country will still be under a state of emergency after thomas al-jazeera sydney. the international criminal court has reportedly given in myanmar just over a month to respond to accusations it forcibly deported hundreds of thousands of ethnic group according to a report by the guardian i.c.c. judges are looking into allegations me and more soldiers carried out a campaign of violence that forced seven hundred thousand remains out of their homes and into bangladesh the court technically doesn't have jurisdiction over incidents in the end but the i.c.c. prosecutor says the cross border nature of the deportations make it an
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international investigation in the end mom has until july twenty seventh to prove the case is unnecessary or unlawful. police in india are questioning several suspects after the gang rape of five female charity workers in a remote region in the east the women were dotted while performing a play highlighting human trafficking being raped at gunpoint the attackers filmed the assault and tried to use the video to blackmail the women the victims are now under protection as police investigate. richard is the founder of apne app a grassroots organization working to end sex trafficking of women in india he says it's likely the women were targeted for raising awareness. there is a growing culture of impunity on rape and sexual violence in india women are getting increasingly devalued and targeted for sexual violence if they go out in
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public places and these big men were obviously activists would go on to do a plea against sex trafficking in a village in an area from where girls are being trafficked for in a huge in huge numbers this really of course is to target activists who are working against sexual violence against sex trafficking or report profit as i call it to and but increasingly in the last few years in india what's been happening is that creep has been going up the numbers have been going up the ages have been coming down very recently there was the rape of an eight year old girl in kashmir age by the caretaker of her temple along with four police officers who raped her and just before that a your a few months before that there was a rape of another girl the little girl by an elected official of the ruling party in u.b. and when the girl decided to go and complained her father was arrested and murdered in a police station so along with comments which devalue women in public places there
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has also been target trips of muslims and islets and also more than indian women are the world's leading oil producers have agreed to pump up production by about a million barrels a day members of the oil cartel opec say the decision aims to prevent a possible oil shortage later this year the dramatic policy change there should help lower fuel prices around the world of the last eighteen months opec had kept output from more than a dozen countries including saudi arabia iran and qatar. shares in european carmakers have taken a hit after the u.s. president threatened to impose a twenty percent tariff on car imports charmes threat was in response to retaliate three tariffs by the e.u. on american products the tit for tat began when the u.s. imposed steel and alimony and tariffs against the e.u. canada and mexico in june need barca has more. tips for turning
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tariffs from friday the e.u. will slap f.t. levies on three point two billion dollars worth of u.s. goods including well though the barricade brams harley davidson motorcycle space judi's of twenty five percent bourbon orange juice cranberries and peter butter have also been hit so too has american. u.s. companies have enjoyed major growth in europe in recent years but many smaller companies fear their products will now become too expensive to export. the e.u. is responding to donald trump's decision earlier this month to introduce tariffs of twenty five percent on european steel and ten percent on allen many of the measures are meant to protect national security interests e.u. commission president young claude juncker said the move makes no sense for trade to . cost. too much at stake the decision.
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goes against it in fact it goes against the logic at least. the e.u. says it's also identified another four billion dollars in u.s. products for further tariffs if the world trade organization court where it's lodged a complaint against the us rules in the e.u. favor the european union is pitifully steering clear of the expression trade war largely over fears about where these tit for tat measures could end up instead the e.u. is referring to it as a rebalancing measure still this is about making as much noise as possible about sending a symbolic message to the white house by targeting some of america's most iconic brands donald trump said he's now considering introducing twenty percent tariffs on european cars but analysts say any further measures against the e.u. could harm the u.s. produces in the long run. is smart enough not to go too far he knows very well but
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if you start to trade will the american pharmacy bow to pain will be up in arms when they see where we can call isn't selling as well globally as it was before. but damage may already have been done the use now looking for alternative markets in australia and new zealand major producers of meat wheat and corn putting longstanding trade ties between the us and e.u. under mounting strain barker al-jazeera london. celebrations of taking place in the u.k. to mark seventeen years since hundreds of migrants arrived in the u.k. from the caribbean they became known as the windrush generation after the name of the ship they sailed on and it paved the way for many thousands of others emma haywood has their story was the week theirs is a journey which changed the face of britain. the story of the people who arrived from the caribbean to help rebuild the british economy in the wake of the second
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world war i the so-called windrush generation celebrated inside westminster abbey. a few kilometers away in brixton in a place many people settled a party to mount the anniversary elsie sutherland arrived as a twenty two year old from st vincent in the granite ings in the early nineteenth six days anyway you go you one time differently like i merely and that's the way that elsie along with thousands of others helped turn britain sport tunes around but the journey to transform the country into a multicultural society wasn't an easy one when people alive in those early days it was tough some placed out white hostility few could have predicted that seventy some people would have faced deportation from the country they regarded as home earlier this year it emerged that some members all relatives of the windrush
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generation had been threatened with deportation refused health care and lost their jobs because they couldn't prove their legal status in part because immigration rules had changed junee green a riped in britain as a baby he was caught up in the scandal and missed his own mother's spirit because he was stopped from boarding a plane back to the u.k. after visiting jamaica for the first time in years of a trade. and they took from me can there be a kind of get back the government apologized for the scandal and this is now celebrations to mount the interest will take place every year for some though it is long. there is a disconnect between what is going on in the black stroke african african caribbean communities and what is going on in the mainstream white society which is let's say politically dominated where we have been overlooked but that doesn't mean we ourselves don't celebrate and commemorate our contributions because we are the ones
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who keep this stuff for life for many the greatest legacy of the windrush generation will be when the contribution of communities in britain is fully recognized and the heywood algis there. this is a round up on the top stories growing concern over whether u.s. authorities have the proper records to reunite many of the migrant children separated from their parents at the u.s. mexican border president trump stands firm on his no tolerance immigration policy holding a news conference with victims of crimes committed by migrants hundreds of civilians in yemen are fleeing the port city of data as u.s. officials urge the saudi led coalition to halt its bombing campaign on the strategically important site they're calling on the coalition to allow the u.n.
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to manage the port instead reports say the rebels say they may be willing to accept a deal police in india are questioning several suspects after the gang rape of five female charity workers in a remote region in the east the women were abducted while performing a play highlighting a human trafficking before being raped at gunpoint the attackers filmed the assault and try to use the video to blackmail the victims. a united nations report says the rule of law in venezuela is now quote virtually absent with the government linked to more than five hundred killings over a two year period report says extra judicial killings are being carried out with impunity at least eighty nine people were injured as hundreds of palestinians held protests along the israel gaza border on friday more than one hundred twenty have been killed by israeli fire since the protests began in march those are the headlines one east is up next. one of the really special things about working proud
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is here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that it tends to liberally but the globe because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. and. that. millions of tourists flock to china as mom or region every year but it's not the
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spectacular scenery they come to see it's the elderly residents. an astonishing number over one hundred and it's kick started a thriving tourist industry. on this episode of want to one east we investigate if they hold the secrets to a long and healthy large. gama county in the southern chinese problems of one see used to be one of the country's poorest regions. now it's rebranded so as the center to help human palaces and long live. very long lost. there are five times more centennials see it over one hundred than anywhere else in china.
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in a country that respects its elderly person more than one hundred years old is something special. touching them taking pictures promises good luck. but. it's outside her time she lives upstairs but that's not easily accessible to visits. at the village entrance a sign displays where the other one hundred year olds live. and i'm sure. the. i was wrong it's the custom for every visitor to give the singing is
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a little night. that. only minds in the. south so i would use our. on a carriage house mortgage for many years for your trees yeah i have and yes a. set out daughter. i'm ok since well i'm a bangkok everyone has their own explanation for how to reach old age. and close family a healthy diet and exercise we need to show what the whole not a she was the hot seat has now come into a sure fire actions of how to change without even touching the zero got ya love that. allows people to take pictures and scrutinize her.
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this visitor even checks her hands shook lotion a lot and yeah and the mouth. was yellow just. so and that's the reason so those here are that good or there's a law that doesn't allow. young. how does the one hundred three year old feel about intrusive business she only speaks the looking find out her son tells her what to sign when we want to know what. those are you know the only good news. or you know oh did. you go on that. we got to give him money on it.
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my moods morganton north are non lie lie you. may. call them are going in gone no no one will go all go now so here. you are. despite your age the one hundred year olds of the picturesque village are on show to tourists. exposed to drugs. exhibited like store dummies. they see among the souvenirs. like a man i sit on and that's a plaque i am. every day hundreds of businesses come to see. now that has.
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fighting c.v. so that if i'm in a high how fabulous event just a fan of law. i just. think waiting about whether. it's a long life dedicated to tourists and to making money for the family business. there are these businessmen is pressured to buy the hundred year old. me think what they mean and that. she was. and is that hands down. comment on how. and why he thinks. the. market. a brand new camera a color printer even a lamination. the families have invested a lot. they know them jabbers is
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a profitable business. there are countless products inside. besides the photos the tourists can buy t. . tested and approved by grandma the selfie. council she told your lunch or chunk on. your post to me with the goal. post. so it's a triangle. the tourists are gone time to check the things. the next one hundred. sixty dollars. it's now time for the next round of businesses around. the family advertise that macoun is one hundred thirteen years old but when asked
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for her identification. oh my god like i just. goes on that will out. that's only a matter not for that male or say i'm not even man's iowan so when ya don't don't see so many boys. and then you got those sources in the unit is a chase is in the head. curious to human marjon the first hundred year old we met here. we ask whose son i did. it says she was born in one thousand nine hundred twenty this means she is not one hundred three as we were told or even hundred. thousand asimo. nel in that time and more and more you out.
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there wonder. if you're related. davis you lived over. half. there are allegedly ninety eight people i over one hundred in the range of. their portraits and i do their own show at this museum. it was established to celebrate their exceptional longevity. some of the ages recorded her extraordinary one hundred twenty eggs. even one hundred thirty years old. much older than the oldest officially recognized person dard at one hundred twenty . days people really old as they claim to be. seven years ago along djibouti expert visit. question what is the best.
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demographer michelle pull on is known for identifying populations around the world with extreme long but not one of them there was no way to confirm the residents i. don't want to. see your data has your it don't pick on this will take the house your. on that day there has been there oh that's so far the document there david developed exactly caught on the off. dock to do this sauce thank you to. a few folks that sat that not in the bus at the opposite of that than in sauce dogma some da or howell don't believe his going to what was up. and he has even more reasons to doubt the high numbers claiming to be one hundred ten to stickley it's unrealistic. where there's some insult and there
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evolve or more people perceived assault on. a superstar than a couple cops or your passage assault on you can. also be insulting to present yourself as a but. younger son the sod who is in the saudi said to dissolve that automatic most of the are your problem your problem bus or go. to a demographic that. they're more fabled. back in burma people have no doubt about this stupid sitting area to them they oppressions. the region even has the country's only institute the longevity it documented in numbers and kids. institute director and his assistant visit one of the hundred year olds she lives
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in by li in one hour from bombers in this modest house. it's a peaceful life among her family. oh are i are they now know are like i'm young now are small amount of money laundering meant that my life may . well i'm in. seventh and seventh in atlanta north of with the most i found the shock of. the liver the document was issued based on his family statement according to them one is one hundred twelve years old. the assistant feel that a form with basic information on one diet sleep habits vision.


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